1993-01-24-Alignment With The Father

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Topic: Alignment with the Father

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Iruka

TR: Pam



Iruka: The love of God surrounds you, the power of God enfolds you, where ever you are He is. Good evening I am Iruka, I am your friend and teacher.


Teacher Contact

I have enjoyed listening to your talk among yourselves. I am glad to hear of your experiences and how you have grown. You are indeed on the path to the Father. You will experience more growth and feel more love for those around you. Soon it will become easier and easier to love those who seem to be unlovable. And of course you know the people who need the love the most are the ones that it is the most difficult to show it to. But you are well on your way, also remember that God will give you the love to give away. You act as a channel as it comes in to you, you send it out. That is how it becomes easier. I am pleased that you are making progress. For this is one of the most difficult things to do. But as you see others as the Father sees them, your perception changes and you start to become loving and becoming in line with the Father. So it also helps you, not only the person you are loving, but you grow and you experience not only the love but the peace and as was expressed earlier, the joy. This is your reward these are your tools for more growth. It is a cycle, so thank you for expressing what has happened to you this week. I see that you did very well with my assignment. And I will just give you the same assignment for it is in practicing that we become better and the job becomes easier. I am very excited about this growth.

This week there was a meeting that I attended. It lasted the whole day, which takes up three of your days. And I wish to relate some of the changes. The first and most exciting change is that anyone who wants a teacher may have one. Anyone on the planet. This is unusual, planets who are in life and light have this privilege, but now this planet may have that privilege. The other change I want to tell you about is that more circuits are being reconnected. At first, you will not detect a difference but it will happen, and communication will become easier and faster. This phenomenon of receiving messages will not be looked upon as strange or weird or unbelievable. And it should help up-step the human race. You see if every human being knew that he was loved by the Father, and that the Father wanted him to grow and love Him back, if every human walked around feeling loved and cared for, the attitude of the whole planet would change. Individuals would stop hating each other and hurting each other. So while it might not seem obvious to why I am so excited, the benefits will greatly improve the whole world. We also on this side are very excited and it means even more teachers and training. There is much activity over here, and much excitement to this new development. This is good news and I am very happy to bring it to you. On this side we feel much affection for our students. I am not sure that you know this, or that you can feel it. But we want you to know how much you are loved, and cared for, and how much we grieve when some of the awful things happen. So again, I say we are very excited and we want this to make changes in the whole planet. I will now accept questions.


G2: Hello Iruka, my name is Guy. Gail sends her love, she is with her father right now and he is doing much better. Thank you very much for all your prayers and support.

Iruka: Your welcome, I am very happy to hear about her father.

G2: He needs help with his spiritual attitude like I have and hopefully we can bring him into the fold and help him. You told us just a minute ago that there were three things that we will be learning, that you learned at the meeting to relay to us and I don't know if you lumped two into one category, but I understand that anyone can have a teacher, and more circuits are being reconnected. What was the third thing?

Iruka: I made a mistake, there were two things.

G2: OK. Love does transcend the attitudes of people and that was probably the third thing, but I probably lumped it in. My grandfather Aesop Point, he died about two to three years ago. Is it possible to get how they are doing? If they are OK or happy or is it once they are gone we can't find out how they are doing.

Iruka: I can find out if he is sleeping or if he has gone on to the Morontia worlds. That is what I can tell you.

G2: OK, how long will that take, or is it something you will tell me at the next meeting.

Iruka: I will check into this for you.

G2: We have a problem with abortion on our world, and I know how I feel about it personally, but I have a problem with people enforcing wills on other people. Things that were given to us as free choice. Is my thinking proper or is this something (let me re-phrase it) We have laws in our society but are there certain laws that transcend the personal into the public to the religion? Does my question make any sense?

Iruka: Yes, the Father gives all of his creatures free will. He also gives them some kind of brain to think things through. This topic of abortion is one that I cannot talk about. Because that would be interfering with your free will. All I can say on any of these kinds of decisions, and they are tough decisions, is to prayerfully consider them and arrive at your own conclusion. And then we get back to our topic of loving people as they are, even those who disagree with you. That is all I can say.

J2: Hello Iruka, this is Jimmy. You were speaking about love. I am finding that the more I practice consciously loving my fellow man, the better results I am getting. I want to learn ways now to completely relax to keep my thought patterns as positive as possible. A lot of times, right now a little more than I like, I find that some negativity creeps in. I don't know whether that is natural or maybe it doesn't completely go away. I don't know, but I am getting better. Are there any suggestions you can make that I can improve my growth along these lines?

Iruka: We come back to spending time with the Father. When you are out with people, if you have your eyes on the Father, then what they do and say loses its power over you. And if they have no power then you do not react. You can keep your eyes on God and continue to love them. Also, this helps to not be judgmental. If you are looking at God you are not looking at them. You are just loving with no strings attached. You can keep your emotions out of it, that helps to not react. Does this help?

J2: It does, I think I need to practice detachment.

Sleeping survivors, Resurrection

E1: I would like to say welcome and thank you for assisting us here on Urantia. I would like to know, or would you explain about sleeping on the Morontia world. You mentioned about Guy's kin, that you would find out if he was sleeping or on the Morontia worlds. What constitutes one to end up sleeping, or to end up being on a Morontia world. Is it his spiritual depth or is it just an assignment.

Iruka: When a person's life here on the planet ceases, life stops, there are two options for the soul personality. If, and this is difficult to relate specifically I can give generalities. If the individual has made final decision to follow the Father, if they have attained a certain maturity, a certain growth, and are ensured absolutely, of personality survival, they go immediately, that is without going to a general sleep, they go immediately to what-ever Morontia level they are ready for. Growth never stops. You truly pick up where you left off here. If a person has not made that final decision, if they are not at a certain growth level, at a certain maturity, they go to a place, the best way I can describe it is they are asleep. Every thing pertinent to their personality and lives are kept in trust, but they wait until the next dispensation, where everyone who sleeps awakens and finds a new body and a new world. So what I have to do is find out if Guy's grandfather has gone directly to his new life, or if he is sleeping. Does this help?

E1: Yes it does. So this sleeping is based on one's indecision as to whether he wants to go on into a more spiritual growth and is waiting to decide at the next dispensation?

Iruka: It can depend on the indecision, or merely the individual has not had the opportunity to grow and even realizes there is an opportunity for that decision. At this time on your planet because of the many problems, most individuals are sleeping...go to a place to sleep. Because of the problems and the confusion. Does this help?

E1: Yes, as a matter of fact it leads to more questions. If most of us go to sleep, is that because we have not attained something here on Urantia that we were supposed to attain? Something in terms of some kind of spiritual graduations or spiritual maturity, while we were on Urantia? What is it that we are missing that we end up asleep once we pass over.

Iruka: When I spoke and said most Urantians, most Urantians do not have the enlightenment of the people in this group. It is not a judgmental thing that they are supposed to do. The planet has not evolved to the point where many are even aware of a spiritual life. But if they haven't grown or are even aware of it, and they are not sure of their survival they go to the place to sleep. I don't think this is answering your question, could you re-phrase it.

E1: I think it is. From what I am getting, based on what you said so far, is that most Urantians once they pass over to the Morontia world they end up going to sleep because they are not spiritually mature to realize that they have the capability of existing on another world which is a Morontia world. And there fore they are sleeping because they have to wait for another dispensation to come to that realization that they are spiritual beings, and not just physical beings.

Iruka: On this planet, most are only aware of their physical beings. Basically how you are interpreting it is correct. It is a very serious decision to choose life, to choose the Father. And at this point in the maturity of the planet, most humans are not aware that they indeed have a choice or should be making it. This is one of the criteria. This in no way affects the path to the Father. When you consider eternity, a few years here and there does not make any difference. It is not, do not look at it as a punishment, or a holding you back. But there has to be help and guidance to the individuals who are not aware of where they are going. They need experience and to be taught what is going on. It can be considered kindergarten to understand what a school is about. Does this help?

E1: Yes, Now in reference to all that, can you explain what the next dispensation would be in order for them to wake up? And then decide whether they want to go on with the Father or not. When would be the next dispensation for them?

Iruka: Dispensations are not scheduled as far as time frames. They happen with certain events. The last dispensation was in 1984 when the Lucifer rebellion was adjudicated. At that time, all the sleeping souls were awakened and found they had different bodies, and were in a new place. And began learning the ways of the Father. There are guides there to help them, to explain to them what has happened to them, and who they are and what is happening. Is this explaining.....

E1: Yes, very much so. As a matter of fact, when something occurs on the spiritual world, for example the adjudication, and you have a group of people that are sleeping is that when you decide well this is something to celebrate and see if they want to go on with the Father or if they want to end it right there. In other words, since it doesn't have a time schedule do you make it a matter of a certain event like the adjudication that occurred in '84?

Iruka: Absolutely, it is an event and back to your comment about them then deciding, they have time, it is not a sort of thing where you have two hours to think about this. It is a process of their individual growth. They are very much like in kindergarten and they have as much time as they need. Then when they decide, then they begin their walk with the Father. I just wanted to make that comment.

E1: Ok, so this sleeping...in other words they are not necessarily in suspended animation doing nothing. Are they like going over their life that they have just completed, and in so doing they realize something else was occurring within them spiritually? That they didn't notice while they were here on Urantia? And at that point of let's say an event something within them makes them realize that it was more to it than just the physical?

Iruka: It is as how you put it suspended animation. They are not aware, they are not thinking. When they die and then when there is a dispensation and they awaken in a new body it is like a second, they do not sense a loss of time. They are not conscious of how many years. So no to your answer, they are not considering their life or thinking about God, they are not. They are (in) suspended animation.

E1: What is it about this sleeping period then that makes them eligible for this next body if they had no idea before they left Urantia and at the time that they are sleeping they are not thinking about anything, but up until some event they are then given a body. They still haven't done anything to make them realize that they have this opportunity to be in a Morontia form. What is it then that occurs between their death and some event that will make them eligible to arise and have a Morontia form.

Iruka: Nothing, it is more an organizational happening. It is . ...this time is prepared for on this side for these individuals to do this en-mass. Is this clearer?

E1: Kind of so when they all arise at one time. And.....

Iruka: It is planned for and prepared for. Much work goes into it. It has more to do with like planning a birthday party. There are many preparations that have to be handled. Pam cannot think of the words. It is like a bureaucracy and you are planning a giant party, so you have to prepare for it. That is what is happening. A person who has grown and developed, and has made the decision, is aware of the Father, and is trying to grow towards the Father, who qualifies after he dies to go directly to a Morontia world. That takes less preparation. Takes less schooling, explaining, takes less work, energy. The person has many surprises, but they know they are headed towards the Father. Does this help?


J2: Iruka, this is Jimmy. In listening I think I understand that these sleeping souls when they awaken are all classified into one group that has a little more training to do than the others. If I understood your last statement correctly. And that this is an organizational thing you mentioned earlier so they are all classified as ones who simply need more teaching or more training to advance in Morontia. Now my question is I belonged to any number of spiritual organizations over the years. And it seems to me that each one of them prepared me for the other one until I arrived as a reader. And it seems as if I was advancing in all of these, is that true?

Iruka: I think it is true. You can find truth in many places, and when you have found it you move on to find more truth. So indeed, this is very possible, yes.

J2: Again, I think that this is just a personal opinion but it seems to me that a person upon arriving at this particular level is pretty well along on going to directly to a body. Am I correct in this assumption?

Iruka: When you say on this level, do you mean reading the Urantia book?

J2: That is correct.

Iruka: It just depends on how far the individual has grown. People are in all different places. It is something that is decided when you die, it is not something that is automatic, everyone is different.

Urantia Book

G2: Iruka this is Guy again, if you could tell us some of the history of our planet and particularly the Adam and Eve.

Iruka: History of the planet, about Adam and Eve?

G2: Yes, the two that were sent.

Iruka: This is indeed covered in the book and there is much to talk about.

G2: Basically, the information in the book is accurate?

Iruka: Yes, it is accurate. Is there a specific question about a happening?

G2: When I was reading the Bible, I had questions about Noah. In the Urantia book it displays Noah in a completely different light. And I was just wondering, if some of these translations of these writings might have been misconstrued. And the Urantia book, did you notice any problems there with the books we have right now.

Iruka: Problems with which book, the Urantia book? or with the Bible.

G2: The Urantia book.

Iruka: None that I am aware of, do you have a more specific question, an incident that you have read about, that you are puzzled about?

G2: No, I'm kind of afraid to read the book. I'm reading it but its different for me, and I take it a little bit at a time and I am leery of jumping into it. I know in reading the Bible you just get a bunch more questions, and how the answers are given about revelation in the Bible is sort of scary and what you are talking about, the dispensation, it is almost, if not scary at all it seems almost something you want to welcome or hurry up and past through this life to the next.

Iruka: The unknown has always caused fear. And you are referring to death and it is unknown. Various beliefs have grown up around it. Some pretty accurate, some not accurate at all. That is why, one of the reasons, the Urantia book was given. Humankind had gotten off the track and we wanted to get them back on the pathway of truth. There will be a lot of differences between the Bible and the Urantia book. The best thing I can tell you is when you read the Urantia book ask the Father to help you understand and find the truth. Your Thought Adjuster would love to help you all he can. And inside yourself, you will find the truth, the belief. This is between you and God. Sometimes it is painful and impossible, or it seems impossible. Ask the Father for help to show you the truth. That is probably the best thing I can tell you.


J2: Iruka, this is Jimmy again, I don't know whether I am kidding myself or not but it seems to me that usually when I practice my meditation in the morning, if I just follow my first mind it is preparing me for some specific thing during the day. An incident in mind was on Saturday mornings. I go to a prison as a counselor, a volunteer counselor. And it seems I was asking for control of something, it was something I had been practicing trying not to do for years but this bothered me a lot but I went along with it and an incident happened in a meeting and it was about to be a fight between some of the inmates and I just raised up my hand and said take it easy, everybody relax. And they did, and you would have to know them to see...they were laughing about it later, how they all stopped, and this was unusual when things got that far out of hand. I think that that was what that was about, that morning, that Saturday morning, am I correct in that assumption?

Iruka: Of course, your Thought Adjuster works inside of you and guides you, and leads you what to say, how to act, and there are beings around you that act to influence the situation for the positive. To calm people down, to help them think more clearly and I am confident this was one of these situations. You really have more protection than you realize that you do. The angels are constantly around protecting, influencing, trying to help you make the right decision. And they were undoubtedly acting that day in the group, with everyone. So yes.


E1: Iruka, I would like you to explain the circuits and how they work in terms of reconnecting them to Urantia now that we are in proper alignment with the spiritual....whatever it is that is required.

Iruka: I will do my best. But that might still leave you with questions. There are not words in the language to express some of the ideas. But think of them as power lines, when there was the rebellion, they were all disconnected. It is hard for you to imagine how something that happens on this planet can influence many other planets, but it does. So the circuits were disconnected so that the problems wouldn't spread. They did spread to a few places, but it could have been worse. So the power lines, so to speak, were down. Certain beings use these power circuits, certainly not the Father, the First Source and Center, certainly not the Son, or the Spirit. But other beings use these circuits, so they were in many ways, cut off. Now they have to be reconnected, rewired, for the communications to start again. Or to start easier, more clearer (communications), and this takes time. This happened in 1984 and now there are a handful of groups using this communication. I know it seems like a long time in your time frame, it does not seem nearly that long on this side, but it does to humans. It is not some magical thing to reconnect circuits. It takes work and energy and time. So it is happening, not nearly as fast as you would like it to, I know, or even as fast as I would like it to, but it will happen. If you can think in the time of eternity, it changes your perception, your thinking. Of course I say this and I am on the other side. I know this is easier for me than for you. But it will happen. Does this help, even a little?

E1: Since the Paradise Trinity does not need the circuits of course beings like you and I would need the circuits but what other hierarchical beings use the circuits?

Iruka: There are many beings, many classes of beings, far to numerous to mention. But it is...these circuits are like the phone and all the humans use the phone. Now some can use a satellite but only a few, by comparison to all the people who use the phone. This may not be a good metaphor, but does it help?

E1: Yes, now with more circuits being reconnected, does that mean for example, our prayers will be answered much quicker or that we will see results from our thinking about something that will happen sooner, what does it mean by the circuits being reconnected. What will happen here where we can see that the circuits have been reconnected.

Iruka: First of all, when you pray to the Father He hears your prayer instantly. You have the Thought Adjuster inside of you who hears, and you are familiar with the Father knowing what your needs are before you ask. So you are never cut off from the Father. But where you will notice it is in communications such as this. More and more circuits are reconnected then more teachers can communicate with their students, and easier. It will improve the flow. Does this help?

E1: Yes, so the increase in circuitry is primarily to help the connection like you have with Pam or some other being may have with a teacher. It is to increase the hook-ups from your planet to Urantia?

Iruka: This is one aspect. There are other aspects that are not easily explained and your comment between my planet...would you repeat that?

E1: I was trying to relate the increase in circuitry is that so that beings on Urantia can have more connections with beings on your planet or whatever planet is involved in this teacher-student project.

Iruka: It will help the communication of the beings on this planet with various other places such as headquarters. I am on this planet too and the other teachers are too. We are here as you are here, you just can't see us. We are physically here, except we are not physical. Does that make sense? When we communicate with other spheres, it is much easier.

E1: Were you stuck here with us when we were disconnected? Where do you go to rest?

Iruka: I have just started this mission, and no I was not here before 1984. I rest very close. I am not very far away. This is where I am for now, as long as I am involved in this, this is where I am. Perhaps I can explain this better. If you have read about the phenomenon of reflectivity. In the Universe there is a process where we can see important major events, we know what is happening rather like the 6 o:clock news. When the circuits are disconnected the reflectivity does not work. Does this help?

Angelic Contact

E1: Yes it does. I think that is it Iruka, oh I have one other question. At this point in time while you are using Pam are you standing beside her or are you fitting the form that she is in right now.

Iruka: I am above and towards the middle of the group. When I visit I am above. Does this help?

E1: Yes, when all the other beings visit are they above or level with us? Is it like looking down on something.

Iruka: Literally above, yes looking down. We can change our perception, we can get down, but it is not usually necessary. We have a very wide range of vision so we wouldn't have to look under a table say as you would have to get down and look under a table. Does this help?

J1: Iruka, you alluded to angels earlier as protectors, what are angel's primary or secondary roles in relation to space-time creatures like ourselves.

Iruka: They spend their time around their subjects. You are aware of what some of the explanations are in the Urantia book, that they take turns, or that they work in two's. The angels assigned to humans, spend their time with the humans, in addition to watching and using opportunities to make their humans relate to God. They act as recorders of incidents, of happenings, they have much affection for humans. Does this help? ====Communication E1: Iruka, in the Urantia book it says that God is contactible outside of Paradise only in the presences of his fragmented entities. The will of God abroad in the universe.(1:3.6) So when we pray to the Father we are addressing the Thought Adjuster within us, now when we ask something to be done, does the Thought Adjuster within us then contact somebody in terms of getting a task done? How does that work, can you explain?

Iruka: This is one of the many things that I don't know. I know that it happens, there is communication. I am not aware how it works. You pray, and the Father immediately knows because you have a fragment of him inside of you. And already something is happening, its begun already. But the actual process I am not sure about. Even after you have progressed through the Morontia worlds and then on to different tasks, you don't know everything, there are still mysteries, perhaps we will know sometime in the future. Just know that when you need to know you will learn it. Are you surprised that not everything comes instantly. Knowledge has to be learned much like it is here. And that takes time, you go through many years of school and then you still don't know everything, its much like life. Someday maybe we both will learn.


E1: I am surprised that you didn't know because that brings me to another question. Are you still in the Morontia school?

Iruka: No I have finished with that part and I have gone beyond. But not very much beyond. This is a lesson, this is my job for now. I am learning many many things. It is like the second grader who is teaching the kindergardener how to tie his shoes. I know how to tie my shoes now but someone else has to teach me something. By teaching someone else then we learn what you have to teach someone else, learn it very very well. I have not evolved all that far ahead of you. DTH

E1: At the time you passed over, I am presuming you were once a human here on Urantia, to the point where you are now, how long did it take in Urantia time to complete that particular task, from passing over from Urantia to where you are now.

Iruka: First, I was not on Urantia, I was on a different planet. You are not allowed to go back to the same planet, there have been exceptions, however, most beings do not return to their planet of origin. It is difficult to relate time-wise my planet of origination had different time frames, you have 24 hours in a day and so many days in a year. This is all counted by the planets going around the sun, the moon. We had totally different... we had the same planets situation but the timing was different, so I cannot relate time to you, I'm sorry.


E1: OK, You indicated that there are special circumstances that which someone would return to the same planet. Can you explain or give and example as to what the situation might be?

Iruka: Yes, one example is Abraham of the old testament has gotten special permission, and he has come back here. He is helping with this mission and as an advisor.

E1: Is he here in the flesh or as a spiritual being.

Iruka: As a spiritual being.

E1: Is there any case where one would return in the flesh for a special reason to the same planet?

Iruka: No, that is not allowed. Once you have passed from your physical body in to being a spiritual being, you do not go back. Does this raise another question? (Laughter)


It appears that there are no more questions for this evening, and so I bid you good evening.

Group: Good evening