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Topic: Intuition

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



The presence of God surrounds us.

The love of God enfolds each of you.

The power of our Father protects you throughout your existence.

Wherever your path shall take you He is with you.

He is your Light; He is your beacon; He is the goal.

JarEl: Greetings, my dear ones, it is I your Teacher, JarEl, who loves you, and who has missed your presence sorely. When we spoke last, it was mentioned the absence from meeting for particular reasons, and I agreed with the idea that a break of the nature of vacation was due and would be beneficial to all. This is true. Like many things that are beneficial the application can cause discomfort. Your absence from this fellowship was of discomfort, but your countenance I perceive now shows the great benefit of relaxation and diversion. So I welcome you back into love. Welcome back into peace. Welcome back to guidance and enlightenment; to fellowship and sharing. Each of you have been missed in our being. We have had the opportunity to visit from time to time, and this association has been fruitful. However, you have the saying cliche, "There is no place like home." This is my feeling. There is no occasion like this coming together with you. Humans and celestials in love, fellowship, and service to God. Pleased are we this day to reunite with you in this cause of the Teaching Mission. So I say to you all my heartfelt greetings, Peace be unto to you. Are there no greetings for your Teacher?

Group: Heartfelt greetings to JarEl from all the group. JarEl was missed by the members of the group.

Betty: Hi, JarEl. Greetings, JarEl. We missed you.

Donna: Good to hear from you. We missed you.

Hal: Greetings. Glad to be back with you.

Shannon: Hello



Lucille: Hello We need you, and we love you.

Dora: Hello, JarEl

Stella: Hi, JarEl. I did. (miss you)

Marlies: Hello

JarEl: Thank you. This does my tired heart well. The joy of your presence and sincerity of your love is much to endure for this aged one. I know there are questions that we should address. I have prepared a lesson. I believe this lesson will answer some questions and shed new light upon you.

The absence of your brother is noted. Be not disheartened nor fearful due to his absence. He will return and participate. All are called and separated; set aside in the Mission for special purposes and considerations. The considerations are our individual gifts, uniqueness, and contributions to this total process of the Teaching Mission.

So fear not that one would be left unguided. The Father provides for all and all eventualities. You have in your midst a new one who has partaken of the light and knowledge that is freely given. His desire to seek further the Father's will.

We welcome James into our presence. (Jimmy: Thank you.)



Let us be happy, cheerful, buoyant at the progress that we are making collectively and individually. I remind you so often, because it is a fact and an important notation upon your lives that you reflect back from which you came. When you observe today your standing, you will find you have traversed great distances. Large growth from that time to this.

You are evolving; being made anew into a new being. A being that is able to withstand the environment; whatever that environment may bring. In the spiritual realm your preparation for development began with the indwelling of your being with the Father Fragment. Your growth is continuous in this mortal life, and the life of morontia to come. It is a fact you will grow. You will evolve into a total, capable spiritual being; a true son and daughter of God; a light unto Urantia.

Our lesson in your preparation from the past weeks have been on intuition. The question that Douglas has asked, I do not understand why he wrote it and gave to another to ask when he is capable of asking himself. When we are invited into your being, we share momentarily your existence. We are privy to your thoughts, with your permission. We are never intrusive; always invited. So it is when the question formed in his thought patterns, it was asked at that time.


To continue with the lesson. Intuition. That is the one word answer to his question. You may read the question for the purpose of others.

Marlies: Would you like me to read it now, JarEl?

JarEl: Please

Marlies: His question was, "What significance does this word exercise have for us?"

JarEl: Intuition. Developing intuition. It is inherent in your beings, but unless it is exercised it is like any other muscle or ability, it is useless. It serves no purpose. So, development of your intuition is important in this Mission. We have hopefully taken you from insecurity into an area of security through the Teachings and the practice of the Stillness. We have hopefully reassured you of your place in this Mission, and that you are love beyond all comprehension by the Father and your fellows.

We have hopefully removed doubt from your beings as to our messages and the phenomenon surrounding their transmissions.

However, your intuition, had it been exercised earlier could have alerted you to our presence and Urantia book. Many of you doing this exercise have doubted the first words. You have pushed them aside. When you seek the Stillness and have quieted your mind, you are calling upon your intuition to supply you with information that does not come through your other senses. The information is available. So when you ask of your intuition a question, the answer is forthcoming speedily. You must be receptive and not doubt the process.

As an example at your free time take your instrument of recording the hour. (Betty: Your watch?) This is correct. Sit quietly. Do not observe the watch. Ask yourself what is the correct time without looking at the instrument. Allow your intuition to supply you with the answer. Be careful. After the true answer, your rational, conscious mind will supply you with ample doubt. Your other senses will feed you information that is contrary to the true answer.

For example you may sit and you ask what is the hour. Your intuition will say it is half past one. The conscious mind in rationale will say, "No, this cannot be, because it has not been that great amount of time since I eat the noon meal. So it must be half past the noon hour." Again your other senses have negated the intuition. You must accept the first impression. This is generally a correct information. The practice of this exercise will increase your ability for correct answers and the application of intuition will improve. You may not be correct in every instance, but if you record this practice you will find your graph rises more toward accuracy than inaccuracy.

Again try this at some time. Open yourself to listen to your intuition. By doing so you also are receptive to your Adjuster, and the leadings of the Adjuster. Dear ones, can you see how one simple exercise can effect so positively the areas of your lives. The Mission is to teach; to show through exercise and example the skills and knowledge that you possess and are acquiring. How often you are reminded that others are forthcoming, and we ask you again to prepare yourselves through study, diligence of the text and the transcripts. This is the academic part.

The next part is to take the teachings and to enact them in your daily life to become Christlike as you walk amongst your fellows; to share the love that the Father has showered upon you; To be able to stand and embrace humanity in sincere unconditional love. This is the greatest force in the universe. It is equal to the Father and representative of His feeling toward all. It is a tool for your use to disarm the hostiles; to win over those who are antagonistic towards you. You win them through love. The application of the Father's love. Be not judgmental; be giving; share and allow. Allow the seed to grow. Allow the Father to fight the battles. Submit yourselves to His divine love.

Intuition; the listening of your conscious for the information that is requested will enable to be more intuitive about your environment; about your fellows that come to your presence. Seek and ye shall find has been the age old proverb. The truth of this one each of you should know. As we say so often, "You know that you know." This is our lesson for this day. Rely on your intuition much more than you have. Allow the first voice to be that of the Father. Be diligent in this effort, and you will be rewarded with success. Practice, practice, practice.

I thank you, dear ones, for your presence; for your sincerity and dedication to this cause. I commend you for your efforts of outreach. You are about to harvest the crop that is growing from the seeds that you have planted throughout your lives, and particularly since coming into this Mission. I commend you, and I ask that you continue your sincere efforts to share this knowledge, and the Father's love amongst yourselves and your fellows. As I greet you in peace, may we have any questions or discussion.


Stella: I have a question, JarEl. This is Stella.

JarEl: Greetings Stella.

Vision, Inner Life

Stella: Hello. I have...how should I say this...I have used intuition throughout most of my life, and I have also held that if I didn't follow it then things went wrong. However, my question now is...I have had visions of jewels. This right now during this meditation; this same phenomenon occurred. My intuition tells me that this is a precursor to something else. Is this correct? And what does the shower of jewels, beauty that has flooded my mind mean?

JarEl: Dear one, I can only speculate as I am not an interpreter of dreams and visions. In all that comes in our night vision does not necessarily reflect a divine purpose.

Stella: No, this is during the day during meditation.

JarEl: This is so. Meditation; seeking the Stillness is a dream state. It allows the mind to flow freely. You observe the images that transpire in your view. And you choose to participate or not participate in that parade of thoughts and images. The shimmering and jewels could very well be of a nature of some subconscious thought in your being. It may and most likely will have a personal significance to you alone. Again we remind that often times numerous adjustments are necessary to keep you mortals in attunement. You become so easily unbalanced. Did you suffer an imbalance or great concern prior to this vision?

Stella: No. Oh, prior to the vision? No, I felt fine!

JarEl: Often times a disturbance in your mind concern anger, anxiety can cause an imbalance, and you are out of harmony. So freely the thoughts have occurred; uncontrollably significant or not so significant. Does this help you?

Stella: Well, I'm not sure, because these visions were not something that I forced. It just came, and it was a very happy feeling. Maybe the way I thought about it; they or someone was trying to reassure me that all of this is valid and true. Because you have said to particularly watch Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And I had these visions Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and then a little while ago. And I am very happy about it. To me it reassures me that what is happening is true.

JarEl: Then I would surmise that it is the efforts of your Adjuster to reassure you, and it is not a conscious act on your Teacher's part.

Stella: Well, I don't know who my Teacher is, but if it is my Thought Adjuster I welcome it, and would a Teacher also. But to me it was very reassuring. And I look forward to whatever is coming next.

JarEl: Then allow; relax and allow. Meet openly the occurrence and experience where it will take you. Fear not for you are in divine watch-care.

Hal: I have two questions. One is a procedural question. We have great respect for you, and we hesitate to interrupt. We were wondering that it gives an appearance that we are all so quiet. Do you prefer this during the lesson that we do not ask questions or interfere or may make comments? Or do you...or does it interfere with the transmission at all if we do that?

JarEl: When I or another has a lesson, we would like to deliver it completely and allow for questions and discussion thereafter. My concern at the beginning was that I was not welcome.

Betty: My goodness! You are always welcome. You have a standing invitation. We missed you so much! We didn't want to interfere. That you have a standing invitation to be present in our hearts.

Hal: We hope that we relieved that concern!

Marlies: We were hanging on to every word!

Hal: We have a great respect for you, and do not want to interfere.

JarEl: This was said in jest.

Group laughter!

Jimmy: May I ask a question?

JarEl: Please do.

Music, Vibration

Jimmy: How does music..Well, first of all. Is it true that energy or vibration; everything has vibration, and vibration has sound this true in our world, and throughout the universe? And all sound is musical in it's own right? That's the first question. If that is true then is music a close relative in reference to things that are potent in the universe to the vibration of divine love? In other words I have always considered it a very powerful force in our existence. Is this true? Is it closely related to divine vibration of love, and is it as potent? By playing music.

JarEl: Potent--you mean powerful. (Jimmy: Powerful, yes.) Wherever you are He is. The Father, the First Source and Center of all existence of creation, is omnipresent. He is experience by all through love. It is true that the universe is vibrating. In actuality it has the beat of a heart an expansion and retracting, but this is not perceived by the creatures on the myriads of planets. The consciousness of one is approximately 40 to 50 feet in diameter. So this greater consciousness of what is occurring a block away is not present to your being. Likewise in the universe you are not conscious of the motion; the vibration; the circuitry that is going on throughout the Master Universe.

Music has vibration. Love has vibration. Music can be expressed as love, and love can be expressed through music. They are not one and the same, but they can act con-jointly. The Father desires to express Himself through all creation. He desires in His infiniteness to experience creature existence, and take upon Himself experientially, your lives. There are celestial choirs. So beautiful is the sound, but you perceive them not.

Jimmy: Are we capable?

JarEl: No. Not in this mortal body. (Jimmy (quietly): How unfortunate!) In your morontia existence you will be more attuned.

Jimmy: Can....I say this? You call it the morontia. I take this is the spiritual state beyond this life on this planet?

JarEl: The morontia is the next transition of laying down the mortal existence. Your being will be deposited in a new body. One not subject to the environment of this world. One of more lasting duration.

Jimmy: So these choirs and this music has never been heard by say myself for I haven't reached that level?

JarEl: This is correct. (Jimmy (softly): OK) But approximation in your experience is achievable. Approximation, similarity will develop an appreciation; a glimpse; a gleam of that morontia state that allows one to hear not necessarily with physical ears the music of heaven. Does this help you?

Creativity, Attunement

Jimmy: A lot, and I am not going to hold you on this. I thank you. But is it possible, you spoke that we can have Teachers and so on. This may sound a bit more farfetched, but is it possible to have a Teacher from that level interact with someone like me who plays music and creates it hopefully divinely. For someone to get impressions of some of those flavors so that I can be an instrument for introducing that, humbly of course, to ourselves here on this planet. So that we can have a taste of that heavenly voice musically before we reach that level. Is that a possibility?

JarEl: Yes.

Jimmy: How would I go about achieving that?

JarEl: Attune your will with the Father's. Seek the Stillness. Read and study the text and the transcripts. Join in love, unity, truth, and beauty with your fellows. Overcome your dragons. Trust in the Father; believe and trust in His goodness,and His divine plan for you, and the entire planet.

My message to you, dear one, is reassurance that you are loved. You have not accidently stumbled upon this Mission. There are no accidents in the plans and desires of our Creator Son. Most effectively you are called. This realization will come upon you when the Spirit of Truth infuses your being. You will find all that you need to overcome any obstacles to your spiritual development. Your creative processes will enhance this development. Go slowly; one step at a time.

I, your Teacher, commend you for your presence here today as a testimony to your desire to seek truth, and the Father's will. You are most welcome. Allow the others to assist you. This is their welcome task. That is all.

Jimmy: Thank you.


Hal: That was beautiful, JarEl. May I ask my second question on your lesson today of intuition? This is first adjutant mind spirit of intuition. I understand the animals all live in existence with intuition. Is this desirable that we should have our life live with intuition in all things that we do as we reach a greater state of spirituality?

JarEl: It is a step up the ladder to your goal. It is a tool to be used to confirm, reaffirm, reassure, and enlighten you. This is the job of intuition. As we explained, the practice will bring to heighten state your abilities to use intuition. The animals have intuition, but it is centered around survival. They do not use intuition to gather knowledge and experience to further their development. Humans on the other hand must utilize all talents, gifts, creativeness, input to further their spiritual development and maintain their physical development and environment. Without intuition you are reduced to dependence on lower animal origin and desires.

Betty: JarEl, during Douglas's absence, I have been acting as transmitter. And I am full of doubt, and I am in need of some reassurance.

JarEl: You perceive that you are in need of reassurance?

Betty: No, I am in need.

Hal: Read your transcripts; you have all the reassurance you need.

JarEl: Thank you. Next question.

Group laughter!

Healing, Miracles

Dora: I have a question on intuition. Wednesday night I was in the book store, and I was drawn to books on healing. Later it brought to my mind Hal's healing, and I wanted to know if Lanzia was still near. Because I have been thinking of Hal's healing suddenly and I felt that was some type of intuition at that time.

Hal: You were picking up my messages.

Dora: I may have been.

JarEl: This is true. The healing you have requested, and that is the desire of your hearts has been currently in the consciousness of many. And this is where it begins. As we have informed you, all must sincerely believe, have faith in the Father, and His ability to affect changes in all of His creation.

Dear ones, were we to come to you with many miraculous achievements and signs, you and your fellows would only believe in the miracles. You would not believe in the source and cause behind them. The Father desires to indwell your being in total concert with your heart and mind. You cannot separate His love from you; you can only not accept it. This is a free will choice.

Healing is a free will choice. You can not have faith and expect the miracle of healing to take place. Faith in the Father must be 100%. Your trust in His goodness, and His love for you must be evident. When your will is in tune with His, what you ask will be so. So continue in faith to reach out to those who have need of healing. Develop in them a stronger belief system. Help them to trust their own beliefs. This will facilitate more easily the effect you desire for others to be whole. Your Father desire wholeness for all.

The spiritual wholeness is of paramount importance. The physical wholeness is not. You can live this existence in a crumpled or deformed physical body. The wholeness of your spirit is what will live forever. Your new body will not have deformities nor ailments. Temporal is this existence. Remember all is in transition. Lessons can be learned from all circumstance. Look to the lesson. Look to your spiritual development.

I say these things not for you to not seek wholeness and correction of your physical environments. I say this to make you more aware of what is of paramount importance. I hope this helps you.

Hal: Yes, thank you.

JarEl: Close your eyes. What time is it?

Stella: 2:03

Jimmy: 2:05

Donna: 2:00

Hal: 2 ---

Violet: 2:45

Betty: 2:30

Marlies: 2:00

Shannon:10 to 2

Lucille: 5 to 2

Dora: about 2:00

JarEl: Open your eyes. Observe the mechanism.

Donna: Isn't it seven minutes to 2:00?

Hal: Five of

Group: Various comments of the time.

Jimmy: Does anyone have 2:05?

Group laughter! It was 2:00 p.m. depending on the variances of each member's watches!

Violet:JarEl, since I was so far off. What does that signify, perhaps?


JarEl: Practice, practice, practice. Dear ones, the hour grows. Practice the experiment. Stay in unity. Fellowship and love. I thank you for your efforts. I greet you in love and peace. My peace I leave with you. Greetings from your Creator Son, our Sovereign, Michael. Farewell.

Group Farewell.


from the transcriber, Dora: When JarEl spoke of this exercise earlier in this transcript, I did the exercise. I noted intuitively that it might perhaps be 1:15. I then glanced at Douglas's watch which was visible to me. It was indeed approximately 20 minutes after 1:00.)



Dora's received impression: Church, unity

That our group was forming a new kind of church where we were all ministers for God's work in this Mission. That there was no one set aside as head of our church. We worked together as a representative unit.

Violet's received impression: Companionship

Donna's received impression: Togetherness


Donna's received impression: open

Betty's received impression: courage

Lucille's received impression: peace

Shannon's received impression: patience


Donna's received impression: delight

Betty's received impression: promise

Someone's received impression: praise & fellowship

Someone's received impression: family

Stella received beautiful visions as described earlier in the transcripts on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.


Betty's received impression: keys to kingdom; beauty

Shannon's received impression: awakening; rebirth


Betty's received impression: power; energy

Stella's received impression: perceive

Douglas's received impression: celestial

Lucille's received impression: faith


Shannon's received impression: happiness

Violet received this impression

not on Saturday: justice

Dora's received impression not justice, mercy

on Saturday:

Shannon and Donna were thinking about intuition during the week.

I the transcriber, Dora, was quite impressed with the word justice. I also did not know who was transmitting what words. I was distinctly more impressed with who was transmitting more than the words beings transmitted. Justice came in loud and clear from Douglas though it was not on Saturday!