2002-11-10-Courage, Third Adjutant Mind Spirit

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Topic: Courage, Third Adjutant Mind Spirit

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Tomas, What About Bob

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



Prayer: (Matthew)

Let us place ourselves in the presence of Jesus, the Christ.

Master Teacher, we come to you today with uplifted and excited presence of being over some of the heroic stories of what this book (Urantia Book) and the Bible, as we have inherited it, tell, which has raised our level of faith and our presence of knowing to new heights.

We are encouraged by all that we have shared together and, after all, that has been the purpose in your illustration of "where two or more are gathered." The strength and the illumination that comes as a result of it is truly enlightening and exciting.

We ask for whatever teachers you designate today and for whatever the message is that we will take it to heart and mind and become renewed individuals as a result.

And for those who are not here, we ask your presence with them when they are not knowing of your presence with them as they continue to make their way back to us and our group. And for all of those in our lives who are loved ones, known, and for those who we do not know in the body of Christ, we rejoice in the centrality of you with our Father, now and always. Amen.

TOMAS: Centered now in the eye of God, I greet you. I am Tomas. Good afternoon.

It has been a wonderful day today in observing your own classroom efforts, the teaching and preaching of the Gospel, the facts of your universe history, and the players upon the stage of life as it has been lived in your world. We are students of your world, as well -- always fascinated by the efforts of the Agondonter to find the nugget of truth in the maze of chaos, yet unformed.


The idea of Courage is on the agenda today. The Courage of the 3rd Adjutant Mind Spirit will be addressed by our Teacher's Assistant, Bob, but in the meanwhile the Courage of your conviction is evident and the Courage of your desire to know is also prevalent here in the questions and probings of matters which give credence to your belief and substance to your speculations as to how you got to be where you are. Who came before you and for what reason, for what purpose, and how has this all affected what you know to be 'reality?' And how will this reality be plucked from the unformed maze chaos to grow into the greater realization of your own soul-self?


This is, perhaps, the most obvious quality of the agondonter, his Courage, for he forges ahead in the face of not knowing, but only feeling, sensing -- persisting and pursuing that which is his birthright, standing up for that which rings true, extolling that which gives clarity and purity to his life -- his perceptions. Even when these perceptions are occasionally torn down to make way for yet another more elevated reality focus, the courageous agondonter continues to pick his way through the pieces to find that existing kernel of greatness, that core of reality which forever leads him forward.

Let me get Bob for you. He is ready to begin, if you are.

BOB: What About Bob?

Well, I know that you are making an adjustment. You are accommodating me because I am not your regular professor. I am not, in this course, speaking to your higher nature. I am not pin-pointing your God Fragment and recognizing that aspect of you. I am, rather, contrarily, reaching into your recognition of yourself as a mortal being - a material-reality-based entity, which shares many common bonds with the animal of the realm, that shares Intuition and Understanding of an animal nature with the beasts of the realm.

I am assuming the stance that these 'beasts' are noble, that these animals are beloved. I'm not focusing on 'animal' as a lesser state, but merely as a statement of fact.


Last week we discussed the Spirit of Understanding, the Understanding that you are all in this experience together, as a group, as if you were born into a litter of pups or kittens. You learn from each other certain behaviors. You act according to the 'group mind' - the understanding that by staying together as a herd you have an advantage over going off by yourself. The social repercussions of this animal-like behavior, results in "watering hole", the neighborhood bar, the community center, the gregarious nature. It also is related to that conformity of being that keeps civilization advancing, keeps you all from going too far from the standard operating procedure of your culture. Understanding these things about life keeps you safe. And yet it can also be a mind-set that becomes the mind-set of the pack, rather than the mind-set of the individual. The Spirit of Courage enters in when we think of and speak of the Individual. It takes Courage to be yourself. It takes Courage to have your own thoughts - to have a thought different than the group-thought, the community-thought. Inventors have always been looked at as 'odd ones,' because of their investigations into untried thought.

All of you who act differently, or outside the 'norm,' are looked at with a certain amount of suspicion for your actions endanger the flock, the whole, the group-mind. The entire herd migrates. The entire flock migrates. The entire school of fish moves along the course. Those who stand out or take off on their own accord are vulnerable to extinction, eradication. And the same is true for the human animal. The same is true for you.

The Spirit of Courage can be likened to the 3rd Chakra, in the ancient Chakra system, that which emits from the middle, the stomach. The color is yellow. The color of the 3rd Chakra is yellow. Yellow is the 'I Am' color - the See Me color. Yellow is individuality. The vortex of Individuality can be good or evil. This is not a course in morality, but a course in understanding the animal nature, for as I said before, and will repeat again, the more you can understand your nature, the more you can understand the nature of your neighbor and the more you can understand your neighbor the more readily you can learn to love him, assuming, of course, that you have a wholesome sense of self-love about you. And this is the foundation for Peace on Earth, or peace in any gregarious sociology.

How about I ask for some class participation and take a moment and think of some examples of animal courage. Any animal, including human will do.


What comes to your mind's eye, Esmarelda?

Esmarelda: I think about the cat, immediately. They have a lot of courage. They are not aggressive, necessarily but when anything attempts to harm, they have the courage to take care of themselves.

There are other things. Like, it takes courage to raise children. It takes courage just to simply participate in our lives!

BOB: Give us an example, Janet, of a creature manifesting courage.

Janet: Well, there's my kitty…when a strange cat comes in our yard that is invading her territory and she wants no part of it. She has no front claws (but doesn't know if they have!) but she goes out and hisses and snarls and chases them away. I guess that's courage.

BOB: Yes, it is revealed as courage. Defending her own turf, certainly.

The behavior that individuals manifest in hissing and snarling and making a fuss to protect their own turf is also a reflection of Courage. And yet it is often seen as hostility. It is only hostility if you are encroaching.

Matthew, what are you seeing?

Matthew: A cow elephant defending her calf. I think I've seen pictures and heard stories of an elephant fighting to the death to protect her young. And then the bull elephant will protect the entire herd, but is seldom seen. But the female will fight off the worst of attacks from lions, etc.

BOB: Yes, the animal kingdom abounds…dogs barking in the night is often a nuisance but it's also an act of courage for they are risking being hit with a shoe to let it be known there are trespassers. Birds will defend their food supply against even bigger birds by banding together and making a fuss. Little tiny birds can also be courageous.

Carl, do you have an image, a vision of animal courage to offer?

Carl: I'm thinking about ourselves, the human animal. I'm reminded of the lines of an old song, "I don't know what's coming tomorrow, maybe trouble and sorrow." We've grown old together and we really don't know what's coming tomorrow but we feel compelled to face whatever it is and do the best we can.

BOB: You are speaking of human courage as a Council - as a Group - as a band - "we" can accomplish this. Yes. This is the beginning of leadership, which is also a study in Courage,

Again, without discerning good or evil, there are those who will step outside the run-of-the-mill and get the attention of the masses and lead them by understanding their needs. The same is true for either side. If you can discern the needs of the herd, the flock, the community, you can stand out in front and rally their support. This is courageous. This is putting yourself in a position of saying, "See me - look at me - I will show you - I will do it." Performing is courageous. Not just circus animals, but performing the tasks of existence call upon the Spirit of Courage. To run the risk of getting caught, being overtaken, going hungry, being left out in the cold - all these are causes to consider when considering the Spirit of Courage. The personality, the individual, that bespeaks the Spirit of Courage, can be admired, or rejected, on the basis of how it presents itself in its individuality.

It's a study for you, finding yourself as an animal being, to augment the nobility of your mortal estate with the dimension of the qualities that were introduced to you by the Master, the person of Jesus, who, having left with you the Spirit of Truth, enables you to discern for yourself whether that 'here am I - see me' personality is leading the masses into trouble or into grace. And so Courage enters into discernment and behavior, ethical behavior.

You just experienced a national election in this country. You've just seen the designated human animal wave their flag and say, "Vote for me - Vote for Me!" This will encourage you to consider your own Spirit of Courage and review the Spirit of Understanding, which recognizes the system for what it is and the people for who they are, and not study only the evident 'I am' ego, but the undercurrent of Courage. This will give you better understanding of your world and the leaders of your world.

The next Adjutant Mind Spirit is the Spirit of Knowledge. It is depicted in the Chakra of the Heart. The green, fertile, verdant seat of growing, revealing, living, throbbing, life-giving, knowledge. Even the animal kingdom comprehends the Spirit of Knowledge. They know, as you know what you know. You know when to hide. You know when to attack. You know when to ignore. You know when to interfere.

You cannot live life and experience it without active engagement in all these spheres, all these circuitries. You cannot avoid life. If you embrace life with the Spirit of Knowledge you will never be bored, always have an adventure, yet something new to be discovered, new territory to be investigated, amassing even more knowledge for yourself and for those who fall in your power.

Let's get back to the Spirit, which enlivens, but never forget how you are -- here, at least … (and even into those realms beyond, wherein your animal vestiges remain a part of you) … how you are composed, of what you are comprised. Embrace the wholeness of your being. Not simply the God part, but the Human part. This is much of who you are. Much of your joy of being is to be found in the nature of your composition. The Adjutant Mind Spirits augment and enhance your emotions and without your emotions you live a shallow existence indeed. I am encouraging you to be all that you can be and grasp all that you are, with the same vigor and enthusiasm that you devote to knowing more about your spirit-self, and God himself. Find Him in you and in your fellows and bring Him into existence, even in the material realms of time and space, thus enhancing the quality of Light and Life throughout the material worlds of time and space.

Good afternoon.

Group: (Thank you's)

TOMAS: This is Tomas, again. We can stretch a bit and get up out of the cellular structure you've gravitated toward. The focus on the material is a bit like cuddling up in an overstuffed chair. You gravitate toward it quite naturally but such comfort inclines you toward your subconscious rather than your superconscious which is where we need to rise to if we are to grasp the morontia mota of these Melchizedek courses of study.

With that I will subside and allow others.

Matthew, take it away.

MACHIVENTA: It's with good tidings that I make myself known to you this fine fall day here in the Land of Enchantment. It's considered the 'land of enchantment' for many reasons, but for me to be a welcomed guest today, is more than welcomed, on my part. It is with over-due welcoming that I was asked by your host of my words at this moment (Matthew), to join you today. I believe, at his bequest primarily, just to see if I would show up. (group smiles)

But nevertheless, let it be known that whenever your request is made of our heavenly Father, or of the Christ Himself, or of me, as a Servant of Divinity, that certainly, your requests, made in all sincerity, and out of desire and need, for whatever that need may be, are certainly addressed. Whether you know it or not your prayers are answered in all segments of their make-up. For as all elements of a constituted matter are composites of that matter, so too are your thoughts, desires and prayers, for they take on the feeling, the emotion, the desire, the wish for improvement - all of the components that go into that, add to the fulfillment of that which is being sought.

So I wish to simply reassure you that what you think, feel and desire - you receive. In other words, what you wish is what you get. This is meant to be an encouragement, not in any way an admonishment to tell you, as the cliché goes, to "watch what you pray for." But rather to assure you that you are as connected as sunlight is connected to its source. Imagine separating light from its source. Therefor you are inseparable from your Source. And an arm is certainly aware of its fingers.

Be within your mind, one with those who sent you. I say "those" because you are part of the great and glorious, and ever-present immortal God presence that has the wherewithal, the knowledge and the presence of being to have placed in motion everything that you are aware of, and well beyond your wildest imagination. Be present to that which is all-powerful, wise and above all, eternally loving. For the presence that you are aware of right now is only a glimmer of that which you will know in your greater reality.

So be well advised that whatever you desire, you may ask for, whatever you wish or need will be provided, and to know that the Ultimate Good will prevail. So, without wanting to extend my time beyond that which is provided, I wish you well. And know that whenever you would need my thoughts or assistance, I am also only a thought away.

So peace be with you and carry-on your Courageous Walks in the Dark, for you are guided in every step you take and you are assured that lest you fall from a cliff, you will undyingly be caught.

Be well assured of your presence within All That Is and I am well aware, as you are, of where we are going.

Peace be with you. Now and always.

Group: (Thank you's)

TOMAS: This is your turn class. Have you got questions?


Gerdean: I have one. I was reading last week's transcript and Bob was saying something about he really didn't have any idea of what the potential was for our world until Jesus came and he could see the effect of Jesus having been here, impacting the world.

And that gave me pause to consider because I had suspected, imagined, that Bob, being a Supernal, was privy to a far greater range of perspective than that. It almost seemed to be the perspective of a Midwayer who was limited by Urantia's parameters. That's what made me wonder -- How far reaching is Bob's purview?

And I don't know if that has anything to do with my spiritual growth or development but it was just an interesting thing, I thought. I just somehow got the feeling that angels had a much bigger range of operation and that they knew everything…that they, certainly Bob, had seen other world's settled in Light and Life, but perhaps not?

Anyone want to address that one?

Carl: I was under the impression that the angels pretty much had unlimited knowledge, but maybe it isn't so.

Gerdean: We'll see who wants to tackle that one.

TOMAS: Tomas here. I can tackle that Gerdean. That's not too difficult.

Again, it's a matter of organization and, yes, hierarchy. There is no one in the Universe who 'knows everything,' except in Paradise. The Father knows everything. But beyond that, the rest of us only know what's in our range of operation. And to reiterate one of my favorite themes, nothing is more important than the realm of my realm. So I understand your curiosity about what goes on in other realms of operation but it isn't pertinent, in that, what's important for you is in your here and now.

However, since you perceive Bob as being in your here-and-now and you discern his credentials to be lesser than you expected, I will state that there are all manner of angels and celestial beings assigned to different areas, both geographic and cosmic. There are 'local' angels as well as Supernaphim who are exclusively delegated the higher realms of reality attainment in which to work. Each of the superuniverse being comprised of many worlds, have their own allotment of angels, and, therefor, there is no reason for someone on the 3rd superuniverse bother to about what is going on in this 7th superuniverse.

Just as Bob is in service to your world, his knowledge is limited to his realm of operation and does not extend to the angelic efforts of life on other worlds or other universes. You have to go up pretty high on the 'totem pole' to be given the key to the doors of your neighbors.

The Creator Sons are gathered together periodically in a quarter of Paradise as if it were a Council meeting or a Governor's meeting. But by and large they, too, are focused on their realm. Jesus' world, Urantia, is uniquely part of the local Universe of Nebadon and while his sojourn here was Universally compelling, it was a very unusual situation. For the most part, all of the Universes are very well, orderly-run spheres.

Bob's advantage to you is his ability to see you as you are. He has observed acutely and has much to offer in terms of how he sees you rather than how you see yourself. However, his range of operation is limited. He is, as he says, a 'low-level' seraphim. There are ranges of Universe service. We are one of them. When, and as, you have been around along enough to see a bit more territory, you will have a better understanding of who does what. But for now you may be assured that there are truly hosts of heavenly helpers who hover over you in hopes of helping you embrace your potential, grasp the Greater Reality yet to come, which is your birthright, your destiny and your greatest joy.

Is that helpful?

Gerdean: Yes. But it also seems that Bob has not worked with mortals before, Is that so? Do you know?

TOMAS: I have asked him, just now, and he has told me that you are the first that he has worked with this familiarly. However, he has worked with many mortals, in many ways, in and through the Midwayers that are their normal route of working with the mortal realms. Just to make it easy for you, call to your mind the pictures of angels that help keep little ones from running out in traffic or falling off a cliff. Those are, loosely speaking, some of the work of the angels, the angelic spheres.

There are different orders of angels assigned to different types of work. The Angels of the Churches work to uphold traditional religion and the values of congregation worship and churchified activities, including song and psalms. There are Angels of the Races that oversee the best interests of the Races of Time - not only the human race - but the differing colored races in their cultures and in their transitions. There are Angels of the Home, that oversee the efforts that go on in the realm of home-building and child-rearing. They are not far from you.

As Machiventa has said, 'just ask and we'll be there.' We have waited and watched your world and anticipated the re-encircuitment for a long time and now that this time is upon us we are ready, willing and eager to be engaged upon incorporating you back into the cosmic system of things; back into the fold of the galaxy; helping you out of isolation into socialization.

As Machiventa also stated, at this point it does not really matter, and to what degree, we are "real." What we intend to do is encourage you and assure you that you are not alone, that it is a friendly universe, that it is teeming with life support for you and encouraging your many adventures in learning, living and loving. The dimension of morontia is upon us.


Matthew: Are the archangels that we've been told about just assigned to this universe or are they inter-universal? Are they Paradise servers?

TOMAS: Have you ever seen the TV show about the Angels? (Yes) Have you noticed Andrew, who is always there when someone is about to die, or is thinking about dying? He is what you would call an archangel. That's what archangels do, loosely speaking, they are related to the transition. They are not the same as the seraphim who embrace your soul and carry it off to Mansonia, but they are closely engaged in that realm of energy transfer; Reality Transfer, for sometimes the decision to survive is only made at the last minute and that last minute needs to be recorded. They focus their work on that moment. Those archangels are invaluable, obviously, to your ascension and to your survival. And so they hold a special place, although somewhat fearful place, because of their proximity to the act of dying.

Does that help?

Matthew: Yes.

TOMAS: You sound unsettled.

Matthew: Well, no. Just that maybe its Milton's "Paradise Lost" that we're given the information about Michael, Raphael, etc. and their leading legions in heaven and so on. Are those individuals as archangels, as we have been taught, of Paradise, or they just of this universe? Maybe the terminology is wrong on this end.

TOMAS: Archangel Raphael, Michael, Uriel and others are also depicted in militant regalia, a fashion statement, actually, for the mortal mind which loves mythology. There are, indeed, archangels, and there are indeed, many beings named Raphael, Michael, Uriel, and many others. But the idea of Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, and Archangel Uriel are by and large, depictions of characterizations of personalities which do not exist in the Cosmos, but do exist in your minds as a frame of reference. It's nothing to worry about. Error will pass away. But in the meanwhile they are very romantic characterizations, very celestially swashbuckling, and they appeal to the mortal mind, just as you love to depict angels with voluminous wings. They don't have wings, but whether you think they do or not, is not the point. The fact that they exist is what's important. Just as the fact of archangels is important. Dramatization of these facts is creative license, for the most part.

Is that helpful?

Matthew: It is, thank you.

Janet: To me, angels are some kind of entity that God has created and they do have a way of watching over us, guiding us. They don't run around, I'm sure, in those long nightgowns with a couple of wings stuck on their back. That's not exactly my idea of an angel. They're just some strange little entity that comes into our lives and guides and helps us.

TOMAS: You are completely correct, Little One, they do indeed.

Janet: Even you call me little one! I've got that all my life!

Group: (Everyone laughing)

TOMAS: This was not to indicate your diminutive size, Daughter, but your relative youth in the universe. (Thank you!) You are a very large person, in that your heart is swollen with goodness. You are big. But would you feel better if I were to say 'big one?'(laughter -No I guess not.)


You are dear. All of you are very dear, and as I get to know you better and as we engage in more adventures in morontializing reality, I love you more as you are becoming more to love.

The season continues to proclaim the beauty of Urantia and the spectacle of your perfect realm of reality. Go forth and relish the wonders your eyes behold -- both your physical eyes and your morontial eyes that perceive the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness which is our Father's, through our Mother, into the kingdoms of men.

Amen and Farewell.