1995-06-16-Sincerity & More Sincerity

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Topic: Sincerity & More Sincerity

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Ham

TR: Rutha, Gerdean



Opening prayer

Daniel: "Greetings friends, I am Daniel, your guide, teacher, and companion. As always we are assembled in great joy of our community and we thank you for your continued efforts in perceiving and perpetuating those truths which we delve into on our way toward enlightenment for Urantia. It is a joy for me personally to have the continuity which has been provided by the loyalty and diligence of your participation, the stronghold which exists because of your willingness to believe, participate and act as a fulcrum for many energies not only in your immediate area but throughout your world and into worlds beyond.



You see, truth is radiant and living. It is not stagnant. It has effects and your effects cause life to be stimulated and forwarded. When you behold life in these myriad and difficult circumstances remember our focus of truth, beauty, and goodness. Remember, pupils and friends, that you are not alone. It is difficult to keep that continuum in your mind's eye. This is understood for you are mortal beings who must act on faith. And yet your growth becoming your own evidence of truth in spite of your doubts and misgivings. In time you will see more clearly and these experiences of today will be dynamic memories as stepping stones in your very real development in your lives and in the lives of your peers most specifically.

We have assembled a large order of being this evening who hover in your arena. Many visiting students and teachers are here to take note of the format and most particularly the soul responses of the individuals here this evening, for it is that which registers your reality levels. My friend Tomas is also here and he and I have consulted. It would seem that this TR is sufficiently adapted to my character that she is more at ease with me these days, and I will therefor proceed this evening with Tomas' blessing. We have consulted and wish to further discourse regarding the words spoken last week for we do not plant seeds without furthering the growth thereof in cultivating the soil. So in cultivating sincerity I will add a few additional remarks.

The keys to the Kingdom of Heaven are sincerity, more sincerity, and more sincerity.(39:4.14) All mortals have this capability. Your Master, our Teacher Christ Michael, has advised and promised that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. The Kingdom within you is certainly your resident Thought Adjuster in harmony with your own evolving mortal identity, your morontial person, our soul. These elements of reality constitute the Kingdom as you perceive it. The genuineness with which you approach your God Fragment within is the degree to which you further your association with divinity, therefor the importance of sincerity.

Your teachers confess to a degree of manipulation ourselves in our lesson plans and our presence with you for we are motivated to greater ends yet we are not deceitful about our intentions. We plan to grow with you as you grow in your maturity as aspiring spirit beings in your developing maturity as human beings on a planet such as this, which has untold challenges and opportunities for carrying out these experiential lessons. We are sincere in our devotion to you, to your furtherance, to the furtherance of illumination of humankind.

Genuineness, honesty, truism, these qualities are inherent in Godlikeness. They reside in your interior, in your kingdom within. By befriending your own slice of divinity, in seeking guidance, in needing association with spirit reality you focus more clearly on that which is real, on that which has value, that which is value. Only through sincerity are you free to engage fearlessly in acceptance of yourself. For when one runs from peace and harmony, the association with Spirit and the responsibilities which will also be inherent in this relationship one skirts the issue, and in the process of shirking this connection, the Kingdom is unavailable as a result of that mortal decision to refrain from seeking divinity.

Decision, Manifestation

The keys to the Kingdom call for decisions, more decisions and yet even more decisions. For in order for the fledgling morontia being to fine tune the relationship with the Mystery Monitor, the decision must be made again and again to set aside self interest, to set aside deceit, to set aside relative reality for the hope of attaining true reality. Those of you who practice the stillness, who have engaged in the silence in meditative repose, in receptive acceptance of your heritage as a living son or daughter of the great eternal Source have the joy, the comfort and the assurance of that Kingdom which so many seek outside themselves.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. When you have attained the confidence and assurance of your own sonship/daughtership you, then, carry the Kingdom into your arena, your environment. This is one reason why we come from afar to sit among you, to hover around you as you seek to attain this relationship with the great Source and Center and His helpers, your spiritual family, with the Universal Mother Spirit in Her healing hands. The responsibility which you see is the responsibility which we see, and how we do enjoy, as do you, seeing the literal unfolding of His Kingdom present itself in your environment.

`Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven'. This manifesting of your pure truth constitutes the gospel. We delight to behold it unfolding. We love you and are actively pursuing ways to help you and all mortals in their spiritual search and in their ascension. It is my great pleasure and privilege to be with you again to comprehend your soul's desires.

In keeping with the day I will now remind you of the beauty of your arena. Look to the hills. Look to the heavens. Behold mother nature. Hear the sounds of the Creator manifesting even now in harmony and joy. Tomas and I are willing and interested to converse with you regarding those things which might press upon your mind or bubble forth from your heart should you so choose to share. The floor is open for your involvement."


Francyl: "Daniel, we have a guest this evening. My daughter, Cheryl, is here visiting me for a couple of weeks. I would like to introduce her to you now."

Daniel: "How gracious you are in bringing your daughter to your friends. Your daughter, Cheryl, is our daughter as well and our sister. Good evening, Cheryl. It is truly wonderful for you to be with us here this evening. We welcome your presence and feel the radiance of your being. Be at peace and be welcome in your heart for we are your family in the spirit, as your mother is your family in the spirit and in the flesh. Welcome, my dear."

Kent: "Greetings our friends. Thank you for that lesson, for the extension of last week's discussion on sincerity. I would like to welcome all my brothers and sisters here who are visiting us. Of course we can't see them. Someday we will. Thank you."

Luke: "Hello Tomas and Daniel. Welcome."

Daniel: "Greetings."

Luke: I do have a question. Jane doesn't feel so well. I wondered if you could comment on that?"

Daniel: "First I will say, Luke, that I am glad that you are here. It is a pleasure to behold your presence. I will ask for personality check with the proper figures regarding Jane's illness and respond before the evening is over. Is that satisfactory?"

Luke: In one way it is and in another way it isn't because I don't know what you mean by `before the evening is over'.

Daniel: "Before our session closes. I just need someone to check for me. I cannot be everywhere at once."

Luke: "I understand, of course. Thank you so much. You can come on anytime without me further asking. Is that alright?"

Daniel: "That's great."

Sincerity, Truth

Leetah: "Good evening Daniel and Tomas. I thank you so much for the lesson last week on sincerity that I read and the expansion today. It brings up a lot of thoughts in my mind. I can remember a sermon I heard as child, a teenager where if I am sincerely on the wrong train I will not get there. So I think in terms of sincerity as being so important. And you reiterated tonight that the ascension to the Father is to be sincere and sincere and sincere. I guess my question is, `how does our sincerity bring us to greater truth?' Would you comment on that, please."

Daniel: "Yes, Leetah, I can reiterate further how sincerity leads one to truth, for you, yourself, know the experience of sitting in stillness with God. If you fear God, if you have a distorted view of God you will not want to sit in intimate association with God. Therefor you need to get to the truth of your own need for God. This, then, sets in motion your process of becoming. As your awareness of your association to divinity develops then your capacities are enlarged for greater truth.

You know we have had previous lessons regarding perceptions and that on occasion an individual will develop a perception of reality, of truth, which will serve them well for a time and then the perception needs to be set aside for an enlarged perception to come into play for the next evolutionary, the next revelatory comprehension. This path is a path to further truth. The relative truth of your perception today is serving you well. In that context your sincerity is well anchored. In time as you expand your perceptions and your capacities your sincerity will also adapt, alter, expand, enlarge accordingly.

In this process discernment of truth is an active part of the process. In your ascertaining that which is in accordance with your comprehension of your Father's will for you, you will determine those things which do not further your course. And these you will have learned to discern through previous use of sincerity.

In stillness, then, you discover yourself in your most sincere capacity. For it is in the heart of the child who comes to the Parent in trust that your most sincere soul needs are met, your most genuine self is acknowledged. When you come to the Parent in humble stillness as a little child you come with a pure heart. Have I addressed your need?"

Children, Free will

Leetah: "Yes, thank you Daniel. That did bring up a thought though from the transcript that I read from last week's lesson on one of the questions relating to free will. And, I guess my question is...I can see an adult needing less guidance as far as free will and free choice is concerned, and yet I felt like the answers last week really did not deal with children. And, so, how far do we as adults--and you did use the word manipulate tonight which I appreciated frankly, because I feel like in an adult/child relationship, sometimes we manipulate them to make good choices, and I hope that is what you are doing to me. My question is...when children, or anyone, has free choice, where do we guide, and how do we hold them responsible for the choices made?

Daniel: "You must understand that in order for me to respond to your question here, I need to respond in the context of your current mores and cultural modus operandi.

In the long run the child has free will, but certain behaviors can be induced through training. This, of course begins from conception and most especially during the early formative years. By the time your children arrive in your classroom, they are already to some extent "established," and your molding from there depends a great deal upon the previous conditioning of the children.

There was no reference to children last week, perhaps, because the degree of maturity, shall we say, maturity, if you will, which we were addressing realized the adult spiritual candidate.

Those children both in the material sense and in spiritual sense who are first setting out are much tendered by various corps of helpers in the advancement of spiritual maturity (and I acknowledge your relative maturity here). There are certain decisions, certain lessons which are for the thinking being who has its own status in eternity firmly established. Many youngsters both in the spirit and in the flesh, have not reached, attained, the level which gives it the personal guidance and attention which is a natural consequence of assuming those responsibilities attendant upon spiritual devotion. Are you seeing?"

Leetah: "Yes. Thank you, Daniel."

Teaching Mission

Ham (TR #3): "Greetings my brothers and sisters. I am Ham. Often am I present at your meetings, but tonight I requested a moment to speak as this is a special occasion, and I desired to convey my blessings and love to my sister, Alice, who is leaving this locale to come closer to my homebase.

And, Alice, my daughter, I support your desire to proceed with the coming together of spiritual truth seekers. Be open to your inner guidance in this respect. But I will say, as one who is entrusted with the supervision of the many groups throughout the world who have received teachers, that I am open to the idea of another doorway to the shining of glorious truth in company with your willingness to encourage such a group. I am not, please understand, assigning you this task. I am merely saying at this point that you have my approval to attempt such an effort.

And to the rest of you my brothers and sisters. Know that I have a great and deep affection for you all, for I still regard myself as having a special relationship to the Pocatello/Woods Cross combined group. I have not forgotten about you as you know and is testified to by my frequent presence in your TR sessions.

My TR would like to say some things, but I am going to curtail him. He can voice his wisdom after we finish our formal session.

Thank you for your continued perseverance and faithful efforts to internalize and bring forth truth. Your lives, believe me, are progressing forward. Your soul growth is clearly evident to those of us who have been observing you. Yes, you stumble and fall at times, but you are learning how quickly you can resume your journey in close company with your infallible pilot, your Indwelling Spirit.

And with these words I thank Daniel and Tomas for allowing me to greet you and I return the platform to them. Good Evening."

Daniel: "We are always happy to hear from our colleague in the Mission, Teacher Ham. It is a pleasure to have his energies conjoined with the energies prevalent..."

(Editors Note: Next followed an exchange between Daniel and Luke concerning Jane's health. This discussion is not being made public.)

Tradition, Spirituality

Isaac: "Hello, Daniel, Tomas, Ham. I wanted to make the comment to Leetah's question about teaching in religions...well I guess in Christianity but probably in others...that the statement is often made--as Leetah said--that you can be sincere but sincerely wrong and going to hell in a hand basket because you don't believe in the right religion. And one of the things that appeals to me about the teaching of the Urantia Book--and so forth--is that it doesn't support that kind of thing: that there is only one path of truth; that there is only one religion that has it all together and the rest are all in error; but rather it sees truth in all of them. And so that is why I think that sincerity--if it's more and more sincerity, not just a little sincerity--is the key to the Kingdom of Heaven as the Book states. I think it is one of the techniques of the religions of fear to scare their membership by saying that they must not consider alternate points of view and other paths of truth. So, that's my opinion. I wanted to see, you know, if you agree with that."

Daniel: "Yes, Isaac."

Isaac: (laughing) "Or what you think of it."

Daniel: "I appreciate your bringing it up, indeed, so that I can give further commentary. Do not misunderstand. The Kingdom of Heaven is within all beings regardless of their religious programming and regardless of dogma or religious structure including the Urantia Book. The individuals have within their being the keys to the Kingdom. The vision, image, of that cubicle where Moslems pray comes to this mind; the Buddhists in the meditative techniques of the oriental countries; the Native Americans. The various races of people, old and young, rich and poor, far and near have within them the capacity to develop a relationship between themselves and their God. This option is not exclusive to religions or revelations. The gospel is about the personal relationship between the Creator and the created. Right?

Isaac: "You are the teacher. I'm the student... But I certainly agree. Yes. And I think that I wanted to put that into the transcript as my opinion, and, you know, I was pretty sure that you would agree with it.

Free will

The other thing that I wanted to comment on was from last week's lesson where Steve was asking several questions relative to where does free will end, and so forth. And Daniel...and I don't remember if Tomas addressed it, but I know Daniel did...in terms of other people imposing their free will and therefore infringing on one's free will, and I guess [what] I wanted to also say was that the idea of free will has its limits, of course. It isn't an unlimited free will. We don't have the free will to change the color of our eyes, or the height of our body, or the intelligence of our mind. Obviously these things are givens, and so that free will in its...my understanding from the Urantia Book at least is that where we have actual free will is to choose our destiny, whether or not we are going to go along with the ascension career or not. So I just wanted to make that statement. And, you know, you can respond to it if you wish or..."

Daniel: "I will respond to you, my son. I am mindful of self will and free will. The crux of free will which is given to all beings is largely utilized as self will. In self will there are varying degrees of benefit to humankind and to the individual who uses self will which all beings do.

As Norm was saying earlier, this individual who went to great lengths to serve in a certain capacity and reap the benefits thereof was observed to be exemplary to an individual who opted not to invest such efforts to attain the results. Yet, self will can be the scaffolding which promotes these great works, these services to self and humanity.

Free will, that agent of divine growth is focused on the will which chooses to do the divine will, [the] self will that chooses that the individual's will and the divine will be synonymous, that being who says it is my will that Your will be done. This is the path of ascension, and it is a very personal decision, or shall I say, these are very personal ongoing decisions. For each turn in the road, the option is there to do your will for it is your will. This too is your birth right as was also said earlier. The difficulty of following the Divine will as compared to "I want to do it my way" is largely...the conflict is largely dissolved when they are in cooperation, and to a God knowing being, that is generally the case. They are most often synonymous, for the mortal has learned that the easier softer way is through doing God's will. Have I worn that out?"

Isaac: "Well, thank you for your commentary in response to what I was saying. I guess I have no further questions or comments, so I will turn off this mike."


Daniel: "The waters are still. The lake is placid. The water is deep and refreshing. Children, go play in this mountain lake which is cool, clean and vibrant. Soften your sincerity efforts by bathing in the living water of your own understanding of your relationship with divinity. Behold your brothers and sisters individually and recognize that within that being also is resident an aspect of our eternal Parent, the living God. Bathe in the knowledge that you are not alone, and that we teachers, that we celestial guides, helpers and companions are with you as you journey forth into Urantia. You are faithfully cared for. Until we speak again, do not forget that we will be here, loyally, as you return and as you go forth. Tomas and I and our visitors wish you well. Go in peace. Good night."