1997-02-03-Self Mastery Through Submission

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Topic: Self Mastery Through Submission

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you each. I am filled with joy to be counted among this group of friends as I make my weekly visits to assist you on these lessons. I am touched by your love and sincere devotion to our Father and His Mission. Our lesson schedule is quite substantial in that you each may take my lessons differently. Know that my lessons have many meanings and you receive light according to your capacity and desire level for attaining it.


Last week we discussed finding spiritual strength in giving all to Father, trusting Father with our most valued possessions, our souls, the very proof of our existence. Did you find that allowing Father to direct stirred up feelings of anxiety or created feelings of knowing comfort? Did you chance to discover what limits you in living out your spiritual life? Many this week discovered what hinders them in participating, promoting truth, beauty, and goodness through spiritual living. And I would say to you that you are well on your way to discovering how to quit stumbling over these limitations in regards to spiritual living. The lesson of full submission to Father is one that you need to commit to daily. What does this submission mean to you? What have you to lose by allowing Father to help guide your destiny?


I am a teacher. I work to assist this planet move towards a new and better age. My choice in methods of communications is transmitting/receiving. I do so with permission of the mortal receiver. I am not in control in any way. I do not possess the minds of my mortal contacts, no. I give to those that would receive me. You each are not about to allow any past fallacies to corrupt truth, no. You each assist in these communications, but I say that it is with permission that this mortal subject allows this communication. I do not take from her. I do not add to her. There is no loss of identity. Do you see that in order to give these communications I must be allowed or invited. Mortal subjects are not being submissive to me, no. Through the use of spiritual insight and intellect I am received. Do you see that Father also does not invade your life, possess your mind, attempt to reform a bad seed into a beautiful flower, no. There must be an allowance or invitation to Father. If these petitions are not genuine, Father is still kept at a distance. You can say, "it is my will that Father's will be done," and yet cling to fears of loss.

Last week I asked you to ponder your mission statement for earthly living. I would this week ask you to ask Father, "what is your Mission Statement for earthly living." Write down what you would think Father would have to say.


As we go from learning about service we have had many a chance to come up against lessons on self-mastery. Do you not agree? We each have had to learn to overcome certain character weaknesses and make spiritual choices. In dealing with your fellows you have gazed into the mirror of your own reflection, and this my friends, is one of Michael's hard truths, be the reflection unappealing or be it beautiful. In the lessons on self-mastery it is taught that temporary self-gratification is a stumbling block to higher spiritual attainment. I say the temporary needs of today find first priority among most mortals. The fears can be overwhelming when one must ponder upon the emptiness of going without, being caught short, looking small or general emotional upheaval. In this day and age of anxiety, the path of ease is always considered first. The path that brings the most temporary satisfaction is usually first choice. I say to you, children of the Father of all fathers, are learning of your cosmic citizenship and relation to the Supreme Being. You are finding your self gratifying urges exchanged for higher eternal realities. You are beginning to make your decisions from an eternal standpoint. You are discovering that your decisions are affecting many.

In choosing higher spiritual attainment, self-gratification can be a stumbling block. This is not to say there is no self-gratification or joy satisfaction, but there are different degrees in which you can attain these. There is all the joy to behold and shared throughout the universes. Do you see that the goals you seek joy from now are based upon eternal understanding. Your most gratifying moments will be in that acknowledgment, that knowing, of the closeness of your Father. I do not promote self-denial and affliction, no. I do however know that the spiritual self can find harmony with the lower animal-like self. A few questions.


JOSHUA: You may not know. Have you heard anything about Marsese?

ABRAHAM: It is my knowledge that he is well and going to attempt to reach you soon. I am assisting him in understanding balance in regards to emotions. Worry not. Another question?

JOSHUA: You may not want to go along with this, but could you have your Thought Adjuster meet my Thought Adjuster mind, cause I don't want to ask the question out loud?

ABRAHAM: It is not something to worry about. (I understand. Thank you. I wanted to see if it was reality or not.) You are carefully watched over and 'it' and Father's will must reign supreme and if, 'it' will get a bit easier to understand. Another question?


CALVIN: Abraham, in trying to understand if it is our own wishful thinking or Father's will. If we are not sure does that mean we have not let go of the mortal self enough yet because we are not clear? you know, like whether to turn right or left, like Faye said, stand up or sit down? Sometimes it is like we don't know. I feel inclined to move this direction, but no, that is just my own thinking. I am not sure if that is Father's will or my will. So what do we do to make that connection more clear to know what Father's will is so we can then say, I will do it or I can't?

ABRAHAM: This is where our exercise comes into play. What do you think Father would say is your mission for earthly living? This exercise will assist in clearing up some of this confusion. You should have a little better understanding on following Father's will when you have no preference in the outcome of what you believe Father has you doing. There is no underlying motive to seek self glory. There is a loathing towards outside praise concerning this task. When Father has you on an assignment there is really not much thought in that goes into it. There is little hesitation towards choosing to do a certain assignment. Father's assignments have their difficulties, and yet you are learning along the way, and it is valuable concerning universal realities. Does this help? (Yes it does, more clear as I reflect back on your answer. Thanks.)

RACHEL: Father Abraham, may I follow up a little bit on what Calvin asked, cause that is one thing that has bothered me for a long time? When in asking for this help from Father and receiving our answer, are we asking directly from our Universal Father, and if so, will it come back to us through Christ Michael that we are to write down and bring next time, or will it be directly from the Universal Father? How is this going to work?

ABRAHAM: This is what you would believe Father would write for your Mission Statement for earthly living. In this you are allowing submission to Father. In this there are clean intentions. It will promote closeness between you and your Indwelling Father Fragment, which is also our Universal Father. Does this help? (Yes it does, but He will probably say, Rachel, you are getting so damn old, you better hurry up. You haven't got much time left.)

WILLENA: So Abraham, to follow up with this line of questioning, did I understand you to say to do this as an exercise daily, to ask of our Father Fragment what would our Mission Statement from Father for the day be in terms of keeping on track on a daily walk?

ABRAHAM: The assignment is just one, to perhaps write what you would believe Father would say your Mission Statement is for earthly living. Last week we spoke of your understanding of what you believe your Mission Statement is. This week, in learning submission to Father, we would have you write what you think Father would say your Mission Statement is, but earlier I did say that submission to Father is helpful if each day you recommit yourself to the doing of His will, no matter the gains or losses therefrom.

FERNANDO: Yes Abraham. Am I ever going to get rid of my fear of rejection, and also, am I ever going to get rid of my anger when I am rejected?

ABRAHAM: This is a question that only you can answer. This has been brought up as your stumbling blocks towards living out the spiritual life. In rejection you believe yourself to be almost deserving, and this anger comes not only from your hurt self, it also stem from that child of God that is you. The mature side of you knows that your status as a son of God is secure and anger is surfaced when it is challenged. On the other hand, your more human self feels a lifetime of pain and constant rejection that has become common place, almost expected. When you fully believe that the One who created you and loves you regardless of your shortcomings, rejection from mortals will not seem so important or painful. You have the one true acceptance that is not to be surpassed by any other.


I would wish you each a week of wonderful discoveries and thought provoking equations. My love go with you each. Until next week, shalom.