2003-06-22-Living & Doing the Father's Will

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Topic: Living & Doing the Father's Will

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



Music: "The Light of the World is Jesus" – Dorenda on piano

Prayer: Let’s place ourselves in the presence of Jesus, the Christ.

Master Teacher, We come to you today with happy hearts, glad to be together and celebrating our residential reorientation to oneness and happiness, as it’s a happiness epidemic that has struck, and we are happy and glad because it makes a huge difference to be under one roof happy, and as your example of "a house divided cannot support itself", we are looking for support under those rafters, and happiness in sharing.

With the happy, glad and beneficent heart that you have demonstrated, we join in that example and set ourselves up for the challenge of demonstrating likewise unconditional love to those whom we encounter, with the message that there is an eternal source of that love that has no beginning and is everlasting. If we can do that, we will be well on the way to accomplishing that for which you have made all humanity and creation as one.

We ask for the Teachers who are present today to address those needs which will help us most and that I, for one, pay attention and listen, because I had to go back and read last weeks because I missed it. So I aim to pay attention and to be one with a glad heart.

For all of the intentions of our hearts as you know them, we place them before you now, and are grateful for everything. And for any other intention that anyone wishes to say … we are grateful.


GROUP: (Amen)

TOMAS: Amen! I am Tomas and how it delights us to be in your arena with you today and to share with you your experience of God-consciousness in the flesh. How mightily you will be able to support your conviction of faith in a living God by the process in which you are engaged in living. This is, as Vincent says, "Where the rubber meets the road." The theme on-going and of great interest to all of you is "Doing His Will".


How you challenge me, charming children, to respond to His will through our curriculum and with the blessing of our Prince Machiventa Melchizedek, with the sanction of Jesus, the Christ, to lecture this afternoon on the effects of ‘living’ His will as compared to, and analogous to, ‘doing’ His will as you pass by, even unconsciously, but in ways also which you have helped to co-create and be responsible for. For all of you, certainly the obvious house-hunters, are in a mindfulness to enter upon a worldly way which is also the Father’s way. For when we speak of the high nature of faith we know that the family is the bedrock; the home is the foundation of not only child rearing, but of civilization. Building. The home is the master civilizer, and so the attempt to enter upon the process of becoming a home owner is, in the divine sense, a way of assuming the responsibilities of the maintenance of civilization.

And so that value itself is inherent in doing His will. He would have no argument with your direction, and your faith in the process is noble. But here also is how you bring the Father alive, the Mother alive, and the Son alive by and through your negotiations and dealings in the experiential process of negotiating and stabilizing this reality, this relative reality base.

The seven adjutant mind spirits are the Mother’s contribution to this process, and the Spirits of Intuition, Understanding, Courage, Knowledge, Counsel, Worship and Wisdom, are all a part of the involvement -- on behalf of you, the human -- that makes the choices in your decisions regarding the worldly life that will augment the values of the universe or become lost in a miasma of confusion due to the elimination of our Father in the considerations and factors of the efforts at hand.

In order to live a life integrated with the human and the divine aspects in balance, in harmony, and appropriate to your existence, your life in the flesh, and your faith path, you would do well to counsel with your mentors in the way that we counsel in session here with all those experiential enterprises that become the arena in which you live the Father’s will in such a way that it is meaningful to other people.

Let me illustrate.

When you, with your faith, walk into the arena, unconcerned about the human condition, you are "in the world but not of it" and certainly you will be blessed in your comings and goings, but you can also be taken advantage of inasmuch as your peers in the arena are not necessarily invested in the faith path and the Father’s essential reality, but rather you understand that without that essential divine connection the animal itself is in charge. It is an intelligent animal and is able to reason, is able to reason with you and indeed rationalize and justify anything. A person of faith is vulnerable here to trusting anything anyone wants to tell them because they have not counseled with their conscious connection to divinity, but have depended upon the adjutant mind spirits of the animal being to make its decisions for it. Which is, of course, how the Father operates in the lives of most people, while they remain unconscious of His … [very long pause while searching for the right word, which word does not exist in the English language] . .. power. And as you also are operating within that pattern, you have to some degree, some percentage, some point, not discussed it with the Father.

To be integrated is to weigh and factor both the human and the divine in all you do. And this is doing the will of God. Consciously. It is being mindful of every step of the way. Every decision you make, every response you give. If it is not in you to remain conscious of your contact with the divine in all you do, you are resorting to the able but incomplete perspective of the seven adjutant mind spirits. Remember that Jesus used to walk apart from his fellows in conscious communion with his Father, having in this way the value of the divine perspective. You put great faith in yourself and in your fellow human beings when you fail to counsel with Our Father or His ministers in making your way through the worldly experience.

The worldly experience is an emotional realm. And when one is accustomed to the tonal quality of the Master’s Voice through Stillness, they are not dissuaded from the divine perspective; they are not swept up in the emotional streams of life. Swept away, perhaps, albeit temporarily, by the passions of the people who are disconnected from the poise that is provided by the Prince of Peace, by the grace that cultivates in you the quality of life that goes into home-building, civilization-maintaining. And if you are going to begin building your civilization, begin now! Begin in every transaction. Every negotiation. Insist upon the divine perspective as well as the human perspective. Take counsel with the Father. Take counsel with his agents. And ask questions. Ask questions until you have found the core of the question. Ask questions until you have the answer that resonates with your integrated self. In this way you have weighed every factor and you have your path clearly laid out before you. When you walk in faith, and when you act in faith, as they say: "blind faith"… be not naïve. But be faith-filled.

Insist upon the highest standard, not only for yourself but for your fellows. For this is how you want your civilization to develop. This is the foundation of your domestic reality and the reality which resonates throughout your realm. You are the dimension of divinity that we have trained and taught, that we continue to nurture and correct and cultivate, for you now to enter into the arena of your earth origin and demonstrate the divine nature, through these encounters with the life existent on Urantia now … in order to raise it up and bring it forward into the new epoch toward light and life.

I am so proud to be your Teacher, for you take the lessons to heart, even though much of what I say and we say is only registered in your subconscious, the unconscious. It is also true that you strive to do His will and you have a certain understanding of righteousness. How I appreciate your contribution to the Supreme. And how marvelous that the effect of these causes, that come from your core reality as well as your human nature, is divine, is bringing about Heaven on Earth, is turning on the light.

I am finished. I am happy to pass the podium to my compatriot.

Matthew: Anatolia is here.

Group: Good.

ANATOLIA: I am here again with you in spirit and mind, and never mind the lack of a body, because you fulfil all of the physicalness of our need to communicate. The ability to be able to communicate at this level has a great deal to do with the capability of having hearts and minds open to that which is akin to you yet not exactly of the same family. Meaning that if you view yourselves as family, which I hope you do, I am related in a detached manner in the physical way of speaking, but am yet your relative. So it is that relative difference or commonality that enables us to communicate through essentially spiritual and telepathic means. It is this means that allows us to be able to reach out and inform as well as cajole and comfort and reassure those who may yet wonder why life has no meaning, no reinforcement of other than misery, despair, fear and even treachery. These are things that are part of the human experience, but primarily from the absence of spiritual reassurance. So in one large way of speaking, you are blessed and prime suspects in the responsibility to continue the spiritual assurance that the race will prosper. For your way of prospering while you are here is to have enough, and to be enough, that your kind can continue.

And in the process you do prefer that creature comforts be provided where possible and there are relative levels or values of what creature comforts are considered necessary versus basic. These things are only to mention that those who put value upon life and determine its value based upon creature comforts, are only standing at the threshold of what is true, beautiful and good. For the message that I bring, in unison with our Teacher and Master Teacher, and all of the heavenly hosts, is to assure you that what you see, touch and feel and need, in your world, is multiplied in terms of realness in the world beyond the physical.

I assure you that what you experience in love, tenderness, care and concern, is only a fraction of that which exists with you and for you now and that you can, at least, be assured that even under the best of circumstances of what you feel and know of love is multiplied at least 14 times beyond your dimension into our own. This level of reality stretches like a ripple, like that pebble placed within a pool. The vibration of that, say, from your reality as the center of the ripple where it plopped by the pebble, reaches out to our dimensions and beyond, so this is in part what being one with all reality entails. It is at any point in time and space and beyond that the ripple is made that it echoes throughout creation. So let your pebbles be pure. Do not worry in this sense about casting your pearls before swine, rather, invest your pearls as droplets in the water of love and feel and sense the ripples reach far beyond your imagination. But as faith will have it, from our discussion of last week, know the reality of what you do, and that every good that you do reaches far beyond your current dimension into the bank of love within the Supreme Being.

This is the good news that I wish to bring you today. To allow your pond to be as mindful and eternal as you can imagine. Drop your pearls in all of your actions and you will weigh in the reaches of love far beyond your current state of mind and being. Be at one in this ripple effect and know that I for one share your joy, your delight, and your reaching ever forward into the eternal oneness. Peace be with you, and let all that you touch be in love.

Peace be with you.

GROUP: Thank you.

TOMAS: Able associate, we appreciate the chords you strum in this orchestra that lend harmony to the song I sing with our charges here in this classroom. Indeed, we provide a platform of stabilization for them. In the divine sense, we are a room in their home as they are a part of our lives. The broadcast system is also a reflection of the divine in the mortal state. That is to say you also broadcast from where you are, not only to your mortal peers but to the heavens. We are able to see the reflection of the divine through your reflection of the divine. This connects the pattern such that the Supreme is cemented, if you will. Communication is a two-way street, and while the Father speaks to the universes of time and space through his agents, His creations throughout time and space speak to Him also through their reflection of His nature. And so your reality reflects back to Paradise. Let us reflect now your perspectives to Paradise and your arena will benefit by the exchange you have and hold with Havona. How shall we proceed in our interchange today, Children? Do you have questions?


ELENA: Actually not questions, but what you said, Tomas. Last week was great! This week was-- I mean, it just hit on-- I mean, I understood it! It was just great! I just thought these were … you cast your pearls in our little pond and I’m just grateful for it. I just think today the lesson was --

I do have a question, though, as usual. I have a situation at work that will be challenging me this week, it’s to establish the evaluation criteria of one of the people who works for me. The evaluation of this particular person was a difficulty for the person who had my job before, so it will definitely be an opportunity to do that which you have charged us with. It is to go into the negotiations and situations that we encounter and try to apply what you have taught us, and so this one is a real-- I think it’s going to be one that will truly be a test of what I’ve learned, so I kind of feel like I’m ill-equipped for this one, but maybe not! Maybe your lesson today has told me I’m not as ill-equipped perhaps as I had thought before, so … any comments that you would like to make would be very appreciated.

TOMAS: Precious student, how I admire your yearning to take our lessons to heart in your arena of operation for the betterment of humanity and yes, you are also operating in terms of the maintenance of civilization for you are extending your reality from the basic foundation, which is the home, and our consecration of will to the workplace, which is not a separate place, but which is an extension of you in your consecration of will. This enables you to be a harbinger of reality while you work His wonders in your way in your field.

I will remind you of stories you have read before, perhaps in the e-mail, about the student who had been a good student but had fallen back in promise and while the first grade report card read "Excellent," the second grade report card read "Good," the third "Average," and now in the fourth grade the child is failing. When you look at the reports of those before you, you are reading someone else’s perspective. When you take Reality into account, you look at today as today and you assess what an individual offers according to today’s qualifications, not only from the viewpoint of the material but also from the viewpoint of the spiritual.

And the story, the analogy, the good teacher discerns why it is that the individual has "deteriorated" in their quality of performance by discovering that the child’s mother in first grade was well and the family was happy. But in the second grade it was discerned that the mother was quite ill. In the third, she was suffering from advanced cancer, and in the fourth she had died, or was dying and now you see why the student has deteriorated. Because the reality of the soul has been distracted from the task at hand. Now, is the child a bad student? Or has the child merely developed poor study habits as a result of the pressures of life coming at him from another and more important reality than the work place.

This is something you want to factor in, as a possibility, and which follows the guidelines of Anatolia and my counsel today, for if you were to look at it from the perspective of the place of employment only, you would see only the record and you would not see the mitigating factors. You would not see from the divine perspective what has happened to this individual. Perhaps, if you investigate, you will discover this individual is very unhappy on the job and would far rather be doing something else, in which case it would be best for you to discuss this with the person, find out what their core reality is telling them, and help their soul expose itself to truth, rather than glossing over the real issues and only abiding by the superficial and tertiary realities of the lesser way.

Make no mistake. The place of employment is not "the lesser way" but the way in which you deal with your fellows presents an opportunity to do his will or to do the will of the way that was, which is less than the way it can be with the spirit engaged. You are called upon here to infuse the spirit into focus in whatever way is necessary for you to bring truth, beauty and goodness to the challenge at hand. Your method may be inconvenient to the existing power structure, but they have sought you out. Have they sought you out because they admire your integrity and your potential? Or have they sought you out to be a puppet for their power? Here is where Our Father’s will is called into being.

It is very easy to rationalize and justify and gloss over, and even understand (from the adjutant mind spirits), but it falls short of the real challenge of being all that you can be and encouraging your civilization factor to be all that it can be because it has the divine access. It is not yours alone. Everyone has the power of choice in and through their own integrity. Weigh the motives of your fellows. Look deep into their heart – not to judge them, but to ascertain their motives -- and then expand upon that likely viable cause to enhance it by the addition of the divine perspective.

Now this is a challenge that Gerdean looked at also today in the history of her relationship with the realtor. It was part of Gerdean’s consciousness, albeit unconscious and subconscious, to meet her potential realtor, her agent, in these realms of which she has little knowledge and which she has chosen to depend upon the services of an agent as opposed to or compared to doing the negotiations herself. But in order to ascertain if this agent is going to actually serve her best interests and the best interests of all concerned, it was arranged that they should meet in a quiet and tranquil atmosphere, in which atmosphere it was possible for these two human beings to meet and confer as to how they would proceed.

It is good to know who you are dealing with. It is good to take that moment to ascertain who it is that you are working with, so that you can anticipate how they will behave. This is knowing people as Jesus knew people, not to judge them, but to understand how he could anticipate they would act – just as he anticipated what Judas would do – based on how Judas carried himself … even in the beginning. In this case, the simple fact that Gerdean exposed herself as a transmitter/receiver of celestial beings allows her to be vulnerable but also threatens her credibility because if this agents motives were totally selfish, she would have likely either scoffed at or glossed over the outrageous statement that Gerdean made. Or, being a shrewd and capable animal in her own right, could have said, "Oh, this is going to be a piece of cake. She’ll believe anything I tell her. If she’ll listen to Nothing, she’ll certainly hear Me!" And so these possibilities are inherent in the situation of getting to the basics of the business of Human Associations.

But what will prove out both these potentials is the work of the realm wherein you will interact and ask questions. Find out from them, by their testimony, and then listen with the Spirit of Truth to determine for yourself. Let your Thought Adjuster help you ascertain, for all the right reasons, what the integrity factor of that individual is. And work with that. What you have discovered, in and through love, in and through faith, but also with your human intelligence – using the seven adjutant mind spirits to work for you and with you rather than allowing them to carry you through the human experience in blind faith of its ultimate triumph, when a little conscious effort with divinity will bring light and life to the picture.

This is what the work is. Bringing the Father alive to the world. So let’s not leave Him behind. Let’s not leave him at home, in the filing cabinet, or in the reserve, but in the walk of life you choose, moment by moment, day by day. Take time to incorporate the Father. Take time to counsel with Him on every matter along the way, as Jesus did. In this way you will not be surprised. You will have seen the end from the beginning. And you will have helped evolve humanity by the way in which you went about doing good.

ELENA: Thanks, Tomas.

TOMAS: You have the resource, dear. You have the reserves of strength in you to hold fast to His garment. You have an eternity! They can wait.

Has that sufficed?

ELENA: Oh, you betcha! Thank you very much. I appreciate it, Tomas.

MATTHEW: Thank you for another good lesson.

TOMAS: You are welcome.

PAULA: You know, before we close, I think all of us in this room has his own faith which helps us through a lot of problems. As a matter of fact, I was very fortunate because my parents had that kind of faith, and they really had to have it because when I was five weeks old, they couldn’t find any kind of formula for me and instead of gaining weight like a baby should, I was losing. Mother couldn’t nurse me; for some reason unable to give milk, and they tried those formulas and that didn’t work, so I went to the hospital and at the end of five or six weeks there they found out that I could drink goat’s milk, of all things, my father had pulled from Grand Island where they milked the dog gone goat everyday and that’s how they managed, and I blossomed! I was fine! Healthy as a little horse. And now our family has a big problem again.

My one grandson and his wife have a little boy, a darling little boy, who will be four in September, and they just had a new baby brother on May the 8th. However, he has a really big problem. He has osteomyelitis. There are two holes in the bone of his left leg, way up high (I forget what you call that bone). And they noticed it when they were changing his diapers, the right leg would kick and have a lot of fun, you know, and the left leg just laid there. So Doug called the doctor and said, "We have to come over" and he explained the problem and I guess the doctor, who was some kind of an idiot

TOMAS: Some kind of a what?

PAULA: Some kind of an idiot.

TOMAS: All right.

PAULA: Because he thought they were just nervous young parents. They brought the baby over and within the hour he was within the neonatal department in intensive care and he was there for a week while they worked with him, and he has this shunt up in his shoulder and they have to put the medicine in that way because you can’t make a baby swallow medicine, so it has to go in that way to the veins, so, as I say, in the hospital it was nip and tuck. Was he going to live or was he going to die? And it’s still the same way, at home. And I’m sure this must be terrible for his parents.


PAULA: Very difficult to explain to his big brother.


PAULA: But somehow, someway, we are hoping with prayers that little boy will live.

TOMAS: Yes, indeed, you have a family situation on everyone’s hands here with the issue of life and death and the inherent responsibilities of family life, not to overlook the reality of the universal value of creating children for the Father and then running the risk of failing the task or being deprived of the rewards of creation, watching instead as your hopes and potentials are dwarfed and diminished in reality as life draws away from that which you have created to what might appear to be nothingness.

This again is a dimension wherein the Father needs to be infused into the consciousness of the players in this very real human drama. The child is such potential, as I mentioned above. It represents their family in many ways. And the human psyche will break under the strain of those circumstances which were not appropriately reinforced or been made whole by the divine Indwelling. The child is a registered personality and so it will survive, in truth, dependent upon the choices of the parents, inasmuch as the infant is still dependent on the parents, no only in the physical sense but in the soul sense. The child has not reached the age of Indwelling. It is unable to make those choices itself that will expand its soul, enhance its destiny.

In the animal kingdom, the mother dog will push the weak pup away from her breast so that it dies, but the pup does not have the potential of becoming indwelt by the spirit. It does not have the potential of an immortal soul, as does a child of man. And so the stakes are so much higher. Much of this is not understood by humanity but by which humanity will act upon nonetheless. By having an understanding of the nature of the universe and the divine love of the Father, the comprehension is inherent that should the physical vehicle fall short of the necessary requirements for development, it will not inhibit the soul from developing in its own way and time, inasmuch as there are nurseries on the first mansion world that will enable these youngsters – pre-Thought Adjuster youngsters—pre moral choice people – to survive and continue their ascent to the Father in Mansonia.

Our Father is infinitely merciful, and yet the short-sighted creature sees only that their short-term dreams are smashed and they get angry at the situation when there is not much can be done about the situation, short of a miracle, which would enable the deficient child to progress. The tragedy of death in children is the human potential that is lost – not the eternal potential, which remains! Albeit, it is still dependent on the human parent and will require the parent’s choices to be such that the unformed and undeveloped embryo of a soul is still held in sacred trust by the human parent of that potential.

But this is a belief addendum that can be added, even in the anxiety and angst of the parents and, yes, the sibling, because they are praying and they are open and they are seeking counsel and they are yearning for the divine hand to hold during this period of time which is so prominently regarded as a time of testing. But it need not be so severe a test if the facts of the Father’s love are made apparent to the souls of these parents of this potential eternal life.

They are not at fault! They are not responsible for the sins of their forefathers. They only have to deal with the results of the choices of their forefathers. And this, too, children is mota. For your choices today will influence the children of tomorrow, and what will you hand down to them as your legacy? Will they be able to look back on these times and acknowledge that they know their forebears gave truth to the Correcting Time, they influenced the course of destiny, they put God back in the lives of those they encountered because of their commitment and consecration to that truth, beauty and goodness which will be fostered forever as the reality of the divine.


This has been an abundant session! But from my perspective it is curtailed from its ultimate potential because of the constraints of your reality in terms of time and space. You have agendas, all. And life goes on. But be advised that there is much to this conversation that has not yet been unfurled, has not unfolded as it might. Even so, in faith, dear children, of your association with Our Father and all of the celestial helpers that seek to assist in your ascension, Anatolia and I will relinquish you for the day in glorious anticipation of our gathering together again next week in the eternal search for completion in an infinite and embracing experience of love enhancement for all.

We therefore take our leave, in faith of your journey. Check in with your elders as you go about your daily affairs in all you do. And if it should come to pass that in your core of being you have need to ask questions, on behalf of Machiventa Melchizedek, our head instructor, by all means, Students, ask questions. Blessings be upon you. Amen and farewell.

GROUP: Thank you.