2000-09-29-Spiritual Hearing

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Topic: Spiritual Hearing

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Machiventa, Larenzo, Alkon, Cora, Loretta, Klarixiska

TR: Bill K., Virginia



Opening prayer by Daniel(Bill): O great and marvelous Paradise Trinity, present within us through your gracious ministries, we are still in our minds and our souls to experience the wonder, grandeur and majesty of reality infinity. As we commune with each other in Spirit and touch the soul of our brother and sister, may we rejoice in the immense beauty of your plan to create all this diversity of personality that we may share. Tonight, I pray, that all of us present may earnestly drink from the wells of truth, beauty, and goodness, and in so doing follow closely in the steps of Michael of Nebadon. Amen.

Machiventa(Bill): Greetings, friends, this is Machiventa, your friend and companion, as well as your Planetary Prince. Many are the jobs which are mine to do these days, for the Father has given me great latitude and joy in my ministry here on this planet, this time around.

Having lived in the flesh during my emergency mission I have a particular advantage over the average, nay, practically all Planetary Princes who do not understand mortality from an experiential base, as is true for any experience, however studied or researched it may be. Therefore I truly enjoy getting down from my planetary headquarters in order to be with you and the other groups on a regular basis. I also believe that it does facilitate the value of any schooling when the headmaster, principal, curriculum director, whatever term you use, associates at the level of classroom instruction, for not only is supervision improved but the "rubber meets the road" value of the curriculum is more evident.

You have many eager visitors and regular attenders in this session this evening, who desire to have a moment or two to interact with you. My taking first place in this opening was not to foist my seniority upon the others but was the result of our group consensus. I will remain here for the duration of this interaction, should there be any questions which you wish to direct toward me. Now, I present you with Larenzo. One moment please. [Ed. Note: Larenzo is Ken's personal teacher]


Larenzo (Bill): Hello my Dear friends, and Ken. I am honored to be asked, well, let us say to be allowed to take this spot on the docket. I desired to speak because of the nature of this foursome, two couples, where we are more intimate and personal this evening. I wish to be light, not heavy, to convey profound respect to my charge and the rest of you. I wish to tell you most sincerely that I love you like you were my little brothers and sisters, for, indeed, you are on the spiritual level. We teachers, find infinite pleasure in our assignments with you for even as you enjoy playing with little children because of their sincere and diligent appreciation, so do we derive much pleasure from your sincere efforts and willingness to let us assist you with this mortal career. I wish to briefly talk about "spiritual listening".


Just as the hardening of the arteries in the nerve endings of the ear produce a loss of hearing receptivity there is a similar mechanism in spiritual hearing; but unlike physical hearing which cannot be improved upon, except for artificial means, spiritual hearing is subject to improvement. Much of Urantia has been spiritually deaf. This deafness extends over the millenniums due to hardening of spiritual arteries as a result of the original Liar, Lucifer and his cohorts. You, however, have all experienced the rejuvenation of the hearing which listens to the voice which speaks within your soul, the voice of God.

The nourishment which you provide yourself by stillness, by reading uplifting materials including the text itself, by prayer for your brothers and sisters, by service, culminating in worship, has produced this improvement and this ability which you all have to hear the Spirit. The Spirit speaks softly, not in thunder, not in earthquake, not in forest fire, but in the deepest recesses of your souls, in the quiet humility or adoration toward God, in the willingness to serve another person, at the time when you deliberately turn away from self interest and concern to another personality to give love and service. You all hear the Spirit whether you hear audible words. The Spirit speaks at subliminal levels, in feelings, in hunches, in urges, in nudges. The Spirit sometimes speaks audibly and desires to make that connection more and more often.

Therefor, my friends, continue to nourish the sources of your spiritual hearing so that knowing what God desires, you can then make that choice, which you even now make, to let that guidance take precedence over your own wisdom. I thank you for your attention, my friends, and that you all have no need of a spiritual hearing aid. Good evening. (Laughter)

Teacher Contact

Alkon(Bill): I am Alkon! Good evening. It has been a while since I have communicated with this group although I somewhat regularly break through Isaac's consciousness in order to assist him when he is struggling. We have this relationship, he and I, will his full consent. I find it most workable, for his Thought Adjuster and angels seek my assistance on occasion when my words seem somehow to have more force in his mind than others. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I have been whispering and jabbering subliminally in his mind for many, many years.

As Larenzo expressed, so I fully concur, that being a personal teacher to several individuals is, indeed, my greatest pleasure these days. I wish to stress one point only and that is the reciprocal effect of being a personal teacher in that I, also, learn as much as I teach. You understand this, I know, that any good teacher learns twice. This is a Urantian saying which is totally accurate.

As you think about us, your teachers, and our relationships to you, don't forget that we benefit also, just as much if not more, than you do. The lessons that we seek to express in words require us to search our own experience in order to find examples to tie in connections with what we teach. The preparation of formal teaching to another individual, is, in itself, a learning experience. Well, none of this is new, I am sure, but I wanted to bring it out one more time so that you would also be reminded of this when you, as teachers, assist others in their learning.

Yes, you are teachers. We have talked about this more and more frequently. You are being given opportunities to make contact with interested persons who really desire new information and opportunities for spiritual growth. Our next speaker is Cora. Just a moment.

Cora(Bill): I am Cora. My greetings to you all, especially to my charge. I have the deepest fondness and feelings of love right now as I reach my morontia arms out to all of you. I would pick you up, as you would pick up a toddler, and place you on my knee, each of you, and let you know that you are so beloved, you are so loved, not just but by me and other teachers, but by the very essence and vibration of the Universe in its totality, for the Universe in its totality is not merely material, but is ultimately spiritual, is ultimately made up and derived from love.

I wish to dwell for a moment on the importance of fellowship one with another. Every time you meet another person or persons that interaction is absolutely unique, the content, the feeling tone, the level of truth that is shared, the love that is passed back and forth, the growth that occurs from that intimacy of personal interaction. You need human spiritual fellowship; you need human physical contact, even as you need human emotional reciprocity and even as you need intellectual stimulation from each other. You need it and I say it is not optional!

I commend you on, once again, taking the time and driving the distances to meet with each other as frequently as you do. This is a world where people live intensely close to each other physically and yet are isolated from each other emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. You, in this world, have to choose your friends not based on physical proximity any longer as it was in more primitive times but you have to choose your friends based on your common interests and values. As your values eternalize and universalize, as they more and more approach the divinity of Deity, your friendships will change and grow. This life is just barely the beginning, but even here you learn the value of embracing the diversity of all personalities in the unity of that wonderful mix. My time has been awarded me and I have completed my thoughts. I thank you for your faith in our personal reality and your trust in our wisdom as well as your willingness to join us in the transformation of this planet. Until I speak with you again, good evening.

Loretta(Bill): Yes, this is Loretta and there is quite a crowd of us. We are not exactly pushing and shoving each other, but it is somewhat difficult to sort out our individual vibrations and Isaac was feeling confused. Nevertheless, his words were faithfully transmitted and Cora thanks him. Now it is my turn [TR note: Isaac had expected Pat's personal teacher to speak next but went ahead with what he thought was an error in TRing the name Cora anyway. Cora is Marty's personal teacher and Marty was not present]

Doubt, Fear

I also want to express my real pleasure at having a chance to be here with you four in this intimate setting. I wish to deal with the subject of "doubt and fear"... (Loud comments, laughter, and agreement from Pat that this is her "main subject". Another comment that it is going to be Bill's main subject tonight as well.)...for this is a major problem for all of you including the TR I am speaking through.

Without going into great lengths of elaborated commentary I will simply say that both doubt and fear have an upside and a downside. The upside is that both serve as reality checks, they serve as filters for the incoming information that enters your sensory and nervous systems. Fear alerts you to danger and doubt helps you to challenge falsehood and sophistries, testing things with the proper instruments of veracity.

The downside of fear is that it can become overly stimulated by associations which are not in themselves dangerous so that a person over appraises the danger of some situation, event, personal interaction, thought, or even feeling and closes themselves off from the possibility of the learning that embracing that event, situation, interaction, thought, or feeling might give them. The downside of doubt is similar for it also closes off the possibility of growth by shutting the door on truth. A mutual downside of both fear and doubt together is the emotional drain on one's energy system. Fear is very demanding of energy and doubt drains away the upliftment of faith and trust. Both fear and doubt can also be construed as defense mechanisms defending the ego from surrendering its assumed sovereignty in the personality. It can be a deception of the mind to be locked into fear and doubt so that the mind does not understand that the ego wants to take undue precedence over Spirit. Always does the Spirit within you bring forth and urge you toward faith and trust, love and hope, joy and peace.

When you lie down on your beds of rest, when you go to sleep you instinctively relax. You do not think, "What if this bed were to collapse; what if the floor gives way and the bed goes crashing down to the basement; what if the springs break and puncture through the surface of the mattress impaling me in the back?" None of these kinds of thoughts go through your mind, although one could make a case for the possibility of such improbable events occurring. No, instead, you all lie down securely, trusting that the bed will hold you up, that the floor will withstand the ravages of time and not collapse and that your rest will be satisfying. What I suggest is that in like manner rest your soul in the loving arms of God, the Father within you, the Mother around you and all of the agencies that the universe gives you that demonstrate and effect God's care and love. When you thus respond to the clamoring of fear and the shuddering of doubt with a determination to turn to God within, you will gain the balance that will make it possible for you to dethrone the ego and put it in its proper place, not as an enemy, but as an ally under the guidance of Spirit.

My time also is over for we want to allow one more speaker and then some time for you to respond. Our next speaker is Klarixiska. One moment please.

Klarixiska (Bill): I am Klarixiska. Oh, faithful friend, you wanted to hear me through the mind of another.

Virginia: You are correct.


Klarixiska: I have granted your request with Isaac's willingness. My words are to you all, however, for I get plenty of time with Virginia to give her my daily instruction, my two cents worth. I wish to talk just very briefly on "spiritual vision".

As well as listening for the voice of the Spirit it is important to see the beauty which is inherent in all creation. This beauty sometimes is in form and function, the very makeup of nature itself in the grandeur of the mountains, the intricate delicacy of the plant life of flowers, trees; the grace and strength of animals; the blending together of all of this into the mosaic of praise to the Creator Son and Creative Daughter for bringing into existence such masterful attempts at reproducing Paradise beauty and Havona grandeur.

But the spiritual vision of beauty is not limited to nature. There is beauty that approaches the morontia realm which is in art, music, poetry and oratory, but most of all in your interpersonal relationships with each other. To reach out to another without judgment but in full appreciation of your kinship and of the uniqueness and creativity of each individual is, indeed, to celebrate the highest kind of beauty. It is because the First Source and Center desired to share with others that He and His Cohorts decided to create the experiential realms so that what They have done perfectly from eternity could be experienced in time and shared in co-creativity with every other personality. This amazing love, this amazing experience is ours and these kinds of gatherings are times when the intensity and power of this sharing becomes more tangible.

The less the barriers that protect you from others, the more the interaction can occur. That is why, on a physical level, a hug is as intense an interaction as you can have between two personalities. But this sharing can be just as intense emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually as is a physical expression through a hug. In this experience of sharing with another there is also at the same time a spiritual seeing of the beauty of the other person and the beauty of the group as a configuration of four unique creative personalities.

If you could see what you can only dimly sense now, you would realize that you are like the center of a flower and around you on all sides are more and more petals. You are the center of this and we are surrounding you, many, many celestials. Beyond our borders is the whole vast universe of created and creative beings. Hold this reality in your minds as you go forth from this meeting this evening.

My time is also completed. One moment please.

Virginia: Thank you, Klarixiska. Thank you, Bill.

Daniel(Bill): I am Daniel. Yes, our teachers have been most profound, most joyful to speak so long and consequently we are past our usual time frame. However, having promised you that you could ask questions and having Machiventa present, I will request that Isaac allow us to continue this meeting. I will give him a few extra bucks for the effort. (Laughter)

My friends, we will not take a long period, but I will open this floor to any burning questions or comments.


Ken: Comment.

Thank you for all those present that spoke this evening and all those in attendance, the love that they shower upon us. Thank you, Machiventa, for that lesson as Head Master coming down and touching and showing us a relationship. Thank you very much for that love.

Daniel: In behalf of everyone else I, Daniel, will say your appreciation, Ken, is noted and we also thank you for your willingness to, week after week, come to these session, host them as you need to, do your recording part and make your thoughtful comments.

Ken: Well, I'm retired now and I have nothing else to do. It is my pleasure.

Virginia: Daniel, I do want to just say that I appreciate so much the visual pictures that Klarixiska gives and the picture of the celestial petals surrounding us was just so very beautiful. I appreciate so much her topic. She often talks on that, and I do thank you.

Daniel: You are welcome, Virginia. Klarixiska wishes to convey to you her thanks for your willingness to spend so much time with her and share that time also with Isaac. It has a significant impact on the quality of your lives together.

Virginia: Thank you, Daniel. I know it does. It has been improved since the Teaching Mission. Thank you.

Daniel: Are there other questions or comments?

Very well, my friends, once again my personal thanks as your long time teacher, that you have found this of such benefit that you prioritize this time. You are fortunate that your lives have reached that degree of maturity where much of the busyness of younger years is behind you. However, there is lots of work for us all to do so know that retirement, as such, is really a change of venue. As you will discover, we will have plenty of things which we will request of you, if you are willing to take on more assignments.

Ken: I'm willing. Fire away.

Daniel: Very well, Ken. Keep your ears open. I predict you will find our friend, George Barnard, to be most stimulating.

Ken: Thank you.


Daniel: And now, let us all stand and join hands once again. Klarixiska wishes you, Virginia, to TR her prayer, if you are so willing.

Virginia: Yes, I will try to do that.

Klarixiska (Virginia): Father, Creator of all that is, Source of all beauty, truth, and goodness, we would ask that our eyes might be opened for those three things this week as we walk, as we relate, as we do that which has to be done, both in the visible world and in the unseen word. May the petals that I described tonight be felt as their support as they go about to serve their brothers and sisters and serve our Creator Mother/Father of Nebadon. May truth be expressed through their lips, may beauty be seen by their eyes, and may goodness be behind the motives of their hearts. We pray this in the name of all that is, a universe of love. Amen.