1993-01-31-Teaching Mission To Stay

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Topic: Teaching Mission To Stay

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Pam



Opening prayer and unison prayer: Prayer of St. Francis

Daniel: "Good afternoon my friends. I am Daniel, your teacher. It is good that you can come together and you can be lighthearted as well as serious. It is humor in its highest form when you can see the incongruities, the aspect of the humor as something that stems from your own personal experience. I enjoyed this piece you played this evening. It, indeed, shows much truth in the way many of you feel. It, indeed, is easy to say, 'I don't believe'. It is indeed easier to say, 'I don't believe' than it is to not doubt, to allow the thought that you are receiving to come through. Those of you who are now experiencing your teachers can readily identify with this 'Noah' in this tape! Indeed, many of you have said, 'Oh yeah! Who are you, really?' Indeed, many of you will question, and in time and over time as you continue to lay open your heart to be willing and have faith, you will lay aside those doubts and be accepting.


Teaching Mission

The Teaching Mission as it is now in progress is beginning to take on more momentum. There are more and more coming into the realization that, indeed, this cannot be a fluke. It is withstanding criticism, time, and most important, the aspects of truth revelation and truth principles, are being perceived. Indeed, we are in the Correcting Time and the prospects for Planet 606 are very bright. Indeed will there be many changes, changes brought about in this foundation building for which the Teaching Mission is now laying the groundwork.

Fill your responsibility in being those bricklayers who must form, mold, and set the foundation for the times to come. Those of you who have been open to change are the ones that, indeed, will begin to see it come about slowly in your lifetime. You can readily see it in your personal lives. If it has so changed your personal lives, can you not see the ramifications of it on a global scale when more and more begin to realize they are part of much more than mere existence on an ill fated planet, torn with much disappointment, much fear, much pain? Despite much disharmony, those who remain open will, indeed, help to bring about this global change. Those who are willing will be the workers for the Kingdom to become much more of a reality in the lives of more and more Urantians. You, the believers, know the Kingdom and are feeling it internally and are bringing forth more hope, more love, more willingness to serve, and more willingness to be teachers and helpers of your brothers and sisters. You have been working to build your foundations. All across this planet are there people, as yourselves, who are in this same framework. Individually they are strengthening themselves. Collectively, you will all help to bring about the change necessary for a personal experience with the Father.

Competition, Cooperation

Again, let me state how jubilant it makes us feel on this side when we can witness your humor, and see that even though you take the coming of teachers as serious, you are able to laugh and realize that even through your doubts, through laughter you can set some doubting aside; that it helps to release much. And so on this as you call, 'Super Bowl Sunday', let me say that I am pleased that you chose to be in a much higher level 'Super Bowl' than is being witnessed by the many around the country.(laughter) Indeed, you are part of a stupendous and super organization that will be uplifting; and not be so competitive as is seen by this event on your planet today. As the planet moves into greater enlightenment, competitiveness will be replaced with cooperativeness.

And while many view this game for recreation, often it is mingled with much more than the mere coming together of friends to play a game. It has much more significance economically than is necessary. While it is good that you know how to play, while it is good that you do engage in play, play should be that which is for the greater good of your own personal feelings as well of those with whom you play. Individually working to break or come to greater heights in skill is one way that you will enjoy play. If you can walk an extra mile, if you can play a better game of tennis, if you can do those things which bring you personal gain and upliftment, you are enjoying recreation and play. Play that becomes so competitive that feelings, emotions, and relationships are in jeopardy is to be really scrutinized by yourselves! Cooperative ventures are a must in a world that is to remain whole.


I did not mean to get off on such a side tangent; however, let us look at the aspects of recreation this day, which so many consider to be the heights of recreation. How much more you would get out of your play when you are personally involved! One of the areas that we [[[the teachers]]] would like to see develop on this plane is for there to be less competition that endangers the physical body, less competition that endangers the social relationships, less competition that endangers the spiritual growth of the individual, less competition that endangers the whole aspect of the being of the person. The individual quest for excellence is much grander than being able to inflict any hardship on another during play. Cooperative team sports where there is not the stigma of the 'having to win' helps one develop a cooperation among team mates. By learning to share, learning to get along, learning to make decisions as a whole, rather than individually, would also be a way for team sports to be played. In recreating one must remember that true recreation frees and liberates mind, body, and spirit. If any one of these is hampered, then the true and underlying value that can be derived from recreation is not gained.

I would agree that Christ Michael, if He were on this plane, would indeed enjoy your cross country skiing, as you mentioned. And so would I if I were able to. I have been with individuals as they have done this, and it is a recreation that certainly does uplift in many areas. And so I would ask you this week to look at the areas in which you relax, the areas in which you play, and think about the wholeness and the value you do derive from your play.

The lesson we had previously planned for this evening will be delayed for a time. The setting that was put forth earlier, indeed, helped bring into play a focalization for us to come to you today, to speak upon. And so during this week think about play, the necessity of it. For in being able to play and relax, one is able to release much tension, much frustration, and anxiety that may build up within the individual. Play serves this purpose. When recreation is the opposite, where the person must build up tension, must build up anger, must build up anxiety and be ready to release..is this real play? In the eyes of the Reversion Directors it is not. Real play should be satisfying, should be uplifting for all, should be that which is growth promoting. And so this week I ask you to take a break, if possible, from the duties of life and enjoy some reversion. Think about play and the aspect of wholeness, goodness, and the rejuvenating effect it can have on your being. And now I will accept a few questions."


V1: "Hello, Daniel. I am amazed..talk about wonders and signs! I had all those questions laid out for you concerning the superbowl, planets in Light and Life, etc., and obviously you heard my prayer this morning and you have answered all those things. And I just thank you very much. I really am grateful that competition is less in a world in Light and Life. I think that is wonderful. Thank you very much."

Daniel: "Indeed, V1, why do all find it so amazing when you are so willing to allow me to be a part of your life? As a teacher and guide I am made aware, not only because of my presence with you, but because of all of your teachers and angels and other help. We are a network of beings who will do whatever we can to help you in your growth. It is pleasurable for us to see you advance and pleasurable to us to see you wanting to transcend past the animalistic characteristics of your being to the more spiritual and enlightened parts of your being, indeed."

V1: "Thank you very much."

B1: Daniel, I'm really pleased to hear you comment on cross country skiing because today as we were out there in this absolutely marvelous snow in the gorgeous warm sunshine, we were there by ourselves, except for some other young man we didn't know..."

Daniel:(interrupting) "You were not there by yourselves!"

B1: "I know! That's what I want to say! It's so exciting to think...and I didn't think at the time that you might have been there, but of course Alkon was there with me. I am so pleased! Then we weren't sharing it with 'no one'. You were there and others! So that was the first thing I wanted to say. Thank you for being there. It was wonderful.

Would you share with us..what do you do as morontia beings for recreation. Well I know what it says in the book that part of it is worship. But when I go to sleep at night and I say good night to Alkon and ask him, 'what are you going to be doing?', this though occurs to me. Could you tell us a little about what you do for rest? You people don't have to sleep, correct, I guess? Could you share a little bit about that, please?"

Daniel: "Certainly. Let me clarify one aspect. When I said you were not there alone, I was not present. However, I was with S2 and A1, cross countrying with them today.(laughter)."

B1: "OK."


Daniel: "And as to the aspect of what I do to fill my time beside being with many of you, as with D3; I am involved with the other teachers in developing and setting up lessons, as I am also involved with working with Ham and the Woods Cross group for more coming together of these two groups. I enjoy during my rest to sit in the company of other teachers, to sit in the company of the angels around, to be in the company of those who have come here to help in this Teaching Mission. During these times there is much interaction and socializing between us. The overall feeling that comes from these sessions, these times together, is one of much hope, one that helps us also to deepen our faith and the feeling that is generated is one of love. These kinds of traits, these kinds of things are the feelings, so to speak, that are derived, and bring me much joy.

I also enjoy reading through history of the various planets, such as Urantia, or of other planets. I enjoy a time away from this planet where I visit some on the morontia worlds. I also enjoy being in the company of Celestial Artisans who bring forth sweet harmony and music, who delight the senses and this is part of the R&R that I enjoy. While sleep is not necessary there is time for quiet, and perhaps the most enjoyable part of my day is sitting in the stillness that I enjoy, that I can worship the Father, and I can also receive, as you do, the understanding and feeling that there is so much more than what we realize at any given time. Even though I have so much more understanding than you do, I am still very young in my understanding and ascent; yet the time I spend in worship gives me such hope and brings me into greater hope and exuberance and longing and looking for more planets to come into Light and Life and see a whole universe come into this!

And so there is so much to do one is never bored, as I have heard joked about in your discussions. While I have been around for many thousands of years, I have never felt boredom as you would feel except on my first plane of existence. And that was only because of my own doing. There was much to do. I chose not to. Has this helped?"

B1: "I am overwhelmed!..with your sharing, with your answers. I am profoundly moved because I had a sense of some of the things you are saying, I guess coming from Alkon, but I know that I don't speak only for myself when I say it is marvelous for you to share like this because it really makes me feel like a part of the cosmic brotherhood and sisterhood of the Universe, and enhances the reality of all that you and your fellow teachers are doing.


Just one quick question. In the Urantia Book it talks about one of the things people like to do on the morontia worlds is to check the space reports. Now that we are connecting up with the Constellation again, are these space reports actually coming to this planet, that you can go and listen?"

Daniel: "Definitely. We are encircuited with these broadcasts now. And much is being reported daily, so to speak, about the progress and the happenings on Urantia. You are on the broadcasts on a regular basis. And this is very exciting for us to see this planet that was so long in isolation now a more full part of this System; while never forgotten, was never able to enjoy the benefits of encircuitment because of the rebellion. And while this planet has been opened up, so too are the various other planets that have been a part of this also being encircuited. It is not exactly like your television broadcasts, but it is close enough that you can understand what we are meaning, what we are saying by the 'broadcasts', to use the analogy of your television."

B1: "Thank you Daniel. I have taken more than my share of time. I will relinquish the microphone."

Preparation, Correcting Time

B6: "Daniel, this is B6. I'd be interested in anything that you could share with us about the Correcting Time, what we are to expect, how we should prepare, anything about the teaching schools, etc. that we were discussing before the session."

Daniel: "The Correcting Time is now in progress. The time frame for it, of course, is not available, is not relevant, as one cannot predict precisely how long something of this nature will take. And so time frame is not available. As you can and have surmised it will take more than just a few years. It will be an ongoing thing for many, many years.

How to prepare? You are doing that now. As you have taken the Urantia Book and have read it for many years. Now with the Teaching Mission we are asking you to take what you understand of the book and begin to internalize it within your being, that you can begin to live by the teachings of Christ Michael; that you can begin to turn yourself over to following the Father's will; that you can begin to have a sense of unity with everyone on this planet; that you develop this sense and then beyond to the other planets, systems, and universes. While even this is totally mind boggling for you, your understanding of the possibility and the potential that is out there is part of the foundation we are asking you to build, to incorporate in your thinking. And as you become so knowledgeable and come into such greater understanding of the teachings in the Urantia Book, you develop the confidence that you can help others in their coming into an experience of the First Source and Center, that you can be the seed planters. This is the important job that you will have as time goes on, to throw and scatter those seeds that at the proper time will take root in your fellow brothers and sisters. And because this is going to be an ongoing process for years, each successive generation will be ever more willing and able to believe and take hold of these teachings.

Melchizedek Schools

The schools of which you speak will be those that will indeed provide much spiritual upliftment on this plane. And it is not inconceivable that during your lifetime you will have the opportunity to visit and be a part of this. Again time frames are not always met. What we plan and project is often missed by a space of time. However, what has been mandated by Christ Michael will come about! This group has been on an initial grounding floor in helping to bring about the Teaching Mission and we are most pleased with you.

The schools will be manyfold, will provide you with guidance to help you in your own growth and provide you with knowledge and skills in helping to present the Kingdom to your fellow brothers and sisters. There will be more information available to you as we draw closer to the time when these schools will be a reality here. Hold in good faith and project and believe that you will be involved. For it is through your belief that these things can truly come about! Has this helped in any way?"

B6: "Yes, thank you. And thank you for substantiating my prejudices around 'Super Bowl Sunday'."(laughter, including Daniel)

Daniel: "You're welcome."

Spiritual Pressure, Urantia

V1: "Daniel, this morning I was reading in the Urantia Book about the different dispensations on a normal planet and it mentioned that Urantia was a whole dispensation behind. And I can certainly see and appreciate very much what the Teaching Mission is doing. But I have also heard from other teachers and I believe it is in this new document where a teacher is quoted as saying that the teachers and Christ Michael hope to catch up this planet in the next thousand years. Is there really that kind of spiritual pressure where we will catch up in that amount of time? And I know you said time frames are not predictable, but if you would just talk about that."

Daniel: "With the coming of Christ Michael to this plane His very presence will bring much pressure on the mortals of this sphere. His presence emanates such enlightenment that even those hardened of heart will at some point take note and realize there is something afoot, something different in their life. And so what is projected is very possible. Those, who are the least bit willing, will be given everything necessary to make the choices to help bring about this change. Indeed, from a human perspective, this is what you would call an awesome task, one with incredible odds against it. But from a divine perspective, it is very much within reach. And because of Christ Michael personally taking charge of gathering all of His sheep back together with His system, that which you cannot even begin to comprehend, can come about. Yes, much help from many, many sources is being filtered in to these rebel planets that they, too, can be ushered into Light and Life. As you, yourselves, believe the reality of this, so know that it is being done!"

V1: "Thank you very much, Daniel."


M4: "Hi, Daniel. This is M4. You know that I am not very good at this but I'll try anyway. I have been trying to work at work, with trying to follow Christ Michael's teaching, (I don't know why I start to cry!) and you don't judge people. But as a supervisor over people I am having a time taking the person apart from the job and not feel like I am judging the person when I am trying to judge how well they are doing in a job. And I am having a real hard time dealing with it from a spiritual standpoint, because I feel like I am putting it toward the person instead of the job. Can you offer any suggestions?"

Daniel: "This is a catch 22 for many. Whenever you are in a supervisory position it is difficult to be an evaluator and to be nonjudgmental regarding the person, but only their performance. And the aspect you must remember is that as a person one must always respect your fellow brothers and sisters as a sojourner on this planet as you are, as one who has the Father Fragment within their being, as do you. And that, indeed, even though this person is difficult, is hard to deal with, what goes on in their personal development is unbeknownst to you. If you can get over to this aspect that you value the person for who they are, you love them in that regard, then understand that, yes, because of human tendencies it is very difficult to love each personality characteristic as you would others. My words to you are to pray, as you have been, that you can be that open channel, that you can see this person for the good that they do, and yet be able to be the supervisor and deal with them on the level necessary for the completion of their work. When you are evaluating them on the work principles, often it is very difficult not to bring in the personal aspects, for often part of their work principles, their work habits, the way they perform their job is very tied in with the person that you are trying not to judge. If you can realize that often part of being a supervisor is having to evaluate even personal characteristics, and if personal characteristics interfere with job performance, then you as a supervisor are called upon to bring this to this person's attention.

M4, you are very conscientious, very open and very sensitive to ever wanting to hurt another person's feelings. You would rather be hurt yourself than to think you could hurt someone else. And often this interferes with being a supervisor, does it not? And so daily pray to the Father to help you to be like the parent, knowing when, where, and how to draw the line between what is good for the child and what isn't, what is good for the office and what isn't. And through your prayers, through your willingness to grow, you will begin to feel more confident in the supervisory capacity. And you will be able to evaluate on a less personal basis, that is, you, yourself, will not personalize it as much. And this will relieve you of much stress. Your framework from which you are now operating is one which is lighted through goodness. You are wanting very much to follow His will and because of this you will be led in doing so. Continue with your prayers, continue to realize that you cannot personally be held responsible or personally take on the hurts you are feeling, because you must evaluate and often in this evaluation you feel that personal judgment is coming in. Again, pray that always as a supervisor you are able to separate the person from his performance. You are striving in that direction and it will become easier as you become more confident. Has this helped in any measure?"

M4: "I think so. I'll just keep trying. Sometimes I just feel like I am judging them according to what I would do or feel like I should do and I'm not sure whether they are beyond, below, above, around, whatever. And I hesitate to try to put my ideals on them, yet it is hard to evaluate them if you don't. Well, again, it is a catch 22."

Daniel: "Yes, and many of you will feel this during certain times in your life. The answers to all of these kinds of questions, of course, are not always easy, not always understood, even as now you don't even know exactly what question to ask to help the problem because it is so encompassing with so many other factors. And the best remedy for any of this is to faithfully turn to the Father, turn over to Him, and ask for guidance. And as guidance comes, be willing to follow. Intuitively you all learn this when it happens. Your lives have come down many paths through your intuitive following of divine guidance. Continue to pray, my friend.


And now I would like to leave you with this assignment for this week. Several of your friends are out of the country and are enjoying themselves. You, too, I ask to take a break and enjoy yourselves at some point during this week, to evaluate play and relaxation, to enjoy the rejuvenating effects it has upon you. The times of change are indeed upon you! And when there is much change, there can be much chaos and turmoil, for that which feels secure and comfortable is hard to let go. Part of the reversion is to be able to take time away from the daily stresses so that you can be brought back into more spiritual, mental, and physical heights; that you can make decisions and choices from a rested, refreshed standpoint. Enjoy your time in play this week. My love and peace go with you all. Good evening."