1993-03-26-Angelic Activity

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Topic: Angelic Activity

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Tarkas

TR: Charlotte



TARKAS: I am very delighted and, I must say, excited to be speaking with you once again. I feel that you are my family. This was made mention of as well, and I am glad that this word has been used for it helps me realize that this feeling is beginning to form within your minds and hearts as well.

I thank you all for attending, for all of your input in making these meetings possible, for the homes that are so generously opened to all of us, for the gifts of food and drink that you bring, for the transcripts, for the time and energy in performing these tasks. It is all very much appreciated. As I am sure you feel this is helpful, as well, as you read other transcripts and learn from other teachers. May I say that we as teachers learn from one another as well. Certain techniques are used with different groups and we record or tell of these experiences and what has been useful with the humans of Urantia.

So, we all are learning again, as always. I am very pleased to be among you this evening.

We discussed some in other lessons regarding faith, stillness, love, and other basic tools which are necessary for the cornerstones of our missions as well as our individual lives. Those being the worship, the prayer, and the service. I would ask you if at this time, through your reading or your thoughts and contemplations if you have any questions.

It certainly is a quiet bunch this evening. But we hope that soon we will get things moving.


Guardian Angels

QUESTION: My question has to do with the seraphim. The readings said that the angels actually set an environment. If we are in turmoil in our lives, somehow the angels would have arranged this for our growth. Can you give us some information in reference to that?

TARKAS: The seraphim, the angels, are ever-present surrounding you. There are vast numbers and they are assigned a certain allotment, if you will, in certain developmental stages of your growth. But there are always angels with you. You may speak with them directly. However, their main purpose is to gently guide you through your environment -- to help you maneuver as easily as possible through your experiences in life so that you may come more easily and more lovingly closer to the Father in your activities.

They do not manipulate; they do not build experiences for you. But they gently guide you with their presence. It is not necessarily spoken words as it is their direction that is gently guiding you. They do much in your favor. They are very loving and feel very close to you. They feel a oneness to you and do as much as they can in a gentle way to help your reception of the most advantageous path for you to take. They guide you very gently, never forcing you. They are truly your loving friends, your close, close encounters, if you will, with God the Father.

Do all that you can to feel their presence. In the stillness ask to speak to your angels, for only to feel their presence. And to allow them to make their presence more available to you so that you will begin to feel this in a more conscious way.

QUESTION: Do the angels also arrange difficulties to channel our growth?

TARKAS: I am very glad that you have asked that question, for this is a common thought among mortals. But this is not so. Our purpose, and all those who are helping, including the angels, is to guide you in the direction of love and light. There are never troubles or stumbling blocks purposefully placed in your way so that you will learn a larger lesson.

While this is helpful for people to believe and to see that many lessons can be learned through adversity, it is not by purpose or intent when these adversities cross your path. There are never obstacles purposefully placed in your way. It is only in how you waltz around them that makes it more or less comfortable for you.

QUESTION: There is the passage from a transcript of Rayson that I was having trouble with: "Do not idle too long on the plateaus of past victories for your angels will be sorely tempted to push you into troublesome waters of spiritual growth and activity."

TARKAS: While they may be tempted, they will not do this. It is of their being to help you in as many ways as possible. They will always be with you in a loving manner, but they will not purposefully push you into periods of doubt or confusion. They are your friends, they are your loved ones. They have thoughts of their own and they may wish to do this at times.

They may, perhaps, gently nudge you a little harder than you wish or a little faster than you wish to go in a direction. This may seem as a troublesome spot to you but it is not one of intense doubt or trouble or fear that they would guide you towards. Is this helpful?

HUMAN: Yes. You are saying that we as humans may see it as troublesome but in spirit it is seen differently.

TARKAS: This is an adequate explanation of that which I am trying to portray to you.

HUMAN: That makes sense.

TARKAS: And I am glad for you.

HUMAN: I didn't want angels pushing me off the cliff, or anything.

HUMAN: Tarkas, is it important to vocalize any of this communication with one's angels? Can these communications happen in the stillness without speaking?

TARKAS: It is not necessary to verbalize these communications to your angels or to your guides or teacher, for that matter. We have a perception of your thoughts when you call us, when you wish to speak to a particular angel or guide or helper. We are informed of this, if you will, and we respond by coming to you and speaking to you. It is not necessary to verbalize out loud. It is helpful if you wish to develop skills along this area, especially in transmitting/receiving, but it is not necessary.

QUESTION: Is the response spontaneous or do we need to wait for the feeling of a presence?

TARKAS: It is always helpful to have a feeling of the presence with you. This is a confirmation to you in the non-seeing world in which you reside. However, it is not necessary. These helpers, these angels are with you. There is always someone with you who can answer your questions or communicate with you. In other ways with teachers and guides, there is always a response for you on some level. As you learn to perceive the differences of the individuals speaking to you, you will become more comfortable with that fact. Even I myself, who is not always present when people wish to speak to me, have my assistants and there is a chain that is connecting and broadening our source of communication for you.

Almost literally, almost all the time, there is someone who will offer loving advice to you.

QUESTION: Tarkas, This past Tuesday, I received a call from Half Moon Bay, California. This woman is a TR of her own small group and she said that you have contacted her relative to the book, The Course of Miracles. And you informed her that this was a valid, spiritual book. Do you recall that conversation?

TARKAS: It is not my place at this time to say this. There are many problems with communicating at this time. If she is aware of this, continue to have her seek me in the stillness. I am glad you are bringing this up. I will perhaps speak to her but I am not to confirm nor deny this at this time. There are many who are seeking all of the teachers. We are in constant communication with many.

If she asks for my confirmation she needs it not from another human for she knows within herself. I know this is very difficult to understand. You must also realize that I am working through a transmitter who is new and is uncomfortable along these lines.

Perhaps, if she would speak with another teacher that is closer to her she would receive the more personal confirmation that she needs.

QUESTION: Tarkas, are you of and with the Light?

TARKAS: Would you please re-phrase your question?

HUMAN: Where you are on the other side, are you within the light of God?

TARKAS: The best judge of that is to seek within your own heart. The answer does not come from me but from within you. If you are asking if I am of God, that is a very personal question which you must use your own love, thoughts, feelings, contemplation, and prayers to answer. I may say that we are all in this room of the Light for we are all of God and God's loving presence is within and permeating all of us present in both realities. But I am not one to answer this question for you. It must come from your own heart. Have you contemplated, have you prayed, have you thought this answer on your own?


HUMAN: I have a friend who channels St. Germaine. St. Germaine said to ask you if you are the Light for my understanding. He also said to ask you if you are primarily here for you to learn or to teach, or both.

TARKAS: This is one and of the same. I and the other teachers are here to not only help Urantia out of its period of darkness but to help each individual as well to feel the love of God and to grow with this. But is it not that as we teach we also learn and I am learning oh so much from this experience.

While I have been a teacher on other worlds, each is an individual lesson for me. Each world is different, each race has its differences, yet the similarities are overwhelming. They are all of God. All of these messages, all of the lessons are of God and love and light. This is what you bring to me as well, the light and the love that is within you. I am learning so very much from you as a result of my choice and commitment to teach. It is quite a reciprocal process and one that is very much integrated.

I thank you for this question for it is a love of mine to teach, to feel the love of God through this action and sharing with you. But also to learn from you, my brothers and sisters, the love that you bring to me as well.

QUESTION: Tarkas, May I ask you if you are (words lost).

TARKAS: Would you please repeat the question?

HUMAN: Tarkas, may I ask if you are a (word lost) like Lutentia, here to reject the Paradise rule?

TARKAS: I do not quite perceive your question. Is it that you are asking that I am rejecting Paradise rule?

HUMAN: Yes, that's the question. There's no mystery about it.

TARKAS: I would never reject Paradise rule, for that is the loving thread that entirely entwines my soul and all of us here. I am here to learn of Paradise, to come closer to paradise and God the Father. But I do appreciate your questions, for these are all necessary and vital questions. These things must be worked through and felt as truth within each individual. It is only through time and work that we do together that we will feel this love and concern for one another, and that is why I am pleased to be with you, to feel and grow with the love of the Father.

Teaching Mission

QUESTION: Tarkas, are all of the teachers and all who may be present tonight aware of the growth that we may experience individually when we are not together? Are you aware of how all of this progresses in our personal lives?

TARKAS: Yes, very much so. While we are not constantly with you and we are not constantly present with you, there are many of us who feel and see you within your lives, in certain times of your day. We share this information amongst each other, we compile it, and we discuss it. There is much more going on at present than just me speaking with you this evening. There are many aspects to the mission and this is one. There are guides and teachers waiting in the wings to speak with you. They are observing and are ready to help and answer whenever you are ready to seek their advice.

This is what is very challenging and very rewarding as a teacher in this mission. Not only is the teaching being done in this setting as a sharing, learning, as an understanding, as a growth process in this room, but in your daily lives as well. That is why in the future I shall be giving more assignments to you to practice what we will be discussing and to bring these lessons back with you and the responses which you have generated and received.

This is all very helpful. Our lessons have many ramifications within your daily life and we are eager and pleased when you are using them throughout your life in your days and bring these instances back to discuss.

QUESTION: It has been very useful how you have been preparing us, fine-tuning us to communicate and to receive from our angelic beings and our guides and masters. My question has been half-answered, but I was wondering what you do to stay busy in between our meetings? You did say that you communicate with other people and that you check in once a day with us and others.

TARKAS: Yes, even we are busy. Some of our days are filled to the brim also just as yours are on your planet. It is always a lesson for us as well to stay focused in the Father's love through all of our activities. I may say that most of my time is spent in teaching. I have students with me that I am teaching as I teach you in the human form. This is a small group and we are also learning to work with humans and I teach them to communicate as I am doing with you. It may seem as an easy job to you but there are many intricacies within the human form that we must learn at the emotional and feeling level that has much to do with transmitting and receiving. The majority of my day is filled with teaching.

There are times of rest for me. I am not in two places at once. I do travel quite quickly but our perception of time and space is much different than yours. I enjoy very much my time spent in worship with the Father and with Michael. This takes a portion of my day, as well. I am mainly at work in my day. I rest and I commune with God, as well.

Q. Do you take some type of nourishment or way of getting spiritual energy from the Father?

TARKAS: I see that one curiosity question leads to the next. I will ask you to pause a moment while I deliberate this. (pause)

I can say this at this time: we do have a nourishment that we partake of. We do have periods of rest and vacations, as well. But my main nourishment that I use for comfort is that of the Father. It provides more than I ever need and is in constant supply. This is all I will say at this time.

Teacher Contact

QUESTION: In my lifetime I was taught to link hearing voices with madness. If someone is labeled as insane because they are hearing voices, are the voices generated from within themselves or do they come from another place?

TARKAS: This is dealing with many different layers of communication. The mind has many layers to it. There are times when the mind can generate the voices that people hear. There are certain illnesses that can accentuate this and often is what people are referring to when they talk of one going mad. But I wish to say to you that there are also voices that are not madness, that are just the opposite, that are pure love and loving messages. It is again within the individual, the feeling within these messages, to know of which they are.

I understand your question for it has much depth to it, especially in beginning to receive messages and voices. Do not be concerned about the messages of the past that if people are hearing voices they are going mad. For you know that there are more ways to communicate than the verbal way in which you do in your physical life.

There are many forms of communication. And there are many beings that are wishing to communicate with you. The old concept I will refer to as going mad has been with this planet for a very long time and it is only within recent years that more communication has opened up. The energies and transmissions are being cleared so that you can receive more voices, more messages to hear these voices.

They are not always as voices; they can be as thoughts or feelings. My question to you is if you will only remove the doubt from the stigma of going mad and seek within your heart the feeling of seeking the peacefulness that is with these messages, then let that be your guide and your answer. And follow the peacefulness that you feel, for this is truly how God will speak to you, how your Thought Adjuster will speak to you, in loving messages and a feeling of peace.

It is a slow process; I will not say it is a thing that will develop overnight. It takes work and patience, but if you do not allow the voices to come to you and have the fear that they are a sign of madness this will not occur. You will not feel or begin to hear the communication which is so desperately longing to be with you. It is so desperately longing to guide you in any way that it possibly can. There are many ways, many beings which wish to help. Again, it is always your choice, your decision as to what you wish. If you wish to allow this form to help or not. But always use your comfort as your guide. Feel the comfort of the message and go with that.

QUESTION: Tarkas, can you hear us talk mentally or just physically?

TARKAS: There are ways in which we can perceive some of your thoughts. The mind is very intricate and it is not for us to delve into it, to seek to know you through every thought. That is not our goal; that is not what we do. We are here only to aid you as you request. It is necessary for me to ask you a question when I wish to know something. You must think of me as a friend, as one with whom you would speak with on your world, as well.

It is always when a morontia form would speak with you, it is the individual's best interest to retain their own thoughts. These thoughts of yours are very personal, very private and we would never go to depths in knowing your mind. It is not even a desire. Like you, we ask and we speak.

There are ways that we can perceive your feelings. When you have intense feelings we can perceive these and these can be felt. It is very similar to what you experience in your world; these can be picked up on. But no, we do not know your every thought. We do not wish to, for these are your personal, private thoughts. You are a unique creature of God and we do not wish to trespass in that area.

Bible, Jesus

QUESTION: I have a question about the Biblical passage, "I am the Way, the Light, and the Truth, and no man shall come by the Father except by me.”(180:3.7 ) Can you explain what that really means? There are cultures which don't know Jesus. Does it mean that every person has a Christ within them, a connection?

TARKAS: I believe this passage to mean that there is a bit of God within each one of us. It is as you say, the Thought Adjuster, but most people have not known of the Thought Adjuster. While Christ Michael came and was present as Jesus, this was his example to you. This is a connection for you personally to seek the love of the Father. Jesus spent his life on this planet aiding individuals to attain the spirit of the Father, the Father fragment, if you will. This is the way that I believe this passage is interpreted. It is to mean that he has brought himself to you to come to know God more fully and more closely.

QUESTION: Do cultures who do not believe in Jesus have this available to them? Do they have to have a missionary come to them and teach them about Jesus?

TARKAS: Most certainly there is not a corner on the market of God; it did not happen only through Jesus. You are correct that this is indwelling in all people of all religions, races. It is most universal throughout, not only humans, but all will creatures of God. Each religion has its belief in how this can be attained. If this is helpful for the people who practice this religion then this is what it is intended for.

QUESTION: I'm confused. I was under that impression that anyone that is on the other side can tap into all the knowledge of the universe whenever they choose. But I'm hearing you not able to do this. I'm wondering why.

TARKAS: There are many implications in your question. We are all able, including yourself; it is not divided on sides as to who has access to the universal knowledge that you mentioned. This is the spirit of the Father fragment, and throughout evolution, as you become closer and closer to the Father, this will become more available to you. However, it is within each and every person's ability here this evening to tap into this consciousness, this knowledge.

I am not saying that we are not able to do this. I am saying we are not qualified . .. not permitted . .. for we take your individual will and perceptions in mind. There are ways that we can assess your mind to a certain degree, but this is only on rare circumstances and when this permission has been granted.

Within the seed of the mind there is a fragment which is eternally yours and your connection with God, and God alone. This is not tappable, may I say. But you are correct, there are many, including those here, who are able to connect with the universal mind, if you wish to call it. That is not our mission, not our desire. We are here to be as brothers and sisters with you, to learn and grow and love as you do, so that we may all learn together to come closer to the Father. Does this help?

QUESTION: Yes. Will there be more advanced beings that will be able to help us also.

TARKAS: And so we are not advanced enough for you?


HUMAN: How advanced are you? I'm really curious.

TARKAS: On a scale from one to ten? (laughter) I do not make light of your question but I would like to know. Is there some type of individual that you consider more advanced. Or do you have a particular type of being in mind?

HUMAN: I asked St.Germaine if there was a certain individual that wants to come through to me. I was given St. Francis of Assisi. I'm confused. Is this really the truth and is he really a higher being? Is he on a higher level than you are? I just don't know where to go with that. Should I channel you or St. Francis of Assisi, or both?

TARKAS: This is often a consideration when one is beginning to open up to field all the advice and all the help that is available for you. But no one can answer this for you. I know this seems redundant and too pat of an answer but it must come from within you. No one can tell you this as an answer. You must decide which you feel comfortable with, which you are led to. You must use your mind, your heart, your intuition. You must pray for these things and seek that which feels most beneficial and comfortable for you.

It is within you to decide how you feel best about the individuals concerned. It is a choice and I am glad you are willfully attempting to make some decisions along these lines. It is most beneficial to be discretionary in your communication, in your allowing personalities to help you. This will be of great benefit to you in the future. Your very decision, your process of seeking that which is most comfortable for you and that which rings most true for you, I will say.

Continue on this path for you are beginning to open as you have received me as well. Only go with the comfort that is within your heart and feel within your own being how you feel.


HUMAN: Thank you. You also mentioned you are equal and yet the Bible mentions "In my Father's house there are many mansions". I'm under the impression that we go to these different levels for learning. When you say equal, do you mean we are equal because we are all God's sons and daughters? But the knowledge is not equal and the spirituality here and on those different levels is not equal. What do you mean by this?

TARKAS: It is true that through our evolution we grow in our awareness, our depths of our truths, our perceptions of the Father. It is an ever-increasing spiral of activity, closer and closer to the Father. When I say we are equal, I mean in God's eyes, for there is help from many, many avenues. It is not necessary always to seek that which you would think as the higher level to do you the most good. If this comes to you and feels comfortable, if this rings within your heart, then seek this higher level, if you wish, in your terms. But I say to you, much can be offered in many ways that perhaps you would overlook if you strictly choose to go to a level or a grade of spiritual advancement.

HUMAN: Can you talk about these different levels?

TARKAS: I can speak of these different levels only momentarily for there is a lesson which we have not discussed as yet. While I know it is very important to answer questions, I do feel that it may be time to proceed. There are lessons which are necessary for the group to move ahead and advance as a group, or unit. As you know, this is our purpose to help you form unity. You are the ones doing the work, you are the ones who need to speak amongst yourselves and feel each other's support.

HUMAN: I have a question about man's inhumanity to mankind. It is very distressing to see it going on. Is there any way we can speed up the process and eliminate it.

TARKAS: The very fact that you are here this evening, that there are groups such as this uniting in brotherhood and in love is very much a part of this. You are on the path, you are doing just as you wish to do, as you say. Your question is answered as you are present here this evening. We all desire this to take place. This is why we are here and why many other beings are here, as well, to aid your planet and to bring peace and love once again into the hearts of all men so that there will be unity amongst all men and women. It is not only a brotherhood but a sisterhood, a oneness, that is important, and you are doing this. This is what our lessons are about and we will begin this now.

HUMAN: Tarkas, I want to go back to (name) questions. But what about the saints, what about the people who walked this earth who were ordained as saints. Are they more holy, of a higher calling then? My question broadens in that I want to ask about callings before the foundation of the world. It is my understanding that before we became flesh and were of spirit we were all given certain callings. Some were given one talent -- it’s in the Bible -- some were given ten talents, some were given six. One of our responsibilities is to multiply those talents. It is a very (word lost) issue to me.

TARKAS: This is somewhat confusing to you, I understand. Let me say that the word higher has quite a heavy connotation. In this very word it can also denote, indirectly, a connotation of lower. There is not really this form within the loving heart of God or the creator Michael. We truly all are one.

But as you say, in the Bible, these quotes, these passages are asking you to use your uniqueness. We are not all created equal; we are all unique. We are all loving, all present with the God-Father fragment within us. We all have our abilities and special gifts, you will say. And this is what the loving grace of the Father has bestowed upon us and makes us very unique as individuals.

Yet, the numbers 3 or 6 are not meant to seem as higher or lower or a degradation to the individual human, or the individual entity. I am including myself as well. It asks of you to use all that you can, that you have been given, that you express your gifts, your true love, in the best form that you can. Always keeping in mind that to strive for the Father, to attain even greater things than you feel you have within you.

It asks for more. If you feel you have been given three gifts, extend and exemplify six. It is for you to ever grow and increase your abilities through the love of the Father. This is what I believe the passage is referring to in this. It is not to cause a discrepancy among individuals, not to point out differences, but to truly ask you to respond in even greater ways than you already are in your own uniqueness and greatness. Move beyond, further and closer to the love, again, of the Father.

As far as the saints are concerned, there are many individuals who have progressed in their spirituality on this earth. There are many who have helped lead the way and have taught many individuals, and these have been known as saints. I must say, however, that oftentimes sainthood may be placed on a pedestal, if you will. It is something that is quite attainable to each one of you if you truly desire to dedicate your life to the service, will and love of the Father.

QUESTION: Well, what about some that are prophets, teachers. Is that the vehicle they have while they are here to grow to a greater capacity?

TARKAS: Most definitely. These prophets, these seers, these people who have opened themselves most lovingly to receive the Thought Adjuster, the Indwelling Spirit, are very much here for the human advancement. These are the vehicles, the human body, which has chosen to accept and open to the calling of the Father. To spread His truth, light and love. They are most definitely teachers and have aided the world very greatly.

I would ask you for a moment to remain in the stillness as I wish to just briefly discuss a lesson for our time is growing closely to an end.

I feel much of your confusion, I feel many doubts. This is as it should be; this is fine that you are learning and contemplating what we have been discussing.


I will ask you this week during your encounters to be of yourself, to speak of yourself. When you come in contact with a person, speak that which you truly wish to say to them in the loving manner of which you are comfortable and becoming aware of. It is oftentimes difficult to speak that which you truly feel. If you are in conversation, and someone asks about where you were or what you learned, do not hesitate to say to them your true feelings of this mission, be it any true feeling, whether you would say negative or positive, for that is what we truly wish you to be, to express your true self, to be your true self and to do these things in the light and love of God.

He is accepting of all aspects of you, of your doubts, fears, and especially of your love. Oftentimes, it may be difficult to say what is truly in your heart even if it is love felt. I ask you to take a risk this week, to say something that is very meaningful to you, that is heartfelt. If the opportunity does not come up in casual conversation, you may bring up a topic or only a statement. But say something that is from the depth of your heart that is truly at your core of love and reality. Say something that you do not know how the other person will respond to, but you are called to say.

If it does not come up in your everyday conversation, bring something up to, I would suggest, a close friend or loved one. It is much easier to begin there where you feel the acceptance. But bring up a topic, a statement, that is very meaningful to you, that rings your every bell of truth, may I say, that radiates from the depth of your soul. See how this is perceived, feel how this is in your experience. There are many things we will be discussing in the future. There are many ways in which you will need to connect with this source of assuredness within your own being. You must begin to speak that which you truly are and which you truly feel.

I will ask of you to speak of this only once for starters. If you have been true in your speaking of your mind and your soul then this will not be difficult for you. I will encourage you to do it more than you have.

I am sure there are times when we all doubt, when we all feel we are at risk to say something and perceive possible rejection from another. So, I would encourage you to just take the initial step to move slightly out of your feeling of safety and to speak a truth that is very meaningful for you. This has many lessons behind it and we will discuss the experiences that you have felt or perceived at another time.

Are my instructions clear for you to be able to do this bit of homework?



TARKAS: All right. Then we will be drawing our meeting to a close. I have enjoyed being with you very much once again. It makes my heart light, and there is much love that is expressed here. I encourage you to talk to each other, to support each other as often as you can. Even if it is a phone call to ask how you are doing or perhaps to compare homework notes. It is very important to begin and continue this process which you are working on, including the love within your group.

Good evening, go in peace, and God be with you.

GROUP: Thank you, Tarkas. Goodnight.