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Topic: Elyon-January-1993

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan

Session 1

January 10,1993



This world you live on now is going through changes of considerable proportions. There is much upheaval. This causes concern. But while this upheaval on the surface seems at times to be detrimental with all the sadness and suffering of many mortals, know also that this upheaval is the natural progression, a cleansing effect on the administrations run poorly. With the chaos that is a result, there will be much doubt and more uncertainty. While good times may lay ahead spiritually for some, it is quite possible that materially many, very many, will have burdens that it will create for them.

We have come as initiators to help create a rock, a solid base, that may remain secure, dissipate trouble, resolute in the face of misfortune, whose assurances rely upon things that are much higher than those material. The lapse of things that occur is irrelevant for we are here to prepare you for understanding as you come to higher under-standing in the ways of your Father. Then this gradual progression is seen by those around you. Many may find you to be a support for stability because they see in you a certain knowledge or understanding that they do not have.

The overriding message here is to share this, to bring others the understanding that the Father is not distant but that He is here with you at all times. There will be nothing that can assure people more than these truths. And by giving them understanding then they too can develop there own relationships. It is not a time to fear for the future, even though it is very possible that confusion and some chaos may result. It is a time to look to what you want to do to help accomplish the goals that your Father would set forth to expand your knowledge, even though you may sacrifice security to gain an understanding. Though the footing may seem unsure, in no time at all, the ground you walk on will be less rocky. And though the circumstances around you may not be what you would consider favorable for all, you will have the assurance of the eternal adventure.



Hello, I am Elyon, your guide to further understanding. I come as a friend, and I open to you now.

Elyon, thank you for speaking with us today. You mentioned in your address about setting goals. I reflected on how I set goals and fail to meet them. Perhaps it falls in the slacker category, but I was wondering if you could elaborate on how I might maintain the energy or the momentum of desire to attain goals that I will set at one point and seem to let slide into the background. I'd appreciate that.

Elyon: The goals you set are just that. They are goals, those things that idealistically you may like to attain or accomplish. As a material being there are many influences that drive you toward or away from your goals. When you strive as you do to accomplish something, this is where your growth occurs. If you attain them, there is a certain understanding that is had. But even though sometimes what you would like to do does not see its end, you still have made an attempt to do something. Physically, by giving yourself proper diets and rest, maintaining your health and stamina, and by not taking on too many things in your life; these are things that you must work to bring yourself to. Some-times when people are too busy, then they can't set their minds on a few considerable goals. Do not spread yourself too thin. Then you can't even give yourself the time to any one, much less the others. In your life, knowingly or unknowingly, you accomplish many goals. People set goals every day, some simple, some vast. Just take the time to acknowledge what is necessary for you and go after those goals. And the others, which, while being very worthwhile or lofty, may be unattainable at times because you just don't have the strength or endurance or time to attain them. Does this help you?

Yes, thank you. In reducing it down to a thought for the day I would say- To set my goals, keep it simple, keep pushing ahead and not to worry. Thank you very much.


Hello, Elyon. I guess I seek some comfort, as we all do, in the knowledge that the path I'm on is the right path; that presences I have felt are indeed efforts at some form of communication for me on a personal level. And also on a group level, some of the thoughts expressed here earlier today were of doubt-ing and wondering of the validity of the phenomenon which we are experiencing. Perhaps you could shed some light on that for us.

Elyon: There is much to this question. First, I will welcome you. It is good to see you. You do know that the path you are on is the right one, for you love your fellow beings. You share your-self with others. You offer what you know to friends and those around you whom you have come in contact with. And you love your Father. This is the only criteria for knowing that the path is a good one. There is much communication that goes on to individual members of this group. Knowingly, sometimes, and unknowingly each of you as children of the Father who are seeking for further enlightenment will have and do receive communication. Consciously you may not be aware of what that communication is, but you may feel its presence, and sometimes you may be totally unaware. You have been brought together for many reasons. Though the entirety of the plan cannot be given due to circumstances that must occur, or may or may not occur, but you have on occasions, been contact-ed and the attempt has been made. And as you seek your Father with more and more time to give in reflecting in His love and what He has given you, what you have done in your life, both those things that are good for you and troubling, for your Father listens to all, when you give yourself the time to be with Him, then the communication becomes clearer as you continually come back to this.

This mission has been underway for a lengthy period of time. There have been many things that have occurred to bring you together as a group. Though you know your friends that gather around you when you come for fellowship, know as well that there are many others that you know that are also a part of the plan. This mission here, I cannot give you absolute proof that it is occurring other than the feelings and understandings that you each come to personally. If you search for guidance then always, in time, will you know your answers. Has this helped you?

Yes, it does. Thank you very much for your presence among our group.


Hello, Elyon. I had this question come into my mind on my way over here today. Seems like I'm always trying to better understand my fellow beings, and I am wondering about the emotion of fear and the reactions that it promotes in us. A lot of times when I'm in a course of communication with other people, I've noticed that there are a lot of reactions of anger. I'm wondering if this is always fear based or if anger can have another basis other than fear? I was wondering if you could clarify this for me.

Elyon: The negative emotions people have- anger, hatred, vengeance, jealousy- these are always predominantly a result of fear. Fear is present in levels, though it may not be present outwardly so. Anger is the result of disapproval, a result of one seeing something that is not right for them. And if what is happening is not right to you, then there is a sense of fear that someone does not see things as you do. Hatred is an escalation of anger which also makes it based in fear, intolerance of others. Vengeance is a response to someone or something that has imposed something negative upon you. To alleviate your fears, your emotions of a negative nature, this does much to diffuse these emotions from another. When one acts in anger, and then they see a calm response from the other, it is unsettling to them, because they have not seen the mirror of their own actions. So by tolerating others, even those who would act with actions that are not pleasing to you, then can they come to see the selfishness and misuse of their own actions. You must realize also, though, that when one is imposing their negative emotions upon someone, be it you or someone else, this does not mean that you must stand back and allow them their actions. So in understanding you can respond; but until you understand, the danger is there that your response can be a negative one. Does this help?

Yes, it does. I take it that in responding to an act of vengeance that we should respond with love and tolerance?

Elyon: Unless this act is done as an attack upon you or another, violence is not acceptable. But still, regretfully as it may be, it still must occur as a defense at times. But mental attacks should always be defused and not responded to in like. Does this help you?

Yes, thank you very much. Nice to talk to you again.

Elyon: Thank you.

So, in dealing with our fellows, when we come across a situation where there are some acts of jealousy, and a lot of times that is exhibited with vengeful thoughts and actions, and most of the times it's just directed toward somebody's character, or maybe some action that they are taking that somebody is trying to undermine or something like that; then it's best that we find a way to defuse the situation and maybe to bring the individual that is feeling the anger or fear to a point of enlightenment about his own actions if you can possibly do that?

Elyon: Yes. There will always be times that anger cannot be diffused in the moment that it occurs. Do not respond back with anger, but do act to let them know their thinking may be incorrect.


Elyon, I have a question about a friend of mine who is currently battling a terminal illness and is having a rough go of it. It is pretty obvious that the end of her life is possibly very near. I have been wondering if there is anything more that an individual can do to assist someone else's transition at this phase, or is this purely a personal thing that she is going to go through on her own, or is there something that other people can do to help in a situation like this?

Elyon: I would like to welcome you also. The situations in which someone you care about is in pain are some of the most trying ordeals in life. Questions you can ask yourself are: Does she have a relationship with her Father? And if not, how can I better enlighten her? In being a friend sometimes the best thing you can offer during these times is that of your friendship, to feel her pain. Many find this difficult. Just by sharing time can you ease their suffering somewhat. Physical pain is most likely being alleviated to its highest levels already. What most people who are going through the experience that she is need most is just the knowingness of your love and your caring. Was this the thrust of your question?

Yes, it was. Thank you.

Elyon: You're welcome. Will there be any others today?


Elyon, as a group, we've all gone through periods of doubt and uncertainty as to the validity of this Teaching Mission. I was wondering if you would have any further input on that that might help us a little bit?

Elyon: To validate the doubts I cannot do. I can just offer what I know as personally as I know how. I spend time to prepare what I would teach as a lesson. I try to bring this in line with what might be going on within your lives. I converse at length with many, both at my level of understanding and others to a much higher level of understanding. If the message rings true you will accept it, and if it does not then you will not. What rings true to one will not necessarily ring true to someone else. So each individual will come to their own understanding. And though I come to give you as a group this lesson and to respond to each of you, it is the individual progression that is my focus. So it is best to focus on how you can understand your Father's will better. By doing this you will already have offered those around you a source of inspiration. Does this help you?

Yes. Thank you.


Elyon: You're welcome. Would there be any more? Then I will close today by letting you know that each of you are on his or her own path to the Father. As you come to better understanding in your-self...(words lost to turning over the tape)...The path does not begin narrow, for many it starts out very broad. But as each person progresses along, taking the turns, the shortcuts which tend to not be so short, by taking the winding road, they realize as they come to further and further understanding of God's love and His will, that this road begins to get smaller and smaller. So feel comfort in knowing that you do not have to all be alike in understanding. For your similarities may not always be what you are thinking or where your convictions are. Oftentimes the similarities are in the ways that you express the love of your Father, by how others see you.

It has been a pleasure to be here today, and I will come again. Farewell.

Session 2

Jan. 17, 1993



In coming forth to bring the Father's will to others, we must constantly be aware of the example you are setting by your actions. While intending love, be careful that you do not unknowingly produce a negative affect. In conversation it is easy to agree with one another. In attempting to find commonness with a friend, beware that you do not commiserate. If one is having a bad day, let them know that they can be having a good day. This course of responding to one's misfortune with a positive outlook creates a tendency for the one who is down to look up. When you come to your fellow beings with the message that you have come to understand, always be aware of the positive outlook. Teaching the positive message that Michael had to give will always be respond-ed to much more positively than to teach about his death. The message of love, of fellowship, brotherhood and to be children of the Father, this is the message he came to give. The religious followings today which hold his ideals should be brought back to the understanding of his message. How, then, do you approach this, you may ask? By coming not in a confrontational mode with those in authority but, instead, by coming with a positive energy, with a knowingness of this message, being able to share this with those both in authority and those who are seeking. Love is the positive force which motivates us to act. In using negative means you can destroy the foundations of love. A positive outlook can never be created with a negative message. So look to bring forth the positive in your life, both in your actions and your words. Be careful of the message you send, that what is intended is what is given. Many people on this world today are seeking for answers more than ever before. The time is ripe for the message to be heard. So take the message and let it spread. Take the dreams which you would accomplish and let them occur. Always be aware that the message you are trying to give is the one that you are giving.


Hello, I am Elyon. It is nice to be here. I would answer a few questions.

Thank you for your lesson.

Elyon: You are welcome.

Creativity, Habit

We were just talking about what you had to say. I would like your comments on creativity. I feel very routine and patterned and limited in everything I do, mostly my thinking pat-terns. I'd like to be a little more creative. On the one hand I'm interested in creativity. On the other hand, being rather routine, I was thinking today what are some routine things that I can get in the habit of saying to people that introduce God into the conversation? One that I thought of, for example, is just saying "Well, thank God," for whatever it is somebody is discussing. That is an example of something that isn't confrontational or overly religious. If you want to comment on that.

Elyon: Routines, while sometimes seeming to be unimaginative, have much merit if the routine is of a positive nature. By bringing yourself in the routine of giving your life to the Father each day -both your good times and the bad times- by coming to the awareness that He is there with you through your day; by listening for His guidance in your life, and by taking what you know to be right and bringing that forth in your life amidst the commonplace duties that you fulfill; by affecting those around you in a positive light, this would be a routine that would be considered most admirable. In coming to creativity you must just look for what it is that you would want to do, what the message is that you would want to send, ways that you can enhance this message. Then you can strive to accomplish these things. When creating ideas for action, many have the tendency to not follow through because they see the work involved. So just take those things you would want to do, formulate the vision of how to accomplish them, and then go forth to work to make these dreams real. Does this help you?

Yes,I will think about what you have said. Sounds good.

Elyon: You are welcome.

Focus, Weakness

Hello, Elyon. I have a question. I have always respected the portrayal that Jesus presented to us of turning evil into good. When I come into a situation in my life where I am in disagreement with some person, or believe that their behavior is not appropriate, I have a desire to let them know. I tend to run this tape in my mind of, who am I to say? Maybe I don't have the whole picture. Maybe if I understood them....In going through that process I tend to squelch my own feelings or my own opinion and not express them and feel frustration. I'd like your insights on how to admonish another person or express my feelings of a higher way such that I uphold that principle of the positive and be true to my feelings as well as sensitive to theirs.

Elyon: This is the test. To decipher the difference between someone who is doing something wrong and to just be in disagreement with one. Those who are coming, seeking, striving for an increasing God consciousness in their lives have a pretty good understanding of the difference between these things. When you are in disagreement with somebody then you can just produce an opposing viewpoint in a positive way without bringing down the other person's view. By uplifting the high point that another person views instead of bringing down the low points. But when you sense that something is wrong, truly wrong, evil, then it must be known for what it is. On these occasions somewhat of an admonishment is in order. And each circumstance must be looked at carefully to decide best upon the course of action. If you were to see a friend taking something from a grocery store without paying for it, then the proper course would, of course, be to let him know that what he is doing is wrong. There is not a whole lot that you must do to substantiate your argument, for the person will also know that what he has done is wrong. You are just pointing it out. Does this mean that you must turn him in to authorities? This must be deciphered in each person's mind. If somebody in your presence were to attack another either verbally or physically then, again, the action is known for what it is. By bringing the person to an awareness of this action, an admonishment or a restraint cannot be wrong. So, in deciding when someone is doing something wrong or just in opposition, you can then decide the course of action most appropriate. Does this help you?

Yes, it clarifies things greatly. Thank you.

Elyon, I believe myself to be sincerely seeking to do the will of the Father with many obstacles in my spiritual path. I wonder if, from your perspective, you could illuminate for me today the foremost obstacle in my path, the "obstacle of the week" that I might work on.

Elyon: This is difficult, for you are asking me to focus on your negatives, and my purpose here is to uplift the positives beyond your negatives. You truly have a desire to do the will of your Father, and in seeking to do that will, people do not always succeed to the levels that they would deem appropriate. But in attempting to do the will, you are progressing. I would say to you that when you see what it is that you would like to put forth, then you must strive to make it so. You must give yourself the time to be with your Father, to focus on Him. . ..(tape flipped)...you want to happen in your life. Many people find it hard to take the time to be in silence with the Father because it is a time of vulnerability. Take this time. Wash away the stress and anxieties. This time is a cleansing time more than any other. Then you can see clearly what lies ahead in your life and what you would accomplish. Do not focus on your weaknesses. By focus-ing on the positive aspects of your life, then in time those things which you perceive as weaknesses will dissolve. Does this help you?

Yes, thank you very much.

Elyon: You are welcome.


Elyon, I was wondering if there is any advantage or disadvantage to practicing the stillness as a couple or practicing as individuals? Since within a household people do a lot of coordinating of the rest of their lives, would it be an advantage to try to coordinate stillness time as a couple? *E: The stillness, the quiet time, a time of reflection, is a personal time for each individual to be with their Father, to go over what is happening in your life with Him, and, perhaps, to gain some insight or understanding of the future course that you would take. But while it is personal for each individual, there is no reason why you as a couple cannot take the same time to be with your Father. He has the time to hear us all even if we were all to pray to Him at the same time. So, in whatever way that it suits you, then you can decide the best way to come to the Father either together or separately. Does this help you?

Yes, it does. Thank you Elyon.


Elyon: Would there be any more questions today? Then I will close by telling each of you that you are all making progress as individuals and as a group in coming to the further awareness of your Father. I would stress that the stillness is very key to bring a personal understanding towards what His will may be for each of you. For each person that may be a different thing or it can be similar, but the only way that it can truly be understood is by an increasing communion with God. So, take the time whenever you can. Find it, if it be at the beginning of your day or at the end. It does not need to be a long period of time. Even if it is only just a few minutes, just take this time to still the craziness, the rush of thoughts; to drown them away, and to focus on the love in your life. He will give it to you.

In understanding you can go forth and proclaim the positive message of your Father. And when you do go forth, keep in mind those things that you can do to further uplift His message: by being personal with people instead of superficial, by hearing them instead of pretending to hear them, and by not creating a negative impact in trying to bring forth His positive message. The Father loves you with all of His being. Therefore, the purpose that you could try to set forth would be this message to others.

It has been a pleasure to be here. Thank you for coming.

Session 3

Jan. 20, 93


Attitude, Communion

The development of attitudes is key to further spiritual progression. The views you choose to uphold, both within yourself and externally as viewed by others, are very critical to your growing spiritually. When you come to your Father for guidance and understanding, it is good; no matter what the circumstances may be that bring you. If you are depressed and feeling uncertain about your life and where you are going, He will listen. He will answer. So come. If you are troubled by the attitudes of others, people you have contact with on a daily basis, He will listen. So come. If you are uncertain about your own spiritual growth and about the occurrences which go on in your own life on a day to day basis, you can take them to your Father. He will answer you. If you are having trouble feeling, if you cannot feel the fire or passion, if you are at a lull, then it is good to come to the Father, for He will lift you back up. And if your life is going well, if things both spiritually and materially are happening in a positive light for you, if the goals you seek are working for you, if the progress is felt by you, then it is good to come to the Father with these feelings as well, for you can rejoice together that you are happy.

The message today is that it does not matter the moods you're in from the lows to the highs and anywhere between, for at any time you can take and give yourself over to your Father and He will be there with you. He will listen to you and He will answer you. So when the time is there, take it, and allow your-self the chance to be happy.


Hello, I am Elyon, your guide. It is good to be here tonight.

Hello, Elyon. Thank you for being here.

Elyon: You are welcome.

Teaching Mission

I don't have any burning questions. But since we were discussing earlier about this newsletter that Allene in Sarasota is planning, and she would like - she is welcoming - our participation, it seems like we ought to run it past you for your comments. To what extent would you like to have the things that you share with us shared with study groups or individuals across the country?

Elyon: I'd like to thank you for asking me for my input. It is good for you as pupils to recognize that the value of these teachings can be spread to those seeking enlightenment. You do not have to feel as though you must hide anything that I tell you. If there is something meant privately from me, I would let you know that this is so. Now, for yourselves you may decide certain areas are private or not so appropriate for others. But from my vantage point, I would rule nothing out from your decision making. This can be a good thing if it moves in the right direction. Does this help?

Is there a wrong direction that it could potentially move towards that you would want to warn us about?

Elyon: Nothing in particular except that there could be a tendency over time for the enhancement of messages to become "stars" as they say. With anything that is going to be published and spread on a large scale, then some may see the opportunity and attempt to manipulate it. This should not be taken as though it is actually going to occur. It is just a precautionary statement. Does this clarify?

Yes, thank you.

Elyon: You are welcome.

Elyon, I was wondering about our discussions of a non-profit organization such that we could mobilize ourselves to better serve. I wondered what your thoughts would be in that regard. Is this something we should think about as linked to the Teaching Mission? Or should we regard it as a function we under-take that is an outgrowth of our relationship with you but not necessarily representative of the mission? I'd appreciate your insights.

Elyon: This idea for this organization has the potential for many positive results. To link it directly with just this mission would be to limit it, though it may be a start. With any idea that you as a group, or individuals, or with other groups, have, there are many things that can be accomplished. The questions that should be put forth are: What are the motives for doing these things? Are they based in love and service and upliftment of the message both from us or from the Father? And what are the possibilities that these can be accomplished? If these answers are favorable, then I would say to follow your leadings. Does this answer you?

Yes, it does. I would be excited to undertake such an adventure.

Elyon: Would there be anything else this evening?


I sometimes wonder what questions you would like us to ask.

Elyon: The questions you ask are insightful. Many questions you have asked have caused me to be very thoughtful in their return. And this is good because then my job is not so easy. And it means you are seeking higher things. Things that trouble you in your lives that you have not been able to come to a conclusion about, these can be offered. Questions of curiosity in a limited sense can be answered to some extent. Questions about understanding and relationships. But the overriding attitudes and the underlying basis for your inquisitiveness should always be given with the question: how can I best serve my Father? in mind. I bring you a spiritual approach to the problems you face and deal with in your lives. So as long as your focus is on your spiritual progression and it is within my area to where I can respond, then I will answer to the best of my ability to bring you to the furthest understanding that I can. Does this help?

Yes, thank you.

Elyon: You are welcome.

I have another question. I am involved on a computer network bulletin board with other readers. At times I've felt like; here's an opportunity for ministry. As always, I'm reminded through bulletins posted how much ministry comes back my way. In posting notes at times I've sought to be as inspirational as I could and I've had you cross my mind. I'd like to invite you to partake in the board, to be there with me. I'd like to express my permission to have you work with me. I detect on the board there are other readers there who are aware of this mission. Yet we're all very respectful of other readers who may not be aware or not care to be involved in the mission. Is it ok with you to work with me in this regard?

Elyon: Yes, I would attempt to work with you in this regard.

Thank you.

Elyon: You are welcome. And know that this communication has many positive outreaches to people that otherwise would not have a means of communicating with you. The result of this networking is the ground for efficient ministry. Not to preach of course, but to develop on-going communications with other seekers. I would be glad to help.

I'm excited and looking forward to it.


Elyon: I would let you go tonight with the idea that each of you is special in your own right. You each have personality traits that are built into you that drive you forward in positive ways. Don't mistake this to mean that you are better than others, but do take a little security in knowing that the paths you are taking are most conducive to your progression and understanding, and to your helping to make those around you more understanding of the Father's ways. It is important that you realize, each of you, both present and not, that the Father is there for you at any time that you turn to Him. He will listen to you. He will love you and He will answer you. The answers may not be what you were looking for, but you will be answered. So take this week to work on strengthening your connections both with your Father and with those around you, for they also have the Father within them. Work on trying to see this in them. It brings you closer to tolerance and love when you can see that the same Father that you have resides in them as well. Take heart in the message of love. I bid you farewell. – –

Session 4

Jan. 31, 93



There is a purpose that brings us here to guide you. This purpose is to bring you to understanding and deepen meanings in your life. There is a reason that we do this in two ways. First is to present what you would call a lesson in understanding, so that, perhaps, this can bring you some enlightenment on a newer level or to enhance the meanings and values that you have gotten in your life. The second way in which we come to you is to allow you to inquire about personal problems or confusion so that perhaps we may offer some enlightenment in this regard as well. Do not fear to ask questions for they are welcome. You cannot ask too many, although time requirements sometimes limit. If you ever have questions on the lessons or any follow-ups that would further help you to clarify, then feel free; for the reason I am here is simple. I am here to develop an understanding relationship with you as regards to your quest for the Father. As He helps to facilitate my contact with you, I can only hope that I can facilitate your contact with Him. And this can only come through understanding. Your questions cannot be improper. Your inquisitiveness is admired. And an understanding friendship is what I seek.


Hello, I am Elyon, your guide to understanding. And I would accept a few questions. Please try to limit them to simple answers today. (The TR had a cold and a raspy voice.)

Thanks for being back again with us, Elyon.

Elyon: You are welcome.

Communication, Dissemination

I was reflecting on your last talk with us about spreading a positive message that we sometimes do that in a negative way. Can you point out how I might be doing that? If we do that, it is usually inadvertent. If it is something that I tend to do, I would like to break the habit.

Elyon: To clarify, first you must understand that this was not in regards to any one person, or necessarily to you here. As a cautionary statement, this was made to point out the ways that one could take what they see as a positive thing, for example the search for the Father's will, and then in trying to bring others to understanding, could possibly alienate them or set (them) back. As an example, I would take a preacher who has a clear concept of God and understands for himself what his relationship is, yet in presenting these concepts to others, he would talk about punishment or bad things happening if they weren't to see things the way that he did. While obviously this preacher wants people to understand what he understands, but his attitudes that he took did such as to scare people away, making it thus impossible for them to see things as he did. This is the focus on a negative message to create a positive result, which cannot hap-pen. The second way you can create a negative impact is to speak differently with actions than with words, to talk about things in one light and to live a different way. It is important as believers in Christ and the Father to understand that the way you live is just as important as the message you attempt to spread with your words. Does this clarify for you?

Yes, thank you.

Elyon: You are welcome.

Elyon, I would just like to take this opportunity to express my heart-felt gratitude to you specifically and to all those involved in the Teaching Mission for your time and your energy involved in coming to groups like this one and the significant impact that I think it has. I personally feel very privileged to be among those to hear your messages and your lessons. I just wanted to express that appreciation and thanks. I'm sure everyone in the group feels that we all appreciate your time and your effort in helping us in our struggle towards the Father. Thank you very much.

Elyon: And thank you for taking the time to articulate your feelings toward me. I try in every way possible to bring under-standing and only hope that what I attempt to bring forth does strike a chord within your lives. You are welcome.

Would there be one more today?


I, too, would like to extend my gratitude to you, Elyon, for taking the time and expending the effort to come to our group and help us in our growth. In dealing with our fellows, some of those seem to be so focused in the material world and devote so much effort towards material development. It's hard to approach them with spiritual concepts, not all of them but some of them. Maybe you could address this.

Elyon: It is easy in life for people to get caught up in the material things and their focus to be shifted away from the spiritual because in spirituality we must focus on something that isn't necessarily seen, requiring some faith. But materially things can be secured and some achievement can be seen. It is important in dealing with people whose focus is on material gain and self to try to offer them a more spiritual perspective, not necessarily from words alone but in making a gesture towards friendship. This may cause them to step back and to reevaluate where they are going. It is very important in your life to be as real as you can be with people. To some it is unsettling but in this world of fast-paced lives and with all the distractions and the different things that can get you caught up in this attitude of realness can be refreshing to a person's spirit and it may help them to take themselves in a new direction. Does this answer you?

Yes, it does. Thank you.

Elyon: You are welcome.


I would close today by saying that you are in progression. Maybe sometimes you feel that you aren't progressing or understanding as much as you would like to. Sometimes it can be frustrating. But in your constant attempt to be straight-forward with others as well as with yourself, and in constantly seeking to further understand the Father's will and His ways, then there is a steady progression, however undetectable it may seem at times. As a whole, the time you are taking to spend with your Father in communion is being achieved at higher and higher levels. Continue to work towards understanding and to give yourselves the time. This is my message today. Thank you.

Group: Thank you.