2010-08-05-Being An Infinite Fountain

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Topic: Being An Infinite Fountain

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Michael





T/R: Dear Michael and Mother Spirit. Welcome. Welcome dear parents. Welcome unimaginable spiritual beings of unimaginable power and unimaginable scope unimaginable experience with hundreds and billions of years now, spread out over how many cubits of light-years of space and how many millions of worlds. We honor you because with all that you are, so totally beyond our imagination, still – still and all here you are - right beside us, right inside us with the most intimate connection of all right there with ourselves. So thank you dear Father, dear Father of us all, Dear God for creating such children of yours - to be such parents of ours. We are truly humbled with this unimaginableness. (chuckle) We take great comfort in that too, great comfort and joy that we have such touch available to us. Amen.


Growth, Choice

MICHAEL: Good evening my children this is Michael. (chuckle) I appreciate your introduction and we, Mother Spirit and I are delighted to be unimaginable. Definitely gives you something to look forward to meeting us, as it were, face to face some day For also my children, for your growth the kinds of beings you will be then is also unimaginable to you now. You have our assurance we will be there and it is your choice and it is within your power of choosing, to be with us there someday. We like to say because it is true. Eternal life is not forced upon anyone. This is your choice. This is your choice to embrace to continue to grow into something that is truly unfathomable at each stage. Except after you have traversed a few stages. You have come up from being babies and children and adolescents, looking back on grade school and high school and college and university for some of you. You have come through many stages already and so you already have this rich experience within you. It is your sole possession of just how unfathomable those stages to come always are. This is one small token of God’s infinity that he set up life, human life this way. Infinite imagination if you will to conceive of human life that Mother Spirit and I and other sons and daughters of the trinity involved in. And yes, you most definitely can trust this then with such an architect with such a creator of just human life and how that is so unique for every single one of you. Still the parameters of that just that ungrasbleness that unfathomableness of human life was by design.


You were created in a sense with these limitations with this very finiteness to give you that choice. Somewhere to go, somewhere to grow, always. So you find yourself suspended like in mid-air in a way. I like to think one of those surreal paintings where you have a fountain right out of the middle of the air bursting forth. That is God! That is Michael, Mother Spirit and Myself. That is you. That is your personality. This comes from the bursting forth from some unfathomable reservoir of life itself. Bursting into [[time and space]] with this body, this mind and this spirit you have. So in a way you are suspended. There is infinity in every direction. There is no bottom, no sides, no top to anything. Even your own bodies. You eat an apple and it not only is delicious and filling - there is that energy. Though you know that 99.9% of all those little steps there is that last little piece you have yet to learn even about your own bodies. That is just in general in all the libraries of the world. For each one of you that seemingly finite body of yours: using an ear to listen to me now. That too is infinity to your personality. Then the mind. All the meaning of your life for you and those you love - another infinity. Where does the next idea come from? If you have some training, some discipline you can decide, “well for the next half hour I am going to think such and such of a subject”. But where does the next idea come from? So you see my children, even though you are surrounded by infinities and you are suspended as it were, each moment kind of bursting into time and space as this God created unique being. You are a center. You are the center of your universe and it pivots around you.

There is that coming out of you. Out of your own creativity unique to you. Most of this you call imagination. All of you as children had to deal with this. The fact that there was so much in your universe and wasn’t in any one else’s. You had to make some difficult explain these things that were in you. Little bit by little bit you had to learn how to communicate with all of them out there. So, a lot of this is just coming out of you. It is your own creativity. As you go out into time and space there is some penetration there. There is some seeking involved. There might even seem to be a curse from time to time. “Can’t I just kick back and forget about seeking for truth and beauty and goodness? Why am I driven this way? What is this thing of curiosity that won’t let me rest?” Least not when you are young.

Then as you kind of find yourself suspended in all of these infinities in this own world, you discover that the world is moving toward you. You are in motion in the middle of a universe that is not only you – and here it comes – moment by moment. It is all in motion and it is all coming towards you – events to handle. Even your own body, your own mind, is not, shall we say, totally under your control. Accidents happen. Things happen here in time and space and so you are not only out there penetrating, seeking - You are handling that which is simply coming at you. This is all by design. During some of the sessions here recently a question came about how the here and now this dynamic living of the here and now is taking care of itself. There was a little discussion on the fact that the here and now is not actually an “it”. It is personal. First of all - it is you. You have all this dynamic life in and part of you. You are part of it. But as through this whole human situation, this is not an “it” my children, this is a design of God’s and of Mother Spirit’s and of mine. In a way we are responsible. In a way our Father is responsible. There is no other single being. For no other single being can respond, has this ability to respond to the whole creation. But you also have this ability, this response ability. You can grow this ability to respond to others like you. So the here and now is not an “it”. It is you! It is all the other personal beings in existence. The heads of the galaxies, the heads of the local universes, your own system. Your own world leaders right down to the members of your family. All this enormous interaction is the only explanation for reality. Because you, in your life, at the center of your universe. The way you relate this ability to respond and to get some response from all that out there. This is the Big Game, the Big Plan, this is the Design. And if you ask why or you wonder why? The shortest answer is something called Soul. It is something that comes into existence -unique to you my children, unique to every single one of you and every personality in existence experiencing their universe centered on them. In conjunction with something that is absolutely singular, universal, absolute and infinite.

Thought Adjusters

In human being we call this the Thought Adjuster. A presence of God that can literally suggest thoughts and can adjust your thoughts to be more spiritual, more all inclusive of everything in your universe. The co-authored by God himself, this presence of God within you. This is what soul is. Soul is every experience of every personal being. Even Mother Spirit and I, we have what is analogous to a human soul. We have our experiences. So my children as you sit here listening to me tonight, as you experience my voice, as you experience yourselves this is the purpose. This is the fulfillment. Moment by moment. Each moment sits upon all that came before it. And this too is another infinite dimension. You call it history. That which really happened. Another infinity to explore to give meaning to now. So rejoice and be exceedingly glad that all of this that you are. All these infinities that you swim through every day, all this curiosity and the courage to follow where it tickles your fancy. All these hundreds of positive qualities you can list in existence. It is all part of the design. All part of the, again, (chuckle) infinite – infinite potential that waits every single moment to become actual. With the fact that in your life, in my life, there is that presence of God and his purpose is you and is me. He lives in us. That is why we call the Thought Adjuster a Mystery Monitor if you will. You can think of it as the mechanism by which God experiences us and experiences his design. So yes, this is where our ultimate trust, our ultimate faith, resides. In all these infinities surrounding us so there is no end to Him, nor end to any single one of us either – if we so choose. That is our power. That is our power, our glory, and our most thankful worship. We are always more than we can ever begin to grasp and in that we are most like Him.

Thank you dear Father for creating me the kind of being I am. And thank you for creating each of our children with this ability to marvel at all they are, so much more than they can even grasp. But they can feel comfortable and at home in that very reality and very design of yours.

Now my children if you have any questions or comments this evening bring them forth:


Q #1: Michael, I’ve had a question that has been around my head for years and years. I am very curious about the twelve specialized senses we have as Urantians as opposed to the seventy will have in Mansonia. Can you help me out with that?

Mansion Worlds, Senses, Dimensions

MICHAEL: Yes my son. I’m not sure exactly what you consider it to be the ones you already have as I just got through saying there is more to you than your momentary consciousness can take in. Partly you are restricted now by this mind-body that gives you consciousness. So when you acquire a much more subtle, shall we say, pattern being, something very analogous to the body you have now only so much more –not only spiritually sensitive, but sensitive to even greater range - the electro-magnetic spectrum, to emotions, in other words when your whole physical and mental capacities are extremely expanded. You could call these extra dimensions. We delight that you’ve evolved your science fiction to the degree with all your stories, then your T.V., movies and such that you can think of now as extra dimensions. It is so hard to explain these to you. It is like explaining color to a person born blind. We can only do so by analogy. Mother Spirit and I have already mentioned that as you begin to encounter ever more powerful spiritual beings, each order of personal being exists in a slightly different universe of their own. As you come to meet Seraphim, perhaps other beings on the Mansion Worlds. First of all to be able to perceive them, to be able to communicate with them, you will be enormously expanded. Then if you get to know them, get to know their way of seeing the universe, what their lives, their personal lives are like. These are extra dimensions that you will take on. You will be able to perceive and understand your mind; your comprehension will be enormously expanded just as it is, hopefully, all through your human life. There are dozens and dozens of physical, shall we say matter-energy, dimensions that you have yet to encounter. Your body – they are going right through you just like your own radio or T.V. waves. They are going right through you now. They are real, but you don’t have yet the mechanism to pick them up. So, through all of these you will keep growing and make a part of your life. A part of your understanding. Essentially, as one of your wise men put it, there is no limit to dimensions. That is why I tease you tonight with being this fountain out in the middle of the air, (chuckle) surrounded and suspended by infinity in every possible way you can think of. You just get more of them. Does that make sense to you?

Q: Yes that does. I was more concerned with the Urantia Book’s discussion of the physical senses as we think of sight, hearing, taste. In the kinesthetic sense maybe we could come up with the six or seventh senses. I was curious about the twelve. I always wondered what they might be. I’m certainly looking forward to the many expanded senses as we progress. I was sort of hung up here in the mortal sphere of the question.

MICHAEL: That is why I can just kind of tease you (chuckle) with so many many more to come. You encounter them. That was my whole lesson tonight. This is the fact that it is endless. There is no limit to how much you can expand. What is your comprehension, what is your understanding can encompass. And that is what makes it all worthwhile. As Mother Spirit as said a number of times, “ It would be hell otherwise”. You aren’t stuck on any kind of little rabbit wheel or hamster wheel. Or stuck on a little rabbit path going around and around. Even if you are in this first human life of yours. You get transformed whether you like it or not here it comes. It is part of that enormous reality that is constantly approaching you and, requiring that you handle it. But, you are given the tools and you are given the perceptions and the ability to understand. Was there anything further along those lines?

Q: No, I guess that will do. Thank you.

MICHAEL: Be in my Peace.

Q #2: Michael, I have a question.

MICHAEL: Certainly

Soul, Memory

Q#2: Recently while in meditation, the thought occurred to me that since reality really happens when we ask for it – and that is when the magic happens – and that no one is allowed to interfere with that process (i.e., free will). The thought occurred to me that since my Adjuster is here to share my personality in part and eventually I will share in his divinity, I was wondering if it would be possible, or even fruitful, to petition my Adjuster, or even give him permission to briefly share my personality, and perhaps I could even share the divinity – a sort of a bump maybe to get back on track a little better. I know you can’t see God without being consumed, so I am talking about anything short of a near death experience. But, is this possible or is he already working at the best level that I can function at?

MICHAEL: I think you put your finger on it at the very end there my son. Again, the presence of God within you is an individualized presence and is also sharing your life, gaining your experience. One of the best ways of tuning into this power is to tune into your own soul. …… (Interruption) … You mentioned before my son, your own soul, because it has a co-author as it is, it is not only just your memories it is this gigantic reality of things far far beyond your conscious memory that you can just bring up This orientation, in your meditation, of welcoming everything of your Thought Adjuster - it is actually part of you - this divine part of you. By opening yourself to anything and giving it permission is the best you can do. And, to be determined to deepen your meditation, to respect this time you set aside – to really open yourself to and say, “bring whatever”, "what do I do next?". It can be that simple. But also spend some time just welcoming your Adjuster to bring up moments of your soul. This is your assurance, this is your proof if you will, in a human way, of not only of your own existence of some other time in your life, but his presence in your life. And though you only may be able to touch on these for only a few moments that too can seem like some infinity. All that life, all that life you have lived is still there in this strange, strange, almost amazing beyond belief what the soul is –what your soul is. So let your Thought Adjuster enjoy this with you again, this product the two of you are creating. And that I think will give you about all the bump you can handle. Let it blow your mind as you say. Let it amaze you that in reverie, far beyond any kind of details you can imagine, your soul can come forth and present you with that living experience when you were twelve years old or maybe eighteen or whatever. Let yourself be amazed that there is this cosmic reality, this absolute reality for you. And yet it is so enormous beyond, we shall say your voluntary recall. Let yourself be thrilled by your own soul my son. Your Thought Adjuster will be right there with you. Never forget this is part of you. A gift of God to you. Does that help?

Q#2: Yes, thank you for your counsel Michael.

MICHAEL: Be at my Peace my Son. They say that is the purpose of this life of yours. This unique experience you are having. So addressing your Thought Adjuster don’t think of it as some total alien entity. The two of you are most intimate. The most difficult thing at addressing your Thought Adjuster as a separate entity, shall I say, to hear a voice in your own mind, is the fact that it is part of you and it has always been there.

Are there any more questions or comments?

Contributor: Hello Michael. This is ….. I just wanted to contribute a little bit to just that previous bit discussing the Thought Adjuster and the memory of the soul. Recently I had a unique experience in a stillness session where I was receiving advice. I was petitioning regarding how I could better deal with some of my mortal shortcomings and tools to help me out. Then I got an image of a childhood memory that I had not thought of in a long time. This image was of my father basically teaching me how to ride a two-wheel bike. It was a very early age and it flashbacked to me as clear as day. What was unique about it, from what I understood, from my Thought Adjuster, was the symbolism of the father - the father fragment working within us and how exactly this process works. It was sort of likened to taking the training wheels off of the bike. The Father does much during our mortal life to lead us along to try to teach us, to try to aid us through this conflict of serving two masters. One being the mortal animal self and how to rise up and become spiritually mature and evoke that budding Morontia character. It was very touching for me because the father would hold the handle of the bike and running along side the bike eventually letting go. In my experience as a child I didn’t realize my father had let go, until I realized I was riding the bike myself. The next step, which really came forth in my mind, was now that the son knows how to ride the bike, the father grabs his bike and the son and the father ride the block together. And they eventually ride new paths together. I just wanted to share that because the Questioner #2 put forth and the answer that came from it very well resonated with that imagery with that. I was in tears when I received this imagery because it was such a touching experience with my own mortal father and I had this dual perspective of the mortal and the divine pattern from which that came from. I just wanted to share that and throw that in there.

MICHEAL: Thank you.. There is no hard and fast line between what you might call memory, which is, shall we say, the purely the electrons bouncing around your brain cells and soul, which is extra- dimensional which your beloved Urantia Book calls it. You are all super minded in that sense. You are all touching upon all these dimensions we talked about this evening. In that sense your [[Thought Adjuster]] being so much a part of you. A lot of the fullness of your memory is spiritual. You may not have thought of this quite this far before. Sometimes your memory can be no more than ‘I met so and so at such and such a place at three in the afternoon’ – just that basic outline that you have control over and if pushed to it can recall a number of events, this is pretty much brain activity – just pure memory. But then the fullness, if you allow yourself, if you take the time, a lot of times it happens in reverie or by association, but if you have time for it in your busy lives. All this fullness all of a sudden just swells forth. So many of you think of this ‘well that was just a good memory’. That is actually your soul. That is the stuff, the substance that fills up the framework. That is your Thought Adjuster. It is the combination of what the two of you have created together. Other times, when you are really stumped for ‘what do I do next?” You are in the middle of a problem or sometimes just some delightful exercise. Every now and then you can recognize a pure Thought Adjuster input. It comes right out of the blue. It is startling in the way it comprehends so many different facets of what is happening. You can be sure, ‘is that my Thought Adjuster?’ or just my own highest spiritual creativity? There is no fast line there either. Right from your own individual spiritual power of creativity. That merges seamlessly into the Father’s presence within you. You can’t say exactly, always, ‘well that was my Thought Adjuster coming out like a bolt of the blue’. Because your Thought Adjuster is so much a part of you – a part of your thinking – that adjusting your thinking towards that beautiful symbolism of the father and the son. How the father at a certain moment lets go, lets his son be his son and ride his own bicycle. All that meaning, all that significance as I have mentioned. Your own soul is your own best proof of the existence of God within you. That is definitely a joyful bump indeed. So, thank you for your example. It was delightful.

Commenter: Thank you for your response.

MICHEAL: Be at my peace.

Was anyone else’s curiosity stirring around? Anybody else care to speak out of their own infinity? Just think how in expressing you are just making one more little speck of your enormous potential. Making it actual with a constant movement of a thousand and one possibilities we like to say swarming around every single actuality. Yet, that one thing, that universe, that single reality of our Father’s coming down, clarifying, actualizing, moment-by- moment.

All right then my children let me sign off, as you say ‘it is getting late’. You have to get onto your own bicycles to ride. And if you want to glance over you will see me riding right along beside you and just being tickled to death – tickled beyond death actually, tickled in a very undying kind of way, you and I. Here, right along with us, Mother Spirit, augmenting your courage to pick yourself up after a big crash, and they do happen, pick yourself back up and get back on that bike and ride again. Even if you park your bike and go over and sit on a park bench and relax a moment here comes the trees, here comes the sky, here comes a breeze, here comes some other ones along on the bike path. Here is the universe of your own and its own coming towards you – Forever!

That is what you are involved in. Tonight I just hoped to give you some deeper trust and faith in who designed it all. Even if stubbed toes or even terrible pain, loneliness, cruelty, all the mean aspects of life. Have some inner confidence, some real trust and faith in the creator. All this possibility all this potential that there is no end to. Yet this is home, this is your home. It was designed to be home. So – keep bursting forth out of nothing – out of your own unfathomable essence my children. Keep blooming keep shining. (Interruption)….


This is Michael again. Signing off. Thank you for your attention. Thank you for this wonderful stillness I feel that we have created. Again if I can leave you with one final note. Its do not think of your Thought Adjuster as some kind of an alien or terribly different kind of being. Not from the standpoint of your personality also created by God. You are very much alike. You compliment each other. Together you fulfill the purpose for all of this. You can think of the Supreme Being as that facet of God that created all of this just for the experience of all of you and all of us that only he knows totally. Then, within each one of you to fulfill you. This is what we call worship – this thankfulness, this delight – just that we are. So Good Evening. I have enjoyed this very much. Continue to be in my peace. Let it fulfill you and delight you. Let it tease you forth. Good Bye


Transcription and editing: Kathleen Huntley