2002-07-28-Your World Is In Transition

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Topic: Your World Is In Transition

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Jessona, Machiventa, Elyon

TR: Jonathan, Mark Rogers



Jessona (Jonathan TR): Greetings, I am Jessona. It is a pleasure to be among you to witness your considerations of the affairs of this world and to be concerned over your fellow human beings who struggle just as you do to reach light, to experience love. These are the most important needs of any human being, light and love. All that transpires on any given planet is a means to this end, whether it be to create the awareness of the absence or to contribute to the sense of its presence.



Jesus left with you the words, "Believe and you shall be saved", and "Ask and it shall be given to you", "Give and receive." I am a master seraphim. My kind and myself are engaged in a grand plan of provision. We are here to provide the answers, the support, even training and encouragement. As you ask, we are pledged to give you your needs. This Correcting Time mission with which I have become involved is an effort to restore the planet to normal progress, and, as you are aware, this is no simple task, for in order for this world to realize that it belongs to a universe family, it must believe, and there follows the salvation. You are not lost; you have been rescued, but you do not know it. Some on this world are coming into the understanding of your placement in the kingdom of God, and you who do respond to this knowledge are those who are giving, and in giving you are receiving celestial support.

Today this planet can be likened to being in a state of adolescence. You have gained enough sophistication in the form of knowledge and ability to be able to do many things, but you aren't much older than the eras before you wherein knowledge was less, skills were few, and less wisdom prevailed. During those eras much of life was focused upon the prevention of death, providing shelter, security from enemies. Today, though these needs remain, your skills are such that you can do more to correct imbalances, but as a teenager who has just gotten a driver's license, you do not yet have the wisdom of experience.

Your hours on the road are few as a civilization. So, sitting beside you as you are at the driver's seat are many like myself. The Teaching Mission is a driver's training program. I will not steer; I will not step on the brake; I will not signal.

That is your role, your obligation. When you do signal or remove your foot from the gas and place it upon the brake I will be willing to give you pointers as to how to execute your turn. Many of my kind are willing to do likewise. We are so willing that we have established many branches, committees, if you will, focused upon specific areas of human need for cultural advancement for planetary progress.

These three sayings of Jesus that I have repeated to you are very powerful.

When you ask, you acknowledge a need, you create the receptivity, you begin to participate. When you receive, you have established an experience of fulfillment, a faith step of provision. This empowers you to ask again, knowing through wisdom that the power is before you and willing to work with you. From this experiential gain you know that you can give, that when another is in need you are like us and provide the fulfillment. This is a long chain of cosmic energy that goes from God on Paradise out to the far reaches of the universe.

Where there is need there is giving.

What lacks today on this world is the believing that you are saved. This is a transitional time. Soon the less awkward phase of early adulthood for civilization will have been passed and the maturing ages will follow. No longer will there be the temptation to take the freedoms of others. No longer will an individual or a group entertain the folly that their actions can control others.

Soon -- and I speak from a seraphic time frame -- this world is going to realize the importance of ideals, of spiritual values, that something that can be done may not need to be done because it can be done. Often this is what an adolescent does and soon learns from those mistakes.

Urantia has recently left a chapter that you call the Cold War, a battle of ideologies, each seeking world dominance. Today you are likewise under the conflict of ideologies. Fear motivates many in positions of power, fear of the opposing forces, fear that supporting forces will find their leaders inadequate and displace them. In time with our help you will realize that you are saved. The war is over. Your ideologies, all of them, will show to be inadequate for the new era. They are functional today, however, they create discord among you.

With the training of the many ministers of light who have come to this world, you will eventually harmonize your viewpoints and begin to work as one team or family.

I have noted that my own corps of seraphim work in committees in different venues. You will maintain these differences. Just as we have twelve groupings and we work as one body, you will have cultures, governments, countries, races; but you will work as one body. Believe, my friends. If you could but see the many who hover over this world, who dwell among you intangibly, you would know that it is true; Urantia's destiny is glorious. I ask you to give all that you know. Give your energy; give your love.

I enjoy addressing you. I will remain in your company. I am not the only one here today who wishes to make contact.


Machiventa (Mark): Machiventa here. I will speak to you once again today on relationships. We have spoken before of the relationship of truth, beauty, and goodness. I will make an assignment of embracing the aspects in their uniqueness and in their totality. I would make example of this group this very hour and, by way of observation, can clearly discern the beauty present when individuals such as yourselves gather to share and grow and stretch themselves in the truth.

Whenever you have truth and the beauty that results in the coming together and sharing of individuals, then one must not have to look very far to find goodness is also present. Goodness is discernible by you as those feelings of comfort, of satisfaction, that you experience having participated in the origination of beauty, the sharing of truth. It therefore becomes our challenge to look around us as we traverse through our experience and to draw together wherever you may be these elements to create the environment of goodness through the living of truth, the sharing of truth, the willingness to embrace truth.

The beauty that we see surrounds us becomes more profound, more intense, when we draw it into our triangle. The feeling and environment that this creates is goodness. So, whenever you feel any one aspect the expansion of truth, the beholding of beauty, there also is the environment of goodness. So I ask you to draw these together. Wherever you may contact one you may be assured the others are not faraway. When you feel a sense of well-being associated with goodness, look for where truth resides and where beauty exists, and you have all the elements of the complete experience.

More and more you will come to discern that looking from one corner of this triangle it is more easy to discern the other two corners. To shift your focus from corner to corner provides you with a rich and complete experience, one with all the necessary components to be worthy of spiritual experience, one that can be added to your library of experiences to modify your perspective. I know in monitoring your discussion here this morning that clearly all aspects are present in such a meeting as this. I merely wish to draw your attention to the various components so that you may reassemble these components in other scenarios you are involved in and thus enrich your experience and that of the Supreme. I know each of you here seeks for opportunities such as this, so I stir the pot a little today with a suggestion to be on the lookout, for these triangles are everywhere. I thank you for being such diligent seekers of the truth and frankly I marvel at your station, that you come to us seeking the truth, showing the beauty, and experiencing the goodness as a result. I honor your efforts, and no doubt they will come to great fruition. Thank you for hearing my words.

Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon. I humbly step forward to contribute to Machiventa by saying, "See illustration below" and would offer a picture. You have developed a technology where, by wearing a certain form of glasses you can see a film in stereo vision. Machiventa speaks of sitting in the corner of this triangle of truth, beauty, and goodness and viewing the other two. I offer to you the notion that love is the special glasses that you may put on where you have the tri-vision of the harmony of truth, beauty, and goodness; intensifying depth, altering your perspective of relationship. Not one, truth nor beauty nor goodness, reveals love. All three give you the vision of love, and if you look with the eyes of love, all three stand in harmony in a oneness. End of illustration.


Mark: The opportunity exists when we contact a triangle and discern that we may be of assistance in fostering one leg of the stool. There may be a need for truth where we can be helpful, or beauty. We may help build as well as simply observe these triangles.

Elyon: This indeed is true. I will follow your illustration. As the realization of truth, beauty, and goodness continues, whether it be in a personal life or for a whole planet, this three legged stool grows. At first it's a step stool, eventually a barstool. During this growth one leg may appear shorter than the other two for the time being. As you have said, here is the opportunity for service, to lift the lagging leg to bring balance, levelness, back. It will only be for a short while, a transient stage of stability soon followed by more growth. Thank you for sharing.

Patricia: Thank you, teachers, for saying those things exist. When I looked with my spiritual vision I hadn't seen those things, and I was discouraged not seeing hope for humanity. It uplifts my heart to know they are part of a unit.

Elyon: I'm glad we can be of counsel and assurance for you. It is one of the complications of growth that while one leg is short there is the tendency to slide off the stool. Here is where faith and hope function to allow you to hang on until that lagging member catches up.

Mark: You help us understand that we need to be truth, to be beauty, to be goodness to facilitate the growth of our triangles and of those around us. Thank you for the perspective you provide us.

Elyon: Your gratitude is received.

Correcting Time

Patricia: What is the "day of atonement"? I've been told it's at-one-ment for this planet that was selected for something to happen. Is that true?

Elyon: This phrase has been adapted from literature that has expressed a coming time of atonement. I would offer the one amendment that this day is a period of time. This Correcting Time we speak of is the interval of reaching at-one-ment, the re-connection in universe circuits, the stabilization of this world spiritually and physically. That is our goal, to reach this day to, as we have spoken, level that stool.

There will not be, as is often attached to this understanding, harsh punishments from the heavens. The calamities and disasters you may experience in the cleansing and the correcting will be from the resistance of mankind. That is why we encourage each of you to be about the business of sharing light and love to plant the seeds wherein, when these hard times appear to others, they will realize the importance of goodness, the value of truth, and the enhancement of beauty. This day of atonement arrives only when each of you contributes. You might say there is a divine conspiracy to have this day arrive, but that is as far as the divine hand can reach, for to get there you all must respond. If you resist, divine guidance will continue, but the day will not arrive. Perhaps it would be fitting to repeat Jessona's urge to believe and be saved, and the day will be here.

Does this help you?

Patricia: Yes. In a recent transcript Michael said something like, "Be ever ready to release spirit presence into your environment." Sometimes I practice my way of asking for divine help through a breathing technique. Could you tweak that homemade method?

Elyon: I applaud your effort, for the conscious awareness you express ingoing about this form of injecting positive and spiritual energy is what gives corridor, channel, for the energy to be spread. You become the orifice through which it passes.

Patricia: Is it helpful to create these corridors? Is it a dual function of me and you, or should I step aside and you fill in with what's appropriate?

Elyon: Both are true. You can, as has been said, ask and receive. But you can also give; you can be active in passing the energy, or you can be accommodating, allowing the energy to pass. This is why I approve of your method of visualization. I would not say that any particular visual technique is the right one and another wrong, for that is your means of engagement, of connectivity, that is personal and therefore acceptable. Each one of my kind does likewise, opening, receiving, and passing. We work together; the energy descends a long route from absolutism. It spreads far and wide, each of us having a modifying effect but never distorting the energy. The energy remains pure. Our sheathing through which the energy flows will look different all across the universe, and as you will come to know as I have, much of the adventure and fun of traveling the universe will be witnessing the many forms of conduit manifestation. That is the tapestry of evolutionary experience.

Patricia: I feel inadequate to participate; I don't know what is needed. It is enough to send carte blanche love?

Elyon: Yes. As Jesus said, "If you know not what to pray, pray in my name." If you are not sure how to project the energy let those who are about you provide the energy. Give them the signal and they will go.

World Government

Patricia: It was said that we would have many governments making one body. Could you explain the body?

Elyon: This body will be better than but not far unlike your current international body of the United Nations. However, a form and structure as your current United Nations exists only as the people involved believe in it and contribute to it. At any time any countries could withdraw and cause fraction. The new and true world body will include a council of celestial beings. It will not be simply a collection of countries; it will also have celestial contact and guidance just as was originally intended on this world. This is in the long to come and may yet take time to arrive, for much in ideology must evolve on this world. Fear of unity in government and power greed in controlling everyone, until these two forces are displaced the true unified body must wait. I hope this helps.

Patricia: Yes, thank you. I can't visualize this consortium happening from a government level. I can see on a grassroots level people reaching across borders. One partner of that consortium would be spirit invited to attend.

Elyon: Quite insightful, my sister. This is how it will happen, for as has evolved on this world finally the value of democracy, not government ruling the people but people running the government, this is how it will happen. So, this is why I myself come to you, humble friends, in this small living room. It would be a temptation to stand on the White House lawn, but that would be the backwards approach. It is through the spiritual transformation of the individuals that the demands for proper governmental actions will come about.

Patricia: I believe that would have happened already except for our fear of the government. We are oppressed and punished when we do this.

Elyon: Fear and the power of those who run the governments, which ever government that be...

Patricia: People are afraid to act independently. They're punished.

Elyon: If you found your hose gushing with water you would hasten to stay the flow. If it dripped you may ignore it unconcerned that it needed repair. But this trickle would eventually water your lawn. So would the flood. So it is true with the growth of human beings. By little trickles you will transform the governments. If you gush there will be automatic recoil to prevent what appears to be disaster.

Patricia: We must be surreptitious?

Elyon: Yes. Spend time with little children. Minister to the afflicted. Counsel the needy, those who seek truth. By doing so you will affect more than if you were to singly march upon a governmental body. ====Expression Patricia: I recently took a film making class. Film is a powerful medium for change. I thought I would use it subliminally through music or other techniques to effect others without their knowledge.

Elyon: [tape flipped] . ..which exists. If I am correct you have some rules regulating such undertakings because of abuse. But as one with spiritual sensitivity, you know that even a not so sublime but rather subtle portrayal of various meanings, values, or experiences can be correlated by the mind of the viewer and with the divine presence associated into a spiritual vision. There may be a resistance to the overall message but an acceptance to the many parts. By providing them in some form of media you provide the opportunity for that viewer to commingle those isolated incidences and realize your ultimate goal. They may perceive that they came to that realization, that it was not present in the film. However, you did provide all the elements for that association knowing full well that they would make the realization.

Patricia: Could you offer a particular example?

Elyon: My comment would be that issues that are resisted by a viewer are easier to swallow if the sub-elements are identified with. So, if you had a film that said, "Let there be no more war" many may not attend because they do not believe that. If you had a film that contained life episodes and experiences of many actors of everything they underwent, that individual may leave the viewing feeling let there be no more war. It's craftsmanship on your part, just as a poet is subtle in word to convey meaning and feelings that are not able to be expressed verbally. Once the words are craftfully associated and the reader is diligent in observing, the meaning emerges.

Patricia: Could you lay a track on this film, a spiritual track?

Elyon: Perhaps we need those tri-vision glasses. Be assured that when any human being views a movie or listens to a soundtrack the divine spirit is attentive. You can create your art knowing of this presence in the viewer just as when you speak truth to a friend if you speak to the spirit within they are more apt to receive. Likewise create your work speaking to the spirit of the audience.

Attachment, Growth

Harold: Could you address the issue of attachments? Is it necessary to eliminate all attachments or are there ones we should cultivate?

Elyon: That which has lasting value is the only thing or things to be attached to. As you have diligently studied these many years you know they are relationship and God and that which interconnects all beings creature to creature, creature to Creator, which is truth, beauty, and goodness. Therefore these are the things to be identified with, not just attached to but so absorbed into your being that you are it. All else becomes transient, useful for a time and easily set aside. So, if necessary you can through detachment wrest out of you that which you dislike, yet if instead you seek to be fully absorbed into that which you value highly, it will be simple to detach from all else. The key ability to doing so is your complete faith and trust in God, your extreme love and desire for the experience of divine communion. This automatically reorders your values.

You know that your ideals can outpace your abilities to live up to them. In the time between the birth of your ideal and the attainment of your ability you may need to pluck out the obstacles in your way. But also deepen your passion for the goal, and you will aggressively and willingly plow right through your obstacles and leave them behind.

Does this help?

Harold: Yes. So it's not possible to become too attached to the concept of spiritual growth?

Elyon: No. But you can be too attached to the frameworks through which you acquire growth, the structures, the scaffoldings which provide spiritual insight such that as you ascend you become reluctant to let them go for newer techniques.

Patricia: On the morontia realms are there attachments of one person to another? When one moves to another level is there sadness?

Elyon: There are strong bonds of this nature such that many times one will wait for the other to complete the course so that they both may move on together.

Patricia: Do you experience pain, emotional pain?

Elyon: Having not been in physical form for centuries, I cannot say what angst I experience is pain, for that is a physical description, but we do long. We do experience agony. But these experiences are not without hope, for we have experienced the victory of light over darkness, and we are impassioned with a continuing flooding of light into areas of need. That you could say is the pain that drives us to service, but in reality it would better be said that it's a passion.

Patricia: Are you telepathic with the one you are bonded with?

Elyon: This universe is wondrous. There are so many means for communication, that which you have illustrated and many more miraculous forms of communication that make your current wireless technology look like child's play.

However, to return to the question of attachment, we have learned to undergo-- I avoid using the word endure -- long periods of separation. I have not been with my first world partner for many, many years. But the bond is there; contact is made, but our assignments put us universes apart.

Patricia: Can you still talk to that person?

Elyon: Yes.

Patricia: Since you can come to us, can you not go to her?

Elyon: We have forms of visualized imagery that provide this sense of proximity, but I am speaking of distances of multiple light years. As I have said, the celestial technology is incredible.


My friends, I will close our session. Those who have attended today enjoyed making their contact with you. Each one hopes that you will find nourishment in these communications and that your abilities to provide like insight to others will increase, for there are many of your kind who would enjoy these same meaningful insights that will not receive them from me, but they will from you.