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Topic: Practice

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Tomas, Machiventa, Timothy, Orion

TR: Jonathan, Mark Rogers, Gerdean, Ginny



Elyon (Jonathan TR): I greet you, I am Elyon. Though Tomas won the coin toss to begin this session, he has granted me the opportunity.



I simply wish to emphasize that this stage of your unfoldment involving the recognition of and the engagement with beings beyond your normal level of functioning is the start of a tremendous journey in socialization throughout a grand universe. It is exciting for myself and my equals to witness your enthusiasm. It is not unlike our excitement as we in classes are introduced to a higher being than our level of attainment, for we have come to know through experience that this introduction opens up a new vista of opportunity for growth, discovery, and service. Not only do we encounter greater function through involvement with a being of greater power and mastery, but we are always enriched by the revelation of personality and character found in an entirely different order of being.

I would also encourage you to ever be reminded that you, likewise, are a revelation to another. This is not to be taken in any form of pride, for, as I have just illustrated, it is a normal course of process throughout the universe; it is ordinary. However, on the terrestrial level wherein you abide at this time, it is easy to forget that each one glows with a spiritual radiance. Those who are hungry, needful of spiritual nourishment, spiritual vision, are looking for that ray of hope, that ray of attainment that everyone radiates. As you receive the uplift of one of your fellows who has made progress in a manner which you seek, you likewise do for another.

Michael's gospel is a fundamental principle that will apply throughout all eternity at every position of assignment, in every adventure across galaxies, at every introduction to another person.

Now I allow another.


unidentified (Gloria): Now, as each of you sits here, you are in a spiritual car wash. We are cleansing, scrubbing, washing your auras. We are available to go within with permission given. We are available to help you heal that which needs to be healed. We are available to help reprogram. We are sudsy bubbles of spiritual cleansing, and we are here in celebration. We only want to let you know that this is happening in this session as you are in your meditative minds to, if you want, be aware of the feelings of being in a spiritual car wash. You may feel a rippling effect. You may feel your spines tingling, your crown chakras open, your right and left brains being opened. You may observe some blocks opening. We are here to simply help, never to interfere. We come only with your permission.

Thank you for this time.


Tomas (Gerdean): I am Tomas and I am a mushroom; I am liable to pop up anywhere. It's great to be in your midst today and to experience your rejoicing. Your mirth indeed echoes out into space, harmonizing with other energies, creating celestial music in the spheres. Such joy is a typical response to spiritual growth. Increasing happiness is always the result of developmental ascension.

A part of the jubilation is the reunion, the reunion we are acknowledging here, with the inculcation of the active participation of the cousins in your midst who have worked incessantly for Urantia since they have put their minds to it. What you have all been enjoying today is an appreciation of what can be done if you put your minds to it. All of you have been coached by the teacher corps on how to radiate divine love, how to pass along the divine spark in your random acts of kindness, your smiles, your gestures of encouragement, your opportunities for being of good cheer, for reminding the mammal of sonship status. All of these reflections of the spirit reality, adding a dimension of mind which is a conscious application of spirit to the process of the work in the field, is akin to opening a up a new factory, a new workshop, studio, gallery, where you can begin to be more creative in your applications. As you have grasped the idea that your minds are cleansed with sudsing bubbles, have been washed with tears of gratitude, have been baptized in the spirit, you too can, like a mushroom, spring up and bring your concrete ideas into being in liaison with those who have worked for millennia in the arena you call home.


I'd like to convey a tidbit of "gossip" that the midwayers have passed on but has not been made public. Their realm too has been enlarged and enlivened as a result of the circuits opening. They too are rejoicing in the manifold reflections of greater reality that have been flooding their perceptions, adding dimension to their prospects such that they bring a renewed enthusiasm also to the work at hand. Do not be afraid of getting to know each other a little better, becoming acquainted and familiar with the personalities of your cousins similarly as you have gained access to our hearts in our association.

I relinquish the floor; there are others.


Machiventa (Mark): I step forward; I am Machiventa, and I bring my great pleasure at seeing so many smiling faces in the classroom today.

You remember that the teacher of all teachers, Michael, when he was on your world made great efforts to pass on many lessons to those who would follow him. He lost no opportunity in endeavoring to illuminate more facets of their understanding of the spiritual kingdom. In doing so he passed on to them what he termed were the keys to the kingdom. He was heard to state that a wise individual in coming across an obstruction, a locked door, would not waste the energy to destroy the door but rather would search for the key to open it. Let us reflect a moment on the keys each one of you has been given in this ascent to your own spiritual kingdom.

A key allows passage through an otherwise blocked entryway. A key may be stashed away in safe keeping to be used at the time when it becomes most necessary. It is not required that the key be in your hand at all times, as that you have access to that key at will and on demand. A key may be lost; it may be forgotten so that when the time comes and the need arises for the key it will not be at your disposal. The key may become second nature to you, always there available to you on your person or maybe left in a purse or satchel to be searched for in these times of need.

These keys you all have been given vary according to the individual's retention of these secrets, these rules of engagement. Each one of you carries in your personal possession a variety of keys allowing you entrance into a variety of hallways. Now there is an opportunity to be given yet another key, another passage to be opened to you who so desire. The key becomes your own possession only when you have purposefully and thoughtfully attained the requisition of such a key. Keys may be spread out before a group, and certain individuals may grasp certain keys and leave other keys behind in accordance with their own ascension position.

So, I encourage each of you to examine the keys laid before you at this or any opportunity that may arise, to gaze upon them with keen interest as to their value in your progression, that you may strive and attain a great wad of keys in your possession and find them very useful as situations arise and conditions permit. Your acquisition of these lessons, these keys, must not be stale; they must not be forgotten on a shelf somewhere unattainable but rather must be ready at hand, polished and conditioned so as to be fully functional. A rusty key will not go into a lock. A lost key serves no one any purpose.

These are my words today. Thank you for this opportunity to address this crowd. I will retreat.


Timothy (Ginny): As you observe your models of physical perfection in the recent Olympic games, you can surely see that these beings perform at such perfection, at such high levels of accomplishment. We marvel at their abilities, we sigh with disbelief sometimes at their incredible feats that seem to us beyond our reach. We see strength, balance, endurance. We see agility and beauty. None of these comes at a mere wish. All of these abilities and performances come only after much, much use and practice. So, we encourage you to begin or increase your abilities by practice. What they do looks so easy, so effortless, and sometimes it is, but only after long hours of practice and concentration and dedication. So too you can exercise your spiritual muscles by allowing yourselves moments of stillness and moments of attunement to our presence so that you too can become spiritual athletes who can at will perform easily and effectively.

We are all gathered to help you with your training, and we respect above all else your intent to do so. So, we encourage all of you to practice so that you become eligible for further accomplishments that are beyond your wildest dreams.

Thank you.



Frosty: Yes or no, are my physical symptoms due to, or somewhat due to, the encircuiting process going on in me now? If yes, I can have more patience with it.

Elyon (Jonathan): I would step forward to make comment and begin on the short with yes, and continue on the long. In the wake of Machiventa's discourse, the keys to the kingdom were created by the Father and are bestowed by His Creator Sons and are received by those who are earnest and driven in faith to find and use those keys.

There is a set of keys you also have that are unground. Through evolutionary unfoldment they take their shape and unlock new levels. This applies physically, mentally, and spiritually and is illustrated by the technique you will be introduced to this day. The creature keys, when being ground, will entail some discomfort in the aggression of making the contour. When growing it is useful to repeatedly insert your key into the door of the next level for a trial fit and then proceed to grind some more and to be receptive to the instructions of the master locksmith who can guide you into the proper configuration to make the next crossover.

I hope I have helped.

Gloria: Very much, thank you.

Transmitting, Teaching

Mark: At times when someone asks a question, as a TR I'm not able to understand the question, and the process halts. How can the TR engage some knowledge bank to transmit adequately the question and then receive the answer? If the transmitter doesn't have the details necessary to formulate the question, the question can't be passed on.

Tomas (Gerdean): I will hack at that; this is Tomas.

It has a lot to do with those rusty keys and the fact that all personalities have their expertise, their pattern of functioning. It is not to say that you are specialists but that your various filing cabinets hold an assortment of files, many of which are kept to the forefront but many of which are far buried in the back, dark corner, whereas someone else may have that file readily up front. Let me point out to you an immediate example. Orion, a Life Carrier, is in the wings in anticipation of being asked a series of questions, and this appointment was made well in advance. But Gerdean has no intention of transmitting Orion and feels that Jonathan would be superior, for his brain, his filing cabinet, is more compatible to the material that would be used to address the querist. Yet there are reams of files that could suffice, were any TR open to opening themselves to that Akashic library that exists within the psyche of humanity that accesses any and all information at will, even though many times that method is apt to bring in a hodgepodge of information which may or may not suffice to respond to the question at issue. How else do you think we share this divinity except by our Father having doled out to each of us an allotment of perfection that is contained within those capacities? This is a part of the infinite variety of creature life throughout the universes, that Power Directors will ever have their work to do, and Brilliant Evening Stars have their own areas of interest. If you therefore find yourself unable to respond to a mental question, submerge your desire to be of service into the level of the soul. When you respond to the need of the soul you have always responded appropriately, for the soul, once acknowledged, will be redirected to continue its search for perfection even throughout eternity.

Is that helpful?

Mark: Yes. People would ask a TR who wasn't able to respond as they thought they should. It made us speculate why the teachers couldn't hear the question through the thoughts of the individual asking. But I understand to shift to a different level.

Tomas: Also it involves an element of free will on the part of the TR which can never be overlooked, even though TRs may present themselves as a equipment to be used by the supernals, by the same token the TR is never required to perform a service with which he is uncomfortable or unwilling, and this is to be honored in order to encourage a transmitting process. It has never been advisable to make greater demands on a serviceable personality than is appropriate, and only that human soul can determine appropriateness of its own service skills.

Frosty: That sounds like one of those keys.

Ginny: Sometimes questions get answered in a light that I didn't specify verbally.

Tomas: It would then perhaps indicate that indeed the Father and your elders know more about your needs than you do.

Tom: Would Orion please share his information, Jonathan willing.

Life Carriers

Orion (Jonathan): Orion speaking. G'day. I would begin to address you by following up on your question.

As Life Carriers we function in a physical realm that has a mode of operation not unlike that of the teaching corps that you interface with weekly, though I would assert that the Life Carrier task is a bit more difficult. Life Carriers begin with a plasm, and out of that emerges the diversity of planetary life. Some of the species any one of us is interested in may not survive the evolutionary unfoldment, and you each have experienced the grief of the loss of a pet. The Life Carriers experience the loss of a species of pets.

The teacher and the Life Carrier are like chefs; the ingredients within the kitchen are manifold. To the teacher these ingredients are the TRs and the questioners. Through the TR and with the questioner the dish may be prepared. A TR may be sweet or may be pungent, and it is the teacher's desire to use the appropriate ingredient for the desired outcome. I would encourage you as a functioning TR to not worry about your flavoring. Naturally a teacher would love to have complete transparency, for you to be like water or tofu which could take on the flavor transmitted. However, this is not the case, as it is not the case for the Life Carriers to develop any form of life not intended to be upon a given world.

You know through your study of the papers for Urantia that the Life Carriers are unable to circumvent the free will of human creatures. Life evolves in the human realm based on your own decisions. We have given you the arena and filled it with ample support systems. The teacher likewise requires your free will in order to help the process. An inquiry is made to one of your instructors. The instructor does have access through attendant guardians and the Father's Indwelling Presence. However, the technique undertaken wherein the student is asking through a TR for advice necessitates that the chain of conduction be clear at each point. There is great difficulty for a being of spiritual status, even of morontia status, in translating into physical form meaning and value. Were it that all could receive clearly, you TRs would be out of a job. But the human form is incomplete. Some circuitry is beneficial for this particular process, whereas others are wired for other forms of planetary ministry. It serves no purpose to watch a ballgame on the radio. Given the fact -- as the corps of Life Carriers view it -- that Light and Life will be attained upon this world, you each will have a multidimensional channel through which you will receive and project into the higher realms. Such is not the case today.

I also would underline the use of those keys. I mentioned that the corps of my kind cannot manipulate the freewill realm. We have been your developers of the physical foundation upon which life takes place and also are the promoters of that very life itself. Out of this particular garden that is Urantia we have seen the development of two forms of freewill creatures: you human beings and your midway cousins. Since Light and Life is in your hands, and I speak to both of you, we are only able to assist. We have become your servants rather than the lab masters we once were. As you learn to work together consciously, you will have our full cooperation in assisting in uplifting this planet.

I would receive questions, but before I do I would like to emphasize the similarity between you and the midwayers this way:

Some keys are cut on one edge, others on two edges. Two edged keys and single edged keys don't fit the same kind of locks. The midwayers and yourselves are cut quite similarly. You should be able to find a way to interlock with one another compatibly.

Do you have questions?

Frosty: I'd like to say hi to Olin, my buddy.

Orion: It is received and returned.


George: In developing the life form on Urantia I'm almost convinced you didn't overlook calcium as a necessary aspect of the neuron and specifically as the biological aspect of memory. Am I correct?

Orion: After working through Jonathan's osteo-paralysis I would return the answer: yes.

George: Would we be in a position to use the construct used for facing celestials or for healing in teaching that to patients with brain injury to increase healing of the axon bridging of the neurons where neurons are taken out of the system?

Orion: You are addressing an organ in animal development that the Life Carriers are quite proud of because of its complexity yet, upon physical observation, its seeming "non-differentiality" throughout itself. Yet it is complex and quite delicate. When this organ is damaged it can circumvent to a limited degree the area of damage and develop pathways for the return of older functions. You probably have noted some individuals through injury have developed advanced functions.

I do encourage you to promote the mending as well as the development of new pathways. Since this organ is the connection to the realm of mind, it is the only physical device within our bodies that can adapt to the circuit of mind. The heart receives an impulse and beats and will do so as long as it is not interrupted. The brain can receive the impulse of mind, and if it can't receive it one way will adjust and receive it another. An interruption is only a pause in the reception. Your methods are beneficial in training a creature in the methods for adapting.

George: Perhaps we are getting closer to looking at the anatomy of a human mind in seeing it as progressive, interactive segments that are in turn donated by adjutant mind spirits.

Specifically, a fresh post traumatic stress disorder ended up, after four and a half hours, with the arrival of what appeared to be the first aspect of her morontia mind endowment. The individual turned virtual genius in a short space of time. Should I progress with these theories of the anatomy of mind?

Orion: Yes, do. I quote you the passage in your text that when physical conditions are ripe sudden mental transformations may take place. When mental conditions are favorable, sudden spiritual transformations may take place.

George: Thank you, Orion. Will we meet up again?


Orion: Most certainly. I have boasted to some extent over the accomplishment of the development of brain, but I must temper that with the comment that the purpose for such a development was in order to receive our Mother's mindal emplacements and all of that for the purpose of receiving the Paradise Father's bestowal gift, and that is the single focus for our corps. Though we love to develop life in many ways, our main goal is to have standing upon a terrestrial abode creatures like yourselves who house the presence of God.