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Topic: Patience

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



Opening Prayer: Invocation and Prayer of St. Francis

Daniel: "Good evening my friends. I am Daniel, your teacher. It has been interesting watching and observing you in your preparations for next week. And you are very much concerned and wishing for directions. And these will be forthcoming. Please do not concern yourselves. The plans, the preparations you have set up, you have organized, will be workable. Things on our end will me made known when the time is conducive for this. There may be more teaching or less teaching. This will be made known at a proper time. We the teachers in the teaching mission, Machiventa, Abraham and our guest for this weekend, Christ Michael, will all be present. Christ Michael is looking forward to being amongst you, and being there in greater intensity. He is, of course, always present, but during certain times His presence is even more intensified. My friends, prepare yourselves this week by opening your hearts, by making ready for more upliftment, more growth, more coming together in your brotherhood and sisterhood and your understanding of your togetherness in the Fatherhood of the universes.

My lesson this evening will be about patience. And with the chuckles I hear and the thoughts flowing from you, you know why this lesson is taught this evening.



In the realm of time and space it is part of the plan for ascending beings, in order for them to construct and organize their lives, to be placed in a sphere where time and space elements play a part, so that they, you, can all be organized, can see from broader perspectives. If you were not within a time/space frame, you would in many realities go crazy, for this is how you are organized, how you set up your days, your lives. And so it serves a purpose for you on this sphere. The time frame, as you are aware, in God's time is far different than that of your time. And because of this, it is often construed with conflict on your plane. And in this you are called upon to stretch yourselves, to be more in knowledge that in God's time all things are corrected. And you, therefor, are placed in the position of needing patience, patience in all that you do; patience in understanding that when the time is correct, it will be made known; you will understand; you will act. And so, you see, this type of patience is on a higher level than the other one that we shall speak of also.

My friends, look to your spiritual selves and view time and have patience with that which is spiritual, with that which will bring about a harmonizing within your world. The 'correcting time' is upon this planet now and through many events, through many trials this will come about. It cannot be hurried for what is accomplished must be strong, must be able to withstand all storms. During this 'correcting time' you are called upon to make yourself strong, that you must during this time have patience in the time frame and have patience within your own being; that even though you may falter, even though there are times of disharmony in your life, be patient and always seek the Father and the overall future will be made whole. You must remember, as I have given analogy many times, that the piece of the puzzle that you hold in your hand, given time, is but the piece. And therefor, having patience in placing this piece into the puzzle is important. For that which you do now, those experiences you have now, are molding and jelling and forming cohesion for the whole puzzle. Piece by piece it is being built. Patience in this realm is important. The time span of God is forever and it is built through many, many different layers. That which you see is but the very finite. Always recall that. Always realize that you are of a material existence. And what you conceive as a time frame is far different than that of the cosmos.

And now let us look at this from a virtuous standpoint of having patience within your own life for others. Patience, as I spoke of earlier, can be intellectually understood and needs not further elaboration. Patience in your day to day dealings with others is experiential. This is soul building, growth promoting. Have patience with all. Have patience in all of your dealings. While you may feel inclined to react, it is he who can slow his reactions down so that intelligent action can take place, who changes the world; changes whole situations from a negative aspect to a positive, changes a bad temper into one that is rational, changes a relationship from one of defensiveness to one of compatibility and compromise.

And so know from the teaching of Christ Michael when He walked the hills and planes of Urantia, that He was the epitome of patience. Time after time He spoke to His apostles reiterating many, many different concepts over and over, that they could understand, that they could know the Father. And His patience with all was remarkable. Through His spiritual insight, He was able to lay open Himself that others could follow, could understand. And while He in His humanness grew impatient with some of the rules, regulations, and ceremony, He sought to change these things through intelligent action and not reacting.


And so look to your own life. Ask for guidance that you can know patience. For you see, part of patience is being able to be in control of who you are and not letting the outer world control you. When you are in the alignment with the Father, when you are ever following to let His will be your will, then you will seek to be in control. And the the outer cannot affect you. If you are unsteady in your time with the Father you cut off guidance, you cut off avenues that will support and strengthen you so that control and patience are elusive to you and reaction becomes your mode. Seek to be in that control. Know that what is, is at any given moment and that your reaction only confounds any situation. If you can step back, take a breather and think, you can be in control. And patience will be a virtue that will become a part of your nature. And through this virtue you will curtail many, many situations that could have blown out of proportion had you reacted.

I know from personal experiences on my own ascent as a mortal how difficult, how very difficult it is to remain calm, to show patience. And yet every time you are able to take a step in this direction, the easier it will become the next time around.

Patience, like all virtues are part of the bed, the foundation, the rock for you. And when you can act out of patience, you see, you are acting out of love, out of tolerance, out of understanding. All of these are woven together and cannot be separated.

This has been a very busy time for you all and it is hardest during these very busy times to be patient. And so this week you will be tested. Yes, indeed! You will be tested. You will be able to take this lesson to heart and so do it. Use the words that you hear tonight and take them to your heart seriously, that during this busy time you will be one who is utilizing patience over anxiety, over being upset, and acting out, and causing hurt to another.

And know that there will be throughout life ample opportunity to come to this virtue. And that it is understood that you will not at all times be able to take the higher road. When you can't, when you falter, look to the Father and come home again. He will always be there for you, knowing that you are ever more trying to reach up to Him, striving despite the trials of life. You do well and I honor you in this regard; that even though there are the down times, you are all on an upward trend striving to meet the Father.

And so look to the opportunities you have this week; and when you can show patience in the time of trial, smile. You have gained another footing. You have taken another step. I will now end this noting that you have often times been very patient with me when I carry on. And so know that the supernals understand well the virtue of patience. My love to you. I will now accept questions."


K2: "Daniel, this is K2. And I would like to introduce to you a member of the Woods Cross group. This is P2."

Daniel: "Hello K2 and welcome P2. Always happy to have visitors. And we look forward to next week's time together with your group. Welcome and know that you are a beloved daughter. You do well. Welcome."

P2: "Thank you very much. I am happy to be here. Thanks."

Daniel: "Yes."

Correcting Time

B6: "Daniel, this is B6. I would hear more about the changing times, if you will. Correcting times."

Daniel: "Greetings B6. The correcting time is, of course, that time that is now in progress that will bring more spiritual upliftment to Urantia, more correcting in all phases of life; in your sciences, your environment, in your social relationships, in your governments. And it is as has been stated, a time where there will be great changes that will come about to help Urantia to progress, to move towards further enlightenment; that because of the adjudication of Lucifer, Caligastia, there has been changes brought to this planet through the opening of the circuits. And with this there can be more communication and more spiritual pressure applied to the mortals of this sphere that will bring about change. The correcting time will be for many years. Patience is a watchword for you in this regard, that during the correcting time many, many areas will be rectified. Do you see?"

B6: "Yes. I think that was alluded to before and at that time I have forgotten what the discussion we had on that were. I had the impression that it would be millennia before we saw any substantial changes. Is that correct?"

Daniel: "Time frames are not always appropriate to speak of in this regard. For as you are of understanding you, the mortals, us ascending beings, are capable of freewill choice. And while we can apply pressure, we can do what is capable of being done on our side to instigate change, it is only through the will/choice that these can come about. If more people can become open channels, the time frame, of course, would be shorter. And yes, it will take many years. But to state a definite number would be erroneous."

B6: "I'll attempt patience."

K2: "Daniel, that was a lead in for the question I had. I saw a program on T.V. the other night about these incredible designs that have been . ..they don't know how they get there...they are in fields. Some people say they are Hopi symbols. Is this a message to the people of Urantia and can you talk about it, please?"

Daniel: "Again, this question is in the realm of the what you would call supernatural, metaphysical sense and is not for me to speak on. I am here as a spiritual guide/teacher and these kinds of manifestations are not necessary for people of faith; for people that understand truth through other means. I have no comment regarding these."

K2: "I understand. Thank you."

B3: "Hi Daniel. This is B3."

Daniel: "Hello B3."

Stillness, Poise

B3: "Thank you for your timely and beautiful message on patience. I have a question regarding the lesson. We are taught to seek and we will find, knock and the door will be opened. How do we know when to be patient and....clearly there are times when we are to act? My question is I have a tough time knowing when. Can you shed any light on that point please?"

Daniel: "Yes, of course. You see, this phrase that you spoke, 'seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened to you', is speaking about what? It's speaks about prayer. And what is prayer but the breath of the spirit of man, of woman in ever ascending, in an ever upward movement to be in communion with the First Source and Center. And it is, again, always coming back to my famous bottom line, (and you all know what I will say), that when you seek the quiet time daily, when you open yourselves as a channel of communion, communication with the Father, then my sons, my daughters, my friends, then you will, in your daily life, take all of the virtues, the fruits of the Spirit. They will become more accessible to you. You will understand and feel the guidance at any given moment; that you will know when patience is called upon; when biting your tongue instead of lashing out; when holding back is more conducive to the righteous path than reacting. And you will know this, for when it happens it will feel right. If it feels wrong, then you will know that you did not follow guidance. You, my friends, will know when you are in that daily bond with the Father. For when you knock, when you seek the things you should be seeking for, they are those things that will guide you in your everyday life. You will when you daily communicate with the Father, develop within your being a very trusting relationship and you will know guidance. You will feel it. You will have faith in it. Is this more helpful?"

B3: "Yes, thank you. Comment: how can it be so clear when you say it and so difficult for us to do it?"


Daniel: "Difficult because the human animalistic nature is still a base part of you that you are ever trying to over ride; that which is part of your central nervous system. It is instinctive in you that if someone reaches out and slugs you, that you react; that you immediately go into a defense mode. If you can but take a few seconds, you can again regain your composure and know that you would not react by hitting a person when it is not called for. I do not say that you must not defend yourself, but you should think before you act. And this is for all areas that call for patience. In having patience, in this regard, you must realize that your actions can play a big part in another's life. And you are all part of a brotherhood, sisterhood. You must take into account this aspect that you can learn to love rather than to judge, to make too quick of a decision. And while it is difficult, and you will not always succeed in being patient, it is the overall trend of striving to bring this about that makes it easier and easier, more a part of your being. And so, do not think that you have to be perfect. Rather, understand that you are growing toward this. When you, my friends, are in that communication with the First Source and Center, you are asking that your will be His will. You are, in effect, asking to be as God is. And that is part of the beautiful relationship you have with Him; you reaching up and Him reaching down, that at some point you and your Thought Adjuster will be one, will be of like mind. Do you see?"

B3: "Yes, I do."

Daniel: "You are most welcome."

B1: "Daniel. This is B1."

Daniel: Hello, B1."

B1: "I want to share a couple of thoughts but we are about ready to turn the tape over so I'll wait till we have done that.

Before the meeting you undoubtedly heard us talking about the sense of time and time frames that the Sarasota teaching group has been impressed with from their teachers; that events have to happen in a certain order. And I know that one of the ways that I become impatient is when I set up in my mind a time frame for things and then something happens that I don't expect, like the phone rings. The phone especially makes me impatient because it interrupts my thoughts or the things I am doing and so forth. I am understanding this business to relate to this issue. Is one of our problems that we are looking too much at our own plans and are not flexible enough. I certainly have that feeling. Am I right about that?"

Daniel: "Yes, this is correct. And may I suggest that if you are so busy that you do need time to collect your thoughts, do your work, take the phone off the hook that you will then not be putting yourself in the way to create an impatient situation. As with all life that which you can do to make things run more smoothly should follow this course.

And, yes, back to the key to this question. You cannot run before you walk. Events must happen in order for there to be continuity, for there to be a synchronicity of what is to take place. And if plans do not work in one regard, others are, of course, brought into play; that for the whole life of a planet into Light and Life, there will always be this movement forward and steps back, and movement forward and steps back. And in time, in time when one looks to the past, there can be growth seen. And yes, this is why I speak to you weekly that before you can be the rock or the tree for others, you must be strong yourself. Yes."

B1: "Well, thank you. And I was thinking that Jesus was often telling His disciples, His apostles that the hour had not come; that they were just like us, trying to make plans and figure out what He was going to do, and then He would disappoint them. And I get the sense that we are just like they were, they are...maybe they are not that now, but they were...and they were all trying...like planning for this weekend. It is very true we've been stressed and worried about details and wondering when we are going to get instructions from Ham or from you as to exactly what to do, (of course you know that), and you are telling us to relax. We'll find out when it is right. I guess I will say no more. I understand that."

Daniel: "You have very well organized the temporal aspects of it. You have taken care of food and lodging and time schedules. The spiritual is that you are being impatient about, and it is forthcoming. You will know."

B1: "Thank you."

C2: "Daniel, this is C2."

Daniel: "Hello, C2."

C2: "I appreciated your comment about including all of the virtues which really are gifts. And as we are in touch with our First Source and Center, we will know which to use. I understood you correctly?"

Daniel: "Yes, when you are ever ready to be guided; when you turn your life over for guidance, it will be there for you. And you will be led down a correct path. You who daily work, you who daily keep the communication open, know from where I speak, that events in your life have transpired which testify to this. You were led and you knew.

The fruits of the Spirit are available for all. It is only those who choose to allow them to be a part of their life for whom they are totally manifested. Many are called, few are chosen. And you, as I have said before, are the chooser. Always, always remember that the responsibility in the choices you make cannot be injected into someone else, or for some other reason; that you are the ones who must be accountable. And when you are accountable to following the will of the Father, He will be there to guide you, He will be your source of strength and you will know. You can always tell that which is right when you are in that alignment with Him. Continue as you are doing. You are all striving to meet and go this way. Yes."

C2: "A personal question, Daniel. Do you drop in on Sunday mornings when I preach? I know you were there before."

Daniel: "I have been on occasion."

C2: "Thank you."

Daniel: "And I will add that you work very hard, you strive to utilize the fruits of the Spirit, not only in your life but to help many. And your service, your ministry is well received, well thought of. Continue to be in this path, for you do great service. Yes. Indeed."

C2: "Thank you for that reassurance, Daniel."

N1: "Hello, Daniel."

Daniel: "Hello, N1."


N1: "I'm not sure how to phrase my question. I have a lot of different things going on. Basically the last couple of weeks I have been having a very difficult time with quiet time. And I have been feeling very frustrated and impatient with quiet time. And I'm not sure exactly what's going on or why. It seems like it is a time that I need to be in touch with the loving Parent the most, I feel the most estranged. I'm wondering if you can give me some words of advice or assurance along those lines."

Daniel: "Yes. First of all let us address the issue of needing to meet with the Father at the times when it is the most difficult, a lesson for us all. You see, often times when it is most difficult it is because there is disharmony within one's life. The disharmony causes one to lose faith, causes one to feel unloved, causes one to be less tolerant, less understanding, less forgiving. And not necessarily all but various things. And so know that, whatever the disharmony is, it is only a disharmony within your own being. The Father is changeless. He already is, He will always be there. He has already forgiven you whatever you are in error with. It is when you can understand this and thereby forgive, let go, show tolerance, show love, whatever you are experiencing so that you know that the Father has already forgiven you. If the disharmony, so to speak, is because of you needing to forgive someone, the way you understand the Father's forgiveness of you is to let go and forgive others. And when you can do this, you bring harmony back into your life. Whenever there is disharmony and estrangement look to yourself, your inner being, and ask Father, the Indwelling Spirit, for the faith that you need to let go, that you need to bring you back to Him. Trust that He will be there, that this will be answered when you, yourself, can let go. This is the message from Christ Michael always, that religion, that your faith, your purpose in life is not to be led down a wrong path, but that you, yourself, the individual is in a relationship with the Father, the most important part.


And whenever you feel estranged from Him, be like the little child who must seek comfort from the parent. In your lives, as you raise children, as you are around children, you often see the child, who even though he is in error with his parents and he is feeling bad and crying, does he not seek them out for comfort even though there has been error? And does not the parent, of course, put their arm around the child and comfort them, already letting go, already forgiving whatever error? It is the child that must come to the realization that mom and dad still love me even though I have erred. So do not imprison yourself in this mode of thinking that you cannot go to the Father. It is most important at these times to be with Him, even if it means just coming to Him and saying, 'Father, I am in disharmony. My heart and soul are heavy. Please allow me to be with You for a few moments'. Do not go back and do self agonizing repentance. Say, 'I am sorry' or whatever and then be with the Father. Just sit quietly. If thoughts do travel across, let them go. But remain in a quiet state, pouring your heart out, your love to Him. The quiet time is most difficult when you are in disharmony, when the mind is at war with itself, for thoughts are rampant. Even if the quiet time can only be for a few minutes or seconds, allow it to happen. And on times and on occasions when there is this disharmony, seeking the Father many times during the day will bring you back on the right track. Is this helping you?"

N1: "Yes, it is Daniel. Thank you. Did I understand you to say that our disharmony is usually caused by the need to forgive either ourselves or someone else?"

Daniel: "Often times, yes, it becomes this. For you see the Father has already forgiven you. It is your own inability to forgive and forget that keeps you in the disharmony. Once you can forgive you free yourself, and prison walls fall away. You may still have residue feelings which will need to be worked through, but the ability to begin to forgive will bring about much change for you. Yes."

N1: "Thank you Daniel."

V1: "Hello, Daniel. This is V1."

Daniel: "Hello, V1."


V1: "That brings up something I read by one of the other teachers and I am not sure if it was Will or Rayson at this point, speaking on this subject. And it was stated that God does not forgive, that He does not have that attribute. He has only love and mercy for us; that forgiveness would suggest guilt. And I think the point of this was that we don't have guilt in God's sight, but rather, only love and mercy."

Daniel: "Yes. And this is very clear and true. Your understanding is correct; that it is not ever the Father's position to be one who would judge, for the Father is all love, all mercy, all compassion. And you must realize it is not in His capability to ever have to forgive. But because of the giving of free choice to many, many of His creations, there is always this capability of error being made. And error is rectified over time in adjudication procedures. The tribunals of justice are taken care of through other means; that it is not part of the Father. And know that if all Urantians could understand the mercy of the Father then guilt, which so paralyzes many, could be wiped away. And in its stead would be ever more progress and desire to follow the Father.

One must realize that in life with free choice there is the aspect of freedom and liberty. Those who can be truly liberated are ones who understand that in liberation there is responsibility for actions. When you are living a life where you can govern yourself and in this governing follow the will of the Father, you are beginning to see what life is like on a planet that is far more advanced than this. You are beginning to understand morontia mota. And yes, always, always remember the Father's love and mercy for His children."

V1: "Thank you Daniel. Is it then our feelings of guilt that make us defensive, that make us impatient with other people? Is that a logical sequence of not realizing the love and mercy of God? And if indeed we were to correct our own error, we would not have to feel guilty, we don't have to be defensive and then it would lead to more patience on our part?"

Daniel: "Yes, exactly. Yes."

V1: "Thank you Daniel."

Free will

B6: "B6 again, Daniel. I'm struggling with a perhaps philosophical logic trap. Once an ascending mortal has with total finality chosen to do the Father's will, is that still a free will being? Can you discuss that? And does it make any difference?"

Daniel: "Of course. Because you can always choose again not to follow His will. You choose to follow His will because you want to. And you choose not to because you want to. A philosophical question, perhaps, but if you would but consider that you are not forced, no ascending mortal is ever forced to make a choice to follow the Father or not. It is open to you. What transpires when one chooses to follow the Father is that in making this commitment and this desire, one is propelled into higher understandings, more clarity in thought and it becomes an important aspect of their life then to continue in this mode, for it brings the person who follows the Father, joy. It brings them into a sense of purpose, a sense of hope, and a sense of real freedom; that when you choose to follow the Will of the Father, you are not boxing yourself in. Rather you are bringing yourself into a very cosmic reality that is so broad and brings you evermore in always desiring to follow the Will. If at any time you choose not to, then you may do so. Are you understanding?"

B6: "Well maybe I'm confused on a higher plane. It reminds me of a science fiction character that was so intelligent that he questioned whether he had free will because if you were intelligent and you knew what was right it would be illogical not to do that. And is that the concept you are discussing?"

Daniel: "Philosophy often propels people into quagmires. And it is impossible to ever come around to full understanding, because in philosophies of this nature, they are so encircling that they run back into one another as you are seeing. What you must do is take in faith the Father's love for you! If you can understand this love and bring it to your heart, then following His will becomes very important. And once this has been your commitment, you cannot see to follow other paths. Yet, because of free will choice, you are always capable of taking whatever path you so choose; that while you may be choosing to follow the Father's will, and His will becomes your will, it does not mean that you cannot change the situation, for you can. This option is always open for you as an ascending mortal. And so my suggestion to you is to not concern yourself, but rather take the leap of faith to enjoy the ecstasy you will feel in following the Father. Do you see?"

B6: "I think so. I can't see why you would choose not to."

Daniel: "Exactly. And so it would still be your will to choose."

B6: "Let's change the subject."

Daniel: "I will accept one more question."


C2: "I've often thought about forgiveness as giving over. Perhaps that might be the least active way of forgiving, but sometimes when I'm not able to forgive, or at least to do that myself, to put that person in the light, and then let the light take over, so I am kind of giving it over and letting go. Is that forgiveness?"

Daniel: "This is a grand step. There are many things in life, (hurt, pain, and the like) that are so encompassing that forgiving outright is nearly impossible. And yet those who, like yourself understand the healing aspect of forgiving, will begin this process by your doing as you say. There are many other ways of doing this, letting go and letting God so that over time, as you are healed you can become more in total forgiveness of any situation. But yes, it is a good idea when it is not possible to forgive, to begin the process as you have said. It will in time be made whole; that you, are by doing this, experiencing forgiveness. And when you know that you can forgive, that you, too, are forgiven. Is this helping?"


C2: "Yes, thank you Daniel." Daniel: "And now because of circuits closing down I will close this meeting. My friends, look out this week with more, higher spiritual vision. Try on the robe of patience as often as you can, that it can become a cloak that you would wear at all times. I look forward to this weekend, as do all of us on this side. Be at peace and know that you are all loved. And I send my love to you. Good evening.