1995-01-13-Haste of Time

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Topic: Haste of Time

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Tomas, Abraham, Esther

TR: Gerdean, Rutha



  • Opening prayer

DANIEL: Greetings my friends. I am Daniel, your guide and teacher. It is our pleasure to be here this evening to commemorate our time together and to be able to speak with you in this format. As you have all ascertained there are, indeed, many in attendance here this evening. As a token of appreciation and encouragement there will be a number of guest speakers.



HAM: I am Ham. In the pages of time there are numerous instances whereby planets take great steps in faith or where revelation has made an impact. On Urantia the bestowal of Christ Michael was such a step in bringing forth revealed truth regarding the presence of a First Source, regarding universe brotherhood and sisterhood, regarding the aspect of ascension and of love.

Urantia has through many dark ages held together and has evolved to that point where greater and more inclusive revelation was warranted and thus given. While this revelation of the cosmos, the Urantia Book, has seemed like a long time coming it is comparatively short, given the decimal attitude/condition of this planet. There is in this Fifth Epochal Revelation great sources of food and nourishment for the human condition, from the physical to the spiritual. By incorporating philosophy, religion, science, and metaphysics is there given to the mortals of this plane a better understanding in order for there to be greater integration of the human condition, that the physical and the spiritual can become more meshed and entwined.

We of the Teaching Mission are pleased that there are many groups seeking to upgrade and uplift their own lives as well as that of the planet and credits of the local system. As this Teaching Mission progresses there will be more and more people opening to the call of their Indwelling Spirit and heeding the messages felt from within. The spiritual pressure that is being applied knows many pathways and avenues that are necessary to meet the diversity of peoples and of cultural and intellectual capabilities.

To this group I send special thanks and give you my love as a core group in this mission. It behooves you to work together to continue the bonding and the interrelationship in order for the Teaching Mission to continue. While you are celebrating an anniversary hold in your hearts the fact that each day is a new day with opportunities to put forth love in its many aspects. I will now relinquish this to Tomas.


TOMAS: I am Tomas, good evening and greetings to you all, far and wide. We are pleased to be here with you this evening as you as you are pleased to be here with us. We are, yes, many and has been noted in the sharing earlier we accept your commemoration in good faith with open heart and full appreciation of your mortal reference for time passing. Yet we are keenly aware of the celebration of life on a daily basis as you live it and portray it as you have learned in your process of realizing and spiritizing your relationship with your God Fragment.

It is a privilege for me also, and I have said this many times, to be part of your community, to be in a position to teach in tandem with Daniel who by way of your time frame has more experience in this technique. And yet it is true that the first shall be last and the last shall be first. For any of you who is called to transmit/receive words and messages and essences from a teacher will be gleaned and prepared for such service. Indeed, any and all of you are capable of tapping in to your own spiritual sources of support and guidance. Yes, the bounties of this mission are apparent to those who appreciate its impact in their personal lives.

And I would say a word regarding the haste or detainment of time. It has been mentioned that we teachers speak slowly. It is also, parenthetically, been mentioned that we talk a lot. However, it is a facet of our attempt to communicate to your soul and through your mind concepts which first must be broken down into words and concepts which can pass through the understanding and mechanisms of the transmitter/receiver. There is an entirely complex process involved in this transmitting/receiving of teacher messages. The channels are open, yes, but there is an amount of connecting which must take place. And with each new connection there is an actual adaptation of cosmic energies in conjunction with mortal energies, i.e., the electro-chemical system, etc., which must be adjusted. Combined with this is the actual acceptance of the concept and the words by the TR who has free will in the face of these proceedings and can and may halt the proceedings at any point in which their mind is troubled.

Trust, too, that these vehicles of our words are sorely aware of the impact which these words have on your spiritual development; and consequently their sensitivity to each word chosen is keen and is conveyed with the emotional impact which we also try to convey by way of our inflections.

If you were speaking to your own teachers in your own minds, yes, often the process is quicker. Indeed, insights from the First Source and Center are so quick as to be blinding. Part of our intercourse with you is having to do with your actually experiencing each word coming from a teacher and through your minds into your soul, which is where we intend the words and lessons to go, not into your mind, which is quicker, but into your heart and soul where it can learn to live and breathe as a seed planted in your essence to be fed and watered by your own Thought Adjuster, our all powerful First Source and Center. I have concluded my remarks for this evening having to do with this process and the anniversary.

Yet I seek to convey to you once more my heartfelt appreciation of your acceptance of these teachers, of this entire process; for it was never intended that you be left intellectually replete with the Fifth Epochal Revelation. It was, assuredly, always the intention of Uversa to bring to you further truths as you were ready to receive them. And you see, you are receiving further truths, and they are falling upon fertile soil which has been, indeed, supported by your work with the text. And now we begin the field work, the actual practice, the actualizing of the living love of the living, loving Father and Michael on Urantia Farewell.


ABRAHAM: I am Abraham. As a former mortal on this plane, I understand fully the electro-chemical makeup of your beings, hence the emotional upheavals of your daily lives are not foreign to me.

Let me, however, assure you that the mind of man has over the many, many, many generations since my time expanded in knowledge and technology. And yet there has remained a part of humankind which has only plodded along steadily with no significant leaps and bounds as you have experienced in the last one hundred years of mindal knowledge.

What I speak of is your spiritual life. Yet while there is even steadiness over the human population there is, however, within the individual, many times over, revealed truth and personal expansion. As a part of this glorious Teaching Mission from my home planet I am now able to see and understand what it is meant when spiritual pressure is applied, for despite the negative tension that abounds there is a swelling and upheaval with the souls of Urantia mortals crying out and seeking and asking that guidance be forthcoming! And so while we are at the beginning, so to speak, there is a swelling and a surge rightly moving forward. Take heed and trust.

I thank each of you for your support. Time is not important! Commitment and a sense and desire to know will help transport this planet. There will be movement forward and the spiritual backwardness will move as the mindal and technological expansion of the past. Continue on your pathway. Shalom.


A MELCHIZEDEK: My friends and precious co-workers, we greet you as beloved participants, for this is your work which we have called you forth to perform in preparation and readiness for Light and Life on Urantia. Your presences are known throughout the universe as children of the Most Highs and as diligent workers in the field. We of the order of Melchizedek keenly observe your progress. You look to the teachers for guidance and companionship as well you ought, for we are here to serve you in the process of bringing love into existence in higher and yet higher realms of understanding for mortal men and women. Your community here, your Bethlehem has birthed new sons of promise.

You will be called to go forth to plant your seeds in your individual missions as part of the gospel spreading. Go in confidence knowing your homeland, your birthplace, your family is secure in the loving arms and care of your teacher Daniel and teacher Tomas and those other teachers who come to spend time here and mortals who learn from this teacher base and go out as was done in the days of Eden. Your anchor of knowledge and wisdom is well founded. We honor you for your growth in these brief days of your lives. In this blinking of an eye your reality is clear and a joy to our hearts. Peace. Farewell.

Inner Life, Listening

DANIEL: My friends, I am Daniel. It is an honor for Tomas and I to have such guests this evening. As was mentioned, now is the time to begin the work of bringing forth greater enlightenment. I have for you a tale of twins.

Into a loving and understanding family twins were born. As these twins developed and went through childhood the ideals of family life were passed on. The ideals of great love, of great hope and promise were always a part of the family life. And the twins grew happy and very boisterous, enthusiastic, and wanting to put forth the ideals which were instilled in them. Time passed. The twins grew into their pre-adolescent years always boasting, always talking ideals, and always being ready to support a cause.

Somehow at some point in the lives of the twins there seemed to be a break. The one continued to be aggressive but the other became silent and passive. Years went on. The aggressive one continued to be at every rally, continued to support every righteous cause. The silent passive one continued to be more introspective, seemed to read more deeply, seemed to sit more quietly.

But in time they had families and life continued. And suddenly one day the aggressive twin realized that the quiet, passive double was successful, was bringing forth all the things that he had understood as the ideal. And when they got together the aggressive twin asked, 'How is it that I who was always out there on the front line, always there for the cause have only spun my wheels and you who were quiet and passive have done and met the objective? All along I had thought that our visions were not the same.

The quiet, passive twin said, 'Oh, yes, we have always had the same vision. We have always had the same wantings, the same cravings, and the same desires.' 'How is it then,' asked the aggressive twin, 'that you can produce and all I have are empty words?' And the quiet twin said, 'Because for many years I have listened. I went inside and I found guidance. I found what was necessary in order to produce.'

As we begin yet another time frame together let your lives emanate a sense of contemplation. Those who listen inwardly know how to do outwardly. We have time for questions or comments.


Sleep, Superconsciousness

Leetah: I wish to thank everyone that was here tonight to speak to us and to celebrate our anniversary with us. Some of the things that were said brought up wonderful images. I do have a question about the electro-chemical process that Tomas was explaining. I know there has been reference to that before, about the deep mind work. And yet I think it was being said that what the work is that the Teaching Mission is trying to do is to work on the soul and the spirit so that the seeds might grow. I am just wondering if you would comment on sleep and whether or not this has anything to do with the process of the work that is being done within us, if we choose and allow you to do that, allow the Indwelling Thought adjuster or allow the teachers. I am not just sure what works on us to help us to grow more quickly spiritually.

TOMAS: Sleep is necessary but it is not a substitute for contemplation. Your neurological well being, your electro-chemical stabilization is benefited from rest, from diet, from serenity within yourself, and ideally your surroundings. The connection between deep sleep and deep mind is negligible, for the deep mind is deep within your superconsciousness, your cosmic consciousness, your ultimate God-consciousness, different from the relative unconsciousness of rest. Has that clarified?

Leetah: I think that was very clear. I guess my question comes out of such deep sleep that I have experienced this week, and I just couldn't understand it as it is such a different pattern than I have had in the past. So I was just trying to ask whether or not that had anything to do with spiritual growth and experience.

TOMAS: Certainly your Thought Adjuster will take advantage of any ideal opportunity and no one knows you better or more intimately than your own Indwelling God Fragment. If you are experiencing some unconscious growth, some germination of seeds which have been planted previously, these being unconscious, this could result in a different context of sleep pattern for you and your deep mind may be eventually affected by the growth ongoing. There is still a difference between deep mind and deep sleep.

Leetah: Thank you, Tomas The other thing, perhaps I missed this, but I did not hear the name of the second speaker that was here through Gerdean. It was Melchizedek?

TOMAS: Of the Order of Melchizedeks. The other specific, shall we say, Christian name was not specified.

Leetah: Thank you.

TOMAS: Incidentally, Leetah, the question you asked about electro-chemical systems is one which would do you all well to consider for you have tremendous influence over your electro-chemical system. And you can establish the atmosphere which is most conducive to the fertile and certain growth of your deep mind and soul. This is, to perhaps oversimplify, brought about by following the example of the quiet twin and experiencing stillness, for the stillness calms that current which impacts largely on your ability to follow the guidance of those higher energies which you all testify to want to follow and serve.

Leetah: Thank you.

PamElla: My words are words of gratitude to the entire staff for all the help that has been known for the past three years and for all the help preceding that time and the conscious awareness of it. In particular tonight I would like to thank you, Daniel for that beautiful parable at the end. That really touched me. I remembered reading the power of parables and that Jesus taught in parables, and how we discussed the power of parables at the conference this summer [[[Spokane Conference|Cheney, WA]]]. That parable certainly had me sitting on the edge of my chair and my interest caught. It was beautiful to me because it was very validating for the direction my path has taken in the last couple of years and some of the frictions that I have found with other people on that path who wanted me to remain the aggressive twin. So I send my thanks for all those aspects.

DANIEL: So noted. It is definitely the gift of the bestowal Son, Michael, to this planet to speak in parables. For, as you all know, parables can and do shed light, validate and support people on various levels. And so the example of Christ Michael still permeates and generates throughout all of Nebadon.

Free will, Hierarchy

PamElla: I have a question about faith that has been developing for some time. As I become more and more aware of the different roles and the hierarchy I have found that in some ways my belief in God's ability to get certain things done falters because now I am aware of the layers and layers of free will creatures, sometimes, that stand between my wish/desire/prayer and the outcome of that. I was wondering if there was someone who can address that. It was so much easier for me to believe...and I know this seems just opposite of how it should be but...it was easier for me to believe that God could make miracles happen when I just thought there was God and there was my little existence. And, well I guess I have already stated my question. I am aware of all the different layers of beings, the role of the midwayers, the role of the ascending teachers, the role of the Melchizedeks and all sorts of other beings that we don't even know of, and that they are subject to free will. I tend to see so many places where the system could break down that I'm just having problems with that recently.

DANIEL: In reply I ask you to suppose or to imagine what life would be like without free agency, without the need to develop perfection, to already be perfected to the potential of your beingness. No being, descending or ascending can fathom the completeness of the First Source and Center. One only has to revere and honor the wisdom through which the First Source and Center has granted free agency. For in this granting of such awe inspiring understanding you see that by doing so the First Source and Center has given that, of course, there can be this breakdown. However, considering that there are seven superuniverses continually expanding and ongoing it would behoove you to realize that the system is in very capable hands, that the support system that is generated downward from the descending beings and the struggle and the experience of learning that is generated from the ascending beings creates a balance and a tension that does, in fact, support the necessity for free agency.

Take, for example, your own body. It is like a great, vast universe or many universes if you break it down according to organ systems down to the cellular level. One cell may go haywire, but does the whole body fail because of one cell? In the overall picture there may be some cellular breakdown but in the end God's will is that of tremendous love for all His creatures.

This love, while you or even I am unable at this point to understand it totally, is all pervasive. It is true that there may be some planets, there may be individuals who default, who are yet not aware of the whole picture, but given time and given the chance there will be a growing number that will, indeed, move on. They may take a longer time to reach Paradise Isle, but time is not important. The finally coming together, the understanding and the decision to move forward is important. You will find on your sojourn that you may take many, many side trips, you may forego your own advancement for a time in order to experience or to serve in some other capacity, for time is not important. But the ability to have free choice, the ability to progress is a great, great gift.

Do not allow thoughts of endangerment because of descending beings' capabilities prevent you from trusting or moving forward. It is like saying you are afraid to go outside for it might rain. You are afraid to get out of bed for it might be cold. You cannot run your life on what might happen.

Each of you every day take leaps of faith when you get out of bed, when you go out your door, when you go in your car. Allow that leap of faith to expand throughout the universes. You are in very capable hands. Does this help?

PamElla: Yes, Daniel, that does help a lot. And I decided for the first time that maybe I don't want to be perfected yet. I guess what it is like for me goes back to our conversation from last week which is I am afraid to have expectations because they might not be met. So, anyway, I'll think about that further. Thank you.


ESTHER: I am Esther. I have been afforded the privilege of closing this meeting. To all of you who are unaware of me let me introduce myself as Francyl's teacher.

It is a privilege to work through this mortal, Francyl, and her gracious spirit and openness. It is an honor to get to know each of you in this capacity as a teacher. The portals of time, while they are important to you, are not overly considered in the advancement of your souls. However, because of your time/space reference let me say this to you.

The time in the flesh is a time of great experience, a time when great wealth can be worked through. It is a time to be willing to go forward even if expectations are not met. The experience gleaned from that situation or any situation is experience that broadens your cosmic perception. Earthly human perception is dull compared to the grand overall picture. And so to you all I invite you to enjoy this earthly existence, this experience of walking a material plane, of not knowing except through faith. May your faith continue to progress, all of you. From all the teachers, from Christ Michael from Nebadonia I send and give my love. Good evening. [[Category: Daniel][