1997-07-10-Parables & Prophecy

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Topic: Parables & Prophecy

Group: Pittsburgh TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Merium

TR: Gerdean, Hunnah



TOMAS: Good evening, my friends.

Group: Good evening, Tomas.


TOMAS: I am indeed Tomas, a minor prophet, in keeping with your discourse. And you are correct, Hester, that we and you put forth your perceptions and as they are muddied or distorted, as they have been compromised, as they become watered down in order that they be expressed or that they be understood, prophesy becomes problematic, even as if it were a parable. Indeed, your (Biblical) revelation is today much more like a parable than a revelation, for it is one of those one-time prophesies that has been compromised to the extent that it is now a matter of exercise in interpretation.

You may recall the Master giving parables and the apostles discussing among themselves the meaning of the parables and indeed even arguing among themselves as to the meaning of the parables. The purpose of a parable, however, is for the interpretation of the one who hears or seeks to know, and each one will have a different interpretation depending upon his capacity for understanding and his need to know.

The same can be said for prophesy, for whereas there may be great prophets who prophesize wondrous works and futuristic events and prophetic deeds, what will it avail him if there is no one to take the seed that he has planted that will lead to those great works?


Perception, Truth

I would like to spend a moment this evening with you in fact discussing personal perceptions of reality, much as in a parable, even as in revelations, but more specifically as to your own minds, for if you are sympathetic to my message, you will appreciate that what is true for you today may or may not have been true for you yesterday.

As I indicated last week, the truth is living, and that once it becomes crystallized, it dies; the same is true for any truth, even your beliefs. And so, what you believed several years ago and which was worthy of everyone's belief in your eyes, may have subsequently altered, changed, grown, evolved, such that it is no longer as vital to you as what is vital to you today, your new truth. But believe me when I say that your truth for today also will become molted as the snake's skin. It will be peeled away in order that you may discern the deeper truth, the more meaningful truth, which again, in time, will be cast aside for yet greater reality.

This is not to say that you have no value in time/in space at the moment, no! For your value is inherent in your sonship/daughter-ship. Your perceptions are fallible, however, and evolutionary, and so I would ask you to be aware of and even beware of your own perceptions, for no matter how noble they may be, they may be only true for today, and only true for you! How can you project on someone else a perception that tomorrow will lack reality?

I point these things out to you only to indicate that truth is alive and growing, and that to marry yourself to a truth, hard and fast, is to allow it to become crystallized, and it will surely die even as a parable will die if you take its characters and its scenario and specifically set forth what they represent. In so doing you will take from it the living, growing quality of interpretation, and even creative imagination.

Part of the creative imagination is to see something different each time. Each view is augmented or altered somehow to present a nuance yet unseen. Let your mind's eye be the same way, always open to new nuances of truth. Allow your parables to remain open. Allow your revelations to flow through you as living water. Do not become bottled up. Merium?

MERIUM: You touched upon allowing the truth teachings to pass through you. The analogy is that evolving truth is almost like a breeze. It refreshes and stimulates the situation that you are in, helps you to clear it, to bring about a new idea, new concept, and know that it is an on-going experience and that more appendages or more facets of truth that you happen to be focused upon will come in and make themselves be known.

We are to be this landing place for the new on-going idea, the fresh approach, the new view, the new interpretation, and in order to receive that, one must have an attitude of receptivity and welcoming to unique ways to arrange ones thought processes and with confidence know that they will be said in appropriate information that will embellish that which they are to learn. And as Hester this evening has pointed out, one can also have a good time receiving this so-called added depth to something that you might already know or that "cartoon light bulb" where that new idea is descending upon you and you are enriched in the ability to streamline the situation, see more clearly, or to avail your new and appropriate suggestion to someone where there is a place waiting for it to come in in a timely manner.

In Hunnah's journal she also received an awareness that the truths that had been taught to her in her early years were laced with holes, like a flotilla that was not going to be able to sustain her in the adventures of life because they were not sufficient, and therefore, in her doubt of that, she sought for a greater source of what is truth that would propel her on her journey. And when you hold the truths that are given to you from your educational schools and your home and you just accept them as the way it has to be, then you can suffer the consequences unless you continually observe the structure of your learning and of what works and what does not work, and you will end up with a bumpy surface to travel on, an unpleasant ride in many cases.

Growth, Trust

TOMAS: I will add to your discourse at this point, for we have been involved in touching upon perceptions of identity and reality, and as you grow, as we grow, these perceptions of reality can change and grow as the need arises, but in letting go of the old to grasp the new, there are sometimes difficulties, like your cartoon of holding on, hanging in there, not letting go of anything without fingernail scratches attached to it.

I am trying to give a lesson about perception and I will relate it back to your tendency to play roles and to play parts, for your perception of how you should be -- as a wife, as a mother, as a husband, as a daughter -- is a crystallized reality, and it has been crystallized depending upon where that perception came from. It was born in you by your own parent, augmented by your particular society, modified by your relationship with your offspring, and so you have a perception of a reality, of this man's wife, of that woman's daughter or mother, and so on.

And in order for you then to stay alive, you must allow that image of who you are to be dissolved, and since you have been perceived as that reality for a long time, others will be reluctant to let you go, like that "fingernails attached" that I was trying to describe earlier. But in order for you to maintain your own truth, your own reality, and develop your own self, you must allow your roles to fall by the wayside as a perception no longer necessary.

Also, in the course of life, it is sometimes the case that the Gods, if you will, will "upset the apple cart" to present you with new challenges, you will have to make new decisions and stimulate new levels of growth. When this happens, it will also happen that your perception of who you are will have to change. This is part of the breaking up of the crystallization of your perception of a truth that no longer serves. This can be terribly frightening for the mortal, for essentially, you have lost your bearing on who you are and what you're doing here.

This is often the case in the event of the death of a spouse or the loss of a significant other or the loss of a career, even a major alteration in your health or a change of address. Any of these things which could be a normal occurrence, can occasion a tumultuous breaking down of a perception of self [so] that a new perception may be born. These are not easy experiences to go through, but they are beneficial in the long run, for it teaches you to trust -- as peculiar as that may seem.

If you do trust, if you do have the faith of one born of the spirit, you will realize that you are being plummeted/ pummeled/tumulted into a new dimension of reality, a new truth, a greater truth, a greater freedom for yourself. But it is sometimes difficult, and in that difficulty, the human animal often will say, "Well, forget it! I'm not going to do it unless I have to. I won't do it until they make me!" and if you see that it needs done, I encourage you to invite the change rather than waiting for them to do it for you, for it is always so much more rewarding when you have taken part in your own growth, in your own evolutionary steps, than have it thrust upon you.

It is more invigorating and exciting, more rewarding when you take part in your own evolution, in your own growth, when you are an active participant, even, of the growth of the Evolving Supreme.

MERIUM: You are literally like that spider that I may have made reference to at one time. You are drawing forth from yourself, continuously, the next step, the next choice. If you are connected with your new reality, then you are truly designing -- in spite of the structures that are already present -- you are designing your life one step at a time, one thought at a time, and your mind is alert and you are able to place the new line down continuously.

And those about you will see what you are developing and be quite surprised by it, and the part of them that understands will say, "Yes, yes, yes! That's the way it's done." They will not be particularly interested in what you are reading; they are interested in how you are doing, and they are not even totally realizing that they are watching, but they are! They want to see it work in order to try it.

Hunnah had a teacher once who told a story about a woman who said of her, the teacher, "When I am ready for religion, I want what Eileen has." She wasn't interested in the name of it, only that Eileen had the ability to do it, to make it work and regardless of the circumstances, she was able to be buoyant, and that woman knew just enough to satisfy herself then when the time came when she would know it was appropriate. She wanted to find something that worked like Eileen's faith, Eileen's knowledge of truth. So this, too, will be the way it will be for you.

Hunnah's distress this evening in her sharing was very difficult for her because she felt as if her recent days were not according to the ideal of how it should be. It was difficult in her own mind but probably not really noticed in the framework of those who would be watching her; it appeared that everything was all right, but in herself she wanted it to be better, because she was trying to carry two standards. She wanted to express the ideal, and yet wanted the fresh manna to come forth that would embellish the day and give it meaning and substance.

This is what happens when you want to serve two masters. You cannot, and it's very uncomfortable to try. You can only serve one master. So today when she went out, she went out relieved because she was back in the familiar mode of trust with her reality in a place where she had applied it so consistently that it gave her confidence and the day had fulfillment and meaning.

When you read this transcript, it will settle upon you with new definition. You will be able to apply it as you see how you are living in your own life, and the pain that you experience when you try to serve the old way and apply the new upon it like a patch.

So be of good cheer and try not to punish yourself and be too hard. You're doing much better than you seem to realize. We are proud of you, we love you, we encourage you, we wish our lovely friend and hostess here a Happy Birthday. It has been a happy day for her, and thank you for letting me add to your commentary, Tomas.

TOMAS: Merium, you are my able co-teacher. I appreciate your presence here and your contribution. No problem. Are there questions?


Celeste: I was thinking about Mars because now that we're exploring Mars, I think I read in the Urantia Book that on this level we are mid-breathers, and if there is life on Mars, that life - they are sub-breathers. And I thought it was kind of interesting that if we send somebody up there, they might have a little trouble. Suddenly they would have to breathe the air of a sub-breather.

Hester: I don't think we'll be able to do that without taking our air with us.


TOMAS: I was reminded during your reading this evening regarding Paradise, that there was a time when you did not know what it was like to be in a place without gravity, and now your scientists know how to comport themselves without gravity through technology, even for extended periods of time. You can eat and sleep and so forth, even without gravity. And so in due time, the concepts presented in and around Paradise, like no time and no space, you will see it come to pass.

You may even see it come to pass that there is some sort of life in your own galaxy. Be confident of your Star Wars technology. That, coupled with the adventurousness of your advanced races and the competitiveness of your several races, you could have some exciting games in space ahead. Try to encourage your contemporaries, however, to let go of the idea of war and disgusting-looking aliens. It is such an offense to the Father that the incredible, miraculous, wondrous, beauteous and orderly universes should be besmirched with the primitive concept of combat and deformity in its creatures. It is popular, this science fiction stuff, and if you were clever you might be able to utilize that as an avenue of introducing universal ethics to your peers. We really must let go of that animalistic nature at some point.

I am reminded of the reference in life on a neighboring planet wherein the society had begun to look with disdain upon the super-wealthy, as if it were in poor taste, and you could begin an entire new movement, an advanced movement, if you were to begin to plant the seed that combat in space and such hideous creatures is really insulting to the Father. Now, I don't suppose, truly, that the Father is insulted, but it insults me, and it should insult any intelligent human being who, on one hand, desperately cries out for a reality, who so needs and yearns for an experience of being "embraced by the light," who has found such merit in angels and asking your angels. How can the cry for truth be so great on one hand and be so fouled with scaly horned creatures from the primal depths of dark space on the other? It makes no sense.

Well, I have had my soap box moment in time, so I will desist. Carry on. Are there other questions?

Celeste: I'm very glad you came tonight, Tomas. We missed you the last time we were together.

TOMAS: My dear, I am not worried. Indeed, there are times when your evenings are so replete with harmony and spirit grace and reality, that you have met the mark and my presence is merely companionable. It is my role, of course, to be a teacher, to provoke you into growth, to urge you into greater assays at experiential depth, but there are also times for repose and for reflection. Time for peace. As your famous scripture indicates, there is a time for this and a time for that, and I do not command an appearance.

I am here to serve you. It is not necessary for me to be here except as you and I work together. I am glad to be here. I am very honored and pleased to have a platform in which to promote my prophesies, and souls with which to share a comprehension of the love of the Father and His truth, beauty, and goodness. I am heart-warmed to share my reality with your reality, and that you enjoy sharing yours with me. This is friendship, and I, as a friend, also have associates in the spirit realm and you have associates in your finite realm that we all enjoy as a part of our natural existence in the Father's universe.

That we come together on occasion to learn, to grow, to share, to experience together, is a wonderful scheme of Michael that we are glad in which to take a part.

Celeste: I know that we are very happy and very grateful that you are our friend who will be with us, and teach us. Thank you.

Hester: Yes. Thank you.

TOMAS: Thank you, Celeste and Hester. Merium?

MERIUM: My transmitter's microphone is drowsy.

TOMAS: Very well. There is no point in trying to work with a poor connection, and that does happen as the mortal vessel tires, and so I will ask one more time, are there any questions, and if not, we shall conclude.

Celeste: Tomas, even though we stumble and fail and don't quite understand, do you think we are advancing? I don't think I am.


TOMAS: Oh, I am so glad you asked, Celeste, for you specifically are a subject of discourse in the spirit realms, for your recent experience of making a reality contact, and so Good Heavens, yes! And that experience, even though it may seem frail and insignificant to you, is a testimony to your peers that you have begun to recognize the potential inherent within you. Your soul is indeed taking on a conscious life of its own.

Your propensity to wake up at 3:00 in the morning and feel joy is good. Your grieving has subsided from its initial peak and you are becoming comfortable with yourself. You are beginning, however, to reach out in the small hours of the night, and in your reaching out, you are being met by living love. It is indeed growth, Celeste -- significant and wondrous growth. Even though it is a small step, it is a giant step also. Do my words make sense to you?

Celeste: Uh-huh! Very much so. Thank you for them.

TOMAS: Yes. I discern your recognition of truth. I discern your soul stirring within your breast, yearning to take the plunge. I actually can see it squirming in its seat, eager to participate. But refer to my words earlier this evening regarding perception, and as you change realities, as you allow your reality to expand, as you allow an old belief, an old reality, an old perception of who you are to go by the wayside in acceptance of the new and greater reality, you may balk in fear at the change, but fear not, for your soul is greater, is far greater than your heritage.

Your strength is radiant and strong. You are pushing forth, up out of the ground. Your seed has germinated long in the fertile field of your life and is even now pushing up through to reach the Son. You will feel the effects of the soil moving away and your sprout rising up, out of the dark loam of your life's reality, to reach for these new shoots. You are alive, Celeste, in the spirit. It is so thrilling to behold.

Celeste: I am so happy and excited to hear those wonderful words. Thank you!

TOMAS: And this is truth. Hunnah: This is Hunnah. TOMAS: Yes, Hunnah.

Hunnah: I was thrilled with that commentary that you had at the end of our talk at my home recently where you, once again, restated that you are alive and real. The impact of your statement dovetailed with our receptivity that evening and it was very nourishing, but even though I feel objective about it, it's very interesting to see how the human vessel quakes when there's the least bit of testing. Here we have this pocketful of enrichment given to us. We are hand-fed. And then we go out, and the first time somebody turns around and relates to us at the old level, it's like bringing you down. And there are so many things that are feeding into it! Like physical health, chemical stability, the weather, all these conditions that influence the external. And yet we know that this is true and this is real and we don't seem to rush back to the knowing quite soon enough, and it's tiring. And then I think of those who are less equipped and I think of how in bondage they must feel, and how discouraging. I just thought I'd add my two cents worth. I'm more awake than I was earlier.

TOMAS: It is always good to hear from you, Hunnah. I am always glad to be a sounding board for your outpourings. You are a deluge of energy in action, in oral action and in dynamic physical action also. You are a very productive woman.

Hunnah: When you're living, it doesn't particularly seem that way, because we get that clipboard out and we compare that with what we think we should be doing. But when I feel like I'm living, it's when there's a peace upon me and I know that it radiates and that others can feel it, and that's what I consider true productivity.

TOMAS: Remember too what you just said about how it is that you have times of doubt and it hinges upon how you have taken care of yourself and so forth. And many times when you flounder in your faith, it is because you have simply run out of steam. And so I say to all of you, remember to take good care of yourself physically. You who are creatures of habit, develop and maintain good habits -- not only for you the physical machine, but for you the mental calculator and the spiritual receptor of truth, beauty, and goodness.

All these levels of reality must be tended to and maintained, so do not think it is only your physical body that needs nurturance and care, but also your mind and your spirit. If you are around the flock and in the fold, your chances of questioning your reality will be lessened because you are seeing yourself reflected, you are seeing, ideally, your own spirit reality reflected back from them.

As you keep your mind stimulated, you keep the door open to stimulate yet others, and this adds dimension to your relationships with all people; it takes it from the mundane level of rudimentary intercourse and opens it up into the possibilities of dynamic sharing. And so it's not just a matter of "Eat your Wheaties." It is a full-spectrum instruction and assignment to take care of yourself, which is a big deal, for you are not just little people; you are a dynamic, resonating, evolving, growing, living, throbbing, potentially powerful agent of the Lord.


I am going to take my leave. I thank you, Merium, for your assistance this evening, and for all of you being here. Thank you, Gerdean for your recovery into faith. Until we speak again, I am your friend, Tomas.

Celeste: God bless you, Tomas.

Group: Thank you. Good night.