1994-04-17-Patience & Opportunity

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Topic: Patience & Opportunity

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl, Bertrand, Signa

TR: Betty

Session 1


Let us begin with our prayer. 'The presence of God surrounds us. The power of God protects us. The love of God enfolds us, and wherever we are He is with us, to guide us and protect us and ever light our way into the darkness of our fears. To banish all of our anxiety so that His love is a platform from which we may ascend'.

Greetings, It is my pleasure to greet our visitors John and Jane and their lovely daughter. We are pleased that you have made the trip to participate in our circle this day. We have many visitors among us. Teachers from other locations that have been notified of this special meeting today. We welcome all among us, together with Verona who is also among us now.


Patience, Stillness

Our lesson today is on patience and opportunity. Patience requiring us to wait for direction is sometimes difficult for those who are accustomed to seizing the reigns and taking control of each situation in which they find themselves participating. The participation in this mission is an opportunity to view this tendency, and to wait for direction rather than take control. How often are we standing at the crossroads of our lives and valiantly proclaim that this is the way, and yet are unsure of the direction in which we have pointed, and designated ourselves the leader. When in reality we are hopeful that the choices we have made are the correct ones. When you are in the service of the Father all responsibility for right and wrong have been removed. Even though the path may seem rocky there is a surety of the direction in which you are headed . A calmness that will accompany you upon your path. If adversity is encountered it rolls off of your back like water off of a duck, and your fellows among you would indeed proclaim that this indeed is a rocky road to travel.

The patience required is one of the attributes of the quiet time that is practiced daily in this mission. This quiet, patient practice of waiting and divorcing yourself from your immediate surroundings and physical bodies requires a state in which a calmness is encountered. Patience is an attribute of this state. This familiar posture will often be called upon in days ahead in which the silent prayers for direction will be heard.

We were remiss in our practice of transmitting last week, and I fully intend to continue this practice as part our weekly procedure. So let us relax and remain calm and listen for the impressions received... Let us begin.


MARLIES: The Father is well pleased with this gathering. It has value , beyond your comprehension at this time. Your teachers are here there are many visitors in this room. All of your personal teachers are here. This is a unique situation with two groups coming together. It is a progression in your spiritual growth that has far reaching value. This is encouraging and you are encouraged to do it again. To join with other groups to participate with other teachers. It is a reuniting of what has been separated. You are all loved and cared for. This endeavor is highly praised.

JOHN: My friends this is Bertrand. It is a joy for me to be with you. To share with you. To share with Jarel. To see your faces. To experience your growth. To feel your spirits. I have recently been assigned larger duties in the teaching mission. I have visited many classes throughout Urantia. It is my responsibility to continue their growth, and their continued direction toward each's ultimate goal. The goal of bringing Light and Life to Urantia. I strongly encourage your gatherings. I strongly encourage your participation with others. I strongly encourage your sharing with each other your experiences in your individual missions. Faith is spoken of as being most necessary in attaining your goals. Without faith all is empty. All work is superficial. By experiencing this 'faith leap' you are making possible a level of growth in the spirit kingdom managed only by a few in your past history. Continue. I will be present at many of your meetings and will help to assist Jarel and each of your individual teachers in their work with you. I thank you for this opportunity to address you at this time.

HAL: This is Jarel. We are extremely fortunate to have these distinguished visitors and guests today. For those who are striving for transmitting will need our lesson for today, patience and opportunities. Be patient in searching for the stillness, then seek the opportunity when it is there. Continue in your efforts in your stillness to practice your receiving impressions and expressing them. Again I encourage each one to practice, and let go, and learn the transmitting technique. Again we are extremely fortunate to have these visitors today.

BETTY (Jarel) Thank you dear ones for your efforts and your loyaL participation. Let me comfort you. Let me tell you that what will be asked of you will not be beyond your abilities, and even though faith will be required you will be certain of assistance near. It is not the purpose of this mission to cause anxiety or frustration. Remember Christ Michael himself, your brother, your creator, your Father prince is the administrator of this mission, and He knows well what He is asking of each of you. You will be required to show patience and know that each day you are being prepared for whatever He will ask of you. It is important that you anticipate each day an opportunity to witness the experiences to another if it is presented to you. This may be only in your thoughts. This may be an acknowledgment to your self that indeed you understand the plight of that one who is sharing with you. It has been your growth as well. It is not intended that you immediately witness to these friends that come to you to share their burdens. Within each one there will be a time for this to occur. But let us begin by understanding. By silently remembering in our own hearts when we too were struggling with these things. Watch what will be understood, what will be in focus for the fragment of the Father. The word is but a vibration of this 'knowing'. So let us relax and enjoy the attention that will be given us in the next few weeks in preparation for our next adventure.

This is a wonderful occasion and we are pleased to be of service, and to be chosen to be the teacher of such beautiful spirits. We have encountered much joy these past months of being in your presence, and being called upon to administer to your needs. This is a wonderful opportunity to serve Christ Michael and to advance my own spiritual path. This 'old one' is grateful. Let each of us remember our brothers and sisters who are not with us this day. Let us continue to give thanksgiving to those who have difficulties. Let us pray for a world of peace. Let us pray for those who are in pain and suffering, that they will be relieved of their sorrow and encounter the love of the Father thru the administration of love.

I leave you now dear ones, with joy in my heart Farewell.

GROUP: Farewell. I guess there are no questions today.

Session 2


After dinner, the same day, another session was held with the teacher Signa, and John Roper as the T/R.

SIGNA: Greetings my friends. This is Signa. I am happy to be here. Excited. With this new group of friends, new faces, young faces socializing together. Walking the path towards spiritual enlightenment, seeking the Fathers Will, seeking the stillness and the understanding of the concept of contacting.


I would like to answer those questions from you that are on your heart. I encourage you to ask what you will. As always, some things I can answer, other things I cannot. But do not be concerned. If it is on your heart ask. Do you have questions at this time ?


BETTY: Signa I would like to ask you if there is a transition of a sort that happens to you once you start transmitting. It seems that being a participant is much different than being a transmitter. During the process of the transition from a participant and a transmitter there was a great deal of faith and courage that was required that was not required as a participant. The path was very different. There are times that I feel very much removed from the process. Is this clear?

SIGNA: Yes your statement is clear, but I'm not sure I understand as to what your question is.

BETTY: Is there something that actually happens to the transmitter.

SIGNA: Yes. You have dedicated yourself in the service of the teaching mission. Some dedicate to personal outreach. Others to spiritual growth within themselves. Others seek to gather in those who are truth seekers into this momentous task. You like many others have dedicated yourself to being a conduit, a connection between the spirit world and the material. The necessities of the connection require a certain distancing of your conscious mind to the process taking place. This you have done freely and of your own freewill. Yes there is a sense in you and other transmitters of being separated from the greater whole of the assembled group. But do not fear. Your rewards will be great for this service. It is your love of your brothers and sisters for whom you have dedicated yourself to this service. All members of the kingdom of heaven must be willing to serve joyously and with a full heart. This you have done. Each of your brothers and sisters will be called upon to serve to their capacity, to their level of understanding. It is your choosing to follow the path of service. We are all most grateful for the effort put forth by all transmitter/ receivers who have dedicated themselves to serving the larger group. Each of you have the ability to transmit and receive, but all do not have the willingness to act as that channel for the group in total. Be patient. As Jarel has said today. Be patient in your truth seeking. In your desire to feel as part of the whole. For a true understanding of that is yours for the asking. Your conscious mind is perhaps not aware of the integrated total of the transmitting to the teaching group. But your super conscious as well as the indwelling spirit are fully aware of the contribution you make. Have I answered your question ?

HAL: The other side of the question is that Jarel has been encouraging all of us to transmit, and we have been trying. Those of us who have not been able to do so satisfactorily feel that we are left out, or missing something, or not progressing as much as we should. What is it that is holding us back ? Why is it that we are not able to, despite the desire ?

SIGNA: The ability to transmit and receive is totally connected to the ability to still your conscious mind. To allow the teacher an opportunity to speak to you and thru you. As you practice the stillness you become better at this mind control. It is not easy. It is also quite different for each individual, some connected to your genetic inheritance. Some also connected to your faith and your willingness to hear that which is spoken to you. The process of transmitting and receiving has many facets. It is not a simple process of just sitting still in the quiet and listening to that which spoken to you. Does that help ?

HAL: Yes. It is just a matter of practice in turning off your material mind.

SIGNA: Yes. But not necessarily turning it off, but exert better control.

HAL: Mind control. It seems to me that that is what Jesus accomplished here in one life time. The complete control of his mind.

SIGNA: He did indeed. We have studied his technique on the mansion worlds to assist us, not only in our own control but also in the technique the Urantia human uses to get control of his mind. We have studied that extensively to allow us, the teachers, the opportunity to work with the human mind.

HAL: That is what we are all looking for. Can we all find that technique ?

SIGNA: The technique has been spoken to you. It just takes practice.

STELLA: Doesn't it take more than just mind control ? Doesn't it require a spiritual backup to help control the mind.

SIGNA: You can certainly ask for assistance from your thought adjuster. He is most willing to help.

HAL: The secret then is to get into the stillness to where we can listen.

SIGNA: Correct.


JOE: Signa this is Joe. It is indeed a pleasure and an honor to welcome you and all of the other unseen friends into this teaching mission group. We have a question we have been discussing that is in reference to a phenomena that goes on here on Urantia that we are aware of, known as spontaneous combustion. Is that in any way related to the spiritual realm. Can you tell us a bit about that ?

SIGNA: I cannot confirm any particular cases. I can suggest to you that fusion does occur on Urantia and be evidenced by such events, but not always.

HAL: Is there much fusion taking place down here now.

SIGNA: I am happy to report that it is increasing but the numbers are still small. The universe government was most concerned for many years over the dwindling numbers of fused mortals leaving Urantia. We are pleased that the trend has turned around.

DONNA: Am I to understand that some mortals can be fused while here on Urantia and continue to live and die a natural death ?

SIGNA: No. Once you are fused your material body is consumed in a spirit flash and they immediately reside on the Mansion worlds. There are no fused mortals on Urantia.

STELLA: There are some people that have had life and death experiences and they see a channel and a light at the end. Is this one of the circuits between here and the mansion worlds that we take ?

SIGNA: There are a number of things that we are instructed to refrain from discussing. The intervening space between life on Urantia and resurrection on the Mansion worlds is specifically restricted.

HAL: Interesting. Can you explain why this is restricted ?

SIGNA: If we explained that it would tell what the experience was.

MARLIES: So does that also mean that people who claim to have had after death experiences is that reality or is it something they have created in their own mind, or could that have actually happened to them ?

SIGNA: I cannot confirm.

Teacher Contact, Vision

ELLY: Signa, this is Elly. I would like to know how I can tell my personal teacher that I would like him or her to talk to me, and how I should do that.

SIGNA: Each evening as you go to bed spend five or ten minutes in allowing your thoughts to quiet. In other words , you may picture a blank wall or the darkness of your room, and pretend that it is also divine. As the stillness gets better the chances of contact improve, and then just listen. It takes time and practice, but starting at your age you should accomplish it very simply. and then it will be your possession throughout your life. For those here who have just begun after many years of habitual activity of their minds to overcome it is much harder. For you who are so young it is much easier, and can be accomplished with relative ease and comfort. Do you understand ?

ELLY: Yes.

LUCILLE: Signa this is Lucille. I seem to see things. It seems at the beginning of our first session today you and Jarel and Bertrand were standing there together and Jarel said to Bertrand to go ahead you were the first teacher, and Bertrand said, but it is your class. Is this all my imagination ?

SIGNA: Definitely not. Some have the ability to perceive thru their sensory preceptors the presence of spirit beings. You have this ability, cherish it. It will give you comfort for there are many beings surrounding you continually. Most people are unable to sense what you are able to sense.

LUCILLE: I just wondered, as I haven't been able to transmit.

SIGNA: You can transmit. You have the ability if you so desire. It requires practice of course. You can be a conduit for a visual picture of those spirit beings around you. For many that would be greatly appreciated.

LUCILLE: Thank you. I want to also thank you, or whoever was with me in my car accident.

SIGNA: Many were with you.

STELLA: I would like to say that I see faces occasionally. This last session I saw two faces, and then I saw a bridge, sort of like a Roman bridge. I don't know what it meant, unless it was a bridge between this world and yours. Do I also have that ability to see faces etc.

SIGNA: Yes I can confirm. Usually in the human those who have this ability to see the spirit world rarely acknowledge such in their own mind. Usually it is discounted as being something other than what it is. To have the knowledge that it exists and to understand it's reality is a gift.

STELLA: Thanks. I am glad it wasn't just my imagination.

Teaching Mission, Urantia

BETTY: I would like to ask if you could give us a sort of overview of the teaching mission. It seems to go for about two years and then some special task is assigned to each group. Are you allowed to tell us at the end of the conclusion of all of the teaching mission will there be new direction for us ? We seem to all be going ahead but we don't seem to know where the path leads.

SIGNA: You are each pieces to a large mosaic puzzle of the human mind and spirit moving toward Light and Life. It is this that is the ultimate goal. Each class has its part to play in the forward movement of mankind toward that ultimate goal. As each class reaches its graduation it is given certain assignments and instruction as to what the students are asked to do. Of course it is up to the student to make their own choice as to whether they will proceed with this assignment or not. Freewill choice is always respected. Does this answer your question ?

BETTY: Yes we are each a part of a puzzle that is going to come together to facilitate Light and Life on our planet.

SIGNA: That is correct. Remember Urantia holds a very special place in all of Nebadon as being the sphere on which Michael experienced His seventh bestowal. This planet has been under great watch care ever since Michael was here, also because of its participation in the Lucifer rebellion, and because of the default of Adam and Eve. Your planet has progressed unusually thru its evolutionary course. Michael now desires that this planet be returned to the path that most planets evolve thru in their evolution. When the call went out for volunteers to become part of the teaching mission, which is also occurring on the other planets of rebellion, we were excited at the prospect of being able to come here. There were nearly 250.000 volunteers for the first 400 teachers to be sent to Urantia. We have all been enthralled by the epic that has unfolded on your tiny sphere. To have the experience of service to the Creator Son in the restoration of his home sphere is the most exciting, the most adventurous thrill any of us could experience. When you thank me for my participation here it seems strange, for I should be thanking you for being asked to help you. To help the human work with the divine in the restoration of Michael's planet. A long answer for a short question.

MARLIES: Signa, just a point of verification, It was my recollection of the teaching mission that this was to be a thousand year mission. Is that right ?

SIGNA: That is true. At Least.

MARLIES; So we are just at the beginning of this experience for Urantia.

SIGNA This is the first day, of a thousand years ?

HAL: That partially answers the question I was about to ask. We are certainly appreciative of your encouragement to us as to how special we are down here. We feel quite fortunate to have been born on this planet, thru no fault of our own. To participate in this exciting adventure you speak of.

SIGNA: I can tell you that there are many Mansion world sojourners that would gladly take your place.

HAL: Despite all of our problems ?

SIGNA: Despite all of your problems.

HAL: Then you mentioned that we are part of a puzzle. It all comes together in Light and Life. We then are, shall we say, a transient part of this puzzle, because we will no longer be here when this puzzle is put together. We are then but a small passing part of this puzzle.

SIGNA: Yes and no. There is no prediction as to the outcome of the teaching mission relative to time, and relative to the first stage of Light and Life. Many things can happen on a planet that has been deprived for so long. Many things can change very rapidly. Many things are changing very rapidly as is evidenced by your world history of the past five years. Also realize, many spirit forces are working on the entire planet, and much can be accomplished in a short amount of time. There are millions of truth seekers waiting to hear the saving words, that God is our Father and all men are our brothers. As they hear and learn of this truth their minds will turn. Once there is what we call a 'critical mass', that is a certain number of humans who have seen the light, and who know the Father, and seek todo the His will in their lives, and who understand the Brotherhood of Man, then Light and Life can be the experience very rapidly. What a glorious day that will be. I certainly look forward to it and will be here. You may be also.


BETTY: We also have the transcripts that will be helpful. Is that not true ?

SIGNA: Of other teaching mission classes ?

BETTY: And our own. Something to pass on to the next torch bearers.

SIGNA: Yes that is true. But also understand that these communications from the unseen forces is a lesson not only on your planet, but many others. The transmissions that take place on Urantia are also recorded on High, and are available for study and interpretation by other planets thruout this system. Many are uplifted by your faith and dedication and your willingness to serve without seeing. The agondonter spirit.

LUCILLE: Signa, how can we enlarge our particular group ? I understand that Dana Point has about 14 regular members. We have only about seven now. We started out with ten. By the way that phone call was for Doug. We all send up our prayers for him. Is there any way, or should we, enlarge ?

SIGNA: As you go about your daily lives you can share what you know with those whom you meet. It is thru interaction that you are able to discern the spirit level, the desire, the need for truth that this person may have. It is thru interaction that you may find new members. But do not be concerned or disheartened by your group size. When many are gathered together such as this, great things can occur and most likely do. The addition of one or two or even five more will only help in the execution of what you will do. It will not hinder the actual outcome of what you do.

ELLY: Signa may I ask a question. First my sister and I, Sarah, were talking about how when you were with our family before, you had us see a picture, like the ocean, and we can't picture things in our head. Our parents can, why can't we ?

SIGNA: Let me ask you this. You have two small cats that live at your house. Close your eyes. Can you picture them ?

ELLY: I can remember them but I can't picture them.

SIGNA: It is the same. You remember their sounds, their colors, how they play with one another. That is a picture.


ELLY: Then my second question is that my parents told me that the cure for aids will be with herbs. Can you tell me if our scientists and doctors are anywhere near to finding a cure for this terrible disease ?

SIGNA: They are getting closer. But the problem we have in instructing the scientific mind in their search for the cure lies in the fact that very few who are so dedicated to the scientific method have a true understanding of their spiritual existence. They may go to church and believe in God, and know Jesus in their hearts but having a contact with the spiritual realm is lacking. We continue to seek for those individuals who can be pivotal in helping the humans discover the much needed cure. We are working on it. You are getting closer.

Teaching Mission

ELLY: I thought of another question. When you first came on Urantia and started talking to my father, and teaching, did you have to learn English ?

SIGNA: Yes. We had to learn English. There are a number of teachers who have not learned English, they speak other languages on your planet.

HAL: There are other teaching missions even without the Urantia book?


LUCILLE: Are there any in China ?


STELLA; Good, I am going to China in July. Is there anything I can do while there ?

SIGNA: Continue to seek the guidance of your adjuster. But be very careful. The Chinese government is very suspicious of Americans.

Hal; Yes we want you back again.

BETTY: Donna and I are going to Israel in August. We want to be there for Jesus's birthday. We are going with a group of Urantia book readers. Do you have any advise for us ?

JOE: Bullet proof vests ?

SIGNA: Be sure to seek the stillness on His birthday. (tape reversed). No further instruction. You will most likely receive a message of personal and perhaps universal interest.

SIGNA: Are there any other questions ?

HAL: This element of patience that was discussed earlier seems to be quite a problem for some of us. Is there anything other than the stillness and seeking the guidance of the Father ? Impatience seems to be a trait of human nature.

SIGNA: It is difficult for us sometimes to understand. Yet thinking back on our own sphere of human existence we see and remember how difficult it was to separate yourself from your material existence, and the material exigencies of life. But please remember. What you see around in your material existence is only a real shadow of reality. Reality is the spiritual existence. To become more real you must continually seek the spirit.

HAL: Which we do through the stillness in seeking the Father


ELLY: I have another question. On your home planet, or the Mansion Worlds, do you have children and if you do, do you keep in touch with them and when. When my family go on to the mansion worlds do the families stay in touch and do things together or do they just forget about each other ?

Signa; You will always remain in touch with those siblings, parents, and your children, and your children's children as you progress thru the mansion worlds and on toward paradise. They will be a part of your ascendent career. They may not choose the same path you choose, but communication is easily provided.

ELLY: Did you have any children, and do you keep in contact with them .

SIGNA: Yes, I have three, and we communicate occasionally.


HAL: The other subject we discussed was opportunity. How do we know when an opportunity knocks ?

SIGNA: It is a similar question in my thoughts. You must continually be alert to those who come in your midst who are truth seekers. They will not say to you, Hal tell me something about God. They may seek a smile. A kind word. A reassurance and understanding. You must seek to understand the desire and be willing to share your inner spirit. That part of you that has become integral with your personality. Does that answer your question ?

HAL: Yes. However our circle of friends seem to be very content with their orthodox beliefs. We're finding it difficult to find someone who is searching. We broach the subject and it dies. Maybe we should expand out to other circles of acquaintances and friends.

SIGNA: There are individuals who you happenstance to be near, in your stores, in your post office, in your doctors office, in your work, who will indicate to you their openness to words and deeds or expressions. Satisfy that need with something spiritual. It does not need to be an introduction to our wonderful manuscript, but it does need to be an introduction to the Father. There is a certain eye you need to develop, to cultivate, to see those that come near to you. You can feel it in your heart what they need, and always listen for the leading of your thought adjuster. For He will certainly be speaking to you if this person seeks truth. You also speak of your circle of friends. From your conversation I would say they are not truth seekers. They are satisfied with where they are. You will be wasting your time trying to enlighten them, They have enough. It is neither right nor wrong, it is just that they have found for themselves their own personal relation with the Father. There are two main groups, that you can not have an influence on; those who do not seek and those who are absolutely certain about their relationship with the Father. Neither do you need to concern yourself with, but it is the vast majority in the, middle who need your help.

HAL: Then in our casual contacts throughout life we should be constantly aware of the people around us, rather than wrapped up in our own thoughts.

SIGNA: You say it better than I. I will take one more question.


ELLY: Last week I was talking to my best friend, and she said that if a woman could not have children that meant that God didn't want her to have children. I don't feel that way, I think God meant her to adopt or some other way. I wondered if I should express my feelings to her, or should I just keep my feelings to myself ?

SIGNA: You must share your feeling based on your own inner leading. I can tell you that ability to have children or not have children is purely physical. It is a genetic predisposition. It has nothing to do with the will of the Father. You may see many times on your planet the evidence of uncontrolled birth, as some of your third world countries are suffering under the weight of too many inhabitants. Certainly if the Father were directing this event He would reduce the pain and suffering of those many peoples by reducing the number of children granted. But that is not so. Man is given the free will to create or not to create as he sees fit. It is man who must also begin to understand the ramifications of what occurs when the population is out of hand. Those things must be dealt with strictly from a human level. It is an evolutionary process that all planets must go thru in understanding the need to control how the population increase.

JOE: I am a little confused. As a follow up to Elly's question. Isn't it part of God's plan for that being on this earth. Isn't there a direct relationship between Gods will and that experience, not just a genetic problem ?

SIGNA: All human beings must go thru the experience of parenthood whether on this planet or on the Mansion worlds. The only opportunity the human has for procreation is the union of the father and mother to create another human. This can happen only on this sphere. There is not direct involvement of the Father in the choosing whether an individual has children or not. That is strictly physical.

JOE: Then it is not part of Gods destiny planned for that individual ?

SIGNA: I cannot comment on an individuals destiny. I am only commenting on Gods interference, not in the ability to procreate.

JOE: Thank you.


SIGNA: I have enjoyed our conversation immensely. I invite you to be a part of our group any time. I also look forward to seeing you at our gathering in the near future. For this day I bid you a very fond farewell.

GROUP: Farewell. Thank you Signa for a most enlightening and interesting meeting.