2002-04-28-Winds of Change

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Topic: Winds of Change

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Gerdean



TOMAS: Welcome. Good afternoon, I am Tomas. I am glad to be back in your embrace. I delight to feel the energy each of you bring, reconnecting with that aspect of divinity which we all seek to know better. We delight in your company and in your realm of action. We look upon your earth affectionately and respectfully, as the nest from which you will emerge to fly. In this interim exercise area, as we await your ability to take flight into the nether realms of Paradise beyond this material realm, we engage you in our aeronautical attempts to enable you to strengthen your wings and lift yourself up on the currents of spirit, that you might soar and enjoy spiritual liberty, even as you trudge the path of earthly endeavor.



This afternoon I would like to speak with you briefly regarding the winds of change, for as we engage in our repose here, it is a testimony to our Eternal Parents and their creation that the wind has risen and rustles through the leaves, just as the spirit rustles through your lives.

How appropriate that we should consider winds of change, when the winds of your environment have been most vehement this week! The winds of change thus may also bring damage as well as action. When you think of change, think too of the purpose, the value of the change, for change simply for change sake is not always progressive. We seek progress.

So many, in their attempt to develop and change the current circumstances, push their way in and through life's circumstances such that they have no appreciation for the universal tendency to enliven and instill growth as naturally as your gardens bring forth fruit. And so our uppermost concern in regard to change is that it be a new definition, an upstepped appreciation, of how we proceed -- indeed, whether we proceed - and why.

Your question, at the beginning of the gathering today, as to how we are progressing and toward what end, is a question in which we might all find delight in lengthy speculation, for each individual has his or her own concept of what we, as life forces, might find worthy of pursuing. There is a scripture that speaks to every season as having its own reality, its own value, its own experience. And so there are many changes that can be acknowledged as natural passages of behavioral development over the course of time. Maturity brings certain resolutions as a result of having lived, and yet this is only the kindergarten of your eternal career. This is only the starting point for your greater realization of your existence. Your existence in this earth plane has given you various frames of reference for reality, which you regard as familiar and comfortable.

Your culture, your nationality, your racial composition, your education level and income methods - these are ways in which you can relate to one another in your world. And yet it realizes only a little portion of who you really are, and thus you become stultified, limited, retarded, recognizing the limitations of your existence based on the heritage gotten from your forebearers, and now we seek to upstep your appreciation of the value of life, the value of your life, the value of the lives of others, as we blow love into your environment, as the spirit enters into your arena and immerses itself in the reality that you felt was a material existence, a mere intellectual comprehension, or an emotional state of mind.

The spirit lives. It lives in each of you and for each of you. And as you are introduced to your (an "i" word, not in this dictionary), as it becomes a part of you and you of it, it will come to pass that your power, then, will be augmented by the power of divinity, in the sense that leaves are empowered by the wind. And this force will alter the conditions and the course of your planetary destiny, just like the literal winds of time and space are able to be destructive as well as developmental. Let us set out to master how the wind blows by becoming one with it.

Winds of change are seasonal, indeed, and in the course of life there comes a season when change is imminent. Rejoice in the possibilities!

What shall we talk about now?


ESMERALDA: First, Tomas, we have two people with us today that have not been with us before: Ruth, as we have hoping she would get here and she has; and Linda has not joined this group before and been here, and we are very glad to have them as well as everybody else.

TOMAS: Welcome, indeed, daughters and sisters. Rejoice in your family members gathered here to partake of the delights of sonship and foster faith. All of us embrace you each.


ELENA: Tomas? You had a lot for us today, as usual, and I think I kind of followed all that was put together, and there are a couple of parts I would like to address -- the winds of change -- and talk about some of the things, for example, in a work scenario, where there is a continued effort to make one thing change and to having a frustration with that and to feeling like the only way of accomplishing that change would be to force it, so I'd kind of like your feedback or your comments on how you were describing the wind going along, and I'm looking literally at the leaves and watching the wind and I was thinking that, as you were saying this, that God's strength and the love that was being blown into the world - what you said was so poetic, it was just really great. I loved it! But, you know, sometimes it seems like we're not able to change. I guess that's putting too much emphasis on ourselves and not trusting God enough. Is that possibly one part of that? And the situation I'm asking in particular has to do with the work scenario and the project management deal.

TOMAS: You will have better success if you can separate your first question from your second situation. You are investigating how it is that you adapt to life's circumstances, how it is that on some occasions you find it virtually impossible, and then you immediately enter the work place. Am I to interpret this as a concern on your part that you are unable to adapt to the new working conditions?

ELENA: I don't think so. I think I should be able to adapt. I'm just hoping to find a positive way of promoting that change that is desired, and I'm seeing another - the person who I'm going to be reporting to - wanting to make it happen.

TOMAS: I'm reminded of Jesus who was inclined often to make statements aloud as to his expectations of himself, his affirmations of who he was and how he intended to go about his work. He many times addressed his apostles in such a way as to instill in them an idea that they would never be able to live up to his expectations or all that he commanded of them, but he was not commanding them so much as he was commanding these things of himself.

If, in your assessment of the situation, you were to see that this employer is attempting to administer his or her position successfully, and this is how their motivational approach works, they may be applying their own ambitions to you and you may be balking, as they are not your ambitions but you are not in a position to object.

There are those who dig in their feet and refuse to change. There is a full spectrum of mental compositions that this category involves. There are those who are just plain bullheaded and are not inclined toward any change whatsoever, as compared to those who have experienced many situations, abundant opportunities to make choices, and have had the opportunity to place value on their time and energy such that they have chosen intelligently their course of action, and they, too, may dig in their heels and refuse to change, not from ignorance but from enlightenment. And there is a full range of variations in the interim which represent those who are growing and those who are soaring in differing degrees and in different dimensions.

There's no hard and fast rule here. You seem to sense some insecurity and anxiety in your new circumstances, and this is part of what the winds of change will bring. It's as if you had been swept up in a gust and placed in another part of the building or the field -- it's not familiar; it's a little threatening. The circumstances are different, and you feel you have no control, no sense of competence. This is only temporary. Give yourself to what you can give yourself to. Accept that which is the same. You still breathe the same air and there are many other similarities. In your adapting, assess the similarities and take strength from that which is experientially yours - your capacities, your qualifications, your accomplishments, your contributions - and reinforce yourself in this way such that you can bring your strengths to bear on the new situation as compared to what you don't know and what you aren't and what you haven't yet and so forth, for this leaves you open to insecurity, vulnerability. Come from your own strength.

ELENA: Thank you, Tomas.

TOMAS: You have my total support. I have every confidence in you.

ELENA: I really appreciate that. Thank you. I was asked to ask one question, too. This is for Willie. He would like to have you tell him what his spiritual name is and a little bit about that name.

TOMAS: I will take a moment and spend it with Willie, who is not here, if I have the permission of those of you who are here. Willie is a student of these messages and means. Matthew is a well-mastered personality, gracious, insightful and devoted.

Hello, Matthew. We who oversee these gatherings and the seasons that prevail in the different communities, yea, even in the individual personalities, do appreciate your entanglements and how you navigate them. I here in this base of operations am especially eager to engage in interpersonal communion with you on a more frequent basis, but we will wait for the propitious moment when the wind is at your back and thus will your changes be made graciously, your choices smiled upon, and the sun (Son) leading you. But now I must return to my assignment, in truth, as there are siblings here who enjoy my attentions.

Janet, I am glad to see you again, gem as you are. How have you been?

JANET: Anxious.

TOMAS: Is it because of the wind?


TOMAS: It has to do then with a higher electro-chemical adjustment in your psyche? How is it that you are anxious? Fear not.

JANET: I hope you're right.

TOMAS: How may I be of assistance to you?

JANET: I really have no idea.

TOMAS: How might I reassure your anxieties?

JANET: Just hope along with me.

TOMAS: Hope Along, Cassidy. (Chuckles) Let's ride.

What a quiet group you are this afternoon! Are you asleep or self-conscious?

ELENA: I'm still awake! (Laughter) LINDA: Well, then, can I ask about my business endeavors?

TOMAS: I need to know how you are relating to your business endeavors. I don't know how to put my Curriculum Vitae on the desk so that you will understand my skills and that area where I am not qualified. I cannot know anything about your work place without your input.

LINDA: Okay. Well, it seems long and complicated to go into right now. I have confidence that everything will just be great, so ….

TOMAS: The concern I have is how you handle the workplace, not the workplace. You are my student. Your soul's development is my assignment. Have you a soul need, a growth concern for your reality that might be exemplified in your employment relationship?

LINDA: Probably, but I hope I'm aware enough in my employment relationship that I am able to take advantage of opportunities that come along for soul growth and helping others there. It's just totally different than the business thing.

TOMAS: This may sound like an over-simplification but if you seek first the Kingdom, all these other things will fall in line.

LINDA: Um-hum.

TOMAS: It's about having the wind in your sails, the wind beneath your wings, such that you haven't gotten yourself caught in a cage. However, there are those who have a stubborn streak who are completely content in a cage. They sing in their cage and would not know how to live outside their limited environment. These also are God's songsters.

ELENA: Tomas -- sometimes I feel like the hog of the conversation, and anybody can tell me to shut up if they want to, but -- you were talking about a lot of different characters, and that was really helpful to me earlier, and you mentioned some of the things about people who would prefer to stay in the cage and not change and that kind of thing. I find it very helpful to focus on this since you were talking about the winds of change. I find this very helpful. I would think that if I were you and your teachers, I would find it extremely daunting, because you have to deal with each and every personality type. I mean, I can just say, "Well, I'm not very effective with them." I get mad at them and not deal with them, and yet you, and the other people who are serving in this mission in your capacity, I would think it would be rather intimidating, rather daunting. Do you get daunted every once in awhile?

TOMAS: I enjoy your question.

ELENA: I can change jobs. Can you change jobs?

TOMAS: I enjoy all your questions. (Laughter)

ELENA: Thank you!

TOMAS: I trained long and hard for this job. I just nicely got my desk organized. I'm not about to put in for a transfer (Laughter) at this point.

JANET: That answered your question.

TOMAS: I feel I've been a circuit speaker who has finally landed a lecturn in a local college. I'd like to amass some tenure. (Laughter) And, yes, indeed, I do become "stymied" on occasion and I also err. I often feel I have short-changed you, and yet I know that in the process of growing spirit reality, it is as good to have a nourishing hors d'ouerve as it is to have a full course meal, knowing there is more food every moment.

I am only an assistant in this, a Teacher's Assistant. Christ Michael is the real Teacher. And he is with each of you. I can help stimulate your thinking and prompt your deep mind to need spirit substance, I can whet your appetite, but in truth, after I have added my contribution, the essential work is accomplished by your personal relationship with the Master Teacher and with the indwelling God-fragment which will confirm what you need to know.

What I do is, I only focus on one at a time. If I am giving my full attention to one student's questions at a time, I am able to get a tremendous amount of assistance from the God-fragment who seeks to encourage your growth. I am also assisted by various spirit guides and citizens of the half way realm who have personal knowledge of your peculiarities and patterns. But in truth, my skills are in the same Melchizedek University as yours, we are learning together as we go.

You, too, one day will hear yourself speak in such ways as you will say, "Thanks for that, Tomas. I remember when you first spoke to us about that, and now it's a part of my reality that I can bring to others." You will say, "Yes, Abraham, I recognize that spirit poison and I appreciate how it affects this child of God and how thus I can deal with this situation, this personality, because I have given it soulful thought as a result of your stimuli in my learning, many years ago."

Just as you are able now to remember your social graces because your mother taught them to you, just as you are mindful of how to accessorize or drive, these things become a part of your reality and won't you be glad to be able to minister to your many mortal brothers and sisters as they, like little birds, begin to peck their way out of their eggshell and behold the greater universe, as they step into the security of their nest, hungry for mature food, something upon which they can build an eternal life.

Much of this is merely assuring you that you are, and encouraging you as you become more than you were, and this process is as a result of being blown, through and through, with the winds of change that will eventually lure you all the way to Paradise perfection.

MYRA: Tomas, is there a difference between change that is pro-active, and change that is accepted as accepting whatever happens?

TOMAS: Certainly, but it's subtle. That change which is pro-active is directed as compared to that which eventuates unobstructed or undirected. It's very much like the difference between revelatory religion and evolutionary religion, for even while you may have that which is pro-active, it may require that simply bumbling along is how the reality will be instilled. That's a little bit like your saying, "There are those who make things happen, those who watch what happens, and those who wonder what happened." (Laughter)

RUTH: I guess I wonder what happened.

TOMAS: You may be a bird in a gilded cage.

MYRA: That would not be a good place to be outside today.

LINDA: And yet do these winds of change impel us along to, perhaps, do something pro-active rather than just bumble along, accepting whatever does change, or happen. We can find our opportunity to give forth with the wind here. You might find yourselves in the position to help me change, rather than just wonder what happened.

RUTH: And you do that without making enemies.

ELENA: Yeah! Well, that really gets back to my original question. That was part of, really, what I was asking.

LINDA: Yeah.

TOMAS: This is a microcosm of the macrocosm. It is a demonstration of the greater reality, for the winds of change, of spirit, are also capable of activating you, as a bird may throw its offspring out of the nest in order for it to have the courage to fly. (Chortle) There are those who spend many years being angry with God for not letting them sleep in peace. They speak to this dynamic as being "hit upside the head with a spiritual 2" x 4". They speak of this as "a wake-up call," and this is a part of the plan, that you become realized.

However, once you have become realized, having been born of the spirit, having embraced your own reality and decided to go with the flow of that greater reality rather than the "merrily down the stream" reality of passive acquiescence, you are able to contribute to the formulation of a greater reality, indeed, you impact upon your world; you also create the Evolving Supreme - the God-in-becoming.

How you rise to this challenge is individual, but have you not realized how it is that your own prayers have been answered? -- those lonely moments in ignorance of your rightful place in the universe. Now that you are found, are you not encouraged?

CAT: Meow!

TOMAS: Yes, we found you, too. (Laughter) And it was good. That was just a little aside with the cat. Have you been stroking the cat lately?

ESMERALDA: Um-hum. A lot! She likes it.

ELENA: Tomas, can I also ask you a question? There's a friend of mine, Dorothy, who is very fragile right now, and do you have some guidance about how I might best be able to be helpful to her?

TOMAS: How is she fragile?

ELENA: Well, I was just kind of …. Good question, Tomas. It was a way for me to skirt actually saying what specifically, but I think she's going through some difficult times, let's say, and I wanted to know if there was any guidance and help to best help her.

TOMAS: You seek to serve a flower which has been pelted by the winds of time. Perhaps your greatest service to her would be your comforting presence. Giving time and a break from the hurricanes of living is a ministry which gives a mind/soul/psyche a moment in which to regain its composure. The spirit, you know, is responsive to the slightest flicker, and the spirit is what makes you more than you are without it. Give the spirit, then, a chance to catch up, to inveigle its way into the molecular composition of the human being. Let the mind and soul of this flower be at peace in your embrace, so that the presence of God can enter in and uplift, as it is allowed by her. My best wishes go with you in that context.

ELENA: Thank you.

TOMAS: I am glad to be here today, however, I have a sense that there is raging river under our life raft. The admonition then, for me to you this week, is to have a thought as to the tether you have with That which will help you stay afloat, That which will keep you from bridling downstream or being buffeted on the rocks. In due course our appreciation for the Living Water will mellow and we'll feel a part of the mainstream, carrying life's goods and services into the communities on shore, perhaps even allowing ourselves a moment of luxury when we are able to still our craft upon the lake, absent any winds of change, and enjoy the stability and permanence of infinity and perfection. Hold on!

Are there any other questions or concerns before we call it a day?

CARL: Tomas?

TOMAS: Yes, my friend.

CARL: I had two questions.

TOMAS: Very well.

Melchizedek Schools, Urantia

CARL: I heard you make reference again to Melchizedek University. My understanding that the first priest Melchizedek was Shem, the son of Noah. I would like to know how you feel about that, and also, I heard you make reference to Christ Michael. I've always believed that Christ was the name that we gave the man that came to earth, but really he was Michael, the prince of angels.

TOMAS: These are fascinating subjects, indeed, and there are many interpretations. They are of such a nature, however, as to be mindful that they not become a wedge between us, but an enhancement of our mutual appreciation for things of this nature. The Melchizedek Order of being is acknowledged here as a priesthood, yes, and I am a teacher in the Melchizedek Schools. There are many Melchizedeks and they are high-born sons of the Michael Sons, who are the creator sons of the local universes. Now, this cosmology is that which you will find in the Urantia Papers, and there are certainly other sources of material that are a part of the comprehension of humanity that give a similar sense of recognition and importance to these concepts, thus they are highly honored and respected but not worthy of worship.

I am a teacher in the Teacher Corps, which was conceived as a necessary step in the planet's development as a result of Christ's having been here on this world, having gone beyond and assumed his sovereignty, then having called into his presence his various Melchizedek sons and establishing a plan of upstepping this world from its dire conditions to a stage of light and life, and thus, as in many instances, a Melchizedek project has come about as a result of a situation of emergency.

It is regarded by some, by many of us, that this planet is in urgent need, and many of us, having been aware of the history of this world, the efforts that would be necessary to bring it into alignment with God's will after the debacle of Lucifer, the error of Adam and Eve, and even after the murder of Christ, we intend to bring our Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit into a reality in your world and you are how we can do this.

Therefore you who sit here are in a Melchizedek classroom, under the aegis of the Melchizedeks in conjunction with the wishes of the Michael Son of our local universe, that Christ which we knew here as Jesus. Michael and his Divine Minister are the parents of the Melchizedeks, as well as many of the orders of angels who minister to you and to the many worlds of time and space within their jurisdiction.

CARL: Thank you, Michael. Thank you, Tomas.

TOMAS: You are welcome, and I, with you, thank Michael for the efforts he has inaugurated in order to uplift this sad orb to the place of glory which is its rightful inheritance.

Yes, we pro-activate a noble cause. Noble indeed, for it is in service to our Creator and his realm, even those of us here in this room and with whom we work, those who still sit in the darkness of fear and anxiety. Pray with me that we will feel the shimmer of wind within the soul of humanity that will cause us all to yearn for the greater reality, that of truth, beauty, and goodness, of peace and righteousness, of a reign of light and life for all mankind, that we may take our place in the universe as rightful sons and daughters of this same creator who has preceded us in his worlds of divine intent.

We are not alone. And neither are you any longer. You have me and an entire Corp of workers that are here specifically for the purpose, and the joy as well as the effort, of enlightening and uplifting this world and all therein. That is a bit of a daunting job description, but I am not alone, either.


Well, it has been my pleasure, I have earned my keep, and you have been duly fed. It is my hope that you will return, that we can become familiar with one another, that this classroom of reality will put forth good fruit. Go in peace. Farewell.

GROUP: Thank you.