2010-03-04-Monjoronson Q and A Session 90

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Topic: Iniquity, Interfaith, UB Religion

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Jonathan


  • Moderator - Philip


Jonathan: We welcome now the guidance of our Magisterial Son. As we lift our minds to him to seek answers it is our hope that we can be of assistance in the mission to bring Urantia further in its evolutionary development with the goal of attaining light and life.

Monjoronson (Jonathan TR): This is Monjoronson. I welcome the opportunity to be with you and to receive your questions. This form of fellowship is a delight to me, and I look forward to our time together today.


  • Physical Reactions to Meditation and Stillness.

Preamble: Lately when I try to relax and meditate I feel tremors in the arms and shoulders; also my fingers move lightly. But that already happened before when entering sleep. The only reference to such jerks I could find is in a Christ letter attributed to Jesus in which he explains how to meditate. (If this happens be thankful as your consciousness is penetrating the barriers of your previously created consciousness forces encapsulating your soul.)

Question #1: Are these involuntary muscular movements the result of accumulated tensions? Will they eventually disappear? Or are they a symptom of a beginning of a nervous disease?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. It is difficult for me to evaluate precisely your condition, as the symptoms are indicative of various conditions present in the human body. You have illustrated two, that being an indication of the onset of a neural disorder, the other having more to do with the intimate connection of the mind through brain with the nervous system and the muscular structure.

As you enter into stillness and elevate consciousness to a higher level there can be at times manifestations in the physical form. These manifestations occur as the mind releases its grip upon the body. As consciousness turns inward the body is allowed to function in an automated manner. It is through this process that meditation becomes health-giving, for the body is released from mental tensions as the mind looks away or looks up or looks within. It allows for relaxation. It allows for rest.

As you continue your practice of stillness you may find that in the development of higher consciousness and spiritual connectivity that your mind bears less upon the body with tensions, and these symptoms both during meditation and while falling asleep will ease off or disappear. However I also encourage you to investigate other causes, for any symptom does not indicate a single cause, and if you should perhaps be developing a disorder it is wise to pursue examinations, for some causes are best alleviated if addressed early on. Evaluation will put to rest your concerns, and you may then proceed in your practice of stillness with the comfort that you are aiding of the health of your physical form and not ignoring it.

Thank you again for the question.

Free will

  • Life of iniquity

Question#2: Is it possible for the lost sheep, or normal-minded evolutionary mortals on this planet of default since the days of Pentecost, to make a perfect voluntary decision to deliberately lead an iniquitous life and thus lose their Thought Adjusters here and now forevermore?

Follow-up question #3: Are un-perfected mortals capable of making such a decision?

Monjoronson: Again, thank you for this question.

Since Pentecost with the infusion in the minds of all mortals with the Spirit of Truth it has become more difficult for a whole- souled iniquitous decision, that being the complete rejection of God and truth and the aggressive pursuit of evil; for the Spirit of Truth continues to ring loud in the soul, ever bringing to light reality and stimulating one's response thereto and the reaction thereof. That being said, however, the volitional center of all human beings is sovereign. Each one of you, while amply assisted by multiple spiritual influences, presences, and beings, has the ability to screen out or reject these powers, these personalities. If it were not so you would merely be a mechanical function of the will of God at play in the universe. God has ordained all creatures of free will the power to choose their actions.

On a world as confused as Urantia it becomes less clear the finality of such a decision to become wholly detached from the divine, from righteousness, goodness. The lack of guidance upon your world has caused great confusion, and some indulge themselves in such rebellious actions without the awareness that there are truly eternal consequences, that the world upon which you live is not one of random actions, of non-consequential decisions. To some the world is merely a playground in which to revel it up and then cease to be. The behavior of such individuals may appear to be iniquitous while the soul has yet to reject spirit, for it does not know what spirit is that it could reject it.

There are truly capable ministers on high who can tend to misguided souls and offer guidance. The greatest import to each one of you is the progress of your own soul, that you seek truth and beauty and goodness,[1] and that as you expand your spiritual reality, as you magnify your own divine presence, you will become a beacon of light illuminating other souls who are confused. Such luminosity is also a protection of your soul if there should ever be one iniquitous in your presence, for the light is disturbing. Those who misunderstand will taste the light and become curious and hungry. Those who reject the light will recoil and flee.

I hope this addresses your question.


  • Interfaith Cooperation.

Question #4: Do you see the interfaith groups, those groups who were formed from different religious faiths to improve something in the community, as the primary organizers of the proposed co-creative design teams and their role in sustainability?

Monjoronson: I do. While it is of great benefit to the progress of harmony and cooperation among all peoples on Urantia that various groups work together, I also admire and honor the diversity of each group, for all groups address the needs of particular personalities and minister to them in ways by which other groups are not organized to do so. Just as any well integrated system functions precisely because it has distinct elements within it that provide specific functions that in the whole cause the system to effect actions and accomplish work, so it is that these diverse groups are able to create an enlarged system in which much good can be brought to humankind. The strength of each is offered to the whole.[2] There are the corps of angels who are specifically attuned to these interworkings.

You have witnessed such interfaith groups in your religious circles. There are other such interconnections within your economic realms and your social realms as well. Such coordinations are proving beneficial. As humankind leaves its eras of tribal divisions and clan warfare, even on the level of nations, and begins to trust in interworking with one another, there will develop those connections with religion, science, economics, and society. You will have an even higher co-creative structure. It will be another quantum leap in your ascent as a planet to light and life.

Again I thank you.

Urantia Book, Culture

  • The Urantia Book as Evolutionary Religion.

Question#5: Do you view the present use of The Urantia Book as somewhat rigid, that is, using it more like scripture to knock down alternative interpretations of what the book teaches?

In other words does it appear that many Urantia Book readers are becoming more doctrinaire than carriers of truth by example?

Isn't this habit nothing really more than the revelation in this book form becoming central to some type of evolutionary religion?

Monjoronson: This tendency is present within humankind as is witnessed by the religions following any great sage or prophet in times past. When human beings encounter truth re-presented or organized in a clearer statement there is the tendency to grab that and indoctrinate it such that the essence be not lost. However when the essence is imprisoned in rigid form it loses its power, and there follows the parroting of the wording that expressed the truth with little realization of its reality and a weakened impact upon one's living that truth.

When revelation is expressed upon a world it endeavors to overlay a pattern that indicates the higher levels of spirit being, of universe reality. This pattern is always adapted to the realm upon which the revelation is given. There will always be elements missing which in subsequent ages would be more fitting to reveal.

Some look upon all expressions of revelation as merely suggestions and go by their own way in discovering truth. This bodes well for some who are well skilled in discernment and are highly attuned to the divine presence's guidance. But many, far many, benefit from the patterns expressed in revelation and do well to adopt those structures to the extent that they assist the soul in attaining greater attunement to the divine presence and greater sensitivity to eternal truth.

There will be those who will develop a religious structure out of even The Urantia Papers, and there will be others who will miss the impact of its presentation by dismissing it as yet another book of words, good in intent, but less that of guidance and more that of mere suggestion. They will weaken its impact upon themselves and will miss many great benefits that could be derived from comprehending the pattern revealed in its pages. Let us continue.

Urantia Movement

Philip: The questioner seems to think that The Urantia Book is really becoming central to some sort of evolutionary religion.

Question#7: Would you care to characterize the type of evolutionary religion it may be heading towards? Is this trend at all typical of what has been experienced in other epochal revelations elsewhere in similar planetary stages as to what Urantia is currently experiencing in its cultural development?

Monjoronson: Indeed this evolutionary development of a revelation is repeating what has happened to revelations of the past. It is human nature that such developments occur. This current presentation, The Urantia Papers, while broad in its presentation regarding mankind and the planet and the universe in which the planet resides and the deity over this universe which has made all things possible, has its own time limitations and locality constraints. It will by such limitations end up being another step in the path to light and life. It will never be the all-said of what is to come and what is to be realized. And that is where developing it into a rigid doctrine will infuse error into the comprehension of its message.

It entered your world in one language, and many devout humans are translating it; it was not given already in many languages. It entered your world in one culture, and it is up to the individuals who embrace its message to re-culturalize it and present it around the world in forms apprehensible by other peoples. This is a natural evolution, perhaps better said, a natural integration into the diversity of human beings and cultures on Urantia.

Since human beings tend to form religion around revelation, eventually even this the fifth epochal revelation will run its course and lose its immediate effectiveness as many of the others of centuries past have. But worry not, for there will subsequently be bestowed upon your world the next revelation of epochal significance. In the meantime I encourage each of you to develop your channel of revelatory receptivity, for under the umbrella of any epochal revelation are the many revelations to the individual souls, to the philosophers, the theologians, the scientists, and all. This is the true vital power functioning in any epoch. It will verify the patterns revealed, and it will enlighten the truth expressed.

Thank you again for your inquiry.

Philip: So, in essence it's not either/or, revelatory or evolutionary; it's more like it's either/and. Correct?

Monjoronson: Yes, indeed. Revelation is a push, and evolution is the moving forward. To some it may seem to lessen its special qualities, but functionally this must occur for it to integrate into the cultures of the world.

Magisterial Mission

Question #8: Will the Magisterial Mission address this trend for The Urantia Book becoming more like a text for some evolutionary religion and make adjustments on Urantia to make it more attractive to cultures outside of western traditions?

Monjoronson: Yes, I have somewhat addressed that in a prior response to the question earlier. We will in no way ever prevent the free-souled creature from crystallizing revelation into a religious form; that is one's free will to do so. And it is another aspect of the universal expression of the Supreme Being in all creatures. But we will always look to those souls who have derived from those pages the universal perspective, the cosmic consciousness, who can function with us in advancing the world.

The development of the planet is truly a journey. There are many who are tour guides, advanced souls who can assist others down the path and move along with them. There are those who are the scouts who move on way ahead of the general movement and discover many things and encounter many perils. Those scouts may at times bring great assistance in providing direction as the world evolves and at other times encounter obstacles and offer misguided direction and cause the planet a detour.

But besides scouts and guides there are also what I will call the “innkeepers”, those who take care of the travelers at waystations along the way. You may liken this to the development of a religion, a church, a doctrine, the crystallization of the expression of revelation, for in these waystations a weary traveler may find stability, calmness, rest, and even rejuvenation as well as support.

But a living soul, one seeking truth, when the morning comes will rise again and take its journey forward toward higher levels of comprehension and higher ways of living. We will ever be looking to the scouts that we may safeguard their investigations and encourage the discovery of higher ways. We will also ever assist those who are of immediate ministry to their fellows, the guides, for you are the ones who are taking care of your brethren, and their welfare is as important as yours, in my view. We will also be caring and loving towards those innkeepers who hold a standard of truth that others may attain. While they may not progress themselves, they are still of great assistance to their fellows, and we will also be equally supportive of their efforts.

Thank you for this question.

Second Revelatory Commission

Question#9: Is the development of a second revelatory commission partly in response to The Urantia Book becoming something that it was not intended to become, namely, a symbol for reform kept too exclusive for its purpose to be easily realized?

Monjoronson: This secondary revelatory commission is part of the natural plan of the whole revelatory effort. It is not in existence so much because of the reactions of human beings; it is a subsequent phase of the initial commission which established the statements preserved in your Urantia Papers. This commission, the second commission, is functioning to diversify the statements, not in meaning, but in its asimil-ability to the various peoples of Urantia, for as you have indicated, it is western in its initial presentation. Just as Jesus was Michael's revelation to Urantia, his Spirit of Truth may be likened to the second commission of his revelation. When he stood upon the world he spoke great truths, many recorded and many in existence today, but when he left and the Spirit of Truth was bestowed every individual could pursue the way of the master, could follow him. This created great diversity in the gospel of Jesus. This diversity is not an indication of scattered-ness; it is a revelation of individuality, of the divine manifested in each.

So the second commission regarding the Urantia revelation may be likened to this secondary input of Michael to the form first of Jesus and second his Spirit of Truth.

I hope this illumines your question.

Question #10: We are guessing that the Magisterial Mission will become the oversight agency for revelation on Urantia after the mission's appearance here. Will the Magisterial Mission become the sole administration for decisions to provide The Urantia Book to future Urantians?

Progress, Revelation

How would you characterize the Magisterial Mission's role in coordinating contemporary episodes of revelation to Urantia?

Monjoronson: I must first make clear that this Magisterial Mission and any subsequent Magisterial Mission to your world is one to prepare transition to another era of planetary development. So the management we overlay upon the progress of humankind is only that which is preparatory to the transition. It is not our focus to establish behavioral patterns, organizations, or perspectives. While you as a planetary race make decisions and develop organizations and societies and other groupings, we will work within those structures to foster growth, all with the goal of attaining a status wherein you may transition into a new era.

We will not manage how The Urantia Papers will spread across the world. I may liken it to the waiter who brings a meal to your table. That waiter delivers the dish and walks away. You must do the consuming of the food. This waiter may return and ask how it is. Your response may be likened to either the crystallization of the revelation as dogma, the rejection of it as untrue, or the acceptance of it as truly divine.

But this waiter will also return and offer you desserts, or a subsequent phase of your dining experience; that is what I am here to do, to offer you the next course in the meal with the eye that this next course will be complementary to the course in which you are engaged.

I hope this addresses your question.

Correcting Time

Scope of the Fifth Epochal Revelation

Question #11: Does the Correcting Time as Michael's umbrella of policies for the reformation of Urantia contain more than just the Fifth Epochal Revelation to do this?

Monjoronson: Indeed it does, for Michael's purposes on Urantia entail every phase of planetary development. These epochal revelations are keyed to every epoch. In your text you have been told of the seven basic stages of planetary development. There will be subsequent epochal revelations until Light and Life when the planet itself will stand as a revelation of the goodness of God and the culture will radiate the divine spirit in all ways.

While Michael partook of the force in his bestowal, he has been ever watchful of all epochal transitions and the developments within each epoch. I might add that he is doing so upon many worlds. There are also such stages we may liken to epochal eras on a planet on every system and constellation under his guidance. Our Sovereign Son is quite busy and engaged in many facets of growth in Nebadon. His management is broad, but he is also very concerned and lovingly engaged in every stage on every world as it unfolds.

Philip: We have one final question but I think you covered a lot of that. So that concludes this portion of the question and answer session. As is our custom, we would like to allow time for you to use for any purpose you might have. Thank you.

Thought Adjusters, Presence, Expression

Monjoronson: I will make a concluding statement. As we have spoken quite a bit today regarding the impact of an epochal revelation upon a world and what may subsequently occur as that revelation becomes integrated into cultures, I want to encourage each of you to be trusting of the divine presence that resides within, for this is the "true light which lights every man who comes into the world".[3] It is the source of verification and validation of what you encounter in any epochal manifestation of spiritual revelation.

Just as one, centuries ago, could look upon Jesus and say, "Behold the man"[4],[5] expressing that within him the spirit moved and could recognize what was, who was, standing before him, so you must look upon the revelations that come in your era with such an inner recognition.

A pattern has been overlaid upon your world in which you may organize your thinking, your understanding, and your vision of the future. But you are each free to express your personality. Again I take you back to the fourth epochal revelation of Michael as Jesus and point to his apostles, both the male corps and the women's corps and the associated personalities with them. Each one had its own perspective. When Jesus left the world each one undertook their own form of ministry. Some forms became the religion that followed him, and other forms went on to merely impact single peoples in a perhaps non-historic way.

Trust the presence within. Do what you can in your understanding of the revelation presented to your world. Remember it’s presented to the world in whole, in its entirety, and you are to adapt yourself to the aspects you can best express through your comprehension and through your life. Others will grasp other aspects of the revelation and bring luminosity and magnification to those teachings. The only form of revelation worth crystallizing is the form of revelation within yourself as it becomes your soul.


Thank you again for your questions. You are truly my beloved brethren. I cherish the time to be in fellowship with you all.