2002-03-24-Review Of Dynamic Energy Series

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Topic: Review of Dynamic Energy Series

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Rayson

TR: Daniel Raphael



Good afternoon, students, this is Rayson. Welcome to our afternoon session; it is a pleasure to be with you once again. Let us become conscious of the merkaba and link up with it. We will be using this energy in the early part to do some energy sending and energy healing, to areas and to people and to organizations that need this help. Let’s take a few moments to become still and centered, to state your intention, why you are here, what it is you seek, and then to call upon yourself and your Thought Adjuster and the universe to invoke the energies to make these things possible, according to God’s will. (Pause)



Please become present. As you see the merkaba in front of us, and as you are part of the meridians of energy that loop around it from longitudinal and latitudinal dimension, please take the next few minutes to project its healing energy for divine order and divine timing and right development to those areas, those individuals who need this assistance. And do not take personal responsibility for its action, but only for initiating, sending it, and then releasing it to do God’s will in their lives. (Pause)

Please become present. If you are able to visualize the arching of energy, much as one band of energy from a rainbow, from the merkaba to each individual, this is all that you need to do. You don’t need to make a big thing of it, but just use your mind to make the connection between the merkaba and the individual. And surprisingly, but perhaps not so, the energy of the arc will be in accordance with their needs, whether it is healing (which would be green,) or purple and higher blue colors for higher minded and spiritual development, according to their needs. And if you are able to see the color of these arcs, then you will know something about their healing. It is simply enough for you to initiate the action. Does it not feel better, and good to you, to be able to initiate this and release it, knowing that God’s will is involved. It is very freeing. This way your prayers, if you put this in the term of prayers, are released without necessity of you updating, checking, maintaining, or validating it; it is simply your mind, connecting with cosmic mind of the Infinite Spirit to initiate this action of universe energy going into each of those individuals, to families, groups, or to areas. And you can use this energy and these arcs of energy anytime during the week. Just be mindful of the merkaba here and you can sit in your stillness and take an arc of energy from the merkaba and send it to whoever or whatever situation needs to be dealt with. And yes, you can use it to help those people who are angry, those people who are hostile, and those people who are negative in mind-set and would not want you to do this. Your prayers are efficacious at all times, it is always more efficacious when the individual is open and receptive and in tune with the energies of the universe and with the First Source and Center.

Two weeks ago we asked you to review the transcripts, the sessions involving the merkaba energy and all those facets of this dynamic energy. Today is just a means of tidying up loose ends, and if you have loose ends, we can deal with those and if not, then we will move ahead. I have to chuckle a bit several of you have been concerned about this review and have thought that perhaps this is not necessarily a test, but a serious responsibility so that you have to come up with something or perhaps absent yourself from the group. This is surely not the case. This is just a process of tidying up loose ends, which may be in your thinking. You are not appraised or measured by the lack or the number of questions you have, but simply your awareness that this is available. So do not be too hard on yourselves if you do not have questions, this is a natural thing if you are satisfied with what you have received. And as some of you know after reviewing the transcripts, there is far more information in them that you have forgotten than you remember. And so there will always be lessons available, and you may have questions later, and I would be most happy to address those when they come up, either at the beginning or at the end of some session if we are in a lesson of a different sort at that time. So having said that as preamble, do you have any questions? Hearing none, we will skip right for cookies! (Just to put yourself at ease.)


Energy, Manipulation

Student: Well, I found just the act of sitting down and reviewing put the picture together for me. I spent some time combining the lessons about energy in the Urantia Book, with the lessons that you had given us, and I find that for the first time in my life, I am even beginning to understand quantum mechanics, which is a huge big step. (Excellent!) I’ve enjoyed the studying.

Rayson: Did you find that some of the loose elements made greater sense and were more coherent when you studied the broader picture of our lessons? (Yes, very much so.) You may consider these lessons as chapters, within a part of a larger book, and this book is the syllabus of the Teaching mission and this is just one part. We will begin a new part later today, later this afternoon, after the questions are answered. . Hearing none, I will recap or generalize all these lessons for you.

There are really basically two parts to all of this; that is, there is universe energy, which emanates from the perpetual and infinite flow from the First Source and Center. It is not necessarily one with the First Source and Center, but it is of the source, it is from the source of the First Source and Center. You would not say this is synonymous with the First Source and Center, yet all that emanates through this flow comes from that Source. It is not God, it is of God; it is not about God, it is of God. It is from the First Source and Center; it is continual, perpetual and eternal. I can qualify it as eternal, as it emanates from the First Source and Center, and that it is non-material, and non-observable, it is a non-empirical energy. It operates at the quantum level and can be manifest as itself as energy, or it can be stepped down into material form. And this is the source of the continuing creation in the universe, for it is always flowing. The universe is developmental and evolutionary in its growth and its maturity. Where there is incompleteness, energy flows from the First Source and Center to this incompleteness; where there appears to be chaos in the cosmos, this energy flows into those areas. And though you may see whole galaxies collide with other galaxies and be torn asunder through the gravitational forces that are involved, there will be order. Now as the disorder and chaos becomes settled, it requires less and less universe energy to complete its course. Universe energy then flows for the maintenance of suns, which will not die, to maintain solar systems of planets, which will never die either; they will not be consumed in a supernova, as these suns come into balance. Does that make sense?

Student: Question. Is this energy controlled, regulated, coordinated to achieve all these various functions?

Rayson: Yes, of course. The Master Energy Controllers are involved in this. And there are energy centers that have yet to be fully they have been identified by your scientists, but they have not been discovered in their operation and how they function in the multi-dimensional universe. This energy that I speak of is dynamic energy. It is controllable by the First Source and Center, and is manipulable by all others who are minded to do so. That was the first part of the explanation. The second part involves mind. Mind is in overcontrol of universe energy. Mind that is in alignment with the divine mind, infinite mind, Infinite Spirit, the third member of the Triune God, even unto mortals, can manipulate energy. This is the second facet of the energy equation: One is energy and the other is mind control, minded control of this energy, or minded manipulation of the energy. And the higher your evolution in the spiritual realm, the more you are able to manipulate this energy. Were you to be of the character and capacity of Michael, you would be able to virtually create real’s of physical bodies out of this energy. So it behooves each of you to be aware of your mind direction concerning this energy. You may be thinking of gross terms of construction and destruction of physical entities, or to cause things to coalesce around you in specific forms through minded action, and these are the more gross forms of the manipulation of this energy.

Many of you are acquainted with psychic forces, but a lot of you have the mistaken belief that this is the realm of the [There’s a funny word this is Daniel . .(mysticism? Occult?) yes, the occult, thank you] occult. (This is Rayson: When you see this occur in the TR, you recognize the limitations that I have in working through a mortal subject. I am only able to work with the repository or the data banks of the individual involved. When they miss a step in their thinking, or if there are some lines of construct of logic in their thinking, then I am obliged to adhere to those. And so some of the TR’s you will see are very adept, very flexible in that I can construct or a Celestial can construct new words from their language bank. In this case, it is more limiting. Let us continue.) The occult is a word in your culture that has many negative connotations, yet there are few rational explanations in your culture, in your educational system for the true and legitimate manipulation of universe energy. This is a whole realm that will be explored in your universities as they age and as the physical universe becomes known and delineated and tabulated and digitized.

You will find that as your society and educational systems mature, the information or the data, hard data, empirical data about various sciences is finite; and that in time, many of your sciences will become complete. That of physics and astro-physics are now at the very edge of completion, yet there is more to discover physically but many of the formulae for understanding the operation of your physical universe are known and only one or two equations remain to be discovered. This will happen with your biosciences down to the atomic level of DNA to the larger gross enterprise of a physical being, such as a cat or a human being. Thus, mortal curiosity will continue its infinite course, in parallel with the mind of God to inquire into the larger parameters of universe operation. These searches will inevitably lead mankind/humankind to a broader understanding of the universe and ultimately to an acknowledgment of the Eternal, of the Source. We are speaking of decades and centuries, yet it will become known, it will come into being.

By whatever means, manipulation of universe energies has been a legitimate source of many cultures for many millennia. Human culture, which has inquired into the depths of the universe, has wondered what caused this? Who brought this into being? It wasn’t a "what" that brought this into being, or what accident in the universe occurred, but who brought this into being. And so the search has always been there. And the search has always been by individuals, whether they are shaman, priests or others. For believers, it is to be in alignment with the energies of the universe to become one with it. There has always been recognition that when one can be in alignment with the Ultimate, that one will then be able to manipulate their world around them.

And so the mind exercise of manipulating this energy has an aged history, which is very, very old. It is almost as old as the individual’s quest for discovering God.

This was advanced tremendously when individuals, when cultures and religions began to realize, with deep guided insight from Thought Adjusters, who preceded the generalized outflow of Thought Adjusters to your planet, in special individuals, that God was within. This recognition gave immense power to individuals to understand themselves, others and their relationship to the First Source and Center, the Creator. They always have seen this other as the Creator. much progress has been made in your religions when individuals realized that an aspect, essence, of The Creator was within, that there was an element, a presence of the Creator who was with them not THE Creator, not ALL of the Creator, but the ESSENCE of the Creator. It is much like unstopping a bottle of perfume; you smell the ÍessenceÌ and this is the essence of God within you, you do not have the whole bottle of perfume inside you. You would be overwhelmed and you would be incapable, made incapable by that activity.

So you see, mind is the necessary ingredient to put organization into the presence of universe energy. And you see how important it is to have an organized mind, a mind that is rational, a mind that is complete, a mind that is strong, and back that up with character and moral character, and ethical character of the individual, which would then be a guiding source for the use of energy aright. So you see how important it is to align your will with the will of God and to not only submit your will, but to willingly will your will to be in alignment with God’swill. Excuse me, that will surely cause some confusion in the text, won’t it? my apologies!

Now, having reviewed those two major elements of these last few weeks and months of lessons, do you have further cause for questions? If you have none, I can understand, and if you do, I can also appreciate that.

Student: I understand more clearly the reason for conditioning our thinking, directing of energy. (Yes, could you go on a bit with that?) Yes, I know we want to do good when we use the energy for other people, and that by our conditioning it to the conditions that they need and their Father within, that’s how we turn it loose. (Explain, please.) How we turn the energy loose for them to use as needed to the greater good of all, by our conditioning and by our setting them free. (By directing it and releasing it?) Yes, in a roundabout way.

Rayson: Everyone has to interpret these terms and concepts in their own way to be able to actually use them in their lives.

Student: I understand the size of the merkaba shaft; are there different kinds of energy going through there, or how is it that we draw out the healing?

Rayson: Yes, there are. We could call it different ÍkindsÌ of energy. It is all universe energy, but there are frequencies that are sensitive to intention. And sensitive to intention that as origin, and sensitive to intention as destination or object. It is please do not confuse it as mixed vegetables, as peas and beans and carrots and broccoli, and things like that together for any strand or frequency of energy can be applied to any need, yet these frequencies are conditioned by intent, both as source and as object.

Student: For instance, if there were frequencies that would be used for planetary broadcasts, then those would be conditioned at both ends for that purpose, is that correct? The origin or source of origin, and the persons or entities .

Rayson: I prefer to not mix this with the subject of universe broadcasts and the merkaba stream of universe energy. Let us keep it simplified, if we can.

(Student: And those are separate things?) Yes. Those can be broken and have been broken during the quarantine, yet universe energy, God’s largesse, continued to flow to this planet, even when it was in quarantine. God’s love and energy is unconditional, is available to all, and sustains all, just as God’s rain falls upon your enemies as well as yourselves, to put it in those ancient terms.

Student: Excuse me Rayson. (Certainly) I have something to share, an analogy that has been presented to me. (Good) In trying to explain the universe energy channel through the merkaba, I am aware of fiber-optic transmissions. Today, we are just discovering frequencies of light to be carried upon this, say one channel or one light-pipe as it were, and we can break that up into different frequencies and I can see an analogy between this light-pipe with the universe energy and the light-pipe that we have with fiber-optic communications. The different channels are described or defined as a specific frequency of light. And as we know, we can break that up into an infinite number. The channel that we define by the frequency that is carried over the pipe is not specific to the information carried over it. However, as Creator Sons, we would be able to channelize or I should say directionize the energy that is flowing from Paradise with our Íintent,’ that would be the information channeled over this construct. Does that make sense? (Very good. Yes. That is a very good analogy. And It’s free!’)

Rayson: Okay, let us put a closure, a Íbow tieÌ on this, so to speak, and we will be relating to this energy many times in the future but not in depth as we have. Those of you who are new here, I know that this discussion about the merkaba may seem cloudy and confusing. Yet, ask your hosts to assist you in gleaning out or picking out the parts of prior lessons that would be useful to you quickly, to help you along with this lesson. We are now at the end of many weeks of lessons, that began last fall, concerning universe energy and its use. And this is vitally important to you as spiritually evolving individuals. And it will be a constant factor in your existence throughout your ascendant career, one in which you would want to be intimately aware of. So I urge you to review those documents you can do this very quickly and glean out the parts that are relevant, and you can go back for greater detail later, if you wish. One moment please Yes, let us take a break for water and whatever else you need, and then we will reconvene and begin our new lesson. Peace!

Paraphrase. . . . [missing Part]

[Oops forgot to turn the tape back on after the break. Transcriber will paraphrase the missing part: Rayson began by congratulating the members of the group for their dedication and perseverance for remaining throughout the long series on dynamic energy. He presented us with imaginary medals and certificates worth one credit toward our mansion world studies, much like taking advanced credits in high school for college credit. He then began introducing us to the new series of lessons on Static Energy.]


(Tape on) you will find that the application of these lessons is therapeutic and useful to your well being, both mental and emotional. Now, why would we teach you these lessons? Let us get the intent clearly here in the beginning, as we always do. We always go for intent, do we not? The intent is this: How can you possibly manage and manipulate universe energy for your highest good if you have inaccurate beliefs? If you have resistances to beliefs of being capable, where does this lead us? It leads us to unlocking the infinite potential that is unexpressed within each one of you . and, I pause because I want you to grasp the weightiness of that statement . I want you to really understand that to become godlike in the use of all your godlike attributes, you must have the ability to let energy flow through your mind, rather than in these knots of misbelief and judgments that are all based on beliefs.

Right-mindedness leads to right action, correct? So we are taught, and thus, when your are in right-mindedness, you speak right words. And sometimes what you hear come out of your mouth, you go "Oh, my goodness, how did I say that, why did I say that, where did that come from? I really don’t think that way." But yet, it had slipped past your lips. There is something going on in your mind. Are there any questions about the intention? Is it clear? (Yes) Good.

In these lessons, the primary elements that we will be involved with are brain, which is the physical hardware of your body-mind-spirit mechanism. There is mind, which is the software, which can be re-written by you. And then there is will. We need not get too involved in soul, as you know it is the repository of right decisions, right actions during your earthly stay here. No right decisions, no right actions, then there is nothing in the soul, it remains empty and void. So we will be dealing with these first three elements, principally.

I think for clarity’s sake, we should begin speaking briefly about each, and then develop these lessons into the future. For those of you who are curious, about future lessons, and I know some of you are [This is Daniel: Has anyone ever seen a Celestial put their hand over their mouth and chuckle behind it? . (laughing) They’re not saying anything, but they are just kind of stifling a giggle ] (Students: Now we have! I have a picture of my Celestials going, "Oiy Veh!" [sp?] and slapping a glancing blow on their forehead with the palm of their hand at some of the silly things we do! ) Rayson continues: But for those of you who are curious, these will then lead us into the "virtues." And as many of you have read former transcripts from former years of other TR groups, across the country and the world, you will find that the "virtues" are always extolled. They admonish you to do right and to eliminate the negative thinking and to move into right thinking.


These classes, as you know from my style, will be much more mechanical in nature. This is a "how to" sort of class. Hopefully it will give you a "hands on" experience at modifying your thinking and helping you to move into right thinking. In the larger context, what I am doing today is giving you an overview of future lessons that we will be working on. And so I will not get into much detail today about any one aspect. As an athlete, you have a coach, and your coach is telling you and showing you how to eliminate motions and patterns that are working against your sport, as you express it, whether it is running down a sprinting stretch and throwing a javelin, or sticking the stick in the ground and going over the bar in a pole vault, or whether it is running and sprinting and hurtling yourself over a bar in a high jump. There are certain things you want to eliminate before you begin to learn those things that you want to emulate. And thus in your life and in your thinking, you will want to remove those negative things which work against your good thinking, your good speaking and your good behavior. Those are erroneous aspects of your thinking and belief system. You will want to remove them.

Always, the yardstick to measure your thinking against is that of Michael. You are so fortunate to have had our Nebadon Sovereign here as your example! He provided the exemplary individual, whose style and life and thoughts and voice and actions, you would wish to emulate. He is the yardstick! He is the example! And thus, through your behavior, and your exchanges, you become the savior of your life. You become your own Christ, so to speak, if you want to put it in traditional terms. Thus, the elimination of negative thinking, negative beliefs will lead to the elimination of negative speaking and negative behaviors.

Many of you have already monitored your behaviors, as a child and as an adolescent and as a young adult you had behaviors, which were detrimental to your life, to your social relations, to your intimate relations, and your relationship with yourself. So you have put a lid on these things, you have eliminated them in behavior form, outward form, but yet many of you, most of you have been nagged by the thinking that goes on in preparation for those words or those actions. This is what we want to get at; this is where we want to bring peace to your thinking, so that you can truly be in parallel mind with Nebadonia, with Michael, so that you are in the flow of light and the flow of love. And that loving thoughts, and loving words, and loving actions then become natural to you, not something that you have to do to work against the negative things that come in your mind and your words and your behavior. Would this not be a joy to you? We know it would be, for we celestials have gone through this process too. Some of us have had to wait until we were received on the mansion worlds to have our thinking adjusted,’ in very graphic terms, to eliminate those grossities of thinking and behavior that were so detrimental to ourselves and to our social relationship with our fellow brothers and sisters.

It would be much more wonderful for you to do this during your mortal lifetime as an experiential process of growth, rather than screening out those gross things in your lives as you make your transition to the morontial. There is no experiential growth during that process. And through that process you are not afforded the experiential process or possibilities of moral decisions, ethical decisions and soul growth. So yours is a greater challenge; yours is a greater responsibility; yours is the greater adventure. And a worthy adventure it is. And each of you is more than capable of doing this successfully; you have, so to speak, chosen yourselves to be here to undergo this process.

Some aspects of these lessons will be new. We will be doing some experimental processes during this educational experience. They may appear to be unconventional to the mainstream of Teaching Mission lesson practices. We are reaching out to you by doing this, to assess new techniques and broader responsibilities of the teacher and the students through these lessons, these new lesson plans. I have rather enjoyed the first series on dynamic energy and I am looking forward to this second series of static energy.

Not to leave you hanging for today, we will begin by reviewing the child, as it comes into this world. This is a most propitious place to start, for our children come into the world as a clean slate, or so you think. What does the child bring with them, which would guide them during their lives, particularly their lives as conscious, moral, ethical citizens of the universe? What do they bring with them that has an effect on their thinking, and of course, from their thinking, leads to what they say and what they do? What children bring with them, these clean little slates of light and love, is the race pattern that is inherent in their DNA. Don’t be so na ve to think that the children come into the world without pre-set patterns. Some are in fact, highly refined, highly developed. You think of birds as flying north and south during the seasons of migration as part of heredity, and that is birds. And that beavers build dams and they whack the water with their tails when they are in alarm of being chased or hurt by a predator. You think these are aspects of heredity, and you are right. Yet, you are animals too; you have a DNA structure. This is race memory, and when I say "race" I am not talking about races as the colored races, nationalities, or cultures, but the race of humankind. You bring with you a whole repertoire of behaviors, a pre-established set of beliefs about how the whole world operates and how you operate in it. It is as though you came with "ROM," (read only memory.) It is resident with the organism when it comes into existence.

Now, let us run through some of this to try to convince you that this is so. And let us begin with the newborn child, who after it is groomed and cleaned and separated from its mother begins to root at the breast, root around, looking for the nipple. Now, who taught it to do that? No one. It is innate, it is ROM. It came with that behavior pattern when it was born. Think of all the phases that children come through, that you have come through. Please do not separate yourself as adult from the child infant where you came from. This is a gross error of adultism, and it is a violation of the continuum of relationship between infants and adults. Please maintain the belief that children and you are similar, if not identical, only one is older. Children go through (and we are talking about "normal" children), and there are children who are not normal or average, and those are much more difficult situations to deal with. Let us speak of the average and we can draw generalities that can apply to those children who outside of the average parameters. What are the developmental stages that children go through? There are many, they are almost infinite in number. The learning of speech, the learning of locomotion, the adaptation of motion of wrist and arm and hand, and leg and feet and head, eye movements. Think also of your theory of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). This is an inherent part of your ROM memory that you came with, and it continues to express itself in your adulthood.

Now why, did you come with this ROM? First of all, it enhances your survivability. It leads you to independence and autonomy; it leads you to interact with your environment in individual unique ways. It is preparation for you to learn more about your universe and your world. Some of the more refined aspects of this hereditary or race memory have to do with your social relationships. Why is it that the male gender tends to be more socially aloof from the family group, whereas the females tend to be more gregarious and form a family community? These are native to your thinking, native to your being. more refined still, there are group specialties, specific to some cultural groups and colored race groups on your planet. There are unique, generalized peculiarities to each sub-group, to each racial group. Further, each group, each individual comes with a world view, a built in Weltanschauung [Gr.] or worldview of the universe around them. Why are some groups hostile, ingrained, defensive, argumentative, while others are open, gregarious, hospitable, generous and open to intrusion by strangers? These too are native to your race memory; it is impregnated in your DNA.

You must be aware of these very gross, large, dimensional aspects of thinking, before you can attend to the more refined aspects of learned behavior. Further, it will help you in your relationships with others as you travel throughout this country and to other countries. And we do suggest that you travel. Immerse yourself, expose yourself to cultures where you are the minority, where you must reframe, rethink, resize your belief system’s in ter’s of a larger community around you. Get used to it! This is a fact of the universe, and you will continue to be exposed to these differences throughout the mansion worlds and even to your Uversa career. There will be gross differences, but all the while, as you travel inward to the center, to the Creator, these gross aspects will be eliminated and you will become more and more one with the universe, and able to identify with the spiritual identity of other citizens of the universe as easily as you would identify with your brother or sister. Basic to this thinking is that of separation and integration, inclusion and exclusion. What beliefs will we be eliminating as we move towards inclusion? We will be eliminating bigotry, prejudice, bias, judgement; we will be moving into oneness.’Not necessarily accepting everything and all that others do or say, for you must weigh and discern that which comes into your life to accept that which you can and wait and see and discern about those things which you cannot. This is the major part of your universe career journey, is that of inclusion. You will not receive the accolade, the award, the certification as a CITIZEN OF THE UNIVERSE (and you can put that in all caps,) until you see and behave and think of yourself as one among many. You are unique, you are individual, but you are one with all others. You are the same; you are all children of the Creator. That is why the award and recognition of CITIZEN OF THE UNIVERSE, is so hard to come by, because it is an acknowledgment that you are certifiably clear of race thinking.

Some of the earliest race memories, race behaviors, ROM memory, (Let’s continue with ROM memory, that see’s to work well and you can relate to it, I believe) is that of "the other," and in the case of children and the case of tight-knit communities, anyone who is not of that family group is the other! And you run away from them and you hide from them and you are fearful of them and in some societies, they are killed. If you are xenophobic, you will have a tough time in this career journey. If you are afraid of others judging quickly without discerning or acknowledging the similarities, you will have a tough time. That is why we must begin by the elimination of erroneous thinking and erroneous beliefs, beginning at these very deep root levels, which are so intrinsic to you, so native to your thinking that you accept them without even pausing to wonder if they are valid or not. We must begin to put them all into question, as to being valid or not, before we can effectively begin to help you impregnate your thinking with that which is inclusive, that which is of the ALL, the ONE, you are unique, but not separate. Yes, we will surely begin helping you acquire new beliefs, new behaviors as we assist you in eliminating those things which are hurtful.

We do not believe that we must teach all of one thing before we begin another, for really truly effective learning is the elimination of wrong thinking, and immediately the application of right thinking to replace that. Continuing our metaphor of the hard disc in the computers further, you know that when on a hard disc, you delete a file, or delete some information, on that sector, along that perimeter that there is an empty space. And the next time the computer wants to write some material, it will write to the empty hole. And so what we want to do then is to fill in the voids where we have removed erroneous thinking, we want to fill in those voids with positive thinking, those things that help you work more comfortably, fully and continuously in your infinite ascendant career.

If you think in terms of a long lifetime of work ahead of you of learning, and relearning old behaviors, eliminating wrong thinking and applying new thinking, if you view this as part of your infinite journey, you will see that the time that it takes, though long in your lifetime, is really of short duration and of immense value to your soul work, to your soul growth. For those of you who are past the age of 50, you will have greater and greater difficulty in eliminating these aspects. I am sorry to say that, but this is true. You have lived with ingrained erroneous thinking and beliefs all your life, and have come to rely upon those beliefs to help you, to help you feel safe. So this will be difficult work. And even for those of you who are in your 20Ìs, who had erroneous beliefs ingrained through powerful authority figures and through a powerful peer group, and through other people who were supportive of these beliefs, these too will be very difficult to overturn. We will be working on them with you.

I think we have fully set the stage for many lessons ahead. And I hope you will engage this with enthusiasm and eagerness. It may be daunting at times because some of these beliefs that we will strive to assist you in overturning, or removing, may question your safety. (Safety, as in feeling safe,’ in your world and in your universe.) Truly, it does take courage to risk eliminating old behaviors that helped you feel safe, even if solely only in your thinking. But we must. Think of these lessons ahead as your own individual unique journey. If you have a partner, it will help you to be in what Daniel calls "Sacred Relationship" with your partner to come with conscious agreement to assist your partner, and they you, in overturning some erroneous thinking. You will become vulnerable in doing this, but you will trust your partner to assist you for your highest growth good, knowing that your partner wishes you no harm and will serve you no harm through this, and neither belittle you nor denigrate you for this thinking, but simply point this out to you and assist you to overturn it as you ask for their assistance. This is an evolved relationship. This is an aspect of relationship that you will get to experience with your morontial work team. We do this in retreat, as I explained, lovingly with each other, as each of us wants to grow powerfully and effectively, and not to repeat old behaviors of thinking, old patterns of behaving, or old patterns of thinking that are detrimental to our ascendant career’s success.

Lastly, before we adjourn, do not strive to accomplish too much too soon. Do not be too hard on yourselves. I know that some of you berate yourselves for the erroneous thinking that you have. Actually, this is a very good start. Not the berating, but the conscious awareness that you do have erroneous thinking. You simply have not exercised the tools nor been given the tools to eliminate this erroneous thinking, these erroneous beliefs. For were you to have new beliefs, functional, contributory, helpful, supportive beliefs about your life, I know that you would surely accept them and embrace them immediately. So it is a matter of working through this, for you did not come to where you are overnight, you will not eliminate these erroneous beliefs of thinking overnight either.

Now, back to static energy. Static energy locks up these beliefs, these erroneous patterns of behavior. Static energy is the tablet do you recall in historical times where they used wax tablets to write messages with a stick? They did that in Greece and in Rome and Egypt, and some of these tablets have been preserved even today. The tablet, the wax that we are speaking of is the static energy. They hold your beliefs in static form. Therefore, we must attack gently, as a deep massage, these static knots of energy to loosen them so that you can remove the erroneous beliefs and re-scribe new beliefs in their stead.

Student: I can’t resist No dryer sheets for our static cling? (much group laughter.)

Student: I can just see it, the certificate for this portion of the class will be a box of Bounce!

Rayson: No my dear friend, what I have for you are scrub boards and clotheslines.

Student: Oh well, I’ve done that before too.


Rayson: And you will do it once more! Blessings to each one of you. I know that we have charted out quite a course in great detail for you and for us. I don’t think I have overstepped what we can do to help you, for there are many who are available. And the sources that are available to you are infinite and incredibly capable. You have at hand, and in mind, immediate assistance from Nebadonia. Whereas in the former lessons of dynamic energy, we were thinking in terms of the Creator, the Executive of universe energy, to manage and manipulate these energies. Now, we will call upon the mother Spirit, Nebadonia, Infinite mind, third member of the Triune God, to assist us in mind action, compassionately and passionately, to remove those issues which hold you back and to instill in you, and inscribe in you literally those beliefs that will assist you to powerfully to become effective members of universe family, even as mortals.

I wish you well during this next week. This energy and these assistances are available for you now. I would encourage you to speak with Nebadonia, to assist you in over turning those things that you wish to overturn in your life that you are conscious of, and to instill those things which are of the highest ideals and virtues that you wish to place within your life to effectively have a life of love, sharing, companionship, and oneness with yourself first, with the Father/mother God second, and with all others. Blessings to you today. This is a remarkable journey you have begun. Good day. (Thank you, Teacher Rayson.)