1993-03-21-Changing Conversations To Positive

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Topic: Changing Conversations To Positive

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Iruka

TR: Pam



Iruka: The love of God surrounds you, the power of God protects you, wherever you are He is. Good afternoon I am Iruka, I am your friend and teacher. I am very happy to be here today, I look forward to these meetings. I am glad the weather has cleared up so that it is not so dangerous to be out. Last week's assignment was a difficult assignment, but the very first assignment you got was difficult and soon you were doing very well. As you remember, it was to change the course of a conversation in a group from negative complaining to something positive, loving, caring. To stop the negative flow and turn it around. It is difficult but it is possible and I would like to pause and let anyone and everyone who wishes to talk about this week to cite their experience if any and share with the group, and with me, how it went.

  • Group sharing of experiences

...I don't mean to put you on the spot but I wanted to try a more interactive lesson and to share your experiences negative or positive on your experience. I will assign the same assignment for this week. I know it is a difficult one and sometimes you are not in these conversations, or don't get the opportunity to turn them around. But I want you to become aware of how group thinking influences everyone. Of course, we want it to be positive, but if it is negative that you have the courage and the faith and the strength to change it. You really do have the power to influence your friends and co-workers. You have experienced showing people love individually and so the natural growth from that is to do it in a group. I will now take questions.


S1: Iruka, I have a couple of questions. First of all is Curtis here with us now?

Iruka: Yes, Curtis is here.

S1: He told me how old he was, how many years he lived, I was wondering if you could confirm that for me.

Iruka: 428. Four hundred twenty-eight?

S1: That was not the number that I got but I am still working at it. Perhaps in time I will get a greater degree of accuracy. A couple of the numbers were correct. Thank you. I also got from Curtis the translation of the names of my guardian angels. Did I get that correct or did I...I don't remember them because the names kept changing each time I tried to ascertain what they were. The only thing that came up consistent was the first letter or two of the names. I was wondering if you could confirm that for me.

Iruka: Of course that is the difficulty with names and you know that Pam is still having problems with names. However, Curtis says that you are close enough with the names and you may use them.

S1: I wasn't sure, I will go to my most recent version of the names and use them. Thank you very much.

E1: Hello Iruka, you mentioned to S...that he could use the name of the guardian angels. Were you speaking in terms of calling on them for assistance or what?

Iruka: When he wanted to know the names, I assumed he meant when he spoke to them, that they would recognize their names and be aware that he was talking to them in that way.

E1: You mean like carrying on a conversation or asking them to perform some kind of task?

Iruka: Whatever reason S was going to talk with them for. I am not aware of why he was going to talk to them.

Angelic Contact

E1: OK, well one can take the time to talk to their guardian angels? I mean is there any significance to do that to make one's life better, let's say?

Iruka: Guardian angels are sent to help with life. It is not necessary to communicate with them in most cases. It is not something that we teach you to do. It is far more important to spend time with the Father. But different individuals have different desires and S wishes to know his angel's names and communicate with them. It is his desire to do this but it is not a skill that must be learned or is necessary, no. Does this answer?


E1: Yes. To change the subject. Has the Father given permission on the Melchizedek appearance in April?

Iruka: Not as far as I know. All preparation is going ahead. It is on schedule. Does this help?

E1: Yes, thank you.

J1: Along that vein I heard or saw in the Daniel transcripts that there were possibly other appearances scheduled for other parts of the country. Is that true?

Iruka: You mean at the same time? At this time preparations are being made for this one appearance. If everything goes according to schedule then there could be more. At different places, at different times certainly. We need to get through this and see how it goes and the reactions before any major decisions will be made. There is much speculation that this would happen again. But we are taking this one step at a time. Does this answer?

J1: Yes. Also in the transcripts it suggested that perhaps people with TR's or teachers or who have been meditating, seeking quiet time might profit by also meditating, seeking the quiet time during the materialization even though they are not present. Could you comment on that?

Iruka: There have been attempts to communicate across the country through TR's to send messages back and forth. It may be possible to pick up, a broadcast would be a good word for it, again we are not sure this will work for everyone but it is certainly worth a try. And it may be possible to hear what is being transmitted at that time. It has worked to some degree, we have had some success with this. So there may be some communication that you can hear. There are many things that we don't know for sure. We think things will happen, we hope things will happen, but I am very cautious because many times things do not go the way you have planned them to. Do you understand?

Revelation, Archives

J1: Yes, it works that way here too. Last week we were talking about the Book of Revelation and the fact that it had been changed quite a bit through the ages, had been written, re- written and so forth. Is there a copy of the original Book of Revelations somewhere that could be made available, now or later?

Iruka: On this side there is in our storage banks, if you will, a copy of the original. But as far as on your side, there is not. It has been re-written, garbled, interpreted and re-written again. So there is no copy that you could dig up or find in some archives somewhere. Now our copy is no longer relevant, the Urantia book is much more accurate for today, so we would not give it back. So no, there is no copy here on the planet.

E1: To add to the previous question. Can you cite some of the differences or errors that have been made in the Revelations?

Iruka: It would be easier to comment on some of the things that are correct actually. It talks about a beast with four sides to it and that is real, that exists on our side. But there are so many things that have gotten mixed up for instance 666 has become a feared number, however, the number of this planet is 606. Can you see how this has gotten garbled? This is a small thing but this illustrates very well what has happened. Does this answer?

E1: Kind of. Is there relevancy to the number 666? Or what is the real meaning behind it then.

Iruka: Your planet Urantia is number 606.

E1: So the error is with the middle number, it is not 666 it is 606.

Iruka: Yes and also 666 has a bad connotation, the mark of the beast which has nothing, is not real. Does this help?

E1: In today's...being that we are approaching the year 2000 and along the lines of Revelation has the seven (much side bar chatting) seals been broken as they mention in Revelations? And as people think that it has been broken?


Iruka: This has to do with the great ending battle, is this what you are referring to?

E1: I don't know. There are a few verses that mention about the seven seals being broken and they mention things like famine, wars, and I think disease (more side bar chatting as to Revelation's content) that is happening with the seals being broken, to indicate that we are approaching the end. Is there any truth or significance to what is going on, and also the weather I might add, the very weird weather we are having, has significance as well towards the end of the world?

Iruka: The Father, Christ Michael, all love this place, this planet Urantia, they do not want to see it destroyed. There are no plans for it to be destroyed. The plans, as we have gone over before, is for everyone to know how much they are loved by the Father. To feel that love, to share it with those around them and to send this planet into Light and Life, not destruction. Weather has its own cycles and its effected by various pollution in the atmosphere. Streams of wind circle the planet and move hot warm areas and cold areas around and that affects weather. These are two different things. Like the plates under the earth which causes the earth to tremble. It is physical, it is material. The plans for this planet are for everyone to start loving each other and to live and become whole complete humans. Does this help?

E1: Yes it does but see the odd thing about it is, it seems as though something has broken in terms of all the violence, again the weather, for example Aids, a lot of other things people mention and they fear that these are the signs and symptoms of the world coming to an end. Also when Christ mentioned in one of the gospels that He says "when you see these signs know that..." some quote that they indicate that Jesus said that will show that there is something that is going to happen in terms of Him coming again or something to that effect. I'm just wondering what exactly is going on?

S1: I'm not sure, it is also in the Bible, but I think He was talking to the Pharisees about being able to see with the heart. It is from the Urantia Book I think. (More chatting on the side)

E1: (That is the right material), and people are relating this to Revelation, the things that's going on in Revelation, things that are going on now are related to the things that are said in Revelation and that is where they are putting two and two together to come up with this apocalyptic change. Now is there going to be a change in the year 2000, but it won't necessarily be the end of the world?

Iruka: The year 2000, no that is not a magic number. There may be changes but changes have to do with events not time not dates. It is true that this planet is in much trouble. That is why Christ Michael commissioned, inaugurated this commission for the teacher group which followed the revelation of the..the giving of the Urantia Book. These are the changes that are happening, that anyone who wants a teacher may have one, that anyone who wants to be used for healing may do that, these are the changes that are being made to turn the planet around. You are right in observing that things are getting bad that is why this is happening. But to say that the planet will be destroyed on a certain date and a certain time is not correct. God loves this planet, He wants it turned around, does this help?

E1: Yes, thank you


S2: Hi, I would like to know why there will be an appearance in Indianapolis? Or is it Michael? (Melchizedek)

Iruka: It is for..there are a few reasons. One, is you have no idea what to imagine when you try to imagine a spirit entity. There is nothing in your experience, your means all human's experience, to be a guideline. You also have very few words that even describe the word spirit. It means different things to different people. You have artists who have tried to draw spirits, you have TV or movies that try to convey the idea, and it is to help with your spiritual growth. It would give you a tangible image to a rather abstract idea. Does this help?


S2: Yes, that's good. Most of my questions deal with my searching. In the past it has always been inside myself, my searching, I have never tried to search outside myself. I am wondering whether the search for spiritual beings outside myself . .this is what we are being asked to do, the teaching people like yourself they are asking us to search outside ourselves now?

Iruka: Not really, we have been sent as teachers, as guides to help you find the Father fragment inside of you. That little piece of the Father that He has given you as a gift. That is why I keep saying, spend time alone with the Father, get to know Him, feel His love, His healing power, His total goodness and caring. But so many people do not do this, don't know how to do this, maybe have never thought of doing this. So it is my job to help you look inside, find the Father fragment and become in alignment with Him. To love Him, to seek to do His will.

S2: I have lived most of my adult life my mental self, my mental talk has been verbalized that way. I have many experiences which I think are related to finding that Father fragment the Thought Adjuster inside of myself. Is it appropriate to even ask if these experiences are true of you?

Iruka: Any experience that points you toward the Father is valid. Anything that causes you to pause from your daily life and responsibility to wonder and to seek the Father will cause soul growth. So yes, whenever you pause and something makes you think of the Father this is positive, this is the goal. Does this help? Does this answer?


S2: Yes. I have read a lot of the transcripts. Silence is mentioned over and over again as a method of growing closer to the Father, pausing, silence. Transcendental Meditation teaches this silence, I am familiar with its techniques. Daily discipline of repeating your mantra, clearing your mind, is this the activity that goes on during silence? That you are recommending? Is this recommendation that you give out personal to me, or is it a recommendation for a group. Two questions here.

Iruka: It is for everyone to spend time alone with the Father in silence. Think of nothing, allow Him to shower you with love actually He does this all the time but by becoming still you will feel it more. You will notice it. There is truth in many disciplines and if you have learned to seek the stillness already you have come a long way indeed. Because that is very difficult to learn. Very difficult to still the thoughts and just be, to remain quiet. Does this answer both of your questions?


S2: Maybe my questions can't be answered. I have another question. Is it possible that a person such as myself might not be called to participate in it, the Father inside of me might not want me to participate in a group such as this?

Iruka: Everyone has a path, is on a path towards the Father. And they are certainly not the same paths. Everyone goes on his own path, sometimes they are parallel, and sometimes they are not. As long as you are growing, as long as you are drawing closer to the Father and becoming in alignment with the Father, you are progressing. You need to communicate with the Father and see about being in a group. But I see no reason why He wouldn't want you in this group. Unless of course you are growing faster some other way, but only you and He can determine that, so spend time, ask the question, and follow whatever He says. Does this help?

S2: Yes, will I ever experience the Father as, other than ideas bubbling, will I ever experience the Father other than warm feelings? Will the Father ever have a conversation with me like I am having with you?

Iruka: It is certainly possible, remember anything is possible with God. And yes you can hear his voice and when I say hear, I do not mean audibly, but you can recognize it inside of you, the thought, an idea, maybe a single word. It takes practice, but it is certainly possible, of course. And He is delighted to be able to communicate with you. He looks forward to that time when you can communicate. It may not be as a material creature, but if it is it would be a delight. Do not put walls up, barriers, follow wherever He leads. It is a joyous an exciting adventure. So spend time with Him and relax and open up yourself to His leadings, His guidings. Does this help?

S2: Thanks.

S1: Iruka, I had a kind of strange experience while I was meditating one morning, I think it was in the morning. I heard words in my head, of course it sounded like my own voice, but the originator of the words claimed to be my Thought Adjuster. Is there anyway I can verify this? I didn't ask Curtis about this I was a little scared, I thought well maybe I was just making it up inside my head because I had been praying about hearing the Thought Adjuster's voice. Can you ask Curtis now whether that was actually my Thought Adjuster, would he even know?

Iruka: This is something between you and the Father. First, think of what the words were. Ask yourself did this come from a totally loving, caring, Father? Were the words gentle, were they encouraging, were they positive? You judge the words the same way you judge books you read, or something you hear. You judge my words like this. Do they ring true? And if the answer to all of these questions are yes, I would consider that it was the Father. In the future you can compare the words with each other, with different messages, with different communications. His personality, His gentleness, His love, His goodness will become apparent and you will recognize Him. These are the very first steps as a toddler tries to walk and sometimes they fall. Just keep attempting it again and again and you will get better. You will learn to hear the Father's words, recognize them, and cling to them. Does this help?

S1: Yes, I think so. So it is literally possible for me to hear the voice of the Father, almost as clearly as I hear the voice of Curtis. Is that correct?

Iruka: Yes, absolutely, yes.

S1: Thank you. One other question. Regarding our chat we had about me maybe doing some sort of missionary work. I found it very interesting this weekend I went to a gathering of folks who were very concerned about the environment, and as I went around there I found tremendous spiritual hunger in a few folks there. And one gal seemed to be just tailor made for this activity here. When I mentioned something about spiritual activity or something, she showed me her shelf of books and they were all dedicated mostly to the pursuit of spiritual activities. And she said something to the effect that; "but it is really the practical application as Jesus taught that I am really interested in". And of course I was very excited and I said well have you ever heard of the Urantia Book and she had not. Is it appropriate for me to make people jump thorough the hoop of understanding the Urantia Book before I talk to them about what we are involved in here? Or how should I tell somebody about what we are doing here is it or would it be appropriate or would it be just necessary that I bring them along gently through the Urantia Book and then kind of make them come to an understanding of that first before I start talking about the goings on here.

Iruka: You have to follow your guide, your inner guide, on this one. Certainly there is an order that you learned, that you progressed through, but everyone is different. If you can reach another person by telling them that you have a spirit guide, then do. Because it will all follow, then they will be interested in how you got a spirit guide and in turn introduce the Urantia Book. It does not matter what door you use to get into the house because once you are in the house, all the rooms are available. There are so many people that are hungry, that are thirsty for this, don't put shackles..don't put barriers up. Christ Michael when He was on this planet, He would initiate conversations with individuals and see where they were and take them right from that point. Where they were at, so you use your inside guide on how to approach them with which information. But don't think that you can only approach a person one way. Does this help?

S1: Yes, that is a very good idea, thank you. I think back now to the Urantia book and the times that Jesus talked to people at different, literally different places in their path to God and put out the words of advice that they would understand. So that is what I will do, I will try to ascertain fairly accurately, or at least to some degree where these folks are at, where they want to go, and how I can help them get there. If that is what you are telling me.

Iruka: And trust your inner guide, he will help you.

S1: You are referring to Curtis or the Thought Adjuster.

Iruka: The Thought Adjuster, although Curtis could possibly help also. Listen, be aware of the voice inside, whoever that is. And when you need help it doesn't matter, it will guide you.


S1: One of the most frightening things to me about this whole movement although I am gradually coming to accept it, I can see the rationale for it, but since I was involved in Christianity for some time I've read some interesting novels lately that were sort of fiction but what is going on here was written in some novels, well not totally to the letter, but the Paretti novels, written by Frank Paretti. "This Present Darkness" "Piercing the Darkness" some other things talked about spiritual warfare. And basically it describes in some kind of detail just how people, well meaning new age sort of people, become basically friends with the devil, friends with demons, instead of it being angels of light end up really angels of darkness inhabiting their body. It is all nice fiction and all that, very fascinating, probably sells real, real well. So when you start saying listen for voices it is almost very reminiscent of this novel. Now maybe there have been other novels like this maybe I am just not well read enough. How did Paretti come up with this, is this something that has been going on for a long time, that is people consorting, have people been consorting with demons in the past, is that why, is there enough literature around to support that because basically when you say that it almost reminds me of this book and how people gather together for the purpose of seeking their counselor and it becomes a big battle between fundamentalist Christians who are praying for the support for the angels of the Lord so they overpower the angels of darkness and so that God wins a spiritual victory on this planet. So what am I asking is Paretti, how did he portray this so accurately, or not so accurately, how did he come up with this, it seems such a parallel it keeps haunting my thoughts.

Iruka: Let me answer that in two sections. Two divisions. The first one we will talk about listening to the voice inside, judging what it says and of course always looking for the fruit of the spirit. Is this producing good fruit, or fruit at all. OK this is how you judge, are you calmer inside, do you show the fruit, the goodness, the kindness, the love, do you have joy. That way you know that you are a child of God. The second part I am not sure about this writer however it is apparent that he is operating in fear. That when you seek the Father you can be intercepted by evil, or bad spirits and soon are on the wrong road. And this is fear. Now we have addressed the fact that since the adjudication there are no negative bad spirits. Caligastia is gone, there is no power left, no negative power from him. You are aware of that aren't you. (yes I am) OK, but there is still much fear and indeed you experienced fear when you were trying to hear Curtis, and by getting to know Curtis the fear has gone away. Think of it on your own experience level. You are becoming aware of Curtis, of getting to know him as a gentle, loving, beautiful creature who wishes you to grow towards the Father. That is how you know. So once the fear is gone, you are free to grow, there are many people still operating in fear. That is one of the major emotions of this planet, is fear. It is everywhere, as far as knowing where he got his ideas, I don't know. He could have gotten them in many places, but he definitely let his fear run wild. Does this help?

S1: Yes, and I will try to stop bringing up these points of fear of my own insecurities in the future. Thank you.

Iruka: You are welcome and it is OK. The fear is still there we need to talk about it, we need to learn ways of growing and letting the fear fall away. So don't apologize, I have come here to help and if helping you with your fear is what is needed that is fine. Is this OK? (OK)


S2: Hi, During Sunday school today we studied Jesus throwing over the tables in the temple, the coin changers. And Jesus was expressing one of the more emotional points that is recorded in His life in the Bible. I talk in front of many people every week and when I am talking my emotion sometimes gets in my way and sometimes my emotions are what make me successful. I am wondering if as a spiritual being that these emotions or passions still exist. That is the question.

Iruka: The positive ones do, yes. The love, the joy, the thrill of seeing a human make a positive choice, a choice towards the Father. Yes, very much, in fact in some ways stronger, more emotion than as a material creature. But we have learned to slough off the negative, the fear, the envy, the anger. Fear was instilled in creatures to help them survive. The flight or fight, a matter of survival to get out of harm's way. That has greatly decreased, there are few situations where a wild animal will attack, but still humans carry this fear and use it in other ways in anxiety, turns into stress which harms the body. It is no longer useful, it wastes a lot of energy. So we do not feel the negative emotions. Your Morontial experience will help you shed these negative feelings and increase the positive feelings. Does this answer?

S2: Yes, very good answer. Specifically Jesus's emotions at that time, Christ Michael's emotions at that time throwing the coin tables over. Was that a planned, premeditated event in his mind?

Iruka: Of course I cannot answer that. It is..I would not know. I am a creature only a little above you. It is a mystery how He incorporated His humanness with His Godhood. I cannot tell you what He was feeling. I do not know.

Circuits, Healing

J1: Hi Iruka, You had mentioned earlier healing? You were talking about the various parts of the mission, teaching and so forth, and you also mentioned healing. Two part question, one is the increased emphasis on healing due to the re-opening of the circuits. That is the first question.

Iruka: Now that the circuits are being re-opened more healing can occur. On this planet, there is a lot of disease, of illness, more than on most planets. However, this is an experimental planet and that is one of the things that happened. Experimental as in biological developments, is what I mean by that. And so yes, in order for humans, for material creatures to grow spiritually they need to be physically healthy for the optimum growth. That is not to say that if you have some sort of disease or condition that you cannot grow spiritually, not at all. But when there is a disease, the emphasis becomes physical rather than spiritual in many cases, again not all. So that is basically the thought behind it. Does this help?

J1: Yes, the second part then is what is involved with becoming a part of that part of the Teaching Mission. What is required?

Iruka: Merely in your quiet time to ask the Father that you wish to become part of the healing mission. And I am sure the Father would say yes. Anyone who wishes to do this, may, and it is certainly part of the Father's will. What would happen is you would be assigned a Life Carrier, certain adjustments would be made in you so that you could be a conduit of the power, of the healing power. Does this help?


E1: Hi Iruka, I just have one question. Are you familiar with the Aids virus? And the question is, is it man made in other words is it a mutation by man on another virus?

Iruka: The first question, yes I am aware of it as we all are in this mission. It was the last terrible thing that Caligastia left. Does this answer?

E1: Yes, just curious. So viruses are like left by Caligastia, because they are one of the most difficult entities to destroy in the medical profession. But does that say that it is not manmade, the Aids virus?

Iruka: Can man make a virus?

E1: When I mean is modify it to some extent, you know man is working with DNA, and they are able to in the petri dish, create or change small entities like bacteria and viruses from what I can gather in terms of information.

Iruka: So your question is did a human being change the virus? Not as far as I understand it, no. However I am not well versed in that scientific area. So maybe I should say I don't know.

E1: Based on the fact where you indicate that Caligastia left this virus is he the author of all other viruses as well?

Iruka: No.


S2: Hi, you mentioned the spirit of Michael Melchizedek is appearing in Indianapolis ( I don't know if I have the name right) and one of the reasons why this is planned is to build in our minds the image of what a spirit being looks like. Most of the teaching appears to go on through words in our mind, is this to help us contact teachers through visualizations in our mind?

Iruka: The long range goal is for your growth, for your path towards the Father. To learn, to grow, to understand. If you can use it in this way, that is fine, but it is like a lesson to further explain, to give you more understanding as we hope all our lessons do. You can look at it as another lesson. Does this answer?

S2: Yes. Am I correct in equating this lesson with one that I was taught by a fellow named Alan Hunter to watch a picture of a snowy egret and to imagine the love and the warmness coming out of that bird. Is there a similarity there in terms of purpose?

Iruka: I don't think so. You receive your love from the Father and this materialization is to give you a visual picture of beings on this side. Not of the Father, but of high ranking beings. I am not sure we can use the snowy egret as a metaphor for this. Does this answer?

S2: Food for thought.

S1: One last question from me. This is more along the lines of what E.. asked very early in this session. Since now I have an idea of the names of my angels, my only desire would be just to acknowledge their presence. It wouldn't be inappropriate when I got up in the morning to say "good morning angel or angels, good morning Curtis", not to exclude any other entities that I don't know about, but that wouldn't be an inappropriate thing to say in the mornings? or in the evenings when you go to sleep?

Iruka: No it would not be inappropriate.


Iruka: I hope my answers have helped. Sometimes it is difficult to relate ideas and thoughts from this side. Sometimes there are not words that describe and sometimes there are not metaphors to use either. I know your questions, some of your questions, are not answered. Some of them cannot be answered at this point. You will understand so much more when you reach the Morontia worlds and have a better understanding of the energy and the work that is involved with various projects. Let me remind you to seek the silence with the Father. Sometimes He can communicate an idea to you for understanding. I am a teacher, a guide, I am a little above you. And I also have frustration when trying to describe or tell or explain. But I have much love for you. I delight in coming here it is a joy. You are precious students and you are seeking and that is so important that you keep on seeking. I will prepare a lesson for two weeks from now and I will be with you next week as an observer. Good Evening.

Group: Good evening.