1996-09-16-Allowing Father Expression Through You

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Topic: Allowing Father Expression Through You

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome to you each. It is always my great privilege to act as an assistant towards your higher spiritual learning. I am happy to be witness to your discussions on spiritual meanings and values. It is always my great joy to watch your ideas blossom. You are knowing that the spiritual path is not a path of ease, no. It is a path of a tremendous amount of interaction with the Father-fragment. It is a path of much stumbling, dusting off and moving forward.



Michael, our Universe Father, can attest to these facts of realities in human form. Michael while human and divine learned the value of time spent with His Father in Heaven. Michael chose to reside in the will of Father, and was thereby, enabled to see His fellows with Spirit vision. These steps in mortal living assisted Michael in further knowledge of His divine self, who He truly was.

As you traverse your spiritual path you are also learning of your divine self. You have chosen to be spirit led, attain spirit vision, utilize your spiritual liberty in conjunction with courage and learned the importance of logic with love. To gain a balance toward learning of your divine self I have asked you to be that person that our Father had created, be that true unique soul that was destined for eternal survival. You, my friends, are taking yet another advancement towards that God-like self. You are indeed learning what it means to live as a son or daughter of the Most High. Is this not wonderful? Is this not cause to rejoice? I say the steps toward understanding your real self in conjunction with your Father Fragment is certainly cause to be glad. This is where your real work begins.

Likened to the Master's sojourn He spent much time in education, putting forth effort to understand His fellows and how to serve them. I say it was in His devotion to serving that helped Him to understand more of His divine self. The Master moved about freely allowing His Father within to have expression. The Master gave His Father room to shine forth a loving light that affected many people deeply. Yes, Jesus while human and divine allowed His Father to shine forth those pearls of wisdom and light to those that He, the Master, served. I would say you also are learning to allow your Father to shine forth in whatever form He may choose, whether it be consoling a friend, assisting an elder, providing guidance to a child, whatever it may be you are allowing for Thought Adjuster expression. I say this is very much God-like. Those who maintain an open attitude willing to serve in any capacity will indeed make room for Father to express His love in a obvious manner. Yes, the Master allowed the Father to minister to His children just as you are also learning this technique of accepting your Father to also serve through you. I say in the very act of service you are learning volumes of spiritual knowledge. In allowing for Adjuster expression you are running freely with the Spirit of He that created you.

I would ask you what was your answer to Michael's proposal? What have you experienced throughout this week? I can say with certainty that there was indeed examples of what Michael would request of your efforts. I ask was this difficult and overwhelming? I ask did you note the moments of joy and wonder that came from living in the Spirit and allowing Father's expression through you? Have you questions?



ROLAND: Abraham, it seems to me like what you asked us to do is to maybe go around the room and tell about what our experiences were or how we have viewed Michael's request that our hour has come. I would ask if that would be appropriate that we might go around just expressing each one of us of how the week was if it is okay with our group members? [ABRAHAM: That is acceptable.] Then I'll begin. This week I have come across people who are ready to hear. It seems like my tuning into their needs is a little bit greater. I feel like that I am evolving into more and more time being spent as a apostle or emissary of Michael. I just received a transcript of my experience in 1992 where I met or was called to go to this convention and met Don and Willow Gardner. In early of '92 I brought transcripts they took back to Tulsa which began the Tulsa movement. So I sense that my hour is coming or has come and comes in degrees. I'd like to get some feedback about that. It sounded kind of like quit listening and do something, but it seems like we've all been kind of progressing into doing things. Is that as you see it? It seems like we have answered a lot of calls.

ABRAHAM: Understood. Yes, I understand. There has been many hours of training and education and this type of training requires hands on experience. You could view your previous experiences as part service/part training, yes. It is excellent to move forward with courage to take an assertive approach towards your fellows and yet without allowance or time to listen that the accuracy of your spiritual message could be jeopardized. It is most important to always approach your fellows with an attitude of 'may Father's will be done'. It is true your education up to this point has allowed you to enable Father to shine His light of truth through you. Yes, this discovery of your true soul in conjunction with the Father Fragment is what lets us proclaim your hour has come. Is this more clear?

ROLAND: Yes, that helps tremendously. A follow up question for me--Michael is sovereign of this Universe and I believe fully that He has called me and my hour has come. My question is, do I continue with the material building process so that I am supportive of myself or do I sell all I have, give it to the poor, and walk the earth as the apostles did?

ABRAHAM: It is entirely of your choosing. It is true that your mission is right where you are. It is not necessary to go far to minister and serve your fellows. No, you can see that much work is needed right within your community. It would be not necessary to liquidate your assets to serve in Michael's Mission, but yes, this choice is strictly yours. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you very much.) You're welcome.

TRUDY: I am going to pass.

JOSHUA: Well Father Abraham, I understand what my mission is so I don't really need to ask any questions.

ABRAHAM: Understood and know that I am available for conference at any time Joshua.

ANTHONY: I have been trying to be helpful and open with the people at work especially, but I guess where I spend most of my time trying to serve the most is with my girl friend and her family. I guess my question revolves around my helping too much and not letting them do enough and being taken advantage of or is this a good place for me to be serving?

ABRAHAM: Do you feel that those who you serve are growing spiritually? (Not so much outwardly, but I think that it is helping their characters being a little better.) To assist overmuch is to stifle ones own desire to learn and grow. To help too much may quite possibly put you in a position that you desire, a position where you feel you indispensable. It may be your desire to hold this position, and yet, squelch their efforts toward true spiritual characteristics. On the other hand your willingness and desire to serve is touching and can go so much further than you can perceive. Yes, your mission is where you are. Your mission is wherever you go. If it is your will to allow Adjuster expression, then I would say, this is a clean intention, but if it is your desire to hold an irreplaceable, indispensable position then I would rethink your intention and know that you are indeed a son that has endured much testing and you are qualified to go forth and share the light of truth wherever that may be. Is this helping? (Yes. Thank you.)

CALVIN: Abraham, I know from my experience presenting myself before my fellows that's changed a lot because I view myself as a child of God and also a helper in this Mission. So I have to watch my actions more than I use to or I do and I want to. I don't want the old careless me to get in the way that Michael Himself would proceed. So there is still a lot of that human me in there. I know I have no fear of presenting my understanding of things to people and sometimes it comes across harshly. I wonder if that is good for a purpose or if I need to...because that is my old way, blunt and harsh or if I need to be a little more refined in presenting when those opportunities seem to arise? Then I have one further little thing that maybe I want to ask you. In answer to your question, how have I accepted this challenge? I wouldn't wait...I mean I wouldn't wait to just pick up and take off and I'd hope I'd have the faith and know that Father's watch-care would be there wherever I'd go, but I see higher wisdom in what you are saying, just stay put. There is plenty of work here right around us in our daily work and living. That is very exciting. I see a lot of opportunity right here to further help.

ABRAHAM: Yes, that is correct. There is much change that has happened since the times of the Master. The Master and His apostles were needed to travel about here and there to reach as many as possible to found the Christian religion, but I say this is not necessary for mortals to travel about. That is the vocation of the teaching staff. The teachers may travel about and reach as many mortal contacts as they are able. In answer to your first question, it will always appear that your human self will overshadow your divine self. It may appear at times that you are not advancing spiritually. I say this is the attitude of one who is progressing at a balanced speed and aware of the inner self-seeking agendas that may be looking to be fulfilled. You are quite healthy in your outlook of your spiritual progression and are learning to forgo any credit towards the advancement into Light and Life. You are seeing this cause goes beyond a country, beyond a world, beyond a solar system and onto the Supreme Being. Does this help?

CALVIN: Yes it does. When you say inner agendas coming out..I have always been a little bit confused, you know, thinking have I got some secret agenda that's wrong. I keep thinking it will come out or are you saying there are....tape ended.

ABRAHAM: At times there is hidden agendas and your exercising your spiritual vision allows for you to recognize this and re-focus towards the spiritual goal. It is not to worry for. Another question?

ELLEN: I really don't know what to ask. I have had a couple bad weeks which I know are probably just lessons and so they have not unfolded yet to me. So I have no idea what to even ask. (Roland: Your hour has come.) If that is true this has confused me even more.

ABRAHAM: Understood and this is perfectly acceptable. Spiritual meanings and values come with time and experience. You are learning to accept your status and test your boundaries. At times Father's training is not obvious and even confusing, but we find once we have completed an assignment we are another step up towards, up on the ladder of spiritual character. I do say that there is indeed a spiritual fine tuning that is occurring and not to cause you worry. You are skilled in allowing for Father to express Himself through you, and yet, there are times when old walls of self-preservation return. Father is seeing to your needs and we are in understanding of your faith and trust. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you.) You are welcome.

RACHEL: Well Father Abraham, I certainly accept Christ Michael's request. I promise to the doing of the spiritual realities to the best of my abilities. I promise to help all of those that I come in contact with that are downhearted. Other than that my brain is on furlough.

ABRAHAM: Your inner feelings and commitments are known and it is so wonderful to meet with one who is filled with such dedication and courage to proceed with Michael's request. Yes. It is known that you are willing to be of service and it is greatly appreciated. I must say that your service will indeed be required. Thank you. (Thank you Father Abraham.) You are welcome.

ROLAND: Nina, can you step out of that role and be into a place where you can respond?

NINA: He says I know your answer Ellanor.


ROLAND: So you are okay with that? (Yes.) One of the questions that the group developed while we were talking about the transmission was that in the transmission it says, Michael says, "I do not and have not and never will cry tears of pity for this world." Yet in our small minds I sense that when Michael was on the Mount overlooking Jerusalem He spoke the words, oh ye of Jerusalem, had you only listened to me I would have gathered you under my wings as a hen gathers her chicks. That is paraphrased. Then He wept in that instance. That would seem that would be tears of pity for our ancestors in Jerusalem. And the other time was when He wept because His family did not come to see Him off on a trip, I believe it was. Both those instances were in the Urantia Book. The ones that I know, there was one where I got a vision of Michael asking the Father if it is His will to allow Lucifer to choose to extinguish himself or was there another way. When the Father responded to Him as it is his choice, and he knew the choice was extinguishing, that Michael wept in that situation as well that I experienced. Give us your wisdom how we clarify these apparent pity experiences where tears and contradiction of the transmission. Can you help me with that?

ABRAHAM: Understood. On the mountain Jesus being overcome by profound sorrow and frustration was brought to His emotional knees. In His human viewpoint it appeared as His Mission on earth was to great for Him to achieve alone. I would say that His divine side understood that His mortal road was long and filled with great challenges. Jesus' tears were of sorrow, yes, but I would not attempt to say they were tears of feeling sorry for or tears of hopelessness, no. In Michael's message He does not take on the attitude that many mortals hold to, that this world is hopeless and incapable of change. Michael's viewpoint is that since His sojourn on Urantia the world has evolved beautifully, naturally as it should have and He is filled with joy. He views this world in more light than darkness. I could attempt to speak more on behalf of Michael, but I am not fully qualified. Time and time [again] in the life of Jesus He wept many times, as do many mortals. It is unknown to us to the cause of why He wept when walking with Mary and Martha towards the tomb of Lazarus. Jesus knew full well that Lazarus would rise, and yet, even the angels are puzzled as to why the Master wept. Does this help?

ROLAND: Yes it does. I am getting that deep sorrow does not have to be piteous to the people who are apparently creating some of the sorrow. That seems to me what I get and in the sorrow He wept for the object of that sorrow as opposed to pitying it. I understand the distinction with seeing the world with its trials and tribulations is made possibly great experience for us to get over the challenges. So curing the individual is more important than curing the world and in the curing of the individual it cures the world.

ABRAHAM: Yes, understood. I would ask one more question?

ROLAND: Can I follow up on a healing question? In my mind the Master said to us, said to the apostles of old, that these things shall you do and you shall do even greater things than these. He was referring to the things that He had done in the world. In that retrospect of what the Urantia Book gives us about the detail of His life, everyone that He healed He healed in one fell swoop according to their faith. He always said, "your faith has made you whole." It seems to me like if we are modern day apostles we should have or we would develop the faith and the power that is dwelling within us to create wholeness in people who have faith. Do I err in my assumptions?

ABRAHAM: No, you are correct to a point. It is necessary to have faith, but also put effort forth toward healing of the body, anxiety of mind and strain to the soul. These connections will eventually lead toward wholeness that cannot be deteriorated by any forms of illness. It is wise to begin from the starting point of allowing Father to express Himself through you in your life and in the lives of others.


I would give you my peace and bid you farewell. Until next week, shalom.