1993-08-08-More I AM

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Topic: More I AM

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Machiventa

TR: Unknown



Opening prayer, Prayer of St. Francis

Machiventa Melchizedek: "Greetings. I am Machiventa. I have come here today to speak with this group and to give my personal blessings on the events that will take place in the near future with the gathering of these two groups, of Woods Cross and Pocatello. It is our desire that you come together in this human fellowship and through this bonding and through your desire to learn of the Father's will, that you will likewise grow in spiritual attributes. And so it is my desire today to give to you our blessing and to invite you all to open yourselves and pray that the increased enlightenment in spiritual, in mindal, and in human terms will be met by your weekend together. I will now take my leave and return you to Daniel."

Daniel: "Good evening my friends. I am Daniel, your teacher, your guide. It is always a treat and thrill on my part to share meetings with those who are in far greater spiritual knowledge than myself. And to the degree that our mission head, Machiventa, is, I give him my greetings and thanks for coming here to be a part of this group, and that you could hear from him personally.



The lesson of last week, since it is such a heavy subject, cannot be dismissed with one lesson. The purpose for my speaking to you last week was to help you to bring into your own personal life the experience of what it means to be a part of the I AM of the Father, the Mother, and the Parent of us all. You see, in your studies of the book the aspect of the I AM can be very intellectual, can be very heavy, and can be very misunderstood. It is the work of the Teaching Mission to help to bring some of these more difficult concepts into a form or an experience that you who are on this first level of understanding can begin to develop and to grow in broader conceptions of the Personage of the First Source and Center.

In this vein, then, I asked you last week to come into a personal reasoning and personal reality of your part of the I AM. This week I will attempt to speak on a more advanced level as far as you taking this as personal experience. In other words I will speak on a more intellectual level today.

The I AM is the concept that can be the most misunderstood by creatures of first levels because of language, because of [limited] understanding, but mostly because of the mindset pattern that you have. Because you are limited in your scope it is most difficult to present very broad and very difficult concepts such as the I AM.

In the first place your understanding of God as a Deity always must rest on a time/space idea. In this regard, then, you as humans must always, in order to have understanding, be able to set your understanding within a time/space reference. And hence the infinity of the First Source and Center, His eternalness, His `always having been' and `always will be' is not within your realm of understanding because of time/space limitations. So to speak of the I AM, first of all, because of your limited mindset, one must have a starting point.

Unity, Duality

You must realize, however, that as the First Source and Center was and always will be, is cause and effect; that even though for your understanding you must set a definite time frame, that this still is in error as to what has been and what will continue to be. Infinity is a concept that is beyond your imagination and comprehension at this time. When one considers the First Source and Center one must consider that this Father, the I AM, is One that embodies many phases of reality. And because this reality is sevenfold it encompasses the three Persons of Deity, the patternset of the Isle of Paradise, and it encompasses the three Absolutes. And so this is, in your own framework, difficult to understand. And this is part of what is considered the unity of it all. This God the Sevenfold is the One who unites, is the unity behind it all.

In this respect unity must progress into a duality. As you are of dual nature, your understanding of this can help you to realize that even in the First Source and Center there is much more than just unity, but also that of duality which is given through the Seven Absolutes of Deity[Infinity] which you have read about. Through the unity and the duality, therefor, one must grow to realize that while the unity is the part that provides the basis for being, duality provides the basis for creating. And triunity, then, becomes the basis for eventuating and bringing forth that which is from and of the First Source and Center. And so here, then we see that there must be an associate pattern, therefor the triunity of the First Source and Center is brought about out of unity and duality.

As you are very much in a state of confusion in hearing these words, let me assure you that as you begin to listen, as you begin to fully read and realize that much of what you fear in this concept stems from your own language barrier. As you study the book and read through the pages you begin to enlarge your concept. And with each added aspect of knowledge you grow and you are able to let go of those fears of not being able to understand.

You see, the Urantia Book is written that it can be understood on many different levels. To fully grasp the first level on your first reading through would be a great accomplishment, and not one that is likely to occur. It is with subsequent and repeated reading that these kinds of concepts such as the `I AM' begin to make sense, begin to become a part of your knowledge and framework. It is important, therefor, that even though the reading in these particular areas tend to slow you down, tend to confuse you, tend to bring you into much discomfort, do not let these aspects prevent you from searching and growing and trying to understand. Rather, my friends, as you begin to read these areas in the book that are most difficult, at these times take heart and take time for silence with the First Source and Center that in your reading and through the work of the Indwelling Spirit you will be given the necessary tools to begin to understand and decipher and to grow in your perspective of what is being said.

You see, the First Source and Center is always available to each individual at the level that person is. And as you are not the same person that you were yesterday, so shall you not be tomorrow because of life experiences. Because of added growth you are seeing in a broader realm. As you take time to study the book and to really think about the words and what is being said then you will grow in this area of understanding of the First Source and Center.

As children you saw God as a one dimensional being. As you grow in your concept of the First Source and Center you begin to see with a greater aspect and a two dimensional understanding of the Father became a part of your understanding. The Urantia Book gives you a three dimensional and a much better perspective of the First Source and Center. Allow yourselves this freedom of seeing and understanding from a three dimensional viewpoint. Do not become concerned and worried over big words, words that seem not to have meaning for you. Rather allow the Spirit of the Indwelling Spirit to help you in growing into the understanding of the I AM. As you continue daily to sit with the Father, so shall you become more aware of life's purpose. And as you continue your study of the book the organizational and the true concept of the First Source and Center will begin to make sense to you, will become a part of your understanding which makes your life in general flow with much more ease. For as you grow into these concepts you let go of any animalistic fear, any animalistic traits that had once held you in prison. You are able to let these go because of your understanding of what the true nature of the I Am, the First Source and Center, is about.

I ask you then to consider reading this part in the book with more enthusiasm, with greater degree of being able to understand. As you act for this understanding, as you work to gain it, so shall it be given. One moment please.

It has been asked by members on this side that perhaps on a future date when you can all meet together that you take time and read the paper on the I AM. This would begin with the paper numbered 105, paper one hundred and five. And so my friends, while this concept is one that is very broad, it requires much understanding. My words to you are this. Do not let the fear of words or the fear of philosophical type concepts deter you from your quest for knowledge and understanding of the First Source and Center. Rather allow that even though the First Source and Center is very complex, the simplicity of the First Source and Center revolves around that one concept of love. And it is through this love of the I AM, the Father of us all that you will begin to know, that wisdom will become a part of your being. And with this I will answer a few questions."


B5: "Daniel, this is B5 I want to thank you again for the personal meeting I had. I would also like to introduce my wife M8 and also S3 who is with us again at our meeting here."

Daniel: "Thank you B5. It is good and well to have you back with us today. And, of course, I always am happy that those who have heard and know of this Teaching Mission remain open. S3, I am pleased to have you here again.

And M8 your presence is very well known to us. We thank you for your openness in letting go of some fears you have had. It is those who are open, those who are willing to continue to seek truth, that will in the final analysis, know truth. Truth is that which the Father is. And as you become aware of your role in seeking the Father, then the truth and the reality of the purpose of life will be made firm for you and will continue to blossom. I welcome you. I encourage you to stay the path, to continue to seek, indeed."


B5: "Thank you Daniel. You know, with your lesson here, I struggled with `I AM', but I talked to K3 last week and he told me about the lesson because I wasn't here. I struggled with `I AM' about a year ago and I hope I didn't miss the point. But my conclusion to `I Am' was basically all knowledge, all understanding, all love, all creation. And those who have a problem with time frames, infinity,...it doesn't seem to really matter."

Daniel: "In your faith you have considered a most difficult concept and one that many philosophic and theological discussions have revolved around. Those who are able to allow the Father's love to be dominant and to allow faith to take its course will not be so concerned with these other types of questions, but rather will allow the Spirit of the First Source and Center to work through their lives regardless of the many questions that arise from those who think in terms of needing much confirmation through logical scientific explanation. Faith is a knowingness that pervades all, that allows all difficult concepts and concepts of Deity and non-Deity to not interfere with their growing, indeed."

B5: "Thank you. If I heard you right you were saying that our limitations and our language that we speak and we write and that we read and we are so proud of as far as humans, ascending mortals, that it being advanced..what I hear you saying is that the words are basically building blocks, that words really aren't important...that is more of an advanced understanding that we are seeking to gain. It involves ideas and feelings. Am I on the right track here?"

Daniel: "Even as I speak there is much that must be translated and brought down into the terms that would be understandable for your concepts and your language at this point. And so while the concepts of the I AM as presented in the book are presented in such a fashion for your understanding at this time, you must be mindful of the fact that as your knowledge and your consciousness and your growth in understanding expands, so, too, then can the concept and the grandeur and the all encompassing of the First Source and Center likewise be expanded for you. Reality is very relative according to where each individual is at any given point. And while you are on your first level of ascent your knowledge and your capability for knowledge is on a certain level. And as you grow and move through the aeons of time you will be able to grasp more. And the words that are given to you now are words that will be fully understood by you at a later date, while grander and bigger concepts will be fed to you as you continue to grow. Does this make sense to you?"

B5: "Yes. Thank you, Daniel."

B1: "Hello, Daniel. This is B1."

Daniel: "Hello B1."

B1: "Thank you, Machiventa and whoever else is here for the encouragement that you have given us about the importance of trying to understand the depth of the language and concepts in the Urantia Book. Apparently you knew that I had finished reading this paper about three or four days ago (maybe you didn't know that, but I assumed you did). My experience was that this is the fourth or fifth time that I have read this paper and it seems like for the first time it was beginning to make more sense. I just want to tell you and everyone else that what you said is true, that is, as we keep working with these things, these concepts of the I AM and the sevenfold Deity, the duality and triunity and etc., that it begins to make more sense.

I am excited because sometimes I feel defensive because I am somebody who puts a lot of stock in intellectual concepts and trying to work with these. The book excites me because it meets by needs at every level from the top to the bottom. So I just wanted to pass on a `thank you' for the encouragement."

Urantia Book

Daniel: "Indeed, a word of caution to all of you. It is not a prerequisite of ascension to fully understand this book on your level of human, on this material plane. However, as you are beginning to understand your duality and your oneness with the Spirit, you are able therefor to have bigger and broader concepts and it behooves all of you to allow these concepts to become a part of your thinking framework. I ask that you do not become afraid, that you allow that through time and over time, that through the experiences that you have, that the concepts presented in the book can be allowed to grow for you and have meaning, rather than just be philosophic or theoretical questions or terms. Allow that the immensity of the First Source and Center can have true meaning for you. This is the purpose of these papers in the book, that you can begin to see with an expanded vision and not keep the one dimensional aspect, but rather let it bloom into the three dimensional as presented in the book."

J2: "Teacher Daniel, this is J2. Thank you for the lesson. I always enjoying hearing your lessons. They are very beautiful."

Daniel: "Thank you. It is a pleasure to have you and N3 with us this evening."


J2: "Could you talk a little further in your lesson about the dimensions? You referred to the one dimensional God to a child, who then growing becomes aware of a two dimensional God and the Urantia Book giving a third dimension. Just recently I was reading the Urantia Book about personality which is manifest on seven levels, three finite, three in the absonite and one approaching the absolute. And of course we know in the physical world we live in a three dimensional world. You morontia beings live in five dimensions is my understanding, and spiritual entities live in seven dimensions. So it is not really an analogy that you are using to use the dimensional terms. It seems like it is more real, more truth to it. Can you comment more in a word about the dimension for both the physical, intellectual, and spiritual world? I believe what you are saying is that there is an intellectual understanding of these different dimensions and we are limited with the limitations of the Urantia Book in the third dimension. Or I guess we will have to wait for higher worlds before we can go into higher dimensions, for an understanding of the First Source and Center?"

Daniel: "As an analogy for you: a child sits in his mother's lap and as the mother reads to the child, the child hears the words, sees the pictures in the book, and sees the words in the book. Yet to the child, the book and the words are only conceived by the child by what would be considered a one dimensional aspect, a very narrow and funneled viewpoint. And yet the child is intrigued by the words the mother is saying. The child is intrigued by the words in that it creates for this child images and visions. And in this regard the child, then, begins to come into a knowledge and understanding. However, because of the child's limitations, he can only understand the beauty of the book when it presented by the mother, when she is able to bring the words to life for him.

And then the child continues to grow. As the child enters school he is given by the teacher these same letters that were in the book. And the child begins to see that each letter has a sound, and as these letters are put together they form words. The sounds and the written word, then, has two dimensions now; not just the sound, but the written word as well. And so the child then grows in another dimension in understanding. No longer are the words that his mother spoke available to him, but through sight he is able to see and read the words. And as this becomes a learned experience for him the child grows. And before long it is not just individual words that he reads, but full sentences. And in time, the child is off on his own journey of being able to take these words and put them together to read on his own, to be on that adventure of imagination and the like. What before had to be presented by his mother is now a broader dimension for him. He is able to three dimensionally now understand words, language, and communication.

And this is how I liken your understanding of the Father. You start out with a very narrow view, but with each phase of growth and discovery you are able to understand in greater and greater depth. And, yes, as you leave this plane of existence and you travel the many worlds and go through the many schools available to you, you will, indeed, be able to realize and envision and see the First Source and Center from a broader perspective; more dimensions than you have here. To even to begin to describe something that you cannot visualize or comprehend would not benefit you at this time. But rather hold to the concept that in future you will, again, rise and grow to bigger concepts and greater depths, an expansion of the horizons of knowledge. And through that the grandeur of what the First Source and Center is, likewise, grows for you. Does this help?"

J2: "Yes, it does. Thank you teacher."

V1: "Daniel, this is V1. I have tried to relate that lesson to me. Number one, I am probably one of those that stay away from the first half of the book and prefer part three and four, but I was trying to think in terms of the fact that apart from another existence, even in this life on this level, certainly God has become greater than He was when I consider what I once believed. Just the concept that the Thought Adjusters, the Indwelling Spirits are within all mortals and that we all brothers and sisters makes God so much greater. So what I am saying is that we don't necessarily have to wait for another level to realize some of the grandeur of God. I know that He is growing so much for me since I first started seeking and thinking and verbalizing what I thought of God. He is, indeed, much greater than He was.

Daniel: "Indeed, and so shall His grandeur grow throughout your life on this plane. And to all of you I must say this. Each day as you take the time to be with that Indwelling Spirit, as you take the time to sit with the First Source and Center, as you take the time to pray and be with Michael, as you take the time to call upon the Infinite Spirit and the Mother Spirit to help you in your understanding, then as you do this, each time that you do this you are enhancing and growing in your understanding of the First Source and Center. Indeed, daily will the degree and the magnitude of the Parent of us all grow."

V1: "Thank you Daniel."

Discernment, Service

B5: "Daniel, this is B5. My wife came down with me. I believe that she has a question for you and I believe that she is very (?). I would like to give her the opportunity...she is shaking her head no so I will ask for her. She has a friend who is going through some real severe trials, mentally/emotionally and physically with her family and with her mother. Her name is . ..... And she calls to talk to my wife. You know they are best friends, but whenever she talks with her or comes back from a meeting with her she is just an emotional wreck! And she is to the point where she is afraid she will have to give up being this girl's friend. And she feels really bad for her and doesn't know how to help her. Just for her own sake she is afraid of becoming an emotional wreck herself. Do you have any advice or any enlightenment or maybe any suggestions?"

Daniel: "Please strike name from transcript. In this regard my friend, let me say this. It is always good to be able to be of service to one another, to be able to listen and to validate another's feelings, to be able to be a comforter and a person who is open to helping one another.

However, points are also reached in being able to serve, where at a certain point the service you are providing no longer is a service. Rather it becomes a hindrance to the further growth of the individual. And as you all have at one time or another had to deal with this, you all have needed to know when and where to draw the line between being able to be a listener and be that comforter, but not to be the doormat for that person, or to be the one who would not allow that other to grow.

It is through prayer and asking for guidance that each and every one of you will come into that mindal framework of what to do. In this regard I ask you to pray that you know when and where to provide guidance, and when and where to cut off ties. In the time of prayer ask also that the guidance be given to your friend, that she can begin to let go and to be willing to change and grow herself. Often people who are in this type of situation become victims of the situation and in being a victim often they are, underneath, enjoying this role. So in your prayer time ask that this person be given the courage and the strength to overcome that which is plaguing her, that she will be willing to look at her life, be willing to grow and be willing to take the steps that are necessary for growth. Growth often puts one in many discomfort zones. Ask that this person be given strength to overcome and to grow and work through these discomfort zones. Ask that this person be given the strength to not see her life and her situation as being a victim, but rather as an opportunity to grow and to develop more character, stamina, and etc.

It is not always possible to help another. Those who continue to see themselves as victims, those who continue to relish this role are not willing to change. If this be the case, (which in this respect many aspects resemble this), you can do nothing to help your friend other than to pray and be willing to step back when it becomes necessary. You must protect yourself. You cannot be drawn down by those whom you cannot help. Prayer and understanding of your friend are essential. My words to you are to approach this dilemma via the route of prayer and the like that I have proposed, and be willing to grow yourself should you need to sever ties. If your friendship would cause this friend to not be able to grow, then it is best to step aside. Does this help?"

M8: "Yes, thank you."

Daniel: "Part of the experience of working through transmitter/receivers is when concepts are brought up and the TR is open and willing, then the teachers are able to utilize the experiences, knowledge, mindset, patterning, and memory patterns of the TR. And as D3 was working this week to understand the I AM, during her time with this many of her past readings came into light for myself. And from her memory banks I will share this for you.

There is a story on this earth about a soul who has gone to heaven or to the outside gates of heaven. And in going there a voice from the inside says, `Who are you?' And the soul says, `It is I'. And the voice inside says, `Go back. Come back another time'. And so the soul goes back. And again, at a later time the soul comes back. And the voice says, `Who are you?' And the inner voice of the soul says, `It is I'. Again, the voice from the inside says, `Go back, study and come back at a much later time'. Sadly the soul departs. And after a very long time, again, the soul approaches. And when the inner voice says, `Who are you?'the soul says, `I am you'.


My love and peace to you, my friends. I will be with D3 for most of next week, looking forward to our communion with the Woods Cross people. My love to you. Good evening."