2001-07-06-Snowbird Conference

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Topic: Spirituality

Group: Snowbird Conference


Teacher: Abraham, Ham, Michael, Elyon, Daniel, Nebadonia

TR: Rebecca, Nina, Daniel Megow, Rick Giles

Session 1


I am Abraham. Greetings.


I am astounded when I look out at the faces here today. When we first began in this Correcting Time we could have never foreseen this day - today. We knew of Michael's plan for correction but especially those of us who call Urantia our native planet could not envision this Mission taking hold. You could say we were flying blind, going on faith--from midwayers, to angels, to Melchizedeks, to you--it has taken every single individual to bring this Mission into fruition. Still we are here today standing on faith alone, still working, still believing in Michael and his love for us.

When you speak of 'down to earth spiritual reality,' what does that mean for you?

Spirituality, Teaching Mission

A moth that is attracted to a flame finds the flame his solid reality. It is not so much what he can see, but what his instincts are telling him. Common spiritual reality is a practice you can use in everyday living. The realness of the spiritual life is your flame; it is your families, jobs, communities, and Teaching Mission. (TR: hold on a minute) Our Correcting Time is not 'out of reach hopefulness,' no - but workable, usable practice that brings forth spiritual fruits. As we grow in this Mission, we find spirituality to be so much more than personal desires or fulfillment of self-agenda's. We find our Mission to be ever expanding circles of light growing to encompass Father's children.

The Master in his perfect humility, found his purpose to be so much more than just about him. Of course there is personal correction and overcoming ego-desires. As you grow you find you are responsible for the good of the whole. The Master thought in terms of the whole. His Mission was not just to gain sovereignty over a universe no, the overall plan was so much greater than that. As you will find out these small steps that have been taken this far in the Mission is part of a much more grand adventure.

We are responsible for one another. No one person will go ahead of the other. We will all go forward together. The Mission is about all of us. It is not a platform for self, mystical ideas or unusable spirituality. We will all go forward together and that makes each one of us responsible for each other. Empty your cups my friends. Be prepared for the new. Know that Father's vision is so much more than your own. Do we carry forth with his vision or push our own?

You each must realize that you have assembled here because of your trust in something greater than you. That is amazing. That is cause to rejoice. The trumpets of change have sounded and with great joy we proclaim: Urantia has heard; the world is responding; change is occurring; no one can stop us now. (group applause)


Think of yourselves, each one of you, with responsibility to the Mission and each other. What is best for the whole? How can we each take a part in producing the beautiful harvest that brings this world into light and life? What is the price you are willing to pay for this Mission? What is the cost of setting aside self and bringing a world into light and life?

Know that the Universe is willing to pay any price for such a small and seemingly troubled world. You must know by now how loved you are and how wonderful it is to be free from orphanhood and back into the fold of Nebadon. Take up your responsibility. Be your brother's keeper in a manner that produces spiritual fruits for the whole. Not your brother's personal corrector, no, but an upholder, a dedicated sibling that will not flee no matter what. Differences of opinion, harsh words, hurt feelings - cannot separate us for we are each beholden to each other, yes.


I welcome you. I invite you to our Conference--the conference of our Beloved Brother Father. Know that with each passing day we grow closer and more in love with you. Others will speak.

Session 2

  • July 6, 2001
  • HAM (TR: Rebecca)


Greetings my children. I am Ham and I wish to welcome you all once more to change. Your lives have all been through many... (lost microphone)

Yes, as I was saying, it is important that you should be open to change. Your lives have been through much change, much evidence of growth is around you. Indeed you are not the same as when we began this journey. Welcome again to further change.



There have been indeed disillusionment, loss, sorrow, times when you indeed traveled the valleys of doubt and despair but always were you accompanied, always was there a hand on your shoulder and a loving voice in your ear beckoning, "this is the way." Indeed the Master's spirit is much more forcefully, personally and experientially present for his children since the opening of the circuits.

Before as you saw through a glass darkly. In the future, that glass shall be as crystal and you will know that you know, for the Master has spoken to your hearts and beckoned and you have followed. His children know his voice. You know when you hear him, when you feel him. You know that he is becoming a palpable part of your lives. Doubt not that this mighty change has occurred. Doubt not that you will know as you know.

Receive his calling, turn not away from his smiling face. Allow his comfort and share his evidence upon your lives with others. "You shall know them by their fruits," he said so long ago and so it is.

It is now time for you to bear the fruits of his spirit, his vine. It is you who he trusts to be his representatives to be, yea, his apostles, even so must you walk in true humility and increasing grace with the Father and the Spirit.

Accept the gifts he is giving you, yes, the gifts of your growing being, the gifts of his fruits, the gifts of being truly of service. The Master is infinitely patient. He loves each one of you even as the infinite and eternal Father spreads his love out as a blanket to warm you, to cover you, to comfort and protect you.

Turn not away, stay with him. Follow his guidance as you know his truth to be unparalleled in your hearts. There is nothing that should dissuade you from this love, this truth and beauty and goodness together.

He who has seen the Son has seen the Father. You who love the Son must love the Father. This is the way that Michael has created for you to walk. He is the living way. His spirit leads only to the Father. His spirit is true and good and beautiful. Accept yourselves as you are accepted by this good spirit. Throw down the artificial barriers, the years of accumulated debris in your minds and hearts and embrace the Master for his arms are outstretched to embrace each one.


When the Spirit of Truth came to the apostles his presence was forceful, real, and beckoning. So much so that they each one, separately, laid down their lives for the man and the Spirit, and now that Spirit is once again coming in force, beckoning each one to a higher calling than you could have ever imagined. Not to death but to life everlasting.

These word I speak are true and sanctioned by Michael of Nebadon, my love is also upon each one of you. I, a humble teacher, have been given this great gift to serve the sovereign of our universe and I call you therefore to his service. You will all be about the Father's business in your owns ways, in your own times, and as you go upon this road, know also that there are teachers and angels and midwayers along the way guiding, helping, redirecting. Know that once you are truly, irrevocably committed to the life of apostleship, yes, you will not be allowed to stumble. You may falter, you may walk a little off the road here and there but your faith will bring you back.

This is Michael's promise. Go in peace then, my children, my friends. It is an honor and a privilege to serve you and to witness your growing and becoming. Others will speak. My love goes with you. Farewell.

Session 2b


Michael (TR: Daniel Megow )Thank you Ham, my son, you serve me so well on this world. My peace I bring you all. (Standing up and opening eyes.)


I would speak with you in this way. Two millennia ago my apostles and I turned our religious community upside down. In very short number of years we spoke the Father's truth, we showed them love, we created fruits. In ten short years, you my dear ones, without the benefit of seeing me face to face have also turned the religious community upside down and you're continuing to do so.

You each mean so very much to me. Each of you touches me and serves in your best way. I love each of you personally, you serve me well. Doubt not your worth to me. Your love, your service changes many, more so than any of you could ever know. You volunteer your service for me and it pleases me. You truly are my apostles, dear ones and you have the variety to touch many in my world.

Many of you came to this understanding of your planetary family with doubt and yet when you saw you went wholeheartedly like Thomas. Many of you only wished to be shown like my apostle Phillip and he was a wonderful, loving apostle who gave his all towards the service of the kingdom. Each of you has a unique gift which you share and which helps to bring my world together in loving service. You know so much more of the reality of the cosmos than did my earlier apostles and you have chosen also to follow me.

I love each of you as my little one. I hold each of you in my arms and I am so grateful for all that you do in my service. You all have love that you give and you give it freely. Give it freely to yourselves, you deserve this. You are a wonderful group of people and you will do well in advancing the kingdom on my planet. Do not seek for places in the kingdom, you all have a place in the kingdom now. Who will do what you will know when Father wants you to. You listen and you listen well.

Do not feel that you are doing nothing for in every day that you walk out among my children you do much. You give love to many who have maybe never felt love in their life in such a free and open way. You truly are my beloved apostles and disciples. Fear not to pick up the trash that someone else throws down. Do not pick it up saying, "those rotten people throwing this trash down," no, pick it up in love and put it where it belongs because you know the right way. You know what is best and they do not. Show them with your life, show them with their actions, show them with your relationship with me and with each other. This is how you change the world one by one. I see what you give to us all and I appreciate every bit that each of you gives from your heart.


It has been my pleasure to address you all tonight and I did so want to look in your eyes in this manner. It is my joy. My peace I leave with you.

Session 3

  • Saturday Morning
  • July 7, 2001


Elyon (TR: Rick Giles) Greetings terrestrial hosts. I step forward from among the celestials gathered with you. I am Elyon. I regard you all as my friends. It is a pleasure to be in association.

Let me present to you a manner by which you may perhaps develop a deeper dynamic, connection with Father of Paradise and Mother Supreme. You have begun on this world the fall quarter of your first semester in the Melchizedek Universities.



For those who have been off to college perhaps you remember the time when you brought your parents to visit your new home. You delighted in showing them the grounds, your dorm, the planetarium, the library, you were the tour guide. Here on Urantia, likewise, being indwelt with the Father enfolded in the Supreme, you are the tour guide again.

They delight in being shown through your eyes, being taken by the hand, they want to discover our joy in your new home, your first home. You all know and realize the Father is omniscient. And you understand that Mother Supreme though providing all of us opportunity for experience also is in need of our contribution through experience. Your two parents want to experience your life. We each ascending mortals are very keen upon reaching Paradise. Our mortal ascension is driven by the desire to become perfect as the Father in heaven in perfect. It as all consuming to the devoted, to the sincere and the consecrated. But as you ascend, remember you are also showing the Father and Mother Supreme around. You are taking them on a great universe journey.

Doubt not the choices you make, that the Father freely allows you to choose. All of us who have ascended from the biological spheres, rising up from ignorance do wish to know the true way. Unfortunately at times, we desire to be shown rules that we can just simply adhere to. This is not the Father's will. There is true and genuine righteousness in the universe but the Father asks you to discover there is no order form that can be delivered to you that spells out step by step what the will of the Father is.

Yes, He will make known directly when it is of great importance that his will be done. But in the context of the Supreme there will be times when you must choose because (**that?) is his will. Your experience requires that you branch out from the security of being told. Is this not like, unlike, when you left your parents and went to college and suddenly found a new freedom? You could stay out as late you wanted. You could turn the music up as loud as you wanted. The breath of our freedom to choose taught you lessons that were not capable (of**?) being owned under a rulership.

Our sovereign on earth said, "Blessed are the pure in heart." I wish to take each letter, spell them out. A pure heart is one who personally understands righteous expression. An individual who knows the context of reality that which is truth, beauty and goodness, and lives accordingly. Purity is untainted by falsehood and willful disruption of truth and beauty and goodness. Righteousness has been a word much maligned due to ostentatious behavior. The Master also said, " Blessed are the poor in spirit." As I look upon you all in this room I see rich spirits. Abundant with the blessing of revelation and the love of fellowship. For that is a private ownership of religion. It is not the accumulation of vast doctrine, it is not the acquirement of throngs of devotees, it is not the establishment of grand temples. There is only one object necessary and that is your direct relationship with God. The one dollar in your wallet. The Master said, "Blessed are the meek." Modest expression of every day **. It's simple. That is true righteousness.

Apply these three and you will become an expert tour guide for Father and Mother Supreme. Enjoy your first year at this campus of the Melchizedeks. There are many lectures to attend, lab classes to be involved in, field trips to enjoy. I was once mortal and I know that the graduation is not far in the future for you. Be not concerned about your transition to the mansonia experience. It is a small transfer. Look with delight to the eternal embrace of the Father who dwells within. There is the true ceremony that is what you are working for. There is where the passion arises to bless our fellows with the understanding and to kindle within them the desire to attain.


My friends, I love you all standing beside me in a dimension beyond your dimension, (**) love you. I step back. Thank you.


(All TR'd transmissions of the Saturday afternoon (4th) session were too fast to type and will be available later, from video transcribe)

Session 5

Sunday Morning July 8, 2001


Abraham (TR: Nina) I am here, yes. I am ABRAHAM. I am with humble gratitude that we were able to attend this our Father's banquet. I pray you were each fed well. I realize there was so much to choose from. Many of you nibbled at a little bit of everything. Many only partook of a few dishes. I hope that the nourishment will sustain you in these days ahead.



The Father has prepared a place for each one of you at his table. Not one seat is higher than the next. He has carefully placed those utensils before you that you need to partake of the mortal life to gain the experience you need that points you Paradiseward. He has prepared dishes of practical spiritual sustenance. Everything you need to survive and thrive in your eternal career. The candles are lit and he beckons you to come.

There have been other prepared foods laid out upon the table made with man's recipe. Some mixed with temporary empty promises. Some dishes are elaborate and to show all who can outdo the Father. As practical spiritual reality takes hold we find these dishes to be tasteless without nutrients. You have the choice says your mortal will to choose what is right for you. You will taste many things but I would admonish you to look at what Father has prepared for the winter of this mortal life is long and you will need practical spiritual sustenance to survive.

Will you drink new wine in old skins or will you allow Father to fill your cup with the grapes of truth, beauty, and goodness from His vineyard? Will you feast on the Father's ever sustaining morsels of practical spirituality or will you fatten on man's morsels of mortal ideas? Whichever you choose you know that your place is set. It is yours that will never change.

What dishes can you prepare to bring to this Correcting Time? What would you feed your fellows? Recipes from the Father's all knowingness, all encompassing love or would you prepare a platter that will seem to impress your mortal counterparts but feeds them no nutrition whatsoever? What will you bring to the table?

The future of our Teaching Mission rests on your participation, your integrity, your ability to be small and use the Father's recipes. Can you stand aside and allow Father to help measure the truth. Add a pinch of beauty and stir that ever eternal pot of goodness.

The table is set, the Master has raised his glass in a toast. He invites you to join him in this experiential adventure of cosmic citizenry. The Supreme Being awaits. What will we choose to partake of? What will we choose to serve our fellows? Will we even come to the table?


Know that Father, Mother, the Master, the universe is there to pull out your chair and seat you. Know that I am indeed with humble gratitude to see Father's faithful children take such measures to do good, to be a part of this epic adventure. My love goes with you. Shalom.

Session 5b

July 8, 2001


Daniel (TR: Rick Giles) - Greetings to one and all. I come to you at the request of my faithful student Isaac. I am Daniel. I greet you with love.

One moment while Jonathan adjusts to the image I present him. I must let the ricochets of implications settle. Follow with me as I present to you a lesson on faith, belief, truth and experience. That ought to be enough.


Reality, Faith

Let us describe reality as a ground. The ground of reality. As I unfold this presentation you may at any time substitute God for this ground of reality for you know at the center of all things absolute materiality and absolute spirituality are one and the same. Resting upon this ground of reality is the platform of faith. You an experiential being stand upon this platform Reality is not flat, it is very contoured and complex. Your faith platform rests upon points in reality. These are your contact points of truth. This platform is not rigid as a board though initially when faith is weak it is stiff. Beneath this platform are the gaps where you have not truthfully contacted reality. The personality will fill in the gaps with beliefs in order to stabilize faith to keep in from rocking. Living faith is really pliable. As you advance your faith becomes more like a blanket that rests upon this contour of reality. It takes on shape. But as this blanket rests upon these shapes of reality it too does not fully conform, it does not wholly present God or reality to you. You must still fill in the gaps with belief. Your contact points of truth are greater. Your experience is becoming more real.

Faith becomes increasingly pliable but it also must move for there is a horizon line of discernment beyond which you are unable to perceive reality and faith ever urges you to broaden your horizon. Therefore, your platform will travel. As it moves over reality your belief becomes a lubricant that allows you to roll smoothly over the course of our ascension you will encounter new lubricants. You will leave behind you ** that served ** As you ascend, initially depending largely upon belief, traveling with faith you will arrive wholly in the presence of truth. Faith will grow thinner, this may seem odd as you seek to strengthen and embolden your faith. It will become more like saran wrap. Or it will more accurately conform to the ** of reality, revealing ever more precisely God. The truth contacts increase, the belief gaps disappear. Upon attaining Paradise citizenship you will conform to the reality of Paradise and the personality of the Father. You will become fully this child of God. A representative of his perfection in the universe as will the multitudes about you, spread ** who have stood at his home. The expansion of experience is the increased discernment of truth contact and the falling away of the filler of belief.

I thank Jonathan for bearing with me and I thank you all for your earnest attention. Our wonderful Mother is in your presence, she seeks circuitry, contact with her precious daughter Nina. Before she embraces you again I will turn you over to Aaron.

Hello friends, how are you? I have a pop quiz. Setting aside some of this effort to attain planetary citizenship, I ask you what does it take? What are the milestones to become Jerusem citizen? Ideas? My second question will be on methods ** I ask for a milestone. (The seven mansion worlds. Transform the animal nature. Fusion.) Supreme decision perhaps? Other ideas? (Choosing the Father's will. Service?) How about the psychic circles? Let us move into our second question. Tell me the methods whereby you main attain the mile stones. You have mention tolerance, *** excellent. Self-love, forgiveness. I think you're going to pass.


Now that we're warmed up. What do you think are the milestones required to ** this planet into Light and Life? **

And now, what are the activities you may undertake to attain these mile stones? *** (answers **)

My friends you are abundant with ideas. We must relate this all to our fellows around the world. The methods of attaining citizenship on **


Thank you for participating with me, I love you all. Take one moment to center yourself, to prepare yourself for reception of Mothers contact.

Session 6

  • Sunday Morning Session
  • July 8, 2001


Mother Nebadonia (TR: Nina) : Greetings my little ones. When I look at you I am overcome with the desire to say, "See those children. They are mine." You are not hidden from us, we know you through and through. Be it good or bad we are most deeply in love with you.



We are all a character in a most wonderful novel. It is perhaps a combination history and love story. I play your Mother. The story is filled with evolution, sin, rebellion and darkness but we cannot forget those who stand out in fighting for this young planet. Chapter upon chapter there is light, love, knowledge, progress and heroes.

Your chapter is being written. What would you like it so say? The choice is yours, you are writing the chapter. With your faith, your willingness to serve, your willingness to be spirit led, your sincere humility will be a wonderful catalyst to the next chapter. Your integrity, devotion, sincerity and love of our Father will set in motion all that will be written from this day forward. You are a co-author. You are a director of destiny. You play a key role in how the story will turn out. Have not fear for the turmoil within this beloved mission, for this is only a chapter it is not the end.

Be conscious my children, be aware for all that you do directs, produces effects. Remember who you are co-authoring with. Allow him to speak, allow him to assist, allow him to comfort you when you cannot see your way through. We are made more because Father is in us and we are in Him. Take up your pens of responsibility, integrity, tolerance and love and let each one of us be a part of this grand love story.

See those children, they are mine and I love them dearly.


Go your way my little ones. Let us be about the Father's business.