1993-01-04-Vibrations & Healing

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Topic: Vibrations & Healing

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Iruka

TR: Pam



Iruka: The light of God enfolds you, the power of God encompasses you, wherever you are He is. Good evening I am Iruka, I am your teacher and your friend. I am happy to be here this evening. I am excited about this group coming together and learning and growing, and wanting to be like the Father, the First Source and Center. I am here to help you, to be a guide so that you may grow and become like the Father. I am also your friend. I know that this is a new phenomena, I am aware of your fear and that is OK. It is good to be cautious. It is good to seek the truth. So do not be afraid; we will take it one step at a time.

Now I am aware of many questions, and I will be happy to try and answer them. Some questions if they are difficult, Pam may have trouble with. She is new at this, but she has trouble some times. However, both of us will do our best.


E1: First of all I would like to welcome you and I am curious as to the two letters O and M is there any spiritual significance to "OM"?

Iruka: Thank you for your welcome. OM or "OM" is used by certain middle-Eastern religions to help them clear out their mind when they meditate. If they believe it will clear their thoughts, then it does. You see the power of your mind is very strong, and it is a way to clear the thoughts, to slow them down and to quiet the mind. But your question is: does this have some magic or spiritual meaning -- not in that way, NO. Does this answer?

E1: I am not really sure, I was informed that it was referred to as a spiritual vibration, and I guess that is what I am trying to verify.

Iruka: Spiritual vibration, yes, somewhat, however its true power is that the mind believes it. Does this help?

E1: Somewhat, let me put another question. Is there a spiritual or is there a vibration in the cosmos that can be heard and does it have a sound of "OM"

Iruka: There are vibrations in the cosmos as you say, and they have certain power. OM is one of many, and this is what you refer to, and there are others. Is this better understood?

E1: Yes it is, but now it brings up another question. What are the other sounds and are they significant to a human spiritual growth in terms of repeating them successively or help in meditation or in whatever way it would make a human a better being, a spiritual being.

Iruka: Whatever way you can calm the thoughts, calm the brain, to get closer to the Father. This can be listening to calming music, it can be rubbing a small polished rock. But to repeat a word or words after a while doesn't help. The goal is to think of nothing. Not even a word. To imagine being in the presence of the First Source and Center, of you in the presence. Repeating a word would then soon interfere with this process. Does this help?

E1: Yes, thank you.

Iruka: Your welcome.

A2: Iruka, this is Art. I need to know... first of all thank you for being with us.

Iruka: Your welcome, I am happy to be here.

A2: I need to know how I can help, if there is anything I can do for little Caitlan, who has a birthmark, that has gone astray, or has grown, and threatens her life.

Iruka: Part of the question was interfered with by the clock, but I think that I got the idea. There is a child, you were talking about her earlier. I am not aware of her, but I heard your conversation. I have no direct instructions, however, laying of hands and praying to the First Source and Center might help. There are certain people who have the gift of healing. You contacted one of them and he tried, but he was a long ways away. Just by putting your hand and praying to the First Source and Center, acting as a connection might help. The healing touch on someone who is ill always helps even if only to make them feel better. Make them feel loved. But I have no specific instructions. I am sorry.

G1: Hello Iruka, my name is Gale. I wanted to ask two questions, the first one is concerning my father who is in the hospital right now and is very ill. I wanted to know if you can see or have any insight into what is causing him not to come out of his coma, and if he will ever regain consciousness fully.

Iruka: I am sorry to hear about your father. I have no first hand knowledge of him, and I do not know what will happen. I know that in this world humans have been told things that will happen in the future, but this is not our job and we don't know. I am sorry I can't tell you if he will be well or not. Again, you might just take his hand and hold it and pray. Does this help?

G1: Yes, thank you. My second question is concerning numerology. Is there any scientific or spiritual significance to the way numbers are or appear in the Bible, and how numbers can affect us in our everyday lives. Is there any type of spiritual significance or scientific significance to the way numbers appear in life?

Iruka: This has been a belief on this planet for thousands of years in many different cultures. But, again are you referring to predicting the future? with numbers? is that what you are referring to?

G1: That is part of it, predicting the future, but also just numbers as meaning, anything specific, I think like One is a number supposedly symbolizing God. Two is supposed to symbolize man and various numbers have symbolic meanings. That is really what I think I am referring to. Is there any truth or significance to numbers having a spiritual or symbolical meaning to each number.

Iruka: The problem of course with predicting any future happening is that humans have free will. You may be able to guess that this person will choose this then something will happen. But still the person is free to choose his action. So for predicting happenings, it is very difficult. Sometimes, when your spiritual beings are trying to make you aware of certain things they might play with the numbers. This is to get attention, to make you aware. Even your best forecasters cannot always know what is going to happen. But if certain numbers are catching your eye ask yourself what is going on, what can I learn? The emphasis has been in the wrong place it is not forecasting the future. It is making you stop and think. Is this helping?

G1: Yes, thank you.

G2: Hello, my name is Guy and I was wondering, do we each have a task that you want us to perform once we attain a certain level?

Iruka: A task?

G2: Do we have a spiritual task to in order to obtain....

Iruka: To spend time with the First Source and Center, to continually to grow and learn, to become aligned with the Father, to make His will your will. This is the goal, this is a big task. Is this what you mean?

G2: Yes. Do I have a spiritual name?

Iruka: Yes

G2: Would it be possible to find out my spiritual name?

Iruka: Not at this time, perhaps later. Pam has a hard time with names. Could you ask this question later?

G2: Yes, I understand. Are you here by yourself or are others watching us also.

Iruka: There are many in this room, watching. There are other beings on various levels, and there are potential teachers who are watching and learning. This room is fairly crowded.

G2: Thank you.

Iruka: You are welcome

W1: Good evening Iruka this is Willis again.

Iruka: Hello Willis.

W1: I have a question about astrology and mainly is there any significance there. A lot of people depend on what the newspaper says in the morning and what an astrologist has to say about their birth sign and I would like to hear what you would have to say about that.

Iruka: Of course there sometimes appears truth in what they say. because it may apply to you. And how many times does it not apply to you. If you read it, and follow it, then you are limiting yourself. You are not allowing for trying to change. If it says you are stubborn for instance, you would never look to the Father and try and change your stubbornness. So it is not creative to follow this. With God anything is possible. You can grow and become like Him. There are various types of categories that every personality fits into. But do you see how you would limit your own growth if you took them to heart? And never tried to change.

W1: Yes I can see that. I guess I would be the wrong person to really talk about it because I don't follow it. I just watch other people use it as a guide and if I do anything at all I look it up after the day is over to see if it has been accurate. But I agree 100% in not following that and with today`s mind set a lot of people are just looking for something to hang on to because they haven`t felt the Father yet.

Iruka: That is true. They are looking, there is a need in every person to find the Father. And so, they try different things. Your Thought Adjuster creates this hunger inside. But you see how limiting this ends up being. Because of course there are things that are truth, but it doesn't allow for growth. Thank you Willis.

W1: Thank you. On that same note, is it true that some people do have a knack of giving you your astrological future better than others? Because I do know that we do have people that you probably recognize over the airwaves that sell their talents for telling people about their lives. Is it fact that some of them can actually be more accurate than another person?

Iruka: We are getting very close to a topic that I am not allowed to speak on and I am sorry. I may have said a little too much. Please forgive me.

W1: Iruka, I am sorry if I got you into any trouble. So I'll move on to my next question. Thanks for the info. With reference to the transcripts that I was reading, the Welmek transcripts, they mentioned that sometime early this year a Melchizedek was going to materialize at one of the meetings. Can you give me any information on that?

Iruka: There are plans for Melchizedek to re-personalize, appear, in a body when certain things have occurred. There is no time frame as such. I do not wish to comment on this further.

W1: Thank you. Also, in the transcripts there were times when other levels of beings attended meetings, will that happen here? Where we will get a chance to converse with say a Melchizedek?

Iruka: I am sorry is this a question?

W1: The question is: I noticed in the transcripts there were times when a Melchizedek attended some of the meetings, and I was just curious if that just happens randomly and the chance of it happening here.

Iruka: Oh yes, they are free to visit any time at any meeting and frequently they do. That is not unusual. They are very involved in this Teaching Mission, so yes that happens. Does this answer?

W1: Yes, thank you.

E1: I'd like to know, Iruka, is there..is the crop circles that have occurred maybe some years back a hoax or a fact? Are you familiar with that?

Iruka: Again this is a topic that I am not allowed to talk about. I am sorry. Certain phenomena we are forbidden to talk about.

E1: At some point in time will there be...would you be allowed to discuss it, I mean that it is happening?

Iruka: Of course anything is possible, but I do not have any knowledge that at a future date this would happen. But if it does, then certainly we can talk about it.

E1: Just curious, being that you are a teacher, can you expound on what it is you would be teaching us, at some point would you say for example this is how you could meditate, or this is a way you can (This not necessarily what you would teach us), do an out-of- body experience, or something to that affect. I mean at what point will we have lessons?

Iruka: Yes, very definitely. Tonight we are getting to know each other, and I am trying to answer a lot of questions and determine needs. Of course we will have topics such as love, forgiveness, general topics that we could have lessons on for a long time. Also, as I get to know each one in the group, I can target lessons in a general way that will help individuals specifically. So there are two ways; the general topics and specific needs. And yes, we will start having those lessons.

E1: In terms of determining someone's needs. Could you discuss that with one's Thought Adjuster?

Iruka: What I would do is make rounds so to speak and visit each person in our group during the week and get to know you. You may be aware of my presence and sometimes you may not depending on how caught up you are in what your doing. In this way I can be more help, more of a guide to the needs of the group. Does this help?

E1: Yes. A while back when Art had mentioned about his niece, you mentioned about laying on of hands, what if someone was to pray from afar and there would be a secondary person to do the laying on of hands. I mean isn't it simply the faith that does the healing?

Iruka: Of course, absolutely, and with God anything is possible. So certainly try it. Does this help?

E1: Yes, thank you.

A2: Iruka this is Art again. You said that there are many personalities in this room, many beings. Before you leave this evening, would it be possible for them to pray for two loved ones here, little three-month old Caitland, and Gale's father? I almost know that something good will happen if they do this.

Iruka: Yes that is possible. It is also important that you do it, the whole group here does it.

A2: Can you lead us, Iruka.

Iruka: In prayer?

A2: Yes, please.

Iruka: OK and we will end after the prayer.

A2: Thank you very much.

A2: Question, a while back, several years back or more, I was meditating and during my meditation I would experience out-of-body travel and I would experience, it was quite frightening, and I would also experience nothingness, very frightening, and then I experienced a light, the light had a "OM" sound to it. And it was very very bright as I approached it and I felt very very loved in that light. And could you help me, is there any significance to that? And why should I have seen that, and in my mind I can always see that light.

Iruka: I am sorry Art, I cannot discuss out of body experiences. This is another topic I am forbidden to talk about. However, if you felt this total love, unconditional love, that is your experience, that can be used in a positive way.

A2: Thank you. One more question, there was a guide that came to my uncle I believe early in the 1900's. Her name was Lucinda, the same name that appeared in the Welmek papers as a visiting guide. Are they one and the same? And does she now contact that group in the Dresden area?

Iruka: Lucinda is a name of a guide, I am not aware, I do not know if she was here during the early 1900's. And if I knew I don't think I could tell you. That it would be not allowed. I understand you want to relate this to your family member but I cannot confirm the link, I'm sorry.

A2: Thank you.

G1: Iruka, this is Gale and I have two more questions and then I won't disturb you anymore tonight. One, I'd like to know if you could tell us or myself personally or the group is there a proper way to meditate and if so what is the proper way to meditate.

Iruka: In seeking the stillness with the Father there are ways that help different people, first relax the body and then relax the mind. Seek the stillness think of nothing, imagine the Father, however you interpret the Father, however the First Source and Center, whatever has meaning for you and it is different for everyone. And just be in his presence. It is easy to say, and it is most difficult to achieve. It must be worked on and practiced, but the rewards are so great even a few seconds of a still mind has benefits. Does this help?

G1: Yes, thank you and finally I wanted to know; my husband and I would like to start a family soon. Is there any thing that you could , are there any things that we should be doing to prepare for that.

Iruka: When you and your husband seek the stillness and feel the love then you in turn can fill your home with it, to be felt by anyone who enters. The love is the most important. That is the best there is, that I can tell you. Does this help?

G1: Yes thank you very much you have been very helpful.

W1: Iruka, this is Willis. Will we reach a point with the teachings where we will be able to get some of our more curious questions answered?

Iruka: You said will there be a point? Yes, I think so, however some times new questions arise. I am a guide to help you get close to the Father. There are sometimes questions that the main purpose doesn't really help you with the relationship with the Father. I am a being who is a little ahead of you and certainly have limitations on my knowledge. Certain questions I cannot answer I do not know or I cannot answer. I know that this is frustrating to you as a group, but once you begin to understand my work then you will understand what questions I can help you with in your walk with the Father. Does this help?

W1: Yes, I believe I have a good idea what you will answer and will not , but I will still throw in a few every so often to check and see (if) you are going to slip.

Iruka: Understood, yes.

A2: Iruka, this is Art again, can you tell us more about your existence, your life, where you come from where you hail from so that we can get better acquainted with a true friend.

Iruka: Of course, thank you for asking. I was very ill on my planet. I was healed, then I became a minister. So my experience is of preaching, mostly the truth as I understood it and some of course was not. Does this help?

A2: Thanks, can you tell us the stage of development your planet was in?

Iruka: It was not in life and light. But it certainly did not have the problems that Urantia has. There have been no defaults, no rebellion. So in many ways we were moving towards light and life, farther along than this planet. Does this help?

A2: Thank you. What is humor like at your level now?

Iruka: We enjoy humor, we enjoy your humor, and there is humor amongst us. There are less incongruities here to laugh about. See humor has to do with paradoxes and we have fewer of them so there is less humor, which does not mean we are humor less. There is just more things that are understandable which means fewer things to laugh about. Does this help?

A2: Thank you. Maybe someday we can laugh together.

Iruka: Oh, I think we will.

G1: Iruka this is Gale again I know I said I was finished, but I have one more question. Based upon what Art was saying it was interesting about your life on your planet and I was just wondering could you tell us the name of your planet and in reference to our planet how far away is your planet, based on where our planet is, and the name of your planet.

Iruka: The name is not important, it would not mean anything to you and other than saying it is far far away there is no way for me to explain where it is. This does not help, but do you understand?

G1: Yes I understand, I do.

G2: Iruka, this is Guy again. I have a personal question I notice in myself, when you go around visiting, could you spend a little extra time with me because I know I am kind of short patient and I have a quick temper. And I was wondering if when you come evaluate me and how I relate could you point out a reading in the Urantia book that would help me slow my temper down, and any other problems that you are going to find.

Iruka: First of all I am not coming to judge. I am not coming to criticize I am here to help you find the Father. So do not consider me a critical judgmental being.

G2: I apologize, it is the Catholic in me.

Iruka: Understood. I am here in love, as a guide, and the more time you spend with the Father, back to that again, the more things smooth out. But thank you for sharing that with me. Does this help?

W1: Iruka, Willis again. Will anyone who seeks a teacher eventually get one?

Iruka: Yes, originally the call was for 100 teachers. But things are happening faster than we expected to our joy and anyone who is willing to work at finding the stillness and who wants one may have a teacher.

W1: Teachers are not limiting themselves only to Urantia book readers are they?

Iruka: In this mission...I can discuss this mission, the teachers of this mission are coming to students of the Urantia book. I have said just as much with my words as I have said with my silence. Do you understand?


It is getting late, and Pam is tiring. We were going to close with a prayer for two individuals. Father, Creator, First Source and Center, we come before you with open arms with love, we have two people that we love and are ill. We ask for your help, they are dear to us, we ask that you make them whole, free of pain and we ask that you help us get closer to you. We have fear, we have doubts help us take these away. so we can see more clearly. Be with us this week help us to show Your love through us to our co- workers, our families. Help us be the light that they can see. Help us be open to the hurt and the pain and show our love in teachings. Thank you.