1994-07-10-Walking Without Light

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Topic: Walking Without Light

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



We give praise and thanks to you for all of your creation, for the humble place there is. Dear Father we thank you for your powerful blessings upon us, and we thank you for this opportunity to be of service to you and our fellows in this teaching mission. We pray your presence and your guidance for all of us. We pray for the presence of our teachers and celestial visitors. We pray that you would strengthen our hearts and open our minds that we may be more receptive to our indwelling Adjuster that indwells each. The name of thy son Jesus of Nazareth our sovereign savior Michael, give praise and thanks, and say amen.

GROUP: Amen.

JAREL: Purity of mind and body. We give our permission for our teachers and celestial beings, to use our beings for the purpose of this teaching mission. The power of the Father protects you, and the love of the Father infuses your beings. Wherever you come together in his name for the purposes of seeking and knowing His Will he is with you.

Greetings dear students and fellows. How often I have said," How pleased I am to be in your midst, to be in your bright countenances this day. It is equally so and I am pleased to share with you the mission of Christ Michael. How pleased I am to be your teacher and guide to this ever expanding mission of enlightenment to bring about Light and Life and salvation to a planet that has heretofore been in darkness. That is an honor for me and all others who had volunteer for his call to be able to participate with you, the ascending mortals of Urantia. So happy are we to offer to you what we know in the way of knowledge to help in the spiritual development of your ascension careers.


Teaching Mission, Vision

Yes, we perceive your numerous questions, but prior to that we wish to share with you a small observation or lesson. Before coming into the knowledge of this teaching mission you, the mortals of Urantia, literally walked in darkness. Darkness represents the absence of light, light is necessary to see your path, to know where you are going, and to light that path of any obstacles or hazards that would prevent you reaching your destination. There is in the bible, when Christ Michael walked with you here on Urantia, the story of a healing that came about when he came upon a man that was blind from birth. The Master in his compassion, after answering his apostles questions of who did sin, did mix spittle with the earth and formed clay. He applied this mixture to the eyes of the man and commanded him to go and wash. The man did so and gained his sight. This event is recorded.[1]

Also this event has an allegorical lesson. You, dear mortals of this sphere, were like this man, blind from birth having never seen with the eyes. You dear mortals, like this man have set and longed for vision, clarity of insight, guidance. The Master in His mercy and compassion has come and revealed himself to you. He has from His mouth given you that substance that will open your eyes, so that you may see the surroundings and guide yourselves thru this existence. It was something that came from His mouth mixed with the earth that produced the clay that gave this man his sight. Likewise it is something that has come from His mouth in the form of the text that mixes with the dirt of this earth, that means the substance that you were created from, the spittle mixed with the dirt and became clay.

The teachings of the text are mixing with your nature which is one of advancement. Your nature encompasses a sincere desire for righteous living and spiritual growth so the two are compatible the same as the spittle and the dirt. If you will apply this mixture to your heart and minds and bathe in the love and the countenance of the Father thru seeking the stillness daily you too will have the vision and be able to see your surroundings and guide yourselves throughout. Allow the nature in which you were created to advance thru the knowledge of the text.

This mission sees itself as the pool with which you may wash the darkness from your eyes. Sitting in this setting you are privy to enlightenment thru your efforts in seeking the stillness. We, your teachers, do not set ourselves above you, as we have reiterated again, and again. We once walked in darkness also and the light of truth has shown upon us. We are upon our paths towards ascension and enlightenment and have been given the opportunity to share with you our experience and knowledge and hope that you will take what is good from this and it apply to your path, thus assisting you on your path and ascension career.

Often for those of us who have experienced much tend to forget how difficult it is for mortals to come in full faith. But faith is essential to your growth. The man in the parable had faith, not in the Master, but in the belief system of that time, though his faith had increased to encompass the truth of the Master. We view your faith in this mission and see you come together faithfully dedicated to increasing your belief and moving in a direction upon your path. Your faith is evident, the opportunity to serve is here for you as it is for us. We serve together, you and I, in the mission of Christ Michael. So it is with this understanding that we embark this day upon our renewed efforts to increase your understanding of the text and its mission.

I will entertain your questions at this time.



HAL: I would infer then, Jarel from your discussion of the masters parable that the blind man had to make an effort . He had to wash the spittle. He had to make an effort ?

JAREL: The healing was in two parts. That of the application and that of the effort.

HAL: It is a glorious feeling to feel the progress you are providing for us in understanding the mission and understanding our goal and efforts toward eternal life. We appreciate it. We feel honored to be a part of it.

JAREL: We are likewise honored at your presence and your diligence and your confidence in this mission. The darkness Urantia has labored in is lifting. The light of truth is all about. We have much of the tools necessary to build a new world. In truth you have at your disposal large voluminous works of knowledge that have come from the text and this mission. There is much to absorb Much to study and ponder, but much effort and movement must be made at this point in order to achieve your goals.

HAL: You speak of movement. You have mentioned movement many times. Can you enlarge upon how we can apply this, or what does movement mean to us. It seems to be a direction in our path. I don't quite understand. Can you enlarge upon this, movement ?

JAREL: We caution you, the believers in this mission to move and n not become stagnant.

HAL: In other words to not become content with what we have and to continue striving ?

JAREL: And seeking and wants in seeking you have developed ideas, goals. Make an effort. Make a movement towards the completion of those goals. Assist thru sharing your love.

LUCILLE: I had a call from Debra in Bakersfield. It seems that Jack and Jerry cannot come down to our place for visitation because of his lung condition. It seems that I received an impression from Helonia that night that maybe we should go up there in the future. could you comment on this ?

JAREL: We are in agreement with your efforts to assist in this area wherever you gather we will be in attendance.

MARLIES: I have a question Jarel. You said something about us walking in darkness prior to the text. Am I correct ?



MARLIES: Does that mean that when Christ Michael or Jesus of Nazareth came to Urantia that we were still walking in darkness even after His death and those of us who accepted Him as the Son of God are still walking in darkness until we read the Urantia book ?

JAREL: It means there are varying degrees of darkness, with the presence of Christ Michael on this sphere. Even with the example of his glorious physical life the heathen and ungodly acts of many still prevail Even with the great lesson of love that was exemplified in His being, man's inhumanity to man continued. The enlightened continued to subjugate those of lesser knowledge in areas of darkness. With emergence of the text upon this sphere new light has been shown an illumination of those teachings of the master combined with the revelation of the text has increased the light that was here on this planet. But still the Master's walk in darkness..Darkness represents ignorance of Ignorance is not knowing. This is true of this sphere. The majority of mortal;s have not the knowledge of the First Source and Center. The true concept of deity n or the true relationships that deity functions in. Nor do they understand the true nature of Christ Michael. So we say that darkness does exist in these areas.

HAL: Could we say, on the degrees of darkness that those of us who have been fortunate enough to have been raised in the teachings of the bible's interpretation of Michael's visit have been fortunate to have a greater light in our lives. As you look at the planet as whole there is so much darkness from other areas , that gives the feeling of total darkness. That we have been fortunate to have been raised in the environment of Jesus's teaching ?

JAREL: The planet is not in total darkness. The Father has provided that light be given at various stages throughout creation, so light has been present , but the entire planet is not at that stage of Light and Life.

Decision, Perfection

BETTY: Greetings Jarel. There is a portion of the transcript that concerns me, and I would like for you enlarge upon it. It says that you have the opportunity to become something greater than your low origin has produced. You must become something. You must make the effort. If not you will perish. No memory of your existence will be found in the record of recorded history of eternity. Are you saying that we have the potential of perishing . the people here in this room. ?

JAREL: All beings have the potential of perishing. All beings have the potential of everlasting existence. The quotation you refer to only implies that you as members of this human family of the planet Urantia must become something. The populace must become something. You must move on your path and grow and become those spiritual beings that your Thought Adjuster is working towards making of you. Should you choose not to become this then you are choosing extinction. Extinction implies no record of your previous existence. Here is what we intended to portray. Not that you who are enlightened are running the risk of extinction.

BETTY: So when you say that we must become something, what does that mean ?

JAREL: You must develop you must ascend you must continue and make your final metamorphose into that spiritual being perfected.

BETTY: And yet we have the opportunity to do that even after we die. That doesn't mean that we can wait until then to choose God but it is probable that we will not be perfected here in this life. If we choose God and do the best we can with what we have to work with and with our mental state and with prayer and guidance doesn't that in itself guarantee an existence hereafter.

JAREL: Again here freewill choice reigns there is no middle ground. As beings of this sphere your choice is to seek the Father and everlasting life or non existent. The choice remains with the individual.

HAL: You stated also that you and many others from other universes are not created as perfect beings these are all of the evolutionary mortals I would gather. Thus comes the understanding of the term perfected. We would like to infer, and we wondered if you were inferring that this perfection can be attained in the mortal form ?

JAREL: No. Perfected beings are perfected only on paradise the final stage of development. As a perfected being on paradise you have a potential in this existence to develop much higher in your spiritual capacities than others on many other sphere. You are from the area of time and space where experiential living is the teacher.

HAL: Yes, that is the understanding we had. I was just groping for something greater here. But we understand that Jesus while here did attain perfection as a human.

JAREL: Indeed the Master Son attained this.

HAL: So it is possible but not very likely for the rest of us.

JAREL: None have done so since. This is the reason He is the example. He allowed himself to experience all that you as a mortal would experience and He overcame the low animal origin, and desires without the aids of divine prerogatives.

Auras, Light and Life

DONNA: I have questions regarding spiritual eyes and growth. Is the ability to see auras related to spiritual growth.

JAREL: Yes. This is so. Each individual; has his own path and each has developed on his path. We are not all the same which is evident by the fact that I am a teacher from another sphere, another experiential existence, yet I am here in this setting to assist you in your growth. Had I not translated to this experience I could not relate to you if my development had not exceeded yours in those areas. I could not teach you that that I had not acquired. likewise you will be able to enlighten others upon your growth. The auras are present in all material beings. However the spiritual development in some allows them to view these things. If you will recount in your existence as a small child you were prone to view auras. This was because your spiritual growth was more pure, less corrupted by animal cravings and desires. Does this assist you ?

DONNA: Yes this assists. I was wondering if hundreds of years down the road would this be a part of our evolution. In other words would people be able to develop greater spiritual eyesight. Is it a faculty of our physiology that perhaps could be changed in time with progress, that our eyes will be more sensitive to spiritual realities depending on their development? Will people be able to sense auras ?

JAREL: This is a possibility and more likely a reality of this sphere as it comes more about in Light and Life. Dear one we must keep in mind that we are making a new world of sorts. We are infusing this planet with love. This is the message of the text and the mission. The Fatherhood of God. The brotherhood of man will be established here. The hearts and minds of the people will turn towards one another. You will embrace your fellows and share with the, your experiences. They in turn will share with you. Light and Life will come about ln that environment. More spiritual happenings, phenomena will occur but these things will not be viewed so much as phenomena but everyday occurrences, as part of spiritual development.

HAL: I was visualizing you and our teachers as a part of a common round-table that We are all relating together rather than you as a separate meeting looking down on us. Was this a step in developing a better spiritual visualization?

JAREL: This could probably be so. We are gathered together around you and our energies can be felt. Your perception thereof we do not know unless you inform us. Your seer is here and perhaps she can verify as to what you have envisioned.

LUCILLE: I was thinking of something else this time. I had visioned Stella walking on the wall in China. I was just curious but I was wondering if Stella was walking on the wall in the last 24 hours.

HAL; Yes I was also going to ask a curiosity question too. Where is Stella now ? Are you able to identify her location now ?

JAREL: We will attempt.... They are in the country of China they are in the building of the city. Not in the country side on the wall.. It is dark there. Letters of correspondences, thoughts of home. Thoughts of this group. Much love. Much compassion for the people there. This one will return with much insight that will assist in this setting.

HAL: Can you send our love and concern to her?

JAREL: . ..It is done.

HAL: Thank you. In the stage of Light and Life is it more often that some can attain the state of perfection that Jesus attained when he was here or is it merely joining with their Thought Adjusters which is not really the end of ones journey. Does this occur more often in the stage of Light and Life and do many people do this?

JAREL: In the stage of Light and Life there are vast leaps of development , spiritual growth, but not to the stage of becoming a perfected being. When you are a perfected being you are embraced there in Paradise by the presence of the Father and mustered into those groups for future deployment. So, each of us must continue on our path and attain the circles, and go thru the mansion worlds, on into Paradise. This is the decreed path. It must be followed It can not be aborted,or abrogated. This thought is a very human characteristic. We are learning much concerning this desire to bypass, or as you say shortcut to the goal. The lessons in the text, the bible, and this mission should show the importance of gleaning knowledge from experience, experiential living is essential to growth.

HAL: The tendency to short cut got Adam and Eve in trouble. We don't want to do the same thing.

JAREL: This is so.

HAL: Fusing with Thought Adjuster is not attaining perfection then.

JAREL: Not in this sphere.

HAL: The we fuse with Thought Adjuster before we attain perfection in the bosom of the Father.

JAREL: This is correct.

LUCILLE: Jarel last week Verona told us about the hunger in this world. indicating that this would be a choice where we could help. I gather too that there would be other talks from Verona or you as to paths that we may choose. I continue to have the feeling that I am not doing what I should be doing in helping others ?

JAREL: Dear one. The endeavor is to lay before you a list of opportunities an allow you to choose that where you feel you can best serve.

Lucille: So we will have more opportunities then ?



BETTY: I share this feeling also. When I left here last week I just felt discouraged. Then I read that if I don't do something I am going to perish in last weeks transcript. I am just feeling very discouraged. I could use all the help I can find.... I don't meas to whine.

HAL: It think, that as Jarel has said, that allowing unseen friends an teachers to participate would draw us closer to the unseen world and to them.

BETTY: I am not sure what you mean by participate. I am not quite sure about anything now. I am in that state of mind where I feel like I am not doing it right, Not doing enough.

HAL: Could it be we are going thru 'spiritual adolescence'.

JAREL: Dear Ones. You are not alone in your perceived feelings. This one share them with you. Please understand that these feelings are not unusual. The nature of our communication with you fosters the fact of these feelings. Much doubt and uncertainty exists with in and without this mission. This we allow is helping growth. The true fact of existence is in your belief and faith in this mission. We cannot do more than you are wiling to allow. we cannot act for you. we can supplement your actions we can guide you in those areas where you have not acquired experience, but all decisions rest with you. Dear ones. You have again allowed yourselves to doubt your abilities. I have said over again. Stop doubting yourselves. Proceed with confidence in that that you know. The act of seeking and a sincere desire to assist will help you to be your best. Much confusion exists in the minds of those that you come in contact with concerning the mission and the truth of the text. You are the representatives of both. They are a conjoined effort. Those coming to the mission need the knowledge of the text. Those involved in the mission must rely on the text for guidance and faith also. These are not separate issues.

We your teachers rely upon you to relate to others your experience. It is the hope and faith in Father that your experiences will encourage and set into motion a healthy curiosity to inquire more. Thus allowing those individuals to seek the Father. For you dear one we ask that you portray the Father more. Allow those persons that you desire to influence to see His love at work in you. This again will help more toward opening their hearts and their lives. Toward establishing those links with the Adjuster that will permit them to sincerely seek on their own. I offer these words of encouragement to you, that you are all doing well. Our Midwayer Verona in our last session gave suggestion to you concerning how to be of assistance. We know from you and from your actions , and from scanning that this group has a sincere desire to be of help. Your efforts have shown us this . So we ask, do not beat up on yourself when you meet a small amount of resistance, be not discouraged that those you seek have not responded as you think. Does,this help you my dears ?

GROUP: Yes. We need the encouragement.

MARLIES: May I interject something ?

JAREL: Please do.

MARLIES It also says here that you must make the effort. It does say a perfect outcome is not necessary. As long as we make the effort and do the best we can. If the other person is not responding and we find ourselves not being able to find the correct word at that time, we have still made the effort, and that is all that is expected of us.

JAREL: This is very good. And this is accurate. The attempt to share thru your example is sufficient. The receptivity of your love, knowledge, and concern is contingent upon that individual. As it is said and written, many are called but few are chosen. So if we call all, not a large number will heed that call. Be optimistic dear ones. The pessimistic view does not become such lovely being s as yourselves.

HAL: This applies to the saying, 'the action is ours, the results is the Fathers'.


BETTY: Thank your Jarel.


JAREL: I must take more time with you, dear one. The that,is over. Dear Ones, Let me ask of you that this week that is coming, while events are taking place toward the conference let each of you daily seek the stillness in the presence of the Father. This is not an impossible task it only requires your effort. Take the time to daily seek His presence. You will benefit greatly from this if you can be consistent in this practice. This is the only way to increase your spiritual development. Pray for yourselves and others, and seek Him in the stillness. Allow your minds to shake off the worries and concerns of this world, and spend a few moments in total peace and quite with God your Father. This will help you to dispel discouragement and feel good about your efforts. We have stressed this, but it appears the message is sometimes lost. You have much material of transcripts to read, you have the text, that glorious book, please avail yourselves of these tools. The seeking of the stillness, if done in earnest. will be equal to that of the text and the transcripts. THIS WILL BE YOUR PERSONAL ENCOUNTER WITH DIVINITY. So your teacher humbly request that each of you this week do not miss one opportunity to seek the Father. Make it point to start your day, or end your day in this stillness. Will you COMMIT TO ME this day YOUR PROMISE to practice this week ?


LUCILLE: I prefer three or four A.M . (chuckles)

JAREL: The time of the hour does not matter. The matter is that each period marked in the 24 hr. clock that you sometime in that period seek the stillness. This will bring you into unity with more than just yourselves, others throughout this planet are seeking the stillness also.

HAL: Could I ask ? We are apparently in the kindergarten of learning to commune with the Father. At your stage of growth and that of our many unseen friends, have you progressed to the point where you have the feeling that you are in constant communication with the Father. That it is like our breathing, that it is automatic. Is that the stage where you people are ? Is that what we are striving for ?

JAREL: There are numerous beings who have achieved this state. I myself have not,, but I feel that I am very close. I seek him and obey His will as it comes to me. You will do likewise in your development.

HAL: Do you receive His will as impressions, or do you have a more clear concept of His Will than we are able to muster.

JAREL: We have a much more clear concept of His will in our lives. We are learning and understanding higher spiritual principles. They come to us as certainty, as mota. We enact these principles coupled with our experience of living. We have a higher spiritual development. This does not make us greater that you, our fellows, only more experienced.

HAL: Then your communication or knowing the will of the Father is an innate understanding within your own thought patterns. You don't receive a voice or messages as we are receiving now, do you? A voice telling you the Will of the Father ?

JAREL: It becomes innate as we develop and progress.

HAL:: It is as though your thoughts are the Fathers thoughts.

JAREL: The adjuster works better, more direct with us in this level.

HAL: Thank you. This helps a great deal in expanding our concepts as to where we are going.

JAREL: Is there more that we may assist ? If not, I will take leave of you.

HAL: We seem to be able to absorb only so much at one time.

JAREL: Is there a particular subject of interest to this group that we may prepare a lesson on to help bring clarity to you as a whole ?

HAL: It seems we need to stress our stillness more before we are ready.

BETTY: I would like to know... If I knew what to ask I would know better what to do. It seems that my day and weeks and all organized around a fairly set pattern. How can I change the pattern, or should I ? Are you getting my dilemma Jarel?

JAREL: Yes I think I understand your question. I think that outreach would be helpful to you. Engage others in conversation and relate to their concerns. Use these opportunities to focus the conversation on those gems of wisdom and understanding that you glean from the text and this mission. Allow others to be inquisitive and meet their curiosity from the text and from your experiential life. This will help them to formulate clearly in their minds the desire to seek further knowledge. This will allow you to participate with them toward bringing them, to that knowledge.

LUCILLE: I can relate to what she is saying. I was raised to not ever discuss religion, or politics, so I have not brought up the subject. Well! I guess I have a lot of layers to peel off of this old onion. But I understand what she is saying. We have to have t contacts to show t Fathers love.

JAREL: The Father gives to you daily opportunities to share His love. These opportunities come often in the form of casual meetings with your fellows, exchanging of pleasantries. This sharing His love also. It doesn't have to be a full religious discussion. You are in the knowledge that the Father is in control, the 1st Source and Center of all creation. You may relate this easily to others. Not necessarily on a religious basis. The are those who are interested in science. There are those that interested in self-help and development. The text is broad, the mission is broad, and can be applied to these circumstances. Seek and you will find indeed the opportunity to share the knowledge and love of the teaching mission with others....

LUCILLE: Thank you.

HAL We should not feel we must change the world by ourselves, today, yet must move forward in attaining spiritual growth.


JAREL: Yes I understands this feeling. This anxious desire to ring about great change to benefit all. But our reins are being held by the hands of the Father,He like the horseman must guide the steed along the path to the destination will guide each of you and all of us together to our goals. Dear ones. Be encourage. Know our love and respect for your decisions. We will not ever attempt to impose our will upon you, We must encourage you to know and seek the Father's WIll. To help you develop more. I thank you for your commitment to seek the stillness in this coming week. It will be wonderful to know that each of you during that time will be developing more. Hopefully at our next gathering you will have received the benefit of this practice and can share with me and your fellows the results of this seeking. My love and peace and respect I leave with you. My dear fellows and students. Farewell.

GROUP: Farewell and our love and gratitude to you.

JAREL: All are welcome