2001-09-16-The 911 Attacks

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Topic: 911 Attacks

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I greet you all with a heavy heart this day.


911, United States

The victims of this heinous atrocity were quickly released from this life and attended by many, many angels who came instantaneously and who gently carried many souls to a greater world. We are saddened by the calculated cruelty that this required. We are also heartened by the selfless acts of millions who have responded with compassion and generosity and self-sacrifice in this time of need.

Even in this time of searing national pain, there is still surprisingly little hate and very much love expressed. America truly has a divine destiny for your planet. We have chosen this country as a focal point for delivering the good news, the news of a kind, gentle, benevolent and orderly universe, a universe which runs by law, by duty, and above all by service. This country will eventually reflect this higher state of harmony to the rest of the world, even as it does partially today.

Your government, with its separation of powers, reflects the running of the universe as a whole. Your tradition of tolerance and peace reflects how the world should be ideally as a whole. You are a country in which all religions are respected, all ideas are tolerated, and where all people search for greater spiritual values in their lives.

You are a country that is just now attaining a comfortable standard of living for almost all its citizens. Traditionally, in the universe, once this is accomplished, then people feel freer to pursue higher spiritual goals and the motivation for work begins to turn toward service and away from profit and self-aggrandizement. This country will and must survive.

The people who embrace the sin of seeking destruction perversely twisted to be God’s will, understand God but little. These lands are full of people who claim outwardly to be pious and God-knowing men, while inwardly they are as ravening wolves, so to speak. These men twist the word of God and twist the minds of the vulnerable. There is no such thing as a holy war. All war is evil.

Your nation must defend itself and you must protect other civilized nations from the misguided conceptions that God requires humanity to be shackled to outdated beliefs. Eventually, your world must take the best of the old testament, and the Koran, the best of the Upanishads and other spiritual writing and leave behind those things which were written for another time.You cannot move into the 21st century shackled by the mores of the 11th century or the 1st century. America has always been a forward looking nation. Your peoples have experienced persecution within these borders and yet in the end you have integrated and you have moved on. This is a lesson for the world, to let go of ancient grievances and hatreds that are passed from generation to generation. Because America is free religiously and philosophically, your peoples have been able to make the adjustments necessary to live with each other in peace.

As my friend Ian has pointed out, there have been mistakes made as America tried to help the world to embrace her ways. Your leaders have tended to see the rest of the world by the standards that you enjoy here, but the reality is quite different and yes, many times your good intentions have gone very badly.

It is our profound prayer that this terrible tragedy will generate good for the world as a whole, that true democracy will spread, not the false illusions of self-determination, but true freedom. This we will work for. This is our profound hope that the deranged actions of a few and the martyrdom of many will become symbolic of the way of the future, that the world will turn toward the example of America.

Are there any questions at this time?



Q: I have been feeling like the only real thing I knew to pray for was that these horrible events would not have ultimately have been in vain and that some good will eventually come out of it. Maybe that is too vague and I am underestimating the power of prayer. What is the most powerful thing I can be praying for at this time?

Ham: My daughter, that is a wonderful question. The most powerful thing you can pray for is for the Father’s spirit to enter into the hearts of everyone who is open, that each one can, by the power of that spirit, be an example to others of love, of service, and of compassion. There will undoubtedly be more lives lost in violence. But your nation has a responsibility to defend itself. The American values of freedom, justice, and tolerance must spread from here throughout the world before there can be any hope of your world joining the local universe government and exhibiting the first stages of light and life. Know that these values are spiritual and powerful and lives may be lost as they are lost all the time. The progress of your world rests in the hands of this country.

Q: Are Thought Adjusters able to be more or less effective at times like these when there is a crisis and a tremendous amount of emotion?

Ham: Well that depends on the individual case. Emotion, strong emotion, generally interferes with the communication of [[Ta|the Father’s spirit]. But, on the other hand, many times when facing a crisis, the adjuster can more directly communicate, it just depends on the person.


Q: If person is feeling sad, does that mean they have a weak connection with the Master and the Father?

Ham: No, certainly not. It means you are tender hearted and feel compassion for the suffering of so many. To feel otherwise would be inhuman.

Q: When and how we comforted?

Ham: Well, as always, each person must go through the emotion and find comfort at the end of it. To stifle your feelings will not help. This country and, indeed the world, will go through many phases of the grieving process and this is normal and natural. It doesn’t make you less spiritual. The Master lived a fully human life with grief, sadness, disillusionment, loss of innocence, and the gradual gaining of greater wisdom. He was not untouched by humanity, he was a man and he was so completely. Human emotion can be on the one end a completely animal fear and on the other sublime love or commitment, the opening of the soul to the beautiful and the true. All these things carry a certain emotion. I also understand that you my son have been under some stress and this added emotional burden has been difficult for you during this week. Be careful not to take it out on your fellows, to be sensitive and open to the emotions of others as well. This has been difficult for everyone.


Q: Is it possible that more good comes from events such as this than bad in the long run? If so, can you give us some examples of how this works?

Ham: Events such as this cause everyone the world over to examine themselves, their beliefs, their values. It is a profound and terrible experience, but ultimately you will be wiser for it. How it works out in the years to come as nations realign and the world is configured differently remains to be seen. Will the Islamic believers abandon the old and the lower for that which is higher and perhaps newer? Will Judaism cling forever to the ancient texts which have shackled the lives of so many believers? Will Christianity reach for the living spirit of Michael? Will his life be lived anew in the hearts of his followers, or will they also cling to the old and in clinging to the word in a book will they abandon the living word of truth? Will Urantia book believers bicker and fight among each other or will they take the next step and follow the Master in truth and in reality rather than fighting over his words? There are many questions and many different ways the future may play out, but know this. The Master’s spirit is here in force. Ultimately, he is sovereign on this world. We expect that his will and the will of the Father will eventually come to pass and Urantia will be an example of how an isolated, sin-darkened world is reclaimed.


Q: Ham, I am following up on the response to the first question, I always thought in spiritual life we combined emotions and intellect in a unique way. But you said that emotions often get in the way with our connection with the Father. It seems to me that emotion and intellect combine in the life of the artist, for example, to produce things of real value. I would like some clarification.

Ham: Certainly. There has always been some confusion as to the difference between strong emotion and spiritual comfort and communication. Religion and politics have one thing in common, they both use the emotions of the people to sway them. The Father does not. The Father’s spirit is one of peace and tranquility, one of comfort, one that consoles and alleviates the strong suffering of excessive emotion. It is not anything lasting that comes from strong emotion or say a strong emotional conversion. The adjustments of the soul, which are permanent, are not done by the influence of emotion. As I said, there are emotions that are quite sublime, but that is on the more spiritual edge that emotion can reach. The emotion of fear or anxiety, strong grief, these kinds of things are more or less an impediment to the spirit working in the mind.


Q: I was wondering if the souls of the people who we lost in the tragedies are pretty much instantly aware of the service that they gave to evolution on this planet?

Ham: I would say that that is part of the comfort they received upon their death. When a person experiences death, there are many things that one goes through. One is an assessment of life, or a kind of a reliving of the major points in life, the major turning points, the major events. So, their death being something so shocking to them, so painful for their loss, they do receive a greater insight, a greater look at its meaning and this is certainly a comfort, yes.


Q: I wanted to ask about something you said earlier that America will need to defend itself. A lot of the sadness I have felt this week is I think we should be above military action. Or maybe I am afraid that the higher beings are looking down on us and saying, there they go again. To the higher beings like yourself does this seem like something that has to happen, that is unavoidable, and did you mean like military events?

Ham: Certainly, you must have defense. It is unavoidable that people of high ideals want to world to be better than it is, but that does not solve any problems. Civilization, to the extent that you have achieved it, cannot allow itself to be damaged by the will of a vicious and callous minority in the world who would have the world turn back the clock. You remember that Rome fell to the barbarians and the world turned back thousands of years and that lasted many hundreds of years before civilization could begin to flower again. You are at a very different time in history. Your civilization is much stronger than Rome was at that time. Your civilization was built upon the high values of liberty and equal justice, the high value of self-government, in fact. This must not be undermined. This is the vow of the midwayers and of Machiventa Melchizideck. Civilization must progress and not regress. Is this helpful?

Q: I guess you mean by all means necessary including military action?

Ham: Of course.

Personal Counsel

Q: Could I have a personal message this week?

Ham: Certainly. My son, you do well. You have come through some times of readjustment, some times of change and growth, and this is good. The emotional maturity that you are achieving is very good. The wisdom you will gain from this time is wonderful. Always be careful to focus on what is most important. What do you value the most and this will help you sort through the changes that you are experiencing.

Q: Ham could I have a personal message, I am really struggling.

Ham: Certainly. My daughter, be at peace. This time of emotional turmoil will pass and all sincere prayers are heard by the Father. You must all be assured that the praying that you have all been doing is heard and those who are open to the Father’s comfort will receive it. The dead suffer not, but await their loved ones on a new and better shore. So have no anxiety concerning them, they are all cared for and comforted. Everyone who has lived through times like this is changed. There is no avoiding that. I pray that you shall each gain wisdom individually by this experience. Daughter, you are doing fine. You have a tendency to be carried away with your emotions, but eventually everything will come back to normal and life will go on as it has. Fear not, for are growing in the spirit and this growth may be painful, but ultimately it is strengthening. So be at peace, you do well.

Q: Ham, may I have a personal message please.

Ham: Certainly. You are doing well my daughter. You are much stronger than you think you are. There are times of spiritual growth and there are times of what we call spiritual pruning when there are things which cause a humbling of the spirit and a lot of reflection and going inward and you are experiencing both so be a little careful and wait for balance then will be the time for action.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: My daughter, you are doing well. Continue with your life, continue with your work. Don’t become too emotional concerning the workings of the world so to speak. It is right and good that this wound be carried in every heart, but also there must be some healing and a willingness to move on and not to dwell on the things which are part of the past now. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid, even in times such as these.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Certainly, my son, you do well. You must also carry on and move forward. It is important to continue with your work. Don’t worry about the future but rather work step by step upon what is before you. Spiritually, you are progressing. Be open to change, embrace spiritual growth.

Q: From Nikki. Ham, I would like special guidance as to how I can help those in so much pain. I know I am only one, but how can I help to end all this anger and hate and bring peace and love into the world?

Ham: Yes, my daughter. Once again I say to pray for the Lord’s spirit to enter into your heart. Pray that you can open your soul completely to his spirit. That is enough for now.

Q: Lee Rector wants to know about travel, is it safe?

Ham: Well, travel carries risks always. I would say that there is no more risk than usual at this time.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Jim?

Ham: Yes, my son, dedicate your life to service. Find a way to serve and you will find a way to be truly happy. You do serve in many ways, even now, recognize this and embrace it.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Carol?

Ham: My daughter, be at peace. The events of this week have shaken you very deeply. But, all of you must come out of this a stronger person. Everyone has been through a trauma. But over time, you will each be stronger and your nation will be stronger for it.

Q: Do you have a message for Esmarelda?

Ham: The same message I have for you all. Pray for the Father's spirit to enter your souls deeply. Pray that this trauma can open you even more so that his spirit can permeate your being and give you peace. This I say also to Elena.

Q: Do you have a message for Elena?


Q: Do you have a message for Charlie B?

Ham: The same.

Q: Is there any other feedback you have for me?

Ham: My son, let the problems and the stress of this time push you closer to the Father. Ask humbly for his guidance and his comfort and you shall receive both.


Is there anything else? Very well then, as always my prayers and my love are with you each. Know that I love you fervently, each of you, that you are all my friends as well as my charges. I feel great parental love, responsibility, and tenderness for each one of you. All will be well my children. Be at peace, farewell.