1994-01-16-Erase Doubt

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Topic: Erase Doubts

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: One Without Name and Number, JarEl

TR: Douglas



ONE WITHOUT NAME OR NUMBER: Greetings dear mortals. The presence of the First Source and Center be with you. His power protect you. His love infuse your beings. I am One Without Name or Number, an unseen helper of Christ Michael and Machiventa Melchizedek and His Teaching Mission. I am honored to be with you this day for a brief few moments of your time, to relate to you issues and lessons that are paramount to your understanding.


Teacher Contact

At this time, in your beings of this new year, much confusion has arisen in the mission in regards to your spiritual growth. Your teachers have wisely instructed you to erase doubt from your being, but yet this old dragon, this serpent, again has risen its head to strike fear in the hearts of those that believe.

I am here to speak to you, to reaffirm to your being, your minds and your hearts that the First Source and Center of all creation in existence, is with you. He is omnipresent. We are not. Your teachers are not omnipresent. We are with you from time to time. Through His grace and His mercy He has allowed us to share with you in this experiential existence, the knowledge that He has given us to enhance and uplift your spiritual beings. You must know that only the Father , the First Source and Center of all existence, is omnipresent, in His various manifestations. We, His humble servants are not omnipresent. So when you look for us to be with you at all times it is not so. For we are one individual. We share in the knowledge of your doings that comes to us by the way of the various circuits and your guardian angels who are with you throughout your day.

We desire this clarification so you will not fall into error in mistaking our beings as that of the Fathers presence. From time to time your consciousness may sense our presence. Teachers may speak to you and address your concerns, but this is by no means a verification that we are with you at all times.

Each of us, and you have a job, a task, a responsibility to the Father to complete. Your guardian angels also have a task. These duties sometimes overlap one with another. So you dear ones, are conscious of multiple beings around you, aiding and assisting in your lives. Setting up those challenges. Eliminating those obstacles that hinder your growth. Assurance is what we desire to have. Confidence of self. Firm strong knowledge that the Father is ever with you, and desires your ultimate good. When you speak of the presence of those beings about you from time to time, know that it is not necessary for all things to be known by you mortals.

Of my order, we are not visible to other orders of angelic and mortal ascenders, but our presence is often felt.


The vehicles for transportation on Urantia you use to transport you from one place to another. A thorough and complete knowledge of their function and mechanics is not a prerequisite to your operation of this vehicle. So it is with this mission. A thorough and complete knowledge of every aspect of it is not a prerequisite to its successful operation and your belief.

You are of the people who can function on this level without the presence of divine beings to guide you. You are of the people who can function in faith and belief, agondonters. This is your high calling. This is what separates you from others of ascendent nature. You have been tried here on Urantia in isolation and confusion and you have shown your ability to arise in faith and belief and to continue in your ascension program.

How now do you find yourself in doubt?

Growth, Teaching Mission

Great growth has transpired since the inauguration of this mission. Make yourselves aware of the history of the mission. Reread the transcripts. The first transmissions. Reread the goals and aims that were transmitted to you. Reaffirm and rededicate your beings to this task. Allow us to assure you that this mission is on course. Your place has been secured through your efforts to do the will of the Father.

Much awaits you mortal ascenders. The task that you shall accomplish by your individual contributions. Each of you have much to contribute to the whole. Much guidance is given you. Relax and allow your individual teachers, and the teacher Jarel to direct and guide you towards the Father, and to enhance your spiritual growth, and uplift you in your times of uncertainties. Rely on one another. You are each others keepers.

You have bonded in love and fellowship about this mission. You have been told that the circle is complete with you, and this is so. Rely upon your unity to confirm for yourselves the fact that you are one with the Father, and that you have joined in love and unity in this mission. The doubters will be with you from time to time. But your love and your unity will dispel their doubts. The love and desire to be about the Fathers business will help them to overcome their own insecurities and doubts in these transmissions.

My presence is different for "this one". I thank you for allowing me to address you. I thank Jarel for this opportunity to address you. I give thanks to the Father for the opportunity to be of service to Him and to you, our fellows, as we ascend together to His presence. Be firm. Be reassured of his love upon you. Of the success that you have as you move constantly forward. I remind you to share constantly His love with all that you contact. The peace of the Father be upon you . His love. Farewell.

JAREL: Greetings, dear ones. It is I your teacher. The presence of God surrounds us. The power of God protects us always. The love of God infuses your beings, touching one another. Feel His presence.

Thank you Father for being with us this day with the presence of this unseen helper, whose mighty presence we felt. We thank you Father for this great love you have shared with us and this great message that has reaffirmed your presence and your love upon us. This great message and experience has once again pushed aside our doubts and the uncertainties of mortal beings. It has reaffirmed in us that thou art one. All brothers and sisters in this great cause of our creator Son. Thank you Father. Thank you fellows for your presence and your faith. Let us resume our lesson.

Urantia Book

Dear ones, it is hard, as you say on Urantia, "to follow such an act". We must attempt to offer to you ourselves in humble submission to the will of the Father and Christ Michael. We have had lessons on worthiness and doubt. Again we wish to expound upon this subject. The example that was given to you of the vehicles for conveyance, that you know not the mechanical natures there of, only that the job of transportation is aided by this mechanism. You do not see the construction. The hours of labor the amount of parts, the number of laborers, nor the drawings in the initial phase of these vehicles. You see the end results, the completed vehicle. The Urantia Book is such. You do not know all the mechanism that went into its construction, and many hours of labor, nor the design. But you hold in your hands this great revelation that has come to mankind on Urantia. You know in your beings that you can use this vehicle to bring mankind from darkness to light. You can bring this planet from the state of confusion to the state of light and life. It is not necessary for you to know in entirety every concept and iota of truth contained in this great revelation.

You were told from the text that revelation changes. That truth changes. This is so. The evolvement of the Urantia Book has great meaning. This Teaching Mission is indeed the second part of this revelation. Some have chosen to not recognize it as such. Just as some chose not to use the conveyance of the automobile to go from place to place. They rely on the time tested method, of their own constitution, their feet or animals of burden. Yet a better, faster, complete, and safer way is offered to them. But a freewill choice cannot be abrogated. Here we have the Urantia Book which will not be outdated. It is a newer, faster, safer, convenient way to bring man from darkness to light. Yet some choose not to use it. They instead would like to rely on the dogmas and traditions that they have learned from evolutionary religions. They feel safe in it.

So we have before us a great task to bring them up to speed, as you say, to bring them to that point at which they may accept the teachings that are contained in this great revelation. How do we do this? We do this by living this great example of these teachings. We take it into our being. The knowledge that the revelation has given and it becomes a part of your being. You become more loving towards your fellows. You begin to see with spiritual eyes the great destiny that lies before you. You desire in all sincerity to be a part of this great destiny. To be about the Fathers business. To make your will that of the Father. To submit yourselves to the indwelling Adjuster. You must familiarize your fellows with this new vehicle. You must show them the vehicle. You must explain the use thereof. You must show them that they can come to greater light through an application and study of the text.

The text must be presented to all. The opportunity to accept or reject must be presented. This is our task this day. To offer to mankind their salvation. To be saved from what? To be saved form the dogmas and traditions of falsehoods. This is not done by condemning their belief systems. This is done by showing them a better way. A better example. The use of the automobile versus that of the horse and buggy was enhanced only by showing to the horse owners that the automobile a was better way of transportation. That it was safer and expedient.

So it is today. We must show them that a revelation has come to them to bring them about, to uplift them, to unite them with the Father in a personal one on one relationship. So be about the Father's business. Doubt not yourselves. Look at your growth. I your teacher marvel at your great growth. I applaud your sincerity. (a long pause).


Forgive our pause. I wish at this time to clarify a question that was asked, as to why, often times as teachers we do not go into great detail in our answers concerning events, predictions, things of concern that you feel you should know. It is as the unseen helper has stated. We are ascenders also. We are not omnipresent. Many times we are not aware of things that occur in your daily lives except our being with you at the time of the occurrences. Again it is not necessary to go into great details regarding the text or events that are taking place. You mortals have intelligence. You have great freewill choice. The knowledge that we supplant from our side, coupled with that of the text allows you to develop wisdom. You have wisdom. Wisdom is experiential and applied knowledge, acquired. You do not always use it. You do not always answer for yourselves when you rely upon us to give you complete answers. You negate your own growth.

You have been told that you know that you know. Again it means you have the ability to discover the truth, and the answers to your questions when you apply the knowledge from the text and your indwelling Adjuster you have all of the tools. You must build the temple. I hope this has helped you, all. For we have perceived in your beings some uncertainties and doubts. We have asked you to seek the Father through the stillness. Many of you have not continued in the practice of seeking the stillness. It is essential to your growth that you commune with the Father. So again I encourage you to seek the Fathers guidance through the stillness.

Participate actively with your Adjuster in the stillness. Trust in the process as you trust in your vehicles. The process will bring you from point A to point B safely. This is all. I am pleased to be here this day to welcome you again to fellowship. Our number is small but the core is strong. Greetings to all of you... I will entertain your questions.


HAL: Hello Jarel.

JAREL: Greetings Hal.

HAL: I am curious. This One Without Name or Number. Is he a part of the commission or was he passing through.

JAREL: This I cannot address. Those Without Name or Number appear where and when they desire. Know that all this is in keeping with the desires of Christ Michael in this mission. We are honored at his presence. Honored at his great message.

HAL: Yes it was tremendous.

STELLA: I too wish to thank you for this extraordinary message. I am deeply moved.

HAL: We could tell the difference in the T/R. The voice was different.

STELLA: The vibrations were different.

DONNA: Jarel. This is Donna.

JAREL: Greetings Donna.

DONNA: There was some mention of Machiventa Melchizedek. I guess maybe I misunderstood. At first I thought that was who was speaking. That wasn't Machiventa, or was it? Could you help?

JAREL: No this was not. This was One Without Name or Number who addressed you. He mentioned the order that he was subject to. That of the Father, Christ Michael, and Melchizedek. This was an acknowledgment of his order. Not a message directly from the planetary prince. However we like to view the messages from this side as having their origin, and reflecting the will of our planetary prince our Creator Son, and our Eternal Father. Does this help you.

DONNA: Yes. Thank you Jarel it does help. I did want to mention that the first message that came through was very different. The voice, the speed, and quality. Everything was different. It did seem like a different entity. Thank you for permitting this transmission.

JAREL: This is so. The transmitter was startled with such a powerful presence. He has become accustomed to us only. But we have asked him to be prepared from time to time to have his vessel used by others. It is so with each of you. The potential of transmitting and receiving is with all of you in some degree or another. This is why we have encouraged you to participate, to write your impressions, your association of words, to make you more conscious of the various techniques in transmitting.

HAL: Jarel would you care to speak to the session held in Seattle regarding channeling in Sedona, We have a transcript of that meeting. (or should I say confrontation).

JAREL: No. I have addressed this issue, and more knowledge has come to you through a recent letter from Douglas that he received from Hawaii concerning this issue. Read it. Disseminate it, and understand you have again all of the tools to bring to your being a thorough knowledge of this issue. You have at your means the tools to carve out a path to avoid error and mistakes concerning this group and others . So apply it. So reiteration and speaking over and over concerning this group will not help them. It is for you to assist them with your knowledge of what is correct.

HAL: Thank you JarEl. The issue is clear. We understand it.

STELLA: JarEl, this is Stella. Were you present at Santa Clarita yesterday when the 5 trustees from the Foundation addressed a group of Urantia Book readers?

JAREL: Greetings dear one. Our presence was there for a while.

Urantia Movement

STELLA: My question is, again the problem has arisen of the slow growth group and those of us who wish to get the information out as quickly as possible ?

JAREL: The element of time concerns you on this sphere. The example we gave earlier of the horse and buggy versus that of the automobile should show clearly that a better means has come about. So it is in this mission. This mission is accelerated. Events change. Events and circumstances have brought about change. You must adjust accordingly. There are those who will stay with horse and buggy. They will take their whip and apply it to the back of the steed, and they will get from point A to point B. However by using the newer methods they will get to their destination quicker.

Again slow growth is advisable, but where a technique, a proven technique, has changed events it behooves you to apply the best technique to achieve your goal. I observed for a awhile. I thought that I might even speak. But this was not so. "This one" was on fire for clarification, and he addressed those issues admirably. So the necessity of our speaking was not needed. These individuals that form the trustees of the Foundation are sincere. But we all function at our level of understanding. So you must aide their understanding through your cooperation and communication, open communication I may add. Does this help you?

STELLA: Yes this is a confirmation of what I was thinking, and many of us were thinking. Thank you.

BETTY: One of the things that was done at the meeting was the comments that the disciples in their exuberance to spread the teachings of Jesus went forth in a wrong direction. Much was sacrificed of Jesus teachings because of this exuberance and lack of complete understanding as to what it was he was teaching them, and they went out and formed a religion about Jesus rather than the religion of Jesus. I think this is the concern of many. That if the book is disseminated through the faster vehicles we have, the media, advertising, passing the books out, and speaking about the book without a depth of understanding of the book. That this might adulterate the teachings, much the same way that the disciples did. Thereby bringing about an abortion of the plan of light and life, rather than aiding it. Would you like to address this concept? I feel strongly about this myself.

JAREL: The plan of light and life will not be aborted. This is the Father's decree. You may hinder through error and mistakes, but the growth will be certain. Fear not. Here again fear is the stumbling block. Boldness and surety of what you know and act upon. The disciples made mistakes. They made errors, but the religion about Jesus lives today. It is predominate, even with the misconceptions and misunderstandings. It is still the dominate force. The teachings in the revelation will do the work that they are intended to do. The revelation will bring about change in the individual, in the family, in the community, in the government in the world. Change one on one initially and expanding. The rock dropped into the pool the ripples go on and on. It appears that this group seeks perfection. The perfect way to present the revelation. We are imperfect beings. We strive for perfection. In that striving there is struggle. There is potential for error.

This potential will not be eliminated. You must have this opportunity to err in your efforts. This brings about growth. So fear not to err. Step forth in faith and trust in the Father, that He will make your sincere efforts in His name successful. Reach to one another and to your fellows with that that you know. We cannot chart for you a successful path that is not filled with obstacles, stumbling blocks, hard times, or adversity. We cannot cut for you a direct path to success where you will not encounter the anger, the wrath, the misunderstanding of your fellows. So you must gird yourself with the courage and the faith that comes about from your understanding and application of this gospel. You must step forward. Move forward toward your goal, knowing that the Father is ever present and ever with you. Relying on that knowledge you will not fear. Does this help you ?

BETTY: Yes. So both paths are right. If you have faith and courage to go forth and present this knowledge to your fellow man, do that. If you need more assurance, then more spiritual growth is required before this is required of you.

JAREL: You cannot act upon beyond your knowledge and experience. As you grow more spiritually, as you begin to see and visualize with spiritual eyesight. As you begin to think in terms of higher spiritual concepts, more responsibility is added to you. You feel the urgency and weight of this responsibility. Knowledge brings about responsibility. You are being instructed in great wisdom that all mankind needs to know. So, we understand your concerns and understand your frustration, we understand your desire to speed the process. I ask you to keep in mind that events on this level, and in the world, will change the speed at which growth and this planet moves toward light and life. You as ascending mortals may not be aware of all events and circumstances. Is this clarity.

BETTY: Yes. thank you.

HAL: Yes. That gives us a beautiful review of the issue.

STELLA: Yes. Thank you very much.

JAREL: Would our honored guest desire to address ?

RON: No, I don't.

JAREL: Greetings and peace be with you.

RON: Greetings.

STELLA: This is Ron Cyr who has been a faithful U-Book reader for over twenty years. A very dedicated reader.

JAREL: We are honored at his presence, and we trust and hope that our messages will help him in his growth as we add the Fathers love and blessings upon you all. I thank you for your coming. I thank you for your faith and support. I thank you for your love shown unto one another and to your fellows who yet walk in darkness. We ask that you continue to reach out and share the Fathers great love for all of humanity. Be in harmony with one and all.. Again seek not contention but agreement with all. I thank you.


I will take my leave of you at this time. Farewell.

GROUP: Farewell Jarel. Thank you again for another wonderful lesson.