1993-08-08-Assessment of Fellowship Conference

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Topic: Assessment of Fellowship Conference

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



T/R Douglas: JarEl: The presence of God enfolds us. The light of day. His love surrounds us. Deep as the darkness of night. His power upholds our earthly existence. Wherever we come together, He is with us.

I am your teacher, JarEl.

Betty: Greetings, JarEl. Dora: Greetings. Joe: Welcome, JarEl Violet: Good afternoon.


JarEl: I, too, love you. I perceive real love in your greetings. Our words are swift. You were right when Douglas closed his eyes we were there. And yet he is accustomed to waiting for us. Did we not remind you to be prepared in our last meeting? This was for Douglas, also. I have much to tell you, and I must apologize for my absence as I was about the Father's business. A newer less experienced teacher was assigned in my stead. I assume that the contact did not materialize. So you were left without our communication? Did you feel abandonment? This should not be. Ever are you in contact with us through the Father Fragment. He reassures you from the greater love of the Father. So never think that you are left alone to your designs. Your unseen friends and numerous helpers are ever present and assisting you all.

The conference....(there is a pause) He was startled by the sudden illumination. Forgive the pause. The conference was magnificent. Groups from all over were present. Many heard our words. We foresee much growth as a result of this gathering. Many doubters were set on their heels. Much joy and happiness was amongst the believers. Oceans of smiles at the reaffirming message that Christ Michael's plans are in full effect. You, too, should rejoice in this reconfirmation of your part in this great Mission.

This Mission of upliftment, of correction, and sharing the good news with all of your fellows. As a result of the gathering new groups will be forthcoming. Teachers from our core are already in preparation, anxious as the racehorse to come out at a swift start and be about the business of the Father. We trust this news is pleasing to you. I would like to hear your responses.


Urantia Movement, Teaching Mission

Joe: It is most refreshing. I was wondering, I understand that this convention is held every 3 years. Now, because of the quickening pace of the Mission, is there a possibility of this occurring on a yearly basis or more often than every three years?

JarEl: The convention is not our doing. That is the Foundation's and Fellowship's planning. We only go where we are needed in the effort to further the Teaching Mission. We will be visiting other groups gathering, seeking Truth. So any planning for shorter reoccurrence of this conference will be done through the appropriate bodies. Gatherings of this nature provide a greater opportunity to reach a larger number of persons.

Joe: I for one do feel much joy at the news that your giving as a result of the convention there are so many new groups that will begin... (the Teaching).

JarEl: Yes, look for this.

Dora: JarEl, this is Dora. Regarding the convention and the Brotherhood and the Fellowship, I have never been watchful... Would it be an idea for the Teaching groups to have their own conference if they chose it?

JarEl: This is a splendid idea. And it is one that has come to mind by others. There is movement in that direction here in California, but the formation has not come about as yet. However, there are those within the Mission that have discussed this possibility most recently.

Dora: I make this suggestion, because the Teachers could then come as Teachers. And not be concerned about convincing all the doubters. Does that make sense?

JarEl: Yes, I understand your concern. We would view this as an opportunity to strengthen the Teachers and the transmitters. Similar to when the man Jesus gathered together His followers before sending them out in twos to spread the Gospel. So I would think that a gathering of this nature would be inspirational to all those involved.

Dora: JarEl, can I ask you a question regarding myself?

JarEl: Please do.

Dora: I did the writing (this week) that you asked us to do on Sunday. I gave it Betty to type. Were you with when I was writing that or... I just felt that you or another Teacher was with me.

JarEl: It was another as you are all monitored from time to time. We must give the newer Teachers experience in training. Those of us who are experienced in reaching you are sharing with those who have less experience.

Dora: I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude for that different Teacher for being with me, and that he or she is welcome to be with me again.

JarEl: Thank you. We are having difficulty transmitting names. The name.... (Pause) We may continue.


Betty: JarEl, I would like to say that I am delighted to hear about the conference. I had the feeling of quickening of the Teaching Mission, and how you tell us to expect the unexpected. And it is truly wonderful that all this is happening so rapidly and the Truth spreading. And people are beginning to want Teaching, and Christ Michael's Mission is spreading. I had this vision of preachers standing at their pulpit transmitting to the congregation. it was just a wonderful vision of Light and Life spreading throughout our planet. I have been having some impression upon awakening, and one of them that I had, I woke up with the thought in my mind that some things are given to you by others. And this morning I woke up with lots of impression, and I didn't wake up fully enough...when I did wake up fully enough I didn't remember them. I remembered having them sort of in that twilight zone.

JarEl: Yes, this is familiar. The Thought Adjusters work through the evening times impressing you with certain concepts and ideas to help you in your growth. Do not be alarmed in not being able to retain what seems to be very vivid visions. A small amount of retention is adequate to hold the concepts within your being. At a later time it will spring forth. Once the seed is planted, it must bring forth fruit. So, dear one, relax your mind of concern over your inabilities to focus on that which was implanted.

Betty: I thought maybe at a later date when I get back into my home in more familiar surroundings I might try some more creative way in catching that upon awakening. I had to get this in thought your suggestion to look for impressions or listen for impressions that made me more acutely aware of things that were popping up that in the past I may have disregarded. Thank you for that suggestion.

JarEl: Yes, you are quite welcome. We want to prepare you for the unexpected so that it is not a surprise at the events that will come about in your lifetime. You must practice now to try and see things not so much as the mortal mind perceives them, but as your morontia being sees them. These impression are available to you.

But like all things practice and finetuning is necessary. The exercise in writing should give you the ability to concentrate and look deeper than the surface. To pay attention to those small seemingly unperceptible, but very perceptible impressions. It is designed to have you start seeking; start looking. Each of you reads and reads well. Ideas, concepts, expanded knowledge is yours through the text. However, the other senses are neglected. So all senses should be involved in the input of information. What you have in the way of information determines your comprehension. The information that your Thought Adjusters and your Teachers encourage you to seek is that of the highest potentiality of spiritual development. These Teachings lead to greater spiritual development. Do not forget this.

Betty: Thank you. I hope that in the future you will give us some practical exercises where we can fine tune these abilities to see things with other senses other than reading from the text. I am very anxious to learn more about this.

JarEl: Yes, we will. For now practice writing down your perceptions as they occur or as you remember. When you read them again, they should awaken that same feeling and knowledge.


Dora: I think I understand what you mean about transmitting names. It is very difficult, because of language. Is it a difference in the way their pronounced?

JarEl: Yes, the universe language is quite different from that of the mortal ascenders. However, Douglas is having particular difficulty grasping the names of others.

Betty: I wanted to suggest that you spell them if you felt they were important for us to have. Perhaps that technique would work?

JarEl: Perhaps, but the problem lies within this vessel's thought processes of uncertainty.

Violet: Thank you for reminding us that we need to remember to help those who are just behind us in certain areas, by your example of helping a new teacher along. I can identify with that and I guess it is just reassuring that you sometimes maybe have some of the same problems that we do, yet. Thank you for letting us know this.

JarEl: Yes. You are quite welcome. We have the same concerns as you have, and more so as we are charged with the delivery of our messages. You are charged only with the receiving and application, but the overall responsibilities for the success lies with each one. Again the techniques are experiential in many regards. We seek to use the best technique for these communications. There is always a lesson to be learned in all of our transactions with you.

I am pleased that you saw a lesson in the few words that we said regarding our fellow Teachers. This shows feelings of divine potentialities. You are actually using divine senses. You may not fully comprehend this statement, but it's impact will come later. Rest assured that you are viewing these proceedings with spiritual eyes. This is beautiful. Don't you agree.

Violet: Indeed I do. You must be under tremendous pressure sometimes, and I really appreciate that.

JarEl: The pressures that we have are only in our zeal to please Christ Michael. It is our hope that through this Correcting Time we can serve you well, and thereby serve the Father.

Betty: I wanted to ask you do you have other groups that you are charged with being the Teacher, or are you ours exclusively?

JarEl: At this point, I am assigned to you exclusively. However, this does not include me being loaned out so to say, to assist in other areas.

Betty: So if we get transcripts forthcoming that you showed up in Sarasota or somewhere else, we will understand that?

JarEl: Yes, and hopefully the emotion of jealousy would not overtake you.

Betty: Thank you.

JarEl: That was my attempt at a joke.

(The group laughs collectively.

Violet: We sensed that.

Dixie: We would be most welcome to hear your voice from other papers.

Violet: We are happy to share you.

Joe: We are happy to here your attempt at a joke, and I got it.

Dora: JarEl, this Teacher that spoke with me is that a Teacher in training?

JarEl: Yes, it is not our place to reveal. Each Teacher must make the contact themselves and reveal their identity to you. Once this initial contact is complete subsequent contacts are more easy. It will help if each of you in your quiet time and when you scribe...write your impressions if you try particularly listen for names.

(Dora asked if a the name of the Teacher that she heard spoken was correct.)

JarEl: cannot confirm this at this time, but if this name is repeated often, then you should assume that is the correct name of your personal Teacher.

Dora: Thank you, JarEl

JarEl: One moment. Personal Teachers is the goal for all. Coordination will take place on our level. Assignments will not be in conflict. Let us all work harmoniously together. That is all.

Joe: JarEl, I have what might seems as a trivial question, but I feel that it is important. This week I experienced a sharp headache for approximately two days. I am wondering if that is part of the adjustments that we are continuously going through on an individual basis?


(The tape had ended here, but was not continued on the other side.)

(JarEl's answer to Joe's question was regarding the environmental toxins that may be present in our homes located in the materials used in building, the clothes we wear, etc are a contributing factor to headaches and other systematic illness's. That Joe may have been experiencing just a headache that could have been caused by such possible environmental hazards. The session ended shortly after this question.)