1993-08-22-Get Easy With TM In Yourselves

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Topic: Get Easy With TM In Yourselves

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



JarEl: The presence of God surrounds us. The power of God protects us. The love of God enfolds us. Wherever we gather together in His name; He is with us.

JarEl: Greetings to you my students. I am JarEl. I am your Teacher who loves you and shares with you your trials and tribulations; your ups and downs; your happiness and joys. It is my responsibility as your Teacher and Guide, in this Michael's Teaching Mission, to be with you; to experience with you so that I better know how to apply those lessons that Machiventa Melchizedek has instructed us to give you. Many of you are understanding of this Teaching Mission that it is about you personally, also. It is the plan to reach out to this world and bring all into the fold of the Father. Before this takes place you must seal your hearts in dedication to the Father's will. So this Mission is firstly about each of you who have been called to participate.


Teaching Mission

Happy are we to be your Teachers; to be selected for this grand adventure. Happy should you be to be participants in this adventure that has not been tried previously. So much diversity; so much beauty in the Father's creation we see here amongst you. The day passed has been one filled with joy and adoration. In your hearts and in your minds you have given praise and adoration to our Planetary Prince and Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon. He has been in receipt of your love and greetings at the anniversary of His life in the flesh. The anniversary of His seventh and final bestowal on you the ascending mortals of Urantia.

Oh how we wish that you could have heard the celestial choirs sing and give praise on this occasion. Your hearts would have burst with happiness and joy at the chorus that was sang for your Creator Son.

In addition to this event I had the pleasure of hearing your jazz yesterday as I visited with Douglas and Betty. He is alarmed; surprised. As we told you often, we visit with you. How else can we know you, your mind, except by viewing you in your daily activities. You invited us, and we came.

Each of you must believe that it is for your benefit and the greater good of this planet that your Creator Son has inaugurated this Teaching Mission. You have been blessed above all to have come to the Truth through the text of the Urantia book. At its revelation this Teaching Mission was also a part of that revelation and now the hour has come upon us to venture forth in faith and in this expression of the Teaching Mission.

So we ask that you rest your hearts and minds, and while resting you concentrate upon this Mission and your place in it.

For months we have prepared you for these events. Now is the hour that you must clarify your position within this Mission. Not to us your Teachers and unseen friends, but to yourselves. Each one must search his heart and examine what he has to offer to his fellow man and this Mission. You think not that you have much, but you are rich in talents. You have much to give to one another in this setting and to those outside of this setting. It is time to be about the Father's business.

And this is a decision that each of you must make. Am I about the Father's business? Am I concerned with my fellow man? Am I showing forth the Father's love? Do I discriminate against those that I should give His love to? Do I say in my heart and mind that this one is worthy of His love, and this one is not? Do I foolishly seek to judge my brothers and sisters? Am I contributing to the whole and the welfare of the group?

Examine yourselves. Find that which is within that you can contribute to this Teaching Mission and to one another. Each of you needs the other. Not only through trials and adversity, but in good times and joy. We all need that one that we can share our experiences with. There is a bonding here, and you should realize that you are finding that relationship within this group. Each of you have something of value to offer each other. Look not that it is something of enormous value. It may be of small value to you, but of enormous value to the one receiving it. Choose your words carefully in dealing with one another. There is value in what you say.


Forgive my pause. As you know, we desire the success of this Mission. And to insure it's success we have asked that you study the lessons that have come about from this group and other groups. There is knowledge; there is wisdom; there is direction in these lessons. It is on different levels. First it is on the group level. You will discern enlightenment for the group as a whole.

Secondly, and most importantly, it is on the individual level. You will discern those gems of wisdom; those opportunities of enlightenment and understanding that will enhance your being; that will uplift your spirits. It will increase your faith in the Father. Your spiritual growth will be the result. Those gifts of the spirit you will have in your possession to share freely with one another.

Very soon you will be asked to share your knowledge with the rest of humanity that know not the Urantia book. So it is incumbent upon each of you not to waste time. Study the text. Discuss the text. Share your feelings and impressions freely and willingly with one another. By so doing you glean more light. By the giving, you receive.

This is our message to you today. Empty the vessel that it may be refilled. Pour out on your fellow man the love of the Father. Your knowledge of the Father. This is all.

We will entertain your questions as we welcome our visitors to this gathering. Your presence is much welcome, and we trust that you will take away from here the feelings of love and fellowship. You may proceed.


Stella: JarEl, one thing that puzzles me is that in the Urantia Book the Reserve Corps of Destiny were a relatively small group of people who were chosen for specific tasks. Now, is this being broadened to encompass all the study groups within the world.

JarEl: All of the Teaching Groups. The Teaching Groups are small in number at this time, but in each group lies the potential for expansion. Each one will most likely bring others unto itself, thus expanding the Teaching Group. The numbers are unimportant.

Stella: Thank you.

JarEl: You are most welcome.

Hal: Thank you again, JarEl, for a wonderful message today. I would like to ask in curiosity...you mentioned last week of the fine contacts made after the conference in Montreal. Was that contacts of starting new groups...people to join the Teaching Mission? We were there we wondered what evidence there was of your presence?

JarEl: We were an observer of the workings of the Thought Adjuster, Midway Creatures, and your unseen friends. Many ideas, concepts, spiritual growth and development were implanted in those in attendance. Those who honestly, sincerely sought the Father were given these gifts to take back to their areas. These are seeds and they shall come forth. The knowledge of this Teaching Mission is available to all who sincerely seek the Father in Truth. So we your Teachers utilized this event to reach more people in this endeavor. Do you understand?

Hal: Yes, thank you. It was a tremendous feeling at the convention..conference. I am sure it was due to the presence of so many Teachers and spirituality.

JarEl: Yes, we, too, desire to share His love. Why are all so quiet this day?


Donna: JarEl, I would like to know what my spiritual name is?

JarEl: This one is Donna?

Donna: Yes, my name is Donna.

JarEl The others were informed, dear one, that at a later time we would be happy to give those spiritual names that we are in receipt of. Part of the reason that spiritual names have been withheld from you is that in other groups when we have freely given these names, it has not had the desired effect upon the group as a whole that we had planned. I must remind you that we your Teachers are learning, and as we learn through trial and error we adjust the Mission accordingly.

In the past it has been our experience in those that have received their spiritual names have looked upon this as a designation of more. That they have been particularly honored above their fellows. So until each individual reaches that level of understanding that allows them to know their spiritual names and not be affected by the dragon of ego. The Melchizedek has directed that we withhold these names at this time.

Stella: What's important about it knowing or having one? I would just assume (as soon) keep my own?

JarEl: Originally we desired to give each group this gift. The plan was that by you knowing your spiritual names you would realize your place in eternity. These names are the names by which all creatures and beings discern you. You need not utter this name. It is perceived before you speak it.

Hal: This then is the name that we have been known by in the spiritual realms all through our life?

JarEl: Through this existence and through all future existences.

Hal:Is it the same as with our planet we know it as Earth and it's really Urantia.

JarEl: This is true.

Donna: JarEl, who gives us our spiritual name? How do they give it to us?

JarEl: They are given to you as they are perceived from your early beginnings.

Stella: Does it reflect your character?

JarEl: It reflects all things. Your character, your understanding of mota, your spirituality, your luminosity as a being of spiritual origin; of spiritual destination. These names are not like your Earth names who have significance maybe in one or two areas.

Donna: Does the Creator Son give us these names or was it the Melchizedek?

JarEl: They originate from the Father, the First Source and Center in His plan.

Hal: They just are.

Stella: Are there any duplicates? There are a trillion souls in the world. I guess for my human mind it is too much to grasp?

JarEl: The names to your ears may sound as duplication, but to us and others there is no duplication. There is no other you.

Donna: It sounds like the names are similar to the personalities in that the Father gave all of us our personalities of which there are not supposed to be duplicates. Perhaps the names go with the personalities?

JarEl: This is true, but personality is only a factor in these names. These names also reflect your potential and divine destiny. They also reflect your spiritual development. There are many parts that make up the whole.

Dora, speak child.

Dora: JarEl, I know that I have asked you the same question before. I have resigned to the fact that I have two names while I am here. My name is either Dora or Dixie I have no preference for either name. I know that other people like Stella are comfortable with the name given to them by their parents. I may not know my spiritual name until I reach the morontia world.

JarEl: Child, where is your faith? Have you set it aside, because of this stumbling block?

Dora: No, I am learning that my spirituality does not reside with my name that it resides in me whatever name I may go by presently.

JarEl: This is incorrect. As you develop spiritually to that level we reiterate, that you may receive your spiritual name; And the dragon of ego does not bite you, you will have that which you desire. The Father is willing to give each of you all that you are able and capable of receiving. So it is not us that withhold. It is only your freewill choices and spiritual development that withholds that from you.

Dora: I am not sure where ego is placed in this. For me I would never think that I just because I knew my spiritual name that I would think that I was more advance than them or whatever. Each person is at their own level with the Father.

JarEl: We are aware of this, but it is not necessarily your ego that we speak of.

Dora: You are talking about the ego of others within the group.

JarEl: That is a consideration. We are molding you; shaping you to be of one mind. To work together in this Teaching Mission. To grow together; to develop together; to depend one upon another; to become intricate parts that fit well together; and work together for the manifestation of the Father's will. In your individual lives and in this group setting. I will remind you that in our last meeting we spoke to you of your blessings that you as a group are fortunate not to have experienced thus far the adversities that have beset other Teaching Mission groups. So, with this understanding we will not interject any element that has the potential of divisiveness. Do you perceive our meaning here?

Dora: Yes!

Hal: Thank you, JarEl. We will not question our names again. We feel that we are happy here with that response. I sort of sense within all of us that we feel an inadequacy in our spiritual growth and development. Is there any one thing other than practicing the Stillness where we can overcome this feeling inadequacy of spiritual growth?

JarEl: There is no easy path. Hold please.

Inadequacies in spiritual growth are a part of spiritual growth. When you come to this Teaching you come with reservations. You come full of doubt. Through your participation with one another these doubts and reservations are removed. As you study the text and our messages these doubts are replaced with growth; with faith; with trust; with knowledge. Each of you are learning to trust your feelings with one another; to be open with one another. This is growth potential. I ask that you not measure yourself. The inadequacies that you feel is the result of your attempt to measure your own growth and yourselves versus that of another.

We have not selected one of you to be the gauge or the yardstick for the others to measure themselves by. Each of you are the same. Each of you possess the same potentialities. Recognize only that you are individuals and that you are on your level of growth. That you have reached your level upon the path. So it is not for you to judge yourselves. You are not capable of judging yourselves.

Hal: Thank you. Then we are to accept ourselves as we are and learn to know the Father better.

JarEl: This is the way the Father accepted you--as you are. This is the way we your Teachers accept you. You are all potential. There is a spiritual guidance within each of you that we are hoping to help come to the surface that you may shine and reflect truly the Father. Does this help you?

Hal: Yes, thank you.


Betty: JarEl, last Sunday Douglas and I and Joe went down to Heaven on Earth and visited with Cosma Donna and in her little shop there was this man taking Kirilian photography. This photographs the aura. Could you comment on that? Is this truly something that could be done?

JarEl: The aura exists. That it is perceivable, because it exists. Your sciences have developed to that point and understanding that this phenomenon that the elements can produce it. Whether or not the text that goes along with this phenomenon is correct we can not address. On this side we perceive other beings and there is a luminosity about each one. This luminosity is not subject to the colors spectrum.

Hal: You have perceived a luminosity about each of us?

JarEl: Oh, yes, this is true?

Stella: What colors are they?

JarEl: To your minds it would be shades of blue light.


Betty: JarEl, I have another question. This past week I awoke with the word Landia. Later on that evening I sat down and wrote impressions and I would like to know if you would like to make any additions or corrections to this?

JarEl: Do you have this narrative?

Betty: Yes, I do.

JarEl: Would you share this with me?

Betty: Yes,

"Landia, healer assigned to Rayson to assist in facilitating the preparation of subjects for the healing process. Much adjustment is required. An examination of circuitry necessary to carry the plasma of rejuvenation. I am here to examine the faith necessary to complete this process.

I will impress upon you the white light used in the cleansing process. Much energy is required from all. All must be willing for this to occur. All dependency on the illness must be abandoned and sincere desire for wellness present. Each must be willing to take piece of the residue and dispose of it. The Father's love protects you. Only good can come from you from your efforts. The Father has heard your prayer for this one, and has sent forth His command to our core physicians to Urantia under the direction of Rayson. Surely you know that it is the Father's will that you should not suffer."

JarEl: This name is incorrect. However, this assistant will make herself known to you, and the name will be corrected. Rayson is a mighty physician. We have directed you to seek his counsel. So as we understand this transmission, your prayers have reached the Father, and have stirred the Father through the Son. He has directed Rayson to answer this call. Be patient for manifestation in this group.

Hal: Would this be more on the group level or on my personal level this contact?

JarEl: I would think both, but it is not in my perception as to which will occur first. Patience must be exercised in either. That is all.

Betty: Thank you, JarEl.

Hal: Patience is the name of the game.


JarEl: I wish to reassure you; each of you that you are progressing along your path. Not his path; not her path, but your path. There is a point in your journey where your paths shall meet. You will continue together on into Paradise. But each of you are progressing. So look not as the child who measures his physical growth and say I am at this place, and look at me I am growing. But recognize in your hearts and your minds that you are not the same. You are not the same this day as you was in days past. This is growth.

So I ask each of you to pay attention to your feelings. To share your impressions with one another. This will help facilitate your growth. It is much easier for others to recognize your growth than for you. You do not have to ask of one another, "Am I growing?". You simply must be. We your Teachers marvel at the development that each of you has made. We marvel, also, at your abilities to attract and share the love with others.

Hal: We could use more lighthearted humor in this group. It is as though we are a little on the serious side. Is that true?

JarEl: Humor is well. There is much humor between this one (Douglas) and Betty. Perhaps they will share with the group. But there is lightheartedness within each of you, and this is important to your balance. The seriousness that pervades at this time is justified for as I have spoken in the past. It is my desire in keeping with my charge from the Melchizedek that we do those things that facilitate your spiritual growth. So this is our concern.


At this time I will take my leave of you. I offer to you my love and caring. We love you, and we care for each of you. And you are in divine watchcare. We enjoy this time immensely that we can share the Father's love and our understanding of that love with you.

We ask that each of you throughout this week as we have asked in the past, that you sit down and write with pen and paper your impressions as we try to impress you with growth throughout this week. Please bring these impressions with you, and before you seek the Stillness share them with one another.

May the peace of the Father be within your hearts and minds as you go forth and share His presence through love. I bid you farewell.

(Group Farewell to JarEl.)

Hal: Thank you for a tremendous session.

Stella: Thank you very much.

Donna: Thank you, JarEl.