2010-04-21-Build Infrastructure

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Topic: Build Infrastructure & Organizations, Train More TR's

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael



[Daniel led with the prayer, centering and connection to the merkaba.]

[Michael’s plans had to wait for completion of the adjudication of the Rebellion]

MONJORONSON: Good morning, this is Monjoronson. (Group greetings.)


The progress of Christ Michael’s Correcting Time continues ahead. For us the events have been rapidly developing so that they seem to be almost continuous. However to you, it may seem as though this is moving ahead at a snail’s pace. Just know that there is progress; it is developmental, it is guided, it is done with intention, and with known outcomes in the eventuality of time. Christ Michael’s completion of his 7th bestowal and his assumption of Sovereignty of Nebadon marked a very significant turnabout for the years of quarantine for this world and the other worlds. As we have said, there was a good deal of planning and development that has taken place since then. The actual implementation of contingency plans that would not be put into place until the adjudication was complete, which occurred in the very latter years of the second millennium of this world. The closure of that millennium begins a new millennium, and much has changed and much has developed in the last ten years of the Correcting Time.

You are acquainted with the Teaching Mission as it began, almost simultaneously with the completion of the adjudication process, and now the Magisterial Mission has come on board as well. Throughout all of this, the last 20 years[1] or so, we have attracted many thousands of individuals, and many thousands have left the fold for lack of interest or disappointment at the developments not being more rapid or more grand in manifestation. For us, this has been a very rapid development, since the adjudication. Were you to live out the 100-year span from the adjudication into the future, you would, at that point, look back and see incredible changes in your world, and in how the business of civilization is completed at that time. But for now, we are here in this moment, developing some new strands that will strengthen the braid into a rope, into a hawser that will be very strong, to assist your nation and other nations to be drawn into the future.


  • Development of infrastructure of organization

The Magisterial Mission has progressed to a sufficient time and development to now begin to develop an infrastructure of organization. You know and have seen that the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission are without an organizational infrastructure; there is not an organization; there is not an institutionlegalized institution or one founded by members with or without legal sanction—there has simply been a loose affiliation of individuals, who have come, some have stayed, many have returned to where they came from in their belief systems.

We will now begin the process of developing an infrastructure of organization and begin to institutionalize it, meaning that an organization will have existence with a meaningful structure of individuals of authority and responsibilities, and so on. This too, will not occur over night; it will occur very slowly, as some individuals are attracted to positions of authority and leadership, thinking that they know the way into the future; others will come and leave—those who come for some personal agenda will eventually leave as well. This is a continuation of the winnowing process.


Just as prayer is most effective when it is done with sincerity and with intention, and without any evidence of self-aggrandizement or return for the person who is doing the praying, so too, those who are part of this organization and the institutionalization of this organization, must participate with the same expectations as they would in prayer, that they would be effective co-creative partners with spirit, but without anticipation or expectation of personal return. You simply hope, believe, have faith, trust and KNOW that you will be and are being taken care of. This is quite a leap for most mortals who have remained. It is a challenge for most individuals; however this recent economic turndown in your global economy has proven to many that their faith-relationship with the provisions of their life through spirit is intact, it is solid, it was continuous and without break. This is as we are designing this organizational infrastructure and its eventual institutionalization.

We will not make any announcements about that, other than what I have shared today, though others in other organizations may call upon me to reveal additional information, but this will not be a thoroughgoing divulging of the details of what is planned. Rather this will come about in time and effort and development, appropriately and synchronistically, when all events and all energies are coordinated. So, be patient, my friends. We are in great amazement and some of our junior members are in astonishment/astounded by the tenacity of your faith to remain with this movement, this loosely formed movement of the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission, where there are no rewards for you, no place of authority, no agenda, no tasks, nothing to do, no place to go, no one to join with—other than showing up for the regular Teaching Mission or Magisterial Missions’ sessions. Now, for the first time, you will begin to see the beginning evidence of structure and form. As you know, structure and form are very dangerous for the human psyche, as you tend to want to pound a nail in it and hang your hat on it forever. This just cannot be. This for us is a compromise of great proportions, but necessary to engage you in meaningful and visual, tactile experiences, working for the higher good, through an organization, with leadership, plans and so on.

Work, Sustainability

  • Begin by working at the lowest levels, co-creatively

You must be aware that the intention is to develop sustainability of the human species’ social structure and organizations, globally—that means that we wish to devise a sustainable civilization with you by working at the lowest local levels with you, to do so. Always remember that it is the individual who is the point of contact with the Thought Adjuster, with God. The individual—you—are the most important element of your civilization, you and several billion others, are the collective but individual “you” that comes to know God. Your sustainability is sustaining you as individuals, then extends to sustainable family structure, communities and all these social institutions that are necessary to support a sustainable civilization.

Transmitting, Groups

Turning to another topic, we are in need of good TRs—competent, capable, reliable, humble TRs. Many of you have been in training, many of you have come forward; many of you are now experiencing the presence within the mystic circle of meditation, where your collective energies with other mystics in a circle, assists and supports the intention to have personal contact with the God presence within you, and with your guardian, and with your mentors and others. Please know that you will be contacted by me, Machiventa, one of the Liaison Team, and you will be called forward to assist. Not everyone is called; it depends upon your maturity, your emotional structure and your ego development.

We have poked our finger in your chest a number of times about the foibles of human nature, and so we are confronted with this as we engage and call forward individuals to become TRs. Those who are called will have the experience of hearing me, Machiventa, or one of the Liaison Team - it could be Gabriel or Christ Michael, himself, who calls you forward to be of this service. You may not feel that you are ready; you, in fact, may not have had the training that you need to become an effective TR today or tomorrow, but if you are called, then you know from this calling that you have the capacity and capability and the resources to become an effective, capable TR. This is essential, my friends! We cannot continue to operate through only a handful of TRs; this becomes a liability. It is as though you were investing all of your financial assets in one bank, and if the bank goes bankrupt or it is destroyed for some reason, then all your assets are gone. It is simply necessary to continue to broaden the scope and depth and breadth of the TR cadre to bring the message through.

Not all of you will be carrying the message forward, as this one does, and a couple others as well. Your coming forward as TRs and your training is essential for the development of ongoing, functional working and productive and effective co-creative design teams. Your world simply is not going to mature and develop into a sustainable culture, without competent and capable TRs who can function within a co-creative design team. You know, and we have told you numerous times, that the foibles of human nature, the ego’s need for self embellishment, self-aggrandizement, control and positions of authority and power, and the acquisition of material wealth, is offensive and does not work in these positions. So when you become a TR, this has nothing to do with your empowerment in your society, as an esteemed leader or authority. It is recognition of your capabilities and qualities to function within a co-creative design team. You will be cared for and supported; means will be there for you to live and exist and survive and grow spiritually, but most of you most likely will not become millionaires in any sense of the word.

  • Position of group facilitator and mediator

For those of you who have dedicated your lives to this work, but who are not TRs, and do not have the capacity to become a TR, remember that there are very valuable positions within a co-creative design team, such as the facilitator. The facilitator is very important to facilitate the group process, the group dynamics of the team, so that there is an even, working flow of information, back and forth between team members, without becoming possessive of your position. The facilitator acts when they have to as a moderator, and in extreme cases as a mediator when individuals take and hold positions, rather than seeking a common interest of sustainability in the context of the subject you are working on. For those of you with skills of facilitation and mediation, you are called forward to assist in this process. Review the skills in your training materials on facilitation and mediation, which will assist you to assist the team in its fluid, social and working dynamics.

  • Position of group recorder

Further, the other position that is needed is that of recorder. The recorder is a very important function. This position requires an individual with a very discerning mind; the capacity to discern the important topics of the discussion, to record them, tract them, taking notes, so that they will make sense to you when you go back and transcribe your notes into succinct summaries of the co-creative design team’s workings. We are not so much interested in verbatim recordings of the sessions, but rather a recording of the important topics. If you have team members who are didactic in position taking and recalling the words that they have spoken as points of authority, then perhaps verbatim recordings are needed, but this would not indicate an even, fluid flow of the group process, and these individuals may have to leave.

  • Position of spiritual consultant

You, as a team, must discern and decide upon the boundaries of social etiquette and of team and group process. When one passes the bounds of social acceptability or your social boundaries, then that individual must be given a “time out,” as you would say. The position of the consultant is not there as one to discipline the group individually, or as a group, but to assist the group in its working order, moving forward to effectively accomplish its product or service, to bring the work of the group to meaningful, effective ends. The consultant will, however, on occasion, admonish the team if they are moving in a direction that is unproductive. This is simply helping the group to stay on task. The work of the consultant is different from the facilitator, as the facilitator helps the working order of group dynamics and group process. The spiritual consultant works to keep the team on task and moving in the right direction, so that it does not grind into the ground and come to nothing, and go into what you call “rabbit holes,” which are unproductive, asking questions which are of no pragmatic value.

  • Team members’ roles

There are others—the team members, who function and operate within the team, who are active, working members. Just because they do not have titles of facilitator or recorder does not mean that they are lesser than—certainly not! In many ways, they are greater than, simply because they have the freedom not to be tied to some function in the team, but rather are there to act as open minds, with an open mic, so that they can speak their truth, and act as revelators within the team context. The hoped for development is that all team members would be in touch and in contact and conversant with their own guardians and Thought Adjusters and celestial teachers. This is, of course, an optimal situation. We do not expect that this will be the commonality of initial groups, but those that develop over time.

What members within the team must do is take time apart or aside to gather the information that they know intuitively is within them, so they might go for a drink of water, or go to relieve themselves, or go have a cookie, or take some kind of a walking break, and collect their thoughts and that of their celestial teacher or guardian, who can give them insights and “ah-ha’s” about their participation and contribution to the team. I ask now, the members who are present here at this moment, are there any points of clarification you would ask?

  • Should members of team be like-minded or of diverse opinions?

Student: It seems like our country, at least, is becoming more and more polarized all the time. In forming these groups, is it good to have people of both persuasions, or would we get more done if we were like-minded?

MONJORONSON: Yes, we would appreciate having an even balance between males and females, if that is where you were talking about even persuasion. We do not need didactic or politically positioned individuals on the team, as that would not be productive. The concerns of the co-creative design team, far, far, far surpass the medium of politics. Your politics in this country, even the advanced thinkers in the respective parties, do not fully have a clue, or really have not become aware that social sustainability is on the map, or a visible topic for public discussion. Is this what you meant, Ma’am?

Student: Yes, in part. Besides the political polarity, there is also polarity in just about any topic that people can possibly have an opinion on—they have a very strong opinion about—and it is really difficult to find people who are willing to listen to all sides. They want to force their own opinions on everyone else.

MONJORONSON: Yes, this will be part of the function of the spiritual consultant, to monitor this position-taking. The spiritual consultant will as well be responsible for the initial training of these groups. These materials are already available, and there are further materials that will become available to the teams. The interest is to bring integration. We have spoken before about the difficulties of separation and integration. Statements representing separation do not assist in the process, but statements of finding points of integration are very helpful for this.

The topic of sustainability operates from the perspective that every one here will be with you in the future, and there you simply cannot eliminate those who have different opinions, but that the process of discussing the topics of sustainability and using the schematic for sustainability, acts as a leveler of all positions. This is a concern, but it is of more concern for the spiritual consultant, than it is for the members of the team. It would be a concern of the facilitator as well. It will be necessary for individuals who come to the team, who volunteer to participate, that if they find they cannot find integration or their points of contact are not contiguous with other members, then we ask them to leave the team.

Just as individuals self-select who will come to the team, who will volunteer, there is also the necessity that individuals will responsibly deselect themselves from participating in the team, knowing that they cannot contribute meaningfully and constructively to the outcomes of the team. Remember, the identity of the co-creative design teams is not American, or Canadian, or South American, or European, or otherwise, who are dealing with the sustainable capacities of humanity, of your human species, as social beings in this world at this time. You are neither Republicans or Democrats, Socialists, Communists or Fascists; you are in the employment of Christ Michael, and in the employ of Christ Michael, you work to assist in the ends that he is bringing about. And these, at this time, will become more and more clear. If you need clarification, those clarifications will be rapidly and readily given to you, so that you do not miss the point.

  • Discerning true workers from the faddists

Student: Since we’ve been working on trying to attain sustainability in many different situations, I see the word “sustainability” or “sustainable” being thrown all around, all over the whole society, and knowing the propensity of this culture, at least, to grab onto “buzz words,” and not worry so much about what they really mean, but people just wanting to seem like they are in the vanguard of whatever new movement is going on, I’m wondering if there is a relatively easy or safe way to know which people who are promoting sustainability are just climbing on the bandwagon, and which ones really do have sustainable ideas and at heart, have the desire to help true sustainability come about?

MONJORONSON: This is an important concern of ours as well. We see the window of opportunity of sustainability as beginning to open to your society. It is beginning to be a more widely known word, the concept of which many do not understand thoroughly. We will use this window of opportunity to attract as many people as we possibly can. It is basically marketing in the old fashioned way, that the wider the audience, the more probability that you will attract those that will stay. The loss of 98% of those who were attracted would be acceptable to us. A 2% retention of those who are dedicated, thoroughgoing and understanding of the work that is needed, would be appreciated. It is substantial to us to use those numbers. We know that your culture is a very faddist society that associates popularity and being in the flow and the ”know,” with attachment to the current contemporary ideas that come into focus or into view of the larger society. This does not concern us at this time. We know the work that we are engaging in, and we understand its seriousness and the ends and the processes that it will go through to achieve. You can be sure, my friend, that as your world becomes more and more difficult to live in, that the topic of sustainability, particularly as it applies to the social structure of your societies and nations and communities, will become more and more important.

There will be increasing clarity of social sustainability in the processes of designing socially sustainable institutions, as the grinding of events in your world—geophysical, social, economic and political—grind your political and faddist ideas into talcum powder. (Laughter.) The grit will become grist for the mill and it will become finer and finer, so those individuals who want to have a quick fix will disappear, and those who have the tenacity and perseverance and tenacious character to hang in there, they will see much and reap rewards for their efforts.

Remember, this is a time of pioneering. You who are here, and you who read these transcripts and listen to them, are truly those pioneers who so long ago—in the 1800’s—crossed along the Oregon Trail, to cross the prairie and the mountains to end in the fertile valleys of the West and through the Western mountainous areas, where there was great reward for your tenaciousness. Many were lost along the way, to various problems, and so it is with our work here; that pioneers are the ones who are resilient, flexible, capable, and who have the capacity to bounce back and to stay on their feet. These are the individuals who will last. Many of you understand the metaphor of a cat being knocked off a fence or a table, or something like that, and they always land on their feet. So too, you survivors are going to land on your feet as events and difficulties come to you, and they do not affect you very much. (Thank you.) You are welcome; thank you for the question.

Student: How do you know if you have the ability to do TRing? And whether that’s a possibility?

  • Developing the skills to TR

MONJORONSON: Yes, I would be glad to answer your question. If you meditate; if you are able to meditate; if you are able to still your mind, then this is the rudimentary beginnings of TRing. If you ask a question in your mind and you hear an answer, then you are in fact, TRing silently. Many of you TR already; many of you “hear.” And some of you actually “see” as well. The matter of beginning to be a TR is a developmental process; it is a matter of practice; it is a matter of being socially unafraid, not being timid, having the experience to do it in public—whether that is one other person or 20 other people. It is a matter of skill development. If you have the rudiments of this, then you can be a TR.

Many of you will not become fluent TRs and able to set your mind “aside,” so to speak, to allow me to speak through you, as occurs with this one. However, you will be an incredibly valuable member of a co-creative design team, because you, as you participate in the team process, you are “hearing” the advisement of your celestial teacher, or your guardian, or some guide, or some other spiritual being, who is there to assist you, to make a contribution to the team process. This is as essential as the fluent TR in the team.

  • Using TR skills as a team member

I hope you appreciate this; there is no grandstanding, there is no microphone holding or possession by the TR. This is simply a position that facilitates the work of the team. Many times the TR of the team will be “on hold,” so to speak, not participating in the team, and not TRing either. So they are “off line,” so to speak. You, however, as a team member who TRs can be of immense, dynamic contribution to the team process and what it accomplishes. So do not be dismayed that you do not become fluent verbally or aloud, but that you are pleased with the fact that you do TR, with your guide, your guardian, your teacher, with your Thought Adjuster, as this will facilitate your spiritual and emotional growth, throughout the duration of your lifetime. The contributions for learning to TR are many—many, many, many! The rewards and benefits begin to be arithmetic and even exponential, as you get older, with more and more experience. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, thank you.

Student: Monjoronson, there are a lot of readers of your transcripts that are excited about the co-creative design team process, and would like to be involved in this, but lack a TR in their region. Is there some way they can work together and achieve sustainability without having a TR available?

MONJORONSON: Yes, you could do this through a conference call or through a video Internet process, which would be a compromise, but nonetheless it can assist you to move ahead. It is helpful if you have a video/Internet connection, where you can see 5, 6, or 8 people in separate little video squares on your computer monitor, and participate that way. This would be an easier process than having 5, 6 or 8 people on the telephone conference line, as you do not have the visible cues, where one person steps aside, so to speak, and allows others to have the microphone and speak. This is a way of moving ahead; we have held out as long as possible for one-on-one personal co-creative design teams, but we recognize and realize that there are optimal teams available, at great distances, through the technologies that are available to you. You are welcome to move ahead through this. We would appreciate it if you would take notes among those team members who gather together, so that this process can develop experience, reflection and wisdom, about how other teams can form and function this same way, so that they can come on line or be productive more quickly and more easily. The challenges are many, but can be overcome if there is a desire and willingness on the part of individuals to participate this way.

There are many non-verbal cues that you will miss through these two mechanisms of team building, where it is easier for an individual to become more dominant or domineering, and cajoling perhaps, to gain positions of authority, and of course you know as well as I do that when this appears the team environment is vulnerable to collapse and disintegration. It will require a great finesse and personal presence of humility and caring to empower the team, without self-aggrandizement or power-taking. Positions of authority are very legitimate, as there is a need for someone to form and organize the team. Someone will need to step forward as a facilitator, another as a recorder, another as a TR, and others as members. All of you will need to remember and to be in conscious presence to be self-evaluating, so that you monitor the conscious environment, so to speak, of the team, so that it works well. Remember, in this team setting, there is no one who is going to finger-wag you, or chastise you, or belittle you, or shame you into becoming more effective team members. You simply will have to learn these things among yourselves. This will be most challenging, but it is not beyond the capacity of even moderately sensitive and attentive participants.


You can anticipate that there will be these developments, beginning now and becoming much more visible within the next year to two years. It is important that there be more and more structure in place as more and more of the “glue that holds your societies and communities together” begins to dissolve. We must develop teams that begin to be productive. I would advise you to recall the councils that were formed through the Caligastia 100, when the Prince was here; there were councils of those 100, The Urantia Book, Paper 66, sec. 5], who participated in the ten different councils: one for agriculture, one for commerce, education, and so on. You will want to specialize in your teams, so that you can contribute. Yes, there is a need for experts in these various fields, to be on these teams. It is also necessary to have those who know little about this, but who are broad-thinking individuals. How you go about organizing these councils is up to you. It would seem apparent that there would be a need to have a posting for the teams and then volunteers who wish to participate in each team that they are interested in, to sign up and to begin the team process.

  • Progress will be seen over next 6 months to two years

Now, I have given you quite a bit of homework to attend to. Do not be surprised if this first initial phase easily takes 6 months, but you will begin to get the handle of it and able to become productive. As I say, someone in each team should keep notes, even the person who organizes the posting site on the Internet for the 10 different councils or teams, will need to take notes of what they did, how it works, why it works, and why parts of it didn’t work, so that this can be replicated in each language base, throughout the world. Do not be surprised if you have ten councils for each language group. This is very possible and eventually, wouldn’t it be a lot of fun for all of you to get together to share what you know, whether you were German, French, Spanish, English, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Farsi, or some other language group.


We thank you for this time today, and now I say, “Move ahead, my friends.” Good day.

Group: Thank you Monjoronson!