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Topic: Introspection

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Aaron, Minearisa

TR: Bill K., Virginia, Cathy



Daniel (Bill): Good evening, my friends. This is Daniel, your guide, teacher, friend, and companion. Your mirth has provoked an in-kind response among us and we are all feeling quite light and cheerful as we anticipate our mixing with you in this evening's interplay, this evening's frolic together. Indeed does there have to be a shifting back and forth between seriousness and mirthfulness in a balanced life. We devote great amounts of time to reversions here on the morontial worlds and we employ the most wonderful and spectacular of presentations, productions that will, when you finally experience it, become comprehensible as the fulfillment of all your creative desires and all your fun-loving capacities. And so please know that we are quite supportive of your humor and your playfulness this evening.



Over-concentration on oneself has dangers which are compensated by humor and socialized by being together with other freewill intelligences - mortals of course for you at this time, but later a whole universe of personalities. I have with me our instructor in residence, Minearisa. Aaron is present as well, and there are many others observing and taking part in your wonderful Friday night get-together. I wish now at this time to step aside so that the next one may address you and greet you. One moment please.

Minearisa (Bill): Hello, friends, I am Minearisa. I have the pleasure of seeing you, my fine students, once again decked out as you are in your finest robes of sincere humility and loving friendliness. Our lesson this evening that was prepared for your perusal has been set aside in view of the fact that we perceive we need to honor your desire for reversion. Tonight will be a play time. Instead of serious, searing and scary exercises, (and Steven you may relax [laughter]) we will frolic together. Isaac is somewhat confused because this is not what he anticipated. However, it is part of our program with you to keep you on your toes and bring about those things that you may not expect. Therefore now I will allow our expert humorist Aaron, the man with the jokes and the boundless sense of humor, to continue this presentation. One moment please.

Aaron (Bill): This is Aaron and what I wish to do this evening is to move around through several TR’s and to engage in several activities which should be recreational, restful, and humor-inducing. I will skip Isaac for he is phlegmatic, plugged up and therefore his energies are not the most useful. The game begins with me choosing to speak through another but I will not designate who that other is. You must be ready. Goodbye.

(long silence)

Aaron (Virginia): This is Aaron. As Virginia has been told often to lighten up and that if she could lighten up enough to float after laughter, she indeed would be wonderfully happy - much like you have seen in Mary Poppins. Her great desire has been to be able to float with mirth and pleasure as a result of extreme joy. Although this is not possible for you, we do it all the time. And that is something you can look forward to as you end the experience of confinement in your body. This is Aaron and I move on to another picture of laughter and pleasure that I can share with you.

(long silence)

Aaron (Cathy): This is Aaron. As Michael stated at his last birthday celebration in Tremonton, laughter is to be an integral part of the lessons in the coming months. You may think of laughter, humor, mirth as a helium balloon which lightens you and propels you upward. What you think of as troubles, burdens, sadness are actually ballast which levels you out. But you can at any time willingly throw some ballast overboard and literally lighten up. I now move on. Be prepared.

(long silence)

Aaron: I would continue through this familiar vehicle regarding happiness, lightheartedness, joy. If we could tear apart to the true roots of real humor this evening, allowing that most generally it is not found in ridicule, but in recognizing the silliness and the delight in situations in which you find yourself - a recognition of your limitedness in the face of God provides much opportunity for the recognition of humor, for so often the awareness is your attempt to be more important than you are. And as you can fall flat on occasion, hurting your pride, in the remembrance lies the occasional chuckle for where you have been and where you have gone. But no, this is not our purpose this evening - to break apart humor and make it lifeless in some intellectual dissertation, but to attempt to bring contact between spiritual and material in such a manner that we can experience joy, happiness and humor together transcending or involving both planes of existence. Our work with you is a humor-filled endeavor indeed. And if you could put yourselves in our shoes as we attempt to converse with you, you perhaps could see how this might be, for we are given great opportunity to recognize our limitations in dealing with you. And at the same time we do not see this as a human failing, but more as the friction of higher insight with lower mind. (laughter) Simeon is trying to see how this was.... I will attempt to continue. You do indeed find humor in reading your Revelation when you hear such statements describing your world and your nature as "lowly." And yet from the spiritual perspective these terms are not included in any way to be humorous, but are statements of simple fact and are not intended in the least to be ridiculing.

We as celestials find humor in the fact that we can painstakingly attempt to deliver higher insight and yet come up short enough so that your realizations are to find humor and laughter in our attempts to offer spiritual upliftment. The condition of personality interaction, whether it be at the mortal stage of existence, morontial or spiritual, provides the very basis for the necessity of lightheartedness. For if all were to take at face value what was attempted to be offered from one personality to another we would have, indeed, a war in heaven, for the relation many times does not translate into simple understandable terms.

When we witness your intended attempts at humor, we are puzzled, for we do not understand the subtleness of your statements to one another which can appear as criticisms, but more flabbergasting is that when one relates such a statement, another actually understands and accepts the humor. For ourselves, we simply see the humor in existence and yet on a world such as yours with so many trials and tribulations, humor is a creation-intended object by many. This causes us an opportunity to grow and understand at a deeper level something we could not fathom in our own existence unless we were from a similar sphere of difficulty. We admire your humorously-intended crude attempts at lightening the burdens you face, recognizing in all ways that it is probably going to be worked out of you at some time in your existence - to recognize that these levels of relation are born out of strife and quarantine, and yet we can even in spending much time with you begin to appreciate this same sense of humor as it provides a basis for a distorted recognition of brotherhood and camaraderie. I hope in my offering this evening that you can understand the statements I make in a more factual nature, not as criticisms, for it is indeed true that sarcasm, cynicism, ridicule, these characteristics are inhibitors to true development of communication of personalities on a long-term basis. And yet the need for release from the immediate temporal vicissitudes offers us the opportunity to recognize the value in these same styles of relation, one to another. It is indeed our pleasure to witness your interaction with one another and I would transfer the microphone to another at this time if one is willing.

Minearisa (Bill): Once again I greet you. I am Minearisa. I wish to thank Aaron for his lesson on humor and reversion and underline only the idea that while your humor is crude on this mortal level and your planet is so primitive in many regards, nevertheless it does provide you with a taste of the essence of that relaxing experience of realizing the progress you have made as you look back with humor on earlier, more immature behaviors. Once you have attained the perfection of Paradise there is no further need for humor, for the relaxation of Paradise is the worship of the central shining of the Deities. There in perfection you no longer need the reversion process. But that is a long ways off for you. In the meantime, this is something that you all need to be reminded of, for when a person is most caught up with themselves, they are also most in need of reversion and yet at such moments, the thought of reversion is most remote. What I would ask you to do is to become self-conscious this week of those moments when you are experiencing extreme stress and tension, when you are taking yourself too seriously, when you are forgetting who you are and your relationship to eternity and when everything is blown out of proportion. Try at this time to remember these words: "Stop yourself, go into stillness and ask for the gift of humor to enter your heart and mind, and you will be guided in a way that will break this vicious circle of over-seriousness and self-centeredness." At this time Daniel wishes to address the questions presented to him by Scott.

Teacher Contact

Daniel (Bill): My dear friends, this is Daniel again. I wish to comment to our new friend Scott on his desire for a teacher. As I indicated last week, there is a teacher chosen for him who has been with him and has interacted in his mind already. If Scott desires his teacher's conscious presence, I am authorized to confirm that this agreement of teacher/student has been approved by Machiventa. And Scott may be assured that this teacher will be available to him on a mutually-agreed schedule for interaction. No, I will not present this teacher by name for as you all know, it is part of the student's responsibility to attempt to hear the name of the teacher, for it provides a focused, concentrated point in the meditation experience.

To you then, Scott, I say enjoy this new friendship that you will begin to experience consciously. Know that a teacher's role with you is somewhat different than your guardian angels, for they manipulate circumstances and interactions. But this teacher will be to you a coach, a companion, and a friend. He will or she will, as the case may be, offer advice only upon request or with permission. But counsel will always be presented in terms of friendship.

Now as to your role in the Teaching Mission, it is not my place to discuss this with you. Your role is that which you will freely choose. It is the plan of your Indwelling Monitor for your life that we are discussing. Therefore I cannot even if I were authorized to tell you what that role might be. But you may be assured that there is a plan for your life which you may choose to follow, as there is a plan for every free will creature that is Father-indwelt. Most of us have incompletely followed that plan. Christ Michael, our Sovereign Universe Father was able and willing to follow his plan perfectly. However, most of us can only approximate some of it in the mortal career. That you have an interest in knowing your role indicates to me that your heart is reaching out to embrace the will of God for yourself. I am quite sure of this fact.

Therefore, in stillness seek the presence of the great light that lights you from within, quiet your mind that you may hear the voice of the One that is your guide, your Perfect Pilot. I encourage you to rejoice in the progress that you have made so far. That you have come to this place is no accident and that you have opened this door is your decision. I am glad to include you in the Teaching Mission as a student enrollee. I send you the love and greetings of Abraham who is in charge of the Destiny Reservists for indeed are you all involved with this mortal corps. If you have further questions for me or another celestial, please contact your human companions and we will try to be of assistance. My love to you. I am Daniel. Good evening, Scott.



Virginia: Teachers, I was very interested in the lesson tonight because it is one that I observed this week in that the humor at work has been one of ridicule and sarcasm. And as I observed what was going on, I decided that ridicule is really a way to try to gain control of that other person. And I am certainly reminded that Judas did not like ridicule and boy, I don't either. And as I observed that, it made me angry. It made me also realize that my anger was because control was the issue. This is something that I've been reflecting on today and I'd appreciate anything you might want to say on that.

Daniel (Bill): My dear, I have to concur with your perceptions in that derision and ridicule are not even remotely related to the humor that we are talking about. The decision to point out the faults of other people or characterize them in such a way as to demean them comes from a profound sense of spiritual poverty - a great lack of understanding of the dignity of each faith son and daughter of our Creator. This kind of behavior is completely of origin in the animal nature even though sometimes persons with high intellect can sharpen the vehicle of this derision and impress others with their mental felicity. Even so, brilliance and intellectual power are no measure of spiritual stature. So to be clever at harming another's reputation, of putting another person in a bad light, is indeed a base and childish behavior. This is the kind of behavior that you observe in immature children - name-calling, exclusionary, cliquish groupings, whose reason for existence is based on excluding others who are alleged to be inferior. In this way do these persons of immature status attempt to gain control over other people and this kind of behavior is most serious, for it smacks of the error of Lucifer himself who would have deprived the Universe of free will.

To become angry as you observe this is of course better than accepting the poison of this behavior and internalizing it in a depressed reaction to rejection. But anger alone is not sufficient because understanding the true nature of this poisonous, childish, immature, animalistic behavior allows you the ability to understand and accept that this kind of thing - derision and so forth toward others - bespeaks extreme spiritual poverty. It is in the eyes of Michael a cry for help. It is a presentation of serious sickness that calls forth the compassion of the Great Healer of the Master himself. Your planet as a whole has been this sick, and each of you are joined with us in this Correcting Time mission by your voluntary choice to bring healing. May it begin with a full understanding of the circumstances and backgrounds involved in this kind of childish behavior. My dear Virginia, has this been a helpful dialog?

Virginia: Thank you, Daniel, yes it has and of course it is confirming for me to realize that you would support my insight but it also is a very difficult conclusion in that I believe with all my heart that if I could get to know this particular person it would certainly help me to understand, and I know that that would lead to love, but that has been rejected by her. There is simply no relationship that is possible there. I know my anger is not productive; I appreciate your saying it's better than depression. But I know it's not productive and I certainly do pray that I will find the right reaction, the right action rather than just to react. And so I thank you for your comments.

Daniel (Bill): And I wish to clarify one thing. I am not suggesting that you on your side alone can bridge the gap that is now between you two, because it takes both parties to form a satisfactory relationship. But I am suggesting that you can transcend anger, which is better than depression, whether or not there is ever a true reconciliation between you - so that I wanted you to be clear that I was not suggesting you are responsible for bridging that gap that is now there between you and this other individual.

Virginia: Thank you, Daniel. And I know you know all the circumstances and you know what I've done and what I've tried to do and how unsuccessful it's been. Thank you.

Daniel (Bill): I am well aware of your valiant and loving intentions, my dear.

Virginia: Thank you and I'm so grateful there's a God that looks at the motives.

Daniel (Bill): The Universe outside of the sin-scarred planets shares in that attitude as well. Are there other questions?

BobD: So let me get this straight, Minearisa - from your statements on what we should do this week, it sounded to me that what you were saying was that to get away from our self-reflection and our inward thinking and our focus on ourselves, we should focus on ourselves and understand that when we are focusing on ourselves, we should lighten up. (laughter) Now this sounds like a humorous situation in and of itself, the assignment, so I was just double-checking to get a clarification of what the assignment was for this week... but I just actually loved the insight and thought it was rather humorous your relation, since you folks related that you have difficulty doing that sometimes.

Minearisa (Cathy): This is Minearisa. Humor on your world is not a luxury. It is an essential. You are as if swimming in deep, stormy water. And you can think of humor as your life-preserver. In order to clarify my assignment, it is to simply remember that that life preserver is available to you at any time, and to reinforce its importance in your lives - for without it the great undertow of depression can overwhelm even the strongest of swimmers. If there are no further questions...

BobD: Oooooh.... (laughter) Thank you very much for your reflection back and... depression, what is that? I'm not sure I can relate... (laughter) but I still regarded your assignment as rather humorous and thought it fitting for this evening. Thanks again.


Minearisa (Cathy): With that, I and the other assembled personalities bid you a hearty good evening.