2003-06-03-Experience of Newness

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Topic: Experience of Newness

Group: SE Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Klarixiska

TR: Virginia, Bill K.



Klarixiska(Virginia): This is Klarixiska. We thank You, Father, that You are able to bring about change in the lives of every mortal, every descending creature, every ascending creature. We thank You that the change, when turned over to You, can lead each of us to the path we wish, we choose, for You. We thank you that along the way there are those rest stops of help, of peace, and of tranquility. We would ask that tonight in this rest stop, communicating with the teachers and with one another, it might be an opportunity to grow and change for the positive walk that You want us to be about. May we become the potential that you saw in us when You sent Your Indweller. We ask these things in the name of our Father/Brother and Mother/Sister, that we might be able to hear Them, as They are Your Word. Amen.

Daniel(Bill): Greetings, this is Daniel. I believe it would be advisable for us to take a few moments to do a centering, stillness practice.

Ken: Thank you, Daniel.



Daniel(Bill): We will not use the merkaba exercise, although the merkaba is a word for an energy reality which is here. What I would like you all to do it to place your hands upon your knees, upon your thighs. Take a deep breath, exhale. Again. One more time. Let the tension drain out as you breathe out. Again. Now, raise your arms to the skies. Allow the energy of the Father's love to trickle down your arms from your fingertips on into your body as rain would run down your arms if you were outside in a rain storm. Let this energy come. Now, lower your hands to your thighs and keep that energy within you.

Within your minds dwell the greatest Gift of the universes: the simultaneous presences of God, the Father, and God, the Son, through Michael, His Creator Son in His Spirit of Truth. In your mind you are encircuited through the Holy Spirit circuit of Nebadonia. Therefor you are encicuited in the Holy Trinity of Paradise. You and I are greatly loved. We are all within the embrace of First, Second, and Third Sources and Centers. In silence, now, let us worship God. (Long pause)

You may come to attention now. You are all doing very well. I have provided this exercise, as I have done occasionally in the past, to allow for an experience of group stillness. If you do not have a regular meditation routine, I would suggest that you use an exercise similar to this one with the deep breathing and the reception of the Father's love, the Son's love, and the Spirit's love. But however your routine may go, the important thing is your intention.

Worship is like eating. It is essential to your soul, just as it is necessary for you to ingest the proper balance of nutrients in order to be healthy in body and mind. Worship is rest. It is the rest of the soul. It is the peace channel. It is the divine receptor of love, the love that empowers the universe, the love that you understand in your human experience, for all love is from God.

Newness, Cycles

Tonight I wish to comment on one of the things that you often discuss, the experience of newness. Your seasons on this planet are conducive to spiritual lessons, for in the cycle of nature there is a perfect parallel in soul growth. There are the seasons of weather and there are the seasons of the soul. This is the season of springtime; and there is about springtime the unique flavor of newness, of life bursting from potential as it resides in the earth to actual as it blossoms and blooms in your flower gardens, trees, hillsides, everywhere that plant life exists.

The springtime has always reminded people of something deeper within themselves. Religions have fastened on to this analogy intuitively. The native religions, which are so conscious of your connection to nature, to the earth, have made a much more prominent connection than some others who are more intellectual and perhaps more distant. But even Christianity has struggled to keep the balance between Easter representing the resurrection of Jesus and representing springtime, the ancient native ritual. Actually in essence they are the same for the resurrection of our Master was a renewal process. All of us who survive the mortal experience are resurrected. It is like the seed that falls into the ground and then gives birth to a new plant, exactly the analogy that the Apostle Paul used.

Springtime also applies to all finite reality for all of finite reality, of which we are a part, is emerging from potential into actual, is evolving and changing. Yes, every day is a new beginning. But even more than that, every moment is a new beginning! All past deficiencies are forgiven, either in behavior, in understanding, or in thinking. When you understand that reality is evolving it is easier to understand the perspective that God has, that everything is growing. He understands your limitations at this point. Understanding is greater than forgiveness because forgiveness depends upon understanding. Otherwise forgiveness is only grudging and incomplete. The growth of the universe is represented in microcosm by springtime.

We have no complete and adequate idea of what summer will mean to the soul. That is, "we", who are not Paradise Finaliters. To have completed the ascension career, to be embraced by the Spirit, then the Son, and finally by the Father of personality is yet ahead of us, my friends. But our Finaliter Brothers and Sisters tell us that even that is just another platform from which they launch onto further experience and growth in service. And yet, in a small sense, we do know what summer is like for the soul, for we reach those platforms where potential has become actual and we rest for a while before we move on. Some day the finite universe will reach completion; it will reach perfected status. That will be an eternal summer! There will be no autumn of fading and no winter of death.

Nevertheless for the soul there may appear to be times of autumn and for the mind that is prone to discouragement and despair there are seasons of winter. If I did not say this, I would not be telling you the truth, for I was mortal. Even on a very advanced world, such as mine, there are seasons of autumn and winter for the soul. That is the mortal experience, my dears. The morontia career, and ever increasingly the spirit career, has gone beyond those times, particularly the winter of doubt, discouragement, and despair.

To summarize, I cannot give equal time to all four seasons in terms of the soul's growth. Primarily I wish to emphasize that it is mostly like springtime. Even in the summer of satisfaction we will not be stagnant; nor will we ever go back to a lessor status where the leaves of youth and the fullness of adulthood wither into the autumn and die. The mortal body withers and dies, yes, but not the soul.

There will be many major spring times. The first awaits you in the resurrection halls on mansonia number one. I cannot put into words the joy that you will experience. You will be confirmed in your faith. You will find that every good thing that you dreamed was possible, will be possible. All the negativity will be gone. No, it isn't heaven as such, but it will appear that way for you. I have not been to Havona. I do not know the glory of the billion perfect worlds from eternity. But those things are also ahead of us long after our first springtime moment in morontia resurrection. And there are more.

So enjoy this springtime environment. Let it speak to you of the true character of the soul's eternal growth possibilities until we reach completion in the seventh spirit stage! Yes, it is a beautiful road we walk with beauty on all sides. Remember, spring and summer are the two season which truly characterize the soul.

I have finished my little monologue. I welcome any interaction that you might wish to offer. Questions are fine, or comments. The floor is yours (pause). Are you excited about the springtime of the soul?


Mansion Worlds, Fusion

Ken: Daniel.

Daniel: Yes, Ken?

Ken: You speak and tell us how wonderful it will be when our faith is established, when we arrive on the mansion worlds. From your experience...if I understand correctly that you are fused...(Yes)...can you put into a few words your feelings upon fusing with the Father as we might experience our first step unto the mansion worlds?

Daniel: Awaking on Mansonia Number One in the Resurrection Halls was prior to my fusion experience. In fact, despite being from an advanced planet, it required quite a bit of time before I was adjudged to be at the point of fusion. On the fourth mansion world was my place of work and residence at that time.

I can't describe to you something that you have not experienced with any adequate words. All I can say is: think of an experience of worship where you were in a state of wide open embrace with the Father, however you may have visualized that, where you were saying, "Without reservation, it is my will that your will be done in my life. I want always to be with You, my great Parent". Whatever the words, you see. At that moment there was very, very close association. If you have had such an experience, that is the best that Isaac's mind can offer as a framework from his experience, when there is no hesitation, no doubt, no wall, not even the faintest piece of cellophane surrounding you, keeping you from the Father within. For the Father within is your Self to be in the future. You are truly embracing your higher Self. The difference is that once fusion occurs there is that absolute sense that you will be one forever. Has this been any help to you, my friend?


Ken: Very much! Thank you. Much to look forward to; much to think about here! Thank you for your experience.

Daniel: You are welcome. Are there other questions or comments? Ken: Can I ask a question of curiosity, Daniel?

Daniel: Proceed. You may always ask one, but you may not always receive an answer. (Group laughing)

Ken: These lessons from you and other teachers are facilitated by those whom I refer to as my first and second cousins, my family of brothers and sisters. There is one or more that have been present in our group for a period of time and have facilitated these lessons by taking your words and concepts and putting them into our verbal language for our wonderful TRs here. May we have his name or number or perhaps a word from him or her?

Daniel: You have had VanEl present in your group for a long time. He has been responsible not just for your group, but for others, for initial circuitry connection. I am told that it is important you respect and understand the value of midwayer cousins, but it isn't necessary for you to know more detailed information as has been given to your brother, George Barnard, for example. This question is being asked by you for another motive, I sense, than simply the information. Would you share why you are asking this?

Ken: The presence of a midwayer, or a presence in our home, who this might be.

Daniel: Yes, my friend, all of you at times are accompanied by midwayers. Does this surprise you?

Ken: No. (laughing) Not anymore! (More laughter)

Daniel: Sometimes they have used techniques to get your attention, shall we say, so that some of you joke that your house is haunted. You assign to forgetful memory things that don't make sense to you. But sometimes, I will confirm, that these events don't make sense because you are not responsible for them. Now what is the purpose of having spooks in the house? (Laughter)

Ken: Not spooks. Just friends.

Daniel: You know I joke with you. It is true; they are not spooks. They are not anything to be afraid of. They are your close cousins. What is the purpose of having them in your homes? This I can discourse on. They are there to assist you when you are attempting to hear from us. They are necessary because we are a more advanced morontia being that cannot easily connect with mortal levels. The midwayers live on mortal levels even though they are a little higher than you and can connect with Seraphim. It is just another sign of the presence of Love. They also do the bidding of their associates, the Guardian Seraphim. Sometimes they move things and keep you from having accidents; not frequently. They only respond to those situations when they have orders from their superiors, these extraordinary events. Isaac has been told of the presence of midwayers by name in the past. When he was in Japan a midwayer who called himself "Joe" made contact. VanEl and his associate VanEssa you have also heard from in the past.

But here is what I am hearing from my superiors, my friend. "You are not authorized to give this information to Kenneth for he is sufficiently skilled and motivated to hear this in his own mind." End of comment.

Ken: (laughing) Thank you.

Virginia: Daniel, following along on this theme...long before we knew of Midwayers and the Urantia Book, and certainly before the Teaching Mission, two objects entered our life.. We know not how they appeared. A big blue coffee mug and a huge pocket knife became part of the household one day; and they disappeared the same way. Now at that time I thought in terms of another dimension around us that we just can't see. This is a curiosity question...but why would those things appear and disappear so erratically? Was there a reason for them?

Daniel: My dear, I can answer your question; but I want you to try to answer it first. What is your opinion about your own question?

Virginia: I think it was nuts! (Laughter) I have thought about this and as I say, another dimension possibly. I have always thought there was reality out there that I am certainly not aware of, much more than I can see.

Daniel: So, your initial reaction was that you were losing your mind...

Virginia: Well, not quite...

Daniel: Possibly? Becoming looser than you already were. (Laughter) Then your second reaction was that there might have been another reality intersecting this one?...

Virginia: Yes. That's right.


Daniel: . ..As some science fiction writers have postulated. Well, you are not too far away. The first aspect is interesting. It might be useful for many people to lose their minds, if in the losing they were to gain a larger perspective.

Bob S.: Hmmph!

Daniel: They even accused Jesus of being "beside himself".

Virginia: I have certainly been accused of that many times!

Daniel: That is not necessarily negative, you see. Very interesting. As far as intersecting universes, that concept is somewhat distorted. It is not another universe intersecting. It is levels of perception that you are not able to experience due to mortal limitations. There are present in this room innumerable hosts filling this room. But because Spirit presence doesn't occupy space, there are no limitations. It isn't like the Spirit capacity of this room is fifty. Mortal capacity might be closer to fifty. There are a very large number of Spirit presences. Morontial presences are partly physical/spiritual. There are some physical limitations.

So, in your everyday life, as you walk around with your mortal senses in your shield of skin, you cannot be aware of the presence of spiritual beings, or even morontia beings. Once in a while some of you catch glimpses of midwayers, for they are close enough to you physically that they can manifest themselves, if they need to.

Virginia: Then the lighted beings that have been seen by some are midwayers, rather than teachers?

Daniel: They are teachers. They are being visually enhanced with personnel from the Power Directors on the local level, that allow you to see that. . That's why you can't see it all the time. It's an assisted vision thing.

Now back to your original question. What was the purpose of these objects appearing and disappearing? I am interpreting your words: to open your mind and include the possibilities of unseen realities. That, my friend, is exactly the purpose! It was to disrupt the paradigm that most people walk in when they do not see very much of reality. The emphasis upon energy in some new age theologies, I shall call them, is good, because everything is a manifestation of energy, as physicists know. Physical matter is energy slowed down to the point where it materializes. There is life energy as well. The Urantia Book describes an enormous universe with seven dimensions and several levels of reality and incredible numbers of personal beings, creatures of the God of Heaven, the First Source and Center, my Father and your Father.

The writers of the New Testament were much more aware of this kind of world, partly because they hadn't gone through the scientific revolution which closed people's minds to anything that could not be seen, heard, touched, tasted, smelled and measured; and also because of their intense spiritual experience. They advised to always entertain strangers, because you may encounter an angel without knowing it. That is my explanation, which you now realize, you had in a certain manner already figured out. Do you agree?

Virginia: Yes. But it certainly came before all these other wonderful awarenesses of a much greater reality.

Daniel: Yes, because your angels know to what extent you are capable of using your environment at the time. You probably would have rejected the Urantia Book if you were back in your fundamentalist days.

Virginia: Absolutely! Golly, yes!

Daniel: You would have considered it a book written by the Devil to confuse you, as some people have assumed without reading it, of course.

Virginia: A slick fabrication. [Ed. Note: This was the assessment of a friend of Virginia and Bill, a staunch fundamentalist]

Daniel: Yes, a slick fabrication! "Whenever a student is ready, a teacher will be provided", is a universe fact as well as a human saying. When you are ready to be open to something new, it will be presented to you. It is not a random/chance thing. This is all carefully administered by the personnel of the spiritual government of Urantia.

Virginia: Thank you, Daniel. That is very encouraging. Certainly my reality has changed and grown. Amazing! Thank you.


Daniel: I sense that we could go on and on. Yet I feel that it would be appropriate to conclude our time now. I hope that all theses questions and this discussion, as well as my little monologue at the beginning, have given you enough food for your souls' nourishment today. Know that all of the staff of Michael's emergency mission, known as the Teaching Mission, under the aegis of the Correcting Time, wish you all joy, peace, hope, and most of all, confident love. Share all this, my friends. Serve your brothers and sisters. Let us conclude with prayer. Jonderock, you are being asked to transmit.

Unidentified teacher(Jonderock): Hear these words, my friends, from your elder brothers who see themselves as your friends. To those Beings Who created all that is or was or ever will be, we owe you more than we can ever understand. And yet we see in Your divine plan a place for us. Open our minds, our hearts, our very being to fulfilling that potential which You have invested in each of us, so that we may be part of a world even more grand than our minds comprehend at this level or the next. In Michael's name we pray. Amen