2003-04-06-The Meek, Transitioning From the Old to the New

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Topic: The Meek, Transitioning from the Old to the New

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



Music: Dorenda on piano – "The Old Rugged Cross"

Prayer: (Matthew) Let’s place ourselves in the presence of Jesus, the Christ.

Master, We come to you with delight, inspiration and hope for a renewed world—one that is based upon all of the principles and qualities and concepts that have been taught from time immemorial—and with the American tradition and flavor of who we are, what’s right, true and in principle: if it’s good for us, it’s good for the entire world, if not the universe. These are things that we believe in.

We ask for the transformation in our hearts to be able to live with these principles as truth and what is right, even though we may not see it exhibited within our midst. Let us uphold those values and principles and not be pulled down into the mire of what the world is currently, in confusion and disorder, but to do what the teachers have taught—to rise above and to place ourselves in the mind-set of Love; and more than that, in the quality and the presence and being of Love. With your help and assistance in our lives on a continual basis, we ask that our heart’s mind be open to this, that you can aid us in the process, in transforming ourselves in this process.

In appreciation for the ability that you have to reach us, personally and through the teachers, we are grateful and we ask for whatever teachings you find to be helpful, necessary and beneficial to us as a group and as the universal collective, to have that transpire today, as well. And for our willingness to heed and pay attention and to continually change in your midst, we are forever grateful. Amen.

TOMAS: Good afternoon, my faithful family. I am Tomas, your teacher, in your midst again after a brief hiatus.

Matthew: Welcome back.

TOMAS: I appreciate you having missed me in the face of such superlative "substitute teachers" as Merium and Cicoli, and my thanks to Anatolia for "holding down the fort" (as you might say) in my absence.


Nationalism, New Age

I have been off with my peers in extended consultation about the Correcting Time mission for Urantia in view of the current affairs of your world and the consuming concerns of the political situation and emotional fervor such realities invoke. Your prayer today speaks fully to the concerns that you have here in this group and in many of the teacher bases across the nation. And while you have a perspective that is uniquely conditioned by your citizenship status here, it does not preclude an appreciation for teacher bases outside this nation comprised of students of the celestial spheres – celestial hosts – who are attempting to reinvigorate your world with the reality of a God which transcends the nationalistic definitions of Godhood.

The element, for instance, of this as a religious war is almost innate to your human thought processes and it so far removed from the reality which we have come to impart. This is not a religious war. The only religious battle you have is the good fight of faith, as you have been told, and the faith that you have has nothing to do with tenets or belief systems. It has to do with the living fiber of your being. The living fiber of your being is that which we are attempting to draw forth and to exalt as an element of divinity.

It is fruitless, therefore, to compare yourself to those who are the physical warriors embattled on the plain of terra firma for political science. It is also fruitless to expect you to disassociate yourself from those thoughts and concerns which are a natural part of any human being’s conscious awareness of his fellow men, women and children. The message that you have been given is to continue to seek for peace within yourself and to spread joy in your arena. And to some ears this is a Pollyanna-type message that implies an indifference to the concerns which impress you and press upon you in light of these circumstances.

The lesson last week, indeed, made reference to the sparrow and the flock of birds that gathered together and stayed together, in each other’s company, for better or for worse, since within that flock they were able to speak the same language, sing the same song. They understood when one flew away to follow, just as in the migrating season the geese provides a lead goose to follow. And thus there is someone to show the way and someone to take over that role when the time comes, so that each of you - each of you geese - become part-time leaders, and each of you sparrows are comforted by the company you each provide each other.

The admonition to "stick to your own kind" is not my message today, nor will it ever be, because while you do indeed cherish like-minded brethren your work is in the field of those who do not respond as you do, who have not been touched by the spirit in such a way as to impel them to put Father’s will first, to seek to follow His will. In the field there are those who continue to employ self will. Some of those are readily influenced and some of those are "tough nuts to crack," but your faith-walk will always involve, in some method or means, reaching out in service so as to spread the light of truth within your realm.

The circumstances of the birth of this new dispensation, in terms of its physical portrayal, is being dramatized, for as the new way emerges, the old way subsides. And as many of us have said from the beginning, those who have enjoyed power in the old way will not relinquish it willingly. They will grasp it tenaciously in order to hold onto that which they have known and in which they enjoy power.

But remember, too, that you have been taught, and you know, that within you is the seed of a Greater Power and that seed is going to grow up, in and through your representation, to become the new level of operation for this planet - the enlarged and natural reality of a new stage of light and life, this 5th epochal stage on which we now play, perform and battle.

I want you to remember your fellows and I want you to acknowledge your fidelity to the Master that we follow. Not the Master from the books, for there are many ‘masters’ and many books and those ‘masters’ tend to separate people, but the Master that lives within your heart and mind as love, graciousness, peace, willingness to serve. The good Samaritan, the Prince of Peace, the Fisher of Men. These symbols of His reality are potentially your reality and the identification with those of your fellows who support these goals and aspire to be as God-like in their way as He was in His way is the inspiration we seek to impart.

Make not, however, the mistake of revealing yourself as exalted, but rather as a man among men, a woman among women, a human being without supernatural power except as your own mustard seed of faith—which is, indeed, a potential source of the power we will need to survive the transition from the old to the new. This seed that lies within you each is likened to the fish symbol that was used when the first apostles were about the Father’s business.

I have perhaps whet your appetite and perhaps your soul will stir to these words, these directives. Perhaps there will be questions, but for now I conclude my formal remarks and relay my microphone to my fellow teacher.

Matthew: Anatolia is here.

Transition, Equality

ANATOLIA: Best wishes to each and all this fine day in April, here in your world, as you know it. This is a bright and marvelous day which is similar to that which you heard in church this morning in terms of ‘what else is new’ here in New Mexico, for most days are bright, cheerful and clear with the occasional disruption in your cycle to all but sun worship. It’s a bright, clear and worthwhile experience to be in this environment and, to a large extent, one that is a blessing and a gift. There are many throughout your immediate circumference within this hemisphere who have weather difficulties – extreme one way or another—and while you might say that your conditions are extreme as well, for the most part there is cheerfulness, brightness and many positives that you face.

This is also the case with geopolitical or political conditions as they exist throughout the world. Presently your conditions have overridden, or zoomed past those of other individuals throughout the world. There is an equalization that will take place that will bring forth primarily an awareness of the equality of humanity regardless of which corner of the globe they inhabit. A superiority by nature, one society over or versus another, will not prevail will not prevail in this new form of being.

The tribulation or the transition of which Tomas speaks is in the process and will not be an overnight transition but one which will ultimately bring about new beginnings, new understanding, with new appreciation for the universality of humanity. But regardless of color, eye shape, stature or gender, the universality of God’s creation will become more widely accepted and matter of fact; not just mentally but emotionally in terms of camaraderie and feeling empathy, as well as sympathy for those under lesser conditions.

This new period of human existence will manifest an appreciation for life where ever it exists and for realizing the uniqueness and the God-given gift that such an expression implies, as well as entails. This—regardless of how long the transition may last—is every reason for you to be hopeful, helpful and willing to go-the-distance to see such a transition. I cannot tell you how long it is or what will have to be experienced for its realization, but know surely that as Jesus instructed his disciples that "now you see men but there will be a time when you will not; but I must go to my Father and in that transition know that a new day and a new beginning will result".

Likewise, this is your trial and tribulation time for which you have been entrusted as well as prepared. Let it be your transition of awareness from time of instruction as the apostles were so instructed. And even though they were unwilling or unable to accept or foresee the transition that they would experience through Jesus’ resurrection and transformation, they too did grow in the awareness and the appreciation that they then were called upon to be the voice and the legs and the spirit of that which he left them to do.

Be it then your mission to accept the larger gifts, the gifts of spirit engendered to you through faith, that you too shall see the resurrection—whether it is in your world, in your physical life or thereafter—know that you are the seeds of this transition, that surely it will not have formed or find expression outside of those who were prepared to recognize that the Master has risen. If all who were prepared had left when the Master left, no one would have been here to recognize the miracle that occurred. All of those in disbelief or confusion would never have been able to tell the tale, to be witnesses to the vast and dramatic heaven and earth intercession that had occurred. So take stock in the good news that you are preparers of good news.

This is a day like your day outside, that is full, bright and clear with hope and a new beginning surrounding you. This is my message of good news to you and I hope you maintain heart, but above all, fulfill the mission that you have—to accomplish the expression of God in our world at this time.

Peace be with you, and may the merriment and oneness that you feel in your hearts be realized as you transition through this difficult time. Peace be with you.

Group: Thank you.

TOMAS: Thank you, Noble Helper.

What have you been doing, my fair friends? What has transpired in your development of late that you would share or reveal in the form of inquiry and concern for elucidation? Share with me. Speak to us. Reveal your soul in social discourse.



Elena: Well, I have something that I would appreciate your suggestions and guidance on, as Project Manager in this new position that I have. This last week I have had what I’ll call non-confrontation confrontations, which might sound kind of weird, but . .. kind of avoiding my direction in wanting to get something done. So I feel a little frustrated because I’m trying to be very clear, very straight forward, and very accommodating to all the personalities and recognize their difficulties, and yet still keep things going forward, and I’m perhaps not doing things in the best way.

I don’t know if I’m being clear or have provided enough information for you, Tomas, but there are personality conflicts involved; there are fears involved; there is uncertainty of a new product and feelings of inadequacy and I just try to keep going forward on these kinds of things and I’m kind of getting this passive attitude from the programmer and, strangely enough, the graphic artist, too, which is a surprise, because she and I have worked well together in the past. So I’d love to have some suggestions.

TOMAS: I will ask midwayer assistance for you if you have not asked already, and in the meantime I will call to your attention that even though you may have been trained in this system of things to operate and function within a certain set of regulations and guidelines, you are still most effective as a teacher and as an elder sibling to these individuals who are balking at many things and you are seeing the brunt of much of their resistance.

It would appear as though they are resisting you, perhaps, but this is because you take your work personally. They may also be rebelling against your methods of leadership. Call into being the ways Jesus employed, and while those ways may conflict with the methods you have been taught, they are tried and true. The way he dealt with his brothers and sisters is an example. He would confer with them, draw them in, ask for their input as to their sincere concerns. He would cut through the soil of politics to the seed - to the core of the problem.

If you are attempting to create a team, it is necessary for you to operate from the heart as well as from the mind. If you take (Cherubim) Bob’s earlier lessons as an example of this insight into the seven Adjutant Mind Spirits, you will realize that the expression of any reality is had only when the heart and mind are in synch. When the heart feels one way and the mind feels another way, when those two ways are opposite, you will not have the productivity you seek. The expression will not be forthcoming. It is only when the heart and the mind work together that expression is possible. And yet a wise administration will see to it that the heart is not the over- powering influence nor the mind, but that a merging of these two important realities will bring about the desired effect. In this way you will have captured those who are ruled by the heartstrings as well as those who are driven by their mental programming. This takes time. It takes time away from the productivity you seek, but it cannot be short-circuited. It would be like demanding that your trained lions perform and jump through the fiery hoop before they have been fully trained. You are asking for a disaster. It is only when the training is complete that the effective results can be had.

Does this speak to your concern?

Elena: Yes. I don’t know how to do that, but I guess I’ll think about that. Thank you, Tomas.

TOMAS: Pray on that and understand that in the long run it is the authority of the assignment that will uphold you, and within that framework you can allow yourself to be the best coordinator, facilitator and counselor possible. In this, you will direct them and earn their devotion, their loyalty, not because of your authority but in spite of it. I understand that this is not the way of the world, necessarily, but it is wisdom withal.

Elena: Thank you.

TOMAS: Everyone needs to feel they are a part of the solution - if not the entire solution. If their part of the team provides an important part of the results, they will give it all they have and more if they support the results you seek or that they are asked to provide. You cannot command respect - you must earn it. And anyone knows the difference between a demand and a request. ‘Request’ from these people what the need is, and let them respond to that need rather than ask them to obey a command which will insult their integrity. They will feel they are a trained dog or lion and react accordingly.

The resistance you feel may be part confusion and part rebellion and the only way to find out what your obstacles are is to ferret them out through dialog and discernment. Is that helpful?

Elena: I think so. It makes me think about things - things that I certainly didn’t intend to do one way - but, I mean, it definitely does give me some food for thought, and I thank you.

TOMAS: You’re welcome.


Matthew: I’ve been wrestling all week with trying to adopt a new way to deal with this war situation and not be continually upset about the things that I see happen, and what appears to be happening, and the unprecedented position that America is taking as an aggressor nation, etc. I am really wrestling with all of that and finding a place to be in all of that. Even up through and including this morning, still being unsettled, but the teachings today have really helped bring that a little more clearly to heart and mind. So I’m appreciative of that because it was kind of like stuck on a wall and not being able to get over it, around it or through it, but it’s as if the wall has opened and (I) can at least not have that difficulty. So I’m appreciative.

TOMAS: I am happy to counsel you in order for you to have clarity; however clarity in situations like this could be likened to winning the battle but not the war itself, for each day will bring you a new vision of the atrocities and inhumanities, as well as another opportunity to reroute your mind-set to reinforce the vision of change in bringing about a state wherein the meek truly inherit the earth.

The resounding response from across the globe for peace and against this surgical procedure in the Middle East is a reflection of the sparrows world-wide. While they may indeed flutter and fly off when they are frightened, they continue to return to earth for their sustenance and to sing in joy. This will be the pattern for you for a while because of the current events, but in time the conflict will burn itself out and, yes, while there will be much reconstruction required, you will have already been reconstructing with your fellows the pattern of peace-keeping in your own yard, in your own realm. And this is more contagious than the impetus to fight, for it is founded on love: love for humanity, love for those qualities of peacetruth, beauty, and goodness—which are held in the heart of all these seedlings.

It is difficult to restrain your eye from the violence and the carnage, but if you were to enhance your vision to embrace these many others who join with you in their hearts and minds in the desire to live a righteous life in peace with your fellows, to raise your crops, to raise your children, to worship and to work, to sing and to enjoy the fruits of your labors, you will have grown a mass of humanity—as if you were the blood cells that rushed to the wound to enable it to heal more quickly.

Matthew: Thank you. That’s helpful.

TOMAS: Again, I am happy to provide encouragement. I recognize your dismay you who have such beautiful souls filled with love for your fellows, who have been taught and believe in the goodness of man, who have been encouraged to have faith and to trust. It is difficult for you to behold the carnage of those who have put a blight on your picture of Paradise. We understand your distress because even the Master suffers from the throes of the battle that rages. The innocents who suffer, the ignorance which prevails, the violence which drives the greed which consumes - these are feelings he shares with you, even as he encourages you to rise up and sing, because this too shall pass, and there is no commandment that you should feel the pain of the world or that you should be required to heal the wounds of the world, only that you shall live your life and be all that you can be in the development of your own soul. In that, you can serve willingly as you pass by. You need not carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

You will be given opportunities to act upon your light of truth and those opportunities, simple as they may be, will afford your soul an opportunity to express itself and to plant seeds in favor of that which is developing and growing, out of this which is fetid. Thus you will have played a role, done your part, in your own realm, in your own way. Be mindful of that truth and prepared for those opportunities when they come. Keep calm. And while you are certainly not expected to disassociate yourself from the circumstances of the world, it would serve you well if you were to not let your heart rule, nor your mind, but a stable balance between the two so that your expression can represent that which is the best of both worlds - that which is most clear, most helpful for the moment, for the "now" in which you serve. And remember your fellows. Not only the fellows you know in the Teaching Mission but the fellows who serve with you in the Greater Mission across the globe - the human fellows who share your sentiments and desire peace – the meek who shall inherit the earth. And let them be a comfort to you as a human - a man among men and women and children, who seek peace on earth, good will to all men.

[The room is very quiet.]

I have lulled you to sleep.

Group: No, we’re awake!

Matthew: That really helps what I’m talking about in terms of seeing something beyond what was a mental block and not being able to get past the flames. Thank you - that helps greatly.

TOMAS: What else, now that we have passed the roadblock of the war?

Esmarelda: Tomas, this week I’m afraid I’ve been a bit self-centered. I have just had feelings of joy and gratitude. I’ve realized that I feel good - physically—and I have felt like doing things which I had not in about three years. I’ve enjoyed the beautiful mornings that we’ve had. I’ve been doing yard work and things around the house. So my week has been filled with joy and gratitude. I know there must be lots of things I need help with, and insight into, and a lot more growth probably. But it’s been a good week. And it’s good to have you back this week, too.


TOMAS: We all rejoice with you in your good tidings and good cheer. This atmosphere is one in which all delight. And this sense of wellbeing is also conducive to accepting those barnacles of imperfection which grow on the hull of your personality, that gives you the verve to scrape them off while you enjoy the fresh air and sunshine of the day. It is so easy to heal and cure the ills of imperfection as we are bathed with perfection. Keep up your good attitude, daughter, and radiate your good cheer. This is a most helpful service in this time of fear and concern for so many. And, being mindful of the concerns of so many, you are not being selfish but, rather, a beacon of light to help guide others into the light of truth and out of the fear . .. which will be a part of the collective unconscious of all of humanity until such time as it ascends to a level of peace and freedom that disdains and disallows such insidious invasions on our safety and security as sons and daughters of the living God, forever and ever. Amen.

Esmarelda: Thank you Tomas.

TOMAS: We’ll see you next week. Keep up the good work and be of good cheer.

Group: Thanks.