1995-05-05-Include The World

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Topic: Include the World

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Tomas

TR: Rutha, Gerdean



Opening prayer

Daniel(TR #4): "Greetings friends, I am Daniel. I am your guide, teacher, friend and companion. I am thrilled to welcome you to this Friday meeting. It is with great joy and with great love that I extend our hello and our personal love to each of you. It was with pride and with joy that we teachers, Tomas and I, and the many who are gathered--and I might add your personal teachers and angels and the throng that fills this arena--listened to your sharing prior to this transmission.


Disappointment, Prayer

Your sharing of your disappointments, your exploring of your disappointments, has benefitted each of you greatly this week, for in practicing the lesson as we assigned it, you have all come to a higher awareness than you had before: whether that awareness be the link between disappointment and forgiveness; whether that awareness be an awareness of yourself as generator of much of your disappointment; whether your awareness be that you are at peace with the fact that you are human and experience disappointment; whether that awareness be familiarity with the process. You now have higher awareness than you did before.

My friends, I encourage you to continue in this vein with this assignment. This assignment is not a one time thing, and we ask that if there are awarenesses of disappointments that come to mind this week that you continue to pray about them, that you continue to meditate on them, and that you continue to turn them over to your very best friend, the First Source and Center. We ask that you spend time in silence talking with your best Friend, our great Parent, our God, and that you spill your guts to our great Parent, our God, our First Source and Center.

Tell your Parent everything that you feel. Tell your parent every sadness that you have, every discouragement that you have, and every disappointment. Bring God into this. Bring our Father/Mother in and share your disappointment with our Parent. Lean your head on the shoulder of our Parent. Experience yourself, if need be, curled up in the lap of our Parent, and share your feelings and your disappointments with our Parent like the child that you are. For friends, still are you but children in eternity. Allow yourselves to be those children. Allow yourselves to be comforted by the greatest Comforter there could ever be, our First Source and Center, and untold healing will come from this.

You may find more and more disappointments as you undertake this process, things that you had no comprehension that you even were disappointed about. These previously unrecognized disappointments may come to the forefront, but obviously you will start with the obvious, the better known disappointments. As you undertake this process, the layers will be peeled away, layer by layer, disappointment by disappointment. The sun will shine in and you will be able to see each layer of the onion skin becoming the opening petal of the blossom. This is what allows your flowers to open into the light of the springtime sun and you to blossom into the fullness of summer.

So, friends, good work on last week's assignment, and please continue this process. Do not confine practice of this past lesson to this week only. And now my good friend, colleague, companion, and associate, Tomas, will address you this evening. Tomas has this week's lesson. Tomas?"

Sharing, Dissemination

Tomas: "Thank you Daniel. Good evening group. How pleased I am to be among you for your companionship is becoming more rich and more real as we get to know one another. I am not going to push deeper into disappointments this evening but to, yes, commend your work and your developing abilities to withstand defeat. Your understanding of such emotional vagaries quickens your progress as you will not now be shackled by disappointment again as you have known it.

Let me now expand our panorama by including those outside this room and those outside the acknowledged mission of Michael into the deep forests of humankind at large, whether they are across the globe or on your block in your town. You are learning these aspects of your humanness that you may accept yourself and your humanness in such a way as to love yourself and manifest your own strength and vulnerabilities to share with humankind the reality of being.

Many mortals are not as blessed by the assurances of sonship and daughtership as you are. The issues of self respect and proclamation of truth are something evolved through revelation from Deity or through your own internal grasp of reality. We are again speaking of planting seeds and working in the field. The field is vast and many furrows await your gracious bestowal of gladness to enhance their hope of Light and Life. In those who have not had reassurances such as you who loyally sit at the feet of the Master and the teachers and other spirit guides to confirm and validate your being, life can be a great disappointment, indeed, for the Indwelling Adjuster is real and seeks acknowledgement. Where there is little faith, the Adjuster is cast aside for these acceptable realities of that culture or value level of existence. Thus we encourage you and enable you to develop your own realism to share.

The most effective manifestation of love to those who are disappointed, including one to another here, is through graciousness. Graciousness is the lubricant which allows the power of love to ease itself into a frightened and resistant furrow. The disappointments which you have experienced and reviewed and learned from in your studies and meditations this week can enliven your imagination as to the disappointments of those who have yet to attain your consciousness. As you lubricate your human associations through a graciousness, look for those attempts in disappointed humanity which indicate the undying hope of their Indwelling Adjuster.

Those gifts which mortals give one another are not adequately acknowledged. So hungry are you for kindness, mercy, love, understanding, and compassion, so voracious is the appetite of humankind for reality that you all tend to negate that reality which does manifest. Albeit minuscule, albeit rudimentary, albeit limited, these gifts of the courageous soul in becoming need to be acknowledged. As you in your disappointment want to know that what you experience is not for naught, so, too, do your brothers and sisters who languish, who suffer, who yearn, who hunger for this great spiritual feast begin to accept their own goodness, beauty, and truth by your confirming, affirming and commending their truth, beauty, and goodness.

Tiny yet gigantic growth is inherent in each acknowledgement of a seed, even those which are unconscious. And so you who have some understanding of the joy and glory resulting from the pealing of the onion, disappointment by disappointment, to the pure core of being, be gracious; acknowledge the graciousness of your fellows; thank people for reality when it is offered, not for things, not for habit, but for real. Each gesture is a cry for acknowledgement and acceptance. Let them know you see who they are and what they do to honor life and their part in it, for this is ultimately their faith in ultimate truth which is Paradise perfection.

Indeed gratitude is an honorable response to disappointment. But this fruit is long in ripening. Yet it is the tree to be nourished for it produces wisdom and will result in peace on earth, harmony throughout the universe and, at the least, a fair share of human happiness for yourself and others.

We are pleased to be involved in the correction of Urantia. Much work is there to be done, and those of you who willingly subject yourselves to the rigors of correction that you might carry your seeds into Urantia to contribute to its correction delight those of us who are truly honored to work in your field with you. Have you questions?"


Luke: "Hello Daniel, this is Luke here. Talking about disappointments and correction time, I definitely admit it is pertinent to the time I was in Florida. I hope I learned my lesson well. I didn't know that you put the disappointment in Pocatello, but I sure hope I learned my lessons in Florida. And you noticed that I did voice it quite silently as well as verbally. The session, however, I do think I came through it quite well. I will not take things for granted again. Thank you."

Daniel: "Luke, my very good friend, how pleased we are to have you back among us and how pleased we are with how tuned in to our group and our lesson you are. My friend, know that despite appearances much progress was made. In the course of time the gifts will be apparent. Know that much good will come from your time in Florida. That is all unless you have something further."

Leetah: "Tomas, I wanted to thank you for the pictures I saw as you were talking. Number one, gratitude is a fruit that takes a long time to ripen. I think that is probably very true. I now see the tree laden with fruit in comparison with my childhood and those things that aren't even known. I really am grateful for that picture. I am going to create some sort of a fruit that looks like gratitude. That's very beautiful.

The other thing that I thought was this. You said there are many furrows waiting for seeds to be dropped. I think that is where my question is. Sometimes I just go blundering through the day and hope that the seeds have been dropped appropriately. Sometimes maybe they have been or maybe they haven't been, but the furrows are definitely there."

Tomas: "Yes, Virginia, each individual is a furrow. You are a spot of fertile soil. You take any seed which comes along and glean it for its value. That which has value to you, you thus develop and make it yours. This is a fertile soil. Many other types of soils exist. Many furrows are not aware they have the option of accepting or rejecting seeds which come their way. Some, indeed, are incapable of allowing a seed to remain even near their furrow.

Each individual is a furrow and each individual as far as you can ascertain is available for fruition. As you strew your seeds without thought, you are carefree and many seeds are caught by hungry souls. These plantings are viable, and valid. But in specifically planting one germ of truth in a hungry furrow, you have affected the eternal career of a fellow being. It is here that I will refer you to the Master and think in terms of ears to hear. As you see my words form a picture in your mind, your heart, your gut. Feel the truth of that picture. The words are made part of your soil. You are not requested to be an intellectual teacher, no, but a planter of seeds in that tender marrow which will most benefit all. Thank you for your words, my daughter, and for your loving embrace of truth."


Leetah: "Thank you Tomas. I do have a question and that is...one of the great disappointments of the last two weeks is to realize that the press has brought to the forefront those things that brought a lot of fear into my mind. And that the extreme right truly believes that they are the `Army of the Lord' and one they feel is prepared to fight against the Antichrist and for the Lord. It is incongruent to me that violence brings about a peaceful world. I don't know what my question is. If you have a comment I would certainly appreciate it."

Tomas: "You tread in troubled waters, waters which we watch closely and work diligently to curtail a floodtide of disaster. Any being who presumes to press his/her/its values on another by force is in error. These are age old lessons which will require yet more time before the resolution can be reached. The conflicts in past eras have often been religious battles/wars over the truth of a stand, the right of a principle or a people. How long it will require Urantia to learn depends much upon its willingness to adhere to the calling of its soul, hence our presence on Urantia and your involvement in this structure of fortification. In that light there are still growth events which will need to occur, and, as you all well know, growth is often turbulent and seemingly destructive of value. We refer you to earlier lessons including last week's lesson on disappointment for pondering. The fact of our work and our relative success is not contingent upon those rebel attitudes which will fight for their rights as mankind has done for centuries. What is it that you fear?"

Leetah: "I am not sure what I fear as such. I am so grateful for the Correcting Time. I think what I fear is that continual terrorism and violence might be a part of our public scene as far as... it appears as revenge against our Federal government. I believe that it is the acceptance of diversity that is going to bring about a planet of Light and Life. I don't know that I should fear anything. I think I am disappointed in that it is going to be a while till Light and Life arrives, I guess."

Tomas: "You are in a position to surround yourself with Light and Life. And as you join forces with other believers, your sphere of influence is greater. As you are well acquainted, love is more contagious than [hate]. We are working diligently. It is not an idle matter. You are correct to have concern, for many individuals will suffer needlessly from the foolish acts of evolution in progress. But like the chick which is expanding and outgrowing the shell, so is your planet outgrowing its materialistic system of things. Many changes will require the breaking down of familiar structures in order that the new dove of peace may fly in his heavens. That is all."

Leetah: "Thank you Tomas."

Tomas: "The evening is eventful and forward moving. But it is a need of mine to speak for the Melchizedeks who have spoken before that we are here in large part as an emergency measure to the dire condition of Urantia. It is our honor and true joy to attempt to uplift Urantian life to a status of acceptability and realization. But as we are joyed and honored to serve you, we must also urge you to impress upon yourselves the emergency aspect of this mission. It is serious, students, as is testified to by your loyal attendance. But it is my need to stress that your presence with the teachers cannot be singly and solely for your own comfort and sense of elitism but to rather make you more willing to put down your fears and prejudices and fight the good fight of faith in the arena where we do battle against darkness."

Teaching Mission

Isaac: "Hello beloved teachers, this is Isaac. Thank you for the faithful week after week ministrations to us. If I understand what your lesson is about, Tomas, at least at one level, you are urging us to continue our seed dropping and so forth which brought up in my mind the question of our situation as apostles. I thought of the original twelve and how they went through a period of training and teaching, then went out and did some personal work and then went on to public ministry. I realize that was then, not now, but it comes across my mind at times, that there might be a parallel here. From other groups in the Teaching Mission we hear about phases of development and that we are past the first phase which is the consolidation of ourselves into the second phase, and I'm not sure I understand the second phase. Do you care to comment on some of that in terms of phases of the mission and where you see us, etc. going?"

Tomas: "A 'no' remark first, then return the mike to Daniel. Your linear mentality requires a specified understanding of what's going on and we are not as mindful of a linear approach as you are and with good reason. It is often true that when you have accomplished one phase, one grade, one level, one job, then you are off to the next feeling that you have accomplished that level and now you need not worry about your former learning. This is not quite the case since what you bring forward from your first phase is that which you put into and retain. If you have intellectually absorbed all the lessons and accepted the mission of Michael and your part in it, then you are already in the field working and even acknowledging some isolation and persecution as you go.

The teachers are here not as a phase but for the long haul. We are intending to remain your companions indefinitely, certainly beyond any limited time constraints of months or years. Accustom yourselves to the advancing evolution of yourselves and your world. Your question was not really overly specific for which I am glad. Your growth is commendable. Your reality is robust and your work is noticeable. As a group you have bonded in a socially fragrant and meaningfully interdependent way. These lessons will continue to bond and expand your understanding of the family of God. Perhaps I best curtail my remarks for now since I am an enthusiastic teacher and could--how do you say?--blabber on. I will therefor allow my co-worker the option of blabbering if he should so choose."

Daniel: "Thank you Tomas. Yes, I do have a few comments to add. My son, perhaps you are aware that Nashville has gone off line temporarily to do emotional work. Perhaps you have heard rumors that this is the tone in other groups as well. If there is a phase that we are in at this point, this phase is to ask you to begin to address some of those painful areas in your life that they may be healed, that you may come into higher understandings of the purpose of life, higher understandings of the nature of reality, and higher understandings of your own reality, that you may begin to distinguish truth, reality, from illusion.

In order for this to happen, this higher understanding of reality, of truth, and of yourselves, these painful issues must be explored. And as my good friend, Tomas, has drawn to your attention, and your attention riveted at the time, this is serious business we are asking you to undertake. We are asking you as apostles in this Teaching Mission to be willing to undergo the discomfort, to undergo the pain and at times the agony of this type of exploration and healing that, as has been stated in TR practice--and many of you may be familiar with this concept--that you may be brought back to the point where you would have been if you had been born into a world of Light and Life, because this world requires groups and individuals living in Light and Life.

By your willingness to undertake this phase of the mission, through the collective consciousness, you affect the willingness of your brothers and sisters to also undertake this phase. Through the insights that you gain you become stronger, you become more able to hear more clearly that great Guide within. You are more able to live lives of generosity, of service, and these combinations of being of service and affecting the collective consciousness will spring forward this planet. My friends, I know all of you, each of you, are concerned about the forces apparent at this time, of the anger and the militarism and the violence.

The greatest thing you can do to assist in the staving off of these forces at this time is to love. Pray for these individuals. Extend your love. Feel it flow through you to them.

The second greatest thing that you can do to stave off these forces is to practice the lessons, approach the lessons, undertake the lessons as we present them to you. To undergo this work seriously, to address it seriously is important. Yes, you will have richer, fuller lives, and, yes, we desire this for you as we love you very dearly. And, yes, you will be a part of that army of Light blocking the forces of darkness.

If you find it difficult to undertake this work for yourselves, and if you have tendencies to find it easier to do for others than for yourselves, begin by doing this for your brothers and sisters. You will receive the benefit. It matters not where your initial motivation lies. What matters is that you undertake this.

Isaac, my friend, my son, I am afraid I climbed up on my high horse, my very high horse this evening. Did we/I answer your question?"

Isaac: "Yes, I guess. If I understand you both, what you are saying is that we are still in phase one which is development, growing, developing our foundations, etc. And we are going to a deeper level. At least that is what I thought I understood. Which apparently is not necessarily the mission of all the groups because others are talking about different things. They are talking about public ministry and etc. So I suppose that my question is in error since every group is not following the same agenda. Is that a correct summary of what you said except for the last part? We are still in phase one. We are just going to a deeper level? I don't mean that is all we are doing but that is the essence of it?"

Tomas: "You are affecting souls at the same time you are cleaning the freeway. Which service at this point do you feel has the greater weight? Your ability/skill to affect other human beings is part of your training. You are a people person, Isaac. That other groups are doing more outreach is a reflection on their particular gifts. Many of these gifts are interchangeable. The roles that develop are a composite of the personalities which attend the schools, for that provides the teachers with a curriculum, a platform for the classroom. This is elementary that you deal with what you have on hand, and that nothing is more important than the work of your realm.

We feel very fortunate to be involved with a group of students who are intimate with teaching, counseling and ministering, for these human skills are very important. I am not suggesting your group is better or that this group of apostles is advanced more than the courageous group of individuals who threw open the doors of conformity and welcomed the public to a panel discussion and a evidentiary display of the Mission. Each individual is unique. Each configuration of students is unique. No phase at this point is greater than another. At no point, indeed, will we encourage favoritism or grading on a 'curve'. We are just glad to have embarked on our studies and more field trips are in store for us all."

Isaac: "Thank you both. And I don't want to belabor this any further, but I guess I thought I was hearing in your words, Tomas,..well let's not think about our disappointments anymore but about all these other people with their disappointments and that we have the seeds to plant. I thought maybe it was a....It is not an either/or thing, this constant developing and growing of our own soul goes hand in hand with sharing love with other people. It is not an either/or thing as I see it."

Tomas: "My closing remarks will be that you are familiar with the terminology, 'You must give it away to keep it'[Ed. note: a reference to 12 step program slogan], and as you gain in understanding of forgiveness, it then is your delight to carry forward that truth. As you learn personally about anger and its many potential avenues, you are in a position, then, to deal with that dragon. And as you understand your own disappointments you can perceive those same levels of understanding in your peers and draw upon your knowledge of your human experience to connect with your peers. This is an expansion and development of love. And as Daniel has said the key in opening these doors of communication and understanding of your beingness is love, and love is made acceptable through your graciousness."

Isaac: "Well that really ties it altogether Tomas. I am going to stop now."

Luke: "Tomas and Daniel I want to thank you for the nice words you have said today, and don't come down from your high horse. Keep on riding. I like very much what I have heard today. Thank you. I am out: Luke."

Daniel: "Thank you Luke for your comment.


My friends, the hour is getting late. Your physical mechanisms are becoming restless. If there are no pressing questions perhaps the time has come to draw this meeting to a close.

Go forth this week in graciousness and be the balm to the disappointments of those you meet, your brothers and your sisters. Also extend that same graciousness to yourselves as you continue to confront disappointment in yourselves as well as in others. Go in peace. Tomas and I bless you with our ever abiding love. Farewell."