1992-02-16-Forgiving Others

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Topic: Forgiving Others

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



Daniel: "Good evening. I am Daniel. I am your teacher. This evening it appears that our group is growing and that you are doing well in keeping things organized. Next week will be a good meeting with your visitors. D3 has informed me of the time change. I will be here then.



This last week has found you all working and doing those things which will bring about further enlightenment. There have been some of you who have made some good self discoveries. This will bring you along the path in the right direction. I am pleased that you are taking this work seriously. For tonight I would like to talk about forgiveness on a different plane. Last week we talked about self forgiveness. This you will need to do throughout your life, so continue those things which will help you to totally forgive yourselves. In forgiving yourself you are then opened up to forgiving others. This is the next step.

In forgiving others, you need to be aware that all people are like you, moving along their path. In their daily struggles, as in yours, conflicts arise for sure. It is the manner in which you settle these conflicts that either bring you along to a higher path, or you become stagnant, or you backslide. You all have had those experiences where you have been through all three of these situations. In forgiving others realize that they may not reach that and accept your forgiveness. This is because they are locked in their own pain. If you will find that forgiveness in your mind and in your heart, then they will also feel it. They will be strengthened even though this is not apparent. Forgiveness is a slow process and you may have to take it one step at a time. Know that in forgiveness you need to understand what has happened. If you know yourself then that step will already have been taken. Next, understand the person you are in conflict with. In doing this, you will be able to forgive. It may take small steps, but small steps lead to bigger ones, and as you learn to forgive and forget, it becomes easier. You must realize that not everyone is so willing. Many have hardened hearts. Your reaching out to them will soften this hard heart of theirs and over time they will be able to get to know themselves as well. When you forgive remember Christ Michael's last words. He asked, 'Father forgive them, they know not what they do'. Take this into your heart and know that your fellow brethren know not what they do as well.

You are moving along higher realms. You need to swallow your pride and reach out in a forgiving manner. If your own pride, prejudice, intolerance, impatience, step in the way, then you will close off avenues for not only your own self enlightenment, but those of your fellow man. You are, in a sense, taking on more responsibility in your actions. You are able to do so if you will follow these teachings and keep your desire for further enlightenment strong. Forgiveness on a personal level will come about for you.

There is another kind of forgiveness and this is in the realm of being able to forgive in the collective consciousness for all of mankind. You realize the global injustices. You must do what is necessary to help in this regard while at the same time having a forgiving heart for the atrocities that are perpetuated. If you will pray and seek guidance in these areas you will be moving this mission along as well. So for this week, continue self forgiveness and now reach out for forgiving one another. Know that this is an imperfect world and everyone has their own problems which they are working through. Some will be more receptive than others, but even the Good Shepherd went in search of the lost sheep. So my pupils, I commend you for your work this far. I encourage you to risk going another step forward. All that you do that is done with firm desire will merit good. You are standing on firm ground. Take your next step, it will also find a solid base. I will now open this for questions."


Collective Intelligence

B6: "Daniel, this is B6. I believe you referred to the collective unconscious. I was unaware that there was such a thing. Would you elaborate please." (Editor's note: Daniel did not refer to the collective unconscious but to the collective consciousness. B6 misunderstood, perhaps because he was at the back of the room)

Daniel: "Yes, this should have stated collective consciousness. D3 was going a bit fast and I am sure, I know she is sorry for these errors. (Editor's note: D3 didn't make the mistake either). Collective consciousness is that which is part of the whole human race. You are all endowed with minds, intellect, which produce thoughts. Your thoughts are like little wave lengths can reach out to others. As these thoughts migrate from place to place they form a collective process that is called the human collective consciousness. So when things happen on this planet often they happen all over the whole planet. What one scientist may discover in one country is soon or at the same time discovered in another country. Thoughts have a reality and this is referred to as the collective consciousness."

Belief, Growth

F1: Daniel, Daniel, this is F1. I am having trouble I'm finding working out of my true feelings, what my beliefs are now, and honoring others' beliefs without my ego getting in the way and having to be right. I find myself with the people I love, their belief systems...mine are changing and their's are staying the same. I'm having trouble honoring their belief systems, which used to be my belief systems, and I'm having a lot of conflict with that, and not finding a way to love and honor theirs."

Daniel: "Yes, this can be a difficult problem. As you grow you will find that many, many people are in a stagnant position. This is where they are. Their own fear, doubts, upbringing, their whole being is all that it is capable of being at that time. When you find yourselves becoming impatient with others because of their seeming lack of moving forward, think about your place in the Grand Universe. I, myself, know that I have much to learn and this helps me to remain open and understanding of others. I know that those who are further along the spiritual path are doing the same for me. So, my dear pupil, I too know the struggle that you have. Often it is because you know wonderful truths and you want everyone to know them. It takes time to cultivate seeds and to provide the warmth and water for them. So in your personal lives, when you feel this happening, think on the Grand Universe and seek guidance for your own patience and tolerance in reaching out to others. You have all experienced this in various areas of your life and it can be frustrating, but take it one day at a time and as you feel these hostilities rising, seek God's help, His guidance, and this will help you."

F1: "Thank you." B1: "Daniel, this is B1. Would this be an appropriate time to answer the question that I asked of you two weeks ago and you said, 'at a more appropriate time' and that has to do with your presence among us as a volunteer for Michael's mission. Could you share where you were when you were recruited for this if this is appropriate. It sort of fits into the Grand Universe scheme of things, as you were saying, I think."

Daniel: "Yes, this is a good time. I am sure you all know what I have done in the past and am doing. I am and have been a teacher on Jerusem. I have found this to be a very rewarding as well as learning experience. If I sound like a teacher, it comes from many years of experience, as well as sharing a mind of a mortal teacher here. We both think alike." (laughter)

B1: "Thank you Daniel. That's very helpful."

Daniel: "Yes, I understand your wanting to know and this is an honor to know that you are interested in my being."

B1: "Were you a teacher as a mortal, as well as an ascendant(teacher) in the Morontia career? Were you also a teacher on a mortal sphere?"

Daniel: "No, I was a doctor."

B1: "Thank you Daniel."


V1: "Daniel, last night I was reading the paper on the Mansion Worlds...here I am exposing myself again...but I was rather disappointed to realize that on the Mansion worlds you have to live by faith. I keep thinking it is going to be more simple than it is or I think it is and I'm wondering if even right now reflecting on what I read if perhaps you aren't in a position of acting on faith as far as working with us mortals here on Urantia?"

Daniel: "Yes, that is correct in that on the Mansion worlds you work out of faith. However, know that it is much easier than on a mortal sphere. There, you are, you will be more aware of your Thought Adjuster as well as other beings. And so faith is more easily felt than on this sphere. Yes, even I must have faith and faith in you as pupils as well. As you ascend through your spiritual path you will find that with each step you take your faith is expanded and it becomes more solid, not as easily shaken. So have comfort in this idea. I know that you are all trying and you have great desire. This is all the faith that I need to have. This is all the Father needs to know. So continue on your road and as you go along even on this path on this sphere you will find your faith becoming more and more impenetrable and it becomes easier to embrace."

V1: "Thank you Danny."

C2: "Daniel, this is C2. You mentioned the collective consciousness. Does that mean there is a collective unconscious? "And if so, can you say more about that?"

Daniel: "There is a collective unconsciousness as well, but it is not important for your growth at this time. There are so many things that you will come to know as you move through your various mansion worlds. The collective unconsciousness is not important for you to understand at this time."

Home, Family

L2: "Daniel, this is L2. Are you available to attend a family meeting with my family tomorrow night. If not, another time?"

Daniel: "One moment... Yes, I verified this with D3. She also can meet at your convenience tomorrow evening. I will be glad to attend. I would like to take this opportunity to talk about family meetings. B1 and L2 are to be commended for their seeing these types of activities occur in their home. Through family meetings you can set up a system where not only the parents are heard, but he children as well. If we hope to bring the next generation in line with these teachings then we need to change the home life in many ways. In family meetings a more democratic type of system can be shared. It is true that the parents are the providers, the caretakers and they should have the final say so. However, if children are not given the chance to present their side, then you are not allowing them to grow. In their presenting their side there can be many workable plans put forth which otherwise would not even be thought about. If those of you who have not done so are and still able to, then implementing these family meetings would be most beneficial. There are a number of books available on this. I know that both B1 and D3 have books on family meetings that have been put out through the Urantia Foundation. They, I'm sure, will share. If you have friends who are having difficulty with their children you may want to check on this book for them as well. For now I will not take any more time on this. It is however a very important issue as the children will be the parents of tomorrow and we know in order for this planet to move ahead more parenting skills and understanding of children is necessary."

V1: "This conversation reminds me of a book I finished today by [Maria Montessori and the way she approaches treatment of children. And I'm not sure how to word this but she seems so far ahead of her time that I am wondering if indeed she really wasn't a member of the Corps of Destiny with her cosmic attitude toward the world and women and children. She is a hundred years ahead of where our planet is, even now. If you can comment on that...."

Daniel: "This fine lady has done many wonderful things to bring the plight of the child to the forefront. Her work revolutionized many aspects in education today. She was indeed a part of our Corps of Destiny, one of those unsung heroes who is finding more glory as time passes. I find it hard at the moment to keep D3 at bay, Maria Montessori is her mentor"...(tapes are being turned)

B1: "One more tape to switch here while you are getting D3 under control."(laughter and group comments)

Daniel: "Yes that can be a problem at times but she is trying her best. She is very much involved with the life and works of Maria Montessori. As time moves forward the works of this great lady will find more influence. She will find more schools in her name because of her democratic and loving approach to child rearing and to life."

B1: "Daniel, I failed to introduce a friend of mine before we began asking questions. I would like to introduce to you B3 Schrieber from American Falls High School where I work with him. He is a high school counselor and he has been a reader of the Urantia book we think now in his third year. And I have shared with him Ham's teachings and also your teachings."

Daniel: "Welcome B3. And while we are on this, let me say that you are doing well in your bringing in new members. So far there have been no problems. You are aware of the problems that would arise if these teachings were exploited, so keep your minds open to that possibility and things will progress nicely."

B2: "Daniel, this is B2. I was wondering if your could give us some advice since politics are on our mind a lot lately, pertaining particularly to the family. It seems like the value of the family in this country is not being maintained as very important. If you could give us advice on the local level, the State or even the national level on ways we could uplift its value once again?"


Daniel: "Yes. One area which I will not discuss is politics. I can and will not influence your decisions in any way regarding politics. It is your job as citizens in a democracy to research your candidates and know what their values are, their morals, their thoughts and who is controlling them. Once you have done that it will become clear to you who you need to support. On another level of your question let me say that in dealing with your own family or with other people you need to put forth Godmindedness. You need to demonstrate tolerance. You need to demonstrate forgiveness. You need to be loving, give love, be willing to take it back. All these things will help others in their growth. You cannot continually love a person who is putting out hate without them eventually softening. If you continually try to rectify any wrong with another wrong you are only perpetuating a problem. In any area, whether it be in forgiving, whether it be in tolerance, in prejudice, in being prideful, a wrong for a wrong will not change society. For society to change, the individual members themselves must change their whole being, their attitudes. They must come to terms with who they are, why they do the things they do, what motivates them. Once you know how you operate then you will know if there needs to be changes made. If you are one who is always unforgiving then if you are in control of who you are, you can start to forgive. So in trying to change the way the world is, begin with yourself. Change those things within yourself that need to be changed and then, and only then, can you start to make changes in the world. What you do with yourself vicariously helps change those around you. When your attitude about something changes then you will see others changing as well. So here again, start with yourself, do those changes there and then the rest of the world can start to change."


B1: "Daniel, this is B1. You commented, I think, on assuming more responsibility and I am not sure that I fully understood what you were saying but I think it was associated with increasing spirituality. As we increase our spiritual path we can accept more responsibility. I think you said something like that. Could you just elaborate on that a little more, please?"

Daniel: "Yes, that is correct. As you move up the various steps of your spiritual path you are ready and able to take on more truth, more enlightenment. With each truth that is revealed to you, you are called upon to grow, stretch, change. All this leads to added responsibility. Those that do not know the Father cannot be responsible to talk about Him or follow His ways. Those that do, shoulder that responsibility to help others along. This does not mean that you have to take the weight of the world on your shoulders, no. Just know that in doing the Father's will everyday and with more and more consistency you are changing the world. You are adding responsibility and taking it."

B1: "Thank you Daniel."

Angelic Contact

K5: "Daniel, this is K4. I want to ask a question but I'm not sure how to frame it. It's about other spirits. I believe there are many types of spirits that help to influence and shape our lives. It is my belief that there are many other spirits that help us in our journey. I guess my question is at times when we are more vulnerable than at other times in our lives we are susceptible to not only negative but to the positive and it is difficult for me to discern which spirits to listen to and try to develop a relationship with those other spirits. I think there are many things that we overlook in our daily lives that certainly can help us besides the grandiose things. Will you please comment on this?"

Daniel: "Yes, K3. To begin with as you increase your knowledge in the Urantia Book teaching you will discover that there are no longer any negative or evil spirits. The devil, Satan, Caligastia, Lucifer, are no longer on this planet. The negative of which you speak is that which is in the mind of man itself. You are most correct when you stated that are many kinds of beings. I am able to discern many. There are many, many more that even I am unaware of. If you could see this room now you would wonder how we all could fit in it.(uproarious laughter) So in your search I know you are in much struggle and you are seeking answers. You are correctly on the right path wanting to know more truth. D3 has conveyed to me that you wish a private session which will come about. Please check with her on a time and day. I would suggest that you talk with other members who have read the book. They can guide you to certain sections that will help you in understanding some of your questions. Perhaps starting with the Lucifer rebellion itself. B1, either one, will you please give him the page for that. When we have our private session we can further discuss some of your concerns. I think that would be best for now. Know, though, that there are many kinds of spirits, yes."

12 Step Programs

B1: "Daniel are you familiar with the 12 step program that was first developed by Alcoholics Anonymous but is now used in various forms by a number of other groups that are directed towards the improvement of individuals lives according to whatever they perceive to be the major problem in their lives, and if so is it..I have had this thought that perhaps the 12 step program had some help from beyond merely human origins. Do you know if that's a fact?"

Daniel: "In most cases where there seems to be a great upliftment for people there is usually work on this side being done and prepared for those who are open to hear. I cannot say for sure, I do not know of the 12 steps individually, only as it is called, I am familiar with it. One moment.....While this program is beneficial it does often keep people from moving on. It has helped many, many for sure. Often, however, those people who have not learned to accept any self responsibility tend to remain so. This plan, this program, did have some help from this side. It does much good. It needs to go further in helping those people who tend to say, 'Well, that's just me, that's the way I am'. These people need to know that that is you, but change is possible and it doesn't have to be you. Is that clear?"

B1: "Yes, in fact I've had exactly the same opinions. I'm very encouraged to hear this. And I have the same feeling about people who regard the Urantia Book's truths as absolutely final and therefor refuse to believe that the Lucifer rebellion has been adjudicated, for example, because they are not open to the new truth that you teachers are teaching. If I understood you Daniel you are saying that the 12 steps is an excellent program but it isn't sacred, it isn't..if you stay with that and you can't add anything to it you are going to get stuck. At least that's what I think happens sometimes to people in this program. Did I understand you correctly?"

Daniel: "That is correct." B1: "Yes, thanks a lot. I appreciate that."

Daniel: "And we must be understanding of those people who are having trouble with these teachings. They are coming from their own fears. You have been there yourselves. So continue your prayers for them that they are able to seek the guidance they need to come to the truth about these teachings."

Collective Unconscious

C2: "Daniel, this is C2 again. I'm still..even though I have been told by you that I don't need to concern myself with the collective unconscious, I guess as we have been talking I keep hearing the word motivation. And it is my belief, or understanding at least, that much of what we do is motivated by our unconsciousness and hopefully if we seek to understand ourselves more deeply and bring those things out into consciousness we can be more positive about our actions. I guess that was the concern or the underlying question about the collective unconscious, to see if indeed there was some sort of a collective energy or collective state that helps in our unconscious as it pertains to the motivations for how we act and behave. I accept that I don't need to know any more about it per se, except that I am wrestling with the role it plays in our own actions and behavior."

Daniel: "Understood and you are indeed on a right track in your perceiving of it. Your Thought Adjuster is also part of that motivating drive behind you growth. The Indwelling Spirit motivates you individually and They in turn form a collective consciousness for all of mankind. For you, the individual, it would then be considered unconscious."

C2: "Thank you, that is helpful."


B6: "Daniel, this is B6. I am going to miss this argument with B1. Could you clear up what the size of the Master universe is and whether it encompasses more than the Milky Way or not?"(Group tittering and comments, laughter)

Daniel: "Are you asking if the Milky Way is through the whole Grand Universe?"

B6: "If I remember, isn't there seven Master Universes?"

B1: "Seven Superuniverses." B6: "Seven Superuniverses, I'm interested in an analysis."

B1: "I think your question is . ..(laughter) is the universe of Orvonton synonymous with the Milky Way or is the universe of Orvonton larger than the Milky Way, and this is where we have had a dispute. I have said that I understand the Urantia Book to say that Superuniverse of Orvonton is larger than the Milky Way. Is that the question B6?" (laughter)

B6: "If larger, how much larger?"(continued laughter)

Daniel: "The Milky Way extends beyond Orvonton. By how much I cannot say. B6, this may be a research project for you on another world.(Uproarious laughter)

B6: "Will K9 be there?"(More uproarious laughter)

B1: "Daniel, did you say that Orvonton is smaller than the Milky Way, is that correct?"

Daniel: "The Milky Way stretches out beyond Orvonton."

B6: "It's going to be a research project on this planet." (more laughter)

B1: "The literally millions of galaxies our science describes, are they then for the most part in the first and second outer space area surrounding the seven Superuniverses. Is that correct?"

Daniel: "Yes, and there are still galaxies being formed."

Mansion Worlds

V1: Daniel, this is V1 again and reflecting on what I read last night.. and you have obviously gone through the seven mansion worlds and gone on to Jerusem, I think that is correct. I just wondered if you would mention what it is like to be taken to Jerusem from the Sea of Glass, or is the Sea of Glass in Jerusem, I forgot. I believe the book says that this is one of the everlasting memories we will have throughout eternity, this particular experience."

Daniel: "Words cannot describe. Feelings that you have on this planet when they are the most heightened are only a morsel of the heightened awareness and feelings you will gain as you go through the Mansion Worlds. It is beyond your understanding and comprehension. Know that it is wonderful and yes, the Sea of Glass is in Jerusem. You will have much to look forward to.


If there are no more questions we will close for this evening. I understand you will be having a birthday party for B1... (B1: Uh, that's news to me) one of many as you travel in further worlds..."

V1: "Daniel, you spilled the beans!"(laughter)

Daniel: "Yes, I did...(Uproarious laughter)..but since I will not be eating cake with you I want to say, 'Happy birthday'. I look forward to meeting with you next week. Have a good week. Seek guidance in your daily work and try to forgive at least one person this week. Good evening." Group: "Good evening Daniel."