1998-10-18-Teacher Contact

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Topic: Teacher Contact

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl, Olin, Corelli

TR: Unknown



JarEl: Greetings and welcome to you today. I am JarEl. I will first off allow time for anyone else to present a teacher.

Teaching Mission

Olan: Greetings, this is Olan, a personal teacher. Again, it is a great opportunity to present to this group my greetings. I am not a group teacher but a personal teacher. It is truly a privilege to be here on Urantia, a privilege to be working with individuals striving to contact their Thought Adjusters. We are really teachers, or intermediaries, striving to help you find and to meet and to contact your Thought Adjusters. With whom you some day will become a part of. I have but a word of greetings and a word of thanks. Until maybe again someday we can contact again. Thank you.

Corelli: This is Corelli. I have wanted to contact you for a long time, Stella. You are to be commended for your cheerfulness and patience and we look forward to being in contact with you once you have finished with this tremendous project of Norman's. Your book is coming along fine, very well, and we look forward to its publishing. We wish to tell your friends in this lovely home that we greet them all and we look forward to them each having individual teachers. There are so many of us out here and we are so anxious to contact mortals that we can hardly wait for that time to occur. As you know, Stella, this has been popping up all over the world. When you met that lovely young woman, Helen, in Estonia--other people are also receiving these messages and do not know what is occurring. It is all of your peoples' task to enlighten the world that these messages will be coming shortly and very quickly, as quickly as we can get them out to you mortals. So please do not be afraid, do not be discouraged, but continue your daily meditations and to tell other people of what is occurring. This is one of the greatest movements in the history of this planet, and that thousands are being contacted, not only one as was the case with The URANTIA Book. That was a massive undertaking and it was very successful. Now these will be on an individual basis and we want you all to join with us and disseminate the word of God and of Jesus. So please, please, help us by doing your share. We love you all. We look forward to individual contacts.

JarEl: Thank you for sharing. Last time we got together we discussed teacher contact and it is hoped that some of you made a little more effort with this task. If there are any further questions we can discuss this later on during our questions and discussions.



Regarding our teachings--our last teaching had to do with truth and that aspect of truth as it effects each one of you personally. So, we learn that truth is in understanding. It is the understanding of love in situations. It is the understanding of love in conflict. It is the eternal rhythm of the Divine Manifesto. Relationship of man and God is of primary focus and concern as regards our teachings. The aspect of soul--the growing presence of this relationship between man and God--establishes the presence of beauty in the Universe. And I use the word "beauty" to access a much larger pattern here. For it is not merrily the physically pleasing, sensual aspect of beauty that I would like to address, as it is the general and some what eternal patterns which manifest themselves even here in your mortal lives. From a spiritual standpoint we see beauty as spiritual value. And when we detect and sense spiritual presence, spiritual activity, and spiritual value in your lives and in your activities we begin to anticipate the pattern of beauty taking hold on this world. For it is the spiritualizing of the mind and its activities which will eventually prepare the stage for much greater and positive changes to occur on this little world of yours. So, we begin to sense this beauty in the soul. We begin to see a real substantial presence, a genuine and authentic character developing, a consistency. Man begins to slowly submit his will. Man begins to discern the will of God and gradually, through your activity and will, through your patience and faith, a soul is born. A response to God's directive to be as perfect as he is perfect, to know him, to love him, and serve him.

The soul is not what you would call a dramatic event. It is something that is barely detectable in your mind and in your lives. Yet you can begin to sense it's influence, it's substance, for the soul begins to emit, as it where, a certain feeling, a certain sense of certainty that God is real, and that your value and realness is in proportion to your relationship with this realness. Your own sense of self worth begins to accrue. So, this sense of beauty, this sense of soul, begins to manifest in activity, in service, in patterns of thought. There are many beings on your world today who bring God and his will into their daily work--into their daily activities--and we begin to see this pattern emerging, this pattern of goodness. A pattern of correcting. And this goes on against a backdrop of confusion, against the backdrop of everyday life to the overwhelming and dramatic aspect of it. This beauty is as a light shining in the darkness. It is a pattern being woven to the fabric of everyday events. So I would like you to begin to see beauty as this pattern, as the possibility of spiritualizing your activities through your intention and through the acts themselves. This is not to take away from the more material and human aspects of beauty which for yourselves are real and valuable. To begin to see possibility where before you saw doubt. To begin to feel grace and glory in the mundane and everyday activities. This is the aspect of beauty I would like to present to you today--the aspect of man's soul as a vehicle, as a chariot, as the substance which transcends this mortal life and yields eternal personality to the other side. These are functional aspects of the soul.

Soul is an intricate part of your real personality. It is a part of the eternal you that you are creating in the moment of now. If God is truth, beauty, and goodness and you are his children, you are of the same substance. Your understanding of truth, your creation of beauty, and your becoming of goodness are all in the order of spiritualizing you individually and preparing your mortal career for an eternal transport.

This mind of this T/R is somewhat lethargic today. I'm making my way as best as I can. We will end now for our lesson and I will entertain any questions that you may have.



Lucille: JarEl? What are some of the spiritual things we can put into our routine material life?

JE: This is a good question, Lucille. Intentions are the most important spiritual attitudes that you can use in all of your daily activities. For example, you are bringing a meal to someone as part of your service for another who is not capable of preparing their own meals. Your intention is that this nourishment will serve this person physically. But that your act will serve this person's mind spiritually has a recognition of goodness, of beauty, and of truth. To the mind that is spiritually adept there is no mundane, there is only opportunity. And each situation presents a tremendous opportunity if one sees it as such. This is truly the spiritualizing effect within the mind. This is the consequence of the attention of one sitting in the presence of God. One begins to feel the realness of this power and this presence and becomes almost childlike in the love and feeling to bring this aspect of God and the spirituality into everyday mundane reality. To brighten up people's lives, to make someone else's day look better, to ease someone else's burden of thought, to give some spiritually thirsty person a drink of water. So, I would say that it is an attitude that one becomes conscious, actually totally conscious, all day long in everything that you do with the intentions to serve this person's benefit and higher good in whatever manner of service you are offering. This also begins to hold in check your own personal judgements, your own personal negative feelings, your own personal whatever, and begin to see a much greater need to serve the personal aspect of God in human service. Does this help?

Lucille: Yes, thank you very much.


Nel: This morning I was asking questions having to do with giving love to our brothers and sisters. It seems that some people are not ready to receive it. I came to realize that we are limited as humans, so the love that we give is limited. As soon as we don't get the response we expect we feel disappointment, sadness, anger, and resentment. I realized that what we need to do in order to really love our brothers and sisters is to step out of the way and really let God love that person. We should recognize God's love because then those emotions won't come up. As we practice that then eventually it becomes automatic, we don't have to consciously do the "act" of letting God do it, it will be automatic.

JarEl: This is good. It is actually God who is loving and you are very observant in that the capacity to receive is just as important as the ability to give. For God's love is given unconditionally, yet it is only experienced when one is capable opening up the heart and receive this love. And even greater than that is when one is able to give this love directly to another person. But there is a great lesson in discerning this concept of unconditional love. It is not that God is an unemotional person, that God is an A-Person who does not feel. That fact is God can give to you without expecting anything in return. And the return actually begins within the human heart when man and woman begin to discern, just like you have discerned, that this love and this presence is not for us personally as it is for us to share and to present to the world. For when we present it as ourselves, there is a myriad of human expectations and attachments, which of course can never be met. So, to begin to understand serving the will of God, is beginning to understand this lesson of no conditions. Thank you for sharing, Nel. (You're welcome)

Donna: JarEl, I would like to add something here. Part of what helps in being able to step back is to be centered. I think we, as individuals need to be very centered in order to give and not expect a return, or not take it personally when we don't get the return we would like to see. I would like to tap in on your lesson on beauty. I think that part of being centered is being able to see beauty in our world and in our lives. So I have a suggestion. I have a folder I call "Images of Beauty". I've simply collected images that I feel are beautiful and uplifting. You all can do this too; it's a good way to center yourself by thumbing through all your images of beauty. I think it's helpful because when we become disappointed, disillusioned, or hurt, we loose touch with the beauty that is in life and the beauty God always has for us.

Nel: I wanted to share something about my daughter. We didn't' raise here with a religion, but now of course she knows The URANTIA Book is studied by some in the family. She thinks its' weird. But I see tremendous spiritual growth in her. She understands well the idea of a brotherhood, and she is living it as best she can. She talks about spirituality often, but as soon as I equate that with God she becomes uncomfortable. I was recently with her and I told her that I see growth in her, but she admitted that there are still issues she struggles with. She gets impatient with her children, etc. I said, "Maybe you should read The URANTIA Book." But all she said was, "Oh, please!" I later told her about my experiences with depression and that I felt I was inspired many times to do certain things. I explained that I felt it was God that inspired me. But when I said that God lives in all of us and he lives in her too, it seems she recognized that truth, and I felt for the first time that idea felt good to her.

JarEl: Anyone else want to share?


Donna: When I come out of my stillness I many times think, "Okay, I'm not really having as strong a connection as I should have." So I will pray, "God please go with me throughout my day and let it become a walking meditation. Let the stillness always be there for me to tap into throughout the day and let me live my life as a work of art." I think this is partly what JarEl is talking about in integrating the spiritual into our daily lives.

JarEl: Sometimes the surface of human emotions is like the surface of the planet. There are hills and valleys. Sometimes you feel very strong and very powerful, and other times you feel depleted and unconnected and not so strong and more needy. And through all these times, especially when you are in the valley of your feelings; or your emotions; or your balance, remember that the same God and the same presence is still there with you. You may not feel it as strongly and you may not be able to express it as quickly. This is part of the human condition. This is part of man's need to daily connect his thoughts with the presence of God. To daily intend do your prayers and these thoughts to bring God's connection into your activities, into your daily encounters, and in seeking God's help with whatever you maybe working with that day. Does anyone have any other thoughts to share? Any other experiences?

Lucille: I've had many experiences in the last six weeks. The people have been wonderful. Hal has been a lifesaver--he's a taxi driver, he even mopped the floor one-day. You should see him on his scooter, he'd go back and forth and then he'd skid and back up. After that we decided we'd better have the cleaning lady every week. (Group laughter) It's been an experience that he hasn't had before. We've gotten all kinds of phone calls and letters. People have brought food for us and even Genni came up last night and brought up pasta with sauce. She brought a friend of hers and shared dinner with us. So being on the receiving end is really a different feeling. It has been wonderful. And I thank you all for bringing all the food today.

Nel: We are all very grateful for you, Lucille and Hal, for everything you've done for us.

Al: I'd like to share something we experienced recently. We've owned a number of rental homes as a part of our retirement. As it turned out, it wasn't very successful because property values have gone down. Two of the properties have been vacant for over two years now, and we've ignored the problem being busy with other things. It didn't get better. Last year we spent some time fixing up one of the houses and it sold. We should have learned the lesson then but it didn't come home, yet. I think Father wants us to put in the effort before we get the reward. It doesn't pay to try and put it onto someone else to do. We would try to rent a place thinking they would do the fix up, but they never did the fix up and they wouldn't pay the rent. We'd end up kicking them out and the problem was twice as bad as it was before. Recently we've been going to one of our other houses, which was in a terrible state. We spent many weekends fixing it up. We finished up the work and within a week we sold it. That showed us we have to do what we have to do and we shouldn't put things off. Spiritually this experience was very good for us.

Ascension Career

Hal: JarEl, do you have these problems up in your world?

JarEl: Different ones. There is a lot to say about effort and the reward of effort. More often than not you will find that your effort is matched by the universe. In a sense this is a reward for your efforts. Also, the understanding of what one needs to do, and the doing of this, not only justifies what you thought and believed but also sometimes yields the unexpected.

Hal: Do you have more of a feeling there of being a part of the Father, a part of the total universe above? Will we get that feeling more profoundly?

JarEl: You can get that feeling now. You get that feeling little by little as you go along.

Hal: A gradual process then.

JarEl: Yes, it is a gradual process. Only, it is not fully culminated until that far distant day.

Hal: When you view Paradise, huh?

JarEl: Even when one becomes fused with their Thought Adjuster, this is just another aspect of being, it is more a sense of certainly and empowerment. But it is far less than when all of the struggles have been overcome and worked through. You have literally exhausted your potential when you finally qualify to leave time and space to move onto Paradise. So yes the evolutionary concept--the gradual slow daily struggles, patience. Though in our worlds you are not so much impeded by the arrogance, ignorance, and blind stupidity as you are down here. Nonetheless the struggle is still there. At times the uncertainty, the doubt, and the work is still there. There is no substitute for work. Work is a real thing.

Lucille: We will have to go to classes studying languages and all of that?

JarEl: Yes

Hal: We have less pressure of time up there, do we not?

JarEl: Less pressure in time in terms of your mortality. But the quicker you learn your lessons the faster you rise. Just as it is here.

Donna: JarEl, you are fused at this point, is this correct?

JarEl: I have been fused for quite awhile. That was a tremendous day.

Hal: Is it correct that you are a resident of Salvington?

JarEl: It is correct that I have a residence there. As of lately I've been vacationing on Urantia. (Group laughter)

Nel: You must have good laughs sometimes, JarEl. Do you?

JarEl: At times we find situations quite humorous, partly through our own experiences.

Faye: Do you have many other groups that you teach, JarEl?

JarEl: Not as directly as this one.

Teacher Contact, Thought Adjusters

Faye: Are you able to discern what we think?

JarEl: No.

Nel: Are you frustrated with us sometimes?

JarEl: No.

Faye: What beings do have access to our thoughts? Do our own teachers have access to our thoughts?

JarEl: The Father has access to our thoughts.

Faye: Only the Father, what about our own teacher?

JarEl: The teachers have access to your thoughts in a limited capacity, being that you have made your mind accessible to their probing. And part of this is probing of memory patterns, vocabulary, and certain capacities. You also have the opportunity to allow not only for access and probing, but also for correcting little things, little mental vagrancies. How would one say that its possible for the teachers to straighten out a few of the mental blocks that have been knocked over, put things in a more correct way for you? This is an extremely subtle process in terms of perceiving changes. Though over a period of time you can begin to sense the changes that are going on in your mind. Of course, a lot of these changes are in direct relationship to your own spiritualizing advances with your mind through your experiences. Because as all of you have experienced, these thought patterns begin to shift and change and your perspectives begin to shift and change. For example, The URANTIA Book has tremendously altered most of your perspectives, how you see yourself, God, and the world. If a book can do this just think of what experiences can do. So yes, the mind and its private thoughts are the realm of you and the Thought Adjuster. So if there is any surveillance at all on a mental [level] it is the Father within. The celestial helpers, the seraphim, and the angels of your world do not have access to communicate with your mind, though they have connections with circuitry to be able to communicate with the Thought Adjuster. The Thought Adjuster can communicate his intentions for your well being. And this is taken into account in celestial service to your needs.

Donna: So our Thought Adjuster tells our guardian angel what we need?

JarEl: It is not so much on a personal level as it is access to circuitry. For example, when the daily orders are given these things are taken into account. So there are communications about your well being. Just to get back briefly to what we were discussing. One of the important things to recognize is that, although the Thought Adjuster has access to your thoughts, this is not necessarily something to fear or hide from as it is to begin to understand the tremendous potential that is available to you because of this situation--this relationship that God lives within your mind and heart. God is constantly, if you may, adjusting your thoughts. God is putting his thoughts, your higher thoughts, into your mind. He is also putting in awareness--every once in a while he'll through one in. And you will go, "Oh, aha!" You begin to sense and see something. You can tell where these thoughts are leading. These are actions of the Thought Adjuster. Because the Thought Adjuster knows you intimately he knows your mind personally. And he is revealing you to yourself, if this makes sense. He is revealing what you are to become because only he knows how you are. You are discovering who you are through your experiences, but he actually knows you and for all practicable purposes you and he are one. And at this point, when you reach that level of activity and awareness, is when Adjuster fusion takes place. When you have truly become one--of one mind and of one substance with the eternal presence. So have no doubts about God living in your mind. Use this to your advantage. Begin to see the benefits of having yourself constantly being revealed to you. And as you will experience this it will be revealed to you in personal and individual ways. It will not be the same for each person, though the fact is the same for each person that you are being revealed to yourself. It is much like the correcting time. Most of you by now have reached a point where God is correcting you. He is telling you and showing you what you must do and which direction you must follow. Whether you are paying attention to this or not is another matter, but God is not a judge. God is patient and God knows that through your intentions eventually you will follow his leading and you will catch on. And you will be brought to where he is bringing you. Any thoughts?

Growth, Supreme

Nel: Is it that who we really are is actually the talents that God has given us? We mostly see ourselves as the ego. The ego makes us do things and want things. But if that finally all falls away then who are we?

JarEl: Well, it is not something that can be explained quite in those terms, Nel. It is something that is daily being revealed to you. And it is being revealed to you as your capacity to assimilate that begins to manifest in your activities--when you begin to live and act in accordance with God's will, and what he is leading you towards, and showing you. And I'm not talking about not retaining your individuality or who you are, or who you think you are, but as you begin to blend. Because this is not a high contrast situation this is very much a gray area. This is an area in which you are slowly letting go of what you think because you are discovering that what you think is not all the time either correct or important. And you are beginning to discover that aspect of your mind that God is showing you, you begin to discover areas that all of sudden open up into whole new situations and things for all these experiences to happen that you had never rally considered before. Along these lines are areas of service, service to yourself, service to those you love, service to the planet, to mankind at large. But service to God's will that you as a human beings are able to stand aside and allow, in your words, God's love, God's will to be in control here, to direct the outcome. And this is the most that you can hope for. Even the most spiritually advanced of your races are not fusing as of yet. My intention here is to show you that there is a tremendous amount of growth that is yet to present itself within each of your lives. It is not something that you can circumvent, and it is not something you can bypass. It is something that you cannot expect someone else to do for you. This is something that you must do yourself. And, again, as your capacity to receive these things within yourself begin to manifest in activities in what you do, then you begin to experience growth, spiritual growth. And what is growth? If a tree is growing it is growing into the tree that it is. If you are growing you are growing into who you are. So it is not important to define yourself as a finished object, as a finished person. That will be available to you at a far distant time, at a far distant place. Right now it is just okay to know that you are growing, that you are paying attention, that you are focusing on bringing God's will into being.

Hal: Is it still our goal, as we go up through the minor sector and the major sector, to be perfect as the Father is perfect while we prepare ourselves for Uversa? Is this still the goal but only on a larger perspective?

JarEl: Let's observe another perspective, Hal. Lets take the opposite end. Lets take the Paradise Sons as they come into time and space and create universes. These are perfect beings--Michael, the Michael Sons, and Nebadonia. These are beings created by the primal Deities, by the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. These are perfect beings. So what are they doing here? What is their task? So, you see in their acts of creating universes from your perspective they are in a sense creating chaos. They are creating potentials. They are creating evolutionary worlds to be peopled with evolutionary beings. They setup spiritual centers of administration and staff these centers all the way up to their bases. And these beings also have to experience the lives of the creatures that they have created, and the reason why I am showing you this is, from your perspective, when you reach Salvington you will have become a spiritual being. You are beyond morontia. You are pure spirit. You are not even allowed to land on Salvington as a morontia being. You are a spiritual being and you come to Salvington for that further spiritual refinement, that personal and individual spiritual refinement. And all the way to Orvonton you will be experiencing further unique spiritual refinement. But nonetheless, the tasks at hand will be the work of the universe, not necessarily the personal work of you yourself, but the work of the unsettled activities of time and space which will demand your expertise. Just like the unsettled activities of Nebadon demand the creative and perfect expertise of Michael. Are you beginning to understand what I am trying to show you? That there is many levels of things going on here. There is your own personal spiritual evolution, but there is also the evolvement of the Supreme Being. There is also the task involving what is around you. And though what evolves around you may not evolve at the same rate as yourself, you are allowed progressively to advance. But many times the work is still the same.

Hal: Is this all becoming more like the Father, this refinement of our spiritual nature and the world around us?

JarEl: Well what do you think?

Hal: I would assume it is

JarEl: I think you assume correctly.

Hal: So the entire journey all the way up to Paradise is becoming more like the Father.

JarEl: For your particular journey that is true. As a matter of fact before you are allowed onto the shores of Paradise you will have earned the right. The stringent regulations will have been satisfied to allow you to dock on the shores of Paradise. And when the universe of time and space has evolved to that level it is quite possible that the boundaries of Paradise will then shift to encompass the new realm of perfection, which have become the seven superuniverses and the evolution of the Supreme.

Hal: We should keep in the back of our mind all the way along that we are striving to become more like the Father in perfection.

JarEl: Well, to tell you the truth, Hal, whether you keep it in your mind or not you will constantly be reminded of it all the way up to Paradise. Just like here and now. You have a tremendous responsibility to connect with God within--to spiritualize you, to transform Hal. But there is a catch here: in order to transform yourself you have to also demonstrate the capacity to act transformed. To begin to change that which is around you also. Because there are many beings that would not know that you are personally transformed unless they can see this, because they do not have access to your mind. Now God knows this, but there aspects of God. For example, God indwells each and every one of you. God indwells all the beings on this planet, the human beings, anyway. But God is restricted to the capacity of each one of you to interact with each other. Yes, God is connected and all the Thought Adjusters are connected, in a certain sense, and have an ulterior motive at work here. They are trying to transform human evolution into a thing of symmetry and beauty, into social harmony. So there is a dual purpose here in the spiritual endeavors, there is the personal and there is the social. And this will be pretty much the pattern all the way through the superuniverses.

Hal: Thank you. You have enlarged upon my concepts considerably.


JarEl: Anyone cares to share who has not had a chance to? (Pause) Well, again I thank you all for coming today and we will see you again next time. Group: Thank you, JarEl.