2001-09-24-Upsetting Times

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Topic: Upsetting Times

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings my friends, I am Ham and I greet you each this evening.


Trauma, 911

This time is one of great opportunity. It is important that you each take this opportunity to grow in the spirit. This time of being unsettled and vulnerable reverberates in the soul and creates openings and opportunities for progress in the spirit. This terrible act has caused most of the world to step back and reflect on your individual lives and the meaning of life in general. It is good that this is so.

When your life is threatened, your way of life is attacked, it is important to take the value in your life and to elevate it. It is important to examine what means the most to you, and it is important to cherish these things. Yes, life will resume. You will go back to living your lives as usual. But, also, let there be something changed in you. Allow yourselves to love one another a little more openly, allow yourselves to cherish the moment and to live more strongly in the present. Allow yourselves to renew old friendships and strengthen relationships. Allow yourselves to feel vulnerable and to feel the comfort of the Father’s love. Take this time to strengthen your relationship with the Master and with the Mother spirit. Ask for help. Become as little children, vulnerable and open.

It is, of course, true that you don’t realize what it is you value until it is taken away. So let the thought of what is precious to you being take away, let that suffice for you to recognize its value. Comfort each other and love each other across boundaries. Let those boundaries dissolve. Let yourselves love all people and to be understanding, if not completely sympathetic, with the poor misguided souls who have done this terrible thing.

Many unspeakable acts have been committed in the name of God. Let now the world over be brought to this realization so that the best in all your religions can come to the surface. What is most true within each creed and belief system is universal in its application. God is love. This is your highest conception of him, your highest experience of him, and this is universal. It is also true that God loves his children, not one more than another, but each one infinitely, even those who embrace evil for his sake.

Urantia has inherited many confused conceptions of God. Christianity has splintered into hundreds of sects and religion must progress, religion must come to an understanding with all other religions. Let them all agree that God is love and release the God of vengeance, the God of war to the past. The idea that God the Father would want or sanction his children to kill one another is repugnant in the universe. God does not will that there should be war on earth. God is also peace. Islam means peace and surrender to peace. This is something all Christians can recognize and understand.

Perhaps this terrible tragedy will bring a recognition that will end wars between Protestants and Catholics, wars that have ravaged Europe for centuries and still continue on a low level in various places. Let the two halves of the original church, the Eastern and the Western, reconcile.

We pray that your world will have wisdom and that your leadership will be enlightened as you move into this new century. The world will continue to have preferred religious practices and differing theological ideas throughout future time. But there can be a faith which transcends these things, a basic recognition that all human beings are the sons and daughters of God and that each human being is responsible for the others as brothers and sisters on one world.

This is an opportunity to hold those high values aloft, to live by them in your lives, and to cherish each other for in this dreadful time all peoples are New Yorkers, all peoples are brethren. Are there questions at this time?


War, World Government

Q: Ham I have a question, you just said God abhors war on this earth and we would all agree and understand that, but last week you did say we have to defend ourselves. Do you have any suggestions or advice on that?

Ham: Certainly. There must be a defense, not only against the perpetrators of this terrible crime, there must also be a spiritual defense. There must be those who stand up to the kind of pseudo-religion that would send children on suicide missions. You must have, or course, a law enforcement, military and judicial response. But there must also be a response that loves the sinner while hating the sin. The history of Urantia is filled with fanaticism and religious wars. If this can be the catalyst to ending this type of theology and promoting peace on your world, then much more good has come than evil. The solidarity of the nations who are condemning this type of thinking is promising. Individually, this is an opportunity to grow, but also as a world, it is an opportunity to grow. Eventually, your world will find self-government reaching all the way to global government and global unity . Your religions will unite as well. The world, the earth at that time, will be very much advanced from where you are now in terms of prosperity extending throughout the world. You will always have levels in society, but with world government and world religion, these levels will be much less pronounced. We also foresee that there will be one language, most likely English, which will become the language of all peoples and cultural differences will also lessen as the citizens of the world come together and appreciate each other and adopt the best from all cultures. It is not meant that one or two countries should dominate the world and threaten each other constantly. It is meant for all people to have a voice in how they are governed and for all people to be safe from war, and from terror. This is a high goal, but one we are confident will eventually come about.

Urantia Book

Q: Ham would this be a time the Urantia book would find more receptivity in the world?

Ham: Yes, we think so.

Q: Are there any ways, considering the circumstances, that we could take advantage of what is happening right now in terms of presenting the book? I am just wondering if the Muslims would be more receptive. I am finding that Christians are not changing much, at least the ones I am in touch with. They are not responsive to it.

Ham: Well, the Urantia book may take root in some surprising places. It is making great progress among Spanish speaking peoples and is projected to make fairly good gains in Asia and some parts of Africa. But this will take time.

Q: I have always thought that in China all those traditional religions have been stamped out and wondered if some day that might not be a really fertile place for the Urantia Book.

Ham: You may very well be correct.

Planetary Government

Q: We were talking about world government, on the other side there is planetary government, the planetary prince. Have the events that we have seen in the recent past, present, and future changed anything in relationship between how the planetary government and the players in this government might respond to the situation currently or in the future?

Ham: No, of course not. The planetary government operates on a different level. The planetary government is of course interested in fostering human progression and will certainly attempt to uplift the mortal thinking at every opportunity, but as far as changing strategy or plans, no.

Q: With the coalition that you spoke of earlier, and the greater awareness of people that I think we have seen through these terrorists events, it seems fertile for the planting of activity toward moving people in all parts of the world closer spiritually to unity at this time. I was just wondering if there was any little opportunities that were going to be taken that might be different under circumstances where this fertile ground wasn’t tilled so to speak?

Ham: Well, the Planetary Prince, Machiventa, has things well in hand. He has been preparing for this type of event for a long time. Of course he prepares for many eventualities, but this type of thing has been high probability for quite some time. Is this helping?

Q: Yes.


Q: One of the things that has made me feel most uncomfortable in the last week is the displays of nationalism all around us. It seems retrograde, especially in light of the things you said about world political and spiritual unity. Can you help me understand nationalism a little better?

Ham: Yes, there are two basic types of nationalism. One is a simple us against them. The other is more thoughtful and more profound. It is good that the people of this country examine what it is to be American, what ideals are held high, what ideals are shared with other nations. There are always the baser, animalistic instincts of self-preservation at all cost which are brought out at a time like this. But also, there is an impulse to cherish tolerance, diversity, religious freedom, and the democratic tradition which American founded in the modern age. These things are important and precious and must be preserved. So this type of reflection on nationalistic lines is good. Every generation must define itself and this is the event which leads to the reflection that will define you for all future time. Is this helping your understanding.

Q: Yes, but I still fell uncomfortable putting flags all over everything.

Ham: Be thankful, then, that you are not required to put a flag up.

Personal Counsel

Q: Ham, may I have a personal message for myself and Amalaim?

Ham: Certainly. My children you do well. You have both been through some growth periods which have been uncomfortable and difficult. Let these trials bring you to closer understanding of each other. Grow in acceptance of yourselves and each other. Be not afraid to be completely vulnerable and honest during times of difficulties. Let your love for each other strengthen you and let it remind you each of who you really are for you both love the best in each other and this is how it should be.

Second Coming

Q: Ham could I have a personal message tonight and could you address any messages I might have received regarding Michael?

Ham: Of course, my son. Please be at ease concerning these things. The Master’s spirit is here in very great force. This change, this opening of the circuits and the arrival of Michael’s spirit in greater amplitude than before, has caused many people to predict his return and to think of his physical return as being imminent. There are some who believe his spirit inhabits there bodies, they speak for him. There are some who are preparing a place for his coming, much like the Mormons did in the 19th century. There are many strange predictions of his coming, times, methods, things of this nature. But the truth is, should Michael return in some form that is materially visible, he has not made such an announcement and perhaps would not. The Master has a vast universe to care for. His spirit is with each of those children on his many worlds. He loves all his children and wishes for them to recognize him. But, these conversions must come not from miracles, not from overwhelming awe, but from the gradual acknowledgment of his spirit. It is my understanding, which is not always completely correct, that the Master will rule this planet not from a throne of gold in Jerusalem, but rather he will rule in the spirit as he rules many others in the spirit.

Q: Ham, Jeff W. wanted me to ask for a message for him.

Ham: Certainly. Yes, my son, be careful to hold your emotions in check. You are a person of great emotional excess and this can be a destabilizing thing. Seek the spirit through emotional peace. Seek the stillness, a quiet time with the Father. Vent your emotions before hand. Pray with your emotions, but when seeking spiritual comfort and guidance seek it in peace.

Q: Would you have something for Levon?

Ham: Certainly. My son, you must come to recognize your own value. You must come to understand how greatly you are loved and valued in the universe, not for any deeds, not for any talents, but simply for being who you are. Relax in this knowledge, come to accept it.

Q: If you have a message for me I would appreciate it.

Ham: Yes, my son, you do well. Sometimes you feel like you go in circles, but such is not the case. In actuality, you make spiritual progress day by day, hour by hour. Look at each experience in terms of what you have learned. Be appreciative of all that the Father teaches and grow in your awareness of his love.

Q: Ham, do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Certainly. My daughter, be comforted. Know that you are cared for and that you are becoming increasingly sensitive to the leadings of the spirit. Take comfort in those things which you value most. All is well.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: My son, you do well. Be more diligent in practicing the stillness. This is very important for you at this time. You have tendencies to fall into self-loathing and set up situations to disappoint yourself very often. You could not take comfort from your earthly father, but I want you to take comfort from your heavenly Father, to accept it, to feel worthy of it. This is a time, an opportunity, for you to leave behind patterns of self-loathing that are well worn, comfortable pals and to walk forward in spiritual growth and preparation. No one will be too ready when the Father calls. The Father requires something of each one of us. Spiritual testing, spiritual trials, come in many unexpected ways. Do not be found lacking, but love yourselves enough to prepare. Is this helping my son?

Q: Yes, I am sure it is.

United States

Q: Ham, Your words for the United States were really comforting and healing, but I would like to comment on your words about this "divine destiny" task of the United States for the world. I have been in America twice and I noticed that a lot of people think that their nation really rules the world. Of course the United States are strong economically, and they have so much influence on military and political issues around the world, but I think it is exaggerated to say they should be the example for the rest of the world.

During my visits I met the most wonderful and spiritual people, but I really had to shake my head about some of their ideas of being in 'The Land of the Free'. I think a lot of people in America who think themselves being free, are quite restricted, especially about the beautiful human body, the sacred temple that God has given us to walk the earth...But also things in daily life shocked me: it seems to me that everything must be big, fast, more, bigger, faster, in the United States, as if the outside is more important than the inside.

I know there are people living in a very nice car to have status, but do not have a house because they're poor!

There is no good social security system, health insurance, etc. I these cases I really don't want the United States to be the example for the rest of the world!!!

It would be more reliable to me if they show vulnerability instead of pretending they are more powerful than the rest of the world!

Don't get me wrong, I love America and I pray for all the people of the United States, but I think they should also observe the good things that are going on in the rest of the world and learn from that as well.

Ham: Yes, my daughter, you are certainly correct that many people have mistaken ideals and ideas in the United States as well as the rest of the world. But also, there is an inherently mistaken assumption passed down from the revolutionary era through socialism to the modern age and that is that the powerless are morally superior to the powerful. This was an inversion of an earlier assumption from the age of monarchy in which the powerful aristocratic classes were thought to be morally superior to the rest of society. America was founded on the assumption that all men are pretty much equal morally, and that power corrupts these morals, especially the threat of the loss of power. Thus, American government is divided with separation of powers and certain checks and balances. America is an example of how individual potentially antagonistic states can federate and be peaceful. America is an example of how minority rights can be protected under majority rule. Of course, there are many things imperfect about American and Americans. But, these principles which bind the American States together are sound. The administration of the universe is divided into judicial, a kind of legislative and executive powers. This separation and the further separation of church and state which enables all the religions of the world to live in peace in this country, is truly exemplary and commendable. The nation states of Europe have much to offer American and the world. It was in a political sense, that I was speaking, not in a moral or a sense that individuals are superior anywhere in the world.

Q: Is it possible for me to get a personal message?

Ham: My daughter, you do very well. You are a person of high ideals and a person who is like a crusader for spiritual values. This is commendable, my dear. You are an example to many of those around you, and your are loved and respected more than you know. Maintain these high ideals, but do not be disappointed when you find yourself to be human and falling short of some of these. A person’s reach should always exceed their grasp. Be at ease, you do well.

Q: Do you have a message for Esmeralda?

Ham: Yes, my dear, you do well. Continue to rest and be conscious of your health. Your recovery is coming along, but be careful not to overdo and to tire yourself needlessly. In a few weeks, it would be wise to begin a gradual exercise program but as yet, you should err on the side of caution and be careful not to over tire.

Q: Do you have a message for Elena?

Ham: My dear, you do well. You have come far over these past few months. Come into greater self-acceptance and greater self-love. Know that you are the Father’s precious daughter and are loved infinitely. His love is immeasurable and unending. It is impossible for human beings to understand the scope and intensity of the Father’s love. But it is incumbent upon you to try.

Q: Message for Charlie B?

Ham: Yes my son, you do very well. You are also one who struggles with yourself. You are a person who sets impossibly high standards then berates yourself when you fall short. All of you must practice loving yourselves as you are. You are human beings, you are not created as Melchizedeks or archangels. You are ascending children in the universe. Be at peace with yourselves and the peace with others will follow.

Q: Ham I would appreciate any feedback you have for me.

Ham: Of course my son. You also hold yourself to extremely high standards and you can tend to be obsessively perfectionist. Ease up on yourself. Yes, you have responsibilities, yes others look to you for guidance, but at the same time you are a human being. You are a person who lives as others live, makes mistakes as others do and this should be a comfort rather than a problem. Find comfort in being imperfect. This will be a help.


Are there any further questions? Very well then, as always, my love and my prayers are with you each. You are all doing well and in this time of heightened anxiety you have all acquitted yourselves with courage and with an increased understanding. Be at peace my children, farewell.