1993-06-15-Practice Session

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Topic: Practice Session

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl, Alfana

TR: Betty, Douglas, Joseph

Session 1


Tonight is Betty's first attempt at Receiving. At the urging of Douglas she has agreed to attempt. After saying a prayer the session began. After about 10 min. of silence, Betty began to speak, Transmitting Aflana.


Aflana (Betty): When we will be together memories of these days will be precious. Tomorrow is another day, but today is what matters. A flower spreads it petals to be seen in the sunlight to be received by your brothers and sisters. Today you are *, nevertheless, seize my hand and grab it do not be afraid. There are those among you who will step aside, and others who have this light. And He will always have grace in return. Many are unsure. I tell you now you have great works to do. Many of you will look back on these days as precious jewels that have been dipped in the water of life.


Douglas:Can you answer questions?

Aflana:I am trying.

Douglas:Are you pleased to be with us?

Aflana:Yes. I am always pleased to do the Father's work.

Douglas:We are pleased to have you with us.

Aflana:Thank you.

Douglas:Are you Aflana?

Aflana:Yes, I am Aflana.

Douglas: How are we progressing as a group in your estimation? Are we doing the things that we should be doing at this point?

Aflana: This will come naturally. The work is well under way.

Douglas: How am I, Douglas, doing in relationship to receiving your messages?

Betty: I am not sure about this Douglas. Nothing. I am just not sure that it's not me talking.

Douglas: O.K. Betty! Just relax and let's go back into the stillness and see what happens.

Note: After a few minuets past, Douglas began to transmit the following.

Aflana: (Douglas)

The presence of God surrounds us.

The love of God enfolds us.

The power of God protects us.

Wherever we are He is with us.



Thank you for the opportunity to be here tonight. This is our practice session. You are striving to be more proficient in the delivery of our messages. This is good. We thank you for your diligence and your efforts to complete this assignment. These transmissions are new to many. There are all individual problems. Each T/R is unique and different from another. Although our messages are similar and have uniformity. The delivery varies from T/R to T/R. So have faith that with practice your abilities will increase in proficiency. It is good that you practice as you have this time. We will attempt to assist you and make our messages clear.

Take heed that you listen to our guidance. We desire only your success in this endeavor and in your spiritual growth. (????) We have the responsibility to deliver our messages to your open minds. You have the responsibility to receive and repeat them for your group. You should see now that it is becoming easier to relate our messages. Look back to the beginning. We have made tremendous progress. Keep your faith high and strong in the Father. Trust in one another. Rely on the Father fragment and your brothers and sisters to hold you to the path. Our God is gracious and compassionate in all things.

Betty, I thank you for your attempt in receiving these messages. Please try again as often as you can. Fear not. Your conscious mind will subside with practice and desire. Let us try to share the light at this time. Questions are permitted.


Betty: Thank you, Aflana. I am very happy you are with us tonight. You know, I certainly was unsure of what I was doing, but my heart was pure and I was willing to listen to whatever was coming through and with Douglas's encouragement just say whatever it was. I certainly will practice with him, and with your help and guidance I am certainly willing to be a transmitter if that's God's will.

Aflana:Thank you.

Betty: Douglas would like to know how he is progressing; how we are progressing as a group; and how he is doing as a transmitter/receiver?

Aflana: The group fares well. You need our love. The true substance of the group is yet to come. New members should be sought; brought to the Teaching Mission. Douglas is improving as each day goes by. We admire his fortitude in seeking the Father. We will assist him along his path.

Betty: He will be glad to hear that. There is a woman by the name of Stella who lives in Whittier. I somehow feel drawn to tell her what's going on and invite her join our group. Would you comment on that? She's a Urantia book reader, and quite a wonderful woman.

Aflana: Your perceptions of this person are correct. We see them smiling. Their heart is open to you. You may use this association to impart the Father's love. They reflect from you to her; share the teachings from the personal perspective. I feel this will do much to draw her near.

Betty: Thank you, Aflana. I would like to ask you. We wrote these questions down before we began if you were around. Douglas would like to know are others in our group close to being ready to transmit? As I gather from you tonight you are encouraging me to practice, and perhaps with time I will be able to be one of those persons. But are there others that should be practicing?

Aflana: All have the potential. Potentiality exists in each person, but fear stifles the growth. Some cannot see themselves in this role. Some of them should seek whatever role they find comfortable. We will adapt that role to our needs. We are confident in this mission in that the Father will provide all that is needed.


Betty: Yes, He does provide all that we need whether we recognize it or not. We've been reading many of the papers that are coming from other groups that Douglas downloads on his computer and prints out. And we currently are reading the Will papers. And in those papers she give exercises such as the 1,2,3 exercise. And we would like to know if we should use....if we should start practicing those exercises? Are we ready to do that? It's sort of like the chicken and the egg. The chicken has to be strong enough to break through the shell to get out, and I am wondering are we ready to do these exercises. Will you give us exercises to do when you feel that we are ready? Should we wait for your guidance?

Aflana: It is good to wait for our guidance. However, if you have grown to that point that these lessons can be enacted, by all means do so. This only helps you individual development for a time and makes our job much easier. All teachers of this mission are of one mind on instruction.. We each present that instruction according to our individual understandings. For all understandings on this level relate from the Father. So if you can hear, follow His instructions.

Betty: Thank you, Aflana. I know that I tried these exercises it just made it so clear to how little control that I have over myself at times and how far I have to go. How much work I have to do on myself.

Aflana: Do you feel the presence of guidance when you seek the Father's will? It will mean that Michael's with you. Do you not feel his influence?

Betty: I do at times. I do at times when my anger is not involved. Especially when I talk to Kathy at work. I don't know if you have looked in on me at work, but things sometimes get pretty tense there. And I'm beginning to appreciate Paul a lot more, and I'm really striving to not be so upset with Rick. And yet it's very hard. I see that I have so much to do at work when it comes getting along with him. And yet I feel that there is some techniques that are inspired by the way I just sort of got up said, "I'll get Paul to help you so that you can save your temper." And yet there was something sort of a dig in there, too, that wasn't the way it should be. So, it's a struggle. I really do want guidance. I know that's up to me. I know that I must exhibit some control.

Aflana: All this struggle. All this is a desire for perfection. In these moments take a moment to seek the Father. Just say to yourself: "The Father is with me; I am in control." Say this in all situations. "I yield my anger to the Spirit of Love." And let it go. Your coworkers will find a new you that will perplex them, but they will admire your strength as they are very aware their effect on you. Take heed that not your spirit become easily provoked. Seek first the Father before speaking. Does this help you?

Betty: Yes, Aflana. Thank you very much. And I will try. I will try.


Aflana: Trying is good. Many times you may fail in your attempts, but continue the exercise. You will find your success. This should be all for this evening.

Betty: Thank you, Aflana, for being with us. Thank you so much for your guidance and your help. And we are looking forward to a long relationship with you.

Aflana: You are welcome. You are each loved. In your guidance listen closely. Farewell.

Betty: Farewell.

Session 2

June 20, 1993


Douglas: I will speak the words. The presence of our God enfolds us. The power of God protects us. The love of our God surrounds us. He is with us in all things.



Greetings my beloved brothers and sisters; servants in the cause of our Savior Michael. For you who desire to hold the banner of Michael high and light the path for others to follow it is an honor to greet you on this day, and share with you the joy, the love, and the blessings of our God. It is always go to be in unity; to be of one mind; to think in terms of the oneness of our Father; and the greatness of His plan that encompasses every mortal of ascension ability. It is good that you seek the quiet time of spiritual development; of being in tune with the Father's will; in carrying out His will throughout your daily lives. We are pleased with the progress that you are making. The growth is fantastic by leaps and bounds you exceed our expectations. This group has a high spiritual quotient. We believe you will see surprising developments in the near future. Developments that you have not dreamed that you could accomplish, but yet are just over the horizon to your attainment. It will be grand for you to march on into eternity carrying the rest of mankind right along with you holding out your hands and grasping your brothers and sisters who are seeking to know the Father as you have found Him. Share your smile; share your comfort; share your knowledge; and experience with those who are seeking also. We pause for a moment.

Sometimes we have to hold back the spirit. It overtakes this vessel. But he is willing. All is well. We see joy in your faces. Your hearts are dancing. You may speak to us today of your hearts desires. I, Aflana, will respond for I am here as your teacher and servant.


Teaching Mission

Dora: Good afternoon, Aflana. I just heard you say that you are our teacher. You are no longer our intermediator?

Aflana: Yes, I am your teacher and guide.

Dora: Thank you.

Aflana: As you know, I visit numerous groups, and I have been responsible for starting and urging the continuation of numerous groups. It is the will of Michael that I do so, and I like you, hear the voice of my savior and I obey.

Hal: Aflana, your introduction of the progress that we were making was most gratifying. It makes us feel as though we are really learning to do the Father's will. We thank you for those words.

Aflana: It is our pleasure. We feel great joy in being with you, and seeing you daily strive so hard to do the will, and know the will of the First Source and Center. So it is with pride that we participate in this growing endeavor to establish this group amongst the Teaching Mission. I wish to say to you that the Teaching Mission is progressing on schedule as planned in accordance with the dictates and will of Michael of Nebadon.

Hal: That is most gratifying. It is hard for us to visualize a small nucleus of 85 groups or whatever it is that can effect a planet of 5 billion people. It is hard for us to visualize the success that you predicted that will come.

Aflana: Believe. It is difficult sometimes for us ascending and enlightened beings to grasp the full measure of this divine plan. But know that the Father's will,will be manifest in all things and particularly through the efforts of you faithful in this Teaching Mission. So rest assured that your efforts are appreciated. And you are love and thought very highly of by all.

Hal: There must be then love in the hearts of millions of people that are susceptible and willing to catch this feeling of the Father's love.

Aflana: Oh, yes, millions upon millions share the Father's love and reflect it accurately. As you read in the book, and in the Bible for He so loved the world that He gave his Son unto it that all could share the love and receive everlasting life.

Betty: Aflana this is Betty.

Aflana: Hello, Betty.


Betty: Aflana, we just lost our kitty yesterday. Tracey and I are very sad. Could you tell us where kitties go when they die? Is there a place for our beloved pets?

Aflana: This is an interesting question, because the animal life do not have the will prerogatives that you ascending mortals possess. They live full lives and share in the spirit that the Father has bestowed upon them, but they do not have the prerogatives of additional life contrary to the belief systems of this planet. There are animal lives on other planets some of which do have will prerogatives. I wish I could address this greater, but at this point I can't. I will, however, seek an answer in more detail for you.

Betty: Thank you, Aflana, that would be most appreciated.

Aflana: You're welcome.


Lucille: Aflana, this is Lucille. And it is probably a very personal question, but it certainly has affected our lives the past six weeks. Our granddaughter wants to stay with us, and I wondered if you could address that as to whether we should, or how we could help her to make her decisions?

Aflana: Have you asked this one to stay?

Hal: We indicated that she is certainly welcome, and we would love to have her.

Aflana: You have opened your home, and you have opened your heart. And you have resigned yourself to her presence being with you. Is this true?

Lucille: I don't know whether we can handle the responsibilities of a 15-year old as we once did, but we are willing to try.

Hal: I would say yes we have resigned ourselves to her presence and the love she can share with us.

Aflana: It is within your being to handle this one.

Hal: You think we can make it, then.

Aflana: I think with the help of the Father, with daily seeking his guidance; with an understanding with this child that you do this in love and desire for her growth and that she be protected under this household; I think that you can reach her inner desires, and can be in tune, and she can live with you in peace and grow.

Hal: You feel then that it would be better for her to be here than with her mother? Or is that a decision that we must make.

Aflana: That is a decision that encompasses four people.

Hal: Thank you.

Aflana: The mother is agreeable to sharing so you should discuss this matter in more detail with her. Does that help you.

Lucy: Thank you.

Aflana: Hello, Joseph.

Joseph: Hello, Aflana.

Aflana: How are you?


Joseph: Doing well, thank you. I have a personal question, also. I have a sister who is going through some pain and some turmoil. I would like to know I can help to ease that somewhat.

Aflana: We felt your concern. Often times these feelings come through, and we are able to share them with your T/R's. Love, Joseph. Taking this person into your heart; being receptive and a listener. Listen with an open mind. Offer your assistance. Seek guidance in the stillness. Listen for the answer. It is there. It will come. It will be correct in it's time. That is all, Joseph.


Dixie: Hello, Aflana. I know that seeking one's spiritual name is not the concern of the majority of the members of this group. But whenever I am seeking the stillness, I can't identify with any of the names that I have had all my life. And what I am seeking is my spiritual name so I can learn to identify myself better. I have never been comfortable with any of these names that is why I usually tell people call me "Whatever!" Am I able to know at this time what my spiritual name is, or at a later date?

Aflana: Please wait.

Aflana: LoriElle. LoriElle is the name. It has great significance. It is equal to my helper and sister.


Aflana: Our message is not clear at this time. We will rest for a moment.

Aflana: Please wait.

Aflana did not return to speak though everyone in the group wanted hear her farewell. Aflana then returned briefly to say farewell speaking through another possible T/R in the group. She indicated that Douglas needed rest, and should be resting from his transmitting at this time.

Session 3

June 22, 1993


Tonight is an special session in that Douglas tries to interject his own questions verbally while transmitting at the same time. Previously he has only answered for his practice partner and the Sunday Group. After a prayer, the session began. After about 10-15 min. the transmissions began.


Aflana: The presence of God is with you. The love of God protects you. The power of God sustains you. Praise to God.

Aflana:???? Your are doing well in seeking the Stillness. It is (important) for you to do so. For in this quiet time you are aligned and adjusted by the Father (?). So you must seek the Stillness daily. We can not impress on you how important it is to seek commune with the First Source and Center. He desires (?) to share with you (?). Rejoice in the progress you are making today. It is through your own dedication that God has granted you peace and understanding; love--brotherly and sisterly. This is not a lesson per se. When all that we speak has value. In time you will know these truths among other things.



Aflana: Betty.

Betty: Yes, Aflana.

Aflana: Douglas speaks about the light. Is there bright light on now?

Betty: Yes, there is a light on now. Should I turn it off?

Aflana: It's not necessary. He wants to know if the light is here or if it is in his head?

Doug: Why do I feel physical sensations?

Aflana: It is natural for some transmitters. More of their electrical processes are involved in transmitting and receiving. These processes involve the heart and respiratory systems. So, these things fluctuate, and being material they create physical sensations to a degree. Do not be dismayed or overly concerned. Do these sensations frighten you?

Doug: No. At first they startled me, because of the many problems I have had in the past. So they caught me by surprise.

Aflana: It is not our intent to startle you. You must remember we are spiritual beings, and our energies do affect mortals in many positive ways. So fear not for your safety during these times of transmission.

Doug: Thank you, Aflana.

Doug: Our friend, Doralee, has experienced your presence this past Sunday. Can you confirm this for us?

Aflana: This is true. We are pleased to make contact with her. Now we have variety in your group. Very dissimilar, but not quite similar. So we will use most effective means of transmission with her (gift?).

Doug: Thank you. We felt this and reassured her this evening that this was the case.


Aflana: I heard your conversation. I am pleased with her attitude. We are growing. We are all growing. We are here to grow in spirituality. We are happy that you practice.

Doug: Aflana, I was asked a question. I am waiting for your answer. It did not come clear to me. So, I begin to doubt because I assumed that you ?. knew everything and had access to everything. So was I wrong in my assumption?

Aflana: We are permitted certain knowledge. We are privileged to all forms of (knowledge?). We desire not to abuse our privilege. We are servants of the Most High. One must adhere to His will. So questions we are privileged to.....the answers instantaneously. Others are not so. We apologize for the appearance of not desiring to answer your questions. But please remember we have to stay within the parameters of what is spiritually enhancing. We contribute to spiritual growth and development. This is all.

Aflana: Betty, has some questions at this time.


Betty: Aflana, I am sitting here feeling very moved.Watching Douglas interact with you. It is such an awesome thing.

Aflana: He is trying something different to improve the communications.

Betty: Can you tell us what happened on Sunday? It seemed that Douglas was having some difficulty, and we were a little concerned for him. Can you tell us..tell me what went on? Is that an experiment as well?

Aflana: No, it was fatigue. And his concentration was not as it should have been. I was called abruptly to another matter.

Betty: You do have a busy curriculum. Don't you?

Aflana: Yes, this is true. I am willing to serve the Father, and also Michael in this endeavor. We hope to begin your lessons soon.

Betty: That is encouraging. I want to know all that I can. I have been using the affirmation that you gave me this week. It has been really, really wonderful, and I have been so happy lately. I thank the Father, Christ Michael.

Aflana: This is wonderful that you feel at ease. The more things . ...for a while. Affirm your belief. Your indwelling Adjuster can . .. to seek you. Continue to seek him and be open to his guidance. The Father loves you, and I love you.

Betty: Thank you, Aflana.

Aflana: Douglas needs... A special message this week. We do desire to communicate a special message at your weekly meeting. . ...those who can do so, please do so.

Doug: Aflana, will I be able to transmit your messages easier. I seem to struggle so much to hear your words, and feel your prescience. I don't know if this is your normal processes or is this because of me.

Aflana: The degree of ease vary from time to time. As we speak through you, perhaps you experience difficulty because your consciousness is not fully set aside. So for now your consciousness is talking between our messages and your thoughts. Do you understand?

Doug: Yes. And thank you. I will try to still my mind and set my consciousness aside for you. I was trying this way tonight as an experiment. I don't think it is working. When I hear our consciousness rambling on and on that this was for my hearing. There were moments that I had complete silence. This was what I was seeking.


Aflana: You have from time to time momentarily entered the Stillness, but your desire pushed away. Rest yourself. We will always be near to assist. I will leave you in peace to talk again. Seek the Father.

Betty: Farewell, Aflana.

Aflana: Farewell, Betty.

Betty: Have a good week.

Session 4

July 4,1993


This meeting did not have all group members present. It was also the first time another of our group members (Joe) started to transmit. The transmissions started about 15-20 mins. after we had group prayer. Joseph began the session, however, Douglas finished the session with transmission from a new teacher.


Questioner:Welcome to our group,

Aflana. It is good to have you with us again.

T/R Joseph:

Aflana: It is good to be here with you.

Do you have messages for us. Guidance and lessons.

Aflana: Adjustments are needed on this. Please wait.

Note: At this point Joseph stopped transmitting and after a long silence, Douglas began to transmit the following.

Aflana: Let all stay in the stillness for a while longer. Attunements are needed. Be patient.

  • Note: Silence for approximately 10 minuets.

Aflana: Our messages are clear. We will repeat what our Savior wants. Do you not feel the peace that has encompassed this room? The unity brings peace. This peace will be with each of you. There is a need for patience. There is a need to be still. In seeking the Father's will the stillness abides.

Teacher: Greetings to you. I come that you may know me. I come that you may feel my presence in your heart.


Hal: Greetings. Are you Aflana?

Teacher: This is not Aflana. She is with us.

Hal: It is pleasure to have you with us.

Teacher: Peace to you. We come at this time as you are seeking more. We give to you that which you seek. It is our pleasure to be here in service with you. Fear not, for we are here at your request to do the will of the First Source and Center. Our presence is felt and remembered by this one. You are right to be present, for great things are in the makings. Great tasks await you. You are each free to receive our guidance. However, you must ask. We will not interfere, but we will come where invited. This is clear.

Hal: Yes. We are all inviting you in. We are all striving for the Father's will. Can you help us?

Teacher: It is our pleasure to be of service in this cause with you.

Hal: All there is left for us is practice, practice, practice. Or are there other things we can do?

Teacher: You are on the path. It is known to you your direction. You must have faith in yourselves. Trust your judgment. Look not to us to verify those things that you experience and your faithful Adjuster has taught you. We can supplement the text and your experiences. We can add more light to what you know.

Joe: We extend to you our most heartfelt welcome. I want to thank you for the wonderful opportunity of this experience, and thank you for your understanding and sympathy. May we ask who you are?

Teacher: I am Jar-el.

Hal: Welcome, Jar-el. Good to have you with us.

Jar-el: Thank you for your kindness. We are attempting many new techniques with all, so be aware of our efforts to contact each of you. (Keep on?) as you seek the stillness. You should know that we observe your activities for evaluation of how best to adjust and attune your reception. You should know that it takes time to bring about the necessary adjustments. Be patient with all. Share the practice; support your group. Please remain in your stillness. There are others who would speak to you. Be of one mind.

Hal: Are you leaving?

Hal: Aflana, are you there?

(After a long silence)

Doug: Are there any further messages for our group from our celestial friends?


We thank you for coming to us being with us. We thank you for your blessings. Thank you for your guidance. We pray that in our efforts to do our Father's will, to do His will in our daily lives, that you will strengthen us and sustain us. Thank you for this experience. We will look forward to our next meeting, when we come together in unity. In the name of our Sovereign Savior, Christ Michael of Nebadon. Amen.


This is our groups first contact with our regular Teacher, JarEl.