1997-04-01-Understanding Vortex

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Topic: Understanding Vortex

Group: Butler TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Merium

TR: Gerdean, Hunnah



TOMAS: I am prepared to discourse on your selection, and my co-worker is prepared also to embellish your understanding of Vortex.

I am Tomas. I am glad to be with you again. It swells my heart to be with you and to feel your loyalty and your spirit reaching. Indeed, as you pray and as you aspire to make contact with God in heaven, you are creating a vortex in your reaching, understanding in this context that a vortex is energy that goes out and energy that comes in and it focuses on a time-space continuum. It is a large subject and one that is filled with imagery and potential understanding. It is a vast concept, and I will discuss an aspect of the vortex that includes the entire universe while my co-worker will address the more personal aspects of this energy experience.



In discussing it for your mortal understanding, I will first make reference to your energy, going out into your environment and into your arena, as you are all individually a vortex of energy. You influence your environment with whatever energy it is that you combust within your being. It is possible for this energy to be constructive or destructive, but from a cosmic perspective, the energy that you emit is part of the growing godhead, the Evolving Supreme.

Think of it as the ripple that spreads out when a stone is plopped on the pond. The ripple is the effect of your vortex as the Supreme Being is the ripple as a result of God's being at the center of all things. Have you ever noticed that the ripple that goes out eventually returns? And so all energy emits from Paradise, the beginning of this great energy vortex. Along with it is infinite love, and it spreads out throughout the Grand Universe and even beyond. It permeates time and space and its ripple comes back in and through the Supreme Being.

The vortex, then, you see, is the energy that goes out and the energy that comes in. I will leave it to Merium to describe the more personal facets of vortex, if she is inclined.

MERIUM: Hunnah is going to permit me to speak, even though she thinks she's not prepared to allow my discourse. Good evening. I am called Merium. The term vortex sounds so scientific. It does not have to be, but for some people, they are comfortable with a word like vortex. I would like to use the word radiance, a vibratory frequency that emits from your being, and is ever fluctuating.

It is the human condition at present to be very interested in their energy fields and they take great pride in them; they are fascinated with the fact that this display of energy is going on at all times. They refer to it as an aura. The attitude, the connectedness of the individual who is expressing an aura, is capable of having a very refined energy field, which is strong; it is impervious to the heaviness of people around them. It can be noticed that after you have had effective meditation, that you feel light, that your energy field has changed and that it has expanded.

As you receive the Spirit of Truth and your receptivity is expanded, your energy field is lightened. When you compound with other people, you have an expanded field of what I might call good will, and it becomes the predominant force. Those who are not of this clime are not aware, are not able to be aware frequently, of this manifestation that has taken place. The heaviness of their own field is their world, therefore they are not inclined to be aware of this level of living. Tomas?

TOMAS: You have addressed it well. I have so enjoyed hearing you teach. How you have embellished my realm by your presence.

I would like to pick up where you left off, for you had been addressing a group of people who were operating from their own personal positive vortex, radiant love and good will, and this is an ideal, individually and collectively. It is one of the purposes of our configuration, that we come from our separate assignments in our personal energy vortex, to conjoin with others to augment and enhance our differing vortexes and to converge them into a greater radiance by our unity, in our prayer, our worship, our aspirations, our goals, and thus a group formation is also a vortex. Yes.

MERIUM: I would like to speak about hallowed ground. In this realm of life, there is the cumulative effect of consecrated focused energy. If you went into a church, for example, that has had administratively a pure heart, there will be collectively lingering light and those who are receptive to this light can enter this area and find their own beingness responsive and they will frequently experience the change of consciousness because the collective consciousness that has been in this area becomes so powerful that the lesser (the one who has entered it) is overwhelmed in response and expands. Their vibratory rate changes.

The vortex, collectively, is what we are speaking: "as above, so below." There is an outpouring in both directions, which, if I can use the analogy, is like a shaft and it does not leave because it is so highly developed. Like windows of good will, they are a true place of beauty and when two or three are gathered together, there is a version of such there; good will comes about and creates a sphere of nurturing and it is the receptivity of the individual that will influence the effectiveness for that individual.


The importance of developing sacred space, I feel, is an appropriate addition to what we are talking about. If you select this space in your home where you will go, this is the room, and allow a collective layering of light to be accumulated in that area, you will find that it is easier to settle in for your prayers, for your listening, to practice the stillness. It is as if your whole body and your mind were with a clock, or a knowing, "Oh! It's time to be quiet. It is time to be soothed. It is time that I may be refueled." And by doing this, even if you feel that when you go for a long time, that it is not really effective, you have honored the Father, you have honored the whole universe by saying "Thou art" as soon as you allow yourself to sit down.

You can develop other habits. This can apply to your automobile, if you find yourself in your car a great deal. It is a wonderful place of privacy where you cannot be disturbed, and without realizing it you will have a "mobile vortex" of receptivity. Thank you.


TOMAS: I am inclined to contribute further and remark about morontia form, for as you have been given to understand, when you leave your material existence, there are other material spheres of a higher nature, of a morontial nature, that are visible and recognizable; indeed they are called material but they are not the dense material of your finite existence but of a higher caliber, and in some ways your sacred spaces have contributed to creating a morontia environment. Much as Merium was discussing, in the cathedral, the temple, or your personal sanctuary, the holiness establishes a certain reality that transcends the baser material levels that are common to you all.

There are, in many cultures, not only on Urantia but also on the worlds of time and space, many edifices and wonders that are regarded as holy places. The Niagara Falls is a powerful place and designated one of the world's wonders; there are also in the Native American culture rocks that "weep"; and many physical phenomena have been given supernatural meaning. The image of the patterns in the fields comes to the mind of this T/R as an example of natural phenomenon being given supernatural purposes and reasons for being, but it is the mind of the individual that creates the sanctity of the place in the first place. As you are impressed, as you elevate your impression to fields of worship, you have given reality a foothold, you have contributed to the true scaffolding of morontia reality, you have added an element of divinity that was previously only matter.

All of these discussions that we have delved into this evening are vastly entertaining and highly speculative for, since they are so elusive and vast in context and nature, they are open to interpretation to anyone who would care to dally in such metaphysics. But you had indicated an interest, and so it seemed interesting to us also to respond to your interest with some of our own.


MERIUM: While listening to Tomas, it came to my attention as he commented also that this is information that you have probably read in medical journals or many of the areas of literature that are available today, but I am wanting to expressing a need for -- as a reminder -- that people are coming in at every level, with various appetites. We are here to ignite new understanding, and when you read these words of this discussion, it will touch different areas of your memory and your opening and flowering, expanding ability to accept truth.

The truth is the tool that will help you loosen the unnecessary accumulation of human information. You are having now a glut of information. But as the Spirit of Truth touches you, this excess will be put in its place, set aside and disempowered as the beauty of truth prevails in your own experiences. And I want to remind you once more that as you attend to your own personal space and develop a hallowed area, a vortex of liberty and freedom, it will penetrate every area in your life, especially in your home. And there will be resistance; almost a nausea will overwhelm those who are dallying, who want to sleep, who are very irritated at being disturbed from their slumber because you are not behaving in your old manner. It creates great discomfort at times.

Let me assure you that as this develops, comfort will come with it and it will go with you and you will know, you will know who it is in your house. I wish you well in your new expansion. Thank you.

TOMAS: I am inclined also to provide a reminder having to do with the discussion beforehand, and it has to do with the fact that metaphysics have been highly stimulative of spirit reality, but it has failed to satisfy the true longings of the soul, that these many wonderful speculative and psychic aspects of ascension have not provided that saving grace that will give rise to the harmonious peace that passes all understanding which can be found only in true communion with the First Source and Center, and so I concur with my co-teacher that your greatest gift to yourself is that sacred environment where you create your own spiritual vortex to receive the energy from the Father that he may then send you out for you to emit and give His love to all you meet. Are there questions this evening?



Leah: I was wondering about... As Merium was speaking about the good will emitting as radiance from individuals, I could understand these people in Niagara Falls a little better. They want 25 people to do some sort of a configuration. In my own belief system I don't really see it's necessary to do a configuration for anything, but apparently they feel that, and obviously the entity that speaks is always saying that "it's not important whether you acquire this building or not; it's what this is going to bring about -- the brotherhood, the integration, spiritual integration." I don't know, but I just don't seem to understand and maybe it's not really that important. They keep talking about clearing and anchoring vortex. Now, as Merium was speaking, I got this visual picture of the pouring on and the pouring out the shaft of light type thing, but are there actual negative places of energy?

TOMAS: It is as we discussed. Places are a reflection of the minds of those who attend them. I have heard it said that civilizations that have been destroyed by oppression have haunted history in the atmosphere surrounding the area where that civilization once stood. It is perhaps a gift of mindal machination, but it has no reality, from my vantage point. If it is not good, then it is not at all. You well know that in your life experiences the good remains and the pain is unremembered and even in the adjudication of the rebels, they are as if they had not been, and so that which has no value ceases to exist. How can something that does not exist take up space? How can anything negative be given a monument to its ignominious non-existence? Only good survives. Only love prevails.

Of course, a prison is an unhappy place and has been from its inception, but look at the mental energy that has gone into the creation of such a hole of confinement. It is unworthy of a kingdom-believer to dwell on reality that is not conducive to the grace and goodness of God and each other, for in an advanced and evolved era, even those in confinement will be understood and loved and rehabilitated. It is the mental configuration, yes, that creates that negative vortex, but that is not a vortex such as we are opting to promote. And it is also why I referenced the metaphysical realms as compared to the spiritual realms.


Leah: The word aura was mentioned, and I don't believe it is mentioned in the Urantia Book, but we do have people who read our papers who are interested in the Teaching Mission teachers who respond to things of this nature to discuss at the present time, regardless of whether they are printed in the Book or not.

TOMAS: Yes, and inasmuch as we are all a part of the Correcting Time, it is unfortunate that one must be fair and refrain from saying, "but my truth is more pure than your truth," and yet this is truth. Only the Spirit of Truth can ultimately prevail, but in the Teaching Mission, that is, even so, a facet of Correcting Time. We have our standards to uphold. And although it is wonderful to share community of spirit with the vast hosts of those who are not against us, it falls upon us, even so, to uphold our own integrity to our Mission, which is incorporated in The Urantia Book and which is under the administration of our Creator Father/Brother. These are fine lines, but worthy of understanding.

Auras are a part of the scaffolding. They are a wonderful part of the metaphysical understanding of energy and personality and color and design and, indeed, there are those who profess to see and God bless them for their visions. All cannot see. Some can hear; all cannot hear. And so we try to speak a language of full appreciation for everyone, for everyone's gifts.

The Urantia Book does not discuss auras, no, but it is a fine phantasm of understanding the nature of the spirit energy that emanates from a love saturated soul. Why should it not give off all the colors of the rainbow, for is it not indwelt by divinity and the parent and creator of all color and all order and all light and all music? It is only when one becomes "hung up" on these tenets of understanding that does not embrace the greater destiny that they become nit-picking points that separate people rather than congealing them into one divine vortex of believers -- sons and daughters of the living God, which we all are!

And that is the great vortex that we all seek. Even as we are here together, the four of you, the many of us, here in this room, these energies have created a vortex of energy, for we have received energy from the Father and He has embraced us in an embrace of peace and understanding of good will that has fed us all, each of us, that will give us energy, in order that we may go out from here, in order to radiate His love and energy into our arenas, that it may one day indeed be returned to Him from whence it came.


All of us aspire to contribute to this great, magnificent universal "vortex." In the meantime, there will be many little eddies that skim the surface of the water, that stir up the dragonflies, that create rapture for the water lilies. I am finished.

MERIUM: Tomas, I will not add to your repertoire of information. It seems you have covered all the area very well, and you did include the importance of not dwelling on the effect to the developing of that singleness of purpose into true spirit reality.

TOMAS: Family.

MERIUM: True family.

TOMAS: Shall we then embrace in oneness and remove ourselves, Merium, that these children might visit and frolic and attempt to manifest their personality expression in a delightful manner? Until we meet again.

MERIUM: Thank you.

TOMAS: Farewell.