1999-11-15-You Are Made From Earth

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Topic: You Are Made From Earth

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Henry Z.



Greetings friends, it is I JarEl. It is good to be here this evening. Wonderful to share the exuberance of your life investments, and your conversation. It is good to connect with you as a group.

We have talked about man and spirit, mind and personality. We have talked about this relationship between man reaching up toward spirit, bringing spirit down into consciousness, down into self, everyday affairs. Like the spirit counterpart to Trinity, on a human level, your spiritual transformation involves, body, mind, soul. The physical, mental, spiritual.


Body, Earth

Tonight I would like to talk about your connection to the earth, your connection to the substance of which you are made from this earth. This is a reality, albeit a transient one, a reality non the less. You are not the earth, you are not the body you inhabit, yet you live on this earth, this sphere, in a body, endowed with a mind, a fragment of spirit, a chart (?) of identity, a prerogative of will with animal senses. You are told, accessing spirit is accessing your ultimate reality. You are guided to look within yourselves to understand your past, live in the present and create your future.

One of the concepts which is challenging to humans involved in spiritual endeavors, is the concept of transformation. Many are enamored by the cerebral, the intellectual aspect of spirituality, the languaging of the spiritual; the wording, thoughts and concepts of spirituality. Many have problems adapting these concepts into a very real sense of purpose and self. What I am concerned about conveying to you this evening is the sense of you, yourselves being here now, on this planet in your bodies and sensing that to change spiritually and grow, sometimes takes allowing yourself a few adjustments. Sometimes these adjustments may be adjustments in lifestyle, they may be adjustments in thought, they may be adjustments in behavior. So what I am trying to get you to understand is a balance, a balance within yourself physically; your physical, chemical, electrical sense, your emotional and mental sense, and a balance between yourself, mankind and spirit.

Let us look at a building. Let us look at a very large, heavy and big building. This building is built on a foundation. The foundation, the base of the building sits on the earth. For a very large and stable building, you want to place the building on very stable ground, preferable rock, something that will not move. When you place the foundation, and begin to build, erect the structure; the foundation supports the structure. The structure supports the design of the building. The design of the building supports the functional, which serves possibly you as an individual and mankind in a social sense. This is much like your body. Your bodies, through life implantations, which evolved into living matter, eventually evolved into who you are, evolved from material and substance from this earth. There is a quote, a popular quote on Urantia, usually recited on the deceased ceremonies, "Dust to dust, Ash to ash". Your body, rendered to its base material.

While you live in this body, this temple, there is a relationship between how this body feels for you. Most of you have already experiences the varied nature and sense of the body; its limitations, what it does and does not do for you, and what you can and may do for it. It can make your life a lot easier, it can also compromise your life, as some of you have already experienced. So, with respect to your body and the world you live on, there is a symbiotic relationship. There is a relationship between the world you live on, how you, as a race treat this planet and how this planet treats your bodies. They are closely related to each other. Being a life form, you are closely related to all other life forms on the planet. Your closest relatives, animals and plants, you could not live without.

Yes, your scientists can synthesize food, chemicals, minerals and products, but it will never replace living plants and animals either for food or friends or companions. Man was put here to live upon this world, part of the economy of this world is your responsibility to provide for yourselves, your families and for the betterment of society at large. Your world is evolving beyond the basic initial groupings of herders and nationalist city-dwellers into a global village; one world full of living beings, plants, animals, and humans. There is a relationship between the individual and this large group. You may think "What is a drop of water to an ocean"? But if you were that drop of water, you are the ocean. If you are an organism of life, you are life itself on this world. Yes, it is a very large group on not so big a world, and yes, you are important. Your well being, your sense of health, sense of purpose is important. It is directly important to you the individual.

The relationship between your body as a temple, which houses the presence of the great spirit, and you as a human being, a human animal in a human animal body, draws interesting parallels and metaphors. There is a relationship between a balanced body and a balanced mind and an ever increasing balance and connection to spirit. There are examples of spiritual types on your world who have led quite ascetic lives. Who have even ignored their physical bodies to the point of emaciation. Who have lived totally in the intoxication and bliss of spirit. What we are suggesting is a much more practical and economical was to live with spirit and be a part, member of society, have families and be balanced. Occasionally it is wonderful to go to the mountain top and discern the stars. To dream. To wish. To connect more deeply with spirit.This planet will be changed one person at a time. As you, yourselves begin to change and adapt yourselves physically, emotionally, spiritually. You begin, and are already beginning to become sources of inspiration to yourselves and to others. There are many paths available to you at this time on your world to discern balance, to find the help you need, to understand yourselves, to understand your bodies, to adopt healthier ways of being, to insure greater health in your later years, as well as now. To see health as a pattern of lifestyle, not that you will live forever in this body on this world, but while you are in this body, and while you are on this world, that the potential to feel good, and make the most of your time here is very valuable.

In the spiritual economy, and from a spiritual viewpoint, the end product of eternity, the worlds of time and space in this universe age, worlds such as the one you live on, are very real and valuable situations. The pattern of life in Nebadon is taken from on of the worlds of Havona, where a perfection of life, which our universe has borrowed and entered upon a grand experiment in time, in evolving life, will creatures, beings capable of reproducing God's will in animal flesh. Capable of ascending through the universes and becoming a perfected being, gives great value and meaning to the whole spiritual economy of the superuniverses and this time and space universe age of the evolving Supreme. Even though, upon a humble world as Urantia, that has been tumbled and tossed by rebellion, be confusion, by default, by isolation, by superstition, non the less, there is real life here. There are real beings here, in real time, serving a real purpose.

So as you begin to see yourselves and God more as ONE, also begin to see yourselves and the world you live on as one. You may not be able to control all of the activity on the planet, but you are able to control your own activity on the planet in how you relate to the people, the life and this world in general.

In your coming meditations this week, I want you to sense wholeness; balance, and begin to sense that God is completeness. You are a part of completeness, a part of wholeness. You are becoming whole and complete. Begin to sense what connects one layer of yourself of yourself to another. See how the mind fits into the body. How your body stands on the ground. How your personality is exhibited through your sense of being. How the light of God is brightening in your lives.

Thank you for allowing me to share these thoughts with you today. I will now entertain any further discussion you nay have.



Student; JarEl, you spoke of so many people on our planet, and it is ever increasing in population. I get letters from groups advocating zero population growth who are working with the United Nations and others to raise funds to teach family planning and to educate third world countries about birth control and such, mostly family planning. What is your thought and ideas about such groups?

Student: What is the celestial concept of population control?

Student; well zero population growth at least.

JarEl; My thoughts would range from the eyes of the people of this world are opening, and when they behold what they see, they see a situation at hand, and many feel inclined, responsible and find it necessary to direct the course of events. I would view this as healthy. There are many ways to treat this situation. Many situations on Urantia could be dealt with good business sense. For example; very poor families need to be given an incentive to control their birth rate. Unfortunately just passing laws is not going to solve problems. For major influential organizations and belief-systems keeping silent does not help. If you are asking me whether you should support these organizations or not, that is your personal prerogative.

Student; They feel that education, there are places where they are going to run out of water, run out of food, out of forests and they feel that by educating the people it serves the growth rate of the population.

JarEl; Education is part of a solution. The solution comes through tremendous effort and work.

Student; Thank you


Student; JarEl in your first part you discussed saying you, we are living in a body, in a material existence. You quite often referred to you and we. What is the definition of we or you. We find ourselves physically and emotionally attached to our bodies. We understand that we have a spiritual nature to ourselves. When you refer to us as you, who do you mean. Sort of a philosophical question.

JarEl; Thank you, I love philosophical questions. You is the ideal person. You are the person you are becoming, your soul, your personality, your spirit. The person I will meet at some time in the future on another world. 'We' is a term that is used by this t/r to designate humans as a group in their human situation on this world. "You' is the individual. In correct English it would be, you are the individual. The word 'you' refers to an individual person. Does this help?

Student; I gather that as a person we have a personality which survives (the death) our physical body. We have a thought adjuster, a soul and a few other things. Is that who 'we' are now? The parts of us which survive the physical body?

JarEl; That is a good question. I cannot completely tell you who you are, now. This is something that you have to sense within yourself, who you are. (This is a question which every teen asks, 'who an I'?) For example; imagine yourself getting ready to leave this world and you are allowed to take one small suitcase; 'what would you put in it?'

Student; My soul

JarEl; and this my friend is about all you need to take. For your soul is the distilled essence of your life on this world. The person you are, and the seed-potential of a great spiritual being. Yes, you do take your potential, your potential is the thought adjuster, the gift of eternal endowment, the gift of greatness, the gift of love, the gift of substance.

Student; My soul is who I am becoming, then. My physical body which I have become attached to here is of a temporary usage. That is necessary in this particular environment.( Quite necessary, wouldn't you say) seems to be.

JarEl; this vehicle, this body which has served you is real. Its service and function are real, and yet they stay here, and a part of you moves forward. A part of you in a respect that is completely you. The only thing which you leave behind here is you own legacy. You take completely what you are with you, That when you awake on the next worlds of sojourn, you will completely remember who you are. You will know yourself, just as you know yourself here and now. (I'll know myself without my body.) A different body, one which in some respects is similar, functional and much better adapted to the new world of sojourn. A body which is not created from animal flesh, but a more substantial spiritual substance. A body that does not need flesh to survive. A body which can live more on energy, light, more rarified substance. Also you are given an endowment of mind that complements this body of new substance, on a world of new life to enable you more fully to become who you are. (We are becoming who we are all the way up to the Father) You are.

Guardian Angels

Student; This whole week I have been thinking about the angels, the seraphim which surround us. I am curious to know, well I kind of feel that I do have a seraphim, I am wondering if I one day will see them.

JarEl; you will certainly one day see them. In a sense they are around you and they do follow your movements and actions, not so much your thoughts. Though your thoughts are made known to them. They do not possess the capacity to share in your mind like the thought adjuster or the Spirit of Truth, or the adjutant mind spirits; through the circuits, your intentions are known. It is upon the intentions and decisions which you make that the angels act in your steed. They act in your behalf. All the while concerned to bring situation about which help enable your decisions and activities. Not necessarily interfering in the mistakes you make, but support you, that through these mistakes, you are able to grasp understanding and growth. When you become more activated spiritually, you become of much more use and importance in a spiritual sense. You are more closely and intimately assisted by the angels. Does this help. (Yes)

Mansion Worlds, Relationship

Student; On the mansion worlds, do we recognize people which we associated in this lifetime. Do we spend time working on relationships which we had on the earth.

JarEl; In some respects, yes, in answer to your first concern, you most certainly do recognize your associates from the days of flesh. (By voice) certainly, because throughout your ascension career everyone will go through tremendous change. The voice is one aspect of the personality that identifies a creature as such. This notion of continuing relationship is of certain concern. It is in this activity that many of your initial morontia or mansion world experiences will take place. Many people continue to work as human group associations on the mansion worlds. Part of your rehabilitation, if need be, has to do with making adjustments in some of your previous unresolved relationships.( Do we have choices in who we can establish relationships with, or does it just happen like it does down here, we are given a family of genetic relationships which we had no choice in. We run in to people which we did not plan on. Is this planned by the Father or do we make choices with who we want to have relationships with down there.) You are asking a lot at once. Yes, you have choices, yes you can work with who you ant to, and yes the Father has a plan for you. No, the Father does not tell you what to do. Others may certainly tell you what to do. Who it is these genetic situations in which you were born into that you have nothing to do with, what does that mean?

Student; That's, I had no choice as to who my parents were, my siblings were. (Did you not love them) Yes, regardless whether I selected them or not.

JarEl; Very good, not always do you have a choice of what is available to choose from, though you have a choice to choose from what is available. Just like on Urantia. (I guess this is what life is all about, making choices and decisions) That is exactly what life is all about. More and more you will find that life involves the situations which are the most uncomfortable with.(No, NO, I want to get out of that. Laughter) Then you will have many opportunities to work through this.

The Teachers

Student; JarEl, did you have a choice of choosing our group, or were you assigned. (Both)

Have you had many other groups before.

JarEl; Not such as I am enjoying at this moment. (Of those groups, did you ever physically meet your students on the mansion worlds.) On the mansion worlds, yes, I am an extremely thankful and grateful person to have been one of the many allowed passage to this world.

Student; I understand that you volunteered duty on this world, then Melchizedek or somebody sorts of helps you decide who you want to work with.

JarEl; There are compatible qualities which are evaluated in selecting a teacher with a student, a teacher with a group. I am thankful to have the opportunity to work with a group.( We are thankful for that). I an thankful to have the opportunity to experience a world such as yours, and to experience in contrast your particular group as my ward, my class, my friends. (Your problems)

Your problems.(laughter)


Student; JarEl, we have people who have asked to print your lessons. Henry has received a request and we wondered if we should print the questions and answers, just the lesson, what do you think, they want to print a book of your teachings, they are so wonderful.

JarEl; It is hoped that the time, valuable time which is spent in giving and receiving and learning lessons, that there be a way in which others can also benefit from this experience. There are proportionately to the population of Urantia a very few and very small amount of groups involved in this so called teaching mission. It is again of value to preserve these lessons. It is wonderful that these lessons are further transcribed for your needs, and lessons. They are passed on to your friends.

Student; In our future years, we will want to refer back to these early years of the teaching missions. It is a shame to loose all of this valuable lessons and knowledge.

JarEl. There is a vast economy of recycle in the Universe. It is much like water. Whatever rain does not fall upon the plant, goes into the ground, eventually goes into a reservoir or it eventually evaporates and comes back down again as rain. All truths are recyclable. All truths must be constantly presented as new facts, new truths, with a fresh face, an appealing style, so it is wonder if certain of you have gotten together and formed groups to preserve some of the better teachings, selected teachings from these sessions and are making then available to a more secular audience. This pleases me, and I approve of this activity.

Student; Thank you, JarEl, I just wanted to ask this, since there are some wonderful and beautiful lessons, We don't want to be selfish and keep then just to ourselves. They are so optimistic.

Yes and you were talking about recycling truth, we have so many teachings.

JarEl; Well what I am referring to is that what I am sharing with you. What I intend to share and impart to you , is to immediately aid in your search and growth. That you have stacks of records, is not important as the fact that you have grown, and have felt nurtured through the experience o receiving these teachings. That it has enabled you to change your lives, to establish a closer and a more personal and intimate connection with the spirit within. That whenever a person is ready for truth, truth will present itself. This is what I meant by recycling.

I am reminded at this time to answer a request for a gentleman named Michael. The request is for comments pertaining to what we have just discussed, and also for this gentleman's personal life. His physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual state. To you Michael my friend, your life poses a series of challenges. Do not be overly concerned about stumbling. Hold true to your vision and your intentions. It is through holding to your true self that the world around you will assist you with what you need. You do not need to go about looking. What you need will come to you. I thank you for the project which you are undertaking. I will periodically relay messages to you, thank you.

Student; I have a curiosity about your existence, how do you exist. In time and space? And What length of time would be involved in all the time which you have spent teaching us and other groups in the past/


JarEl; I am not quite sure if I understand what you are asking? You are asking me is teaching my full-time activity? (I assumed that it was, but maybe I should be clearer, I am not sure of how you exist. Is it in time and space as we know it?) Let's stop there. I exist in time and space. I am not sure you know this. In terms that I am not in the same energy realm in which you are in. I am in a different energy realm, in a sense another dimension.( But you do calculate time in that dimension) Certainly.( My curiosity is how much time you have been spending on all of the teachings you have been doing in years, I don't know how long. Centuries. I don't know how long. It was just a curiosity. I heard others ask things.) Well I can say that I spend part of my time teaching. As you begin to grow into your universe career, part of your time is spent demonstrating what you have learned. Sharing. This is how one advances in the universe, by imparting your knowledge. Unlike fact, or scientific study which is just observation. Knowledge is just experiential. Knowledge is the stuff of spiritual truth, and to earn the right to ascend spiritually, one must have the capacity to impart knowledge to another. Teaching is the universe method of imparting knowledge. Maybe to another individual, maybe to a group, it none the less is teaching. It is part of what myself and others do with our time and purpose in this life. Part of the excitement of working with you mortals, you wonderful people here on Urantia, is to sense the quality of knowledge and truth that has emerged from this existence you have lived on this world.

That you can discern truth and value solely from the leading of your inner guidance and spirit and through your experiences is quite a profound observation. In a universe where most inhabitants are accustomed to being shown everything, being let us say hand held. To see and experience the raw nature of truth growing out of the turmoil and confusion which exists on this world. To see the thirst ;and hunger in your souls as it is seen here. It is a very rare sight in the Universe of Nebadon. It is my honor and privilege to come here and share a few drops of knowledge with you.

Student; I speak for everyone when I say it is our honor also to have you take the time to sit with us and deliver these lessons. You are saying that it is our honor to teach the Fathers love to others, isn't it. ( you will be).

This brings me back to my earlier question about that amount of time you h ave been doing this. A member asked earlier how many groups do you have, or still do deliver lessons to, and this is what started my curiosity about the amount of time you might have spent in sharing your knowledge with different groups.

JarEl; I purposely did not answer that particular question directly. I have been involved with only this group on Urantia. I have been involved with many groups during my ascension and upon the many worlds which I have been. As I was saying, this is part and parcel for an ascendant being ascending in the universe. This is part of your task, to impart what you have learned. The ability to impart what you have learned endows you with the right to earn more experience, gather more knowledge, to teach more people. It is a never ending story. It continues and I am in the time of continuation, if I can explain it to you as such. Time is not so important for I am already sensing the rhythm of eternity.

Student; Thank you. This is very clear now. Have you ever meet Christ directly?

JarEl; Yes, (very often) No, in spirit I meet him every day.

Second Coming

Student; Is there any other information which you can give us now about this great spiritual awakening we are having. Is there anything regarding his return to this planet which you might be aware of and are willing to share. (Not really). Perhaps some preparation, or speculation.

JarEl. This activity we are engaged in is a preparation. Most certainly. Think of the Master as a vintner. Think of the master as one who will come to pick the fruit when it is ripe. When it is ripe will be the time to initiate a new world order on Urantia. You will know the season is upon you when the fruit begins to ripen. This is all I can tell you.

Student; thank you. I assume that what you just said, we may not experience this ourselves, so we must pass this on to our children, so that they may wait for that time to come. (Yes).

JarEl; The generation which will experience the return of the Master is a generation not yet born. Though the soil for this generation is being prepared right now.


So I thank you all for this evening.