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Topic: Mansion World Teachers

Group: Butler TeaM


Teacher: Jesus, Tomas, Merium

TR: Gerdean, Hunnah



JESUS: I am Jesus. I would like to visit with you for a moment. I know that this is a surprise to you, that you were expecting your teachers, but I am your Teacher also, and I am not reluctant to bring My presence into your environment when I feel you would benefit from My personal embrace.



You have been discussing among yourselves the practice of speaking with one another and divulging yourself to one another. I ask you, how do you feel I can inspire nations of peoples except that they know Me in the spirit? It invokes no love to recognize that I was a man among men who lived many years ago in a far distant land in a different race of people, who had great affect on people and who taught certain teachings. You may read about me in your books but that does not tell you who I am; that does not open the door between us, that we can know each other.

And so the same is true for you, My children, My brothers and sisters. To know that you come from a certain village of certain parentage, that you do such and such for a living, that you have so many children or so many hobbies, that you are a certain age or a certain race, does not tell me about you, does not tell others about you, in the sense that I would have you know your brothers and sisters.

I have asked you to love one another as I love you. You cannot know this until you open your heart and allow Me to come in, unless your life is affected by knowing Me. And I have spoken of this in terms of being born of the spirit, for although you may admire the works of Myself and other prophets and other heroes, you cannot know us except through the Spirit. This is the true Family. This is the gospel.

My Father and your Father is the great Parent, the living God, and you are His offspring in the spirit. It is the Spirit that has the life and the recognition that I urge you to embrace. Only that can change the world. Only that can bring you happiness. Only that can open the doors to eternal life, and to a richer, fuller life here in the flesh, in service to this living God.

I am the Way and I ask you to know Me by opening your heart, that the love of the Father may come in.

TOMAS: I am Tomas. It is good to be with you this afternoon; it is marvelous that we have been visited by the Master. It is always an inspiration to us when He has spoken, when He has lent His presence, His value, to our configuration. It is never an astonishment, however, for He is aware of all His creation and He has promised and He responds to be there for your every true need, and so it is perhaps that He perceives a need here today that He came by and spoke to us.

Merium also is here. Merium is eager to adopt the vocal chords of our associate Hunnah in order to alleviate Gerdean of the dual role. You well know Merium appreciates having her own voice. I greet you all on behalf of all the teachers and introduce Merium.

MERIUM: Merium is introduced. Good afternoon!

Group (Iyana, Hunnah, Gerdean, Leah, Ann): Good afternoon, Merium.

MERIUM: This is a tea party! We did indeed have a very special Guest! It is such a thrill. And I am pleased to be here with Hunnah, and I have noticed that the stage is greater than in the past. I used to have small quarters and apparently there has been some interior alteration done to accommodate me, and so I am very pleased to be able to speak to you this afternoon, and it is true, Gerdean has been more than generous in accommodating both Tomas and I.

What is going on in this little gathering today, do you suppose, other than having blue tongues and blue lips? (Group laughter) This is a celebration of becoming! I heard Hunnah say it is almost becoming a tradition to go blueberry picking, and she was very aware of the abundance. I hope the berries are like little pearls of truth for you to go home and take them as good medicine.


Gerdean: Would you feel comfortable if I came off-line so that I could participate in the banter?

MERIUM: Certainly. I need a stand up comic here. That would be very nice, and you deserve a little recess.

Gerdean: That does wonders for my self-esteem when you tell me I'm a joker.

MERIUM: You certainly have been a good sport.

Gerdean: Thank you.

MERIUM: Are any of you carrying any bundles of concern that we can set outside? They take up so much space!

Iyana: We just want to make you welcome. We're glad that you are here, that you came all the way. I've missed you all very much.

MERIUM: By the way of patterns and habits that are so powerful in the human condition, it takes a little effort to break away from a routine, but once you're out in the unscheduled agenda as you have had today, you've done very well allowing yourselves not to having to do something. It's been a good winding down session for all of you. I'm very pleased to see you together. Gerdean?

Gerdean: Yes, Merium?

MERIUM: Something is ready to be delivered, I think? Would you like to ...?

Gerdean: I'm afraid I'm going to have to be a joker because the only thing that is in my mind is that now we know that the Butler Berries are blue! (Group laughter) Blueberries! (More Laughter)

The Teachers

  • Mansion World Teachers

Iyana: I have a curiosity question. I was reading about the Mansion Worlds, and it says that the teachers from the Mansion Worlds are, I do believe, seraphim and cherubim? And if they are teachers, what category of the celestial teachers would you be in? Are you one of those or do you have another title?

MERIUM: My stage is being crowded right now with terror. (Group laughter) You call me a teacher and you want a category to put me in, but I'm going to give you - in order to maintain my opportunity to speak through her, I must allow the terror to whither and I will speak to you in such a way that my hostess will not dissolve in fear.

I am, in a sense, an essence of courage that allows comprehension, and that, in a sense, is a form of teaching. You want to tell me that I have a hierarchical title that I would never be able to say at this point because this apprehension is becoming a limitation for me, but the word "teacher" is something that I would talk about.

Teachers have knowledge, but they also have the ability to release that which you already know, or they have the ability to help you to reach a point where your circuitry will allow a new sense of comprehension to come through for you, and you will become self-taught. So there are different aspects to teaching.

Iyana: Well, I sort of understood that some of the celestials that come through were one time humankind, perhaps on other planets, and I was wondering if they were morontia travelers themselves and that they were partaking in the teaching and that we are supposedly the morontia travelers and would we be doing something similar to this or would we be depending on (indistinguishable). That was all. Because it really doesn't matter that much.

MERIUM: There is an on-going movement in your development. There is never a stagnation, because you will be experiencing the all of your teacher opportunities, and so I can truthfully say you will be moving through different levels of experience that will allow you to be able to be sharing and teaching of different points at times in your appropriate way.

The experience of transmitting my type personality and the work that I do can bring about questioning for the person who is very cognizant of factual subject matter. They are not comfortable with that essence of anything. They need to have something that's more concrete: a name and address and a zip code; and in the assignment, if you were to want to, for example, alter the air quality where you breathe, you might open the window and this essence of purity might come in. I would like to describe my presence with you as an essence of purity that can lift you up and allow clarity in what you are to know. I think that I have spoken in this area long enough to create a discomfort on ... I would like to ask Tomas if he would assist.

Teaching Mission

  • Teaching Mission Risks

TOMAS: I understand the desire to have confirmation, Merium, but I assure you, you are doing very well. I and Gerdean found your response to Iyana's question to be most satisfactory. It is the nature of the teacher to teach, regardless from whence the teacher comes. I would, in fact, like to expound a moment regarding one of your concerns for you see you are not alone in your concerns. We have ours as well. And that is that there is a certain fascination with the Teaching Mission that is and provides a risk of steering you away from the truths we want to perpetuate.

In other words, you recall that after Jesus was crucified and resurrected, and after he had ascended, the apostles promptly began to create a religion about Jesus rather than the religion of Jesus, which is a living experience. And we are also concerned, we teachers in the Teaching Mission, that this not become a movement about the teachers and the Teaching Mission, but that you become alive in the truths that are purported in the Fifth Epochal Revelation and through your spiritual liaison with Michael, your Creator, our Teacher.

We must not ever replace the purpose of our being here with ourselves, and we cannot allow you to make us into great ones. We are simply your helpers and your companions and to the extent that you are eager to learn and we are able to implant, then we are teachers as you are teachers.

Iyana: We appreciate that. But as I said, it was only a curiosity question.

TOMAS: It was a good question.

Iyana: It doesn't matter. We have our teachers and that's all that's important. You say for us to learn what we should know is truth.


  • Releasing the One Within

MERIUM: May I interject? I am back. The stage has been launched again so I have come in. While Tomas was speaking to you, I saw some imagery that was acceptable to our friend involving a hot air balloon. There are those teachers who wear many hats. If they enter areas, arenas, that do not have a curfew of a type, if it would be of value to you to be taught under vicarious conditions, by releasing, effortless, without taking thought, intelligent action in your head that would see you in the moment of inspiration, that would see you through the challenge of your motive, then you can say that in correlation and conjunction with your personal teacher, I have the ability to help you make better contact and utilize that which is available to you. I untie the tethers that are keeping you grounded, and the circumstances that you might require being released would be as varied as the people that are here at this table.

If it were to be appropriate for Ann to do something that is not what she would normally do, but it would help develop a concept within her, I have the ability to release this in her so that she may see that she has the capacity to do that which she did not feel she had [capacity for]. She would be released from the tethers from an outgrown concept and without thought she would be able to act, and then perhaps in hindsight realize, in wonderment, the fact that she was able to do something she did not think she was able to do. I hope you don't mind my using you this evening, for this example.

Ann: No.

MERIUM: But teaching is very fluid. It has to go with you under the circumstances of need and, like Tomas pointed out, we are not to be your crutches; we are not something you must hold onto for dear life. We are the ability to take what you are and allow you freedom.

I don't feel that I have been as articulate as I would like, but we're talking about a part of you that you have need to experience, so you are having difficulty and I am having difficulty, really, bringing it into words. We're talking about a part of yourself that is not even born yet, that is going to come through the spaces where you've already set up permanent ownership.

This new unborn part of yourself that is coming into life in action, is constantly being developed in you and we are here to help release you from the insistence on form and concreteness of concepts. (I don't sound as light as I would like to about this).

Iyana: You mean that ...?

MERIUM: There is a birthing going on in all of you. It is as if you were an aroma that was developing its substance from the base of a flower. You are being created new! I do not know how to --I do know how to do it because as I talk this story will take place in you. You are not something that's already been made, been tied down by old belief systems. You are new every moment, and more of you is being revealed every moment that this essence escapes from all of these misconceptions of who you think you are.

I have really opened a whole new category, perhaps, Tomas? And I hope you would like to wade in here with me, but I feel the urge to draw your attention into the newness of your foreverness.

Iyana: May I say something? Are you trying to tell us that all these possibilities are all before us? There are all these great challenges coming and we're going to be prepared to make them?

MERIUM: The challenges are simply the ripples and the rollings of what has already been formed in the consciousness of your community. The newness of all will be the fluidity, the release, the relaxed, graceful individual that you are going to become. You will be surprised at the poise that you will develop, that will be empowered.

Our Guest this afternoon was not a fluke; it wasn't a popping in; it was not a light embellishment. It was an acknowledgement of the holy presence rising like indescribable fragrance that you are. It was a claiming of what is His. You are not a member of the family that is going to be nice. You are not a shopkeeper who will make money and be popular. You are going to have truth presence, strength, and the power of release will be living in your arena. We are individually alive within the framework of that gift of life.

I shall speak to you of this often. It may sound nebulous but it will develop in you with an ease and an acceptance that this agreement come forth as you find yourself becoming lighter and lighter and in that lightness there will be a release from fears of old concepts of self-image and you will be just -- not amazed at what you have left, but you will like being in this lightness that you truly are. Tomas?

TOMAS: Yes. For now ... . MERIUM: Have I knocked everyone unconscious? Gotten in trouble?


  • You Are the Master's Bouquet

TOMAS: You have set the stage for me, my dear, for which I am grateful, and we will return to your stage often and anon for it is of great value; it is the development of the perfected being, that which indeed they are becoming and we are becoming.

I now hasten to remind you of another law of the universe, and that is, that what you have learned, you pass on, and so as these unfoldings take place in you, and as you recognize your growths, as you reflect upon them in your human terms and set them to mortal comprehension, as you share your comprehension of your own growth with others, you develop the community of believers, and as a community of believers who are engaged in this process of flowering and of allowing the vapor of the aroma of perfection to rise up and greet the world, you have then the privilege of helping, of teaching, of showing, of ministering to those who have not yet opened. And so we return to perhaps the concept of teaching and preaching of yesteryear, that as long as there are millions of mortals trapped in a framework of yesteryear, it behooves you to be able to speak their language, even though you walk a path elevated.

The concept that Merium has given this afternoon is the preferred concept of teaching. It is the new definition. The teacher that you had in grade school, who made you memorize things, who had you dissecting things, who had you looking things up in books and reference manuals, who was academically disciplined and who smacked your hands to discipline you, is not the kind of teacher that the Melchizedeks have sent forth.

We are indeed attempting to bring you forth, to encourage you to come forth, to encourage you like the flower to show yourself, to show your beauty, to walk in beauty, to manifest your fragrance, to realize that you are in a flower bed with others, brilliant blooms. You are the Master's bouquet.

Now, there are no tests, no slates, no chalkboards, only that which you bring upon yourself. It is, however, an interesting shadow that you bring your learning and set it to paper, set it to philosophy, set it to a study, that you can comprehend it intellectually and share it cognizantly in order to help teach and preach the concepts intellectually while the teacher in you, the teachers of the Spirit of Truth and the Thought Adjuster, lead us all forward in the teachings of the spirit.

MERIUM: Tomas?

TOMAS: Yes, Merium.


  • Merging Heart and Mind

MERIUM: While I am here and listening to your rescue -- (Thank you so much for validating my message) -- I am bringing something in that may be of assistance for you. As of late Hunnah has been experiencing (especially since she read a recent book) the importance of the connection between the heart and the mind, which has been, from the very first, the message of the Mission, [which] was to bring the heart and the mind together for the good of all as well as for the highest will.

The (human) will seat is very, very uncomfortable. It is the most despicably crowded, creviced, obstacle course that you could ever imagine in many, many individuals. It is a Berlin wall. Their head can flick off intelligent remarks about the books that they have read; they know the letter of the truth; and they have a heart that gets warm and fuzzy once in awhile when they look at babies, smell flowers, or see a sentimental dog show.

What I am talking about is opening up an avenue of communication between your own heart and your own mind. When this develops, the intellectual information will relax back like the parted sea. Biblically we have a sea that was held back so that people would journey into safety, free from … in this case, I will say free from the depth of fear and tyranny to the hope of a new life.

When you open this "will seat" in the human being -- anatomically speaking in the thyroid -- there is a change that goes through your entire system. We are making indeed a passage for His splendor, for refined communication, because if you recall in your own experiences when you think not, you do the most remarkable serendipitous creative turns of events, because there was an offering up of your free will.

Your human tendencies -- there's been enough -- down in this area of the throat, this dog collar of rigidity, emotional rigidity, is dissolved, and as the light from the essence of the Christ presence grows through this, and when you seek the stillness, this light does its work, and this will seat is turned over to new management.

It's like going through the Panama Canal. It was a jungle, and the cost of building it was very, very high in the sense of lives, but in the human condition, in your own physical anatomy, your own emotional body, your light body, in your totality and from on high, we are trying to assist you with the development of a new road of communication, and when the light and the essence that is developing in you starts to have its way, this profound poise will come to you and give you this rich fullness of life because you have a head and a heart that are in tune, passing through the will seat.

And I have only touched on this. In your terminology there's a great deal written, but even those words and that knowledge that I have made reference to, for the sake of something three dimensional, even that knowledge must be set aside once it is learned. The real you, the light you, is living more comfortably as that obedience develops. "Not my will, but thine, oh Lord, be done." These words are inscribed in Hunnah's mind and heart, but like you, she has had the journey of allowing the will seat to become illuminated through the assistance of our Mission.

I hope some of this imagery will help you a little bit. It is allowing a type of ventilation system for us to use your body more effectively and we will have (we meaning you, too) will have access to both hemispheres of your mind. This is equipment for you here on earth. We need it. I'm not trying to remove you from your body yet, but I want you to feel that you're living and alive in your body, and as it's relaxed from the tensions of mis-truth, then you will have a greater and more comfortable experience.

I thank you for letting me speak of this again, and Gerdean, I apologize for bringing you back to Tomas, but I felt that I needed his assistance.

Gerdean: No problem.

MERIUM: Is there something that you needed to say?

Gerdean: Who me?

MERIUM: Yes, Gerdean.

Gerdean: Only one thing and that is I think I heard you say, Merium, that the will seat was in the thyroid, and if that's the case, it's a new one on me.

MERIUM: It is, in the sense of this will seat that I am describing to you for the sake of human conditioning that is not like yours; it would be there. But please, let us clear this up. I would be glad to have my knowledge not contaminated by any portion of this talk. It has overtones of personality here.

Gerdean: I thought it was wonderful except for the thyroid, and my understanding, my learning is that the will is in the mind, not the thyroid.

MERIUM: There is indeed will in the mind, but there is a will seat symbolically in the connection between the two seats of heart judgment and intellectual judgment.

Gerdean: That must have come from the book that Hunnah just read.

MERIUM: We will talk more about this later. This information has been given through various other areas of enlightenment, and if it is a concern, let us please delve into it and we'll put it right.

Are there any more comments? If something has been stirred in you and you feel that it can be used in this message this afternoon, please feel free to let it rise.

Iyana: I just feel like I opened up a can of worms!

MERIUM: That is all right.

Iyana: A lot of discussion went on.

Gerdean: That's not a can of worms; that's a discussion!

Iyana: That was a figure of speech, of course. Meaning it started off just a routine curiosity question and it turned out to be a big subject. [End of side one.]

  • Intermission


TOMAS: I am glad to be back after your most invigorating intermission. As well you know, we enjoy your discussions when they are on a sustained plateau, far more than your social patter -- although it is always good to see you children getting along and enjoying your human existences. It entertains us far more when you elevate your entire being to a realm of communication that borders on communion.

Your discourse regarding "will" has been most provocative, even for us, and there are a number of remarks I would make -- on behalf of the Teaching Mission first, and that is in honor of the Revelation and the fundamental truths that we espouse, remembering that our primary foothold is based on the spirit level.

I will say that the discourse having to do with the heart and mind parallel very well with the on-going lessons that you have been receiving in our sessions since you began reading the text from the beginning, having to do with the First, Second and Third Sources and Centers as the bestowers of thought, deed and word. And that is, as your will is in accordance with His will, you can manifest His will in your daily life and so, yes, having your mind and your heart in a cooperative juxtaposition lends yourself well to fostering light and life.

Now, as you embark into realms of the physical, such as the various organs, chakras and so forth, you open up a frame of reference that is also an interesting study but is not perpetuated in The Urantia Book. It is, even so, interesting and viable material and particularly interesting in this day of exploration of the various energy patterns of the body, including the understanding of the morontia body and its relationship with the physical body and inherent defects and potential perfection of the physical system.

These many studies of cellular memory are valuable and fascinating. They, however, are not critical to your eternal life. It is that which is critical to your eternal life that holds our untiring interest, but we share with you some fascination with that which you experience as a mortal of this peculiar planet, with its default, and I bring that up because many of the things that you are delving into in the physical realms -- electro-chemical realms and so forth -- are peculiar to you because of the Adamic default, that many of your diseases and physical conditions would not be in existence were it not for the default, and so they are worthy of a study.

But under no circumstances are you going to be detained or in detention because of your physical retardation(s) as a result of Adam and Eve's setback. You will survive this experience to resurrect and pursue your spiritual career. And it is the area of your permanence that we place our primary focus. Even so, it is understood in this renaissance of questions about your existence here and your relationship with all manner of things, many of which are labeled "New Age," are worthy of investigation and of study, as was indicated in our session last week. There are great fields of thought that even we borrow upon that are popular in your culture, in your Correcting efforts.

There is, for example, a book entitled, "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die," and this has been a valuable book for those who have experienced physical pain and abuse, who have yet to release the cellular memory of such trauma and the retention of that cellular trauma then affects the understanding of the human and to some extent may bar their further development until the healing takes place. This is part of the Correction process.

Many of these twists of fate, twists of thinking, will evaporate when your body is left behind, when you awake in the Resurrection Halls and you are no longer fettered with your material body. Many of these things will truly fall away, but those things about you that affect your relationship with the Father, with the "Father in each other," these things are of importance in terms of getting you aligned with truth, beauty, and goodness and bringing Urantia along also into realms of light and life, not only your own life but your life as it abuts the life of others, that light and life may grow.

And so again I stand behind my able colleague and perhaps, Merium, when you are offering research for our class, you would do well to specify the source of your research so that it is understood whether that it is an evolutionary source or a revelatory source.

MERIUM: Very good. May I comment?

TOMAS: Of course!

MERIUM: As you focus your intent, the trickling effect of your intention and your energies that you've directed, if you are focused on the Spirit of Truth and you have developed an allegiance to the Spirit of Truth, it will resonate in your body in every way. It will waken debris as it's swept away. In many situations, as you allow the lightness that you are to inhabit your body, there will be things that you will have claimed mentally and held to you out of habit, to yourself, whether they hurt or whether they were wondrous.

Your arms are so filled with the memories of your journeys that they will relax, and some of the treasures and wounds will just be gradually set aside because your focus will be so all encompassing. You will find that you do not need or notice the burdens that you have carried in the past. The trickling effect through the cells of your being in every level, whether it is keyed upon your walking every day, every part of you will invite an attitude of appreciation to return to them.

If it is the feet that you wipe clean after you have showered, it will occur to you as you look at this foot and dry it, "Thank you, friend, for being with me this day." If you are someone who is handicapped and you are focused on this new journey -- this old and forever but new today and forever journey -- and you have a handicap, as they say, a missing part -- as you caress the place that is remaining, the portion that served you and its memory are still the Father's created design and it has not left you. If there is pain in memory, it will dissipate because it will not survive in the style of this celebratory lifestyle.

So as you go on in your journey and as I leave you today, I want you to find your arms wrapped around yourself and thank the service of this fine body that you have been given. The Father does not request any critical appreciation or discernment or evaluation of the body that you have been given. He just wants us to lift up its intent and say "Thank you. It will do just fine!" and it will sing and ring the sound of home.

Thank you for letting me come today. Thank you for letting me introduce the abstractions that will perhaps disturb some of your thought patterns. Just let them rest. All is well. You are such wonderful students and adventurers, and I do thank you for this invitation to come and be with you today. Thank you, Tomas.

Group: Thank you, Merium.


TOMAS: Thank you, Merium. I would like also to thank you, Iyana, for opening the door for our discourse this afternoon by offering a question -- the question having to do with the cherubim and seraphim associates. Is it not amazing how one simple curiosity question can lead us into a realm of knowledge and comprehension and appreciation and enlightenment to entertain our hearts and minds throughout the lovely afternoon? Your graciousness as a mortal hostess has been once again noted and appreciated.

All of this lovely flock, this delightful patch of blueberries, has been a treat for us today, if for no other reason than that Michael came to call! We thank you. We will see you at our next gathering, which shall be soon, in honor of parties of the season. Farewell.

Group: Farewell. Thank you.