1992-07-12-The Kingdom

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Topic: The Kingdom

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



Opening Prayer: Prayer of St. Francis

Daniel: "Good evening. I am Daniel. I am your teacher and your friend. I am especially glad to be back with you this week after our absence for so long. You have been working, have been seeking and searching out those ways that will help you on your path. I am overjoyed to work with you and be a part of your lives.



This evening I would like to address and talk to you about the Kingdom. And just what is this Kingdom that Christ Michael came to Urantia to talk about, to bring to ascending mortals on this plane? As you well know, Christ Michael many, many times told His followers that, 'My Kingdom is not of this world. The Kingdom of which I speak is that of My Father'; that it is the Father's kingdom that we are all a part of; that this Kingdom is not of a material realm, rather it is spiritual. And those of you who can understand this meaning above and beyond the meaning of the day of Christ Michael's time, if you can get a grasp, a glimpse of what this means, you will again make much progress on your ascension, on the path you are traversing now.

For you see, when one is of understanding of the Kingdom, one is in understanding of their part in it, of the all inclusive nature of this Kingdom; that you cannot separate any ascending mortal from any other. The Kingdom of which Christ Michael spoke included all, embraced all. The Kingdom that Christ Michael brought to Urantia allowed those who understood to know of their role in bringing the Kingdom into fruition; that you are part of the this experience of the Kingdom; that what you do in your life contributes to this Kingdom. Know that when you are in this understanding, your sonship and daughtership are so well intact, your reaching out to your brothers and sisters in loving service and in understanding of your bonding; this is what the Kingdom involves. When you can in your own being feel a part of this grand scheme; when you are willing to turn over your will to that of the Father, you are in fact understanding what Christ Michael said, that my kingdom is not of this world. For those who are in understanding of the Kingdom are those who walk with integrity; that are not those who are self righteous, but are righteous; those who walk with pride, but not self pride; those who walk with tolerance; those who understand forgiveness; those who give love. The Kingdom embraces all of these. It is through your faith and your trust that you bring forth the Kingdom into this world, into this realm that others may also be inspired to understand, to come and be a part of this great and beautiful scheme, plan, and understanding of the First Source and Center.

How can you who are embodied in the Father's realm turn your back on your fellow brothers and sisters? How can you who are part of the realm of the Father fall back to those erroneous characteristics which bring you disharmony? When you are filled with the Spirit, when you invite the Spirit into your being, you are asking to be part of the Kingdom. You are assuming responsibility, accountability. You are desiring to meet with the First Source and Center that your wills can be joined.

My words this evening ask you to reflect upon this aspect; that there cannot be disharmony, cannot be sin and error when one is in full understanding of their citizenship in the Kingdom; that when those things in life bring you to the edge of disequalibrium, you are able to stabilize yourself through your communication, prayer, and desire to be with the Father, with the First Source and Center. Know that part of your mission is to help others by planting those seeds of the truth about the Kingdom that they, too, may shed their outer layers of fear, of guilt, of misunderstanding; that they, too, can be of one mind; that they, too, can set their sights on following the will of the Father; that they will always feel and know the presence of the Indwelling Spirit. As you are becoming more and more in understanding yourselves of this meaning of being a part of God's Kingdom; as you grow in competence in this realm, so too, then, will you be able to take this news to others. Know that it will take many, many years of planting many seeds; but once the seeds have been planted, that there are other things, then, that will help to nourish these seeds to provide those things that will be the impetus to bring forth barren ground into a fertile valley. For while many on Urantia are starving for spiritual nourishment there will be these groups of people like yourselves who will, if you will think of this analogy, be like your legend of Johnny Appleseed, traversing the countryside and bringing forth the sweetness of these apple trees. As you are becoming stronger, I admonish you to be a Johnny Appleseed in your own right and scatter seeds. And as more seeds are scattered, the more and more these understandings of the true Kingdom will become more commonplace, more accepted. And with acceptance comes further understanding, and understanding and knowledge helps those who are looking to see the truth.

And so, you modern day followers of your brother, father, Christ Michael, take heed of His words to go forth and spread the Kingdom. Spread the news of the Kingdom. Let this be in your thoughts this week that you may in some regard help a fellow brother and sister come to some realization of their cosmic citizenship, of their relationship with the First Source and Center. You who are working steadily, you who are taking into consideration the truths as they are revealed to you, you who are taking hold of these and working to bring these into reality in your life are gaining the confidence that you need to be these scatterers. Fear not in this regard! Know that when the time is right there will be opportunity for you to plant that seed and you will do it with genuine love, with a security of knowing that you have support, with the confidence of a true follower of the First Source and Center.

I am so pleased to be with all of you again, to be not only your friend but to help you, to guide you on your path. You do well! And think of the Kingdom as likened to that of a mustard seed. I will now accept your questions."


B2: "Hello, Daniel."

Daniel: "Hello, B1. And before we begin let me speak happy birthday to you."

B2: "Thank you. I wanted to introduce D1 Dodge from Couer D'Alene who is visiting today. I don't know if you have any words for him."

Daniel: "Welcome, D1. It is always nice to have visitors. Welcome and we are looking forward to more activity and work going on with your group. Continue to have faith, to trust and to show support to one another. For through support and the camaraderie you will be able to work toward those higher goals you all seek. Welcome."

D1: "I would like to share my gratitude, Daniel, for having shared your teachings with us. I would like to tell you how much I love you and appreciate your teachings. Thank you."

Daniel: "Thank you. And know that the feeling is mutual. We need to thank the generous members of this group for they are the ones who are being so zealous in sharing transcripts. And my thanks to you all in this regard."

C2: "Daniel, this is C2."

Daniel: "Hello, C2."


C2: "I am somewhat puzzled. I am not sure I can articulately sort out..as you are speaking of the spiritual world and the material world. I hear a duality. And yet it is my assumption and I guess my belief that in the world of our First Source and Center, in the realm of our First Source and Center that it is not either or, but both/and. I do understand about the spiritual realm of our being and the spiritual realm and development. But I guess I am...and I also realize that service is a part of that. But I guess I am as much of a social activist that likes to think that this world is important and we do our service for the sake of this world as well as out of love for our brothers and sisters, regardless. Can you clarify if there is indeed a duality or how that all works together?"

Daniel: "Of course, C2. This world is of great importance, wondrous importance for you, for it is through this life, this material plane, that you gather experiences which you cannot gather on other realms as wonderfully as you do here. So know that when I speak, as this evening, that when one thinks of the Kingdom that you must not think of it as one of a material plane such as was thought about at the time of Christ Michael, where He would come and rule as a king over a certain group; that the Kingdom for which Christ Michael came was not for a one select group, but rather embodies the whole and the all. And that the spiritual Kingdom is what He brought forth; that you may work through your life on this material plane to reach and understand that you are also a part of a spiritual Kingdom; that it is not always the important aspect to be strictly on a material plane; that part of your duality calls for you to understand your spiritual realm as well; that you can learn to work in conjunction for following the First Source and Center in your daily material life. Yes, there is a duality; that you are very much a part of this. And it is in this wondrous gift of duality that you gain abundant experience, that you grow; that you can in your human material life bring forth and follow a spiritual plane, so you then combine both realms, both worlds; that it is possible to follow a spiritual life on a material plane. And this is what was asked of you by Christ Michael, to be perfect as your Father is perfect; that you must strive, even though perfection is not possible for you at this time; that you strive to work toward this end. And this work is done through the spiritual plane; that you do reach the perfect through the spiritual and not the material. Is this of more clarity for you?"

C2: "Um..I don't know. I guess maybe I am caught in paradox which is.. there is duality, but there is also integration, and that as we integrate our spiritual realm and our material plane, then we have the opportunity to be the most whole, the most nearly perfect as we can be for this time in our lives. And that as we do both love and do service within that paradox, within that integration, we then move from a material context into a more spiritual context. Is that..?"

Daniel: "Yes. Very well stated. Yes."

C2: "Thank you."

C2: "Excuse me Daniel. Does that mean that the duality lies in the terms of spiritual and material, but that the context for right now is material, but our spirituality is there?"

Daniel: "You do have a spiritual nature as well as a material nature. And these two are part of your being now; that you are in your life experiences, in your dedication to following the Father's will, in your striving to be loving and of service to others, you are, yes, bringing your duality more in line, more together, there is more meshing. But you cannot separate the fact that you are of dual nature; that you are in your desire to follow the Father's will bringing forth more spiritual realities into your life, into the material. Is this further helping?"


C2: "It is. And then that leads me to think in terms of the notion that before...(I'm just thinking in terms of justice issues in this world)...that in our service..I truly believe that it is hard for hungry people to think about spiritual food when their bodies are starving."

Daniel: "This is very correct. That when this life on this planet can become more in equity; that when the social injustices that now prevail can be alleviated; when the social problems, when the inequities of economics, of health, of all realms can be more leveled out, then those who were unable to understand the spiritual realm can start beginning to see those truths. [but]It is not always necessary. There are many who are very spiritual who are hungry, who are sick, who know much social injustice. But these individuals are ones who also have the understanding of the spiritual Kingdom, that they can see past the material existence to a broader realm. And part of your responsibility will be to help those in these situations to look beyond the material. But it is very true that those who are hungry, those who are physically hungry, must nourish that aspect, take care of the animalistic aspects of survival, that the spiritual can be also a part of their life. And you see, if you look back through the history of Urantia, when you started out with basic animal instincts which were for survival, that at that point the Indwelling Spirit, the Father Fragment was not prevalent, available to all; that you have in many, many ways progressed past the basic survival; and yet there are still those, your fellow brothers and sisters who are still on this plane. To bring equality in this area will also bring spiritual upliftment, a grand task, which will, as this planet moves closer to Light and Life, be seen, be part of the normal and not the abnormal as it is now."

C2: "Thank you Daniel."

Daniel: "Yes."

N1: "Hi Daniel. This is N1." Daniel: "Hello N1."


N1: "C2's question and your answer brought me to a question that I have been struggling with the last week or two and maybe I need to give a little backround with my question. I originally went into economics because of the social ills that I wanted to correct. And my first couple of years in graduate school I came to the conclusion that trying to change things in the material realm wasn't going to change anything because they were symptoms of a deeper disease and when we fixed something, something else popped up somewhere else and that the answer had to be to go within and that as we changed our hearts and as individuals found inner peace that somehow institutions would follow; that the changes would then effect the institutions. And I still believe that very much. But more recently I am faced with the question of..are there things that we can do now actively to change those institutions? And to what extent do means and ends need to be connected? It was Peace Pilgrim that said that ends and means had to be connected, that you cannot have a peaceful end if you do not have peaceful means. And when I look at..it borders on one of the questions I asked a couple of weeks ago...when I look at some of the gross injustices, militarism and the violence and the hard hearts, I wonder how do we change those things on the social scale using peaceful means? And that has always made me want to go back to..well I just want to work on myself. Is this enough of a question that you can address that at this point in time? Do you want me to further clarify?"(laughter)

Daniel: "It is quite a question and know that you have again discovered your own answer; that it does start with the individual, with those who are already of knowledge, of wisdom, of understanding, who have already 'got it together' so to speak, who will bring about change. For you will not only plant seeds for others, you will work toward all ends to bring about [improvement in these social inequities. And know that it must come from both sides; that it will come from not only providing those tools for all peoples to help themselves to crawl out of their sad life state, whether it be social, economic, or mental; that in order for there to be real genuine healing within the body of the ascending mortals of Urantia, there must be not only more spiritual nourishment, but also the nourishment that takes away this [[[focus]] on] survival mechanisms; that you must have a lifestyle that is somewhat conducive to your being able to get beyond basic survival mechanisms. For you now, the individual, to help in this regard,.. you are already doing this now, by first preparing yourselves. Second, by seed scattering. Third, by your actions, by your coming to understanding about social problems through your own education and knowledge about the affairs of the world, and with this knowledge the actions that you put forth will begin to bring about change. And my dear friends, know that you must not think that you must be the one who must shoulder all the responsibility; that you must do what you can and know that over much time and many generations, things will change; that it will not happen overnight. Look, if you will, to even the horrendous fall of Lucifer, that while this horrendous deed did much damage for this planet, the isolation you have felt, the sin and error that was brought to this planet, through not only this, but the default of Adam also; that you were looked upon as those of misfortune. But you see, in God's universe, in His whole understanding, even these most horrendous deeds in the end work for good. That while you may have been an isolated planet, you have survived. You have struggled. There has been much effort and growth, and struggle and progress, and struggle and progress through many, many generations. And as the many, many more go on there will be much good brought out of the fact that even though you were isolated you have continued. And the experiences gleaned from this will be far superior to those who have had it easier, have always had more spiritual input than you have had..up to this time. So all of you, look to yourselves to do what you can and know that radical change overnight, the way it is now, is not possible; that it takes time. You who are freewill creatures must make those choices that will bring you on the paths to the First Source and Center; that you who are knowledgeable, you who have this faith and trust in the First Source and Center, can be guides for those around you. Is this a little more helpful?"

N1: "Yes, Daniel. I think it is. It did bring me to in some ways a further question in terms of looking at our own lives and what we are supposed to be doing in them. Does it matter so much what we do as it matters how we do it? In other words what I am asking is...we could do many, many deeds that appear to have large impact or not, but that if we were not working on our spiritual growth at the time and we were not doing it from the proper intentions in our hearts, it would be wasted effort as if it never existed at all. But that if we do even small things for our spiritual growth and to give love and service, very small things will have much more effect, given generations, than the broad deeds that are done with the wrong heart?"

Daniel: "By your deeds you will be known. By your fruits you will be known. And know that those who do, out of wrong thinking, are their own undoing. Those who look to the First Source and Center and follow in their heart, and mind, and action, do bring forth upliftment in many ways. And yes, it is the individual and your experience, your relationship, your faith and trust that is what gives purpose and meaning to life."

N1: "Thank you very much Daniel."

Daniel: "You are most welcome."

B1: "Hello Daniel. This is B1."

Daniel: "Hello B1."


B1: "You were commenting on the benefits of this world going through so many problems with the Lucifer rebellion and the Adam and Eve default and that brought up this question that I had the other night when I was reading the paper on the Mighty Messengers where it says, and I am reading now from the book, 'Every ascendant mortal of insurrectionary experience that functions loyally in the face of rebellion is eventually destined to become a Mighty Messenger of the Superuniverse service.' Is this one of the benefits of living on this twisted and torn planet..that some of us gain the experience whereby we might become Mighty Messengers? I was wondering."

Daniel: "With God all things are possible. And know that as ascending mortals, being a Mighty Messenger is within the realm of real possibility. Yes."

B1: "So I just wondered, is this world considered to be one of insurrectionary status as [Urantia text|the book]] is referring to, or is that a reference to people who resisted the Lucifer Rebellion and etc. at that time,.. I'm wondering?"

Daniel: "Yes, at that time. For you see, with the appearance of Christ Michael on this plane, no longer were the errors and sins of this rebellion possible to influence or take over people; that it was through your own free will that error and sin prevailed."

B1: "OK. Thank you."

Daniel: "You are welcome."

F2: "Hello, Daniel. This is Gloria. I just want to thank you for spending so much time with L1 and I and spending time with Cindia to bring through our lessons for us. And I hope I can repay you through working these lessons. I feel I am becoming a much stronger person and knowing myself much more, so, my gratitude goes to you again and again."

Daniel: "As mine to you Gloria. Know that it is never necessary for to you to ever repay me. For this is not what our relationship is about. I feel this was just an error in your speaking, that you realize that as an ascending mortal myself, we are all here to follow, to be in service of the First Source and Center, and that we all on this journey together."

G1: "Yes Daniel, I understand. That was my codependency coming up. It is the one thing that I, we are working on here.(laughter)."

Daniel: "Yes."(more laughter)

G1: (laughter.....)"Thank you for clarifying that. I appreciate it."

V1: "Hello Daniel, this is V1."

Daniel: "Hello V1."


V1: "I was listening to the conversation and it, the questions earlier and a question that has always come up in my mind is, 'can we do good things for the world and for the hungry and with those people who have social injustice, and accomplish good but have a bad motive'? I'm thinking in terms of somewhere I read once that they don't care what your motive is, give them a loaf of bread...and so that I think that is where I am coming from. Also, sometimes when I think I have good motive, later I can usually see where I get some results for myself. So I am wondering if ever there is a pure motive so that we can say we have done it for only good. Is that too many questions?"

Daniel: "No, and realize that because you are not God Himself, you cannot be perfect. You cannot ever come from a perfect motive. Rather you must look at the whole picture. Your whole desire, if it is to follow and be in alignment, to be of loving service, this is what you are. All things that you do in life will have some sort of resounding effect on you, even in the prayer you say this evening; for it is in pardoning that we are pardoned. You see, all good provides other good. And when you make the statement, 'give them a loaf of bread, they do not care...'you are not genuinely helping. You are giving a band aid effect. Maybe you are preventing immediate starvation. What is necessary is, after this immediacy, to provide those tools that they may feed themselves. V1, fear not that your motives are maliced in any way. Those of you who are in communion with the First Source and Center, those of you who are striving to do His will are on the right path. Is this helpful?"

V1: "I think so Daniel. I think you are saying that really the means do justify the ends and that giving the loaf of bread may be good, but it is better if you give the loaf of bread because you want to love and help that person and help them in their future, not just for the moment. And in that sense then, everything this generation does to better our world will improve every generation thereafter.

Daniel: "Exactly, yes."

V1: "Thank you Daniel."

C2: "Daniel, this is C2 again. Do I understand that when we do good, all that good accounts for something. It is when we act out of motives that may not be as pure, that we are the ones that lose, not the ones to whom we are giving service?"

Daniel: "Yes, this is correct. For you see, when you are acting out of motives that are not correct, you have chosen to be in disharmony with that which you believe. If you are on path to seeking the will of the Father and you do things that are not following this path, then you do lose. For you are not only bringing disharmony to your own being at this point in time, you are also helping to stagnate your soul growth as well. You see, you must realize that in following the Father's will, there will be times when you will fall and stumble. It is when you are able to pick yourself up and redirect yourself, that you are OK. If you remain down on the ground, then you will be eating your dirt, so to speak. Is this helpful?"

C2: "Yes, thank you Daniel. I guess it is grace, that in spite of ourselves, goodness occurs."

Daniel: "Exactly. And know also that this Indwelling Spirit directs much inner growth. Your angels of the realm help direct the outer growth."

C2: "Thank you."

B3: "Hi, Daniel. This is B3."

Daniel: "Hello, B3."


B3: "I was listening to one of the tapes from the Salt Lake group last winter and I thought I heard Ham say that much of our spiritual progress is subconscious. So I guess I want you to comment on the accuracy of that. And then if that is true, how do we know how we are doing?" (laughter) Daniel: "You are really your own judge in how you are doing. And yes, most of the spiritual progress is often subconscious. If you are going about your life with the day in ups and downs and you feel a certain sense of OKness, a certain sense of harmony, then you know you are doing OK; that you are bringing the material plane of existence in alignment with your spiritual values, with those things that are characteristic of who you are. Yes, there may be low times in your life. There may be even a whole week, or a month, or a year where there will be this overall state of disharmony; that during these times you are in effect realigning, readjusting; that there is at this point often times, much spiritual pressure being poured down upon you or from within you. But if you can see the overall array of your life, and see that despite those down points, there is an overall harmony, then you must concede, that yes, I am doing OK; that there must be spiritual progress. There is growth. Is this more helpful?"

B3: "Yes, thank you."

B2: "Daniel, this is B1 again. I had asked D2 for a private meeting on Tuesday and then as an afterthought I had asked if possibly she would arrange a meeting with you and M1 and Mary when they are in town on Tuesday and she said, either or, and tonight talking with her she advised me to ask you what is most appropriate. M1 did show interest when I did talk with him today about a meeting so..whatever you feel.. ?"

Daniel: "Yes. I would be happy to meet M1 and Mary or individually. Please check with D3 on Tuesday to make sure she is up to this, one per day only. The meeting for you will need to be arranged for another time. Please give them my love."

B1: "I will. Thank you."

G1: Daniel. This is Gloria again. My question pertains to the subconscious growth. In my first forty years when I was alcoholic for twenty five of it and so completely shut down, was I still growing spiritually? And if there was a downpour, was that what brought me into where I am now, into changing my life into what it is now? Was that part of it?"

Daniel: "Much of what happens in individual's lives are those things which one cannot judge, is not for me to judge. What must be looked at in your case..yes, even during this major time of stagnation there was an outpouring to bring you to where you are. For you see, if you look at your life now as opposed to ten years ago, you see radical change, radical growth. And what you see reflected on the outside is even broader in the subconscious."

G1: "Thank you."

Daniel: "Yes."

V1: "Daniel, V1 again. And that reminds me of something I have been studying in Montessori and that's the absorbent mind where the child is absorbing things around him and then all of a sudden he speaks or something else. And I couldn't help but reflect that unconsciously we are seeing things out there and perhaps making choices that we see in other people's lives and then consciously there is a choice that is made and we wonder what steps led us there. Is this what you are talking about? Or is this a poor correlation?"

Daniel: "You see, you speak now about the sensitive periods of growth and development within people. And know that in all of life you go in and out of stages of growth. And that you are subconsciously like the 'Absorbent Mind' says, a sponge to many things around you. And it is your inner core being of who you are that helps you to make decisions on a conscious level; that if in your eternal being you cannot see to do a certain wrong, that if this takes places in your conscious awareness, you feel immediate disharmony. You feel ill at ease. And when you can begin to bring this outer realm back around, then your feeling of disharmony subsides, for your inner being is becoming in line again with what happens in the outer. Often, often choices that you make in your day to day life are what you call, 'based on intuition' that come from your inner being, your subconscious guiding you, bringing you to react a certain way. And as you become more aware of the powerful impact of your subconscious to help you in guiding you, the more aware you will become of the Indwelling Spirit as well. Is this helpful?"

V1: "Yes, Daniel. Thank you."

Mind, Discernment

N1: "Daniel. That brings up another question for me which has been bothering me...what is our subconscious and is it, how does it guide us? And how is it separate from angels, other beings and our Thought Adjuster?"

Daniel: "Part of your being is your mind, your personality, your soul. And you see, the First Source and Center endows everyone with a personality. This is basically a part of what you are. And part of this being is what is dominant in the subconscious realm. And know also that the mind you have has many layers of awareness. And when you tap into other layers, you are tapping into either the promptings from your Indwelling Spirit, or the personality of who you are is coming through. And know there, also, is the intelligent mindal level that is, as V1 has spoken of, a sponge that absorbs all, so that at some future date you are able to recall bits of information that help you make decisions. To pinpoint exactly what is what is very difficult; that which is strictly knowledge and intelligence is more accessible, is easier to define. That which borders on promptings from the Indwelling Spirit or just intuition or from other sources, beings, is not always as easy to understand or know. What is important is to act on all intuition, all of these things, from a knowledge base; to not take those things which may be just imagination coming forth; to be able to see the difference between what is a prompting from the Indwelling Spirit, and that which is your imagination. And to do this is to spend time in prayer, in meditation, in communion with the First Source and Center. For in doing this, you will have more clarity in deciphering what is real from what is fanciful. Is this more helpful?"

N1: "Yes it is. And I think what probably prompted my question was wondering about validity. I was wondering if what comes from our subconscious, is that as valid as what comes from the Indwelling Spirit, or other beings in terms of information? I guess I'm wondering how valid is intuition and I understand the necessity of separating it out from imagination. But is our subconscious as valid as Thought Adjuster or other beings? Valid as a source of truth?"

Daniel: "Each individual and each message is subject to your own interpretation thereof. To say that all things from the subconscious are valid or and above that of the Indwelling Spirit is erroneous. Understand that messages from the Indwelling Spirit are ones which are received with a definite 'otherness'; are ones that you somehow feel very different about. Often those things that come from the unconscious do help you, do guide you and bring you into some clarity in your physical realm.

An example. Many will at night recall their dreams. Often there are messages, there are visualizations in these dreams from the subconscious that if you are aware of [them], you may use this information to help you answer questions in your daily life. And so you see, this would be something that would be valid.

This realm is a very difficult one to speak to for you see, each individual must understand themselves, must know their thought patterns and the way they process to understand when something is radically different. There are not enough words in your language to describe this 'otherness'. It is that which you feel, which you know to be different. And for you to continue in prayer will be your best guide for deciding on its validity or not. For in prayer, in that contact with the First Source and Center, you are open for all areas to bring forth messages to guide you. I hope this has been a little more helpful. It is a very difficult subject to address, for each individual is so different. Has this been more helpful?"

N1: "Yes, Daniel. Thank you. I think I have, um, further questions on it, but they are personal, so I would like to arrange a private meeting. Maybe I will ask more there. Thank you."


Daniel: "Yes. And with this I will bring this meeting to a close. My love goes out to you all. Feel your brotherhood and your sisterhood and your sonship and daughtership in the Kingdom. My peace to you all. Good evening."

Group: "Good evening, Daniel."