1987-06-28-Look for Good News Too

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Topic: Look for Good News Too

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Unknown



CharlesOpening prayer.

Teacher: I am Abraham. I am your Teacher.

All Good evening Abraham.

Teacher: Then, you have discussion?



Charles Yes have been discussing last week's communication, and there were two things we were discussing, the good & bad news, and your last sentence to us, which you left us to think on.

Teacher: Yes. You wish to comment?

Selina - I cut out some good news, and there actually was so much that I stopped cutting it out, I felt I had more than enough, and stopped gathering it, so I put it in a box to show the others tonight, the things I had collected, and most people in the room seemed surprised that there was so much, from tiny articles of two or three lines, to several columns of newsprint, on all sorts of subjects, so it's there, if we look for it.

Teacher: Correct, and perhaps this simple exercise shall be enough for you to keep foremost in your mind that for every piece of so called bad news, there is double of good news. Yes? And this has been a good exercise?

"Well it was good for me, I enjoyed it. It was fun searching through the few newspapers looking for things, to find them really staring me in the face, as You said last week, it's the bad news, the headlines that our eyes are attracted to, not the good news is on the same page if we really look for it.

Teacher: Yes. So perhaps you can continue with this exercise for a period of time to really convince yourselves that this is so, yes?

Tommas I did not find it easy to find the good news, but I thought, when I did find a good piece, right, I will go back to that piece, and read it last, so I read all the bad news, and went back to my good news.

Teacher: And the effect?

"It was certainly much better than folding the paper up & thinking, it's all bad, and I finished up on a good note.

Teacher: And it lessens the effect of the bad news. When indulging, so to speak, in bad news, it may manifest itself within your body, and you may have physical ailment when you do not associate with the reading of bad news, but it has set a seed within your body and by reading good news, it lessens the effect of this, so the seed does not set within your bodies, yes.

Charles Abraham, could it not also be said that it is symbolic gesture on our part, because our human life on the physical tends to be bad news, when if we engage the stillness, we will find the other side of us.

Teacher: Correct, and what is bad news, is it not of a drama, yes. But you are correct, and the other comment you wish to make?


Charles This is one we thought we would discuss with you.

Teacher: Then do so.

"I'm not sure if everybody had the same conclusion.

Tommas I personally felt maybe we think too much of a high standard of living, what we want, and don't see the poorer people, who are not so fortunate as us, their side of things. We condemn them for stealing, etc, without realising that maybe they have to, to survive.

Petta Yes, I agree.

Selina No, I took it a different way. I took it, that by the end of the meeting we had become very self-righteous very smug, and doesn’t the bible say somewhere, you who are without sin, cast the first stone. We were putting down other people terribly in the end, last week, as though we were perfect ourselves, that's the way, I ended up taking it. We were sitting in judgment, and shouldn’t have.

Charles Yes, I felt that in the end, we were showing a lack of understanding, we don't understand, and we admit that, and that we should perhaps strive to understand more, perhaps by coming closer to the people we are condemning. It is within everyone of us here to be in that position.

Petta I found that Ruby's talking to us about her daily work, helped me to see things differently, she gave me an insight into what these people are actually like, and why perhaps they spend their money in the wrong direction. (Buying trivial things to cheer themselves or kiddies up)

Charles I think we all feel humbled by your statement, Abraham.

Teacher: Yes. And you see, it has made you think, re-adjust your thoughts, your feelings, but you see, by that statement, I also meant this: - AS WITH YOUR ECONOMY, PERSONAL VALUES ARE INFLATED with your money, you are unable to purchase as much as perhaps you could sometime before, so also personal values appear, and not just your personal values, but the personal values of humankind appear to be the same as they once were. For instance, the value of love is not as great as once it was, the value of kindness is not as great as it once was. Etc, charity, compassion, yes, although there appears to be more of these values, they do not possess the quality, you are understanding?And this is not a castigation of yourselves, it is a comment of a view of humankind. You wish to discuss this?


Melda Do you mean the compassion is not coming so much from the heart now, as perhaps from the head or something like that?

Teacher: There are those who have the quality of compassion.

There are those who believe they have compassion, but it lacks quality.

Selina Is this because we now live in smaller family units, in individual homes, instead of in tribes and clans, as we once did, and cared for each other in larger numbers, so the compassion and, love was being; tapped all the time and now we are in smaller family units in our own homes in most countries?

Teacher: It is a possibility.

Selina And it's all tied up with money and greed and selfishness really, we are thinking more of selves, and less of others.

Teacher: In many respects, yes.

Petta I think it’s the fast pace of today, we have so many things on our minds, and so many things to do, that we are not dwelling as long on compassion and the love side of things as perhaps we should.

Teacher: There are many reasons for this, but there are also equal reasons for remedying this. The persons who commit horrendous atrocities their personal values are highly inflated, to such an extent, they do not exist. And the one basic, is Love, which is light, which is truth, which is God.

You would agree?

BryonI I was reading today, why people are like that, first of all, they do not love themselves at all, so they have no ability to love anybody else, so they have no conception of what it is like to even feel.

Teacher: Correct. Personal values. And personal values reflect from self.

Melda We have talked about people deciding what their lives will be. Do people who are violent, decide, that they will be violent, do they have an opportunity to overcome that violence, do they have a choice?

Free will

Teacher: As with all, free will.

A situation is decided on, but there still remains free will.

"So that these people would have decided on being in a violent situation?

Teacher: With free will, not to be so.

And, there are those persons who are weak within themselves, who are swayed by the will of others, yes. Peer pressure, a certain amount of this does not harm misguided pressure is, and can be, of harm.

Then let us discuss other more heart lightening subjects.

Tommas tells us that he set out this week, to make as many people laugh as he could, and to see if he could do any good deeds to help people out. He lent a coat, on a wet day, to a fellow worker.

Teacher: You are growing Tommas.

And heretofore you would not have thought of such

"I wouldn’t have bothered, no.

Teacher: And what have you received?

"He was very grateful, but I haven’t, received my coat back, but I feel good in myself.

Teacher: Yes.

Selina You received a free meal last Saturday, an unexpected evening meal, some friends came round, and brought food with them, turned up before they were expected and brought food and cooked tea for us.

Clara/Petta Tells how they often walk along a street, and will smile at strangers, and it's a nice feeling if they get a smile back.

Teacher: But of course.

Melda Some people do not look at you, and some races feel it is rude to look you in they eye, our own Maoris, Samoans etc.

Teacher: Correct, and so you respect their wish. There are other heart lightening comments

Petta Has a question.

Teacher: You may ask.


"A question of karma from a friend.

In the Christian belief, Jesus took on the Karma of God's children, when he died on the cross, but we have since been told that karma does exist by our spirit guides. I find it stretches the truth of credibility when, in a small group, sitting in circle, each one in a period of six months has peen affected in some adverse way, some more than others, which seems to go against the law of averages. One person who has left the circle escaped these adverse conditions.

Now I hope Abraham, that you can see into that, because it does not affect my thinking at all, but I can't give her the answer she wants.

Teacher: Depending on the persons, and the circle,

"I do know the circle, I did at one time belong to the circle, they are truth seekers, very sincere truth seekers, she feels everything is against the law of averages. I tend to feel, that each one of us, in this room could have something adverse in the next six months, because that is the way of human Kind.

Tommas I've had mine.

Filip I've had nothing but trouble since coming here really.

Charles When this group got together, Selina & Tommas mentioned what a run of bad luck they have had since January, still on through, and I believe the heightening of what was beginning to understand in the circle would be in a similar position, heightening of the awareness of life, like looking for good & bad news, you high-light these things and then start looking for a cause for the effect, and then you start to think it must be Karmic, because I am such a good person, this must be Karmic thing from my last life, I'm too good in this life, for this to happen, instead of realising than everything that happens to us, no matter what it is, whether we call it bad or good, is a lesson in itself anyway.

Teacher: I shall answer thus;

Your friend cannot escape her mind theory of the Man Jesus, who died for humankind sins.

I cannot, shall not answer this query, except thus, Karma is neither quote "good or bad" end of comment, except she must understand what it is, she understands. End of comment.

Petta Thank you Abraham.

Discussion took place regarding Karma How Tommas was glad we were in the group when our bad luck started because of the strength & help of the others, how Selina had never heard of karma, or understood it, until being in the group for some time, so could not put the blame on it, as not knowing of it's existence in any depth. Filip also mentions his bad luck, but as being what he has got to experience, got to go through to grow.

Melda Is Karma an opportunity to overcome, so that actually what seems like bad karma is your opportunity to, or your challenge to improve?

Petta A balancing of the scales. For every bad I do, I will get it back in some form.

Selina Is there another word for Karma, one that I would understand.

Teacher: CAUSE & EFFECT. What you were in your last life journey, you shall experience in the present life journey, but it is not quite so simplistic. And yet, it is more simplistic. A riddle. It does not imply if you were a violent, to use a topic, if you were a violent person, then you will suffer violence unto you in your present life journey, it does not of necessity occur. This is clear? I shall allow you to think of a simple explanation for yourself.


Petta So if we were violent in a past life, this life will probably be full of retribution, frustrations….

Belinda No, you’d probably go all out to try and create an atmosphere where there was no violence.

Petta Yes, as against the violence, in other words, try & make up for it.

Teacher: It is a possibility, but in the reverse. A peace loving person shall not be a violent person. You are understanding.

'It is not, a thing of expression of popular usage, It is not ………….something for tat.

Selina Tit for Tat.


Charles We tend to think of opposites. If someone were violent they would come back non-violent but someone violent could come back understanding violence of others, and thereby help the situation.


It is many faceted, just as each individual is a many faceted personality.

You wish your refreshment,

I shall return

  • ………………..TEA BREAK…………………


Teacher: You have queries.

Bryoni Do we have a soul mate that we meet in every incarnation?

This is correct. Soul mates may only meet for a brief moment, out recognition occurs. You are all of comfort?

Clara Is a brief moment our time, or your………..

Teacher: Correct.

Filip Do we only have one soul mate, or do we have more than one?

Teacher: Some have one only, some have more.

Tommas You have also said we can incarnate forwards & backwards in any time, do we tend to stick to a certain time span

Teacher: Not of necessity.

"We wouldn’t incarnate as far back as when we first came to Earth?

Teacher: Tis possible. If it was for a specific purpose. As is any incarnation.

Dominica I thought that all the times, were going at the same time, anyway, That you just dropped into whatever one was necessary,


Selina Yes but your father has had a lot of trouble with "time". Tommas seems to think, that suppose we all at various times, kept going back to the pyramids for example, surely they can't always be being built, I mean in our "time", they have been finished for thousands of years. Tommas wants to know, can you keep going pack to a "time", when the pyramids were still in the process, of being built?

Teacher: If an unfulfilled lesson to be learned, and it was necessary to do so, yes.

You see, past, present, future, space, time is a continuum, no beginning no end, picture if you will your compass, yes? Begin at north, navigate all points of the compass and you return to north, and on & on, yes? And you may when traveling, change your direction from North to North East, North, South, etc etc and then return to North, Yes? This may be a method for your understanding of the space, time, continuum.

Dominica Just as you were talking about it I sort of imagined a row of shoe boxes, and just looking down into them, in each shoe box is a different group of people doing a different thing, at a different time, at a different place, and you sort of go, I'll think I'll have this one, this box suits me, my purpose this time.

Selina I tried to explain to Tommas, that I saw it as a wheel, where soul consciousness is the hub of the wheel, and I could go down any spoke as many times as I wanted, for what I would find on that journey, of that spoke.

For your understanding, yes.

Tommas shall find his own understanding.

Just as I give you information, I am unable to learn for you. You assimilate information into your own understanding, leaving some for a time when you may fit it into your understanding.

Tommas Yes, I see all that, then l see the one Earth, and I get confused all over again,

Teacher: It is one small part.

Charles You will wake up one night and will know it all, only to forget it again.

Petta So when I have been trying to think of past, present & future all being at the same time, I've been doing it wrong I think, because I've been thinking of it from the physical point of view, and what I need to do is to....


Expand from the soul point of view, once my soul is there, it will see what has been, what is, and what will be. I’ve been struggling like mad to make reason of it here physically.


TommasI didn’t like the thought of the concentration camps still going on in time somewhere.

Teacher: It is like an echo.

Soul Mates

Charles May I just go back to soul mates, you mentioned brief moments, you can live your whole life with your soul mate,

Teacher: Of course. I said some MAY meet only for a short moment.

Melda What is the point of a soul mate?

Teacher: Soul Mates are experiencing and learning similar lessons. Soul Mates are there to help each to each in the understanding and at the assessing time. This is clear for you?

"Yes. Do we have the same soul mate in every re-incarnation?

Teacher: Correct.

So that is right from the beginning?

Teacher: Correct.

Charles So they would be from the same seed

Teacher: Yes.

Melda Almost like a twin?

Teacher: Yes.

Mondaa Are they always mixed sexes?

Teacher: Not of necessity, and as you are aware, you are not always male or a female (visa versa)

Melda Can your soul mate be your guide at times.

Teacher: In the physical, perhaps. They are at times a mirror.

Charles Can the soul mate stay in the other form, and help as a guide?

Teacher: Not so.


" Can you give me the definition between soul & spirits?

Teacher: One moment.

There are those people who believe soul, spirit are but differing words for the same. There is the use of the word spirit to describe a person’s energy for life, an indomitable spirit, a blythe spirit, a happy spirit, yes? But spirit is another word for soul, the essence of you, yourself.

Selina When we talk about somebody being in good spirits that usually means that person is happy or cheerful.

Teacher: Correct.

So that means their soul is happy at that time?

Teacher: Not of necessity, as I have said, some persons use this expression pertaining to the physical. This is clear for you?


I would ask of you each your comment on our appointments.

Charles Earlier this evening we were talking about feelings with friends, and I just feel that, when I walk into this room on a Thursday & see everybody smiling laughing, hugging, it's a really high moment for me, and I really miss anyone when they are not here, in this group, and that's a feeling that you experience, but you don't really think about, and I thought about it, and it came across as quite an energy, and I really love coming into this room, it's a nice feeling.

Teacher: Yes.

Charles That's aside from the teachings, that's in the physical.


Petta l feel the same, I feel that each week we all get closer and there doesn’t seem to be any hesitancy when we all get together now, at least that's how I feel and so the combination of being amongst people who we are learning to love and your teachings is just a wonderful Thursday.



Tommas I've appreciated the fact that I am learning more about myself, last year I didn’t know anything about guides, souls, anything at all, I’ve never been interested in religion and it's changing my way of life. I look forward to the Thursdays because I know each week we are going to learn something else, and as the others have said, there is this feeling of friendship amongst all of us.

Teacher: Yes.

BryonI I feel as though it is almost like a family when I come here, really look forward to each Thursday night.

Teacher: Yes.

Melda I find I have a lot more to think about during the week, thinking over what we have talked about here, and I find quite often in my reading I will find a topic that fits into what we have been talking about.

Teacher: Yes.

Clara I found that some of your teachings I have been able to pass onto other people, which gives them great comfort.


Filip I have not changed from what I said, when we agreed that this would be the start of ten appointments, and I always look forward to Thursdays, what I have learned has given me great strength to put up with my setbacks that I feel I am going through at this stage. I have given information to people for their comfort not anything for me, but because what I know can be of comfort to them, or somebody they know.

Teacher: Yes,

Mondaa I'm very much along those lines also, I get comfort from coming and enjoy coming on the Thursday nights for the knowledge & the companionship.

Teacher: Yes.

Dominica I get a lot of flax from my boyfriend for being here, he doesn’t appreciate it, and I can't really make him understand, but it's just worth it, if I wasn’t so keen, I would have given it up ages ago, but I really enjoy coming and I’ve learnt a lot, and I've been able to pass information onto other people and I’ve helped other people who can now go on & help others.

Teacher: Yes.

Korde I've become very calm through coming to these meetings. It’s also restored my feelings of good in people, and I do enjoy corning on a Thursday night, I also enjoy seeing the different people in the group here that pop into the shop, and of course I am constantly working with Selina & Belinda, so I really enjoy being here.

Teacher: Yes

Belinda I am trying to find words to express how I feel, very difficult.

Teacher: Do not be of embarrass. If it is not the correct time for you, do not concern, your feelings are understood.

Selina I look forward to everybody coming to our home. I like to make it as comfortable as possible for everybody. Tommas, Dominica & I run around and make the seats comfortable, put on heating if it is needed, just so that everybody will enjoy coming. Like Eunice, I find myself often giving advice to people, during conversations. I feel I do often say something that helps them, it often comes out quite wise, and it isn’t coming from me, because I say things that I surprise myself with sometimes. I was very disappointed a couple of weeks ago, when Ruby was too ill to come, because I missed the companionship, I missed the knowledge we would have had that week, I think that about sums it all up.



Martin, Benjamin, you wish to comment,

Martin I have mentioned this to the four, that I felt very strange that I should give up one night a week for so many years, and enjoy it, I find I am giving up two nights a week, when I say giving up, I mean giving up the physical side, and enjoying it, and being very happy two nights a week now. I find it's a very happy situation.

Teacher: Yes.

Benjamin You once described these appointments as food for the soul, and that's what I think they are, and I see that reflected in myself and other people here and then I see it reflected in a wider sense with what we learn and what we believe in.

Teacher: Yes.

So you see, you are learning of your self. You are learning of others.

You are learning of tolerance for each other’s differences.

You are becoming a family and you are dipping into the bottomless well of your inner self, wherein all knowledge resides.

I am but your guide to your inner knowledge. You have shared experience, shared knowledge, of each to each. Yes. And I speak for Ruben also when I tell you, of the pleasure to be Abraham, your Teacher, and who now feels better than they did before?

All yes.

Selina It’s always nice to get a pat on the back from the teacher.


But you see, you have each acknowledged yourselves, have you not? Belinda with intense feelings, words inadequate, yes

Belinda yes,

Teacher: Yes, and I would say this, that all of you have found difficulty expressing in words, yes

All yes.

Selina What we feel, is just so much.

Petta Feeling & words can't go, can't take the place.

Teacher: Correct. But acknowledging self, understanding self, yes.


Charles We asked at our session once, that we felt rather humble at all the Knowledge we receive, and what to do with it, and we were given the words, something to the effect, "if you pass the Knowledge on it will not be yours to worry, or concern with", and it was very nice to hear so many people saying that they have passed the knowledge on.


Dominica I find it hard sometimes, passing the knowledge on. I have been meeting a lot of people with severe problems, and they always ask the questions like, "why me", "Why should this happen to my son, he was only three years old, and now he is so handicapped he can't move", and I always want to say, well look, you are all learning a lesson, the child is learning a lesson, and you all chose the path, but I don't really feel that the majority of people will accept it, and I don't know how to say it, in a way that sounds……..

Correct, that appears a judgement. Perhaps if you explain their child is special for Gods purpose, to teach love, compassion, tolerance, this may be of assistance. This is clear for you?

It feels more of comfort? " Yes, it does. A lot of the trouble is, with a lot of the people I meet, I am so much younger, and they look at me as a school kid....

If you do not mis-use the knowledge, and you will not mis-use it if you treat it with respect. Then if there are no more queries.

ClaraI have one. I had an experience yesterday, quite a long time ago I had tetanus and nearly died, and the only reason I stopped was that the nurse said, "We've lost her", and I came out of that fighting, and all the pain came back, and yesterday I has gas, and that same spinning feeling, from the treatment, I got worried, because I felt that the spinning sensation started, although I never saw any light.

Teacher: Yes. This condition, you are not in control of your self at this time, correct? Disorientated, struggle, yes, and how do you control spinning, it is of difficulty, it is dis-orientating, do not concern. You were not close to the death stage. This is clear for you? Because it was induced by artificial means, yes, Relax shall be of comfort.

"Thank you.


Teacher: You are welcome. There are more queries before we close our appointment.

Then I shall leave you with this;

You have within you the well of knowledge, draw from this well, at will, drink of it freely, share of it, freely, and you shall never be empty. Shalom.

All - All say shalom,

Charles - says closing prayer.