2010-01-26-Monjoronson Q and A Session 85

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Topic: Q and A Session 85

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Henry Z.



Prayer: Father/Mother God, we step into this circle of eternity tonight, this spiritual energetic circle again to contact spirit and to put our faith and trust in the line of spirit. We again ask for the presence of Monjoronson this evening as we gather together for the Monjoronson question and answer session. In all things we trust the intention of spirit. Thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings this evening, this is Monjoronson here to again take part in this human/spirit dynamic of the question and answer format. We are ready to begin. Thank you.

Mary: Welcome Monjoronson, thank you for being here with us once again.

Global Economy

Question #1: Is there anything we can do now to affect the change from a profit-driven economy to a service-driven economy?[1]

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. Considering the state of the political and economic conditions of your planet, it is well nigh impossible for you to shift in a considerate manner from a profit to a non-profit service oriented global economic condition. The long term change over in conditions will result from being forced into this condition by situations which will come about on your planet such as the recent collapse of a small country and the stable countries bringing forth aid in an effort to work together to stabilize the situation and the conditions. When you have some of the most powerful and progressive political countries of your world operating on a profit mode and all other subordinate factions of the country supporting this profit mode it is going to be extremely difficult to bring about a peaceful and productive model or service which is also profitable in terms of stimulating the economy.

There are situations on the planet in terms of thinking, and some corporations which have begun to incorporate a more or less aggressive approach to profitability but these remain small and not very much attention has been placed on the ability of these few examples to become a model for globalization. Yet, in time, conditions will shift on the planet making it less profitable to use war and the stimulus of war as the prime motivation for economic and political stimulus. Thank you for this question.

Question #2: Could you give us an idea of what a service-driven economy might look like as opposed to what we're used to now? That might help us begin to see how we could take steps personally or at least somehow envision that as a positive future reality.

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. The resulting condition of a society which operates on a greater service oriented profitability is one that has been brought up from the individual to the group, into society. It will be tremendously difficult to organize a serviceable economy with the philosophic prototype which exists within the mind of the people on your planet as of now. It will take a massive reorganization beginning with individuals who begin to synchronize their belief system and the way in which they act to engender a greater sociological manifestation of serviceability and global profitability through this. Actually the term would be profit-sharing.

It takes a tremendous reorganization for man to begin to see that all men are equal no matter their political boundaries, their language, their skin and racial type or rather their economic condition. Once mankind begins to acknowledge and show respect for another there can be no massive globalization of a serviceable profit sharing of the economy and growth of service oriented institutions and corporations. For when mankind begins to function on a level which acknowledges and shows respect for one another, then it is possible to begin to move into a sustainable culture so that profit is not made off of selling things which belong to everyone such as the water on the planet which is used to turn turbines in to electricity, the air on the planet which is for all life to live by. Even the earth herself belongs to everyone, not just a few who then (..?..) majority profit on miniscule sales to their brothers and sisters.

Yes, what you ask in your question is an ideal, it is a way in which a service operating and orienting group of people can do business. But this is a purely human challenge and if this is to transpire it has to be a tremendous focus of many and it needs to begin now for it to manifest many many generations from now. It is a purely organic movement, it is not something which can be legislated. Again, thank you for your concern and this question.

Thought Adjusters

Question #3: How are Thought Adjusters assigned to their mortals?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. You ask one of the great mysteries in the universe. Thank you for this question.


(Mystic Circle)

Preamble: Recently the term 'mystic circle' [2] was used to describe a group assembled for deep meditation. Such a term as 'mystic' carries to some of us an unwanted 'new age' connection that many of us would like to put behind us.

Question #4: Are we now to be known as mystics?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this questioning. It is not within the realm of spirit to determine how humans see themselves or call themselves or are known. We have no authority in such matters. You are known by your action. Only the Inner Indwelt Presence is privileged to your inner thought and inner consciousness. The rest of spirit must observe action. This being a peculiar question in the sense of turning to spirit with a purely human situation which humans are at liberty to call themselves whatever they like. Thank you.

Mary: Thank you Monjoronson. I understand your reply and that basically -- you know -- what's in a name? But nevertheless there are still people who are asking about this particular word which has apparently has some non-positive connotation with some folk because there is another question along that line. Perhaps it might be an opportunity to speak to our human tendency to get distracted by a term and be more concerned about a term than we are the actual thing that is being talked about with that term.

Question #5: In all humility may I ask why the word "mystic" is being used?

Monjoronson: The word mystic is being used because humans are using it. There may or may not be any reason for this. I am not sure what this has to do with the spiritual authority for your planet.

Mary: Yes, I believe that there was a feeling that this was a word perhaps used by you in a transmission to describe a meditation circle that would be somehow distinguished by the depth of meditation and this was referred to as a 'mystic circle". I understand that you do not choose the actual words that are spoken by the t/r, the t/r chooses words that they feel encapsulate the message that they are getting from you.

Monjoronson: Absolutely, it is necessary in these questionings to direct such questions to specific t/r's which bring through certain information. As for this question, 'this' t/r has no reference for this situation. Thank you.

Mary: Thank you very much. Perhaps we will transfer some of these questions to the original t/r that termed this system and see if we can help people to some greater understanding through that avenue. Thank you for the suggestion.


(Spiritual Prompts)

Preamble: I have been waiting to ask this question to someone who truly knows the answer and will not mislead me, I pray you can help. For the past year I have been seeing some unusual time patterns, 'double-digits'. Meaning when I look at a clock I see: 22:22, 15:51, 16:16,00:00 etc.

Question #6: What does it mean and does it have something to do with my life purpose? Thank you.

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. Again, I might not give you the answer that you seek for this question. I would say, if you are drawn to recognizing something greater in your perception it would become necessarily important for you to pay a little more attention to how you are perceiving these prompts and in your own reality, what you are perceiving them to be. This may be something purely personal rather than a group phenomenon. [is what I am referring to] In all personal matters of perception, it is always best to consult ones higher self, ones Indwelt Monitor for a more exact prognosis of this phenomenon. It is true, that spirit does prompt an individual but usually spirit prompts do not involve some deep seated meaning, situation, or condition. They are just an alert prompt, alerting you to consciousness. For example, there is a popular prompt on your planet which involves the 1,111 midwayer corps which is on your planet and people are prompted by the letters 11:11 yet this prompt is nothing more than an acknowledgement in consciousness. Again, thank you for this concern and continue to look deeper and open to the possibility of what your Inner Guide is prompting you about. Thank you.

Mary: Thank you Monjoronson, I always appreciate the reminder to do our own checking with our Thought Adjuster and the best we can to discern and look for those things that we need to know.

Crop Circles

Question #7: The prophets of long ago on Urantia told their listeners to watch for signs and symbols when a new age is to appear. Do we, as observers of life around us indeed see new symbols and signs before our eyes like crop circles to indicate the change of epochs on Urantia?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. It is interesting that such a question is asked of spirit to tell us if we are correct or incorrect in perceiving something. When spirit tells you that the most important thing is contacting your Inner Guide, your Inner Spirit presence and your ultimate response to intelligence, there seems to be a sluggish response by the human race, observing the social conditions and situation on your world. Spirit cannot truly tell you how to perceive anything yet as the prophets say, there are certain signs which you should become aware which show that a new season is upon you. In the light of present world situations, it is ironic that one would ask: Are we living in times of change, are we ready to move into a new season, is the old season done for?

When the little buds begin to come out on the naked branches of the tree you know that spring is approaching. When the fruit begins to ripen you know that another season is upon you. When you see the world situation come to a halt, a dead end you should become aware that it has taken society into a wrong direction. Is this the sign of a new age? quite possibly. Are crop circles an indication of a new age? or are crop circles an indication of midwayer activities. Prophets have alerted men to the sign of the times because of their conscious[ness]. You must learn to read of the sign of the times with the eye of conscious[ness]. There is no actual way in which one can actually determine tomorrow.

One can only remain in the present 'now' yet it is possible to live a life in which you are completely in synch with reality on a greater level which insures that the coming day serves your benefit yet there should be ample signs on your world and within your society which shows that you live in a time of extremely volatile nature. Things are poised on the verge of great change. It is within this consciousness of great change at which you are poised that one can begin to consider how to be in synch with the times which are upon you and always, at all times to be in synch with the times which are upon you demands that you be in synch with the spirit which indwells you. That way you are always prepared for the times which are upon you. Thank you for this question.

Free Will, Eternal Son

(The Will of the Eternal Son)

Question #8: We have learned the difference between a Creator Son and Avonal Son regarding God's will. Would you please tell us what are the differences between Universal Father's will and the Eternal Son's will for you and for us?

Monjoronson: If I understand this question correctly you are asking what are the differences in will? There is no difference within these wills. All will is one in a spiritual sense. Though the duties and functions of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son take on different aspects, one of the basic differences in function is that the Universal Father through the Adjusters function on a personal level. Since this question is being asked by a human, the human is indwelt by this personal representative of the Father. Also since you are a human, you are directly associated with the phenomenon of the Creator Son having bestowed Himself on your world as a representative of both the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.

Yet the activity in the realm of the Eternal Son and the Creator Son is not so personal, it is more gregarious, it is more of a brotherhood/sisterhood of seeing all men and women as brothers and sisters on your world so that one is a personal spirit which motivates the individual. The resultant Spirit of Truth is a gregarious and social spirit which brings man into social functioning of personal beliefs and personal acts. Just as there is a distinction between the Universal Father and the Eternal Son, so is there a distinction in their functioning, yet their wills are all concerted to the will of the Universal Father. The Universal Father's will at best is: Be you perfect as I Am perfect. In all aspects, all considerations can be accounted for under this heading.

If you are doing the best you can, if you are trying to discern a greater will, in all ways this is shown to you personally. Again, the Eternal Son being a different person has different functioning. The Eternal Son does not function within the same way the Universal Father does. Again, the functioning of the Eternal Son is trying to bring man to the consciousness that we are all one here on this world. All life is one, not only men, women and children but plant and animals. All of life is one and the Eternal Son supplies the life pattern for a particular world as part of the Eternal Son's functioning through the Creator Sons of the universes. So though the functioning's have distinct earmarks, the will of all spirit is concerted in effort and aligns with the will of the Universal Father. Again, thank you for this questioning.


(The Urantia Sign)

Preamble: Me, my mom and my sister used to have the most weird experience, all as individuals but the same experience. When I would go in the shower it would be so steamed up that you could hardly see around, but always, standing in the shower when I looked in the mirror I could see bright lights coming from my eyes and as I got close, the brightness, the light, would still be there but then I would be able to see the Urantia sign, 3 concentric circles in my eyes and nothing else and it would look so amazing. Later it was revealed to me that my sister and my mom used to see the same thing!

Question #9: Please, can you help me with what the above experience was because we all feel that there is a meaning to these great things that we saw, and hopefully we can finally know what that meaning is. Thank you for your help.

Monjoronson: There have been and do exist on Urantia individuals who have borne the burden of Christ's passion to the point that some of these individuals have actually manifested bleedings scars on their hands and side and forehead. There is even a name on this world for these individuals. I personally am not conscious of what it is that brings one to manifest such things except that they are constant human reminders of something that took place. Also understand that while this is happening there is a whole universe of beings like yourselves on other worlds who for thousands of years have been praying for this world and the people upon it. They pray that the animal savagery which displayed itself at the end the bestowal life of Michael of Nebadon will somehow be redeemed and that man will eventually attain consciousness.

I give you this example to show you that there is nothing predominately significant in these individual lives except that to a social culture, they bring the recognition of truth of an actuality which did take place on your world. Who knows why things are the way they are. Sometimes it is important when things present themselves that you yourself find a meaning for the meaning is very personal. It is not for someone else to tell you what this meaning is. It is for you to truly discover within. Just as the case of individuals who through their physical nature reflect the passion of Christ Michael on Urantia, do not make the mistake to think that somehow spirit has manipulated these individuals into exhibiting what they truly exhibit.

Nonetheless there are tremendous factors involved in the quality of mind which exists on Urantia which make it susceptible for many things to manifest of which there are no explanations. One cannot look outside of oneself, one must trust ones own sense of what something means and define it as such. On a world such as Urantia there are countless things which happen to people which have absolutely no explanation from a spiritual standpoint yet spirit works with human perception. Human perception is credible in terms of spirit just like human will, human action and human love is also credible. What you ask is: Does this experience reflect some greater meaning in my life? And yes you must search within yourself for this greater meaning because something is happening personally to you and no one else. So again thank you for your interest in this line of questioning and continue to move forward in a greater understanding of what is happening. Thank you.

Mary: Thank you Monjoronson and we certainly appreciate your being here with us tonight. That was the last question we have this evening. You are certainly welcome to make any further comments that you would like to make before we close this evening.


Monjoronson: Yes, I would like to make the comment that the human race on Urantia has not changed very much in thousands of years. During Christ's time, Christ was appalled by the sign seekers, the thrill seekers, the miracle minded. Not much has changed. Your people are still trying to distinguish right from left, up from down, outside from inside, what I should do and what I shouldn't do. Must I love my neighbor, must I love myself? It is interesting that even when a great being as Christ Michael would choose to manifest and show forth a life of human glory, that intelligent humans balk at how to deal with it and what to do about it. From a spiritual standpoint this is truly appalling, that in 2,000 years your human race has learned very little.

Not to say that as individuals, some of you have grown into consciousness and continually work for the betterment of this consciousness and the human race. Yet so many of you are afraid to open your heart. So many of you are lax in a moral nature and now in America it is becoming popular not even to accept responsibility for ones own action or ones own doing. My question for you is: What will it take for the human race to truly begin to pour forth with an open heart to a consciousness which allows for a greater brotherhood exist on your world, where justice and equanimity hold the same place as truth and love, as compassion and forgiveness, as acknowledgement and recognition? Do not become discouraged. Continue to ask these questions and continue to seek. Thank you very much and good evening.

Mary: Farewell Monjoronson and thank you.