1994-03-25-750k Volunteers to Teach

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Topic: 750k Voluteers

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teachers: Daniel, Tomas

TR's: Rutha, Gerdean



TOMAS: Hello my friends, I am Tomas. Daniel, too, is here. He is always here to see your growth, to feel your loyalty to this process. And yet he has afforded me an opportunity to further acquaint myself with you and with this process.


My friends, my purpose in being here is, of course, the same as you find with Daniel. And as we grow we expand our capacity for further growth. And this includes technical evolution as well. This teamwork teaching is uncommon and, if not difficult, requires fine tuning of the teachers and the TR’s and patience by the students. We are evolving in our methods. We will continue to evolve given your cooperation and support and involvement. We have come a long way. We have become a beacon of light to not only those who are aware of the longstanding loyalty of this group to their teacher, Daniel, but also to individuals whom you humanly touch in your daily efforts to spread the gospel, to carry out the lessons, the assignments which are given to you regularly.

My background is similar to Daniel's, as he has told you. My human experience was not dissimilar to that of yours inasmuch as I reared a family, felt human feelings, and was led to God-consciousness and the subsequent involvement in my ascension and the ascension of my peers. These are fundamental no matter what superuniverse we come from.

Teaching Mission

We are in this to encourage one another, to reinforce our own reality as that being reality from the First Source and Center, to the end that this marvelous creation can expand eternally. Once you have shed your fetters and feel the buoyancy of your morontial reality your appreciation for the adventure of this ascension plan will be greatly augmented, for you will be in association with entities who are not as obviously affected by physical disease and emotional acting out as it is seen on your native planet. This is not to say that you shall not know deep, great joy in your life on Urantia, for, as you already know, you have plateaus of celebration and quiet daily joys of sharing simple pleasures only known to mortals.

It has been mentioned that could you but see you would be greatly buoyed. This is a promise, that you will see and know incredible lightness of being, even as the angels. We all, however, have our work to do. We all engage in productive and constructive activities. This is not work in the sense that you have been reared with, but work in the sense of service. For we have learned to approach our work, such as with you, as an opportunity, an occasion for sharing, an occasion for drawing out that in you which fully responds to the soul hunger for wholeness.

All of we teachers in this great mission are indeed united. Your United Midwayers have paved the way. And your prayers for divine intervention and surcease have brought about this added dimension for which we are grateful, as you are. My lesson plans are based upon the same outline as other teachers. Machiventa Melchizedek has trained us well in what he would have us call to your attention. And within certain guidelines and restrictions you will find them hailing from the same order, but with human personality we also have personality and therefore different avenues of approach, different modus operandi. My hope is to help you to realize yourselves and to bring forward those innate gifts which have been bestowed upon you by your sonship. Our modus are the same and our love is deep.

It is a joy for me to address you such. And yet I am also aware of my peer’s presence and wonder if Daniel would like to greet you also this evening.

Daniel: "Greeting, my dear friends. Indeed does this windbag as you have often referred to me as wish to give you my sincere love and to thank Tomas for providing you with some personal background and some common background. Indeed do we all search and strive to move forward toward the Isle of Paradise. Indeed do we all, ascending mortals, work toward that one goal via many avenues and pathways. Yet underneath is that great unifier and that great and wonderful truth that the First Source and Center is the goal of eternity.

As a contrast to speak of Tomas' lesson let me bring forth a practical point of reflection for you this week. As this planet is known as the 'planet of the cross' let us all reflect this week of your time frame in Christianity as well as Judaism, this week that marks the end of the season of Lent. I ask you to look upon this time frame not as a time for remorse, but rather as a time to celebrate victory, that the true meaning of the Resurrection be understood, that the 'blood atonement' of Good Friday be not seen as the message brought by Christ Michael.

As you walk your pathway you, too, will be as Michael, carrying many crosses, but yet realizing that through struggle and through experience there will be triumph, glory and enlightenment. These are my words this evening. We open this for questions my friends."


B1: "Hello Tomas and Daniel. This is B1. I would like to thank you for sharing your background and cosmic view with us tonight. I personally enjoy it when you teachers can disclose that little bit of personal information because it feels to me that you trust us enough to tell us personal things just as we do when we share in our sharing times together. For me the sharing time tonight was a very wonderful heart warming experience.

Planetary Government

V1 and I...actually it was our study group last night...M4 was there too...we were reading the paper on the planetary prince and the number of volunteers that volunteered to be part of Caligastia's 100 was somewhere in the neighborhood of 700,000. And we were speculating on how many volunteered to come as teachers in the Teaching Mission. Daniel has alluded to the fact that there were many. I don't mean that you have to give us a number. You may not even know. It seemed to me that it is a parallel situation, the Planetary Prince brought his staff and of course the rebellion ended his proper job. And now the Teaching Mission is here. It occurred to me that it is sort of like starting over the planetary government again; not exactly the same. Anyway those were my thoughts. If you care to comment on any of that it would be fun."

Tomas: "There were upwards of, I believe, 750,000 inquiries into this assignment. All did not follow through and most did not train. Many opted not to work in such density and some, particularly those who had been close to the drama of the war in heaven and Michael's bestowal, were more inclined. And even then, some were refused because of their excessive fervor. The selection process took some time and the training process goes on even as we speak. It would seem that many who were not originally selected but were put on backup status are actively engaged in visiting TR’s when possible so that they might have this experience.

For you see, this experience is not only for your benefit. You have little appreciation of what emotions, feelings we experience when and as we enter your arena. It is, of course, highly improved since we have come. It was fairly despairing and barbaric not long ago. Our efforts already, that is to say, yours and ours combined, have paid off handsomely and will continue to impact and effect all the way from here to there. Was that helpful?"

Apostleship, Human Condition

B1: "Yes. Thank you very much, Tomas. I think we are sitting here nodding our heads in amazement to hear you talk about how much improvement you have seen...not that we don't agree but trying to get an idea what it must be like from your perspective..it is difficult for us to do. Your answer was very gracious and complete. Are we sort of like a part of the new Prince's staff..not on your side, but on our side? Is there any parallelism there or is that just my own mind going on at length here?"

Tomas: "Well, you are and have been ambassadors, soldiers of the circles. And now you are called new apostles as well. I surely encourage you to feel as if you were part of the home team. This business of formal status is not recommended at this point since we are too young in this phase to be affording lieutenancies and whatnot. Mortals have that unhappy tendency, you know, to allow pride and ego to suppress their spontaneous growth."

B1: "Yes. And I'm sorry if I sounded like I was making an ego/prideful question here. I sure it could be interpreted that way. But that wasn't my intention. It's so hard for me sometimes to accept the congratulations and adulation that we hear from you teachers in our TR meetings. We all shake our heads and wonder..are we just out of our minds?! Thank you for the sincere camaraderie and inclusion in the teamwork of this mission. But I don't believe I really intended to sound egoistic in my question."

Tomas: "My son! I heard no egoism from you. I made that as a general commentary on the human condition. I did not and do not perceive any aspect of your soul that was out of line or seeking compliments.."

B1: "Thank you very much. I will let someone else talk here."

The Teachers

V1: "Good evening Tomas and Daniel. I know that the Teacher Corps, The Teaching Mission is growing. And you mentioned that there a lot that are practicing with TRs whenever possible. Is it appropriate to ask at this time how many teachers are part of the Teaching Mission?"

Tomas: "All teachers are part of the Teaching Mission. I am not up to date on statistics, but the hundreds of personalities who are working with this mission from the assignment of the Teacher Corps fluctuates. There are, as you might know, teachers who are unassigned and some who are un-assignable, some who are firmly ensconced in a viable teacher base. There are also myriad mortals whose channel is wide open and who receive messages from teachers, Teacher Corps teachers in transit. It is our hope, our priority, that those available TR’s are familiar with the Fifth Epochal Revelation to this planet for the values in the text are immediately understood and accessible. Yet there are millions, literally millions of ascending sons and daughters on Urantia whose heart and soul are open to divine communication. And these also are being touched regularly, yet many millions of teachers are not assigning themselves to these myriad men and women because we are an aspect of Michael's plan and it offers this greatest good to those who support the Revelation which has already been planted and come to fruit on this planet.

What I am saying is we are not trying to play favorites. We touch those we can in the ways we can and offer encouragement and solace and spiritual reality when we can. And yet most of our formal work is done in groups such as this which has the total sanction of Melchizedek and the blessing of Michael. That is all."

V1: "Thank you very much Tomas. That was a very encouraging statement. It is just wonderful and we too see positive things on this side that are happening. I am so very grateful for the teachers and the Teaching Mission."

B4: "Hi Tomas. This is B4. It is good to finally hear you speak. I have heard a lot about you. I'm confused. I was under the understanding that we received our teachers a lot of times when very young, at four, five, or six. So I assumed that almost everyone had them or maybe I bypassed that entire subject. I was wondering where that came about; if there is a difference between personal teachers and you and Daniel. What is going on with that?"

Tomas: "I am pleased to greet you my child and student. It is a pleasure always to make contact fragrant daughters of our Father. I appreciate your faith in addressing me and in your own reality that you can receive truth.

Yes, there are many kinds of teachers. Your personal teacher has abided with you many years. It is only recently that the teachers of the Teaching Corps have become attached to various mortals and geographic areas to teach spiritual truths. These, of course, are all intended to bring you forward, to draw you up, to incorporate you into your own awareness of your place in this living, loving organism, creation. There are great gifts from each type of teacher. Your personal teacher is actually an assistant for your personal life. You have, without getting too personal that is, you have human situations, experiences, impressions to include your cultural heritage, your genetic makeup, etc., and your personal teacher is fully equipped to help you to understand your behavior, your reactions, and your actuality in the flesh as a human being. The teachers in the Teaching Corps are spiritual teachers. Yes, we are aware of your humanness and, of course, that humanness is the fertile soil over which we strew our seeds. For your destiny is to combine your gift of humanity with the Father's gift of divinity in evolving an eternal soul. So teachers such as Daniel and myself as well as dozens now actively, firmly placed, well respected teachers and hundreds more waiting for appropriate alignment and assignment are here for Correcting Time mission. Your personal teacher is skilled in helping to correct you! [Laughter]."

B4: "She has a hard job ahead of her!(laughter) Thank you. That makes it a lot clearer now."

Tomas: "Thank you."

Daniel: "I have a message from Sonora."

Sonora: "My dear friend. Even as you are busy I am with you. Do not feel guilt in your busy lifestyle, but remember that the pathway through life is much more understandable when you are able to see the road signs. Quiet time is that state whereby the road signs become imprinted and give guidance. I am available. I wish for you to feel my love, my friend."

B4: "Thank you Sonora."

Tomas: "Understood. My native planet home is not Urantia. I am from a nearby universe, yet they are not dissimilar. My world was not yet settled in Light and Life and yet it was in many ways more advanced than Urantia. That is, you might recall in your text that you have the example of life on a neighboring planet where the advanced society segregated themselves from the primitive tribes which comprised most of that land mass. Our world, that is, the world I experienced with my mate and our children, was not as rigidly structured as that example. But we had certainly more elevated and severe backward peoples. I was a professional, educated, having come from a good family. I married my original sweetheart and we shared more than 40 years together before she preceded me to the Resurrection Hall. We had four sons.

My work was, as I have tried to convey before, a combination of explorer and companion. For we in my profession found need for ambition to study people. We had already studied ourselves sufficiently to become bored with our own standing. Therefore we ventured into more primitive societies. And in order to be welcome, we adapted and took on the qualities of those primitive societies to a great extent. All, of course, in the name of science. I am therefore experienced with reaching down and with finding great enjoyment in my companions on that adventurous level. Perhaps it was my earlier work as explorer/companion which gave me an edge in becoming your teacher. I am, however, becoming rather gabby myself. If we are going to be so sociable perhaps we should have a private session."

N1: "I would enjoy that Tomas. Thank you very much. That was really wonderful for me, and I am going to be co-dependent here . .I think there are probably enough people that have similar feelings to me that enjoyed knowing that about you as well. Would that be considered like an anthropologist today, except way more advanced?"

Tomas: "A sociologist."

N1: "OK. Thank you. When you were talking about the many teachers..I guess I need a clarification beyond B4's clarification..you talked about the millions of people who are open and looking for divine guidance and that love is given there but no one is attached to them. I guess I am understanding that it is meaning the Teaching Mission teachers. In the Teaching Mission there are two types of teacher, personal teachers that we all have who help us with our personal life that may have been with some of us from very early on as we have come to find out in some cases, and there is the Teaching Corps. Are those of us who have had the benefit of having a personal teacher who has been a part of the Teaching Mission all this time, was that in anticipation that we would become attached to the epochal revelation of the Urantia Book? And that those other people who are open but perhaps not in a position where they are going to become a part of the information from the Urantia Book, is that the distinction between those who get teachers that are attached to them and those who just get teachers passing through. This is my first question. And my second question is there another whole subset of teachers or different groups of teachers that are not part of the Teaching Mission that are working to bring about higher truths with people who are not working within the framework of the Fifth Epochal Revelation but rather working in the framework of the belief system that people already hold? And trying to bring the higher truth out of that?"

Tomas: "Question mark?"

N1: "Yes, both of them. And a couple of exclamation marks."

Tomas: "One can only hope that those of you who have been accompanied by personal teachers would be guided into your life's work and eternal identity. However it is not a failing if this does not occur.

It is true that personal teachers are assigned to many, very many. It is more a tendency of late in your evolution since upstepping is occurring. Not all people have personal assistants for reasons I am not apprised of. Those who have personal teachers often reject their personal teachers as people reject conscious awareness of their Indwelling Spirit since it required something of them. And it is easier to deny the existence than to do the work.

There are spiritual teachers besides the spiritual teachers in the Teaching Corps. There are many religions on this planet, all of which have value and qualities which could lead you into God-consciousness. These sincere believers are assisted by teachers to the extent that their belief system allows, to the extent that their Thought Adjuster can adjust their thoughts Godward. Also there are other kinds of teachers, yes, from the celestial realms. The Midwayers are and have been active for thousands of years in setting up situations to induce spiritual decision making. And even though mortals and spirits may not always have the benefit of inter-communication there are ways and means used to prompt miracles. It is assuredly true that the universe is a friendly place, and we are actively involved in holding you up to the spiritual breast for food and comfort, warmth and soul life. You are beloved. You have been in darkness for too long. It is time we all came together in honor of our Father and in praise of our Creator.

I am finished for this evening. I have thoroughly enjoyed our repast. May I offer Daniel opportunity to give his closing remarks.

I am finished for this evening. I have thoroughly enjoyed our repast. May I offer Daniel opportunity to give his closing remarks."


Daniel: "To this last great discussion let me remind you to not be so naive as to limit the First Source and Center. Wherever there is life there is God. And God is always there beckoning His children.

And also let me give a friendly, yet loving warning, that curiosity questions of the future may be very limited! We are happy, on occasion, to be able to serve you a piece of cake. But remember our goal is not to present ourselves to you, but to present that which is truth, that which is love, that which is of the First Source and Center.

Tomas and I are grateful for your love. Please accept ours. And may peace walk with you this week. Good evening."