1998-11-22-Prosperity & Happiness

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Topic: Prosperity & Happiness

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and once again I want to thank you all for coming here this evening. Tonight, we are scheduled to discuss prosperity and happiness.


Wealth, Happiness

For many of you these ideas are held as goals and not realities in the now time. You all strive for increasing prosperity and increasing happiness and are forgetting that as you are now is where these things are existing.

We spoke last week of the expanding morontial soul or even morontial body, in that it is bodily connected, and we discussed this soul expansion as being the well spring of peace and of health. But it is also the wellspring of contentedness and happiness as well.

The ideal of prosperity of having enough is found in this inner realm just as surely as there is peace there. When you focus intensively on the outer world, on the future, on striving and planning, you can, and often do, lose balance with the inner world where all things are and are now. The prosperity you are seeking, the happiness that seems to lie in the future does not lie there at all. It is only within that these things can ever be realized.

Part of the sickness of materialism in your world is this focusing on inner scarcity that what you have is a reflection of who you are and who you are is not enough, therefore what you have is not enough. You desire to be in this level of society that is above where you are now, say, and feel that when you get "there" you will feel more complete, more whole. It of course, is not the actual material gains that you are thinking of, but having these things or being in this circle of people will somehow magically confer upon you the self-confidence and inner peace that is now lacking.

This is the result of misplacing your focus, that inner drive is within you for a purpose, a divine purpose. It is meant for you to strive toward the ultimate goal of all beings which is God-likeness and that inner dissatisfaction is there to spur you on toward making adjustments in your thinking that guide you ever inward toward the Universal Father.

Over the past milienia there has been an increasing tendency of Urantian's, human beings, to focus that inner drive in outward areas. To amass wealth or gain status is thought of as goals worthy of men. To gain respect for your fellows by this same method is seen as the end in itself. But, of course, these outer symbols, these steps up the social ladder, have never brought peace, tranquility, or the feeling of true prosperity to any living person. Many men seek power over others, seek the reverence, the applause of the masses feeling that this is an end in itself. But, of course, it is not.

Women of your world have known most intuitively that these things are not an answer and have for the most part been more diligent and persistent in pursuing spiritual goals. But, even this now is changing as women are competing in the arenas of men. Women too are losing their old spiritual ideals. Your churches have long been held together by women and now the churches are losing their influence on society as women now have other pursuits.

Adjusting to the spiritual presence of the Father, adjusting to his love and his will requires whole-hearted dedication with this spiritual growth and becoming and being the center of life, and all else, even worthy goals, being second. This is the meaning of true prosperity. True prosperity is found only in spiritual growth and the gradual becoming God-like. God is so real and so overwhelming, so central, that there must be nothing that you put before him, nothing that would stop you from growing toward him and in his likeness.

There is no fear in this proposal. Human beings see this requirement and instinctively recoil in fear and trembling. For human beings have their plans, have their idea of who they are and what they want to be and to put that in the hands of God is a true faith leap. But once this leap is made, then truly can you stand by while your most cherished dreams crumble to the ground, while your most fervent hopes are dashed and your innermost longings are disappointed because you know that these cataclysms in life, these things that seem horrendous at the time, are just God's way of preparing the way for something greater to take its place and you will likewise know that no good thing is ever lost and no good thing is ever abandoned or not made use of.

That is peace my children, that is prosperity in the true sense and it is the seed of all happiness. Those who walk with the Father live more immediately in the now time and allow the Father's hand thus to lead them through the succession of moments into the future that is the Father's greater will. The man whose mind is centered on God fears not for his future, nor does he excessively regret the past. He is stationed in the now time and is content with his abundance there.

Of course plans are made in this now time, of course futures are looked forward to, but you are not living in that future. You realize that when hopes are disappointed that they were only hopes after all, that the Father's plan is always better. One thing is sure and certain, the Father's plan is always better.

So, be contented where you are, as you are. Seek to know that vast mystery that is yourselves and strive toward the worthiest goal, the only goal worth striving for, which is God-likeness. That is all for now, are there any questions at this time?



Q: It seems to me that I am tracing all of man's troubles to low self-esteem. It seems to me that it must be caused by when in children's lives, a shortage of love, a shortage of unselfishness, a shortage of God. Am I over simplifying it, am I over emphasizing it? It seems to me that low self-esteem is universal and it is behind the preoccupation of the greedy pursuit of wealth and all that.

Ham: You on your world have had so few members who have truly walked the way of God. The one perfect role model, Jesus of Nazareth, was born so long ago and his life has been so steeped in myth and mystery, that his life has not been allowed to serve as a model. Therefore the lack of basic awareness of reality on your world has brought confusion and misplaced idolatry. The real goal of life has been replaced by many and sundry superficial and unworthy goals. The correcting time will correct this misconception and begin to bring forth many human beings whose lives are dedicated to the one worthy goal and these human beings will serve as beacons of light to many thousands of their brethren.

Many have asked what is the purpose of life and some have thought the purpose of life was to find God but you know that God has already found you. Your purpose is then to increasingly grow in the spirit, to actualize your growing and dynamic personalities in reality. And to actually become more and more like the creator by choosing that which is God-like in your highest understanding. The Father lives within each person and has thus given himself to be the perfect guide, the focus of infinite perfection that slowly draws to himself that which is imperfect and thus grows perfection out of imperfection. This could be said to be the Father's will, the Father's plan. Is this helping?

Christianity, Economics

Q: Yes. You said churches are losing their influence. Are they losing their influence as they are becoming more materialistic?

Ham: Not entirely. Churches on your world have always had one foot squarely in the material and one in the spiritual realm. It is due to many factors, but mainly because during this time period, your world is changing so very rapidly the churches cannot maintain their control and influence over the people and this is all for the best. We anticipate in the coming centuries a more or less complete transformation of what is known as the churches. But, this transformation will come from without not from within.

Q: Ham, I'm not sure what that means.

Ham: It means the old church institutions will gradually die and fade into history, that a new and greater spirituality will take hold of the planet and the institutions of spirituality will be vastly different and much more integrated into society as a whole. At least, this is our projection.

Q: Could you relate that same type of discussion to our economic systems because all of us have to operate in this competitive capitalistic society that contains all the things that you are warning us about. Could you describe how you foresee the economic systems changing?

Ham: There are differing schools of thought on this issue. Most see the gradual spread of capitalism over the world, over the now impoverished areas with the gradual diminishment of armed conflicts. It is at this time a very great obstacle and it is entwined with capitalism and the capitalist idea also. So there is a link between these two concepts which might be called survival of the fittest or the strongest or the most ruthless. Some see that the diminishment of armed conflict therefore cannot come without the basic modification of capitalism. There is always a struggle between the ideals of economic freedom and the need to temper unbridled capitalism which feeds and contributes to the basest instincts of mankind. These are great problems, and we watch with great interest how the next few decades will play out. I wish I could be more specific.

Q: Thank you Ham.


Q: How could we better know God's will?

Ham: This is the central and most deeply personal question that anyone can ask. But, in truth, as in all things, the great is made up of the small. The journey of a thousand miles is one step in front of the other. Each human being has a myriad of decisions to make every day, great and small. And it is in these small decisions that the path to the Father is taken. How do you react to another? What do you say in this circumstance? Who do you speak to, do you smile, are you gruff? Do you open your heart or do you close it? Every life, every day, each person is bombarded with decisions and it is in letting go of the old ways and embracing that which is slightly better, more loving, more honest, more open. The way toward the Father is not one that you can chart afar off and set sail toward that far off goal without taking each and every step on the way as another whole-hearted decision. There are no kingly roads, there is no easy path for the small things are the hardest. It is truly the small things that are the hardest to change. But this is the way it has always been. God's will consists not so much in what shall I do with my life as a whole, but in should I offer assistance to this person, should I smile to that person, should I change my usual closedness to these things to openness. Should I be tolerant or intolerant, should I be understanding or judgmental. The way to the Father is wrapped up in the little things. Is this helping?

Personal Counsel

Q: Ham, I might be precipitous in this, but might I ask the names of my teachers to personify these beings I am leaning on.

Ham: Names are really unimportant, but one teachers name, the male teachers name, is Set. That is all for now.


Q: Do you have a message for me tonight?

Ham: Certainly, son, you have striven toward ideals that are somewhat distant, somewhat beyond your reach so you are prone to be disappointed in yourself, a little hard on yourself, for reasons that are just psychological , without basis. You have a perfectionism that is somewhat brittle so that you can disappoint yourself easily and feel unworthy. So, strive to be more flexible inwardly. Let yourself be more fluid, less rigid. Yes, you have done this with laughter, with humor, and this should be continued even up into areas you have kind of kept off limits as little islands where perfection must reign. Let all that go.

Yes, Rebecca, you too have this disease of over reacting to your mistakes, of being really easy on every body else except yourself and there, there can be no flaws, no errors, or you become emotional and upset. You are going to have to go to these places where this was set up in childhood - the "I can't disappoint mommy and daddy" areas, the areas of "I have to hold up all these other people, all these other emotions, and can't crack" areas. And there, you will be able, over a long period of time, to gradually release this compulsive perfectionism and find a more realistic place for yourself to be.

Q: Do I have that trouble too Ham?

Ham: No, you never took on the parent's expectations or their illnesses in quite that way. Yours was a fighting against the convention and a refusal to take on their responsibilities but also an internalization of guilt and a playing out of "they think I'm no good, therefore I must be" with a different dynamic.

Q: That thing you have given to them sounds like the way Mary Jo went too.

Ham: Yes.

Teaching Mission

Q: Ham is there a message I can take with me to Holland?

Ham: I understand what you are asking. Yes of course, the correcting time, the spiritual intervention time encompasses the world and all its peoples. Yes, if you are asking if there will be teaching groups like this there, my answer is there are some already in existence. There are many people from many walks of life in your country who are receiving messages and yet are reluctant to discuss these things or to gather with others. You have such an openness and ability to act as focal point and center for others to gravitate toward. In this function, you can bring comfort to others who are yet in confusion about what they are experiencing at this time. Yes, there is much work to be done for the greater good of mankind and this you have always desired in your heart to do. Throughout the following year, you will meet many people and be drawn into new circumstances that will help you in this journey, this endeavor, to aid the weak. Be therefore open to the Father's gentle leading and you will find new wonders spread before you like never before. Is this helping?

Q: Yes, thank you.

Q: Adele requested a message.

Ham: Yes, daughter, you are indeed beginning to open like a blossom. Much of the old fear and closedness is falling away now and you are embracing a newness and a sweetness of life that you have long sought.

Q: May I have a personal message please?

Ham: Certainly, son, you are feeling more firmly on you feet, more at ease with yourself, than you have felt for a long time. This is born from greater self-awareness and self- acceptance. You have still some childhood issues that will be coming to the surface soon so allow this to occur, don't fight it and push it down. Open you heart to greater inner bliss and embrace the stillness even more.

Q: Is there anything for me?

Ham: Son, you have dedicated yourself to art and the greater sense of self-realization through art for many, many years. This has served you and you have served it as well. The realm of the mind is only a doorway to the realm of the spirit and thus should not be exalted in itself. The times ahead will be somewhat trying and a little difficult for you are experiencing some rapid change and you tend to want to create things the way you want them and stay there. Yes, you have a domineering tendency that either people fit into or they don't and this sometimes tends to keep you away from experiences and people that would be beneficial to you. Therefore, my humble advice is to be open to change, be open to things that even make you uncomfortable at first. Open the curtains and let the light in and you will find yourself getting more balanced and more in tune with all the forces that come in and out of your life.

Q: Do you have anything for Esmirelda?

Ham: Daughter, don't be guilty or feel remorseful for being human. You have held everything together for so long that sometimes the impulse is to just throw it all down and walk away. This is fine and its all ok. You shouldn't feel guilty for not being manipulated. You have been the rock which others have depended on all of your life and yet you are quite easily manipulated by them as well. You do well, daughter, go in peace.

Q: Elena?

Ham: Yes, daughter, you do well. Be aware of you own needs and desires. Let your inner child explore new areas with freedom and abandon. Daughter, you do well, be at peace and accept the love of the Father.

Q: Frankie?

Ham: Son, be happy for you are doing well and have much to look forward to and to experience. Be at ease. Continue to explore new spiritual horizons and be open to practicing the stillness.

Q: Frankie has mentioned to me that he wished he knew his spiritual name but I told him you would probably not give it to me to give it to him, but I might be wrong.

Ham: Still premature.


Q: About my mission for coming to America. Am I confusing my own deepest desires with God's will or am I on the right path?

Ham: When the heart is pure, one's deepest desires are the reflection of God's will. There is no fear that this is confused in your case because your heart is very pure.

Q: Even if there is hurt for other people?

Ham: Yes, of course, the Father's path is for each person to find themselves. These paths are not always congruent. Sometimes, they diverge. But, it is not for one person to tell another what their path should be. Each one must find it themselves. Often humans are hurt and disappointed by making their plans involve other people and this is bound to end in disappointment at some point.

Q: Anything for Jared.

Ham: Son, you are doing very well and my heart is glad at your tremendous progress. You are truly becoming new in all ways and in all things. We are very happy and pleased with your progress.

Q: Ham would value you feedback a great deal.

Ham: Son, you likewise have an inner drive that stems from childhood that reaching for perfection, for approval that was never quite given from your father and so now you don't quite give it to yourself. You keep reaching further and further to find a place of self-approval but you must find instead the eyes of your true Father who loves you and approves of you as you are now. The earth father now is a static past reality that will be with you but now will allow you to develop your relationship with your true father in heaven to a much greater degree. The father in heaven is completely trustworthy and entirely loving and does not withhold his approval. Is this helping?

Q: Yes thank you Ham.

Ham: Are there any other questions this evening?


Q: Twenty five years ago president Kennedy was shot. I'm not sure you will answer this one, but was there someone on that grassy knoll? laughter

Ham: No, I cannot answer this specific question. There are many times when human beings are lifted to the world's stage and then retired for a purpose. I would say that this was the case here, but the greater purpose and the greater wisdom of it all is vastly beyond my meager understanding of your world's history.

Q: These things are in the hands of the Most High?Ham: Yes.


Until we meet again, as always my prayers and my love are with you each. Farewell and blessings be upon you.