1998-11-10-Cosmic Internet

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Topic: Cosmic Internet

Group: Butler TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Merium

TR: Gerdean, Hunnah




TOMAS: We are your loyal companions. Think a moment what that means -- loyal companions.

In the beginning, Our Father was the original I AM, the First Source and Center of all things . .. and beings. And there was none . .. beside him -- the existential I AM of infinity. That which is of the original I AM is apportioned accordingly throughout the universes of time and space.

Therein, you live and breathe and have your very being; thus, we may each say, "I AM of the I AM". Perfect and eternal. And yet, in order to have relationship, there needs to be another, and thus is born a loyal companion.

You each here are the loyal companion of one another, in truth . .. inasmuch as you are all indwelt by a portion of the original I AM, thus connecting you . .. in the spirit . .. and the extension of you, the material physicality of you, the dense aspect, the actual physical part of you, -- you of animal origin -- are, even so, associated and related by the grace of Our Father and by the fact of your physicality, your human experience, your mortality -- your life in the flesh, your emotional composition, your frame of reference for your origin also.

Within that framework of the human and the divine, lay all the potential of eternity, and so within you each is a seed which gives rise to infinity and an infinity of infinities, in being and in creation.

Loyal companions, indeed. How we embrace you. How we yearn for the greater embrace. It is good to be in your midst. All of us who attend to you in your growth . .. in the spirit . .. in the universe . .. rejoice to recognize you in our customary configuration in the berry patch of Butler, Pennsylvania, America, Urantia, Satania, Norlatiadek, Nebadon, Orvonton, the Father's House.

I have enjoyed stretching myself . .. into further realms of time and space by and through your computer network. It fascinates me to behold this perspective through the mind of Gerdean and others who are beginning to perceive this vast network with yet more vision. Forward-thinking men and women who will indeed lead us into the early age of light and life. I am finished.


MERIUM: Good evening, everyone. It is good to be with you again. You had your worldly lesson taken care of before we joined you, in "girl talk." Hunnah told me this evening she came to pay honor to the teachers. We appreciate that. A great deal is going on. A solidifying of many lessons, new awarenesses, less urgency. You will go in and out of these experiences.

Once I asked you each without asking for a report: "Why do you gather" If I ask that question in May, you will have one answer. If I ask it again this evening, perhaps your reasons would have changed. You understand, of course, that one of our guidelines was to get you all in contact with your appropriate guidance. There is guidance for so many levels of awareness. Guidance for your daily routine, guidance that will bring you into the deep mind that we have discussed. We want you to develop this -- not dependency -- this awareness that you have the capacity to check in with the rightness of the moment. The appropriate decision. And many times when you are faced with a decision, any one of your choices would be all right because you will carry with your ability to discern what is best in that particular scenario.

I heard you discussing "What doctor will I go to?" If you go to a doctor and you acknowledge the truth of his being, he will serve you in a way -- unconsciously -- that perhaps even surprised himself with his dialog of the visit. You will be tapping in on his refined awareness; it will be married to his worldly knowledge and his decisions will come forth in a manner that will be in your best interests, so you do not have to worry. If you were to try to make the decision at this point, in trying to go in the wrong direction, you would be led away. So therefore, allow yourself to say, "This is whom the Father has sent." We have to assist you in this business of the good guys and the bad guys. When you are serving the Christ and being guided through the Christ, how can there be any choice except the right choice? There are many right ways to do something. You tire yourselves and sap your strength with your many decisions.

I heard it said this evening that you have been slack in going into the quiet. Hunnah joins you in her agreement. We will join you in this agreement. This is the way it IS here. You know very well that the best day is the day when you consult your inner pilot frequently. You are never left begging, stressed, and when you consult this quiet stillness, when you allow your house to be put in order from within, everything you need is there: humor, release -- no need to go at your day like it had some sort of a finishing line. Like many people, Hunnah keeps a list of things she wants to do that day and often sits and looks at it in dismay and thinks of how busy she was but the list is scarcely touched; she is busy doing other things. A list is allowed to be elastic -- unless you know there is a deadline, but it is all right. The most important thing on your list should be that you have a joyous day, that you really do, thoroughly, allow yourself to allow yourself to enjoy yourself. You have heard that expression that usually comes from having applied "effortless effort".

My chit chat is not new, but I hope I have woven a new design so that I might keep your attention. I have not asked for questions for some time. Questions are something humans like to have because they can procrastinate with them. They keep them very busy asking questions and we know that many of these questions are superficial. They are dawdling. I would rather have you come and just be quiet. Quiet and comfortable together, and then your whole being would be like the thousand eyes that would be alert to show you what you need, where you need it, when you need it and amusement and delight would also be focused upon you.

Imagine yourselves this week as being tattooed invisibly with little eyes that keep an eye on things for you. Hunnah had an amusing experience today. She was to drop a paper off to a friend, and as she approached the door, her friend said to her, "I just paged you!" and she called it The Angelic Service that brought Hunnah to her door so promptly -- that serendipitous timing that you deny yourselves too often. It creates what you call "fun"– amusement at t his wonderful Secret Service, you might call it. SO if you have not been having serendipity in your life, then say, "Tsc tsc, What can I do to bring my friend, Serendipity, back into my day." It is allowed.

I think I have hogged the floor, but it feels good to speak again, as I am the bringer of good news.


RACHEL: Yes, it is nice to have you back around.

MERIUM: You fall asleep when we say, "We love you, we love you, we love you." You hear so much of that.

LEAH: Not enough.

MERIUM: But, what we bring when we come is the reality that you and we are one. Only we don't have traffic lights and hungry bellies. Tomas?

TOMAS: Yes, Merium.

MERIUM: How's it going?

TOMAS: Well. Are there questions this evening?

RACHEL: My mind's a blank.

MERIUM: That is very good! RACHEL: (laughter)

TOMAS: We will resolve that situation by taking a brief intermission.

MERIUM: Happy birthday, Gerdean.

GERDEAN: Well, thank you, Merium!

MERIUM: I like the way your describe your earthly number. I will not repeat it on the tape because it's no one's business.

GERDEAN: Oh, well, everybody knows!

RACHEL: (laughter)

MERIUM: Well, if you type it, everyone will know!

GERDEAN: I've already told everybody. For a week I've announced it. I'm going to be nifty-for.

MERIUM: Years ago Hunnah said in a poem what it was like to be 50-something, but it was a very nice report of what it was like to be that age. Perhaps you might try that yourself. Write down the virtues of having been here this long. That will amuse you.

RACHEL: That's a good one.

MERIUM: You will say funny things like, "I still like peanut butter." (If you do.)

GERDEAN: Of course!

MERIUM: It is interesting how much of your appreciation will be ageless in the human sense.

GERDEAN: Well, as long as I'm still in the flesh and as long as I'm still a child . ..

MERIUM: A girl. A girl! A girl, or if you say, "I am a girl," you become ageless.

GERDEAN: I also become a gender!

MERIUM: And if you say you are a boy, it means that you are youthful. That's all.


MERIUM: No. No, no, no. Youthful. Youthful is an attitude. It contains enthusiasm.

GERDEAN: Yes! I am! Childlike.

MERIUM: Absolutely. No, you are youthful.


MERIUM: Unless you are . .. Never mind.

RACHEL: Aw, come on, Merium.

MERIUM: A child has a bandage on its knee, hair has fallen lose out of the braid or whatever, shirt is hanging out, and usually making a great deal of noise. Are you a child?

GERDEAN: Sometimes. Childlike.

MERIUM: Childlike means that their mind is not contaminated with the weighty distractions of programming. They see and savor and delight. That is the child that is not hungry. Your world is reeking with despair.

GERDEAN: I know!

MERIUM: Just pathetic!


MERIUM: If you live in a valley, your chances of getting wet are great.

GERDEAN: Damp. Dense.

MERIUM: You can be washed away.

GERDEAN: If you're not careful.

MERIUM: If you do not . .. Oh! The story of the "Three Little Pigs"! It is true, if you build a house of sticks or hay that it will take very little to level it. Materially, mentally. If you are poorly constructed, you will not weather. You will be rebuilding again and again until wisdom has its way and you make better choices.

RACHEL: That's a very good analogy.

MERIUM: Your societies, your generations of societies, have been storytellers. The truth has been woven into them repeatedly. The human has to hear it constantly to retain it, and to profit from it. It is too easily distracted by its senses and its senses are indeed a taskmaster, a possessive taskmaster. And here we have a message that the Christ would be glad to accept the use of your senses and show you how beautiful your life can be. Fragrant. Tactile. A lovely life.

GERDEAN: I like it.

RACHEL: Um-hum.

MERIUM: That is enough from me for now. Unless, of course, I have to be challenged.

HUNNAH: I had a question while I was away. Something came to my attention. I thought I'd ask Tomas about that. I don't have any argument about the hierarchy, and deep mind. If I had an argument it would come from my humanness. I have felt as if I -- Tomas might use this as part of a lesson, but -- I feel as if I am incomplete and I guess I'm going through a period that's called, "the absence of striving". Striving makes my humanness feel like it has something to do. It wants to be involved with the act. And I have been reading some things by a teacher called Adi Da and I've finally gotten to the part of the book where he condenses, sort of, what he has discovered. I've been enjoying his company.

LEAH: What did he discover?

HUNNAH: Reality. And understanding. He refers to the cosmic creator as All That Is. And he has different words and what it helped me realize was that we absolutely have to individually discover what he has done. He has been to the teachers. They can only take you so far. And that you have to bring it all together and let it be known in yourself, and that we spend a lot of our time reading about the other fellow's experience because we like to be entertained.

RACHEL: Instead of doing it.

HUNNAH: And in reality, we are hooked on the experience and what happens is we're allowed to -- it will remain an experience because you are conscious, but -- we will realize that we have to take whatever it is that we've been taught and just go ahead and watch it work in ourselves. It's interesting, though, whenever you meet someone else's writing, how it makes you ponder and you start seeing the commonality of all these teachings.

LEAH: Oh, yeah.

HUNNAH: Because when you're into the truth, there's nothing But It.

RACHEL: In every way, shape and form.

HUNNAH: Yeah, so we can use up one whole day if we want to be taught but we need long recesses because we're not used to it.

LEAH: But even you were inferring that we read because we are lazy or we don't want to do it, but my feeling is that we read so that we can find the drummer that we want to march with.

HUNNAH: Or to remind us that there is -- It's like a coach, it gets you going.

RACHEL: Somewhere along the same thinking lines, you are not alone.

LEAH: Sometimes in the beginning you think -- This stuff is really crazy! It's all nuts! And then you read something and you say, Oh, yeah!

HUNNAH: That's okay.

LEAH: Yeah, and you say I know somebody else who had that experience and this seems similar to something I have felt within myself and I think it just helps you continue.

HUNNAH: There are so many experiences that are not written.

LEAH: Well, we're not reading those! Are we?

HUNNAH: No, you can't. There are just some things you feel are so sacred you don't want to share them?

LEAH: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

HUNNAH: And sometimes when you talk about these inner experiences, you don't want to make somebody feel like they're not "with it" when they need to be enjoying where they're at, because, like he said, the good here is to be living vibrantly in Reality. Big R. And there isn't any work involved when that love starts to -- Oh! and we talked about Jesus. We talked about the heart. And when this heart starts to release love and the Christ-consciousness through the heart, it's just all that you want and that's all that is. All that matters.

I almost lost it in the beginning of his book. I thought, "I am SICK of this intellectual --- Ugh! -- endless . ..! But, the drive in it, with his search, and then HE talked about No. More. Search. It isn't necessary to go dig-dig- dig-dig-digging. It's allowing the truth of our being to express itself. GERDEAN: Who is "he" you're talking about?


GERDEAN: Could you spell that?

HUNNAH: A-d-i D-a, the Da being God, the Father. Yeah. Adi Da. And when I first heard the name I was amused. In my humanness it sound....

LEAH: Like "la-de-DA"

HUNNAH: Like la-de-DA, that's right. And I would look at the picture and I would not want to be sitting with a sheet around me in a lotus position all the time, but . ..

LEAH: Different strokes for different folks!

HUNNAH: That's exactly right, and he's following his star, and . ... Oh! One other thing I found was interesting -- and Tomas might want to comment on this -- is that when you get a human teacher, a guru, you are going to be allowed to release yourself from that teacher because you've got to get out and become a teacher!

We were talking about teachers tonight. You gotta get out and live it. You don't . ... They don't . ... What's the point of this? . ...

RACHEL: It's right here, isn't it!

HUNNAH: But a good teacher also knows when you're ready to go and it's individual for everyone.

TOMAS: It is a universal law that you must pass on what you have learned, and if you are learning every day, then you are passing on your truth, beauty, and goodness every day, thus keeping your spiritual experience alive.

HUNNAH: Oh! I'm going to contaminate the message, but this is one of the things that -- You know, we are all so individual, and he had returned to the east to see the Indian guru, his teacher, and there he was in the ashram having a most profound and shocking encounter with Mary! She appeared before him in the ashram. He is in this ashram with his guru. The guru was not present, but they seem to know what all is going on. But anyway, she manifests before him and speaks to him and just as we would be blown over if we were in our private area and she -- because we are not practicing . .. I see her as Divine Mother now -- but he said something that I thought was so interesting and we could relate to this that it's in your consciousness that you need the symbols. It will appear to you. And he had been in the ministry.

RACHEL: What symbols?

HUNNAH: Anything that speaks to you and lets you know that you are -- "I am with you." And it can be any one of the precious experiences. It can be when you're out with your journal and you are describing a breeze. He is saying that God is all. All-all-all. But when this happened to him, she taught him about Mary. He was just dumbfounded that t his could be happening to him because he had been into these explosions of awareness and bliss like the eastern teachings can deliver, then to have this total turnaround and find out that he is speaking to Jesus and he is speaking to Mary and he is filled with love of Jesus and he said later,.... And I'm looking forward to reviewing some of this because he said, "this was dormant" the need for this was dormant in his heart and in his spiritual development, and he had cut it off when he was -- through a Lutheran school, he was going into the ministry -- and something happened there and he thought, "This is not it," and he left.

So here was all this development of beliefs for him on hold and it popped up, just like a flower popping up out of a vine, and said "It's time!" Boom! And there it was. Dynamically! And probably more effectively than it might have been -- who can say?

SO there are so many things down the pike for all of us that we cannot even fathom and we have brought these teachers in to help us and they are hindered by our sense of -- absence of knowing what to ask. Absence of our willingness to meditate, so that they can really get us, because they can really use our circuitry and fill our mailbox, you might say. Tomas, how was that? Got something you want to add to that? or have I stimulated you?

TOMAS: I think we had better add you to the roster of members of the teaching corps, Hunnah, for you have become quite fluid in your exposing truths in your discourses of the many mortal beings who tech divine truth. Many of you living men and women are the torchbearers of truth for the Evolving Supreme. Many of you are sufficiently open to the promptings of your Adjusters such that you allow yourselves to be led and as you are led you are constrained to deliver your saving truths to those you would reach for the sublime I AM reality.

HUNNAH: Oh, Tomas. I've just had a flash, if I'm not interrupting. I got this flash about the Internet, the computer. It's such a popular diversion and teaching tool and even to the point that a title of a new movie is called "You've Got Mail!" and I was thinking about our computer, our body, our mind, and how we have mail, but we don't read it! And when we go into the quiet, all of a sudden one of these messages that are in our mailbox will download like a bluebird and we'll go, "Oh, eureka!"

I had this joyous revelation. Something has popped like a light bulb for you. So there's this new awareness, this new interpretation and if we allow ourselves to go to the celestial Internet, we will always have mail and we will never be lonely or without a companion. And our world will come into new focus and a new purpose for us, so I was sort of pleased that "You've Got Mail". Someone will see that title in a movie and on their spiritual journey and they'll see that title and a light bulb will go off.

TOMAS: You can analogize in describing the precept of this film, the very fundamental aspect of broadcasting. Remember the universal broadcasts. Your Thought Adjusters broadcast to each other and to others throughout the vast inter workings of the universes of time and space. It is only natural that you sold have an abundance of mail for you are connected to the great Post Office in the sky. The Postmaster himself is sending you postcards on a regular basis and love notes and interoffice memoranda and party announcements and oral exams and any number of communications, for in fact there is a relationship that goes on between the Father and his creations. A relationship is in existence and I now return to my original premise that we are loyal companions. The Father himself is the Father of loyal companionship for he has created you to be his companions on this infinite adventure/journey into extended perfection.

Are there questions?

RACHEL: No questions, but I have a comment concerning Internet and reading other people's posts on the Internet in the Teaching Mission and how there seems to be an agreeance that we are all being urged to get it together, so to speak, to go out to teach and preach. There seems to be an underlying current of excitement, readiness, important messages, if you will. It's sort of interesting. Poised for the moment.

TOMAS: Kind of interesting, yes.

HUNNAH: It's nice if you're where receptive people are because you can have teachers teaching at a particular level but frequently when you want to teach, you're not ready to teach.

RACHEL: True, but I find it interesting that, there is incredible moral support on the team list to support everybody, to say, "Yeah, you can do it." There's an incredible interchanging of faith there. It's like a web support system for all these people w ho want to be teachers and preachers. Which is what is so nice about it, it supports itself, so we can all go out one day and go about our business.

HUNNAH: And when you're together in your chat room in your Urantia mode, you become weavers and you all have teacher ability and as it comes in appropriately, you make a fabric that has a message just like our gathering, they told us they are our loyal companions. "I will never leave you." That perfection, that one life, is constantly allowing you to see itself in a chalice of constant support. A support system that's always coming around you, whether it’s a new person, a new statement, whether it's the way a flower looks, the proper timing, a serendipitous day that you have received because you are connected in on that frequency, so when you get on the Internet you're all bringing your energies in and you're creating this visible fabric of enlightenment on the screen.

RACHEL: It's wonderful!

HUNNAH: But! You've got to be careful you don't become a junky! Is this conversation -- because you're allowed fellowship like you are in a church -- we joke about them being social clubs . .. but when you're on track, you're going to have both . .. You're going to have the lesson and he companionship, just like we do with the celestials here.

RACHEL: That's about what happens on the Internet. There's badger and humor and it extends this living room far far out. Sort of gets you connected with what other people are doing within the teaching mission and what they are learning what their lessons are, how they are being prepared. It's nice.

TOMAS: The Morontia Companions are very pleased with the communal visitations ongoing.

HUNNAH: On the Internet?

TOMAS: And throughout the larger Net of the Kingdom-at-large.

RACHEL: I can see this as advancing army of . .. weaving the fabric . .. believers!

HUNNAH: Well, it's wake-up call.

RACHEL: Yeah. But, it's so lovely, really.

TOMAS: There is nothing quite like a loyal companion, even if it is occasionally Our Father alone. Indeed, from that primary relationship, all others are possible. But what joy to extend the fatherhood of God into the brotherhood of man, the sisterhood of women, and the family of humankind.

RACHEL: It would be nice if it got a little bolder.

HUNNAH: This is sitting next to me: "Oneness has been a favorite theme with every teacher of spiritual wisdom. It is the key that unlocks the door to a satisfactory life in a world of many-ness." And then it goes on, on the back of the book called "The Realization of Oneness."


TOMAS: Yes, daughter. This is because you have not cluttered up your association with divinity by socialization, cultures, genders, or religious tenets. You have allowed your souls the freedom to be. This is existential and eternal, unencumbered by the separation of individuality. We have discussed the difficulties inherent in individuality and yet the individual is as important in its own right and in its own realm as is pure divinity in its divine realm. And so it is necessary that we all learn to be our own manifestation of personality by and through the gift of the Father. But if we remember that the I AM is what joins us in our organic association, it is possible for us then to transcend even vast chasms of difference in order to have that coveted condition of spiritual unity in individual diversity. It is indeed a challenge and a worthy goal and it is also of great value when each of you can stop and appreciate that you are in and through the great I AM the all is One aspect in order that you may rest in the arms of the spirit as siblings together. (Long Pause)

RACHEL: Did everybody fall asleep?


TOMAS: Let us go have a party and eat lots of sugar. Have fun. Happy birthday, Gerdean. Good night everybody. Amen and farewell.

RACHEL: We should have a prayer before we sign off tonight.

HUNNAH: A celebration prayer!

RACHEL: Father, Mother, Brother Michael, thank you for a lovely T/R session and our sisters in the spirit here once again. Thank you for leading us through another day, for teaching us things we never knew before, for being with us, for holding our hand and showing us the glory of life. Thank you for being here to celebrate our sister Gerdean's nifty-forth birthday today. May you be here with her to help her celebrate it and show her the joy in the years to come. We thank you for all your blessings Amen.