1993-11-16-Visualization Exercise

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Topic: Visualization Exercise

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas, Lucille




JarEl: To facilitate your growth. Your abilities to receive our impression. So free your minds, the trivialities of this day. Allow the burdens and cares to lift from your consciousness. Make your selves open receptacles. (Pause)

(T/R: Lucille)

This is JarEl. Do not fear. We are with you. We send our blessings to you, one and all. You are all receiving God's love. Do not be afraid to speak.

Betty: I see sparkling paper ribbons, bows, candy canes, packages all wrapped up, gifts.

Doug: I have the feeling ascending.

(T/R: Douglas)

JarEl: All are impressed.

Betty: I am looking down on some pine trees. There is snow on the ground. Snow on the pine trees. The wind is blowing. Blowing the snow in big white, puffy clouds.

JarEl: Hold in your minds the image of a five pointed star. Each of you are a point. Focus on your position in that star. Know that you are one.

Lucille: The star is getting brighter and brighter.

Violet: It is enveloping us. It feels so tight, and then it is very loose again and then it is tight. Back and forth.

JarEl: As one is impressed, all are impressed. Each of the points of the star. Your minds and hearts are one, centered giving light to this universe. Your light is reflected as that of a sun is reflected in the stars. The Father is your source. He is your light bearer. You reflect to the darkness of this planet that light of love; that light of truth; that light of equality of the fellowship, the brotherhood. This is the light that our Creator Son came to rekindle in the hearts and minds of men. This is the light that the lower baser natures of mankind has sought to extinguish without success. Belief, faith, trust in the process will enable you to reach your goals of perfection; of ease of receiving the transmissions of our words. Again we ask you to practice,practice..practice!

JarEl: Greetings Dear Ones.

Betty: Greetings JarEl.

Lucille: Good evening JarEl.

JarEl: It is I your teacher. I am somewhat unorthodox this evening, but for a point; for a purpose; for a lesson objective.


As we come together, particularly the new ones,you realize more and more that practice is essential. That you must open up, and reach out to us and allow the process to take place. There are elements of your nature that you must overcome. Fear has ingrained itself in your beings through thousands of years of living this human existence. But fear can be conquered by faith, by trust. Little by little it will be pushed from your being. Small successes allow for a larger success in the next occasion. So please remember you do not have to be controlled or limited by fear or your animal origin natures. The Father makes all things new. This Mission will help you to overcome these obstacles that hinder your growth. You develop well as we have told you. Occasionally that element of fear, gives you hesitance about what you feel in your being; what you know in your heart. That hesitancy allows for the disconnection of our thoughts and words. So proceed openly. Hesitate not to speak. Step out in faith and allow. Utter, and the words will form for they are there. All are impressed. For as we impress one we impress all. All are capable.

This night we will visit our brother to insure his presence amongst you. You may inform him of our intention. Ask him to seek us in the Stillness this night. Note: (This is a reference to our group member Joseph, who has been absent for a while.)

JarEl: You have words for me my dear ones?


Presence, Thought Adjusters

Hal: I have a question JarEl. Again in relationship to understanding the Father. If the Father indwells us with his Fragment with his Adjuster? The theme of the Teaching Mission is: The power of God surrounds us. The love the Father indwells us. Wherever we are He is. Is that referring to the Adjuster, or is there another form or another part of God in addition to that is surrounding us..love? I need this in my quiet time in seeking the Father. Am I seeking something different than the Adjuster?

JarEl: The Father is omnipresent whether through the Fragment or through His own circuitry. His Spirit pervades all of existence. The Fragment is essential to you the mortal to assist you in your growth; to allow you direct communication; to allow your thoughts, desires, needs to be transmitted directly to the First Cause and Center. The Father's love is inherent in your fellows. Through the Fragment you radiate His love. You reflect His love for you. Alone you would reflect His love still. But in the presence of your fellows it is more so, because each is reflecting his love.

Hal: Then in addition to seeking the Father we do not seek necessarily the Fragment, but seeking the individual private circuits of the Father.

JarEl: When you enter the Stillness you are addressing the Father. He may answer through the Fragment; through your fellows. Your emotions and feelings allow you to feel His presence; to feel His love; the warmth of His compassion for you. These are intuitive of you.

Hal: Not necessarily the Fragment then.

JarEl: Not necessarily. But again our exercise was on intuition. Receiving information from other sources than the touch, smell, hearing. On a higher level you may discern the Father intuitively. Does this help?

Hal: Yes! Very much. Thank you. In other words to summarize in my thinking: The Father has His own circuits of complete involvement in addition to the Fragment within us.

JarEl: This is true. Read the text.

Hal: Thank you.

JarEl: All are welcome. Silent ones there is much movement in the minds. Have you not words to express these thoughts; these questions? Are you perplexed?

Healing, Fear

Violet: JarEl, last week you mentioned about a healing that we are experiencing. Was that in reference to what you just now said about the thousands of years of fear that we have inherited in our beings now? Is this the healing that you meant that is going on now inside of us now?

JarEl: This is a small reference. All of humanity is being healed. Healed of the ills that this existence has brought upon mortals. Fear has not allowed mortals to reach out in faith and love to their fellows. The brotherhood of man has not grown. The love and knowledge of the Father has not been in their experience. Although they believe religiously to a degree. Fear is their god;It is their controller. So fear is a very large part of their existence. Fear must be overcome before truth can be established in their hearts and minds. The truth of the personal relationship the Father desires with all of His creation. If your fellows react to this Truth in fear it keeps them away from their salvation.

So it behooves each you to overcome your fears so that you may accurately, adequately relate the truth of this Mission in your belief system to others. Healing we are concerned with in our spiritual development and our physical lives. Areas that are in disharmony we seek to bring into alignment with truth, beauty, and goodness.

JarEl: Concerning the areas of your bodies that need healing, this healing must first take place in your minds and your hearts. Your seeking the Father in the Stillness and requesting that you be enlightened and be brought into fellowship, the healing takes place. Does this answer your question?

Violet: Yes basically. I mean I don't want to fear. I guess I'm fighting fear. I must be, and yet I desire so much to be...to clear my mind. And so it must be that I fear, and I don't know that I fear. Is that possible?

JarEl: This is very possible. The nature of fear is one that we do not perceive. It comes about at those moments and instances that require effort and courage. The fear has been ingrained deeply within your being. It steps forward to claim and devalue the courage that you needed to accomplish. We can assist you through encouragement to overcome your fears. We can assist you through small, gradual successes in your endeavors to overcome your fears.

Speech, Sharing

Hal: That would imply that I have fears and don't know it. I do not think I am fearful. I'm wondering if this is like the fear, apprehension fear of public speaking that seems to affect most everyone.

JarEl: This is true. Anxiety, apprehension; When you find it in your being, it is because of fear. Fear that is deep-rooted.

Hal: Is this a fear that prevents me from being fully effective, I think in my men's fellowship on Tuesday mornings? I have made an imprint. I have as my theme that whenever they discuss the fears as taught in the old testament. I always bring up that this is not the God Jesus came to reveal to us. I think they are getting the message. They are wonderful, loving, serving people. They are all being of service to their fellow man. They have a deep seated faith and sincerity. The minister...outstanding ministers of years past.

JarEl: This fear of speaking in public will carry over into small groups. If you can practice overcoming in the presence of your loved ones and fellows that you are in unity with, it will go along way to reassure you on those occasions that arise when you need to speak before larger bodies. The anxiety of speaking, the anxiety of doing anything is generally because you fear the reaction of others. How they will perceive you and your actions. If you can set aside your concern of their perceptions and proceed on what you know to be, this will be a small step towards stamping out the fear and anxiety of speaking to others.

Hal: That is very helpful.

Violet: JarEl, I have had that fear all my life speaking in groups. So that does hit home. It really does. I have often felt in small group of even my loved ones that they are not listening to me. I guess I feel a little bit of rejection there or something. But that does help a lot. That gives me more insight to it.

JarEl: You may also practice alone in a room by yourselves. Make speeches, pretend. Say to your invisible audience those things that you need. Focus your gaze directly in front of you, and proceed to practice this way, gradually in this small group. Look not at the faces nor the eyes at this time, but move and look just above their heads. Allow your eyes to move about the room. Allow your body to move. This will relax you as you speak. You're not focused on any individual. You are not fully conscious of their gaze. You have only to recite your material. Later your confidence will increase. You will be able to direct your speech to individuals in a group making eye contact; making gestures; allowing yourself to feel free and open and not tensed.

Hal: This is then a method of spreading the love of the Father to everyone you meet by expressing verbally our feelings regardless of whether we are fully accepted or not.

JarEl: This is so. When you attempt to share with others who are not of the same belief system, you must be prepared for rejection. However if you proceed on those levels of agreement, you do well for yourselves and for them. You allow your confidence to build. You have not offended their intelligence. They will be eager to talk further with you at another time. Each time you are able to plant seeds. Your continued contact with these individuals is like watering the seeds; tilling the soil; allowing the seed to germinate and grow.

Hal: I have noticed a change in their subject. They never delve into the old vindictive god. They always catch themselves at it now. They are in agreement with my concepts that God is as Jesus presented it. But they were so hung up on the old testament that they find they are limiting their discussions of that book. So I believe there is in fact, a change.

JarEl: The Spirit of Truth works with each of you. This is why we emphasize your knowledge of the text and the transcripts. The teaching becomes a part of your being. You can relate the teaching of the text to others, because you experience this; you experience the love of the Father; you experience the love of this fellowship. Simply relate!


Betty: I have another problem. It is that whenever I speak of the Father or the Father's love for me or for mankind; When I have tried to hold a conversation with others about the Father and about spiritual things, I begin to cry. And it becomes...I become embarrassed and I am not able to continue talking. I am hoping that eventually I will be able to overcome this. I just...I don't understand it, and I don't know that it's ever going to stop.

Hal: Yes, could you speak to this, because I think we are all or at least I do feel this emotional welling up when something tremendous or great thought comes up. She said that well up in her and not being able to speak properly. Can you speak to us? Is that an animal instinct within us? Or is it a growth of learning the love of the Father?

JarEl: This is human. This is well. This is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of. Look at your fellow, Douglas. He is one very similar. This one becomes emotional and tearful at the events of television. He sincerely relates to the feelings of others whether in his presence or not. He is stirred emotionally at viewing the plight, sadness or joy of others. His heart feels thankful. Yes, at times this thankfulness is overwhelming. It needs expression. Your joys, your sorrows, your thankfulness need an avenue of expression. Your physical bodies provide the release through tears; through the choking feelings that close your voice.

But notice shortly you are able to continue with your renewed feelings of joy. In this existence you have your emotions to show others how you feel. In candid opportunities in dealing with your fellows where your emotions take over, are good indications to others of your human qualities and sometimes sincerity about the subject or event of your discussion. Feel not embarrassed that these small tears that express so profoundly your deep concerns would cause others to ridicule. In most instances the feelings are contagious. When one cries, others desire to cry with them. When one shares joy, others desire to share it also. Does this help you?

Betty: Yes, thank you.

Hal: Yes and can we or should we outgrow this human emotional reaction to life situations?

JarEl: I think you will not outgrow this. You will control this some, but it allows you to be in touch with your truer selves.

Hal: Yes, I even notice it when reading an article in Readers' Digest this tremendous emotional reaction that I get. It's always when something of bravery or courage or perseverance has won out.

JarEl: These are word symbols, but they carry an emotional attachment. When you use the symbol courage, and you say this with conviction and determination, it arouses a quickening in your being. Immediately your head is elevated; your shoulders are squared; you look forward straight ahead with renewed determination. You are ready to step forward in action. The word symbol courage has given you the emotional equivalent in your being. Do you see?

Hal: Yes, this is an emotion and say in the morontia worlds we do not necessarily have the word symbol to this, but the actual fact of the courageous act.

JarEl: This is so. There are moments for me that I share with you as a group that the joy becomes overwhelming. Often I speak at what seems to be a level of detachment. But in reality it is very deep attachment that I have for you. I desire so much to be of assistance to you that so often I am overcome also with my thoughts of your well-being.

Hal: It is reassuring to us to know that you are so involved with us that it is strengthening to us.

JarEl: Were you to speak Lucille?

Lucille: Yes. Last Saturday we've had a bit..I guess I had internal emotional concerns about Kendra. She did not go to her meeting for the auxiliary Saturday night. She had intended to, but suddenly decided not to go. And no way could we talk her into it. Monday morning she refused to go to school. She was supposed to go a new class and a new schedule. And today she goes to Dell Alternative School. She seems to be afraid. She said she has no friends. She talked to Debbie last night. She sincerely wants to be in the Auxiliary. How can we help her? Because it was certainly a emotional experience for me, and I go nowhere. Could you comment on this?

JarEl: This happens with dealing with the younger ones. It appears that she has great reservation suddenly concerning her education in this group she participates in. Have you inquired as to any events or mishaps that possibly have occurred?

Lucille: She has gotten very poor grades. We had a conference with the counselor and all the group at the high school. He recommended that she changed to these other classes which were to start yesterday. And she did not go to school. And there was no way that we could talk her into going. It was fear I know of going to new classes. Probably rejection from the ones that she was in. We're trying to help her.

JarEl: Embarrassment is a factor. These classes are they not at the same institution?

Lucille: Yes, they are. The ones she was supposed to go to yesterday.

JarEl: It will be difficult. She has to relax her mind in that she was once at one level with her peers, because of not functioning to her ability she's being demoted to another level, where perhaps she can function. She views it as demotion; embarrassment for her peer group. The lack of friends is only increasing, because of this new class alternative.

Lucille: Does she not have the ability to go ahead with the other classes? Would the alternative schools be better?

JarEl: The ability is present. The willingness to cooperate with those who impart knowledge to her is the issue. There is reason in her mind for non-cooperation. Perhaps you should seek the counsel of her instructors with her present.

Lucille: We have done that, and that why.....

Hal: But maybe individually with the individual teachers. That may be what he is referring to you.

Lucille: But her English teach referred..that she should try easier classes. She hasn't succeeded in anything, and that's why she is so unhappy here. She needs to do better, but she doesn't try.

JarEl: Again, our lesson fear. You see the need for small successes. Small successes, appropriate praise and encouragement will help relax her mind and thoughts so that she can focus on the subjects to be learned. There is an emotional side to this one. Much difficulty in the past. Justification: she feels justified in her actions, because of living in the past. The techniques that you have for counseling with the young ones might be helpful for this one.

Hal: Yes, that's what the teachers have started for her. Where she has become a tutor for others.

Lucille: The handicapped.

Hal: And yet she wants to go back to her own environment. She seems to have a strong emotional attachment to that.

JarEl: By old environment, you mean the environment where she was not successful?

Lucille: Her father and stepmother would have her in her old school.

JarEl: Is it her desire to leave your home?

Lucille: No, she wants to return there.

Hal: We think that's not so much to leave the home here as to get back to her concept of her old friends. How valid that concept is the question? We would like know if we can re-visualize success in standard academic environment for her. I can visualize a tremendously successful future for her. Plus as you say the emotional hang-ups are in the road now.

JarEl: This one does not share your vision. The immaturity levels do not allow her to share your vision. You may give her glimpses through conversation; through your example; through the example of others. That would go a long way toward opening her mind, and opening the doors that she has locked to you and others. Much conversation, counseling, consistency will help. The environment that she could not achieve in will not be helpful. What has changed that would allow her success now that she did not have when she was there?

Hal: We are helping in learning study habits and assisting her in her school work that she has never has had before.

Lucille: They have removed the Algebra and the Spanish. They are changing her to an easier English class. She will be teaching or helping with the handicap in one period. She is taking an easier Math class; easier English class which hadn't attend yesterday. She has yet to make this change tomorrow.

Hal: That's the embarrassment that she has.

Lucille: So, JarEl, would try to help her tomorrow?

JarEl: We cannot violate freewill. We may pray and seek the Father's guidance. You may invite this one to pray with you. Show your concern and desire for her success.

Lucille: Thank you.

Hal: It is a wonderful challenge for us!


JarEl: This is true, but you meet the challenge. Your courage, steadfastness to the goal of improving the life and conditions of this one is admirable. Stay your course; victory will be yours; success will come about. It will not necessarily be at this exact moment, but your heart will rejoice at the progress you will observe in this one. Continue in your efforts.

Hal: Thank you for these glimmers of progress every now and then.

JarEl: Small successes, but this one must realize these small successes to increase in her confidence. Remember at this time in her life, the opinions of peers, persons, of her age is of importance.