1997-04-22-Cataclysmic Times Are Upon Us

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Topic: Cataclysmic Times Are Upon Us

Group: Butler TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Miriam, Ham, Machiventa

TR: Gerdean, Hunnah



TOMAS: Good evening, my friends, I am Tomas. I am here with Merium and many of your other intimate companions in the spirit. We embrace you in the name of Michael and Nebadonia. I will not keep you long this evening, for unless others of you would like to transmit, this T/R is indeed depleted; happily so, however, and this is an indication of working hard in the field.

But, it is our pleasure to come in this evening and spend a quality moment of time with you, to comfort you in your busy days, for all of you have had a busy season. Part of it has to do with spring, and feeling the sun and new growth. You have the long winter's doldrums to shake off, and as the flowers sprout, so do you. It will take some time to redevelop your stamina from the long winter's sleep, but lest you think I accuse you of merely being lazy, let me indicate that in your activities you have also been withstanding the external stimuli.



Your saga, Hunnah, of your children's dreams bring to mind the hurricane, the peace in the center of the eye of the hurricane, that place which remains calm and stable while around it is a tumult of chaos and debris broiling in the air and wreaking havoc in its wake. You have known the tranquil eye of the hurricane and have seen the tumult outside.

I will remind you of one of our purposes, one of the purposes that conjoin you to us and spirit, and that is that as modern times become more and more chaotic, as the energy of fear and panic go on around you, you will be able to retain the security that is provided in the citadel of the spirit. As long as you can keep yourself focused in this eye, you will be able then to assist those who are around you, who are being bombarded by the storms of the revolution, much as your daughter was able to do in her dream, for truly these are significant times. The old way is dying and the new way is emerging.

These are cataclysmic times upon us. Times of high drama. It gives us great satisfaction when we see you maintain your steadfastness of purpose, when you remember to go within, seek the stillness, the tranquillity, for it allows for an anchor, not only for you but also for your immediate environment. Borrowing the word "vortex," you have created a stable vortex of reality.

Think not that your efforts go unnoticed. It is a real thing, you know, this spirit business. And as you keep your connection with spirit, you are a reality, a reality base, a teacher base, and folk will be drawn to you to the extent that they sense even unconsciously that you are in the eye of the hurricane, in that place of calm in their disease, in the winds of discontent and striving.

As you anchor yourself and as others also anchor themselves, you are providing a certain groundedness, for your feet are on the ground; your reality is a stability. It is understood that you get off key now and again, but more and more you are recognizing that when the winds begin to howl, you return to the Source, you find your bearings.


MERIUM: I was thinking I was going to do a solo this evening because you said that Gerdean was fatigued, but you have both risen to the occasion very, very well. Many metaphors have been placed before me this evening, such as what would be on a menu. They are so diverse (and yet they are connected) that I am in a virtual smorgasbord because I would like to talk this evening about keeping one's focus in spite of external circumstances.

In the world, your brothers and sisters are struggling with the changes of weather, losing their possessions, and you have all had an opportunity to be lifted up and to look at your own possessions and see them with new eyes, and some of you are burdened with these possessions. You are beginning to feel as if your cupboards are too full already and you have various degrees of letting go of the valuables, and these valuables start to look like nothing in the sight of [Ed. - words lost through a distraction].

These possessions lose their power. They can become a burden to you, and you have mixed feelings about it, but know that as you keep your self-discipline and maintain your new strength in your new identity, that it is not a real problem. All through the centuries in your experience people have had to let go of their important possessions, as well as their achievements. They have rallied for their new sense of purpose and keep it fresh that they might have an enriching experience. One moment, please.

This mural that I'm painting is not going easily for me. I can feel resistance here. Two painters on one canvas, you might say. I do not wish to put words in your mouths or assume thoughts for you, but I do know that you have been stretched and that nothing is the same for any of you.

Tomas was talking about having people come in your way out of the clear blue. You wring your hands and wonder "whence cometh my help" and you review the information that you have at hand, that something is in the wings that you know nothing about, and it is when this happens often enough that it can give you courage to remember that in the past, your problems are solved out of the blue, and problems become opportunities.

Gerdean's life today has been a very good example, as her windfall has come into her. I would like to stop, please.

TOMAS: I would like to follow up for one moment, for I perceive that there is a thread; even as we speak I hear you speak of spring housecleaning and this is a way, too, of grounding and stabilizing and throwing out those things which no longer fit with you in your place of sanctification, contributing to the maelstrom unless they are appropriately dispensed with. Let us then take a short break and see what we can dispense with.


Human Condition

TOMAS: I am Tomas and I am back, but assuredly I was not even gone, for your intermissions are too revealing to miss. It is not so much that they are entertaining, Hunnah, as they are revealing. We have always found you relatively entertaining, but not always particularly revealing, and so what it is revealing of is your various attitudes regarding your own involvement with life.

Let me say to all of you that you are self-conscious, but as you seek to serve you forget yourself in the work at hand. When there is little work to do, it is playtime, and in playtime, you bring forth your childlike selves in delight of the experience. And so the danger of these times when we get together and you are not sufficiently focused or have adequate stamina to actually apply yourselves in attaining the morontial levels of comprehension and involvement, these lesser states are relative states of play or exercise, and we are not opposed to these states of communication or awareness or enjoyment; it is your preference, perhaps, to feel poignant and focused and assuredly we like that also, but it is not always possible, and so when I came on-line this evening and said I would not be delving deeply into ponderous matters, I was aware already of your mental and emotional states of being.

You are fully free to enjoy your relative perfection. It is still a community of believers who have come together to support each other, to enjoy the fellowship, to confide in each other and to play; and so do not decry your play. Do not begrudge your relative state of focus. Do you understand my message here?

It is nice to see you and Jay-Orzh communicating, Leah, as she indicates — the more the merrier. The relationship you develop with your personal teacher will help you clear the way for more focus and dynamic communication with the spirit realm, yes, with your spirit reality. Remember, my children, that in the ultimate, in the greater whole, there is no differentiation. It is the relative degrees of perfection that you encounter.

I hear you discussing the intent to communicate with your spirit companions and testifying that it is you speaking with your higher self or your Thought Adjuster and you are correct that it matters little in the long run and we have said as much, for you enjoy attaching names to personalities and identifying energy patterns and these do help you delineate for your mental comprehension, but the more vague and effervescent approach also works.

As we have said many times, you are very literal-minded, and your literal-mindedness bars the way to your own enjoyment of this marvelous opportunity that we have to engage in camaraderie with each other. It is through the circuitry established by Paradise, by the spirit realm. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to realize that you are not alone, that your planet has been released from its quarantine and that isolation has ended.

Yes, it is important that you strive ever onward toward your perfection goal, but it is also important that you savor the moment, that you enjoy your time in space. Just because you have nothing overbearing on your minds this evening does not mean that you are "flakes." It means that you are enjoying yourselves. You have had a full day. Tomorrow promises to be another full day, fearless and without anxiety, and so you are flush. Be at peace with that. One moment, please.

MERIUM: In spite of the flagging facial muscles of this transmitter/receiver, I am smiling. I am Merium and I am delighted to have another opportunity to meet with you in this way. I am actually more accustomed to the electro-chemical make-up of Hunnah, but I am not one to attach myself to anyone but he or she who can allow me to personality express/manifest myself, and so we'll go with this one for a time.

I must say your material environment is, on occasion, a dreadful place. It is so abrasive to those of us who have long enjoyed the more celestial spheres. It is a wonder that you grow in the spirit at all with your constant reminders of how dense you and your surroundings are, but it is also a testimony to the infinite love of the Eternal Parent who reaches down to His precious children to enable them to rise above the density and the darkness to find delight in Him, in the Light of truth, beauty, and goodness.

It is astounding to us in the spirit realms how well you do. I don't know if you have been told this often enough yet that it has made an appropriate impact, but we are truly amazed sometimes at how well you do. Perhaps "ignorance is bliss" after all, but as you become aware and as you become sensitive, and as you yearn for light and life, truth beauty and goodness for your peers and for your environment, your yearning does not go unnoticed, nor is it unappreciated, for we too have shared that sentiment with you and we are so honored to have this opportunity to walk with you in your path and in your efforts to serve your fellow men.

You have a real job of it, my dear friends. Do not ever take it lightly, that your work is unimportant or that it goes unnoticed. Every hair on your head is counted and every effort that you make on behalf of the Father is permanently recorded. One moment.

Teaching Mission

HAM: I am Ham. I am so happy to have made it through the door. It is a thick door into your environment this evening, but I have knocked and the door has been opened. Greetings to you, one and all. It is a pleasure to be here. It is not an administrative visit particularly but you know well that we like to stay in touch, that we like to acknowledge your presence, your steadfastness, your efforts and your growth.

My colleague Merium has been visiting the neighboring teacher bases to compare notes with some of the other established teachers, in terms of how they inter-relate with their pupils, and I have enjoyed going with her on a couple of her rounds. At any rate, we are most pleased by her arrival and the eager reception she has received by you here in this teacher base.

The Mission grows. You cannot see from your vantage point. Perhaps Internet could edify you somewhat, but even there you would fall short of a full spreadsheet of activity in the realms of Teachers coming on-line, being assigned and teaching, and the mortal pupils who have grasped the concept that the Teachers have been implanting and are earnestly applying their truths into their arenas. The ascension plan of Michael is well underway -- has been, of course, underway for millennia, but has activated noticeably.

Beloved neighbors and loyal students of truth, be of good cheer in the harvest. Continue to plant your seeds. Continue to search out opportunities for service. Continue to comfort yourselves with your own fellowship and the fellowship of us who have been sent to help you in this upstepping process.

Do not make the mistake of making light of your experiences -- in your arena or in your relationships with us. We are comrades. Good evening.


MACHIVENTA: I am Machiventa and I will also come in for a moment. I had to see what was going on since there was a lot of action here this evening. I know that it was not your action, little ones, but a lot of coming and going of spiritual energies, those visitors that you read about in your textbook, visiting students and so forth. We like to keep tabs on you, whether you are having a lofty lesson or a (can't find the word) less than lofty lesson. How difficult it can be with the language constraints! Let me commiserate with you who find it difficult to transmit teachers of one sort or another. The challenge is formidable.

It is not just your challenge, however, it is ours as well, to be able to reach you in ways that work for you and for us, that do not send you off into realms of fanaticism or incredulity. It is important that you maintain your integrity and your sanity in this process. We are representatives of Michael of Nebadon.

Gerdean: Michael is here. I don't think I'm going to transmit him, but he would like to be with us for a minute.


TOMAS: I am Tomas. Indeed, we have had a joyous evening. It is our hope that you are refreshed and lifted up, for did you not conjoin this evening in that light, that you be lifted up in the spirit? Seek and ye shall find. Ask and it shall be given unto you. Precious ones, are there questions?


Hunnah: It is my desire to fulfil this opportunity, to be able to assist in the transmission. If it could be arranged that there could be some kind of cue that we are "on the air" so to speak, it would be most appreciated. It is an honor to have our wonderful guests come in. Thank you.

TOMAS: Let me address your quandary, Hunnah and Merium, and it has to do with the circuitry. Perhaps we can have Van El apply a little juice to the circuits, for it is the circuitry that will advise you when it is time for you to be aware of a Teacher's needing to use your vocal chords. If you are connected, fine-tuned, you will become aware of an intense pressure. Not a physical force pressure such as the word normally brings to your mind.

Hunnah: I have a pressure behind my right ear, sort of tightness. I have to admit that when Merium spoke through Gerdean, I felt as if something that was mine had been removed. My granddaughter will say "Mine!" and I felt this sense of loss, for I had to acknowledge that she cannot share, so apparently there is a bonding that has taken place. And she mentioned the adjustment that she had with my energies that enabled her to come through … that is her. I could feel the shift perhaps?

TOMAS: Let me help you here. I hear you have pride of ownership.

Hunnah: Apparently!

TOMAS: And when I addressed this before, I indicated that I was not going to give her away and we had that little discussion regarding jealousy, for you see, I understand the human condition.

Hunnah: It surprised me.

TOMAS: It is not a surprise to me and it will not be a surprise to you if you understand what you have experienced, and it is an emotional transference such as they discuss in psychology, as well as, perhaps, some dependency factor, but it is emotional, my dear, and this is where your difficulty lies. You have emotionally bonded with Merium. You have "married her" and now you cannot see the forest for the trees.

It is necessary for you to relinquish your personal hold on Merium; indeed, on all the Teachers; indeed, on everyone, for that connection is inappropriate and, although it may provide you with a sense of security, it is a lesser security than the flight of freedom into faith that the universe is controlled by the Father, the great Upholder. We all belong to him, you see, and although we are related and we are connected, we are not bonded in the classic emotional sense of the human animal.

Indeed, I understand the feeling you convey because I have seen it registered in Gerdean's emotional experience when she and I moved to Pocatello and suddenly I was popping up and through other mortal mouths. She sat up in her seat and said, such as your grandchild, "He's mine!" and it is a classic human reaction, but after the initial cold plunge, it is evident -- the wisdom of not marrying yourself to a specific teacher.

Although it is true that if and when a beneficial liaison can be established between a Teacher and the mortal voice, that partnership can contain long-lasting potential, such as Ham and Rebecca; it still does not mean that you belong to each other, for a Teacher is needed where he or she is needed, and it has not been unheard of that a Teacher be called away.

If you were to develop such a dependency, such an emotional bond on your Teacher, if the Teacher were called away, you would feel devastated, and the Father does not want that to happen. We do not want that to happen. It is not wise for you to become emotionally dependent on the Teachers. It is truly unwise of you to become dependent on us at all insofar as your development is concerned. It is necessary only that you develop an undying loyalty to your Thought Adjuster.

We are here to help you. We are not here to supplant your primary relationship with your Indwelling Adjuster, with our Father in heaven. We are all on the same team. Beware against emotional co-dependency, even into the spirit realms. This is part of the Correcting of Urantia. Has that been helpful?

Hunnah: Yes. May I comment? It pleases me that this has been discovered so early in the game, and it surprised me that I was able to have that experience, but I thought that it only related to this particular scene. In the meantime, why -- it apparently has to do with the circuitry, that any teacher would be able to come. Having one teacher come through at first, consistently, enables the transmitter to develop confidence in the experience. I don't know. It's too early in the procedure for me, apparently, to have any more to say because I don't have enough experience.

TOMAS: Your experience is moving along very well. Don't rush it. It is a process.

Hunnah: I can see that.

TOMAS: Even this one, with her years of experience, has not begun to tap her potential. I have spoken to her many times about her debilitating dependency on nicotine, which curtails our goals.

Hunnah: I had a question regarding that -- whether it be nicotine or anything else. It surprises me that an eradication of that pattern in her memory bank can't be what I would phrase as "cauterized" so that it is not -- how else do people have these almost massive healings? They are in a debilitated state, or mentally or physically -- and then Wham! Suddenly it's like, it's gone. What happens when that happens? We can talk about this at another time. We'll have to write it down; but I don't understand.

TOMAS: She does not have faith.

Hunnah: Oh. She hasn't sufficient trust that that can be?

TOMAS: I cannot discuss her.

Hunnah: When I say "her" I'm saying any human being who would be in similar one-pointed direction, that they can't be released from some of the things that have us nailed here.

TOMAS: I cannot either give a blanket response, for individuals have different blocks, but it is fair to say that it is a matter of faith in one way or another.

Leah: Whether it would be Gerdean or anyone else.


Hunnah: In other words it can be such a complex problem that it's only like little deaths are the things that hold it in place.

TOMAS: Or a major crucifixion.

Hunnah: Oh.

TOMAS: She is obviously very uncomfortable ...

Hunnah: I apologize. She doesn't seem to understand how when we listen to her how impersonal it gets, and I forget that. Even though I'm in this chair over here trying to do my own thing, I forget that it does make a person squirm. I'm sorry. She's been very generous.

TOMAS: How wonderful it is to be lifted up, and yet I will not continue at length, as I said an hour ago.

Hunnah: Maybe some night we can talk about how we can allow it to be released.

TOMAS: Oh, you are allowed! You have our full permission.

Hunnah: I mean on our end.

TOMAS: I have not heard your voice, Ann. Are you with us?

Ann : Uh-huh. I've been assimilating a lot of things this week.

TOMAS: I am glad you are with us. I would like to spend more time with you. I would like to understand you better. I would like for you to feel the embrace of the spirit; indeed, I would like to know your faith and your story.

Ann: This topic of addictions has been very interesting. I've been running into a lot of people that have been having problems with that area, in that area.


TOMAS: I would say we will discuss it next week but possibly no one would show up [Group laughter] in anticipation, and so I will not threaten that as a scheduled lesson, but indeed addictions are fascinating in the conflict that they present. They are not interesting from here, except as they are a character study of the human animal. It is, however, too late this evening to go into depth in such a vast and fascinating subject as addictions, be they physical, emotional, personality, ad infinitum.

In freedom, then, let us give thanks. The Merciful Father provides our needs. Go in peace. Farewell.